The Rationale or Otherwise of Alleged Greater Equatoria Support to Rebel Machar

BY: JUMA MABOR, Lawyer, JUBA, MAR/27/2014, SSN;

A fortnight or so ago, an online newspaper “Equatoria Sun” unveiled a list of a shadow cabinet alleged to have been formed by Rebel Leader Dr. Riek Machar in anticipation of the speculated interim government, and among the top cabinet ministers were four or so Equatorian members led among the top portfolios by Kosti Manibe Ngai – Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning, Dr. Cirino Hiteng — Youth, Culture & Sports, Aloisio Emor Ojetuk – National Security Service Hon. Silvano Odwaro Gordon- Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism, Animal Resources and Fisheries and Dr. Olivia Lomoro – Health .

Out of those mentioned in Riek’s list of cabinet, only one Equatorian in the name of Dr. Olivia Lomoro – Health, came out to refute the allegations, the rest of the nominees like their colleagues from other regions of South Sudan remained adamant leaving the public to speculate on whether their silence meant acceptance of the allegations or ignorance of the same. Hon. Aguil De’Chut Deng denied and declined the nomination to the prestigious Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Subsequently, the public reaction was mixed with some indicating that the list could be a conspiracy to settle political scores by those who have one or another vendetta against the named individuals and likely presumed political heavy weights in Riek’s cabinet.

The contrary opinion was to the effect that most if not all of those mentioned in Riek’s shadow cabinet were supporting the rebellion silently and were determined to sabotage Kiir’s government within as far as they have the necessary capacity to do so.

Such schools of thoughts continued for quite some time but because of the overwhelming crisis the country is engulfed in, the problems became too numerous and each problem is overtaken by relatively bigger issue that comes up.

This is where of course the debate on whether there was a shadow cabinet or otherwise with the above names was relegated and the attention was then shifted to other new news.

These new news came three weeks later when again in the Sudan Tribune online newspaper, the headlines reads ‘Greater Equatoria group declares support for Riek Machar’. The headlines in this piece of news which made it catches everyone’s eyebrows was that and I quote ‘The leadership of the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR) has openly declared for the first time it plans to mobilise “all sons and daughters of the region” to rally them behind the leadership of rebel leader Riek Machar, ‘the document was said to have been signed by Wani Tombe and circulated to both local and international media outlets.

In a joinder and with the spirit of disclaimer, the Governor of Western Equatoria state, Colonel Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro presumably on behalf of other Equatorian government loyalists, said on Tuesday that a statement released earlier this week by the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR) declaring support for former vice-president turned rebel leader Riek Machar did not represent the views of the region as a whole.

He also added that, “the views expressed in the release do not represent the people of Equatoria. Yes, those outside the region in the diaspora are our brothers and sisters but what they say does not necessarily represent our people inside the country,” said Bakosoro.

Bangasi went ahead and said that ‘while the people of Equatoria championed democracy and issues of national importance, they were not known for agitating or back-room politicking. “We do not gossip and do not agitate. We are straight when it comes to issues of democracy and governance.”

Now here comes the public debate and critical analysis of what exactly is the position of the citizens of greater Equatoria region, be they politicians, ordinary citizens, academicians, religious leaders or even soldiers.

For the purpose of clarity, it is unfortunate and regrettable to accept that, in circumstances of internal conflict, a country which has 64 tribes is tempted to investigate what the other tribe’s opinion is with regard to the on-going crisis.

It is a bitter truth that all of us as South Sudanese have to swallow and I think this is the suspense our colleagues from Equatoria region are caught in and struggling with quite deeply.

The blame can only be directed towards the initial speakers during the early stages of the conflict when most of them came out and confined the problem into ethnic corner by telling the world that it was a war between Dinkas and Nuers and this opened flood gates of wanting to know that the remaining 62 tribes have to make their positions known as to whether they are with Dinka which is synonymous with the government or with the Nuers with another name of rebel, to some extent, it could easily be said so for two crucial reasons.

One, by default, the antagonists are from the above mentioned tribes and secondly, the references that were rapidly made to the 1991 crisis made it apparently conclusive that any crisis that breaks out again could be instigated by the preponderant culprit Riek against Dinkas (Kiir) the Dynasty.

This could sound like a myth but I hope for some reasons that this is where those who said it was a war between Dinkas and Nuers got their analogy from.

That aside, but now the war between the Equatorian diaspora and Equatorian original (the ones at home), as the explanation that Bangasi gave on the question of Equatorian loyalty to either side of the conflict goes.

He agreed though that, their advocacy for democracy and good governance is the same as that of Riek and Equatorians in diaspora, however, on behalf of the Equatorians at home, Bangasi thinks that it should not be agitated, gossiped, back-roomed or aggressive, and here comes the common opinion of the Equatorians in Juba and in the other states of greater Equatoria region.

