The SSDF VISION for Equatoria and South Sudan

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok, Chairman and C-in-C of the SSDF, NOV/28/2016, SSN;

The struggle for an independent South Sudan was pioneered by the Equatorians as evidenced by the Torit Mutiny on 18 August 1955. Subsequently, the struggle took the shape of a full-blown liberation movement under the leadership of Fr Saturnino Ohure, Aggrey Jadden, Joseph Oduho, Gordon Mortat and Joseph Lagu. Then the South Sudanese were seemingly one people united around one common goal which was getting rid of the Jallaba rule.

The tribal prejudices and inclination to tribalism were kept at a low level. Tribalism was bound to disappear or remain insignificant had we kept the nationalistic approach of the Equatorian leaders.

South Sudanese nationalism was on the rise since the Torit revolt only to be hampered by Alier’s administration following the Addis Ababa Peace Accord, impeded by Garang’s SPLM/SPLA and totally derailed by Kiir’s regime, thanks to the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE).

South Sudan would have been in a better place by now had the government put the people’s business as its top priority. Instead, it pursued a policy that lacked impartiality, favouring the interests of one ethnicity (the Jieng) and pitting communities against each other.

The Juba massacre of the Nuer civilians on 15/12/2013 was a mortal blow to the South Sudanese nationalism. The Equatorians, the Chollo and the people of Western Bahr Ghazal were subjected to atrocities and heinous crimes as well. The regime has destroyed the social fabric of the country.

Now there is a great concern among the Equatorians and the international community as well that the government in Juba is preparing to commit genocide. Many human rights organisations have sounded the alarm bell and most important was the statement of Adama Dieng, the UN Special Advisor on Prevention of Genocide on the 11/11/2016. Mr Dieng confirmed that all the ingredients for genocide, do exist in Equatoria at present. He has urged the international community to move fast to avert a catastrophe.

It’s clear that there is no such thing as South Sudanese nationalism at present. You will be deceiving yourself if you think the contrary. However, the SSDF believes that Equatoria is already a nation. South Sudan is not yet a nation but has got the potential to become one.

There is peaceful coexistence among the Equatorian communities despite diverse ethnicities. They have developed a unique common language (Arabi Juba) which is spoken all over Equatoria and beyond. They have a common psychological make-up or culture.

When you add to the above the fact that they come from a territory with well-defined boundaries, then the conclusion is that a nation is in existence. There is no ambiguity here, but many Equatorians seem to lack awareness of this fact just because they never gave it a thought.

There are reasons to believe that the JCE and some among the Jieng elites knew it and are working day and night to see it unravelling. It’s not a coincidence that the name Equatoria has been removed and never featured in the newly created 28 states.

We have seen the attempts to avoid using the name Equatoria and the increasing tendency to address the Equatorians individually according to their respective tribes. An undeclared war is being waged against Arabi Juba to stop it from spreading all over South Sudan. These desperate acts would come to no avail.

Between the late 1950’s and the second half of the 1960’s, a policy of cultural and religious assimilation was adhered to by the Aboud’s regime and the democratically elected governments. Some South Sudanese were coerced into changing their religion and names to Arabic names.

But as soon as the first winds of relative freedom blew over South Sudan after the Addis Ababa Peace Agreement – those South Sudanese swiftly discarded their coerced names and rapidly abandoned the adopted religion they were made to believe in. It’s too obvious that going against an insurgency or an army is a lot easier than fighting a culture.

Turning the country into a big prison, bugging people’s phones, torturing and eliminating perceived opponents, will only strengthen the people’s resolve to topple the regime. The JCE plan is bound to fail but would, unfortunately,
come at a high cost for the country both in human lives and material.

Our vision revolves around two central points. Firstly – Equatorian nationalism does not work against South Sudanese nationalism. In fact, it facilitates and enhances the process towards that end. The presence of Equatoria as a Sovereign State within a stable South Sudan would set the ground for peaceful coexistence, more cultural interactions and the emergence of one dominant language (Arabi Juba).

In essence, Equatorian nationalism would be the Launchpad for the greater South Sudanese nationalism.

It’s evident that the regime in Juba which is heavily under the influence of the JCE has its agenda for transforming the country into a Jieng State. The Dinka Development Plan (DDP) is at odds with fostering a South Sudanese nationalism.

The domination of the government by the Jieng and the operationalisation of the 28 states all point to the implementation of the DDP.

Therefore, a confederacy is the only way to salvage Equatoria and the other states as Sovereign entities and at the same time to safeguard the evolution of South Sudan into a nation where unity in diversity is upheld.

Secondly – We are not poor people but impoverished by poor policies and the absence of visionary leadership at the helm of the government. We do own vast swathes of fertile lands, numerous water resources and massive untapped mineral reserves.

South Sudan was lucky to have a reasonable number of technocrats at the time of independence as compared to the other African countries. With a visionary approach and the right policies in place, South Sudan would have leapt several steps forward in the way of development by now.

