The SPLM govt. is a monopolist govt. but without control

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda. AUG/07/2017, SSN;

While it doesn’t help to blame people when there’s a problem, the best thing to do is to fix the problem first and then to blame later but in cases where the problem is recurring constantly, then the one who fails constantly must be targeted and blamed.

The conflict in Gok State like other States in South Sudan is the clear failure of the SPLM Governments both in Juba and in different States. The government of South Sudan has failed to know that citizens accepted her rule to protect them.

When the SPLM government fails through inaction then that is a neglect of duty. It is sad to see the government officials just sitting there watching at the citizens butchering each other like nothing while blaming them.

It means that there is a problem with the SPLM.

Moreover, it means that we do not have the government at all as the government in power is the government which clearly know hows to steal resources from the citizens but not how to protect them.

How can the government allow citizens in Gok State and other States to commit such despicable crime against each other while just sitting there doing nothing.

The conclusion one can reach is that the government of South Sudan is worse than the imperialist government that was controlling Africa from 1914 to 1990s. The imperialists or colonialists were even better since they could protect citizens and stop them from killing each other.

We liberated ourselves just to come and put ourselves in a cage of bad governance where government is doing its own things and citizens are doing their own things.

Government of South Sudan is only effective when it comes to taking of resources from citizens.

What is the use of those gunships and jet fighters that were used in fighting against Riek Machar?

What if the government ordered the citizens to surrender all their guns and if they refuse then they should be declared as terrorists and dealt with in accordance with the international and national laws governing terrorism by even employing these gunships and jet fighters?

Where they bought purposely to protect the president against Riek Machar but not to protect citizens and nation? Why are we sold alive for power?

What is happening in Gok state is the tragedy caused by the inaction of the SPLM Governments both in the State and Juba.

We must blame the President of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayar for interfering with the way the Government of Gok State was running the State.

The people of Gok State should know that their problems go back to the president facilitated by the failure of the government of Gok State.

If the Governor was allowed by the President to continue imposing death penalty on those who kill others and just advise him on how to apply it properly, the current deaths of which within two months over fifty (50) people were killed would have not happened.

It is sad and incomprehensible to the Government of South Sudan running the country like a mercenary Government or proxy Government borrowed to advance the imperialists agenda in South Sudan with the sole aim of controlling natural resources.

I have never seen the Government that failed to try to control the citizens because it does not know what to do. The wisest thing the government should do under such a situation is to resign and allow other citizens who are capable to try.

However, the SPLM Government both in the States and Juba try to monopolize the system but without any control. This monopoly without control is worse than sin.

The SPLM Government has closed its ears to all the possible suggestions while lying supinely on phantom hope that God will bring a solution which is not forthcoming.

God will never bring any solution unless we human beings take an action while praying to God. That is when God can help us because God helps those who help themselves.

If God has created us, given us brain and power to change things to our benefits and then we sit there just to watch at bad things happening yet we are capable of controlling them then there is a problem. We are even putting God to temptation.

In summary, unless the SPLM government learns how to think and how to deal with crime then South Sudan will be destroyed. I really feel sad for my beautiful people that the government of South Sudan allows to kill themselves in Gok State and other States.

The Government must take a tough approach on Gok State or allow other citizens chosen by citizens of Gok State to run the State and protect them.

NB//: The Author is a lawyer by profession; he graduated with honors in law from Makerere University Law School. He participated in various works and training in community mobilization in awareness of their constitutional rights in Uganda. He is the member of Public Interest Law Clinic(PILAC) and NETPIL (Network of Public Interest Lawyers) at Makerere University; he is currently doing research with NETPIL on private prosecution; he is trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); he participated in writing Street Law Handbook on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Uganda. He is practising with Onyango and Company Advocates Bunga—Ggaba, Road Kampala He is currently staying in Kampala Uganda where he is undertaking bar course training. He can be reached through: or +256783579256.

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  1. Beek says:

    John Garang and Justin Yaai Arop were like children and that is the same that had destroyed Riek Machar and that still existed. Why they listen to other people phones!

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