The solution to South Sudan’s political problems lies in new blood


The solution to the gross failure of governance in RSS is simply not only a problem of replacing President Salva Kiir with other SPLM leaders. It goes further than that. It entails honesty and the ‘will’ to confront the reality of the ugly things that have taken place in the country in order to set South Sudan on the right track under the most suitable leaders.

For this to happen there needs to be a genuine acceptance from all the South Sudanese political actors, especially those participating in the peace talks in Addis Ababa; the mediators and the international community to face the truth that the real problem of South Sudan is SPLM itself.

The people of South are in the mess they are in today because of the SPLM. It is a destructive organisation. The deep social, economic and political problems of South Sudan have their roots in the ugly culture of the SPLM, its amorphous structures, tribalism, absence of positive values and the lack of duty of care.

The IGAD mediators appear to be ignorant of the SPLM as an organisation and its ability to constantly produce chaos. Surely, if IGAD has had any idea, its mediators would not be recommending the group of seven senior SPLM leaders bailed to Kenya for leadership of the country in the interim period.

According to Upper Nile Times, IGAD ‘proposed an interim government that shall run for 3 years, and headed by a neutral body preferably from the group of 7 former detainees whom have been recently rejected by the government delegation as “not part of the conflict”.’

This is a gross error of judgement from the mediators and a display of ignorance about South Sudan political problems that the IGAD is supposed to know and address. If ignorance is not an issue here then collusion is, in which case SPLM in Opposition stance is vindicated.

Riek’s group has consistently spoken about the double standards of IGAD. On one hand it is a neutral mediator and on the other it is a warring party in the conflict on the side of South Sudan government through Uganda armed forces. T

he question then is: how can IGAD be an impartial, objective and a fair body in brokering peace in South Sudan?

Why have the South Sudanese demanded for an interim period in the mediation talks?

With all the tragic background of ethnic cleansing conducted by president Kiir and the SPLM itself, South Sudanese painfully see the talks as a unique opportunity to put things right in the country.

The over whelming majority of South Sudanese want to see all those who have driven the country to the gutters relieved from their positions for a fresh group of leaders to takeover and rescue the country.

It is about a new conscious political blood taking over to end the culture of militarism and impunity once and for all to enable a lasting peace and prosperity in South Sudan and the region.

The Blue Prints for such a government fortunately have been submitted to IGAD already by the various South Sudanese professional sand Equatorian stakeholders. If IGAD wants to succeed in brokering a lasting peace, then it must look at these documents again.

Given the foregoing, IGAD should not even think of proposing an SPLM government, leave alone one of their leaders whether they be from Kiir’s group, or Riek’s group or the group of seven for the interim period.

This act in itself is not only undemocratic but it silences the voices of the people and shuts out the wishes of South Sudanese people.

IGAD is supposed to be a forum where South Sudanese begin to exercise their democratic rights to solve their problems and not an instructive and prescriptive forum.

Is it acceptable for any of the so called group of 7 leaders to manage the country in the interim period? To do justice to them it is only fair to justify why they would not be acceptable to South Sudanese.

It is highly debatable whether any of these ‘leaders’ can make a change as the problem is one of culture of SPLM as an organisation. The attributes of this organisation does not give any hope.

For example, SPLM/A is imbued with violence, corruption, lawlessness, extreme discrimination, tribalism, impunity and so on. These attributes over the past three decades have become ingrained in the psyche of all the SPLM members and their organisation.

What is remarkable is that in SPLM’s entire life span no one has challenged the practice of abuse of power and human rights in the organisation. All the rebellions in this organisation are related to the issue of self determination and access to power.

Strangely, no one in this organisation is concerned about abuse of governance and human rights. This is a topic by itself which we shall soon have to deal with.

Each SPLM group uses the word democracy to either entrench itself in power or to gain it. Rebecca Nyandeng was honest when she said, “We talk of democracy but we do not know, what shape of that animal it is and we run away when we see it.”

The word democracy thus to them is a vehicle to achieve ends but in reality none of them truly believe in it. So what they all know very well is authoritarianism.

The negative attributes of this organisation is deeply ingrained in its structures. The members do not know anything other than the SPLM way. Yet it is the SPLM way that has driven the country to the current chaos and if not stopped it will drive the country to total destruction.

Hence, the support for the group of seven SPLM leaders by IGAD for leadership of the country does not hold any rational or justification. None of these people has the qualities of leadership.

None has demonstrated appropriate leadership in protecting the resources and people of South Sudan since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement came into operation in 2005.

Additionally, it must be remembered that SPLM is the main generator of the problems and as it is the crucial part of the problems it can not be impartial.

The inescapable truth is that the SPLM leaders (of the various factions and the warring ones now) collectively and individually failed the people of South Sudan.

For the sake of clarity let us look at the group of seven individually in a brief manner.

John Luk – he is the architect of the tyrannical constitution that president Kiir is using freely now to oppress and discriminate the people. He contested the April 2010 general election but he failed. His own constituency had no confidence in him. President Kiir at the time was his friend.

As a result president Kiir imposed him on the electorate by appointing him into the parliament as an MP. President Kiir further rewarded him with a ministerial position as minister of justice.

In his tenure he, John Luk, swore never to see anyone investigated for corruption. Please see, ‘President Kiir’s pedantic tricks in the SPLM Oyee machine.’

Ahmed Alor – he is the cog that ensured the tyrannical system ran smoothly in the interest of the Jieng. As a cabinet minister, he initiated jointly with Sadiq El Mahadi of the Umma Party the sell-out of South Sudan through the ‘four freedoms’ which later got planted into the cooperation agreement with the Sudan. Please see, ‘Smeagol wooing the blind Oyee party: the “four freedoms” in favour of Arab Sudan.’

Ahmed is untrustworthy due to his history, and worse still he is a master of corruption.

Gier Chuang – as a commander during the war with Khartoum he is alleged to have executed children by firing squad without any due process. The crime of his victims was desertion from front line. What a callous commander!

As a minister of interior he oversaw the rampant mushrooming of crimes throughout the country. He allowed Arthur Akuen Chol, the then minister of finance to break free from detention without ensuring prosecution of the same for crimes against the state.

Neither Chol nor the thugs who violently freed him were arrested for violation of the law and state properties. To date these thugs are free.

Chuang and Kuol Manyang Juuk triggered the bloody rebellion of Gen. George Athor because they simply hated the late Athor’s guts. Chuang like Ahmed Alor is a master of corruption.

Tong Mayay – the dismissed governor of Lakes State. He was legitimately elected to the gubernatorial post. However, he failed to govern the state appropriately. As a result Lakes State was unsafe and next to Jonglei on matters of law and order. Like his colleagues, he too was corrupt and nepotistic.

Kosti Manibe – he contested for an MP seat in the April 2010 general elections but he failed. He was appointed into the parliament by president Kiir and later appointed minister of finance. His only crime is not to speak out at all, not even in self defence. Kosti is guilty by association. He allowed himself to be used and abused by the system.

Cirino Hiteng – has no constituency support. Former minister of Sports and culture, Cirino was imposed on the people by the late Dr John Garang and later on by president Kiir. Used by the system, Cirino is alleged to be involved in massive corruption.

Madut Biar Yel – former minister of telecommunication. Yel is a committed member of the SPLM. Like the others he is allegedly nepotistic and corrupt.

From this sketchy description of the group of 7, it is clear they do not have what it takes to be leaders for this current tumultuous South Sudan. They can not be substitute leaders. They do not also have what it takes to rescue South Sudan from the current serious problems they created.