The formula for a rapid growth and improvement in services delivery to the populace encompasses three things. Prioritising the objectives, proper planning and setting up achievable targets within a specified time-frame.

The SSDF has ambitious plans for a robust economic growth and development guided by the principles of fiscal conservatism and a small government. We believe that with peace, the right policies and well-placed efforts, South Sudan could become a stable and wealthy country in the middle of Africa similar to Switzerland in the midst of Europe.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok,
Chairman and C-in-C of the SSDF


  1. lodani rama says:

    Mr Kajok this politics cannot and will not help our people. Forging one national identity the best way forward. The problem with S. Sudanese is just seeing anything or any systems they just jump in to it without researching or analysing it. Copying and pasting will not work in our situation. So brother countries are uniting up to form blocks and it is only in Africa because of greed is where such a shallow politics exist. The proof that you people have nothing to deliver is the two objectives you are trying to bring across. The fights that exist among S. Sudanese is about positions and looking for Praise in a wrong way.

    in the first place your party have to sit down with spla Riack group to iron out who own the rebels in equatoria otherwise you are not different a chicken who takes the chicks of the fellow chicken. Your politics will create problem between Nuer and Equatorians. Your party has also declared war on the government and in addition, enlightened Equatorians will never support you accept people like Toria. We are one people and one nation. What we want instead is refrain from tribal or regional politics. Secondly, we must stop hate , spreading lies and allegations.

    • Nikalongo Sanduksanduk says:

      When one people in one nation becomes a source of all that is evil and stupid, dies the concept of one nation, one people for all. While Riek and Kiir fights over position, Dr. Kwajok is fighting tribal subjugation and arrogance. Do not confuse the two with Kwajok. Like the regime in Juba, Khartoum never thought the South would one day secede, They (Khartoum) would have been less arrogant, more accommodating and willing to reform if they thought so. Khartoum had the money, had numbers, had 500000 armed to the teeth, had the Arab World behind it and above all, powers to bulldoze its way around. For all that she was, why would Khartoum give a damn to irritating noises from the South? Were they (Southerners) not after all Ugandans or Congolese? History is repeating itself and the end result will be the same. If and when that time should come, all will be deported from Equatoria, including those lying buried in their graves.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        Welcome to freedom fighters. What front-line are you in at the movement?

        • Eastern says:

          Bentiu Ramaran,

          Where the physical front lines are is no longer important. The focus should be to remove Kiir and his Dinkocracy. How that’s done should have been the the only important question you should have asked.

      • lodani rama says:

        Hi Nakalongo,
        it is not wise to follow bankrupt so called rebel leader. How can independent equatoria end the war? Did Somaliland end the fighting in Somalia? I personally would not follow brick case movements formed for hunting positions. This is a Bari movement and it will remain a Bari movement for diaspora.
        We wait to see the progress of this movement.

        • Arino says:

          I think your absent minded brother Iodani rama. If you read and understand this article carefully i think Dr. Lako kwajok didn’t mention amy one name of tribes of the Equatoria. Instead he used the refresh name Equatoria. I don’t know why if you can ask yourself mention his tribe’s name. I’m not following him but did he teaching us something as an Equatorian.
          That’s why Barbarian and hypocrites people like you Iodani are only survive in limited, and they don’t know they root. They are always defected people. That’s why Jeing and Nuer like them becausr they can use them against Equatorian as a whole.

  2. Dr Lako Jada Kwajok,
    When it comes to the Equatoria cause, the Nuer and Dinka will bury their differences and unite their ranks because they could not exist without our beautiful land. We should be very strategic in planning the “walk out” to move a new nation and show them the way. Dinka imports people with PhDs to work in the Country, when if have plenty, simply because they mistrust them of being from Equatoria region. Equatoria sons who served in SPLA and stationed in Upper Nile or Barh el Ghazal are not granted permission to visit their families. They even be compelled to fight when they seriously sick. My brother died because of this. The JCE sponsored the current instability in Equatoria so that people migrate as refugees as they occupy lands and bring in their animals. But how safe their stay will be, is itself doubtable. Mobilize resources and start the lead. The mission commenced and let’s move on!!!

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      Thomor Dikori Wilaam,

      We Nuer we do not hate equatorians. Nuer are with anyone with vision to defeat Kiir. Please refrain from placing a divide that may block the unity of the rebels. However, I wish you good luck with your movement without Nuer if that what you want and see how you will succeed with out us.

  3. J Gore says:

    You’re free to continue to be a second class citizen in your own country and be a slave of the Jieng. True and enlightened Equatorians have risen up to the challenge and to stand on their feet. It is unfortunate for the likes of you to reduce themselves to this low but I understand as you’re driven by your stomach and cannot afford to reject the crumbs being thrown at you by the Jieng. Time will come when the Jieng will abandon you as they will not continue to feed you indefinitely and expect you to grow up. When that time comes, the door will still be open for you to join the true war for the liberation of the suffering people of South Sudan.

