The SPLM national reconciliation will not work.

BY: Akic Adwok Lwaldeng, South Sudanese, FEB/08/2013, SSN;

“In the absence of democratic open-up, the SPLM organized reconciliation is deemed to fail.”

Importantly, before the so-called national reconciliation conference starts, the government must first free all politicians and civilians being unjustly held in South Sudan’s prisons without trials. This is the way forward to accomplish the reconciliation. Unsurprisingly since the SPLM come to power its attitudes have been those of killing and imprisoning those who resist and oppose its corrupt policies.

SPLM’s intolerance to political rivals and opponents including the continuous attempts to disable and disband these political parties and civil societies has been a prominent feature of it existence.

This season marks three years of the anniversary of the mass murder of the civilians in South Sudan. President Salva Kiir, then the immoral leader of the SPLM, had personally ordered the murder of those civilians, most of whom were activists and supporters of the SPlM-DC, and many others from other political parties. Members of the civic society organizations, who insisted on non-political activity were not spared any of these mistreatments and extrajudicial killings.

As a result of this bloody regime, tens of thousands of the civilians were killed all over the ten states of South Sudan, but particularly so in Upper Nile, Jonglei, and Western Bahr El Ghazal states with the Wau massacre of civilian demonstrators being the most recent.

The political crisis that started before and following the fraudulent 2010 general elections represents the anger and true reaction of the people that developed as a response to the many years of oppression, deprivation and repression by a SPLM government and its malicious policies as it mercilessly persecutes opposition parties’ leaders and many others from the different sections of the oppressed people.

Since then South Sudan has been a battlefield between the people and the ruling power. And as the people’s struggle intensifies the government’s brutality and desperation escalate to its highest point. There are undeniable evidences of the harshest torture being used against those who were arrested since the conflict started.

There is also undeniable evidence of those who were shot randomly in broad daylight and night. There are those who died in the prisons as a result of torture. Those young women and men who were raped by the interrogators and other thugs in the medieval prisons of the SPLM government will remain a dark page in the records of this inhumane SPLM leadership and its blood-thirsty killing squads.

Then SPLM government has recently intensified its brutality against almost everybody even including the university students. Throughout the last few academic years students live under constant fear and intense pressure.

Up till today the universities are repeatedly being invaded by the security forces, (so-called presidential protection unit guards), and many others of the regime’s thugs. Students are beaten, arrested, imprisoned and tortured. Others have been imprisoned for a very long time for refusing to give in to this reactionary and unpopular dictatorial regime. This has deprived them from continuing with their studies.

Certain tribes were the first to be targeted when the SPLM regime came to power. The regime and its puppets impose their policies (the SPLM manifesto) on the people and practice other forms of discrimination against those perceived to be opposition supporters. This unbearable situation has continued and have been one of the daily tasks of the government’s thugs over the last 7 years.

Nonetheless, over the period the People have maintained their struggle and their hatred for this system has even increased and accumulated awaiting the time to explode. It is no surprise that we saw such a large number of furious protesters in Western Bahr El Ghazal before and after the Wau Massacre!

Recent reports indicate that the regime has intensified its policy of extra-judicial killings. Politicians and civilians who are not in support of SPLM policies are open to arrests and torture. The WAU massacre shocked the country and even the region. its now everybody’s knowledge that there are many others in a secret death row, among them is the brilliant and courageous Leader and the next South South’s President, Dr Lam Akol Ajawin!

Dr. Lam Akol is being accused of being a member of the Shilluk-land Defense Force allegedly led by General commander Johnson Olany. This allegation is biased and untrue.

And our other brave Leader Peter Abdul Rahman Sule is being held incommunicado, accused of leading a non-existing Equatoria-land Defense Force and it’s a false allegation as well. The accusations against Peter Abdul Rahaman Sule and Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, were not dropped and they are still under the threat of being killed by the SPLM any time.

The UN Human Rights Commission is fully aware of all the above developments and are surely conducting their own investigation, and very soon they will use the Junglei State’s “Pibor Massacre,” the Upper Nile’s “Makalal Massacre,” and the Western Bahr El Ghazal’s “Wau Massacre” and others as cases to put pressure on the SPLM leaders and possibly issue arrest warrants for their trial by the ICC in Netherlands at The Hague!

