The storm of change gathering to sweep Kiir and JCE from power


The culmination of events signified by the diverse resignations of military officers, collapse of the economy, raging famine, and an intensifying resistance to President Salva Kiir’s regime of terror, will spell the end of President Kiir’s and the JCE’s rule in South Sudan.

This development is forcing the Jieng to close ranks as it is becoming a case of survival resulting from fear of reprisal for the terrible things that this regime has done to the people of South Sudan. Fear is a bad thing. It disables and/or paralyses at crucial moments of expected change.

For those innocent Jieng and those who have not benefited a thing from Kiir’s regime may think that they have no option but to unite under President Kiir’s tribal regime, and fight to the death. Fear, especially the one emanating from guilt, unfortunately pushes humans to think along those lines and the Jieng are not any different.

Right now, the average Jieng is either delusional believing themselves to be invincible or death stricken by fear of what is awaiting them when the SPLM/A and its leader are swept aside. However, it should not be like that.

Choosing a suicidal option simply because few people (President Kiir, the JCE and General Paul Malong Awan) in your community have committed ethnic cleansing and grave crimes against humanity in your tribe’s name, does not imply you should buy-in into their foolish choice of fighting to the end.

The innocent Jieng have the option to rescue their wider community by joining their fellow country men from the other tribes and ensure that President Kiir, the JCE etc are removed from power swiftly and arraigned before the people to face justice while the Jieng community is saved from a brutal violent war.

It is important to emphasise here that the participation of the Jieng in the expected change is not in any way a crucial factor in tilting the balance of power. With or without the Jieng, the other tribes of the South Sudan combined are in the process of reclaiming their country and they will certainly get it.

Nevertheless, the imperative for innocent Jieng to join their fellow country men is for two reasons.

First, it is for them to reclaim their morality and humanity damaged by the tribal regime. They need to distance themselves from the heinous killings and various types of rape involving, women, children and men.

In Equatoria, the Jieng specifically practiced what they call double deck rape and the rape of married mothers. In the former, the man is forced under gun point to have sex with his wife and then a Jieng soldier sodomize the man at the same time. In the latter, a troop of Jieng soldiers break into a family home then they rape the wife/mother in the presence of all the family members. These terrible things including constant killing of Equatorian leaders are done to Equatorians to break them down psychologically which has huge implications on the culture of Equatorians.

The prime objective is to destroy Equatorian leadership and instill helplessness leading into total subjugation for the Jieng to dominate and take over Equatoria. These horrible techniques of domination are copied from the literature of slavery in America by the American educated leaders of SPLM/A. In order to understand what I am talking about here, please watch ‘Buck breaking – hidden, untold, history’ (

Secondly, the innocent Jieng need to affirm their genuine and sincere belief in the state of South Sudan as a place where every South Sudanese regardless of tribe, creed, and gender are treated equally and protected by law and the state. Thus they need to condemn Dinkocracy wholesale.

The questions the Jieng people must ask themselves are: which is better, to fight and die to protect criminals like President Kiir, the JCE, and General Paul Malong Awan etc? Or, is it better to be ethical and patriotic by shunning these useless and hopeless criminals and save the Jieng people from losing many of their own in these useless wars?

There is no way of dismissing these questions, a choice must be made. The Jieng community either shun and hand in these criminals for a better future in South Sudan, or continue with the criminals to face an uncertain future. The choice is theirs.

If the innocent Jieng make a sensible decision, then they will have truly started the process of reconciliation and healing that everybody is yearning for in the country. Joining hands with fellow country men will show the others that not all the Jieng support the tyrannical regime in Juba. It will let the people of other tribes judge the Jieng individually rather than from a collective point of view, and that is how it should be.

But this requires the innocent Jieng to be brutally honest by pointing fingers at those in their community committing the crimes and condemning them unreservedly, as should all South Sudanese regardless of their tribe.

With this said, there is still room for the peace-loving Jieng to redeem themselves. President Kiir and the JCE have reduced the Jieng to become subjects of hate and ridicule.

Lt. General Thomas Cirilo Swaka captures this feeling vividly in his resignation letter by saying: “The policy of ethnic domination and subjugation being pursued openly by the President and his close associates has made Dinkas [Jieng] to be painted with the same brush by other communities/nationalities, (without making distinction between the good Dinkas and the bad ones). As a result, the Dinka community has come to be hated by their own brothers and sisters from other communities. Pursuit of this wrong-headed policy has also destroyed the fabric of South Sudan society.”

Expressions of hate against the Jieng are taking root in everyday language in the country and also in the social media. Daily horrible stories coming in of the Jieng militia committing unimaginable grave crimes against humanity in many parts of the country reinforces such hate.

For example, commenting in support of a Gatdarwich in the article, ‘Lt. General Thomas Cirillo’s Resignation Exposes The Tribal Regime Of President Kiir’ published by South Sudan Nation on 19th February 2017, Steve John had this to say: “I like your analogy very much. Even our peasant farmers know that you can put off grassland/bush fires with fire, what we in Arabi Juba call “gata nar”.

Only when all peoples of South Sudan arm themselves and be prepared to unleash revenge on the murderous jaangs can there be any meaningful discourse and reconciliation.

Peace is only possible under equals and anything short of that is subjugation and surrender. Meaning, you can choose to have Detente like what Reagen did with Gorbachov in the 80s, it worked very well during the arms race and neither (USA-USSR) of them ever thought of starting a nuclear war. If however, either of them were weak like Iraq of Sadam for that matter, this would only encourage bullying of the weaker by the stronger one.

As long as Kiir and his tribal militia procure weapons from third parties, they will opt for a military solution. The rebels or any non-jaang communities must as a matter of security, arm themselves. It is only then that the jaang be ready to talk. After all, they act and don’t sentimentalize issues. Anything short of this is simply foolish academic discourse that serves no purpose.”

Revenge, obviously, is undesirable and likely unlawful. People should not take the law into their own hands. The state is there to ensure that citizens get justice through the court system. Unfortunately, the law and the courts in South Sudan are hostile toward non-Jieng’s and blind to Jieng crimes. This makes it difficult to stem off the feelings of revenge in people. Hence, the feelings expressed above by Steve John.

