The Scapegoat Has Escaped: Preventing Tribal Massacres in South Sudan

BY: Kuir ë Garang, Writer and author, Canada, OCT/19/2016, SSN;

Political blame-games are well-known scapegoats. But as one SPLA commander told Hilde Johnson as she related it in her new book, “South Sudan: The Untold Story,” the ‘scapegoat has escaped.’ No more Arabs to blame!

It’s therefore time for the leadership in South Sudan to face our despicable realities head-on. Sinister political maneuvers should be stopped. Replacing Riek with Taban isn’t a solution.

Tribal tokenism as a purported appeasement for Non-Jieeng tribes is a sociopolitical insult. What’s required is a long-term solution to tribal differences.

“One Nation, One People” and such like slogans that are meant to encourage government supporters to show the world an impression that the government is enjoying a broad-based support are inadequate. They come out as a bought-support, a coerced political agenda where citizens have no choice but to do as told.

Civilians with no choice aren’t happy people. And people with no choice can’t be seen as supportive people!

On the other hand, the slogan that “Kiir Must Go” wouldn’t end these killings nor will it bring an end to suffering in South Sudan. I agree “Kiir Must Go” but that he must go through the barrel of the gun is one thing I wouldn’t agree with.

The failure of President Kiir to leave power peacefully is actually the failure of all political leaders in South Sudan. From Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amum, among others, their failure to use their wisdom to prevail on Kiir is their own leadership failure.

Kiir has to leave power but he has to leave power in a manner that will not lead to more suffering and bloodshed!
People have been angry for a long time and it’s time the leadership gets its head out of the mud.

South Sudanese civilians have turned against one another. Whether it’s thugs in the street, SPLM-IO in the bushes or the local Equatorian tribes that are killing civilians in angry retaliatory attacks, the murders have to be stopped.

However, the death will not stop as long as Juba adheres to the scapegoating narratives. We know the problem! What’s now required is a solution! Enforceable solution models with measurable outcomes.

When you don’t allow a breathing political space, you encourage civilians to bottle-up their feelings. When you don’t give the civil population and the political opposition an avenue to criticize government functions then you are building a culture of mistrust and clandestine political plots.

Civil populations (especially in Equatoria) that feel targeted by government security apparatuses have no means of airing out their views; but when they find a way to do so, they are silenced. What do you expect frustrated civilians to do?

Statements such as the recent one by the minister of information, Michael Makuei, that Equatorians should be careful or else the SPLA would not differentiate among them as to who is a civilian and who is not, is a sad case. It adds fuel to a situation that’s already ablaze.

And President Kiir’s statement that SPLA is mostly Jieeng because Equatorians don’t want to join the SPLA is nothing short of affirming what Non-Jieeng people say, that SPLA is a Jieeng army. Shouldn’t the government encourage Non-Jieeng to join SPLA in droves instead of blaming them? The leadership isn’t helping.

Jieeng people are targeted when they aren’t benefiting from the parochial elitism that has become Juba. But local Equatorian tribes feel targeted by SPLA security forces; and these tribes don’t’ see a difference between SPLA and Jieeng. They see them as one and the same.

However, instead of leadership coming up with feasible and functional modalities to end this mistrust and develop a cohesive national agenda, the officials fall back on the scapegoat that has already escaped.

Blaming SPLM-in-Opposition isn’t going to stop innocent Jieeng civilians’ death in Equatoria. The people of Equatoria need to feel that the government is their government. They need to understand that Jieeng civilians aren’t the government.

But this isn’t going to be possible as long as SPLA target civilians in Equatoria. Killing of civilians and burning down villages of those assumed to be supporters of ‘rebels’, has been used by Khartoum starting with Al-Azhari in the mid-1950s.

Jieeng civilians are as much victims of Kiir’s government as some Equatorian civilians. Systemic failures have turned tribes against one another.

The leadership needs to devise a strategy and send a multi-tribal leadership team to all 10 states (or the imaginary 28) in the process to encourage inter-tribal dialogue. But this is not a possibility as long as war is still on-going.

The fallacious assumption that if there’s no fighting in Juba then South Sudan is peaceful, is dangerous. A comprehensive end to the war is the only solution to the senseless murders of innocent civilians.

Every single warlord has to come to the peace table. Chest-thumbing will only make things worse. Peace among tribes is only possible if the war is ended comprehensively with no single warlord in the bush.