    • lodani rama says:

      Dear Gore,
      I am not a political bankrupt like whose motives are driven by job see king. It is people of low understanding that will always rush to conclude that, those who differ in opinions from you are bought by money. This is a short thanking of people has nothing tangible to offer but only their selfish and greed. From S. Sudan history of struggle, I suspect it is people like you who are quick to point to others are the people who can be easily be bought by money. When you point at someone with your your finger as being bought, your three fingers are printing back at you.
      Brother your defensiveness is driven by lack of progress ideas on nationhood. You have that mentality of thinking people should follow you people blindly without questioning anything you people say. Brother, we are in the free world of independent thinking and respect for each other. So, measure your shallow thinking ans assumptions that, whenever, someone disagree with you, he has been brought fits the civilised free thinking of the 21st century.
      To concluded your movement lacks basis and definitive objectives. Whether we have problems as S. Sudanese, no body in a right sound mind could desire such self destructive ideas. We are one people and we will remain on people till the world ends. We should learn to accept each other and solve our differences in non violence was. Its not fair to shade people blood because of positions. Your movement will cause friction between Nuers and Equatorians as well as causing problems within Equatorians themselves. Now the misery our people are going through is caused by such senseless wars of positions. So my advice is please think right and do not get work by killing your fellow human being.

  4. mading says:

    Iodani, People like Lako Jada have nothing to offer to people of So Sudan then wanting to be called Chairman and C-in-C. that is all, you will see if he is given position in Juba tomorrow, he will run there and grab it, because rebellion in South Sudan has be come a way of getting big jobs in our country.

    • Bismark says:


      What do you people offer to South Sudanese? Rape, loot and mass murder are what giive to South Sudan!! . No services, no schools, no hospitals. no clean water, no food and no roads. You are a disaster to this great nation!! Remember all this calamity emanated from rhetoric argument for change that is supposed to be for the good of the country regardless of where you come from or what a political affiliation you belong to. What we see is tribal supremacist policy, corruption, tribalism and nepotism that continues unabated. You have rejected to heed advice from others.

  5. marie says:

    Dr Lako Jada,
    You seem to be reading my mind. The heroes you mentioned were real South Sudanese who had hearts for our people and cause. Abel Alier is the person who torn apart the fabric of our existence. Southern Sudan used to have boarding schools to forge coexistence of Students from different parts of the region. When Abel came to power, he instigated Dinkas in Rumbek, Melut, Ombili, Atar, Tong and many other schools to fight the people from other tribes. This forced Lagu to build Juba Day, Supiri and many other Secondary schools around Equatoria. Despite all these attempts, when Abel came to power for the second time, he instigated the fighting in Juba commercial in collaboration with the police force under Ruben Mach. That is what led to the call for re-division. In the 21 years of the liberation, people thought the wounds of the mistreatment have healed and people would live together again, but we forgot that the architects of the original policies in the person of Justin Yach, Bona Malual, Ambrose Riing, Aldo Ajo and many of the former Abel ministers are still in business. Now Salva Kiir has not only torn the fabric but has buried the mere concept of living together. For stability to come this country again either Confederate states should be implemented or fragmentation into three states.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Exactly, what the country needs to avert the impending catastrophe is the ‘balkanization’ of south Sudan, as it happened to former Yugoslavia of dictator Tito, just like the hopeless president KIIR is today in South Sudan. Today, every nationality, be it the Serbs, Bosnians, Slavs, etc.. are at peace and are great nations.
      Their economies are good and each one is a member of the U.N. and European union….and they separately compete in the World Cup.
      Africa must go the way of Yugoslvia.

    • george peter says:

      You deserve unimaginable gratitude for having ever to narrate these facts matching of historical realities to our brothers and our children, about the true facts of our struggling for freedom and its shortcomings.
      Thank you very much for your intellectual view, long live Equatoria and long live the suffering people of south sudan.

  6. Eli says:

    I have been following this trend, no doubt after so long people yarn for peace but it looks like real peace is elusive in the hands of SPLAs, so if Equatoria is up to the challenge then this is the time to declare it in open, to become an independent peaceful state and fight for its existence is better than staying in a crumbled failed state like South Sudan with no peace.

