The Regime can run as much as it could but never will it win the race of reality

By: Yien Lam, APR/08/2015, SSN;

Since the beginning of this man-made crises, the regime has tried everything that is possible to stay in power while invalidating the heinous crime that it has committed to our beloved country by killing its own people base on their ethnicity. This is the crime against humanity as it has been proven by the AU report.

As the matter of fact, the regime has been running back and forth by bluffing the world and using an ineffective organization known IGAD as the only one that could bring peace in south Sudan.

If one has the logical reason as I have, how can an organization whose member states has been the part of the ground war make the peace in the country? Be the judge!

Could that be possible if one clearly differentiate the human waste and the cow dung? This is blooey circumstance in my view on IGAD since the beginning of the peace negation and will never work as I prognosticated it earlier in the previous articles that I wrote. It is just as the business as usually.

As the reality, the regime uses the IGAD as the delaying tactics to buy time for its survival in order to mislead South Sudanese that the peace is going to materialize in the days that will never come to life.

But the truth of the matter is, one can buy people but not the truth. The regime can run as much as it wants, but will never win the race of authenticity as the western phrase goes “you can run as much as you can, but will never hide from your crime.”

This will be so with the regime of kiir in southsudan.The blood of the people that it’s premeditated killing will haunt the regime in the days to come if not months.

Moreover, the regime has not been using only IGAD as the tool to make peace in south Sudan. It went further to influence the AU commission of an inquiry headed by the former Nigeria president Olusegun Obasanjo by delaying the report that supposed to be released in February of 2014.

As the matter of fact, the regime argues that it will jeopardy the peace negotiation while in fact the peace negotiation has nowhere to go since then. It remains as it has been despite the report being delayed.

These are all the very tactics of the regime to the benefit of its survival. There will be no tangible solution in term of peace being achieved on the watch of this regime. It will remain as deadlocked as it has been because the argument that the regime always won is the intransigent argument.

This is always the argument of the persons to say at least who do not have capacity to resonate things. As the phrase goes in Nuer language, “if you chat with the girl that does not know how to deal with man, she can only say no and only no that matter to her and knows”. That girl will just repeat the word No for the period that she may be together with the particular man.

This is the same scenario with the regime that has no logical explanation as to why it does not agree to anything that could bring peace in the country.

In addition, this regime will do everything that it wants to do to stay in power but not what would make peace in south Sudan. It actually does not like the country to have peace because it will not subsist in peaceful south Sudan than what it is now.

It was not surprising to me when I heard on the news that the regime extended its years as well as the parliament’s to 2018 as the looming end of its term in July. I knew such a thing could happen because it’s all about Kiir’s. What he says is what works for the rogue regime.

In this scenario, when you look at this erroneous amendment that is not in south Sudan constitution as experts delineated, how would you really think about the peace as the regime always singing the song of it in their mouths not in their actions?

Would any of you believe in this regime to bring peace? Of course not in my view! It is really far when it comes to the reality. The regime does not favor the peace than the war in the country. This is so because it knows very well that the case of people that it killed with no apparent reason will indeed haunt them later. This is the reality and will remind as such for the years to come.

Nonetheless, it does not matter whether you’re the nerdish supporter of the regime or not. We are in it together. The matchless example of this is Gen. Bwogo Olieu who was staunched supporter of kiir and killed by regime’s.

To make myself clear to those who may be hanging around with ambivalence, this regime does not care whether you are with “them” or “us.” The aim is one. It is to kill every South Sudanese who appears to oppose it and demand his/her rights.

If you are there waiting for the donkey end of the month, well, you are on your own like Gen. Bwogo and expect worse to come in the days and months ahead. This is a truth that cannot be ignored by reasonable person.

However, you may goofily think I am politicizing it. But at the end you will see it as a mentioned Gen. In addition, I would like to add the phrase that was said by the Nuer prophet known as Ngundeng that goes like this, ” the problem is the pain only knows by one person.” This is true.

A lot of people do not know that the threat of this regime is real. I wrote an article about the incident like this in mid-October last year titled “To who might be Naïve if not nerd in this crises. “If you have enough time you can read it in

As the saying goes, indecisiveness is the disease of mind that in fact resulting in person losing all his/her potential. Don’t let yourself be a victim of your own decision as the Gen did.

Takes a decision based on the things that are going on in south Sudan right now. Are things good or bad in your view? Human being is created to use logic to digest things for his/her own survival. This problem was initially seen as the Nuer one.