And this comprehensive peace shouldn’t be brought about by lies, political games and using money to buy support. All parties have to understand and accept peace without coercion.

As long as the leadership in Juba sticks to blame games, our civilians will turn against one another in masses and that’s Rwanda in the making. There should be no more excuses possible here. The blame game should stop!

1991 and 2013 should not be used as an excuse to get away with incompetence! Civilians are dying. 2013 was an ethnic targeting of Nuer by government forces. This time, it’s the average civilians who have turned against one another! This should concern everyone.

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese poet, writer and author currently living in Canada. For contact visit


  1. Tyson says:

    There is no dialogue when innocent people are aggrieved!
    Jieng MUST leave Equatoria land, the Jieng who raped, robbed and killed innocent Equatorians MUST pay for it!
    The imbalance in state institutions MUST be corrected and justice applied without favoritism!
    The time for Jieng rhetoric is OVER!
    We welcome Killer Kiir to relocate his so called “head quarters” to Yei including himself to command it so that we can liquidate him nicely.
    The Jieng led government of South Sudan is the WORST ever recorded in this planet! We cannot continue to endure it and fold our hands. It is time to get these criminals out to face justice!!!!

  2. Eastern says:

    Dear Garang,

    This is the most candid piece I have ever read on this website. Editor, is there a way you can send this piece to members of the kleptocrats in Juba on individual bases?

    Obviously, there’s a lot of chest-thumping, blame games, using money to buy loyalty by the Juba establishment. I am not sure if Mr. Micheal Makuei Lueth visits this webpage.

    I wish Mr. Festus Mogae get to read some of these sentiments expressed by frustrated South Sudanese to inform his dealings with the SPLA warlords from both divides.

    Kuir e Garang, I am 100% in agreement with your observations and concerns. Please keep the tempo!

  3. Peacemaker says:

    Brother Kuir ë , While appreciating your honest call to the country’s leadership to stop fighting and encourage peace,there is one thing that all of us should know and that is ” peace is dead”. And that the icumbent government will not accept any settlement that goes contrary to its view on peace. Nor do the armed opposition and its allies succumb to the government military might without resolving the root causes of the conflict. No party will win the war but the country is heading towards fragmentation and long ethnic war. So why don’t we all stand together and work for placing the country under UN Trusteeship so as to salvage what has remained of our country and save lives of innocent South Sudanese?

    • lodani rama says:

      Mr peace the problem is visonless less people who want to rule but they do not know what to do and want to hand the government to UN. Anyone who want power must go back to the people and explain what vision he/she or they have but not dump our country to UN.. Those who think peace is now dead should stop talking because something death is death it need burying.

      In short those who think peace is death should wait until we prove yo them, they are wrong. This id the reason the TNGU is going ahead in implementing the peace agreement. If you denounce violence then, you are part of the team and for war mongers they will never be allowed to continue disturbing our people. Killing innocent people, burning villages, schools and health facilities is a crime. So brother you better come up with clear objectives what you people want. For eight years your leader has done nothing so do you think we expect more either than handing our beloved country to foreigners. It has become clearer your group has nothing to offer to our people otherwise you would not sacrifice their faith to the hands of foreigners. If we can not agree now then what is the point because it will be even harder to agree in future. So brother that was not the objectives of libertarian. It was not meant to liberate our people and hand to foreigners. Since 1991 it is this same negative thanking of working to prevent our people to progress. You leader resisted our struggle to become free people in the then Sudan and instead fight alongside Khartoum forces. Now again want to prevent our independence by wanting to give the country to UN. It is a shame to you to always work to bury our people’s hope. So to tell you we are quite sure no one will detect to our people that peace is death or alive. It is the S. Sudanese people to determine that.

  4. Hard target says:

    Mr. Kuir Garang,

    You article is well crafted especially on essences on the basic ingredients or ideologies necessary for building national unity and cohesion, Unfortunately its it is a case of too little too late. There was not foundation stone, if any, it was only the late hero Dr. JG De Mabior, for now your article is like sawing quality seeds on barren or even rocky land.