Hannah Osborne in her article, ‘Obsession or justice… Why are we fascinated with revenge?’ points out that in “explaining revenge, Ann Macaskill, professor of health psychology at Sheffield Hallam University [UK], said: ‘When individuals are attacked in some way that feels unjust, they go through three psychological stages: a shock phase, an adjustment phase and a reaction phase.” (

Hannah has opted not to write anything on the first two phases, namely the shock phase and an adjustment phase. For the purpose of this piece it is important that something is said about the feelings covered in these crucial steps of the theory to show how such feelings have affected the people of South Sudan.

For a period of precisely three decades, that is from 1983 to 2013, the Jieng people through the SPLM/A have inflicted an unimaginable amount of cruelty on the people of South Sudan in their quest to assert themselves as the elites in the country. This shocked the people and paralyzed them for a long time.

The inaction of Equatoria to the poor governance of the country which the Jieng conveniently termed cowardice in reality is a result of shock. The Equatorians could not really understand and believe that they are witnessing the unbelievable.

For example, the killings of their leaders openly without accountability like the police officers in Yambio, the shooting of a doctor in Yei, the disappearance of Justice Peter Abdulrahman Sule, etc; the horrible normalised rape of their women; the dispossession of their land and the killing of Equatoria’s people of all age groups including chopping up of babies in Yei as reported in The New York Times article, ‘War Consumes South Sudan, a Young Nation Cracking apart’ by Jeffrey Gettleman on 4th March 2017. (

The shock phase in Equatoria has taken decades, paralysing an entire society and almost breaking up the fibres of its historic organic formation, but also at the same time people have been reflecting and slowly rationalising the brutality they have been receiving and facing. While doing this, they slid into the adjustment phase.

Now they have adjusted and they clearly know who is responsible for their suffering and what they need to do to free themselves. Is there any wonder why the resistance in Equatoria is spreading like wild fire?

The crucial question then is: will Equatorians forgive the Jieng for treating them worse than the Arabs did? In fact what the Arabs did is about five percent of what the Jieng has done and keep doing as I write.

According to Professor Macaskill, “In the reaction phase they (aggrieved) will either decide to forgive, hold a grudge but do nothing – or take or plot revenge. Vengefulness is quite normal in many circumstances and evolutionary psychologists suggest that the ability to take revenge is part of human nature – it is hardwired into us.”

“Most of us were socially conditioned by our parents and so on to believe that the world should be fair. Revenge is one way of trying to get justice.” The challenge to South Sudanese as Professor Macaskill correctly highlights is: how can forgiveness be achieved in the face of the ongoing brutal Jieng aggression? Preaching forgiveness now can even be dangerous to the preacher, but it needs to be dealt with in a sensitive way. Therefore, forgiveness should only be given on a case by case basis.

Without any doubt, those currently running the tyrannical regime in Juba collectively have a case to answer. They are then followed by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) and a good number of the SPLA officers. These groups must be made to account for plunging the country into turmoil and destruction of huge numbers of innocent civilian lives for no reason.

It is not going to be easy to make these people to account because of the hold they have on the reins of power. They will go to any length to escape court. The simple example is the audacity with which they ignited an unnecessary war in July 2016 to turn the Agreement on Conflict in South Sudan of August 2015 into a useless document.

All the people who lost their lives in that needless act, to President Kiir and the JCE are a price worth paying to save their skins from the proposed Hybrid Court in the agreement.

Nobody should therefore underestimate the mindset of the Jieng leadership. Pathologically impaired, their world view is framed along beliefs of supremacy, greatness and invincibility. They do not imagine themselves being out of power and it is here where the real problem lies.

The probability that they will cede power peacefully is very slim. They are happy with the status quo even when their own tribes mate in Warrap and Northern Bahre El Ghazal are collapsing on the streets due to hunger from famine.

President Kiir and the JCE are likely to cling to power until they are confronted and defeated. SPLM-IO had the chance to break the back of President Kiir’s regime but they failed. The simplest trick they should have adopted was to tactically shift the theatre of operation to Bahre El Ghazal, especially Warrap and Aweil.

That in itself would have deprived General Paul Malong Awan of a safe recruiting ground and there would have been no way for President Kiir to receive continuous replacement of Mathiang Anyoor from that area. Without the ability to replenish the tribal militia whose losses on the ground are concerning, President Kiir and the JCE would have bowed to peace and things would have been different.

Now, the storm of change is slowly gathering pace. The daily resignations of military officers, the economic collapse, the raging famine, and the fierce resistance have converged to create the only missing link in the change equation: unity of the oppressed. At long last, the people of South Sudan are coming together to truly determine their destiny. Will the Jieng regime cede power peacefully or it will be swept away by the coming storm?

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Eastern says:

    Dear EllHag Paul,

    I like your piece the reemphasizes the writings on the wall which some of us have drawing the attention of dinkocrats in Juba to.

    I particularly like the following phrase that summarise the major undoing of the tribal cabal in Juba and I quote “Nobody should therefore underestimate the mindset of the Jieng leadership. Pathologically impaired, their world view is framed along beliefs of supremacy, greatness and invincibility. They do not imagine themselves being out of power and it is here where the real problem lies”. End of quote.


  2. Deng Handbol says:

    Brother Elhage,
    you hit the nail.The fall of Dinka kingdom is a matter of months not years. My only concern is the innocent Jaang because the forth coming battle is not going to be a conventional one instead it’s going to be revengeful.In other wards, the 63 ethnic groups are tenacious to implement Moses’s laws. I mean eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Therefore, I would like to urge Lukudu Garang Gatkouth from Panraing of Unity state to save his Dinka clan by evacuating them to the North before, it will be too late.

  3. Deng Monymor says:

    Elhag Paul,

    No doubt about it, the mission of few equatorians through their writings and through their defected generals confirmed the ideology of Kokora in thoughts and in actions. What started in many so-called Equatoria conferences before there was a war has a connection with what Kokora I stood for. It is naive to use propaganda as a way to recruit your people because they have already recruited themselves just that Internet does pay for this glorious goal. We are headlocked into it my friend. By the way, don’t use a lot of propaganda because it won’t pay you much; let’s decide the future of this nation and for all.

