The revitalized ARCISS … What next after the peace celebration in Juba?

BY: Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, Professor, politician, minister and opposition member, OCT/29/2018, SSN,;

This is a pertinent question to the South Sudanese leaders both in the government and in opposition as well as to those standing on the side lines. I take this question from what Prof. Jok Madut said on his Facebook page on 27 October, 2018.

It was about celebrating the revitalized peace agreement before the parties started the actual implementation. His concern that “celebrating now is to isolate the leadership from the people, to show that leaders only think of appeasing each other and nothing else.” I would wish that they only appeased each other but left the people in peace and in one piece.

I am puzzled more when different at cross purpose messages emanate from Juba. The government is saying one thing but the zealots in the SPLM are saying something different in the peace rallies they are conducting in the suburbs of Juba in the name of what they categorize as ‘sensitizing the people about the R-ARCISS.’

I would prefer to call it conscientization than sensitization. However, this is besides the message I wanted to deliver.

We are in the second month of the pre-transitional period to prepare the country for the transitional period, which begins in earnest on 12 April 2019. During this time, the parties should put in place the institutions and instruments of governance during the three-year transitional period.

The celebration of the revitalized agreement takes place while violations to the provisions are taking place that raised suspicion and reluctance by some leaders of the opposition to go to Juba.

Mind you, President Bashir will have to assure the safety of Dr. Riek Machar and other opposition leaders in Khartoum who will accompany him to Juba.

I believe the pre-transitional period is time to build trust and confidence between the South Sudan political leaders bitter contesting of the country’s leadership. The celebration in Juba should be the start of serious national dialogue among the political leaders since they have already agreed on how to share power.

By national dialogue I don’t mean negotiations; rather I am talking about a political discourse to have a scientific and correct understanding of the fundamental problem of the people of South Sudan.

I come from the political school or thought which attributes the social, economic and political crises afflicting South Sudan and its people in their social formations is NOT power but poverty and ignorance consequent to their socioeconomic and cultural underdevelopment.

All other contradictions like ethnic nationalism, corruption, insecurity, conflicts are secondary or offshoots of poverty and ignorance.

No doubt, had the South Sudan political leadership known this fundamental truth they would not have unleashed the civil war. It is therefore important that the leaders take time to study the situation and understand it well.

I would call on President Salva Kiir Mayardit to take the initiative commensurate with his statement that he has forgiven all and sunder including those who have been writing about him and his government.

He is the president of the country and therefore has all the power and authority to call the leaders of the opposition, including those who rejected the revitalized agreement, to a meeting to workshop and problematize the fundamental problem of South Sudan.

The objective of such a meeting would be to come up with a political program or plan in the social, economic and political domains, which the revitalized transitional government of national unity (R-TGONU) would implement during the three-year transition period.

The R-TGONU should really be an expression of unity of purpose translating into reality our people’s desire and yearning for peace.

It should really be a genuine and a patriotic effort to put South Sudan back on its feet in the manner we struggled for liberation and its independence. South Sudan cannot afford again to waste away and remain the sick man of Africa.

We have seen in the countries of the region, to which many of our people are refugees, that leaders are working hard to compensate for lost time and development opportunities.

Therefore, President Kiir’s reasons for convening this leadership workshop is to prepare a transitional government that will deliver on something he and other leaders have agreed on.

This means that the R-TGONU he will commission on 12 April 2019 will be a government with a plan of action and this will determine those who will be appointed to serve in those portfolios. It can’t be any other way.

The leaders of the opposition have a duty and responsibility to ensure the successful implementation of the R-ARCISS. Therefore, the question, what next? is addressed equally to the opposition leaders.

To appreciate its depth significance requires a change of attitude and a shift in political thinking. We can’t force President Kiir to change his attitude without a corresponding transformation on the other side.

The destruction that has afflicted the nation is a shared responsibility particularly for many of us who were in the SPLM/A and its splinter variants.

In conclusion, South Sudan is bigger than any individual, group of individuals or any single ethnicity.

For those who strive for power, let us think critically and strategically how power could be used to serve the people than personal or ethnic ambition.

Losing or not being in a position of authority is not in itself a limit situation. The most critical factors in the struggle for power and leadership are civility, ideology or knowledge and organization. END

The author is a prominent South Sudanese academic and politician.