    To begin with, The Current leaders are only bend on consolidating power, looting and all commitiing the evils at the expenses of the poor- They simply don’t care

    Sadly the Youth in the so called Greater BG and Greater Equatoria are all in arms tearing each other including innocent women and children, even here in Uganda refugee camps, No one is safe. The hate, the killings are reportedly going on along tribal lines, no party is ready to give up nor willing to share with the other, this is the height of hate I have ever witnessed. Yet the Government as advised by in Devil JCE, convinced themselves that by buying a few Equatoria semi-Literate General/politicians and handful from Upper Nile would win them support from these comparatively better civilized Regions. What an illusion!!!
    These few are just worshiping the beasts to keep their loots. Regrettably our disgruntle youth from Equatoria do not distinguish between the two Dinka Groups. I do not support the killing of innocent civilians but I understand the manipulations engineered by the Jieng council of evils and the retaliatory actions from the minority Groups. Like you said the die is cast, genocide is already on going though the world is silent or denied access to where acts of genocide have been committed

    “United S. Sudan” is not longer possible, the God father M7 has been confronted with the bitter reality when the Jeinge soldiers looted, raped and even killed some East Africans Ugandans suffered most. the tables are turning, mark my words, its true in Politics there are no permanent Friends but permanent interest

    The lasting solution is break away of Equatoria and Upper Nile, the the GBG should have their nation that way everyone is safe.
    How I wish they start targeting/terrorizing the JCE and their families, so they can feel the pain of loosing the innocent loved ones like some of us do


    Let me be honoest! South Sudan will never be a nat

  5. Mariak says:

    Brother Kuire, I really appreciate the wonderful message you have put across on this website. Actually it is worthwhile to rethink and look back and see were we have come from as South Sudanese. Leaders are born and not made, leadership are authorities from God and not force by human need and demand. we have leaders but we influence them to do our motives. We, the citizens of South Sudan try sometimes to force leadership into someone who had not been acclaimed by God to lead.

    Ongoing crisis in the country currently is beyond human description. I wish all the readers of this article should take a minute and meditate on the situation of South Sudan and try to think in their own way the best solution for it. To be honest I would say the country is generally “GREEN”. Here I mean our people lack knowledge to understand that we are all equal and important regardless of our ethnicity. The ideas of blaming government of Kiir and Jieng or Dinka tribe is worthwhile, I agree because they are leading the government; however, is that the only point of view we can only look at it. Prophet Isaiah say in his Book that “my people are suffering because of lack of knowledge”. Our people have undergone brain mutation which only require psychotherapeutic medication. I believe that is the only way we can solve and get better solution to South Sudan problem.

    Dear Tyson, I know you are so furious with Kiir leadership, and Dinka at large, but don’t forget that Kiir is at his 70th of age. This I mean Kiir regime will come to an end soon but if we sit back and have a lot of endless blame as we watch our people maiming themselves like movies actors will that lead to everlasting solution. Don’t forget you have a vital role in the South Sudan well being.We must create awareness to our people about importance of peace and harmony.Let create a better society in South Sudan by being actively involved in Nation building and bring Reconciliation to our people ,

    The beneficiary of war are none other than vultures. So keep remind we are all losers.

  6. Toria says:

    Finally Dinkas from every corners of the world are speaking out. Isn’t this real hypocrisy? Instead of speaking to the government which is the real problem instead they point fingers to the Equatorian Youth? Nonsense. How about Dinkas and Murle have been killing each other for years and Murle are respected more than the vast peaceful population. So that means only gun vilence is the only language to be respect in SS. We gave up our guns in the past as sign of peace but we were very wrong and so now it’s time to acquire guns and everyone is going to carry gun just like Dinkas living in our areas. It is shameful to hear some people even suggesting that Kirr is an old man and should be left alone to continue killing until his last day? Really? What a ridiculous sentiment? Only 22 Dinka militias men not women or children in civilian clothes spying the land on behalf of the government were killed and you all shed crocodile’s tears. Can you imagine how many women and children were killed in my village, every week I get the news that so and so son or daughter or mother or father or grandmother has been killed by government soldiers, I mean our people have shed and still shedding real tears. No more hope is left in us about this government, and you sitting there telling me the government is killing rebels? Well, if the government thinks that everyone in Yei or Mundri or Pageri or Lanya or you name it, is a rebel then everyone in or from government control areas is also a sympathizer and agrees with what the government is doing and hence they are half of the groundnut seed. As long as the government continues to hurt our civilian population it’s tit for tat.