This does not mean that the UN Human Rights Commission is supporting the SPLM-DC, or the UDF or the USSP or any other opposition political party or figures. It is the silence of the UN Commission during those years that let the SPLM, to build its power by killing tens of thousands of people, oppressing the opposition and minority groups. Now things must change and criminals whether individuals or governments, must and will face justice.

What is really needed at this time is that people should stop supporting this regime if the government is not going to resolve the following issues: (a) talk with the opposition leaders and (b) address the lands issues, before their so-called reconciliation in South Sudan.

Nevertheless, we must continue our call for regime change and we should alert the international community that there is a silent genocide going on in South Sudan. Who can deny that there are still hundreds of people from the opposition and the other activists who to date continue to languish and undergo savage tortures in the dark prisons of the SPLM, while their family members have no news from them. These are people likely to be killed any time as they constantly live under threats of elimination.

This is a call to all freedom loving people, all those disgusted by the discrimination against human beings by fellow human beings, all those outraged by these brutalities to give their support to the people’s struggle for freedom and equality and join the struggle to free the civilians and politicians in prisons in South Sudan.

Written by : Akic Adwok Lwaldeng, you can reach him


  1. Anyangaliec says:

    Shame on you, Akic Adwok Lwaldeng!
    You and the likes will never succeed. Neither will either of them traitors you mentioned above would become a President of our nation. Trust me, none ain’t gonna happen while we’re here on this planet!
    To the stooges aka moderators: shame on you too! Quick discriminatory acts, guys!

  2. Thiang Geka says:

    Akic Adwok,
    you’re partly right, practically Peter A. Sule and other politicians who were politically-arrested should be freed and must participate if what is going to commence in April shall be the National Reconciliation Conference. Lwaldeng, we must utilize this time to reconcile our past greivances and political differences.
    So, Mr President Kiir and Dr Riek can be complimented and supported for they are using the Presidency’s powers to unite their people. Dr Lam and the rest in diaspora shall also be there in Juba!

  3. Alfred Atem says:

    Dear Akic,
    Is the National Reconciliation and Forgiveness about parties formation or for the entire communities of South Sudan? In my view, Vice President’s call for National Reconciliation is a welcomed move, but where to begin is what is daring some noticing. The SPLM led government did not start this process on good footage. Reconciliation is when all are saying “enough is enough”. Has the SPLM government denounced that and said, “it is enough”?.
    If so, the party needs first to show a brave move by denouncing all sorts of discrimination including the well known practice of nepotism, tribalism and favoritism in all government institutions. The government too needs to show to its citizenry that it has taken serious steps in dealing with corruption and to be answerable for all the wasted funds/money meant for social development of our new nation.
    Mindful, the SPLM came to existence as to alleviate our suffering from the Khartoum successive regimes and not to steal and loot our resources, such in our African traditional is mounting to a curse for you and your family for decades to come. The South is liberated by blood of people and hence the same blood shall be the machinery for accountability and investigations against the crimes incurred during the SPLM led government.
    Pray that this does not happen and our leaders repent from their dirty work to us the citizens of the new born nation!

  4. Lumali Peter says:

    you are right, Southern Sudanese need to have forgiveness from all tribes, especially from Jonglei state; those tribes did not have peace in all years since independence.

  5. Kenyi Alex says:

    I do not know why political sin (Rebellion) is considered more serious a crime than economic sin (Corruption) or it is because rebellion is a sin against (leaders) Government and Corruption is a sin against the civilians and the leaders themselves are the sinners while rebellion is the reverse?

  6. Morthon Akol says:

    you are telling us that SPLM should talk with opposition? is it that a real opposition? or it’s just a channel of getting a position in the government?
    all over the world nobody can rebel against the government and people claim that it should let him/her go free.

  7. gaby gabriel says:

    Your ideas need moderation, but who will take trouble to carry it out, gentleman?

  8. anok says:

    Big racist, Mr. Adwok, Why not mention any single incident which happened to others like recent killing of Isaiah Abraham? complaining only about horrible conflict in non-Jieng lands disqualified your argument. Talking about humanity or human rights, shouldn’t that include the rights of these children; women butchered by pro-Khortoum/Lam Akol renegades?

    Why not mention massacre of Uror, Mayom, Duk Padiet, Pioubor & just recently one of Walgak in Akobo? What about their rights as fellows citizens?

  9. your article is self centred although there are truth. you have forgotten to mention one thing about Lam. He was a former nyagat who with Riek Machar broke off and led a baseless rebellion and killed many innocent civilians in Bor in 1991.

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