    • Kimang says:

      I for one lived most of my life with Dinka friends, even host supported many in several ways. I have been candid to them advising them that the Equatorians they think are helpless will one day stand up and there won’t be a point of return. I told them No weapon nor numbers will defeat an angered soul in Equatoria jungle-Never. Equatorians have several advantages thus;

      Firstly they are more disciplined and organized in pursue of their objectives when they say go, it’s a go.
      Secondly our landscape and climate are so favorable for Guerrilla war fare-this explains why most of the liberation wars raged here coupled with access to over 4 borderlines, where most of supplies came from.
      For example blowing 2 bridges on Nimule and Yei roads could seal the fate of Juba. SPLA-IG does not have the wealth to drop supplies including food like Bashir did in 1990s in the then SPLA besieged towns in Equatoria.
      Thirdly, Equatorians do not want to loose the next generation, they will send the women and children in to Camps while the youth roam around their ancestral land till favorable times for attack-they won’t give up. That time has come. Its “give me freedom or give me death” case.

      Not only that. The Dinka, have a culture of violence, characterized by celebrated cattle raids, rape, revenge killings, laziness etc. this is not only a monopoly of Jeing to be fair but most cattle keepers including our own Mundari, Lotuko, Murle and the Nuer.

      “Yes, its Kokora.” My dear, time has proved it impossible to live in peace with people who celebrate violence, save for state of Equatoria where they form the minority. In fact it’s better to stop the war and agree to live side by side in confederation, you will have lion share of your oil, and we don’t need it. Use it for developing your land and starving population on run to Khartoum just for food. We know what to do to develop out beautiful land and people of Equatoria.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        The jieng must now, for the second time in our history, understand that we must of necessity and expediency listen to other people’s grievances and complaints and not always perceive those complaining as tribal antagonists. Abel Alier failed the South Sudan Region post-Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972.
        Kiir, like his jieng-mate predecessor, Alier, has again miserably and fatally failed the new independent nation of South Sudan. Something is definitely wrong. Is the fault in this tribe????
        Let’s hope things don’t reach that far if the hopeless Kiir administration would seek some advice and accept mutual disengagement so that a new federal system is worked out for this already collapsed nation of South Sudan.



        Many Equatorians have rightly believed in ‘balkanization’ of the South Sudan as an expedient solution to avert the one-tribe domination seen elsewhere in many failed African nations and which we had already bitterly experienced in the 70’s and 80’s under the tribal chieftancy of Alier.
        Each of Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal or Upper Nile region is larger than Rwanda or Burundi, Swaziland, Togo, Sierra Leone, Djibouti and even Uganda.
        Fragmentation (Kokora) will surely bring peace and faster development in a divided South Sudan. The current formula of one un-united ‘South Sudan’ had and again, has proven unworkable and dysfunctional.
        By the way, most of the oil belongs to Upper Nile but most of the oil money is eaten by Bahr el Ghazel (The Sentry Report showed more thieves came from Bahr el Ghazel). That’s bad.
        Not surprisingly, it’s the Bahr el Ghazelians today, minus the Fertit, who are so desperately clinging onto this current dysfunctional system of a dead South Sudan for more thieving and domination.

        • Kimang says:

          Thanks for your response Editor.

          It took the Rwandan exiled Tutsi Minority 4decades to dislodge the majority Hutu following the wave of change in geo-politics. It won’t take us that long coz we are more than a tribe with now Murles dancing to the tune and Nuers on the other side all its takes is close in supplies from Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Malnutrition will do the damage

  4. False Millionnaire says:

    In so far as The JCE,the jieng political elites and the jieng ordinary masses are one and the same in your perception,what’s the point of not sticking to the vocabularies of violence?
    Why use the term reconciliation when your manner is such that you will undo jieng by violence?
    You can paint yourself with white lime sir but those who are well acquainted with your writings can never ferget to remember that u have played a major role in the violence that is raging in equatoria.
    Starting with REMNASSA to Dr Kwajok’s SSDF,apart from targeting innocent jieng traveling on roads,u should have detailed what u have achieved before ranting with such arrogance.

    The case of général TC’s NSF appears interesting and worthy of considération.
    But as things stand,idiots like u will rush to mislead him and you will end up dumping water to wash down the drain what could be a golden opportunity that might bring the masses togather before it could even take shape.
    Please mad man why don’t u leave the english ghetto and get down to the mud in the bush in RSS
    and see if there is any hope in the war you imagine fighting while sitting comfortably infront of a computer screen?!!!

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      False Millionaire,

      Your selective criticism regarding violence is pathetic and overblown. You have never condemned the massacre of the Nuer civilians in Juba nor the atrocities committed by the regime in Malakal, Wau, Mundri, Wonduruba, Yei and other areas.
      The road attacks are mostly committed by the Mathiang Anyoor who were deployed in Equatoria with little food supplies. This is why they resorted to road attacks firstly to secure food and secondly, they were just living up to their culture of banditry and cattle rustling. Some Equatorians might have participated in the road attacks to avenge the murder of their loved ones.

  5. M. Akulia says:

    Brilliant piece Elhag!!! Thank you for setting the stage for the fight of the century – extricating South Sudan from Lucifer’s obnoxious claws!! Innocent Jieng must be protected by all means but the ball is in their court as you have meticulously articulated. Deng Monymor, you need to stop your obsession with so-called Kokora 1. Kokora is inevitable in South Sudan now but ask someone from one of the Bari speaking tribes (Bari, Pojulu, Kakwa, Nyangbara, Mundari, Kuku, Nyepu, Ligo, etcetera) what Kokora actually means and they will inform you that it can mean equitable sharing and distribution. Properly articulated and fully understood by all, Federalism and Confederation can accomplish equitable sharing and distribution but not Kiir’s Jieng Council of Elders instigated robbery of other people’s ancestral lands!! While you are at it, you also need to stop continuing to emulate the proverbial ostrich. The majority of people inside South Sudan and in the Diaspora (“the people”) are now taking matters into their own hands and that is not propaganda but a fact!! United behind a highly competent General Thomas Cirillo Swaka, “the people” will most definitely install a Government of the people, by the people, for the people in South Sudan. Nothing and no one will be able to stop them and the gathering storm now.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      M. Akulia,

      If Kokora means “equitable sharing and distribution,” why targeted ordinary Jieng who were living in Equatoria, especially Juba where the brother of your savior, General Thomas Cirillo was a governor? I am old enough to be fooled by any definition of Kokora II which resembles everything in Kokora I with far more worse than the last one.
      With your “fighting of the century,” it already began with many so-called greater Equatoria conferences before the war; it was just that naive people did not understand it but we understood it long time ago. The move of Thomas Cirillo was an expected one although it was not through personality. I would therefore advise you to leave Ottawa, Canada, and come join him in the bushes of South Sudan and see how your fighting for the century could go from there. I hope you will not become Ugandan citizen again as we enmesh in this dream of yours.