Before their opinions are divided and their loyalty scattered, there are obvious reasons that you must know as a non-Equatorian and these are some of the reasons that I must ask you to test the unity of Equatorian if you think that they are so divided.

The list is long, but it is worth to mention thus, with my experience and knowledge of our brothers and sisters from Equatoria; these are the three main things that they think they are better off than any other tribe and most particularly more organized than the so-called Dinkas and Nuers.

One of these things is that, Equatorians believe that they do not like violence and therefore they are people who engage in dialogue to resolve any differences of any magnitude, this is stated by Bangasi.

Secondly, Equatorians believed that the on-going war is between Dinkas and Nuers over power and because the belligerents have the same violent behavior and genetic attitude, it is none of Equatorian business to take sides.

If need be, the two tribes should finish themselves.

Thirdly and most important of all, Equatorians think that the war mongers are fighting in their land and they are not happy that these warring factions left their places and came to make Equatoria a battle field.

This third point may also tell you why most Equatorians want a federal system of government.

I had promised to give only three points around which the Equatorians find a uniting front against any other tribe in south Sudan but I must equally add on board issues of nepotism, land grabbing and corruption that most Equatorians unanimously agreed are associated with Dinkas and Nuers.

The question that begs for answers is what do Equatorians gain in supporting Riek and opposing Kiir?

It is not easy to give straight forward and authentic answers to this question especially when the one who tries to answer the question is a non-Equatorian but for the benefit of analysis and routine geo-political situation of the country, one would be tempted to assume that he can give the right answers somehow.

In my own opinion, Kiir government unlike Riek shadow cabinet has adequately taken care of the political needs of Equatorian starting with the position of the vice president, Minister of cabinet affairs, minister of finance, minister of national security, minister of Dams, water and electricity, and other ministries, deputy ministers like the strong deputy minister of interior, foreign affairs and international cooperation, several heads of commissions, heads of departments among others.

This arrangement has no doubt taken care of the political needs of all Equatorians but to some other regions it has earned president Kiir animosity because they thinks Kiir has given too much to Equatorians.

Economically, by virtue of being the gateway to south Sudan interior and with the capital territory of the republic of south Sudan stationed within its premises, both the Central and Western Equatoria states are more developed than any other parts of this nascent country.

The roads, healthcare facilities, schools and other social amenities are only enjoyed by the people of south Sudan when one is fortunate to reside in one of the states of the greater Equatoria.

Socially, most of the Equatorian sees the other south Sudanese as land grabbers and trouble makers who have come to disturb their peace and therefore, the subjective need to have the federal system of government, such that ‘according to Equatorian vocabulary,’ each person should stick to their states boundaries, something that narrowly defined the true meaning of federalism as a system of government.

It is precisely because of these analyses one would be forgiven to brand Equatorians as people who may not know what they are looking for at some point.

For instance, take Riek’s shadow cabinet, if it were to be a reality and compare it with current Kiir’s government, which one would best represent the Equatorians?

The one that give them four ministerial positions in the case of Riek’s cabinet or the one that gives them more than ten strong ministerial positions like in the current Kiir’s cabinet?

That is a food for thought. However, if I was asked to give an opinion about what most Equatorians think in relation to the current crisis, it would be good as not wanting to know about what they think or what they could possibly do in the on-going conflict.

Therefore, Wani Tombe and group stand a better chance than those who have said nothing because you never know and would never like what they are up to.

Ways Forward:

With the on-going conflict, south Sudanese have been taken back to yester-years when people could only identify themselves by the regions they belong to.

The spirit of national unity and embracing unity in diversity have been fully thrown out of the window and the chances of our society fragmenting further are relatively hitting the maximum.

It is therefore a recommendation of this author that, for south Sudan and south Sudanese to propel and achieve their vision of being a free and sovereign nation where tribes peacefully co-exist, the following areas need to be addressed very swiftly:

1. In situations of conflict, people should not be accustomed to investigating what side of the conflict the other peoples are with in regard to the on-going crisis. I think Equatorians were disturbed by some provocateurs who wanted to know where their loyalty lies and that is where they made a grave mistake of declaring themselves as supporting the rebel leader Riek Machar.

2. The diversity brought about by tribes should be taken as a unique aspect to learn from one another the positive differences and unite around those areas.

3. The government and the regional politicians should warn themselves and their citizens against releasing reckless statements that are likely to incite one tribe against the others.

4. The land issues, nepotism at the institutional level both public and private should be addressed and historical injustices addressed in order to cultivate the trust that is lost among the citizens of south Sudan.

5. The paranoid attitude that there are tribes which are more violent than the others or even worse considered to be more stupid than the rest does not help the situation, we must take ourselves with respect and utmost dignity.

6. The Wani Tombe and group are not less Equatorians and the explanation by Bangasi that they don’t represent Equatorians is inadequate. The only remedy that the Equatorians should tell these brothers and sisters of theirs is that, they should have other avenues of addressing their needs for democracy and good governance and not joining Riek’s bandwagon for they can easily be branded as joyriders.