  7. Steve John says:

    Dear Equatorians,
    This is the moment to sieze and go our own way. Dr. Lako has alluded that in his article. Equatoria is already a nation. Just look at any single town, a microcosm of nationhood which indeed shows a good degree of peacefully coexistence between our people. Equatoria has highly educated, skilled and competent human resource base to kick-start our own free development. We don’t need oil or resources that have no value addition in the long term, rather Equatoria can go for agriculture first.
    Instead of agonizing we have to mobilize all our resources available. This means soliciting support from all Equatoria associations in and out of the country. We must tell our regional and international partners that neither the jaangs nor Nuer offer any viable option as this is purely a tribal conflict that is being prosecuted at the expense of Equatorians. For real peace to come, Equatoria must set the stage for separation. Former USSR or Yugoslavia are examples.
    Equatorians in the current jaang-led system must understand that they already no significant roles to play anymore, rather have been reduced to mere statisticians. This is illustrated by the fact that Equatoria’s unmeasured role in the liberation struggles has been laughably reduced to that of merely having carried ammunitions and food for jaangs, to the point jaangs proudly say “we liberated the south”. In 1955 to 1972, the Equatorian Corps started a 17 yr war, while our jaangs where either preoccupied with cattle herding their passion as many were politically unripe or were part of the mundukurus (Abel Alier). After 1972, droves of jaangs literally moved to the “big town Juba”. At this point, no Equatorians ever brazenly bragged themselves as having solely began the war and brought peace as the jaangs misleadingly do now. That being the case and Equatoria must go back to its inner values and tell the jaangs and the rest that Equatoria is quitting. Equatoria wants a free, democratic and just country that is at peace with itself and with it’s neighbors. The wanton targeted inter-tribal killings, disregard for human lives, corruption has gotten to a point of no return and peaceful coexistence of all South Sudanese is no longer possible.
    Equatoria’s separation is real and possible, that is our vision. International partners, NGOs, diplomatic missions all know that Equatoria is the heart of South Sudan and it is best placed if it went its way.
    Equatorian diasporians must mobilize, organize and energize our youth. We must follow the paths of our forefathers and herod/heroines: Saturnino Lohure, Ezbon Mundri, Aggrey Jaden, Gbutala, Michael Loruwe, James Loro, Joseph Lagu and several others not mentioned here. Equatoria started the struggles for South Sudan and Equatoria will end the struggles for South Sudan. Keep the Equatorian flame burning.

  8. Toria says:

    Bravo once again C-in-C Dr. Kwajok;

    I second and commend this new movement confirming my calls for Independent Equatorian Sovereignty and I ask all of you my Benevolent Fellow Equatorians to UNASHAMEDLY come out and support the calls of this rising Movement. We are going to do whatever we can and DO SOMETHING BETTER FOR EQUATORIA.
    Our people in the diaspora sons and daughters of Equatoria you must do your part, whatever it takes to get the job done.
    Many others who desire to be free from dinkanization like me are willing to give my blood for the freedom of our next generations. We fought the colonial powers ie the British, the Turks, the Egyptians, The Mundukurus and we defeated them even with traditional weapons, the new face of oppression is now the very people we share the country with. They are the DINKAS, they have caused more pain to us surpassing those foreign powers. We can and will defeat these new oppressors. They have invaded us and that means they must be removed at all cost before any settlement or negotiations to begin if any.
    For sure the direction is very clear without a shadow of doubts if we don’t start to look after ourselves as Equatorians first we are fighting and dying to preserve what can no longer be forcefully kept together, we may as well just say our blessings to the 200 years plans of the JCE/Dinka kingdom ship which they are working day and night to instil. Let’s be honest fellow Equatorians, we are diverse but united and unique. Our Great Heroic Forefathers fought throughout the generations against foreign invasions and dominance and today once again we are call to rise up to the challenge.
    The Dinka and some Nuer already have their agendas. Just look at what is going on with SPLA IG Nuer’s Taban Deng Gai and SPLA IG Dinka’s Salva Kirr, Malong Awan /JCE versus SPLA IO? Each group wants to control us and yet we are the brain power behind their success, and in particular they want to control us the Equatorians to fight for them their wars and they step on us.

    I say; enough is enough, this is the time to fight for Equatoria and Equatoria ONLY.

    Thank God through many hard efforts and bravery today our own Equatorian Resistance Movement has taken shape across our region, now we are armed resistance movement and we getting stronger.
    I ask you to join this movement as we are asking for our Independent Sate or confederated state Of Equatoria.
    For this cause I WILL ALWAYS REMAIN;

    Equa Toria

  9. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr Lako,

    Thanks for bringing this up. People who are masquerading as leaders in Equatoria like Luis Lobong, Nartisio Loluke Manir, Ngere, Raphael Zamoi, just to mention but a few have already swallowed the bait of dinkocracy.

    When Kiir unilaterally split the country into 28 homes to various clans in South Sudan, these hapless “Equatorian leaders” quickly swallowed the bait by taking up the leadership positions they were dangled.

    Dinka people are moving forward with dinkanisation of South Sudan through the 28 state project. If you are an Equatorian worth your salt, look at the naming of the new “states” in Equatoria. In the Greater Baher el Ghazal, the name Bahr else Ghazal has been maintained, Lakes the same. In Upper Nile the name Upper Nile still remains prominently. One wonders why the Equatorians up in Kiir’s kitchen are mute.