      By the way, since when do you become a Church lady…..after re-becoming South Sudanese again? What about Uganda, have given up on that country already as you cannot topple Museveni when he sent you to permanent exile? Don’t underestimate President Kiir, he might do that too with you.

      • King Logunu The Second says:

        Deng Monymor,

        Old age doesn’t necessarily equate with wisdom. There are people who have lived their entire lives as fools. It’s your prerogative if you do not want to understand the real meaning of Kokora and no one gives a damn about it.

        Your monologue of targeted attacks is quite hyped. Do you think sharing citizenship with people of your mentality will make anyone proud?! The regime you support has tarnished our reputation worldwide. At the present time, a Ugandan is far more respected than a South Sudanese in the world. In fact, we are being ridiculed wherever we go.

        The uprising in Equatoria is doing wonders. It’s having an impact on the neighbouring countries. Museveni, who single-handedly saved Kiir from defeat, is getting fed up with his blunders. The moment he withdraws his support to Kiir’s regime, you would find yourself loitering in Elsouk El Arabi in Khartoum.

        • Deng Monymor says:

          Kimang, King Longunu, and Tit4tat,

          Deng Monymor was in the first team that responded to Juba-Yei road’s massacre where innocent civilians’ lives were taken because they just belonged to the ruling leader (‘s tribe) of the nation, and what I saw there resembles Kokora I in all its form. Kokora I was practically executed by Peter Cirillo, the brother of Kokora II leader, Thomas Cirillo. So to me I know what I am dealing with, and I am not asking you to give me new any definition of Kokora or to stop it; I am just saying our behinds are in the mud already.

          With terrain of Equatoria, no one will lecture me about it because I fought here many times before the independence of this nation and so my knowledge of it is like an old man whose vision roams far distance while he is sitting down far away. However, in case MTN hunters planted new mountains and thus distorted the terrain somehow, False Millionaire is our David Livingstone when it comes Equatoria geographical setting, I might ask him to draw me a new map. What Thomas Cirillo is leading is Kokora II, period. You can give any name you want to but its results show exactly what Toria has been groping for, for so long.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Deng Monymor,
            It’s really shocking that a veteran like you who claims some heroism in the war of liberation could so uncontrollably and emotionally jump into such reckless conclusion that Gen. Cirillo is ‘leading Kokora Two.’
            Gen. Cirillo is a decorated and proven war hero and nationalist who sacrificed himself like you and many veterans in the war of independence. The nation has highest respect and recognition of your part in the liberation.
            Now, when a leader falters, is it not appropriate for the rest to stand up and tell this person better reassess his policies or just quit?
            Exactly, Kiir Mayardit has messed up the country, people everywhere are seriously suffering more than during the Arab North rule in South Sudan. South Sudan is an accursed nation now under Kiir and his jieng tribal mafia. More and more people from all tribes are running away from South Sudan than even during your liberation war times.
            Whose is to blame for this calamity? Of course, Kiir Mayardit.
            Gen. Cirillo is equally entitled to speak out against and fight to rid the nation of the hopeless regime of Kiir Mayardit, just like Madam Nyandeng, like Dr. Riek, Dr. Lam etc..etc..

      • tit4tat says:

        Deng Monymor
        Kokora II is alive and here to stay, MTNs or Dinkas … prepare to face it.

        • Avenger says:


          Guess who left equatorial, it’s not MTN but you. Shouldn’t the MTN be the ones leaving equatorial? You’ll ends up settling in your ancestral countries of Uganda and Congo!

          • tit4tat says:

            Then tell your people to shut up and stop crying about MTN hunts on roads, take the bullets like everyone else and be brave you cowards, cry babies. We are here in Juba and everywhere else inside the country, maybe you are referring to the MTNs in refugee camps.

  6. Abel Magok says:

    Elhag Paul,

    This is not the first time this writer pour out his tribal hateful poisons indiscriminately on this website, he has been doing this for a long especially in the wake of Dr. Riek Machar’s war and felt disappointed with the outcome of Machar’s war and he disappeared to come back with General Thomas Cirillo recent declaration and his hateful writing together with Dr. Lako Jada resulted into what known today MTN, in Equatoria region where Dinka or Jieng innocent civilians are targeted in roads attacks base on their ethnicity.
    Those who were claiming for genocide looming in South Sudan should take this fateful messages of people like Elhag Paul as essence for it as the results of their indiscriminate tribal hatred been seen in roads attacks.

    Yes there might be something wrong going on the country, can we solve it in such tribal hateful poisons that can not distinguish between Jieng in government and other millions of Jieng or Dinka who do not know what is going on in government.
    We can not have a country with such mentality of people like Elhag Paul, with their PHD and living in a place like United Kingdom, without benefiting from such democratic environment.
    No one can govern South Sudan, if he thinks is going to sweep away one tribe to govern the country, the change must come in the country through all Southerners not in Elhag Paul lies and hateful unwanted tribal poisons.

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      Abel Magok,

      The title says ” sweep Kiir and JCE from power” and not ” to sweep away one tribe to govern the country.”
      Have some decency and respect the intelligence of the members of this forum.

      For you, any criticism of the regime is nothing but a criticism of your ethnicity. While continuing to be vocal about the road attacks that were mostly committed by the hungry Mathiang Anyoor, you went mute regarding the atrocities in the Yei area in which babies were burned alive.