  7. Okuc says:


    I thought you were silenced for ever by your fellow Jiengs since your last article in which you criticized Jieng council of elders (JCE) for their destructive policies which may lead to South Sudan’s fragmentation.
    Unfortunately, Kirr and his JCE are determined to pursue their policy of domination over the rest of South Sudan’s ethnic by using state machinery in form of killing, raping and property destruction of whole communities so that they become vulnerable and therefor succumb to domination of jieng which is the ultimate objective of JCE to turn South Sudan into Dinka ( Jieng) republic.
    I wish the rest of Jieng intellectuals have your courage to condemn loudly the divisive policies pursued by Kirr and his JCE which will destroy not only non- Jieng but Jieng also because the non- Jieng will not accept and capable to destroy Jieng’s power base which the state machinery.

  8. False Millionaire says:

    As young men,we had the impression that SPLM/A was Garang and Garang was SPLM/A.It was only a stroke of good luck that he commanded the movement right to the CPA setting the footing for independence before his tragic death.
    Mr Kuir’s observations are the practical inside components of the true context which was long predictable of Kiir and comrades being natural failures as opposed to Garang.
    From Napaleon to Joseph stelin and down to the regime of aparathied in South Africa,brute force never conquers.It isn’t in RSS under Kiir or under any SPLM/A elite of his like that it will work.
    The point to retain is,one can never cherish any hope for better out of peace making conducts from the part of the elites in Juba.As such it’s hard to believe that masses who have already been tempted to engage themselves in inter ethnic violence would stop voluntarily.But that’s only one fold of the dark sides of the tragedy.

    On the other hand,it’s most irresponsible not to give attention to the opposition.We have Dr Riek and Nyaba for SPLA-IO on one hand and there are the rest of the likes of Pagan Amum and D’Agoot for FD on the other.It’s very interesting to want to understand their state of mind set at this very hour.Kiir having failed,the country having sunk into inter ethnic violence,if they could be assumed as credible elites for a government of salvation to replace Kiir,none of them has come out yet to denounce violence and it has been more than three weeks now since the events have intensified.To such context and to just say the least,if any thing ever parachuttes them into power,their priorities could be laying in stirle love for power but never the well being of the country and the masses now on the brink of making another horrific example of the events of Rwanda.

    Jieng are encouraged not only to refrain from violence but to rise up tall for peace making challanges.The strength of a big tribe like dinka must not be in numbers and brute force.It must be in wisdom.Otherwise it will be a grave insult if Garang’s great sense of leadership was a rare exception.
    The hour has come for the many politically inactive Garangs in jaang tribe to rise up to salvage what Dr Garang and many countless numbers of jieng have fought and died for.That’s RSS and fellow masses without any exception.

  9. Kokora II says:

    My Fellow Freedom Fighters.

    “S. Sudan president threatens personal military operation in Equatoria”

    Have you seen this? This is like a payday for us, finally the snake is crawling out of his hideout of J1, that means we got his attention and he can feel the heat real close to home. Good thing, let him come. Come quick Mr. President we are waiting for you.
    Hahahahaha. Now we got him where we wanted. Bring it on Mr. President bring it on we are waiting for you. The good thing is that you very easy to spot with your big cowboy hat or unless you leave that stupid hat in Juba and never to see it again, because you will return to Juba in a coffin. I promise you that.

  10. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Kuir Garang,

    Lies are the impedance of attaining peace in our country. Only if the truth is told and people are given breathing space to air their grievances shall peace return home. What occurred had occurred and it cannot be reversed. What we have in our disposal is prevention option. Inventing ways to stop the recurrence and footing strong foundation to build onto is the only piece of the puzzle missing. But certainly, it is not going to happen with Kiir in power. Perhaps it could if he re-evaluate his mistakes and apologies to the people he wronged. He has the power. Civilians of all tribes are under his mercy. Lip services apologies with nothing credible to back it up won’t work either. Let all South Sudanese call on God to extract th evilness out of our hearts and replace it with peace and love. Our leaders are demons possess.

  11. Steve John says:

    South Sudan is a failed state and Equatorians must not dream of having any political or military space whatsoever. Heavy sacrifices made are constantly belittled as useless even when Equatorians voted overwhelmingly for separation. Jaangs can’t use Equatorians as a stepping stone to control the country for the next 200 years as they wish. For that matter Equatoria MUST go it’s own way and strive for complete new independent State of Equatoria. Equatoria has the potential, the human and natural resources to take off. Equatoria can’t babysit those obstinately tied down retrogression. Equatoria must know, it can’t and won’t change Jaangs worldview on Equatorians. Equatoria must strive to mobilize and consolidate it’s current military gains and no compromise whatsoever on the objective of a free, liberal and progressive Equatoria State which can live in peace with itself and it’s neighbours.