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Prof. Dr. Peter A. Nyaba,
    As always, your articles and opinions are materials of great value and inspiration.
    However, this one is an aberration and something not expected from you. Whilst you have generously given Kiir the greatest benefit of doubt and some support, I sincerely believe this is not the time to do so.
    Kiir, as you very well know, is as slippery and untrustworthy as the snake. You never know when he strikes.
    How many times do we keep on forgiving this Satan who has destroyed our nation, our dreams and our future?
    Nearly a million South Sudanese are refugees again. Nearly half a million citizens have been kiirlled. Hopes have been destroyed.
    Yes, whilst your sincere admission that what happened is the mistake of all ye politicians of the SPLM/A monstrosity is accepted, the solution isn’t calling for and supporting the perpetuation of the tyranny of Kiir and his jieng killers.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Peter Wankomo, Editor

  2. Taban Alimasi says:

    Professor, Adwok
    People of your caliber are asset of our country, worthy listening to. You are right, current political discourse is supposed to be about the socioeconomic situation of the country, not about power sharing. You have defined the needs of the citizens, which clearly affirmed you position as a Professor, I am not sure if your political opponent in Juba have the ability to understand the needs of our citizens. Most of them are either blindfold by their personal and tribal interest or control be emotion and ego. South Sudan need intergenerational revolution to completely remove the current political system that are built on tribal centric.

  3. false Millionaire says:

    Dr Nyaba is a genuine scholar when coming to his universal view of our problems we ordinary masses as due to poverty and ignorance as a result of lack of socio-economic development.
    But with the peace at hand, it’s only the elites in conflict who will waste time to either reconcile themselves and sit to eat spoils or rise up into a violent conflict again if greed compels them to see those spoils too few to be shared.
    We can say therefore without any fear of errors that we are set to be in misery for centuries.
    But Dr Nyaba and his likes bear heavy part of responsibility to the tragedy. His inciteous writings have driven a wedge of division between the masses and that damage is more in magnitude than anything a gun has done.
    He has the natural bad habit of failing to distinguish between elites in power and ordinary citizens who are languishing under the weight of neglect and lack of development by those elites.
    A year ago, he was in favour of a revolt that would drive out jieng from south Sudan. The Equatorians heard him without a second thought and set up road blocks to screen off and murder unarmed jiengs travelling on roads.
    How would those terrible inhuman acts get forgotten so hurriedly to mobilize for a universal revolution that may give a chance to drive out those minority clique elites in power for a possibility of development?
    He is the one who should explain it.

  4. Samuel Atabi says:

    Mr Editor,
    I cannot agree with you more. When Hitler embarked on his conquest and destruction of certain people in Europe in late 1930s, politicians in Britain and other surrounding countries believed that appeasing Hitler would abate his extreme ideology. The price of appeasing Kiir may later turn out to be repeated genocide of South Sudanese like what Hitler did in Europe. At that time it will be too late for politicians like my brother Adwok to take appropriate action.

  5. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr. Nyaba,

    The other answer to your question is, after the euphoria of the much hyped peace celebration wanes, you shouldn’t expect any round table meetings. The Museveni-Kiir-Bashir agreement has been cast in stone in Khartoum and signed in Addis Ababa on September 12, 2018. Dr. Machar et al were mere witnesses to the agreement!

    I agree with Prof. Mahmoud Mamdani. Please don’t expect anything which will be considered a ‘renegotiation’ of what has literally been cast in stone. I may sound naive or a pessimist, but this is what I, Eastern, a REALIST can say.

    Following the Al Nakba-like exit of South Sudanese following the J-1 gunfight, Dr. Machar, the CHIEF SURVIVOR of the carnage still fears even a rope! [Kiir-Koinange interview].

    As you write this fatherly piece, our drones are locating the GPS coordinates of mass graves in Lobonok, Ngepo and Kurki containing hundreds of bodies whose origins are suspected to be NSS (National Security Service of Kiir} detention facilities or MI (Military Service) shipping containers at Gorom along Juba-Yei road.

    Those bodies where brought in at night in Chinese-made SPLA (SSPDF) military trucks a few days ago (the monkeys in the surrounding forests were watching!).

    Dr. Nyaba, don’t pretend that you don’t read news about CONTINUED clashes between SPLA (of whatever shade) which the so-called ceasefire monitors have failed to pin a party responsible for breaching the same.

    Please ditch the print media to remain ahead of the curve.

    The Eastern Rock.