So business as usual is unacceptable simply because SPLM as an organisation has no workable structures like other healthy organisations to sense, feel and restrain itself as demonstrated by its three decades of existence.

It has already been established that SPLM is a pathological organisation that is now in a state of self destruction. Thus it is incapable of change.

SPLM will need years of intensive internal reform to heal itself. Therefore, it can not lead or manage South Sudan without endangering itself, the country and the neighbouring countries. For this reason it should do the honourable thing – bow out of the interim period.

Therefore, the solution as stated above lies in new blood. The Former Presidential Advisor Tijwok Agwet who is now with the SPLM in Opposition argues that the Equatorians should rise to the challenge and assume power.

Who then are some of the people who might be deemed capable to lead South Sudan out of the current mess?

After careful survey of the political space of South Sudan so far there are five suitable candidates for the interim period. These are, Justice Peter Sule, Hon. Dr Richard Mulla, Dr Luara Nyantung, Bishop Paride Taban and Dr Olivia Lomoro.

Other suitable candidates include Dr Lam Akol, and Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore and many more. Unfortunately the latter two current associations with the SPLM disqualify them from the interim period for the reasons already given. Nevertheless they should consider to throw-in their hats into the ring after the interim period.

Any of the suggested 5 without doubt will be acceptable to the majority of South Sudanese as interim leader of the country due to their varied contributions, extensive professional experiences in the world of work, education and standing in the society as a whole.

For the sake of proper political reform, peace, prosperity and good neighbourliness IGAD should look towards these gentlemen and gentle ladies as a solution.

Therefore the mechanism for realisation of an interim government led by any of these competent individuals requires the full operation of the concept of stakeholder participation.

Fortunately enough this is already agreed in principle by African Union and IGAD in their various communiqués. What is needed now is for IGAD and the international community to facilitate the attendance of all the stakeholders in South Sudan and in the Diaspora to partake in the talks in Addis Ababa to make their choice of the interim government.

This is not too much to ask for given that IGAD is already funding the parties currently in Addis Ababa and what the people of South Sudan are asking for is equal treatment of all the stakeholders.

IGAD should invite all the publicly known political parties individually to join the talks in Addis Ababa without any obstacles placed on their path by the government of president Kiir. After all both president Kiir and Dr Riek claim to be democrats.

Furthermore, the people of South Sudan except the SPLM, genuinely are committed to have a democratic system in the country. So in order for democracy to be realised in South Sudan its implementation should start with the talks in Addis Ababa.

The principles of democracy should be applied in these talks. Which means all the stakeholders must not be constrained in any way by the government of president Kiir or IGAD itself. The various political parties must be free to travel between Juba and Addis Ababa. They must also be free to express themselves without fear.

Unless this is done, the outcome of Addis Ababa talks will be a farce and it will not be long before another catastrophe hits the country.

At the moment, president Kiir’s government has terrorised all the leaders of the other parties in South Sudan to be represented by two persons within the government delegation with clear instruction to tow the government line.

How is this democracy? This is not acceptable and it amounts to a kick in the teeth. For SPLM to gag political leaders in this way beggars believe. The African Union and IGAD must not accept this kind of behaviour from people who call themselves democrats.

In conclusion, IGAD should now abandon its support for any SPLM leaders for the interim period for the reasons given above. It should listen to what South Sudanese want which again has been clearly stated in this piece.

The success of brokering a peace in the country demands the inclusion of all the stakeholders without fail to make the choice of the interim leadership. For this reason it becomes extremely imperative that the participation of all the stakeholders must become a high priority.

In doing this, democratic values must be applied in full as the starting point of introducing genuine democracy in South Sudan.

Anything less than this is unacceptable. The colossal loss of lives and displacement of nearly a million citizens was created by the SPLM and it is unacceptable to allow SPLM to obstruct the participation of stakeholders in solving the mess they created.

It is high time that the Troika and the UN take a lead role in putting these talks back on track. Alternatively they should transfer these talks to a new body if IGAD is struggling to be impartial.


  1. Thomas says:

    I think u r Lam Akol

  2. AW Joseph says:

    Bro Elhag
    You withstood the test of times and a distinguished patriotic South Sudanese. If there were many Elhag Pauls, Joana Adams, Col. Wani Tombes, Isaiah Pauls (RIP)…….etc. South Sudan would be a better place for all of us. Let God bless and protect you from all those evil Dinka and their puppets who wish you bad luck or harm.
    I have no words to add but ask SSN readers to go to YOUTUBE and type in the words; South Sudan: Brutal Dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit’s Background. Through this link and by watching all the video clip they will be able to see the images of our fallen innocent Nuer People massacred in Juba on 15-19/12/2013 by Salva Kiir’s Private Dinka Militia From Waarap and Northern Bahr El Ghazal.

  3. alex says:

    This marks the end of the rebels now if they a joking with IGAD. All your media campaign is coming to an end. You failed to recruit and now you are turning to IGAD. You can not and will not continue to deceive the world for ever. The acts of white army was apparent and no sane person will entrust such criminals to rule a new state like Southern Sudan. The SPLM is popular as before and no any other political party will match with it. SPLM is a liberation movement of the people of South Sudan and South Sudanese will never forget the sacrifices made by this movement. It had endured in its battle with Khartoum and some of Khartoum sponsored militias and it will again prevail until it build the necessary institutions for the effective running of democracy in South Sudan. The country’s leaders can not and will not be hand picked by Troika because it is the people of South Sudan to choose who should rule them. What is happening is a power greed by some political elites but remember most of the people of South Sudan now are enlighten except of a few people who still follow tribal politics. Therefore it is not easy to deceive the people like before. It is only these politician who are still thinking they will be able to manipulate the people like before by a lie. This is the time all the political leaders and those aspiring to become leaders, you should be able to read the and judge the thinking of your people. We have made it clear who ever want the highest seat of the country must come up with a clear set objectives in a manifesto and convince the people to vote for him/her. Imposed leaders will not serve the interest of Southern Sudanese and Southern Sudanese will not accept a colonial type of administrator who is implace to serve the interest of their masters. We know most of you because of power greed will easily want to sell this country and we say no to that. Whoever think South Sudanese want him/her to be their next leader should advocate for elections to judge his/her popularity. Rushing to foreign powers for support is illegitimate. The road to the state house in Juba is through the people’s power. Therefore, you our leaders open up your eyes and listen to what your people are saying but not what you think. Peace can easily return to our country if you people are willing to compete peacefully in elections but the fear most of you have is you are not going to win a free and fair elections that is why you are looking to be imposed on us and oppress us. The question is will South Sudanese be ready for a hand picked individual by your masters? Think twice and ask the people’s opinion otherwise you are choosing the wrong way. It is the citizens of this nation to decide no your masters .
    I you want peace let us all call for peace and we organise a free and fair elections to chose our next leader and you mast be willing to compete peacefully and no body will be prevented from running for elections whether being president Kiir or Riek or any other person intending to run for the office and you must adhere to the country’s constitution. Your are the one prolonging our suffering because you do not one the smooth may of getting to the top office. Most of you want to use shortcut to get there without convincing the people. stop that from today


  4. Omang Rollo says:

    A good mason will build his house on stabilized and raised foundation if that house is to stand against all odds. Splm is the only viable political party southerners ever have/had, SSIM and EDF were once political entities but they fizzled out when their stakeholders bailed out on them due to minor disagreements like money, strategies and dress codes, some wanted to lead while naked and others wanted to siphon any single coin owned by their party just for being majority or brave. meanwhile SPLM kept on through, despites serious backstabbing and sabotages against it’s mission of liberation. an idea of a new party and new bloods when the country is at war is just a wishful- thinking on your part Mr Know- all.

