The SPLM finally admits destroying the Republic of South Sudan

BY: Dominic Ukelo, MP, Juba, MAY/06/2018, SSN;

On 4th May 2018, the members of SPLM National Liberation Council, NLC, who met in Juba concluded with their final resolution admitting to the public of:

1. Failing to institutionalize and democratize the exercise of power in their Party, which described mostly by South Sudanese people as the root cause of the current crisis in the Republic of South Sudan.

2. Their collective responsibility, as leaders of the SPLM party, for the crises that have engulfed the country.

3. Their loss of discipline and respect of the Constitution and Basic Rules of the SPLM party, which contributed to the emergence of the current crises over power and leadership.

Indeed, the innocent citizen of South Sudan didn’t commit any wrong doing to be killed or destabilized. The proximate cause of this brutal civil war was a falling out between the SPLM’s top politicians.

Therefore, giving the fact that the NLC of the SPLM, under the leadership of president Salva Kiir Mayardit, has admitted to the public and taken the responsibility of their wacky activities and irresponsibility, the people of South Sudan reserve their rights to hold the leadership of the SPLM/A accountable for their:-

a. Killing, committing rapes/abuses against the civilians in different places in the Republic of South Sudan.

b. Evil acts of destroying and pillaging civilian properties during government forces operations in several areas in the Republic of South Sudan.

c. Destabilizing innocent civilians, as the result, UNMISS continued to shelter more than 1,854,000 Internally Displaced Person IDPs, who’re forced to flee their homes by irresponsible behavior of the SPLM party.

d. Furthermore, as SPLM/A continue waging war on their own people, many civilians fleeing the country as we speak, bringing the total number of refugees so far to 4 million, scattered in the countries around the South Sudan.

4. Additional to the wide range of corruptions by the SPLM leaders, looting the resources of the country continue on daily basis, leaving civilians without basic needs; in which large financial transactions, involving politically exposed persons, defined as SPLM senior government officials and military officers, as well as their families, end up in personal accounts outside the country, those financial transactions have been unlawful or otherwise improper.

5. With all due respect to the SPLM/A and it’s history of liberation, the people of South Sudan are skeptical on the future of the country under the current leadership of the SPLM party.

6. Until the South Sudanese introduce new leaders to work for the interest of the country, to develop a road map in order to put an end to this conflict, and incubate a Marshall Plan for the interest of reviving the broken economy, the Republic of South Sudan will remain ruined and looted by the SPLM leaders.

By. Hon. Dominic Ukelo


  1. Peter utenmando says:

    With all SPLM leaders, whether in the government or oppositions, have destroyed and looted the country. When we start fighting with the government in WBG, the SPLM/A-IO were in the government. We shouldn’t rely on the IO. We should form our movement.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Peter Utenmando,
      I wholly concur with your assertion that ‘we shouldn’t rely on the IO, which is nothing but a bastardized personification of this monstrosity aka SPLM/A. Who’s going to be made to accountable for the following egregious crimes committed:-

      1- the deaths of nearly a million citizens since South Sudan became independent?
      2- the shameless theft of billions of oil money illicitly pocketed by Kiir/Machar ‘comrades-in-crime?’ and
      3- the total fragmentation of our so-called national cohesion and total break-up of our once shared and common unity?

      To me, South Sudan should have been first placed under UN trusteeship for another 5 years so that the wounds and trauma effected by this monstrosity called SPLM/A with all its bastardized off-springs are erased from the political screen and a new culture of politics is instituted across the country.

      Cry, our beloved nation!!! Just imagine… Kirller Kiir still the president!!!
      A lutta continua….

  2. mading says:

    Shame on you, our country can not and will never be given to your UN, stay where you are like when you were when we were fighting with Arabs forces all over then Sudan.

  3. lual says:

    What do you mean with ‘when we were fighting Arabs’? Be reminded if you may not know. That fight was fought by all southerners including also non-southerners. If you think that was done by one tribe in South, then your South Sudan could have not seen liberty from North.

  4. Dear: Editor

    I dislike your comment when wishing UN Trusteeship to take over South Sudan government from the government of South Sudan Republic in the country. After all,you do not know who are those people the so called UN TRUSTEESHIP! Never eating meat without checking bones.Otherwise,it will cause a harm on your throat by choking you off throat!

    For me,I will never and ever allow a foreigner to manage my own things at home in my own place!I better do by own self alone! Back to you!

    Sincere:Stop Killing People!



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