      You were also silent regarding the recent heinous crimes in the Kubi village where people were murdered and women brutally raped. Furthermore, you have never shown any condemnation of the grave crimes committed by the regime and confirmed by independent international bodies.

      Therefore, whatever you post on this forum will not escape the label of tribalism, greed and opportunism. Change has happened and is happening as we speak. Those whom the regime has long mistreated, have now said enough is enough. Regime change is inevitable regardless of what your likes think.

      • Abel Magok says:

        King Logunu,

        Unless you did not understand the this article, Elhag Paul gave two choices to Jieng, Dinka, joining Equatoria war for the sake of their survival or wipe out in South Sudan. I am not in a position of replying some other lies of your commentary.

  7. Toria says:

    Brother Elhag
    You have enumerated vital points but the following question has simple answer; I quote:
    “The crucial question then is: will Equatorians forgive the Jieng for treating them worse than the Arabs did? In fact what the Arabs did is about five percent of what the Jieng has done and keep doing as I write”, end of quote.
    The answer is radically big NO. First thing to happen upon successful liberation of Equatoria is to purge the land and render it free of Jenge. The second thing is to clearly mark the Equatorian borders and declare it as semi-autonomous state waiting for total secession in which any remnants of so-called good Dinkas will be declared as foreigners waiting to be deported. Third thing is to declare speaking Jenge language in Equatoria is illegal, punishable by death.
    As you said, currently these insects think they are invincible, yes they have succeeded in bribing East Africans and have forge alliances by selling the country in return for their temporary security. But now that the prospects of prosperity has been disrupted being it collapse of oil prices or because of the rebels’ constant threats to oil facilities, the failed economy, starvation, corruptions etc, everybody is distancing themselves from the rotten Jenge regime. There is nothing left for the East Africans to desire in Dinka anymore, the tides are changing very fast and it’s a matter of time many will look in awe to witness the demise of Cow Kingdom coming to everlasting obliteration. Equatoria will never go back to status quo, and they Jenges know they have screwed up ever since we have taken arms against them. Now that the Equatorians are reclaiming our rightful place in the centre stage, things are going to change for good. Stupid Kirr can repent as many times as he wants all are in vain, the prayers of evil men is rejected, even our bishops know the so-called National Day of Prayer is nothing but ridiculously bogus pretext.
    Equatoria will never surrender until we achieve our ULTIMATE GOAL, i.e getting rid of INTRUDERS once and for all.
    Free Equatoria Armed Resistance
    Equa Toria

  8. Malouda says:

    Elhage, your tribal incitement is well known long time ago but make sure you will not defeat Dinka we will defend ourselves not the system which your people are enjoying and betraying.

  9. BicBic says:

    Elhaj Paul,

    You have tried your level best to instill and planted hatred among the South Sudanese People for your selfish interest while enjoying your self in foreign land with your family. Are you aware of how many people displaced from their homes in Equatoria and other part of South Sudan in general due to your continuous negative writings and preaching of hatred among tribes of South Sudan. Do you think that taking war to Warrap and Aweil will solved this problem facing South Sudan? Tell your adored rebels to go there and you will regret yourself because majority of Jieng that you hate so much will wake up to response to your call accordingly. Please repent and listen to voice of peace instead of preaching hatreds which will never benefit anyone even you. People of South Sudan loves themselves but those of your likes keep them separates through your hate speeches while living comfortably in far places

    • Eastern says:

      Don’t blame hate speech, the new catch phrase here; blame dinkocracy that has been at play since 2005!

    • Steve John says:

      Take it easy man. Each ethnicity or groups are just fighting the rotten system in Juba that is it. There is absolutely NO need to take tihs war to jaangland. What matters to Equatorians is getting jaangs thrown out of Equatoria, that simple. Whatever you do in your luaks, that is your own jaang business. Are you scared now? The Collo, Nuers, Murles, Fertit and the rest are doing theirs and so Equatoria is just starting. Just calm down, pack your mattress and go.

  10. Hoiloom says:


    Hatred among our fellow citizens was implanted by Jaang led government and not Alhag Paul. Please advice your JCE tribal gang to repent or else we may lose Equatoria for good.


  11. johnjerry says:

    Yes,Mr.BicBic taking the war to Aweil and Warrap will make a big difference because they will learn how bitter a war is. Sadam Hussein started the war the American people took the war to their door step and that is how it is going to be. You said you are going to defend yourselves that is fine the “Swahili Dawa ya Motto ni Motto” says it all.

  12. Chief Abiko! says:


    You misleading Equatorians people in your false propaganda! Any semi autonomous in Equatoria,apart from South Sudanese mainstream,it will burn itself alone! Believe me!Togetherness,is always much better than separation!


  13. Mading says:

    E. Paul. Are you forcing Dinkas to choose between joining you, or face being wipe out in South Sudan? Monyjur, that is in your dream try it, war is not like preaching it on the internet, you will met Dinkas in the field. To stupid Deng Handbol. you guys are losers, and that is all. Nothing you can do in our country because you guys don’t know how to lead.

    • Peacemaker says:

      People like you will wake up one day realize that Kiir and his cronies fled the country. Believe me, it is a matter of time before the starving soldiers turn their guns on their masters. Leave alone the opposition forces marching to Warrap and Aweil villages whose populations are now fleeing hunger to Sudan. They will find to resistance there. It is a very sad reality that you evict people from their ancestral lands and in the end you both end up leaving the country.

  14. arabbmoi says:

    Mr. Paul Alhaq, you have said it all and complete. JCE must urinate their pants when they read your article. Congratulation to lieutenan general Thomas Cirrilo Swaka for a good move to save Equatorian from those savage Jeing die hard supporter Kiir primitive government. Everyone from Equatoria should join hand to liberate ourselves from those thugs.Those Equatorian who are still sleeping with Kiir must find their own path to reach Swaka camp. We call all the youths from Equatorian to join us. Topasa were asking Lobong Lojore to distance himself Kiir government as fellow Equatorians are now deciding to do so.Iko said this is a perfect time to tell Kiir to step down when we Topasa close border at Nadapal to join fellow Equatoria. Topasa and Didinga had meeting to agree to join fellow Equatorians led by Swaka. Lobong still has disagreement how to go about it.