  5. Francis Mangok says:

    Southern Sudanese will never live in peace unless they stop hating one another. When you hate your country man and woman knowing that you hate your country and that is what our people should have to understand. For some of reasons, I do not agree with you when you say SPLM is the problem. I think people are problem because SPLM is organization that lead by people. People say SPLM has been leading by one tribe and that is the conflict. Canadian Prime Minister is leading now for eight years and soon he will be elected again, but no problem.

    You talke about UN to take over the talk instead of IGAD, I am sorry the time is over and I prepare IGAD than UN because it is our African Organization and we have to be proud that it ours. You have to think who you are. We have to thank God that we have African Body to take care for our own affairs. How long we will be depending on UN to solve our African problems? We have to be independent we have leaders and lawyers who are qualified to clean the mess in Africa.

    The leadership you buy will never last longer. Leadership is something God can gives to the choosing one. Everybody has right to lead in South Sudan if God chooses you to be president because it is our country, but not kill ourselves because of one person leadership. God will never support any leaders that prepare to kill his people to become leader. South Sudan is already the country why do we go to the bush again? We joined the movement that time because we were fight for freedom, but now we are free why again. Those who killed are just died for stupid politic and many of us are not happy for these politicians in South Sudan.

    One thing people forget about is God. We will kill one another over leadership, but God has different plan after. So many years people have been fighting for freedom thousand of people died, but today our leaders want to waste this opportunity that God gives it to us. it is the matter of time God will give the right to whoever is suffering for the future of people of South Sudan and whoever born to kill people because of leadership God will ask.

    We do not have to blame IGAD it is the organization and if people do not want peace what should the mediators should do to reach the agreement. Southern Sudanese want to kill themselves all can we blame them for that I do not think so. I do not blame anybody, but our leaders are the cause of all these lose of lives of innocents, but God will ask . Through this I have a dream one day South Sudan will be in peace and those who hate one another will share the plate.

    • Francis Mangok,

      If Salva Kiir stop his dictatorship vision, we South Sudanese citizens will live in peace no doubt. The country is belong to all South Sudanese we cannot afford to be ruled by one person forever.

    • Dear all,

      Take me in my words, all what happened, was allowed by God to take place for better South Sudan, we should only turn to God for answers and solutions Riek and Kiir or SPLM and other Parties will come to an ended but South Sudan will remained as a country. And God will give us a leader

      • john says:

        Dr. Bungkuac, God do not kill people, gun do not kill people, People kill people. It was Kirr who order tiger forces to kill Nuer in Juba that lead to this conflict. Think about it Hitler died after he committed many trouble injustices on people. It our duty to say enough is enough to Kirr’s regime and put someone who would bring us together again.

  6. You hit it @ Thomas, it is Lam talking.

  7. Adeemtoch says:

    I think you started your article well but fell short of its good heading due to the very reasons you think are the reasons splm should not provide the next leadership. You are actually the same or worse than the current leadership of our country and your writings are always tribalistic

  8. Amiri Orieu says:

    Lamphobia or Lamnoicese aside. What is your take on this well articulated article? Do you have any vision for south Sudan? Or you’re just among the group of people who found comfort in discussing people?
    Keep on doubting as your name suggests. Do we care?
    We only care this type of articles to reach the negotiator’s desk.

  9. I only wish late Dr. John Garang was still alive; then most of this mess could never have happened. After his death SPLM split into Garang Boys opposing Yei (Salva Boys) while Dr. Lam Akol and Dr. Riek Marchar were sharpening their spears to deeply spear the youngest South Sudan Nation to death. The governance has been left to corrupt self-styled, greedy non-nationalistic so called politicians who never fought the war in the bush, but were in Europe, America
    or Australia. They banked all their dollars stolen from the South Sudan Government in foreign bank accounts knowingly of the mess they were doing without shame to the citizens who voted for the Independency of this Nation.

    I as well do not agree that all SPLM members are failures. I do agree the current Riek group, Lam group and the group of seven practically participated in the mess the Nation is in. They felt untouchable owners of South Sudan and should rein to death. This conflict could never have happened if they were still in their Vice-President or Ministerial positions; and they would never have opposed the GOVERNMENT system which they participated in creating.. ,

    In case of an Interim Government, Federal system will be the best solution with the powers vested to the Senate and the leader becomes a Prime Minister, mandated to execute what has been passed by the Senate. SPLM has to be there as founder of the struggle and all opposition parties united to one main opposition party as the case of U.S.A That is where constructive politics will prevail instead of food politics being played currently.

    • James says:

      Wilson Walani
      You are right buddy these people who are creating chaos in our young nation have only one objective that is to lead. This happen before our independence when so-called Dr. Riak Machar defact from SPLM/A mainstream and turn against the movement. Riak action let thousands of people from Jonglei region mainly Dinka from Bor community being massacre and thousand other fled and seek refuge in Equatoria. In addition to that he (Riak) gave Khartoum of government upper hand to extract and produce petrol which was used as weapons against SPLM/A. Also civilians who are living around oil fields are killed and clear from that area.
      What was the kind of leadership Riak Machar want had Dr. John Garang step down or he killed Dr. John Garang as he was hunting him. People want a leader who can guarantees their lives and their properties and this far from truth with uncle Riak Machar. The rest of people like El hag Paul Dr, Tombe are lobbying and gambling for the positions had rebellion suceed they will be ministers. They don’t care who will die or what are the consequences of what they say.

  10. Majongok says:

    I totally agree with El Haug Paul on this especially the diagnosis part. The Problem is the SPLM. The party is in turmoil and completely ungovernable. I had observed the party since the 2008 convention and was more than convinced that one day one time the country will be at a mess caused by non other than the SPLM itself. There was a rumour at the time that the Party Leadership wanted to get rid of one of the seats of the deputy chairmen/chairpersons and the hell broke loose on the news. The interpretation was that Kiir wanted to get rid of Riek Machar and this had people(civil servants for that matter) spending days on the phone blaming, name-calling, campaigning, etc.

    The SPLM supporters and members want continuity, order and yet want change at the same time. You cannot have it both ways. Each options comes with associated costs. All the currently disgruntled members are part of the problem and i am convinced they will never be part of the solution. From that day onward, i knew president was a lame duck because he was cornered. He was not in charge of his party anymore and began to not trust anyone anymore. He had to sacrifice efficiency for the sake of peace within the party and by extension his administration. However crippled critical decision making.

    I however, have to be a realist. In the absence of elections, we cannot achieve what we want as citizens.The change that we all aspire cannot come now especially now that we have gone back to the dark days where only the barrel of the gun rules. Kiir and his supporters will not let him step aside and Machar’s supporters won’t led him either and coalition government won’t work because it is what brought us where we are in in the first place (2002 peace between Riek and Garang).

    In our analysis we have to therefore, separate long term solutions from the medium term or short term ones. In the near term, South Sudan urgently needs a credible opposition party and it is not SPLM that will create one. Naming individuals like what El Haug Paul did though highly qualified ones at that is wishful thinking at best because the country needs institutions to run it beginning with a political party. This the citizens can do if they so wish. Handpicking individuals won’t work. Unless if there is the case of a good dictator which can only happen in military takeovers or if Kiir himself turns into one.

    To conclude, let South Sudanese work toward an alternative party. Amalgamate the existing parties, create new inclusive ones and that is where new blood of leadership can be found.