  6. mading says:

    Editor. People like you are the ones keeping Kiir in power like I said it before, as long you tied Kiir ‘s bad government and Muonyjaang together. You will never get what you want, try to learn from Riek Machar is 1991 and 2013 actions of tying then SPLM/SPLA and government with Jieng, he was beaten and defeated as a result of that.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      As typical of jieng apologists like you, you’re always desperately and miserably trying to give excuses for your jieng elk. All heaven and hell know very well that your Kirrller’s government and jieng are one and the same. It’s as clear as the sky.
      Secondly, the Kirller’s govt. is a jieng government is completely your government. Those like slave Wani Igga and mercenary Taban Gai are puppets your jieng are keeping to deceive the world that the government is ‘national.’
      Finally, like I have been writing all these years, no dictator and his regime ever lives forever, those of us old enough have witnessed the likes of Obote, Mobutu, Ibrahim Abboud, Nimeiri, Bokassa, Mengistu, Gaddaffi, Tombalbaye and Mugabe… falling from their once powerful kingdoms.
      Time will come sooner or later.

      • Tyson says:

        The Jieng criminals are just fooling themselves. It is politically blind sycophants who embrace this primitive Kraal led club of tyrants as legitimate government.
        Kiir the killer and his acolytes, the JCE have limited days before the wrath of South Sudanese will sweep to the corridors of Babanusa.

  7. Deng Hanbol says:

    I would recommend obliterate grammatical errors from your writing, and reward your readers with clear comments otherwise, write in thok Muonyjaang. Article 11, states that. … Everyone has the right to freedom and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and import information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
    Your are liar. Jaang have no military capabilities of beating Naath warriors
    Once again, please stop harassing editor.

  8. Okuc says:

    Dr Peter Nyaba,

    I can’t believe a much knowledgeable prof trying to absolve a criminal in the person of Kirr who is responsible for carnage in South Sudan. Who is Kirr to forgive the leaders of opposition and the rest who opposed his brutal regime?
    You should be campaigning for his arrest in the court of justice for crimes he has committed against non-Jienge tribes in South Sudan rather than trying to absolve him from crimes committed on his watch. kirr sold out South Sudan resources to Uganda and Sudan whose leaders are equally accused of crime against humanity and are in solidarity with kirr in crimes committed against people of South Sudanese.
    people in your stature should be campaigning for justice and accountability for crimes committed by Kirr’s regime against innocent South Sudanese, but you chose to appease a criminal whose hands are stained by blood of innocent South Sudanese. Shame on you and be reminded that the time of reckoning will come when Kirr and his mentors of Jienge Council of Elders have to account for crimes they have committed against people of South Sudan.

  9. Hoiloom says:

    Samuel Atabi,

    I love your input, dictator would never be appeased but confronted. I think this shamble celebrations in Juba won’t last long before the Kiiriminal abrogates the very agreement he signed. Dr. Nyaba got it all wrong on this piece.
    It was even a mistake for Machar to step foot in that sin city before the release of political detainees and lifting of the state of emergency, not to mention constant attacks on IO positions in Central Equatoria and WBG States…
    Machar is a man who never listens to his followers otherwise the war would have been over in 2015. Or perhaps the JCE thugs use him as a scapegoat to wage the war in order to loot the country dry to the bones.


  10. Isaac Deng says:

    Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba sounds desperate for position in the next transition government of President Kiir. Peter Adowk has been a minister since 2005 until 2013 and briefly in 2016.
    Peter Adowk knows very well that President Kiir will never cede power to his boss Riek Machar and opposition let alone implementing reforms.
    Riek and Adowk just surrendered because of their love for positions and power.
    Peter Adowk and his old friends in the SPLM or SPLM-IO think they are entitled to booties. Peter Adowk and his old friends should all retire from active politics and give chance to fresh blood to move our country forward. Alternatively, let them look for jobs in private sector.

  11. mading says:

    Deng H.
    Riek Machar is going to be under Kiir now, that means he lost, he was fighting to be president of our country, but he was beaten and chased away in Juba in 2013 like when he was beaten and chased to Khartoum in 1997. So where is your so called warriors Nuer all this time around?
    Nuer like you and Gatdarwich are internet warriors and that is all. For your information I am not harassing EDITOR. I like to debate EDITOR, because he is somebody worth debating with, he is well informed about our issues. He is not a thick mind person like you Nuer internet warriors.

  12. Beek says:

    Money and Position, but those who live are nothing.

  13. Isaac Deng says:

    Dr. Peter Adowk Nyaba has been following looser Riek Machar since early 1990s. Every time Riek Machar rebels and lead his Nuer blind fighters to the bush, they ended up being killed in thousands, but Riek Machar will always come back empty handed begging for his position.
    Intellectuals like Dr. Peter Adowk Nyaba know this looser Riek Machar better than anybody. Looser Riek Machar always uses the innocent Nuer lives for power bargain purposes and to enrich himself and his family.
    I laughed on Wednesday when I watched him in the speech begging President Kiir to lift up the state and allow freedom of speech in the country. This is too little and too late now. These are serious issues that they should have addressed them during peace negotiations before coming to Juba.

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