  15. Kokora II says:

    Chief or Thief Abiko
    Believe you me, like it or not, Yes Kokora II is here. Dinka Must leave Equatoria or face forced evictions. We will only allow them as refugees just like in Uganda, Kenya and everywhere else in the world where they roam as Murahileen and that includes you.

  16. Steven John says:

    Well, here comes “our bold and brave” jaang with over dimensional “big balls” than the cowardly and terrified Equatorians who have to br led. You are welcome. However, as a loathed “MTN” that may cost you time and energy.
    Mr. Author, thank you for the article that for me has highlighted one major issue: revenge. Yes, that is necessary and must happen, if Equatoria has to extricate itself. Mading “our household jaang” wants us to meet in the green fields, yes we are at work and that shall NOT stop till we see the back of the last jaang quit or expelled from Equatoria. Events in the jaang-clean and liberated areas speak for themselves. Indeed, Equatorians must now openly tell the rest, look we can’t be that sacrificial lamb of South Sudan that must accommodate millions of destitutes, bandits and beggars that have filled our towns and lands to the point we cant freely defecate in the open as in those days. We cant babysit and clean the butts of those that don’t want to politically and economically grow and whose primitive culture is centred on violence. Change can only happen once we emotionally and conceptually dissociate ourselves from the rest SSudan and don’t give a “shit” to SSudan. It is our articulate and humane worldview that jaang drifters and lapdogs have found comfort and warmth in Equatoria and now want to take and own it. As a reminder to our ” household jaang” Mading, a lizard that soaks itself in water will NEVER become a crocodile. Jaangs who think squatting and grabbing lands in Equatoria will make them Equatorians in any way are delusional. We are saying, with the stolen state monies, these benydits and bandits should get their shit together and leave.So what is the way ahead?
    1 – Equatorians must mobilize all human and material resources for a long and ” nasty” war. Then the “dying jaangs” will clinch and do anything unimaginable to sustain the status quo.
    2- Dissociate ourselves from any hopeless and useless national dialogue.
    3- Gear up towards our vision of a free, democratic and progressive Equatoria.
    4- Treat non Equatorians as foreigners who shall and must be treated as such. It must be clear, Equatoria does NOT want to export the war to jaangland or so, but Equatoria will NOT allow jaangs to prosecute this war in Equatoria either. Fire must be met with fire. Word of encouragement, over half of all jaag elites are “squatting” and enjoying the warmth of Equatoria far away from the ravages and starvation in their villages. They are “reachable” by any means.
    5- Come up with long term goals that will empower Equatorians to be watchful and vigilant by training community vigilantes. This will ensure that all our grabbed lands are brought back by any means.
    I remain here and keep the Equatorian Fire burning.

  17. Lotim Koroma says:

    Hahahaahahahaah!! South Sudanese??? Are we really loving our country and the citizens? I doubt if we shall live to witness a prosperous South Sudan we are yearning for with these kinds of mentally,we will not make it there.I thought we went to school for changes in our society but not destructions.Changes are gradual processes and cannot be installed by force because by doing so,many lives have to be sacrificed on the journey to changes and changes cannot be final.You achieved this,you need to achieve that.So let us be peace markers rather than conflicting our people for nothing.You know very well that 90% of our population is illiterate,once you poisoned their minds,they will do negative things because they cannot think critically like us who have gone to school.So our education should be of help but not for destruction and killings.Those SPLA soldiers accused of killing people are doing so under the command of people whose education is for destruction but not development.

    • Eli Wani says:

      Lotim Koroma
      I have answered you on this website one day ago but it looks like the truth was too bitter for our Editor to publish and yet he publishes the nastiest comments against some people. On whose side are you on sir? What a Shame?

  18. Eastern says:


    I am wondering if this is not the same Yien Mathew who was denigrating Equatorians on this forum…..

  19. Bol says:

    Elhag and the wailers,
    (They do not imagine themselves being out of power and it is here where the real problem lies)…..YES and YES…. It is our (NIGHTMARE), but will break up the RSS if our (NIGHTMARE) is about to become a (REALITY)……For now It is business as usual….

    • Steve John says:

      That is the fundamnetal difference between the jaangs and the Equatorians. Jaangs want power at any cost, Equatorians want justice and fairness at any cost. Here, our ways part and I dont care for RSS. Take yours and I take mine, the moment you mess around with mine, I break your skull. That simple!

      • Bol says:

        Steven John,
        The odds are against you and when the odds turn against us, then we will start to break it up. For now, its Business as usual.

  20. Eli says:

    Lotim Koroma
    Well said. Yes education is supposed to help but in our case it became a curse because the education we had was not designed to help ourselves but to help our “former colonial masters”,and that applies to rest of Africa, e.g. in East and Central Africa the British the Arabs the Belgians, W. Africans following either the English or French, Southern Africa the Boers, the British, the Portuguese etc. But most importantly; our problem is not only education or lack of it but rather tribalism and bad governance. It makes thing worst when you add arrogance, mismanagement, corruptions, elitism, nepotism, poverty, poor governance, rapes, land grabbing, violence, etc at the helm of the ruling party. Don’t expect changes to happen soon, because change must start from top to bottom, but SPLA is not ready for peaceful transition. That’s why all options are on table for lasting change, and that includes warfare.
    Everywhere I go when I meet South Sudanese this is how a typical conversation goes: “Hello, how are you? Am doing so. What’s your name? My name is so and so….. Where are you from? I am a South Sudanese. Which part of SS? I am from ………eg Bahr Ghazal or Wau, or Upper Nile or Equatoria etc. What is your tribe? My tribe is such and such……….!”
    Do you see what’s the problem here? The enquirer likes to identify tribal affiliations. Instead of country should have been enough.

  21. Mading says:

    Kokora II. Keep preaching war, you will see when Dinkas say one day that we are tire of these Equatoria hatred. You and Steve John, are masters of hatred.