  12. loberito says:


    Has eloquently written insightful article which made many people here response responsibly. Well done Kuir and South Sudan government leadership is lacking that capacity of understanding the complexity of this country. This article should be sent directly to the President of Republic of South Sudan and his entire cabinets JCE. Equally important, all South Sudanese people are losing their loved ones to the ruthless individuals in South Sudan. It is all up to us to stand up together like Kuir and point out the rotten apples that spoiled South Sudan for their own goods. Together we can change the situation by working together for better change for all of us in South Sudan. If there is no meaningful change,South Sudan will be eventually divided into pieces! for sure Equatorians will fight for their Independence State without no question.

  13. Toria says:

    Fellow Equatorians


    Two or so years ago I wrote an article about the issue of Equatorian Sovereignty, I got a lot of responses some were positive but most weren’t. Today I am not writing an article but commenting on the two commenters as quoted below:

    Steve John
    “Equatoria must strive to mobilize and consolidate it’s current military gains and no compromise whatsoever on the objective of a free, liberal and progressive Equatoria State which can live in peace with itself and it’s neighbours.”

    ” If there is no meaningful change,South Sudan will be eventually divided into pieces! for sure Equatorians will fight for their Independence State without no question.”

    I second and comment these two individuals above here for confirming the call for Equatorian Sovereignty and I ask you The Benevolent Fellow Equatorians to UNASHAMEDLY come out and start the call for this rising Movement. Let us do whatever we can and DO SOMETHING FOR OURSELVES.

    For sure the direction is very clear without a shadow of doubts if we don’t start to look after ourselves as Equatorians first we are fighting and dying to preserve what can no longer be forcefully kept together, we may as well just say bless the 200 years plans of the JCE/Dinka kingdom ship which they are working day and night to instil. Let’s be honest fellow Equatorians, we are diverse but united and unique. Our Great Heroic Forefathers fought throughout the generations against foreign invasions and dominance and today nothing has changed.
    The Dinka and Nuer already have their agendas. Just look at what is going on with SPLA IG Nuer’s Taban Deng Gai and Dinka’s Salva Kirr, Malong Awan /JCE versus SPLA IO? Each group wants to control everything, and in particular they want to control us the Equatorians to fight their wars.
    I say;

    Thank God through many hard efforts and bravery today our own Equatorian Resistance Movement is taking shape across our region, today we are much more armed not as much but we getting stronger daily.

    I urge you NOT to make this New Movement rooted in Xenophobia; i.e. This is not about the hatreds of Dinka or Nuer or any other tribe whose borders are not within Equatoria Region. This is NOT about the repeat of Kokora like events of the past. But it is our desire to live free and peaceful on our Ancestral Soils.

    I ask you to join me in this movement as we are asking for our Independent Sate Of Equatoria.


    For this cause I have changed my name to

    Equa Toria

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear diaspora,
    Enough is enough. Criticism with no proper understanding of the issues. Preaching hatred among our people, laughing at your own country as though you’re not from S. Sudan,encouraging tribal hatred and targeted killings, some of you were even praising the barbaric killings on the roads. Writer Kur has no knowledge of the Arab in Khartoum. Wait if the Arabs are seriously this time Decide to deny Riack Machar a lunch place for his fighters, this war will end in months. Soon the unknown thugs in equatoria will disappear because terrorism has no place in the civilised world. However much you try to depend it, it will be wrong.
    The palestinians fail to achieve their rights through use of terrorism. Lastly, for peace to prevail Riack, Lam Akol, Amum, Degoot and Nyaba should be demoted from politics because they are political bigots. So the isolation of Riack south act as a warning to those I mentioned. Lastly, those who provided the infrastructure for preaching hate and the hate preachers must face justice.