    Equatoria is a complete nation with its unique identity and language the Arabi Juba which is widely used in trade and commerce and in religious worshipping especially among the churches of the Pentecostals, AIC, etc. Arabi Juba is even spoken outside the country (don’t confuse this with the kinubi language, a product of Juba Arabi). Most Equatorians share common cuisines and traditional marriage rites.

    Kiir and cohorts may try very hard to fight the idea of an Equatorian state, but the idea will live on! The Equatorian bus has started to move!!!!

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:


      I agree with you, the creation of 28 states is a Dinka colonization project. We must not allow it to happen.

  10. Eastern, just cool down son of man. The mission has been started. We will never come back empty handed. Those Igga Wani will end themselves in Aweil soon as their capital if they choose to follow Dinkas.

  11. Eastern,
    We are aware of the divisive tendency of Kiir. As you said, there are Eastern Lakes, Niles and South…States in Bahr el Ghazal region and Upper Nile region respectively but in Equatoria, completely different names were invented and planted into the mouths of Jadallah, Lobong, Lokuke etc so as to confuse them. The main ploy was to make people forget about equatoria with generation to comes. This has failed and we will continue publishing books in the name of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal. Those who are ashamed of being identified of their origins are as fools as those who migrated to Equatoria permmanently with no knowledge of their ancestral land. The 28 States are mere ghost states, created by Kiir to destroy the 2015 ARCISS as you have seen. It was illegal and he (Kiir) was barred by TCSS 2011 from making any changes in names of States, Boundaries etc without parliamentary approval. He just did that after he worked from sleep and decreed 28 states. Let him fund them now!!.

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      Thomor Dikori Wilaam,

      You said it all and have nothing to add to your comment. This is the kind of comment that I would always like to read from you. Stop writing like IGAD, African Union, UN, and Obama’s administration that often say “both sides”. These entities are the very one that keep Kiir in power at the movement because they condemn the victim more the instigators of conflict. They use both sides in their writing because they do not want to see stability coming to South Sudan. You will see their fake condemnations of both sides from UN and USA when the SSDF begin to advance to the government territories. However, be strong, stay committed to the course but do not place a divide between us we freedom fighters otherwise all of us will fail.

  12. Loong, Loluke and Jadalallah are remainants of Jienges. They have been brainedwashed havee forgotten their own sons. They will be soon forgiven upon apology but not to be forgotten as enemenies of equatoria.

  13. Most regrettable damage our so-ccalled sons of equatoria have done in the likes of Lomoro, Igga, Jadallah, Peter Bashir (Omar) is by betraying the cause of their own fellows for their stomachs. Their people are killed daily but remains i hope of being forgiven by Jienges and simply say thank you and mafrub alaahkum for killing Yambio, what a shame?????

  14. Eastern says:

    Dear All,

    The war against Kiir is more than that was waged against the successive Khartoum regim. The Internet era has landed a very good helping hand in fighting Kiir, the jenge!

  15. arabbmoi says:

    jengers should move back to their land instead of bringing their prone violence behaviours to Equat.
    Kirr lead them back no need for these in our land.

  16. Hoiloom says:


    Welcome aboard! What has happened to the peaceful Equatoria that will never join Dinka-Nuer war? I love JCE and Kiir for creating more enemies by uniting non Dinka.


  17. mading says:

    Jur Eastern. Fighting Kiir is not like hunting monkeys in the mountains, as killer Riek Machar, he will tell you how hard it is to fight Kiir.

    • Eastern says:

      Dr Machar already told the world that the 40 days Kiir spent fighting him in the Equatorial jungles enabled him to build a formidable fighting force. Remember, it wasn’t Kiir alone pursuing Dr Machar: M23, Black Waters, and other hired soldiers were used.

      Mading, get used to the fact that this war had really screwed the country. The economy has tumbled, civil servants are uncertain of their futures.

      Let Kiir and Malong continue to import arms through Uganda from Russia and China and you come and tell me how the voucher try is like mid 2017!