  11. Benj Augu says:

    They are all the same. What a failed country.

  12. General South says:

    Mr. Willson Walani Sokiri,

    From your name(Sokiri) your are Equatorian from Central Equatoria State, i have thousand reasons for central or greater equatoria as general to reject Salva Kiir Dinka-Dominated regime in the name of SPLM and liberators e.g (1) Crabbing of almost 900 plots in 3K South (Tomping) by SPLM/A in the name of , we bought this by our blood like as if you people of central or greater equatoria are not in the movement (2) Killing of Equatoria from the time peace is signed e.g Killing of eqatorian police offers in Yambio, killing of medical Doctor in Yei county 2006, killing of Eng. John Louis in 2011 just because of plot depute and Salva reinstate the murderer in to work to mention few (3) No balance in the army and Civil servants files and Ranks (4) Curruption (5) Triballism (6) Nepotism, at the last crisis Salva start killing innocent unarmed nuers citizen who voted him to presidency in 2010 in Gudella blocks(4,5,6,7,8,9 and Gudella Two ) and who did not even associated to Dr. Riek Macher, for my suggestion , is better for you to join the Freedom fighters and bring new government of aspiration of Equatorian like Federal System.

  13. jijury says:

    We tested Incompetent Salva for 9 good years, what have we got? Massive corruption, poor international relation, Tribalism and the worse of all genocide against Nuer people in Juba. All seven political detainees are corrupted none of them can lead South Sudan. Dr. Machar has a heart for the future of South Sudan, follow by Alfred Lado Gore these two will be our next leaders let the Nuer fight Kiir and his corrupted government. Soon afterward we revamp our country and make it suitable for everyone.

  14. Kizito Panther says:

    El hag Paul
    You did it well but only you indicated one fault in your thinking, that nothing good can come out from individual tribe. This is again biased thought.

  15. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Yah Tribalist Paul,
    I don’t always like to generalise people like how you do it in your case with Dinka tribe but I would like to say that I wish I knew your close section, clan or family where you hails from with such a shameless attitudes where you used to fool yourself with this hollow dreams without good analysis to your impossible demands.
    I ‘ve never heard or read one person’s own article where he shamefully propose his own uncles and the like smpathizers and call it a view for South Sudanese, what a country? The country which is full of traitors, pathetic opportunists, inciters, regionalists and liars.

    Please, you can now adjust the author’s name from Elhag Paul as an individual to South Sudanese Majority at least to slightly match your naked lies.
    Yah Saaby,
    don’t you ‘ve your relatives or close section where you & your big uncle PETER SULE belongs in South Sudan so that you can crown (him) your uncle A. Sule to be your chief in the village and stop singing your meaningless songs to South Sudanese community.
    Arabs wrote bribes and smart books to defame South Sudanese’ vision or destiny but they failed to secures their cheap expectation, so who are you to bark at the right people, right party that has brought a freedom in which you and your like ‘d been trying to distorts so that we can all travels abroad to be slaves like you did.
    By the way what happen to your promises from your White Masters in regard to your long waiting Interim Government?
    What brought a U-Turn arguements to your own promise to the Dinka fellows on SSN?

  16. Ajongo Ubeer says:

    any interim government must include old and new faces, but u look so extreme in your views especially regarding SPLM, like SPLM is a foreign body thats its name should be erased from our political dictionary

  17. AW Joseph says:

    J.Chin Jacob
    Arabs never lied, but Dinka did. If Arabs were mad, insane and crazy killers like the way Dinka killed Nuer in Juba because of Nuer army mutiny which was not their fault the Arabs would have massacred all the tens of thousand Dinka that took refugee in Northern Sudan.
    Just its a matter of time before you Dinka have a test of your own medicine.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Hello AW Joseph,
      Thank you so much, for you ‘ve proved to me today that you are not a South Sudanese but just a foreigner, and you know what? I am not interesting in segregation like other people who uses to trace those who ‘ve willingly chose to be South Sudanese by calling them that they ‘re foreigners but your comment has really exposed your true identity and it has forced me to call you as a foreigner because you ‘ve blindly defend Arabs with your daftness assumptions.
      My answer to your shameful assumptions is to refers you to any Equatorian who had good records about South Sudan sufferings while with your good referees as you recommends, please you can ask any of them whether they (the Equatorians) ‘re not massacred by Arabs leave alone Dinka who ‘re targeted and labelled as drivers of civil in South Sudan.

      Otherwise, you also need to ask about ELDAEN AND BABUNUSA DINKA MASSACRE apart from Dinka ngok ambush attack which has also kills or claims the lives of innocent Dinka in groups.
      Fyi, we don’t kill people in thousands as your wishes appears to be, but you are going to witness that demand very soon so that we (Dinka) can also wins Equatorians’ hearts like that of Dr. Traitor Riek with you and may be the Western World can recognise or acknowledge our importance as appears in the case of Dr. Traitor Riek with them, Riek has become popular and liked by almost the entire white masters after he heartlessly massacred innocent women & children, sick & disables in 1991 and now he continue committing the same crimes that are renamed by the Western Countries as Democracy, and if the new description for democracy has been recently defined by the Whites Puppets, then we can be part of that new definition for democracy.

      • AW Joseph says:

        J.Chin Jacob
        Where are the jobs SPLM/A promised the people of South Sudan?
        Where is the free good education which our Arab enemies used to provide?
        Where are the free medications the Arab lead government used to provide in the hospitals?
        Why is freedom and the human rights not respected?
        Why is the country not able to feed its war displaced people but still shamefully bites the hands of the white men that feeds them.
        Why are you DINKA ashamed of admitting killing Nuer civilians in Juba if you think what you did was the right thing?
        Go to LOKA SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL today, which used to be one of the best boys boarding school in Sudan until 1987, where some of the senior members of the South Sudan Government went to, still remains in ruin with no students studying there 30 miles from Yei or 60 miles from Juba on Juba-Yei road. Yet you tell me and the whole world that everything is ok in the banana republic of South Sudan (DINKA KINGDOM)
        Come on JIENGE (J.Chin Jacob) you don’t have to be a rocket scientist in order to see the rot in the DINKA Government of South Sudan.
        What has the DINKA done that is so different apart from taking all the credit for the independence in which you claim to be the sole liberators?
        Tell me any incident in Khartoum where the government or Arabs rounded up DINKA civilians and killed them in large numbers the way DINKA killed Nuer? Sorry, I am not going to continue arguing with shameless pathetic liar like you.

        • Bol Akuol says:

          AW Joseph:

          The Dinka has not yet declared the Dinka Kingdom in South Sudan. However it will soon be declared if it is what you wish to see. You shamelessly talked about the Nuer Massacre in Juba in December, 2013 and paid no heed to the massacre of Dinka in 1991 and 2013. You and the likes have been whining and blaming the Dinkas about the land grabbing in Juba. Now you are complaining about the massacre of the Nuer people in Juba. I wonder, how the huge population of Nuer dwel in Juba without grabbing the land like their Dinka Cousins. Were all those Nuers who lived in Juba given land by the Equatorians or Were they grabbing lands in Juba just like Dinkas?, and Why nobody said anything about their participation in grabbing? The former governor of Unity State, Taban Deng Gai and many Nuer claimed that more than 10.000 Nuers are massacred in Juba and more than 40.000 Nuers are sheltering at the UN compound Juba. How did Juba accommodate this huge population of Nuer without the land grabbing? AW Joseph, There is a saying that “those who hate others suffer more than the people they hated”. Your hatred of Dinka would harm you personally more than the Dinkas.