    The diaspora ate now the one fuelling the hate and suffering of our people while they and their children are enjoying the security, social benefits in those countries they live. It is good now because UN and researchers are aware of the issues. Freedom of information and speeches should be used to promote development, respect of diversity, education, prompting peace and love in the world and minding humanity social ills and our differences. There is no place for hate and promotion of ethnicity or tribalism.
    My thanks goes yo our gallant SPLA for keeping us United and victory is certain. Riack and supporters should denounce violence and refrain from tribalism. They should stop targeted killings and hate politics. We will use diplomacy to fight this wrong ideology of targeted killings. We will bar tribal politicians from participating in S. Sudan politics how much violence they will use, we will not allow these people to poison our young people’s mind.

    Long live SPLA
    Long live SPLM
    Long live the liberation
    Long live the freedom fighters
    Long live the unity of our people
    Long live the spirit of Nehemiah
    Long live the prophecy of Isaah and
    Long live the vision of SPLM
    Remember the speeches of our fallen father the SPLA will fight till victory is achieved. We have achieved independence and now is a liberation from backwardness and tribal politics. We need to deny the enemy agents their plan to sell our country.

  15. loberito says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    With due respect, I trust that everybody is a title to his or her opinion. Therefore, I respect your point of views and I strongly agree with your statement that “Freedom of information and speeches should be used to promote development, respect of diversity, education, prompting peace and love in the world and minding humanity social ills and our differences. There is no place for hate and promotion of ethnicity or tribalism” I hope you will also agree with me that in order for your profound and insightful thoughts to happen in our country, South Sudan, freedom of information should start from the leadership and then grows into grassroots communities.

    However, the president and his cabinets’ ministers should permit free speech of information, promote development, build trust and respect of diversity, deliver educational speeches, promote peace and love in the country no matter how hard and difficult it is to do so.

    Furthermore, how do you make of this hate speech from Mr. President Salva Kiir Mayardit? He avowed on his speech on Oct 19, 2016, that “He warned, we will not just sit in Juba, we will go out. And I said the other time when I sent my advisors (Clement Wani and Daniel Awet) to Yei, I told them you go to Yei and tell the people that those who are now disturbing them are their own sons. If they don’t call them back, I will go to Yei myself and he continued, I will locate to go and stay in Yei and all the operations that will go out will go out under my directives and my supervision.” If the President himself delivered hateful speeches and promised to direct his military operation to Equatoians people, then who do we expect to stop “targeting killings and hate politics” that you have stated?

    In fact, I still respect your opinion, and equally important, I agree with you that we should all advocate for peace and love in the country, but this demands our collective effort to speak up to the President and his cabinets’ ministers diametrically. It is necessary for peace and love as an alternative of hateful speeches. We have got to speak up to our leaders truthfully to stop tribal politics. That ought to begin from the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit to lead by a good example. This leads me to account that Dr Madut Jok alluded in his speech that “As a Dinka, I know you’ll not be offended by straight talk, for that’s a Dinka way, speaking truth to power, unless of course, you think presidency cannot be held to the same standards. Perhaps it might help you to allow us to shout at you and have a chance to respond to our questions, and in doing so, build a culture of dialogue, that together, we might find our salvation”

    Indeed, above is potent speech to Mr. President Salva Kiir Mayardit by Dr. Madut Jok. If a Dinka way is speaking truth, then let us all speak the truth like Dinka do. Forthrightly speaking, our President and his cabinets’ ministers “failed us” period! Regrettably, South Sudanese citizens are profoundly suffering in and out of the country, because of the failed state. Dr. Madut Jok testified that”When you’re the leader of a country and the citizens of your country in Leer, Yei, Wau, Bor, Gogrial or wherever within the borders of the state you purport to run, cannot benefit from the protection of the state you rule, what in the world do you think failure looks like? Surely you don’t think it has to be on four legs, with horns and speaking human language in order for you to be shocked into recognizing it” We have to give Dr. Madut Jok credits for standing up lofty to tormenter.

    Last but not least, you have demonstrated strongly that freedom of information is profoundly important in our society in South Sudan and I totally agree with you that every South Sudanese citizen has the rights to freedom and respect. However, I am baffled and confounded when you articulated that “For peace to prevail Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Lam Akol, Pa’gan Amum Okiech, Dr. MAJAK D’Agoot, and Dr. Yaba Adwok should be demoted from politics because they are political bigots” Are you not controverting your statements that freedom of information and hateful speeches when you are against these gentlemen their rights of freedom and named calling? Again you are free to express yourself the way you wish and hopefully, you will be able to understand and respect these gentlemen you have mentioned above also are a title to their opinions and they should be respected and are permitted to speak freely?

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