    • tit4tat says:

      Are you crying now? If the president preaches hatred on national TV including min. of info. Michael Makuei and infact whole Jenge camps preached hatred since 1980s against Equatorians. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  22. Simba says:

    One problem jiengs such as Mading have, is a lack of critical self awareness.
    He says dinka will get tired of equatorian hatred one day, but he is completely oblivious of the state sanctioned mass atrocities the hateful dinka are committing against equatorians.
    This lack of self awareness affects most of the jiengs and especially the ruling elite. Such a mentality shall not endure. This lack of self awareness is what got jiengs into the current problem and it is what will soon spell doom to their very system in RSS.

  23. Gatdarwich says:


    Trust must be told. Most Jenges are hundred percent supportive of killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime. Even the few Dinka– the likes of Nyandeng & son who deceptively pretend to be against killer nyankiir’s and the Jenges Council of Evils’ project are undeniably behind the project. So, is General Cirrilos capable of evicting the traitorous Jenges from the Equatoria region? It’s has been nearly two months since Mr. Swaka declared armed resistance against killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime, but I haven’t heard any military engagement between killer nyankiir’s forces with of Mr. Swaka’s. Gatdarwich wonders whether General Swaka have any real fighting forces or just have a bunch of internet warriors behind him?
    True change in South Sudan won’t happen without fight period.

    • tit4tat says:

      The strategy used by IO didn’t work, with a big number of Nuer in the military they could have flushed our Jenge from everywhere in Upper Nile or even in Juba, but it was poorly planned. If you are thinking TC to just marched into Juba in less than even a month blindly we have seen what happened to Dr. Machar. Of all the people you should be encouraged that when more heavy weights are quitting Kirr’s camp resulting in big political blows to the regime. Cirillo doesn’t need to defect with troops, the troops are already here and those in Juba will follow one by one including the 1st V.P Taban Deng Gai. Some have already gone or are on the verge of re-defecting; Those IO remnants in Juba are under house arrests or under the radar. David Yau Yau as seen here also under house arrest The signs are very clear that the regime is fighting a losing war; economy is in shambles, chaos all over the country, etc. In a guerrilla warfare time isn’t important but strategy is. Gatdarwich; let’s not point fingers, as opposition fighters we must unite our ranks to defeat the common enemy in Juba.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        You got good knowledge of following things closely and you are absolutely right in your response to Gatdarwich. He is a blind man.

        • Gatdarwich says:

          Tit4tat & kuch,
          General Swaka must establish operational military bases if he is serious about deposing killer nyankiir from power. Killer nyankiir and the Jenges Council of Evils won’t and shall never simply giveup power without fighting.
          SPLA-IO have operational military bases all over the country, and do constantly engages killer nyankiir’s forces plus their mercenaries in frontline daily. So, General Swaka must do the same. There’s absolutely no excuse why General Swaka’s forces(assuming he has troops) shouldn’t begin engaging with killer nyankiir’s forces in Equatoria full stop

    • Steven John says:

      Your rhetorical and sarcastic question on Gen. Cirillo’s ability to stage a successful rebellion against the jaang regime is an indirect ridicule. You either foolishly or emotionally want such issues to be resolved quickly there and then with less reason and time for preparedness. Given your background, I understand that very much and shall not go in depth to argue with you since that will not get anywhere. One thing though, you seem to breach one of the cardinal rules in strategic alliances: the enemy of your enemy is your friend. IO must get into strategic alliance with NAS and vice versa. Lets not discredit each other because that would give the jaang regime justification for ridiculing the armed opposition

  24. Steve John says:

    Stories of our grandfathers during raids on their enemies, is that you had to defecate or urinate into the dead enemy´s mouth to ensure he were compteley dead and his spirits damned for ever. We are not done that with you yet.

  25. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr johnjerry,
    Could one make out that u think the americans are happy with the human cost they have conceded in Irak?
    But nonetheless u have got a point. If Dr Riek appears to be à miltary failure,the rébellion’s rely has already been assured by the likes of Dr kwajok. It’s their responsabilty then to do what Dr Riek has failed to do and that’s venturing to take war to Aweil and Warrap. Nothing more desrves to be added than wishing them good luck.

    • Bol says:

      No war would ever come to these places….It will always be fought in rebels backyard……Who ever dare to bring the war to the law-abiding citizens towns and villages will pay for it heavily …..Juba is secured now as unknown gunmen is found and dealt with and so is Juba / Numile Rd……MTN Hunters whereabouts requires extra work, which may be accomplish in the next few years ….These young boys are amazing.

  26. BILL KUCH says:

    Paul & Everyone else,
    You have done so much in writing in supporting so many rebellions. And it seems like most of you spent their time on easy part of the rebellions. But why don’t you wait an action to see whether you are capable or not? Please, don’t give me because some of you might be war supporters, but it does mean you could be leading soldiers when it comes to frontline. Most of you don’t even know maneuvering.

    • Deng Handbol says:

      Bill Kuch aka Lukudu Garang Gat Kouth,
      There is no need to waste your precious time. I believe that you are aware of Dinkophobia in South Sudan. The reason is that your president has carried out barbaric acts in the name of Jaang domination. I would say Kiir and Malong have been committed genocide against non- Dinka tribe. Hence. the victims families are determining to retaliate or give Jaang tit for Tate in the upcoming months. in other words, eye for an eye tooth for a tooth. Please please, hurry up to evacuate your clan from Western Nuer State.

  27. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Indeed, the wind of change is blowing. If it continues to blow as it is now, I am pretty sure the garages that have been dumped in Equatorioa region and other parts of the Country will be blown off. It is very important that we do not make the same mistakes made by SPLA/M – IO. The SPLA/M has failed to dislodge criminal Kiir and elites form power simply because the leadership of the SPLA/M – IO did not plan very well. Here is how we can till the balance of power in a short period of time: First, shut down all the oil faculties in Upper Nile. This action denies killer Kiir revenue form oil sales and subsequently reduces his ability to acquires weapons. Second, take the war to Kiir’s back yard. Idiot Kiir recruits his tribesmen and sends them to Equatoria region and Upper Nile. Brining the fight to his area will reduce reinforcements to none Dinka areas and enables opposition forces to take major cities across the Country. Once more areas have been liberated, ugly Kiir will have no choice but to accept peace.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  28. Lualdit says:

    I like your point. Coordinated plan is what is needed. Jaang has been encircled from every corners. Shutting down the oil flow and taking the fight to Warrap will bring them to their knees and shortened the war. Only if the opposition leaders have brain to think. This war would not drag on like this. Our women and mothers would not be raped like dogs. These demon call JCE and their worthless, mindless followers should be made humble. But, in any case their demise is coming and it will be great fall.