          • AW Joseph says:

            Bol Akuol
            Sorry, you are off topic and have not addressed the specific issues I have raised above! Therefore, I have to tell you that I have no time to waste.

  18. jay johnson says:

    Mr. Paul,

    you have shown your true colors today. I have been right all along for labeling you as a tribal bigot. It is mind boggling to suggest that, south sudan fought and liberated by the ultimate sacrifice of the spla/M men, which was 80% overwhelmingly dinka should be given to traitors and nyageet to manage!!!! That indeed is a wishful thinking

    The facts on the ground contradict your proposal. The SPLM, as a party will not give up the power to manage south sudan, a country they liberated with their own blood. We, in the spla/m stand ready to wither every traitor and nyageet attempt to forcefully grab this power. We will prevail despite the fact the rebels are receiving logistical, military and diplomatic support from U.N, UNMISS, U.S. U.K., EU and Ethiopian government

    South sudan is precious to be handed over to the hand of traitors and nyageet of yester years!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Francis Mangok says:

    Dear all,
    Please, let us avoid calling one another by tribes. We do not want to learn this way, however,South Sudan is belonging to all us whether you are Nuer, Equatorian or Dinka we are all Southern Sudanese let find the solution the way we will come together and live in peace. We do not want to support this war this war will never benefit us otherwise it will destroy our friendships, dignity and relationship with others.
    Unfortunately, now the world is looking us like all stupid because we love to kill one another because of tribalism. Tribalism will never allow us to develop and strong, but being Southern Sudanese together will make us strong nation and our children will also be freeing from this stupid idea in our head. let us allow our children to be free from tribalism and if we do that then our children will be free to go anywhere in South Sudan for school, but through this situation the live of our children will be restricted. Please, you have to remember the last days we were struggling in the busy. God bless you all.

  20. Marie says:

    People who are beneficiaries of the corrupt system in Juba are the ones advocating for the status quo to continue. They are the supporters of Kiir and speak the same language of mentioning what happened in 1991. Kiir did the same during their meeting on Dec 15, 13 which sparked the ongoing rebellion.

    Not SPLM nor any political party own South Sudan. The people of South Sudan would give mandate to a leader who would rule that country peacefully. We need federalism instead of amassing all the powers on one person

    When people try to point out mistakes of the government, some of our brothers are quick to point fingers saying they are people living in the Diaspora. A lot of the people currently in SPLM are even sell outs during the war. People like Martin Majut was selling SPLM ID to Nigerians in Cairo. The minister in presidents office, Awan, people know his track record in Canada and many others. We are just waiting for the right time to expose all your lies.

    • Shamga says:

      Corrupt system versus traitor cycle, which one is more damaging? You can’t be forgiven yesterday for stupidity and then you claim you can lead the very people who have forgiven your dear life.

  21. Leader says:

    El Hag Paul
    This is the first article from you without the mention of Jieng or Dinkocracy. I hope you have learned that you will not achieve anything by inciting others against Jieng. Nuer are the victims of your incitement and they are now regretting.

    Anyhow I agree with you that nobody from the 7 SPLM former detainees can make a good leader for SS. They are the most corrupt and tribalist and were relieved from their positions because of those vices.
    Your uncle Sule is also tribalist and can to some extent be corrupt.

    • Nuer_Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Nuer’s rebellion has nothing to do with Elhag Pual’s writing. Those commanders who responded to Nuer massacre in Juba do not read or writing; they are illitrate and thus, your claim of Elhag Paul’s writing being the reason of Nuer rebellion is unfounded. The truth is killing you my friend and it is why you are being jumpy.

      Nuer are known as resistance people since British colonization period and before Elhag Paul was even conceived. Thus, stop blaming Elhag Paul for something he is not a contributor to. We will resist Kiir’s Dictatorship tendency spearheaded by your husband, Museveni. Let us wait and see the outcome. It is not the first time for us and it will not be the last should democracy not win through in South Sudan.

  22. Dr. JAC Ramba says:

    Mr Grand Tibalist so-called J.Chin Jacob

    I have been following your writings very closely and to me you represent another typical example of a fanatic “Dinkocrat”!

    If you had a bit of grey matter up stairs you should have understood long ago that nobody is against dinka as a tribe. however the phylosophy of ” Dinkocracy” is what south sudanese reject.

    Dinkocracy is signified by the ill-acquired believe by some dinka men and women that they are born to rule. They work day and night to promote dinka hegemony and domination in all spheres of life in South Sudan ( social – Political and Economic).

    They ( dinkocrats) aspire to run the country by dinka, for dinka interests, and in dinka ways, far a way from any civilized pattern ever known to the human race. This is the “dinkocracy” that the likes of you promote , while the rest of South Sudanese oppose.

    If you cannot undestand the above few lines which are basically meant for a no brainer like you, then you better seek help somewhere.else.

  23. BILL KUCH says:

    E Paul,
    This is funny to me and I am laughing very happily at the same time. Well, Nuers brothers did not see this coming either. Elhag Paul, was supporting Dr. Riek in his previous article written not too long ago, but today, his survey conducted on who should be better leaders to save South Sudanese excluded his Dinkas enemies as well as Dr. Riek. Anyway, no doubt, some Nuers, not all though have no steady business as usual. They don’t even believe in Dr. Riek democratic vision to run this country on one tribe. Now, take a look on how they decided to disappoint their supporters by attacking them. I am referring here to their action in Twic East County motivated by nothing else other than looting. In fact, some of the Twic East County were supporting rebellion against the government, but do you guys think that would last for long? Of course, not, they are unwise people when it comes to decision making. What the waste of innocents lives!

  24. Dr.Duol Tut says:

    @El Hag,
    Did you researched that the freedom fighters will accept or reject any choice of leader imposed on them by IGAD or what so called civil society organisation? Please,for the benefit of doubt,educate us on your finding.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Dr Tut
      IGAD will not prescribe but facilitate dialogue of South Sudanese ‘people’ and the people will make the choice. So if Riek is a democrat as he claims then he will have to accept the wish of the people. The paragraph that actually answers your question is para 16 from top down. I hope I have answered your question. All the best

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Elhag Paul,
        You know what? I don’t have problem with your opinion on who should be better leader for South Sudan according to the ones you mentioned, provided that one could convince voters to be elected. And here, I have read so many comments on the site calling you Lam Akol, but I don’t really care about their bitching because Dr. Lam Akol did not kill innocents people. They are bunches self-centered who just wanted to hear people supporting Dr. Riek for president. Well, that is great for them, but let Dr. Riek do right thing then people can choose him over Dr. Lam, period! Dr. Lam Akol is South Sudanese, is it?

  25. Thomas says:

    JAy Johnson,
    we guess the facts, El Paul is crazy! for him the current reported death toll is very low, he needs more deads more wounded and so on…EL Paul,
    Your colours are clear to all of us. You r a worse enemy of both Salva kiir and Riek

  26. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Dear Dr. Jac Ramba,

    I ‘ve also learned alot from you who call yourselves Dr.(s), democrats, civilised, intellectuals, good managers, technocrats and so forth, but when coming to the practical applications, then i may end up in great disappointment coz I am willing and ready to reached that esteem & honoring title you and the likes possess but let me tell you this secret before it is too late, you and your colleagues of the same unstudied demands ‘ve totally disgrace and devalued the importance of education simply because you ‘ve learned alot but you misues the value of being called intellectual as your civility or intellectuality have just remains in your daily songs on public forums but we the young generations who ‘re willing and ready to learn from our grand-educationists in our case of academic achievements ‘ve completely failed us.