This is exactly the policy of divided and rule that you heed not to follow. But in the days to come, it will no longer be the case. This will not be matter whether you are Murle, Bari, Dinka, shulluk, you name it. The regime will be relentless on whoever seems to argue with its loyalist. But it will not be able to win the race of reality.

Kiir may try to divide us but People of south Sudan will be victorious at the end days if not months to come and jointly sing the song of south Sudan Oyee.

Finally, Kiir regime can do anything to keep itself in power by running to IGAD, AU and extending its term to stay in power. But will never win the race of reality. People of south Sudan are smarter than the power. However, in this case, the truth will prevail and struggle continue until the regime eventually goes down to its knees and the victory is certain.

South Sudan Oyee

Opposition Oyee

Freedom Fighters Oyee


  1. Kondokoro says:

    but your people will get kill as you continue to deny and lie death is real
    Riak is in a hotel in Addis but while White army went back to their luak, Taban and Lado on the run, angelina with her husband in addis real nuer are going back you are loosing

  2. mindra says:

    Dear SS,
    Those who made the rules takes the gold but remember the same rules would catch up with them in later time,
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,madi corridor,EE

  3. Alier Gai says:

    The Lam oyee,

    Your hopeful government is being led by pretender and a murder who is sick of human bloods he has killed. He is not our leader for life. Whether kiir leaves office by vote or by other means, macher will never take over. A hateful guy like him cannot be allowed to lead people…his interest, his killings with many destructions are too much to bear. His unmanangeable behaviors are out of acceptance. He is chasing power for pleasure and not caring for the people he often decieves. Know that as well kiir is not an angel to be praised, he has made some grave mistakes in which macher sees himself fit better than him to lead the country. But macher is far a wrongdoer than him, because he has done this more the one. The appointment of riek macher to be his vice president just happened the way some predicted it, those guys were right and kiir was wrong to choose macher the great desaster. The future government would take village communities to decide on who to lead than that regretable appointment our leaders displayed. Between the two, no one is better than the other. They are tested to exercise their personal characters through power and thoroughly failed.
    The governmet is not lobbying the igad and the africa union to help her, however, macher is the one dinning with them to make his case looks better against his foe kiir. He wants to make sure that kiir is a killer in juba and he is a death blesser in bor, malakal and in bentiu. Macher is not serious for peace to come because of the unnecessary demands he puts out. First, federal government is a constitutional dialogue among the states and its citizens and it is not the reason this war has happened. Macher is bragging about it. Second, asking for two seperate armies during the transitional period is another war being prepared by the white army when he later asks the power and not given to him. He wants to knock forcifully one more time. Third, the demand that retribution should be made to dead nuers is another sign of blocking procgress toward peace. Murles were killed without compensations. Shilluks and dinkas were killed and they are not paid back.
    Who will pay back those he (macher) killed thoughout his risky-gambling attempt to get power by force? You better tell riek macher now that nothing is going to help him in the days coming. He can lie but he can not escape those horrible crimes he committed through democratic deceptions. You charged kiir with crimes while macher is already executed completely. Your ngundeng’s annointed son will never rule south sudan, he is a lost evil in human form. He is calling for democracy but he is from the under world as ngundeng. South will be a better home without him.

  4. Deng Deng says:

    Unfortunately history is repeating itself from Uganada during iddi Amin’s very brutal error and now back to RSS. However, do not worry much. There is an end to everything!
    God will always be on the sides of the oppressed. Those who abuse human rights one day whether they like it or not will answer for their atrocities and sins.

  5. Gabriel says:

    I think that this person Alier Gai is overwhelmed by revenge from 1991 incident,but he forget that Dr Riek was courage enough to apologize to people of BOr in particular and south Sudanese in general about what happened in the fight between the Torit faction and Nadir faction.SPLA/m as organization did not apologize to people of south Sudan for all the serous human right violation that the movement has committed during the liberation struggle. SPLA rape women in Eqoutoria and also killed nuer Gajak in countless numbers. Not only that SPLA killed murle in 1988 and burn down villages.until now the SPLA menstrean in juba don’t bother to apologize for these crimes they had committed,but only they continues to preach about 1991 1991as if they did not committed any mistakes. At least Dr Riek come out publicly and said sorry to the people of Bor for 1991 mistakes. Alier Gai you should be a shame of yourself in trying to compare 1991 war with what was happened in juba where Kir killed thousands of innocent nuer in what is the capital city of south sudan.the war in 1991 south Sudan was not independent country with functioning system of government at all,it was SPLA as movement fight over ideological differences where also Dr Riek won the government because he was saying that there no value point to fight for the whole Sudan which the SPLA has deceived many people from other areas which are not constitute southern Sudan in believing that should join the cause of the struggle, and now are left alone and south Sudan become independent state.from the standpoint of Dr Riek he knows that can be realize only if we opt for self -determination which was then adopted by the SPLA in CPA.