  18. Abel Magok says:

    Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok,

    We know Dr. Lako thinking in many of his articles he wrote and carried unimaginable hatred to certain group before he becomes Equatoria, rebellion leader and for him to put himself in the shoes of pure hearts Equatorians nationalist leaders is inappropriate for a tribal man who see things only In the angle of Equatoria. There were many leaders across South Sudan in 1950s contributed for anything good we might count then or today not only Equatorians as Dr. Lako trying to deceive the public. South Sudan struggle since 1955- 2005 has not and never been a single tribe work but all tribes contributed in different ways.
    In his article, Dr. Lako is putting blames of everything to Alier’s administration coming down to Garang and president Kiir without mentioning one thing worth appreciation from these three leaders. Addis Ababa agreement with Alier and others has its advantage if not such an agreement, people like Dr. Lako would have not get education unless he is in East Africa borders to have advantage of switching identity or nationality when things get worst or better in South Sudan. Garang staged successful war against the North and president Kiir successfully led people to referendum and it is understandable every leaders has his own shortfall.
    I agree with Lako statement that South Sudan would have been in a better place by now had the government put the people business as its top priority and I disagree with his claim that government favouring the interest of one ethnicity (the Jieng) and pitting communities against each other.
    All tribes are now suffering in South Sudan and Dr, Lako mentioned statement of Adama Dieng and does not mention 50,000 people left their homes in Bhar El Ghazal to Darfur region because of hunger and he is talking about ingredients for genocide without mentioning targeted killings innocent civilians in roads attacks in Equatoria Hay ways.
    Though of my total disagreement with Dr. Lako tribal politics, I agree with his statement that we are not poor people but impoverished by poor politics and the absence of visionary leadership at the helm of government.
    South Sudan current situation does not need tribal leaders like Dr, Lako Jada, who is seeing things in angle of Equatoria.

  19. lodani rama says:

    The diaspora must think properly. Africa is changing or some of you may end like Machar. He is now not liked every where in the region. So Kwajok should calculate his maths properly or he risk being listed among the senseless war mangers. There are things which may look nice to some people but the end of it is a disasters. Hate will never take anywhere and S. Sudan needs visionary leaders not job hunters. Politicising our diversity and land will not help us. If you want the top post in J1, it must be given to you by the people through elections. People should avoid Short cut and lies to gain power. We do not want to prolong suffering of our people. The only way to power is through election and any violent people should be excluded like Machar. He will command his supporters from S. Africa not in S. Sudan. Let Kwajok learn from Machar’s experience the price of violence.

    • Eastern says:

      Job hunters are the leeches surrounding Kiir including his son who has as a profession, “the son of the president”.


  20. john Yugu says:

    There is nothing called South Sudan which Equatorians have to fight for! Is crystal clear The British were not stupid to have divided us into three provinces….. Meaning ! Those provinces are distinct in all aspect.. Proven facts we can’t live as one nation… Let us agréé to split and live as good neugbours or a violent seperation …., enough is enough! Equatoria our fight is legit! We Will prevail!! Evil can’t defeat purity,love and justice this what we are us Equatorians…. Equatoria ..,hadid!hadid!

    John Yugu
    Member of Equatoria mobilisation Committe
    North America

  21. micheal west says:

    Dear John Yugu,
    come home and make mobilization not abroad because you fuel the war that you are not responsible to face it.

  22. john Yugu says:

    I dont have to .be home to carry mobilisation! Can be done from any Where! We live in a digital world ya zol I do talk to my brothers in the Front lines of Equatoria anytime on their sitelite phones… Just .be prepared for the mother of all.battles.
    John Yugu

    Bengui, C.A.R

    • lodani rama says:

      We know you are the John Yugu in America do not try to confuse us by putting Bongi the capital of Republic of Central Africa man. You are declaring mother of all battles but for us in S. Sudan brother, we desperately needs peace. Time will come when you need to return home but the people you misled will be hunting you like rat. The best place for you will be Khartoum not S. Sudan brother because you are a violent man. You are evil man who misled others children to die while you hide your own children.

  23. alex says:

    Dear Mr Yuga those divisive propaganda will not yield fruits. Go on with your mobilisation the day when the mothers of those children you people mislead to be killed for your greed for power will be the day you will wish to hang yourself. You are the people deceiving those young boy to join your movement because you are going to pay them with card currency or dollars. The day that promises did not come true is the day the same people you deceive will hunt you like an animal. The same guns you people gave to these young people will be used to hunt you. They are expecting the dollars you promised them and thank you for knowing that you are one of the mobiliser. Go ahead sir you will rape from what you show. Thank you for having mislead these young people to die for your stomach. You hide your children in America and you used other people’s children while your children are drinking tea every morning, they are drinking drinks all the day, they are going to school while you are sending our children to die and your are sleeping well, they are not hungry while you starve others children. Go ahead Yuga with your group killing innocent people that they are poisoners. Your group denied other justices while you yourself love justices for yourself and family. Thank you for your group for harking innocent people that they are Kiir’s supporters. Thank you for your group for forcing people to exile in Uganda again while you are living comfortable. Time will come brother for us to speak with power but now we can not stand your guns. One day justices will prevail over you for the thousands who are crying in silent. .

  24. mading says:

    John Yugu. That is why you are beating war Drum so loud, because far a way to feel it.

  25. False Millionnaire says:

    Jo yugu,
    It’s always typical of a virgin to heap up stakes about a capacity to disarm and route a brigade. That’s exactly what the red army Stone headed Child soldiers believed in the early days of the war under Garang.
    But if u haven’t been desouth-sudanized ,it’s needless to say that u know the end of that story.
    So my poor fellow brother,cool down and concentrate so much on taking a good care of yourself and childern if u have any in North America.
    Never doubt to believe that we will be deep to the nick in the mess for no less than a Century.
    If u téléphone a comrade in the front line and he tells u that they have captured Yei and Kiir is kicking the bucket tomorrow because of a heart attack due to heavy military defeats,how would u know he isn’t lying?
    But that’s how civil wars are fought on earth.They are more psychological bush beating rubbish and less head on military confrontations.A waste of time in brief.