    My dear Dr. Jac,
    Do you really wants me to adopt your own way of doing things then i will gonna be a sucessful South Sudanese politician instead of becoming Equatorian or Regionalist politician like any other self-procaimed good politicians in South Sudan when they ‘re actually not.

    Please: let me tell you my observation to back-up my current response, you Equatorians ‘ve now more united like those of Nuer coz Nuer ‘ve united more than any other tribe in South Sudan but their uniqueness was that they ‘re just misinformed to unite on tribal line and the result of their unity is now known to everyone of us and the whole world at large, coz the outcome of their long preaching hatred and lies against a certain direction for the sake of some indiduals’ interests has now resluted into mass destruction in their region, people, properties and opportunities as well.
    So am advising you to make good use of your unity so that you can achieve a better thing for the welfare of South Sudanese people instead of Equatorians people bcoz should you attempts to steps tribal feet on Dr. Traitor Riek Machar’s foot-steps, still the results will be the same.

    Lastly, I am not trying to prevent you from following your fellow equatorians’ long planned vision for the Nation’s top seat but I would like to emphasizes that we should embrace ourselves as I believes that the current leadership was/is not mean for Dinka alone even if we go to God in Heaven and explains to him that we (Dinka) are hereby requesting you to wills for us the South Sudan’s Leadership forever, I believe he can still tells us that the leadership is for all 64 tribes in South Sudan and everyone has right to hold it for the specified period, it is so crystal clear that the Leadership of South Sudan is for all except that some shallow & thicked minded bogy like you ‘ve already resorted or get used to abusive manners particularily on Dinka with your narrow thinking that if you continue to defames, degrades and insults the Dinka tribes then it will earns you the position but it is just a daylight dream. So is that not a childish and ridiculous move ya Sayed Doctor?
    Do you really believes that Salva Kiir manage to climb that tall ladder through Dinka ticket alone?
    And did you also believe that you will manage that alone without Dinka involvement?

    However, I would also like to advise you not to sends young people like me/us somewhere next time simply because they have disagree with Equatorian Son/daughter on their motive agenda and if you repeats next time, then I will refer you to the most matured people intellectually more than you and your crooks who claims to be more civilise than other in their wish with no manifestation.
    Thank you for reading my long response in advance.

    • AW Joseph says:

      J.Chin Jacob
      Here again comes the savage. The mad dog of South Sudan politics. It took 4 years for the SPLA to reach my home district back then in 1987. We are patiently waiting for the arrival of our NUER brothers no matter how long it takes.
      The day Nuer (SPLA in opposition) arrive our area we will welcome them with olive tree branches like the way the Jews people received Jesus in Jerusalem in the biblical time. Not all DINKA but only DINKA from Waarap & Northern Bahr el Ghazal will have a test of their own medicine.
      No mercy, no kindness, no love, no forgiveness, no sympathy, no favour but only justice will prevail over the injustices and suffering DINKA from Waarap & Northern Bahr el Ghazal inflicted on the rest of the south Sudanese people.

  27. Beek says:

    AL QAIDAISM is working,but Riek went through that gate. RIEK Machar is like Geert Wilders.From richness to hidden AGENDA,Nuer got to think twice.

  28. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    It is the ever contradictory article the great man Paul has written without carefully knowing that the SPLM’s leaders that he is refusing to lead this country are also the ones you dear Paul mentioned as good leaders to have one of them president in the interim government. You sound opportunistic in the sense that you recognise the mass-massacre by Kiir, but you failed to know the fact that those who are forced now to take up arms are to be listen to for they will not listen to nonsense after having finished their loved ones in thusands to just enjoy the bloody fruits of their imposed sacrifice. That will be dangerous guys for what works is what you will not just be told you rather than what you will automatically know on your own.

  29. Dear Francis Mangok,

    Your Dinkocratic madness is the one let every creature in South Sudan to hate you and your Satanic behaviours. 63 tribes do not like Dinka take it or not. It is now known all over the world that Dinkas are bad people barbaric savange arrogan and so on they do not understand the human basic behaviours. Justine Yaac has died with his word born to rule wil not come back. Kiir is just a gone case since he murdered Nuer last year. It is just a matter of time to capture him and hand to ICC.

  30. alex says:

    dear abbmoi Maii
    Your writing are not helpful. You keep on preaching hatred and crying of the killed of nuer while you even do not show remorse of the killings being carried out by your people in Bor , Upper Nile, and Unity State. If you want peace you need to denounce all kind of killings taking place. Keeping quite about the acts of killings, robbery, destruction, rape hospital patients killings and looting and burning of villages shows how barbaric, uncivilized people you are, who does not have any regard for others people’s life. You only care for nuer lives but not any other life. This kind of thinking does not help to bring unity in our country. Nuer can not afford to continue to fight through out. Young people form Nuer are dying for nothing and these are the potential people who could contribute in the development of our country. People who are sane will not continue to encourage revenge all the time. The Jews were murdered in Germany they have forgiven their killers. In Rwanda people were killed but they have left all those tragic incidence behind and are now uniting to rebuild their nation. People like you are increasing the isolation of Nuer people. See now the Shilliuk youths are mobilising against Nuer. It this helpful? Where will you people go? Equatorians even do not believe in your lies. Some enlighten Nuers even knows this fighting is not helpful to our unity. So do not even use the Name Nuer in your writing. You better use Riek supporters so as to avoid victimization of our lovely Nuer for nothing. The problem is Riek and his supporters not Nuer people. Riek mislead you people because of your ignorance. I thought that people like you who could read and write will play a positive role in convincing some of the Nuer youth not to join your movement. So leave useless writings lets look for ways of uniting ourselves. Our brothers were denied education during the 50yrs civil war of independence so let us give them the opportunity to read and contribute in the development of our country. If you believe President Kiir killed Nuers tell Riek to sign peace and we reconcile. After the reconciliation, then voting will decide who should lead the country next but not fighting. This is only way out but if you still have such delusions in your mind we will prolong the suffering of our people for nothing. You said Dinka are not popular but did you survey how popular is Riek and his supporters?


  31. Makoi Mayen says:

    Dear Elhag Paul
    Stop that madness bro. You hate of Muonyjang and president kiir will take you nowhere but to the grave

  32. Mabor Peter says:

    First of all i’d like to say that I am Dinka and that i have lived around people of different tribes for a long time. I admit that there are some bad apples but those are not the majority. On this site there were some guys who said that Dinkas are born violent and that they need to be violent to survive in South Sudan. Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense will realise that this is simply not true at all. I lived in Equatoria for 4 years and in that time i have seen and met good natured people and others who were not. This is the same as in other tribes like the Nuer, You will definitely find good natured Equatorians and bad natured Equatorians. Don’t get me wrong i don’t hate my own tribe but i’m just saying that it’s ridiculous that some Equatorians nationalists say that Dinkas are violent and uneducated, you are sure to find those kind of people amongst Dinkas. It’s often forgotten that there are bad Dinkas as well as there are bad Nuer or Equatorian. Let us build a nation as people with one aspiration and a common destiny. It will never happens that Dinkas will build a nation called South Sudanese likewise to other tribes. All the tribes in South Sudan have areas of strengths and weakness but by correcting our differences constructively shall we move forward as a nation. The Country South Sudan can cease to exist but South Sudanese as a nation can still exist despise the physical land. In conclusion i just want to say that you can’t generalize people of different tribes and say that they are all killers or something like that because every individual is different how we behave is not a matter of tribe but our surroundings.