  29. Mading says:

    Tit4tat. Deng Handbol, and Gatdarwich are the most stupid Nuer any Nuer ever gave birth in nuer land. They are too stupid to understand even small things. They kept saying their rebels are winning on this web, and people don’t hear or see it on the ground in South Sudan.

  30. False Millionnaire says:

    Better save your…. and admit being à mere Hollywood character.
    And context of something else,could u explain where did u get “monkey” raping idea from?
    Turning round and around the same…. day and night won’t move the line by an inch. It’s only the editor’s computer wiring that would risk over-heading and could blow up to cause à black-out as a punishment from good God because it isn’t being well fed to be of great use to the masses.
    Please get your head out from the depth of the mud and try to understand that Warrap is neither inside a locked gate nor do u need a permission from any one to take à war there.

  31. BILL KUCH says:


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    March 21, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Deng Hanbol,
    First of all I am not Lukudu Garang Gatkuoth, and I never been called one. I am Bill Kuch and will always remain myself. You are talking of revenge attack as if you were born today. And so for your information, we have all seen it before in 1991, 2013, and 2014. There is nothing new about it and you should go ahead and bring it on. Why are you talking about it and taking action. All I know you are a loser who is bragging about nothing for nothing.

  32. Hoiloom says:


    Chest thumping and empty pride of Jaang won’t win you an outright victory in this struggle. Bahar el Gazal is not a safe haven. This war will not end before reaching your backyard my friend. Ask Nikalongo about the peaceful and civilize Equatoria he thought the war would never reach three years ago. Don’t be surprise when the war reach your town and hunger stricken villages.


    • Bol says:

      Who will bring war to Dinka land? The Nuer or Equatorians? The only people who can bring war to Dinka land are the Dinka and since they don’t want to fight the government, this war will remain where it is now. Whenever an armed gang enters our areas they killed or chase away. Equatorians were protecting IO armed elements among themselves and that is how the war started there.

      • Steve John says:

        I for one would not want to export this war to jaangland. It is completely unimportant and has no strategic relevance at all to Equatoria. Equatorians would NOT be bothered, if this war between jaangs and so-called “nyagateen” were entirely localized in their areas and not exported to Equatoria. The trouble starts when jaang hoards and nyagats now carryout their fueds in our backyards destroying our peaceful lives, then things matter to us. Here, many fleeing jaangs and nyagats now come to seek for food, refuge and warmth. Gen. Cirillo´s NAS is timely and Equatorians must now arm themselves so that any future peace deals are done with cocked AK47s and no bullshitting. The failed peace deal was primarily between jaangs and nyagats represented by Taban Gai. Equatorians must make no illusions, that the IO is in anyway representing them. Equatorians MUST find their own political bearings alone. The rest must listen to us now or simply call it a day.

  33. Lualdit says:

    False Millionnaire,,
    You are right, warrap has no locked gates, that is why I am in wonder to why the opposition leaders could not see the best way to keep the enemy busy protecting their back yard. It was Gatmachar who blindly refused for the opposition to take the war to Warrap and to shut down the oil in Paloach to appease the international community. Now that he is not directly in the picture, Paloach has to be target and the war need to be taken to Warrap for JCE to reconsider their fake dream of Dinka dominion for 200 yrs. We need peace, but if my Jaang brothers cannot acknowledge the path they are leading this country into, then every strategy must be employed to bring sanity to their heads.

  34. David Wani says:

    Great article. It is time for action. Let’s strengthen our unity for a better and brighter State of Equatoria. The word South Sudan is a curse.

  35. Idi (Tukui) says:

    Perhaps a reminder can help those who did not get the writers’ point clearly…..Instead of Us attacking one another the author note that “Preaching forgiveness now can even be dangerous to the preacher, but it needs to be dealt with in a sensitive way. Therefore, forgiveness should only be given on a case by case basis”. With no question, i think most of us did not understand the author’s point of view rather most of us are trying to show others how good they can write in English. In case some of you still are trying to figure out the main issue…..don’t waste time….We are tired of the gangs in our land. Mind you, Juba is known as the most gang city and it is the capital of South Sudan.

    Who did not suffer from the outcome of this useless gang war? Every body did suffer and still many are still suffering. Therefore, join hands together to eradicate such atrocities performed by those gangs. We are all yearning for good governance not Individuals who are encouraging “Billion Bottom” driving us into limbo. Lets stop the fight using the wisdom we all have.

  36. This is a courageous writing full of all aspects that South Sudanese need to know and understand why there is still a war going on in the South by the Southerners, the long enemies of Southerners as we all assumed not the northerners. Mr. Elhag you are absolutely right by saying northerners had inflicted on us only 5% event that percent is done within the legal and legitimate understanding and national security as they used to say. But 95 % is carried out by the Kiir’s regime (SPLM/A and JCE) and according to some of them they think that is ruling, leadership, and politics. Frankly speaking, they failed to grasp the true meaning of politics, leadership, and liberation. They had been in the bushes for 21 years yet see how messy there are in delivering services to the people they thought they fought for… the issue of the Equatroia is the most shocking really and I don’t think Equatorians are ready to hear and discuss any agenda right now with any group whether local or regional because they are proved the same playing for their cards and interest as well. The treatment of the Equatorians that way is not a new project it has been an old project which is well studied and planned and now they are implementing it as we all know very well that in any project there are advantages and disadvantages. Theirs have a lot of disadvantages and lobe holes, as a way out they cannot escape the reality knowing that human being lives only 70 to 90 years then, the second stage of life following and the most difficult part is who will be blamed in future of their actions and deeds? If they could die together with their project, plan and deed would have been excellent, but they are going to inherit them to their innocent children.

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