  26. Lodani Rama
    War is the most dangerous means of solving problems. It comes with regrettable damages to lives, property and social fabric. People resort to it after all peaceful options fail. When you want the Auditor General to release report of Government expenditure and revenue of 2005-2016 and to recommend prosecution of those who misused the money for private ends, you Lodani Rama and your bosses will label Stephen Wondu as “rebel” and be fired. When media want to report about arbitrary arrests and detention and killings, you imprison them or worst kill them. These are all anti-peace acts, which can be destroyed through change in police. You can not negotiate changes in policy when you are the author of the bad policy and acts. I mean, you can be a Government while at the same time a Criminal. Stealing state resources is a Criminal offense and punishment severally, for President, resignation can be imposed upon him. Ministers will be fired and Generals demoted from ranks and Court-martialled. Did you hear what happened to Dura investigations, which would have seen all current senior Government officials imprisoned? They blocked it and want to continue looting. Therefore, fighting though is bad, will compel the ruling clique to change their policies through negotiated settlement of dispute. Sudan would have not granted South Sudanes autonomy without violent resistance. So a war without justification is null and void. But the one resulting from resisting bad governance is acceptable. Out of 10 million expected to suffer death over period of time, it is better to lose 1 million now to save 9 million and the future generations. Options are available. Stop procuring arms if you do not want war and resale the stockfiles of arms to the third countries or world keeping missions.

    • lodani rama says:

      Dear Mt Tharmour,
      You are not mentally sound when you mislead people to get killed because our leaders have stolen money. There are peaceful ways of getting rid of those corrupt officials. Our voting power is a powerful tool to get rid of those officials. Also there is law about corruption. I could not agree with you about the logic of your fighting because why would your fighters be killing innocent people who are not working with the government? Have those innocent people going in buses to Kampala stolen money? Has the displaced people who were moving out from Yei to Juba stolen money.
      Has the innocent civilians you people are killing in Kajokeji have stolen government money
      The innocent civilians you people are harking at night in Yei stolen money?
      Secondly your leader or those with whom you collaborate with in your rebellion have stolen money from government. Why would not arrest Riack Machar because his name appeared in the list of those corrupt officials. So it appears you are not sound in mind when you are collaborating in fighting with the same corrupt people. The only reason for your rebellion is power greed. Secondly most of you in diaspora have failed in life that is why you are fueling the war. See the most successful S. Sudanese in diaspora are not involved in criminals activities like people who are even talking of UN to take over. You have no vision and the only way you can attract people to your rebellion is by preaching hate and using tribalism. About Wondu read what your friend John Yuga wrote about those working in the government. You are a group of disorganised people. You did not know what you are fighting for.
      Lastly, you are wasting time if it comes to fighting. Do not miscalculate that, the government is in a weaker position by calling for peace. We should not be killing our people when we are capable of bringing peace. Let us not reignite ethnic tension in our people because of greed for power. There are clean ways of getting into that top job in J1.

  27. john Yugu says:

    Alex and Mading,
    Get it right into your tribal mind…. That Iam the last person to think about fighting a war for position!! That is not our intention.. We got alot of young educated, hard and visioneries Equatorians who are leading in the front lines…we are determined people who are fighting a justified and legit war which has been imposed on Equatorian by a barberic oppressers who are obessed about occupying our land.
    Let me remind you those Equatorians serving your current government are batch of opportunise without any constituency in the fighting Equatoria….No peace with oppressors of my people…. The only language kirr understand is GUN… Period!
    Dont live in dénial !Who started this war? Did Equatorians ever been to Bor,Rumbek or Aweil killing your people?ripe the seed of what you have planted!

  28. Lodani Rama
    No killing known of civilians Rama. Those who dress in plain clothes holding womens are not civilians. You are not in Juba. If you are, there do not think that Government each for peace. We are in bush not for money. We left our beauty houses, cars and all jobs just because we want the the order in the country. How can we live in a Country where the Minister of Interior does not how many police personnel are on-payroll simply coz the Inspector General could listen to him but directly deal with the President? Leave alone the firearms its forces have. The C-IN- C does not know the number of those he commands simply because Chief of staff has private Army? We can not live anarchy where criminals can not be differentiated from Government soldiers. No schools, hospitals and elections are spoken of loudly but feared. The NSS became the Police, Judges and Prosecutor with sweeping power to arrest and detain as they wish?. Those with us are safe and breath fresh air of liberation. Move and speak freely, not those thugs you are defending. Stay highly informed. I know being bought with a car and money is enough to make you Lodani Rama, to go mad and even sacrifice your family before the marauding Anyoors coz of money. Secondly, that most of you had been in H/Qs of SPLA during wars and never been to battle theatre. Smelling smokes in July makes you so-scared to say the truth. Some of you want to join us but want to be in headquarters but we cancelled their plans exit from Juba. Forget about elections as MPs unlawfully amended John Luk’s 2011 TCSS that makes Kiir the owner of South Sudan than a servant. Political Party Act, 2012 designed to block any political freedom. What shits are you talking about. Most of you are in J. 1 but if officials, with empty tables. No books or laws so that you do not read. Worst of all, a bunch of illiterates brag around with English they on facebook, streets or tea place. Eat and drink until disposed off by our revolutionaries.