    • AW Joseph says:

      I agree with you Mabor Peter. I for one have very many Dinka friends and we get along well. The only problem with majority of Dinka is arrogance, greed and excluding others.

  33. Dear Makoi Mayen:

    Watch your words from your own tongue which came from your own language! Stop menacing Dr.Paul Alhag.Killing him by your President Kirr,it will not make President Kirr a hero at this point! It will make Kirr A Common Malefactor! Paul Alhag is oblige to talk against the president Kirr administration in the government in the South Sudan.His writings he have written in the articles in the forum South Sudan Nation Website,they have made the good things for the government of South Sudan right now.He,Dr.James Okuk Solomon,and the Late Isaiah Abraham,and many more,they are people who made President Kirr to change his mind very soon in the government.Taking him in the grave,is not a best way for you to encourage President Kirr.You encourage him to do development in the country! Thank you! Back to you in the audience!

  34. akolf says:

    It is not solution to say dealing with Dinka,Nuer and Equatorian but best to criticize the Individuals who have no capability to run the country.

  35. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Foreigner/Traitor AW Joseph,
    It is very unforunate that you ‘ve hijacked my position where i am obliged to abstain from debating with cheap & opportunist pretender who is committed to holds good records about Sudan and failed to acknoewledge the suffering of Southerners for decades and you continue asking me with your senseless and silly questions to answer when you totally refuse to follow the right system where you can find more information because your blind eyes and dumbed ears could not see or hear the painful attrocities committed by Khartoum Regime because the president of South Sudan happens to be a Dinka while some slave-minded people like you were born-to-hate Dinka tribe for no reason apart from power greediness and traitorous culture and for that phony reason is why you ‘re resorted to lies, denial, alteration of the facts and true records about South Sudan so that your forging stories can suits your interest after you had shamefully feared and fails to be part and partial of our liberation struggles for the achievements of our historic event where South Sudan legitmacy was recognised and establish in the hands of patriotic citizens who ‘re non other than Mighty Dinka in South Sudan.

    • AW Joseph says:

      J.Chin Jacob,
      With your filthy mouth, you will not and won’t be able to answer the questions I have asked. The government of South Sudan had been in control of billions of dollars of petrol money, excluding the AID money from the international community meant for development and reconstruction.
      What made it impossible for the Dinka King Salvatore Kiir’s regime not to return LOKA SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL today to its former glory something that took the Arabs one year. It was a national school, and the best boys boarding school in Sudan until 1987, where some of the senior members of the South Sudan Government went to, still remains in ruin with no students studying there 30 miles from Yei or 60 miles from Juba on Juba-Yei road.
      Well, J.Chin Jacob you are typical Dinka so no matter how much facts I presented to you won’t make any difference.

    • AW Joseph says:

      Who is Causing the suffering of South Sudanese now J.Chin Jacob Arabs or Dinka?

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        Come on Yah Foreigner!
        Are you kidding me huh?
        The current crisis and sufferings were obviously caused and fueled by the common enemies of peace in South Sudan and these enemies are none other than inciters, gossipers, liars, truth and facts denials, traitors, power greedies, infamous born-to-hate Dinka and above all the slave-minded creatures like you and your slave-masters in the West.

        Remember! the most developed State or part in South Sudan is CES because of Juba being considered the Capital City of the country and the most beneficiaries in South Sudan ‘re also Equatorians and that is the fact on ground despite your usual denials and failure to check on South Sudan general statistics with South Sudan National Commission for Census Statistics and Evaluation.
        However, I ‘ve already and previously told you the truth and the truth is/was that Dinka tribes were cautioned and requested by their son the current president SKMdit not to take any revenge or resorts into ethnicity lines as always preached by the evil doers & common foreigners like you but the time is not that far when the entire Dinka will say enough is enough as we ‘re now monitoring every single development that are planned against Dinka but you know what, everything has a limit even in your own house, you don’t always talk negatively to your wife that she is not a good cook or that she has committed adultery when she is so innocent and if you continue on treating those false accussation on her, definitely she will implements all your false accusations so that you may decide on what you can do next because you have been tirellessly campaigning for its manifestation.
        So you are almost to the point ya Born-to-hate Dinka but what is unknown is the result or the impacts of your cheap campaign but lets wait and see!

        • AW Joseph says:

          J.Chin Jacob
          You can be forgiven for not knowing the meaning of the word foreigner.
          The sky is the limit of your DINKA denial but I can assure you your days are numbered….!!

  36. Arabbmoi says:

    Oh, Lopai Alex, you seemed to be confused jenger killer of Nuer tribe who was sent by murderer mad man Dinkocratic King Kiir Mayardit. God will punish you all because you starting killing Nuer in Juba last year. Anyway, I am not from Nuer tribe complete Toposa man in Equatoria region.


  37. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Yah AW Joseph the Foreigner,
    You and the likes always prefers terror style of threatening and that is not going to work at this current development, what is needed now is not how you threats, loudly shouts @Dinka or your false warnings but we want to see your plans in its practical applications and i doubts whether you will implement even 15% of your plans with that cowardice spirit in your kingdom of gossiping and lies.
    You will not implement the elimination of Dinka from Government or in the country with your cheap and idiotic campaign to wait and welcome your evil allied into your home area or State, anyway keep waiting may be they ‘re going to reach you even if it means the return of Jesus on earth, still i don’t mind but all i know is that people like you ‘re not and will never be a threat to the Mighty Dinka no matter how loud and hard you bark @Dinka or wishing the Dinka your saviour a bad luck in a Country but no way, Dinka were purposely created by Almighty God to be your rights activist and freedom fighters until they manage to bring independence when you and the likes were busy in the foreign land forging your identity bcoz of your common cowardness.
    Fyi, Dinka are here to stay and they will continue to stay against the wills of evil-hearted humans like you and your Masters in the West.

    • Nuer_Another Israel in East Africa says:

      J.Chin Jacob:

      There is no Mighty Dinka that we know of. Only Mighty Uganda that the Nuers are dealing with. Please sit tight and let Nuers and UPDF twist their arms. You can keep cooking for UPDF and the Nuers sellout who are protecting Kiir’s government, but do not claim to be Mighty. Give credit where it is due. It is time to give credit to JEM, SPLM-N, Burundi, Rwanda, Nuers sellout, Kenya, and the UPDF of Uganda. These are the forces that managed to contain Nuers but not fully yet.

      Have fun cooking for UPDF, Nuers sellout, M23, and the rest. Please stop crying for Christ’s sake.

  38. Kizito Panther says:

    I definitely think that the mess in South Sudan today is brought about by tribal and nepotistic elements in the running of this nation. These elements are the opposite of nationalistic and patroitic elements that can bring everyone together regardless of color, race and tribe. I am convinced that there is no nation like South Sudan that can be entirely privatized and managed by one tribe like what is currently happening in South Sudan. In almost all the ten states, most governmental organizations are led by Jienge. This is reality on the ground. And it has been justified by the common song, we fought and others do not fight, which is a pure lie. All South Sudanese directly or indirectly fought the wars of liberation. I say the wars because in the first war that ended with a signed agreement in Addis Ababa between Lagu and Nimeiri who was represented by Abel Alier, a Dinka loyalist to Nimeiri and many Arab regimes in Khartoum, many other South Sudanese also fought but it came to sharing of the Cake, the Dinka loyalists to Arabs took power and dominated the scene and practiced injustice, tribalism and miscarriaged justice in Juba that led to Kokora. Of course, Abel did not go to the Bush to fight but was used to spoil Addis Ababa agreement and he himself was used by Nimeri to dishonor the Agreement. Today, it is the same Dinka destroying the deserved peace by South Sudanese by starting the war in Juba and having messed up with South Sudan since 2005. What a tragedy!
    History will judge them harshly. Kizito Panther.