    • Gabriel says:

      I think that this person Alier Gai is overwhelmed by revenge from 1991 incident,but he forget that Dr Riek was courageous enough to have apologized particular to the people of Bor and in general to the south Sudanese for the crimes committed during the fight between the Nasir faction led by him and the Torit faction led Dr Garang. Spla/m as movement did not take any step to to apologize to south Sudanese for all the crimes they had done to other tribes in various place across south Sudan,but continueing to preach about 1991 incident as if the only crime happened in south Sudan at that time.there are enormous human right violations that the movement should be responsible for them. The Gajak were killed indiscriminately between 1983-1985 where children and elderly people were burned alive and other were fed with human flesh this is in the record of the SPLA mainstream.Murle were smashed with T 55 in 1988.Roto in Toposa land where many Taposa were killed indiscriminately by Koul Manyang Juk who is now minister of defense. Countless women in Western Eqoutoria were gang raped SPLA soldiers. The question is why then 1991 is so important to be mentioned in every speech president wanted to deliver to the south Sudan public? These people blood is thick like what your people grievance is not also concern the SPLA juba? If they are blaming Dr Riek for having killed in Bor in 1991,we should go back to open up the can of warms because SPLA as movement have committed a grave human Rights violation. It will not only be Dr Riek is going to the whole SPLA as movement to bear the responsibility. Dr Riek has broken the cultural pride by coming out publicly and apologizing for his role in 1991 Bor massacre,so it should be the SPLA juba turn to come out publicly to acknowledge that killing of innocent nuer in juba and not comparison type of thing that they are preaching to the people about 1991 because it will not bring anything but it only paint a picture of revenge revenge period.

  6. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Gabriel.
    in 1991 it was very bad news to the world that Riek Machar splits the movement into two and killed the civilians in Bor for no reason.
    that is why it is always important to president and people of south Sudan in General to see that Riek has repeated the same mistake of 1991.
    the crimes you are talking about was not in the record of SPLA. you are saying that they had committed the human right abuses unless you were against the movements as collaborators to NIF regime.
    addition to that Riek did not apologies to the grass roots levels citizens as you knew very well people were not killed in Juba in 1991 they have theirs places of habited in the counties and boma level.
    whom do you think we had killed in Juba when crisis happened ? it seem they were coup polluters that when to want get in to power by Gun but1991 the civilians were not a pat of that deal that lead in to their dead as hatred of tribalism.

  7. David Lokosang says:

    Dear fellow country men,
    I believe this website is not created to preach hatred and tribalism but to allow us to provide ideas, critical analysis of the situation happening in our county or in our communities in order to contribute possible solutions. Or to post social, economic and historical articles that benefit the society.
    Whatever human right abuses that happened during the struggle whether by SPLM/A main stream or Nasir faction, are facts in our contemporary history. We can not change it nor dwell on it to stop our way forward. but we should look at it as a lesion that should not be repeated what so ever the case may be.
    Let us contribute ideas that can bring peace, good governance, freedom, justice and equality. The country is going disarray, the economy is collapsing, massive corruption and human rights abuses and yet you waste your time on arguments that create more fragmentation.
    Let us not only focus our argument on Kiir and Riak Machar but let us seek for a way forward. For example form an interim government without them in order to create a conducive atmosphere for formation of the
    democratic institutions that will pave a way for a real democratic exercise prior the coming election.
    Let the SPLM in the government and the SPLM in opposition use the Arosha agreement, conduct its National Convention and whoever is elected as the chairman of the party will compete with other political parties in the coming democratic election.
    Whether you agree or disagree with particular article, make your argument objectively without posing hatred or argument that divert the subject matter.
    I look forward to see more encouraging and intellectual argument on this website.
    Thanks for all the readers.

    Comrade David Lokosang.

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