  29. Lodani Rama,
    We do not kill civillians. it is your unprofessional army that kills. Have you got what happened to civilians in Jebel Bongu or preferably Kulipapa, in which a cream of civilians were killed with their houses torched? Please follow new developments I am suprised of to hear that there exist a list of corrupt government officials, allegedlyincluding H.E Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, ithen begin with majority in Juba from top downwards. Isn’t Kiir on the list? Lucky he.Otherwise most of the arrests should begin with Juba, Sentry will guard you who will be arrested first.We don not force people to join us yet our professionals encourage youth to join us in masses. Speaking to you today, Governemt has lost control of 80% of the area in Equatoria and Upper Nile.Controlling capital city where you are not free to move 10km make you feel uncomfortable. We are mixed up not single tribe. Our aim to restore law and order where civilians will not be attacked at night by those claiming to protect them. Where accountability is shown for public funds. We anti corruption is functional and not politicized. Where Judges will be dissected from the Executive control. Where the parliament does not run oout of agenda. Where armied forces are subordinate to civilian authority. Where the army is not the property og Chief of Staff and the President as office to National Assembly and people. Where elections will not be rigged as happened in 2010, which brought some of the present thugs into parliament as MPs than not. Lodani Rama, have you now admitted to have lost control of roads? If no, than those along the roads are responsibly. We value lives of civilians and we are fighting to save them from ruthless regime. sing a song of sorrow for the suferring you imposed of people by your anti-nationalistic handling of South Sudan’s affairs. Of you guys blieve South Sudan is a Company whether you are executing selfists deeds without being question. Your project (Government) will soon come to an end. Steal as much as you could but will auction out your houses and freeze your asides. Your children will pay back the stolen money. Die or not does stop from pursuing you through your family.

  30. Eastern says:

    Hi Folks,

    This is just the beginning of the showdown. Kiir and his obstinate tribal advisors thought they can do away with the name Equatoria when they sliced up South Sudan into 28 tribal heartlands, obfuscating the mighty name Equatoria.

    Our own Equatorians in the names of Julious Tabule, Nartisio Loluke Manir, Louis Lobong Lojore, Emilio Igga, Augustino Jadalla, Lokonga of Yei, etc quickly swallowed the bait dangled by the Dinkocrats in Juba under the guise of devolving power from the Center to the peripheries.

    Equatoria and Equatorians have shade the skin of tribes: Equatoria is moving on to help those stuck in tribal glories in the midst of Equatoria to stop the branding: stop facial scarifications/body tattooing to make you identify with your neighbor as our forefathers did eons ago. Let’s embrace Equatoria as our uniting force at the Center.

    The Eastern Rock

  31. lodani rama says:

    Mr Thamur,
    I want to tell you that, how tough you talk, S. Sudan will not afford any war our people have suffered much and anybody who needs power should take it through voting fight. This is a warning to those war mongers like you, that the only way to the top post in J1 is through vote. Do not mistaken the government’s call for peace as being a weakness. You have no vision and you’re killing innocent people for no reason. Your rebels have abducted school children in Mundiri, your rebels have looted market in gwudwe state, you killed charcoal cutters in Mangala for no reason. Leave away the destruction your rebels have done to Malakal university, burning villages, hospitals and looting, killing and abduction of innocent refugees in Lasu. Your rebellion is anti development. So to let you know whether you are brought by power and install to rule us , we will use the peoples power to remove you from power.

    coming to your saying you left beautifully houses and cars to go and join the rebellion, it reinforces my belief that, your are one of the corrupt individual because given our salaries it id only the president, ministers and some generals who can afford to build and buy a car and those working with international organisation. So I advise you to stop primitive and childish thinking that, whenever someone disagree with you he is bough by money. That is a shallow thinking of people with no vision. I sole believe there id no point we could go to fighting when we have just got our independence. The SPLA is ready to crush and destroy any hostile group and we will negotiate with any peace loving people. War mongers will not be allowed to kill the peace process. So tell your commander in chief Mr Kwajok that, he should refrain from violence or else he risk being level as a negative force. Let him learn from Machar’s experience.

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