  39. AW Joseph says:

    J.Chin Jacob
    The whole world knows that you DINKA are the real cowards because of two things:
    1- Dinka were caught on camera by BBC journalist running away in disarray like women. Go to Google and type in “South Sudan: under attack outside Bor” to view the video clip if you have not watched it before.
    2- You Dinka brought in Uganda mercenary to fight on your behalf. If you are the warriors you claimed to be why can’t you fight the war on your own. Dinka “maa indii phadiaa. Haaram aalek Yah J.Chin Jacob”

    • Joana Adams says:

      AW Joseph.
      Don’t argue with idiots because no one will know the difference. Rest assured, no one will hold back the tide of the people’s revolution! Don’t take the whole responsibility upon yourself. It’s a collective responsibility. Take care for now.

      Joana Adams

      • AW Joseph says:

        You are right J Adams! Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate that.

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        Joana Adams,
        Thank you so much for your sisterly intervention.
        However, your advices had actually reminds me of our local proverb quoted from fox which says that if I ‘ve a cousin/niece to advice me of my gross mistakes, then i would ‘ve not resorted in peeing and shiting in the public places, so your cousin or whoever he is to you as a duty to appreciate you on that matter.

  40. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Dear AW Joseph (the foreigner)
    I wanna thank you too for not telling me the meaning of foreigner, am fraid that you will forge it to bear a different meaning from its original term because you are very good and expert in alterations & fabrications.
    Otherwise, I do appreciates and enjoys your divertissements here yah Internet warrior.

  41. alex says:

    Those who are thinking they will win through the barrel of Gun will oneday come to reliase that it is not easy as they think. Before encouraging war please ask the white army how bitter is the war. Now they are jumping with accusitations that Uganda and Egypt is helping South Sudan and they kept quiet with their support they are getting.You talk because you are outside come and try the battle field one day so that you will be able to talk sense. Words can not work but it is the action that speak louder. IGAD is tighting the rope so let the rebels ignore the proposal put forward by the regional body, they will know that their end is coming. If they refuse they will face being hunted like Joseph Konyi rebel. It is not the foreighn body that tells we Africans how to slove our own problems but it is we African people who should do it by ourselves. Soon the regional block will come out with proposals then we see how the rebels will jump. We have enlightened leaders in the region now. Lodu Gore and Riek’s wife were in Kenya I think they heard it properly what Kenya says. Uganda has told them also how African should be run, so no way out brothers. You struggled for the 7 deternies to be include in the peace talks now what happend? Again you have started to campaign for interim goverment. You will see what is going to happen. You will know that media propoganda alone will not work. If someone thinks he or she is popular he /she should agree to run in free and fair elections but not by use of shortcuts. The people of South Sudan should be the one to give the manded who should be in the state house in Juba.


  42. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Nuer-Another Joseph Kony of LRA in East Africa,

    We (the Dinka) deserves credit and any other precious things if there ‘re any of such kinds in South Sudan, are you aware that Dinkas are now hosting and protecting your trait community in their ancestors’ land without intimidation & segregations and will you show me the same spirit of coexistence hospitality in your WANATHIN TRIBE as we communicate?
    FYI, Dinka tribe is the main foundation of South Sudan and thus, we have an obligation to endures your folly move and long desired goal of dragging South Sudan into senseless civil war ones again where over 90% Nuer took up armies against government and shamelessly claims to ‘ve fought for democracy when you and your likes ‘ve resorted to the killing of the same innocent civilians whom your uncle or whoever to you should ‘ve governs if he would ‘ve succeed in his unstudied plan of the recent aborted coup.
    Otherwise, am not responsible for your ill assumption towards our Mighty tribe because we are not yet interesting in your aimless and unachieveable war with South Sudan government althoughly we ‘ve been so keen and careful in monitoring the dirty plans of your western masters against Dinka and believe me yah GARE, should they succeed in their hidden agenda, then, that is where you should be calling us (Dinka) as cowards or whatever name or title you wanna give us but now it is premature to call us as such.

  43. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    J. Chin Jacob:

    My fellow countryman, you Dinka do not deserve any credit. Why?

    Because there is nothing good you have ever done that you can take credit for. The good things other people have done, you take as your achievements and deprive the credit from the right person.

    For example, Dr. Riek Machar fought selflessly for separation of South Sudan. You were and continue to be against him. You are trying to snatch this away from him since it is a valuable achievement. You are now distancing yourself from your Vision of United Secular Sudan and claim that you have been fighting for Separation of Sudan. Perhaps Dr. John Garang turned in his grave for the vision you are forcing on him and that never been his vision.

    We well understood that you do not like to hear the truth. In this 21st century, anything undocumented is useless. There are numerous documents detailing what Dr. John Garang was fighting for and what Dr. Riek Machar was fighting for. The claim that “Aim for the moon; if you miss you may hit a star” is phrase coined by W. Clement Stone. You have been utilizing this phrase to deprive Dr. Riek Machar out of his well known objective. It is a farce that nobody in his right mind would ever believe.

    If you are shooting for the goal higher, it is always spelt out clearly. Your plan B follows suits in writing not in mere words. Dr. Riek Machar had spelt out clearly his objective and the documentations are there for proof. Dr. John Garang also spelt out his objective and the documentations are also there. Please stop insulting Dr. John Garang by assigning him an objective that never been his. Respect the dead at least.

    Nuer are now fighting Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, M23, Rwanda, Egypt, Sellout Nuer, Dinka, and the 62 tribes of South Sudan. We heard Robert Mugabe is sending you troops too. Oh God, How many countries will take to defeat Nuers? J. Chin Jacob, please continue cooking for UPDF and Nuer sellout. I hope your finger nails made them to the end of the fight.

  44. survivor says:

    AlHag Paul.
    bravo, off all the articles you have written, this articles stands out. finally, you have figured the root cause of the problem. SPLM and its leadership are the architects; not Jieng as you always try to make it seems. the problem is the party itself and those leading it. the particle downright rotten from the top to the lower level officers.
    the former vice Riek, the famous group of seven and the recently release group of four are all equally as a guilty. to a varying degrees of the current mess. with Kiir and Riek shouldering the guilt of the current slaughter of our innocent citizen.
    while you have correctly identified the problem, the issue then is, how do we convince these leaders that they are the problem, without further risking the lives of our remaining innocent citizens. how do we hold these leader accountable for the mess they have created? and how do we bring about justice for those whose lives have been turned upside down by this conflict? this is the real problem.
    while we should applaud them for dedicating their lives the realization of the present state of south Sudan, they have squandered all of the good will southerners have for them, they have rewarded themselves without considering the others also toiled for this nation of our. too. they forget that they have the responsibility to the people, as such, they have lost the mandate to lead.
    in addition to convincing the current SPLM leaders that they have lost legitimacy, try convincing the Nuer youth that Riek too is ineligible; in addition to the above mentioned reasons that disqualified all current SPLM members; Riek’s past dealing, along with his role in the current conflict virtually rendered him ineligible with Riek and Kiir the issue shouldn’t be who holds what position, but rather, the kind of punishment each should face for their roles in the death of innocent civilians. .

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