7. Equatorian politicians must also be seen to be bold in stating their positions especially in situations like this where a country is engulfed with a lot of uncertainties. This has been long awaited but not forthcoming.

In Conclusion, the purpose for writing this article is to put to rest the unnecessary investigation as to whether this tribe supports the rebellion and that tribe support the government because what I know is that, this is not a tribal war.

Because if it was, so many tribes would have been defeated a long time ago, the war would not also be called a rebellion but a genocide because other tribes would be at their complete elimination stages as we talk.

So, let’s us take this as a rebellion where some Dinkas, Nuers, Equatorians, Shiluks, Anyuaks, Azande, Toposas, among others, have taken up arms with the intention to overthrow a democratically elected government for which all of us who are still within are duty bound to defend and protect.

I end by quoting the United States President Obama when he was speaking in the G7 seven summit yesterday, March 26, 2014, in reference to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine and this is what he said and I quote, “we must not narrowly defined our interests or we will be forced to look the other direction.”

Juma Mabor Marial is a Lawyer Based in Juba
Reachable at:
Juma Mabor Marial
Secertary: Sub-Committee on the Judiciary,
National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC)
Juba|South Sudan.
Tel No: + 211 (0) 956 731 559- Vivacell
+ 211 (0) 927 261 356- MTN


  1. Elhag Paul says:

    Grossly misleading at best and patronising at worst. A real display of ‘born to rule’ arrogance. Good luck Mr Juma Mabor Marial.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Dear Elhag Paul,
      I would like to borrow your slogan in which you stated that TRUTH ALWAYS HURTS AND IT
      ,S ALSO LIBERATING, as there is something strange about your quick and negative response to Molana Juma Mabor and likewise to your Equatoria (the born to hate Dinka).

    • dengda says:

      I think Mr. Lawyer juma Mabior, you better learn one thing, your opponent is not your enemies. I fought for this nation and believe in Splm values. But now , I am kiir or current splm political agenda opponent . naming opponent so on media is denigrate, and any of these you named vanished you are responsible of instigated their killing.

  2. Eli says:

    Whether you like it or not GRECOR is here to stay. You are a typical dinka, and you need to take your degree in law to your cow camps and tame your wild animalistic brains.

  3. Eli says:

    I really chuckled reading this article, it’s like written by a desperate village chief who got their statement written by a forced subject. Full of rage and anger towards Equatorians. You thought you got all Equatorians onto your side but here is spit on your bloodless faces.

  4. Okuc says:

    Dear Juma,
    The issue is not how many ministers Equaterians have in kirr’s government but do they want to maintain the status quo that is to say, support kirr leadership despite the killing of Nuer he sanctioned on 15 December 2013 in Juba which led to current crisis in the country.
    You are entitled to your opinion by claiming that there was a coup attempt by Riak and Co even though the government failed to demonstrate any evidence to prove the alleged coup on 15th december 2013 by the accused plotters. The debate is about the legitimacy of Kirr to continue to rule or step down after Juba massacre and subsquent rebelloin by Nuer.
    The question is do people of South Sudan want to be rule by the regime that kills its own poeple to remain in power at any cost or change it? I think this what prompted those of Wani tombe and the rest of Equaterians to urge their fellow Equaterians to decide which side do the stand with. Maintaining status quo is uncceptable because Kirr has failed to rule the country and he can not unite the people of South Sudan no matter what he says and does. The man has any clue what the leadership entail at all.
    The sooner the Equaterians decide the better to bring about the change the people of South sudan yawning for. South Sudanese want a country where each and every one is appointed on merit and ability and not on whom you know or your ethnicity and these reforms will happen unless kirr has go with hid dinkocracy.

  5. Kajokeji says:

    Hi Juma,
    What make you think that the Equatorians concept of government is about the number of ministers? As an Equatorian, I must assure you that we are not concerned about the number of Equatorians in the Cabinet of GOSS, but with the quality of services rendered to the citizens, for example, paved roads, good hospitals, good schools, and so on. In terms of federal system of government, it appears that you are so ignorant of what it involves. For your information, federal system of government is essentially the delegation of authority to the local population; it does not mean the exclusion of citizens from other States of the country. Another important aspect of federal system of government is the right to make your own local laws and whoever immigrated from different state has to abide by the existing laws. Yes, anybody outside Equatoria will be welcomed to live and make a living in Equatoria, but he/she will have to follow the Equaroian laws, and norms. So brother Juma, don’t be afraid of the Equatorian demand for federal government, unless you love the status quo of centralized administration of looting, plundering, and rampant insecurity, etc. of SOUTH SUDAN HITLER PRESIDENT SALVA KIRR MAYARDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Rubbish! Rubbish! Rubbish! A member of the so called Constitutional Review! What a shame!

  7. Elijah Samuel says:

    Listen Smart boy, You think you trick Equatorians by some smart article so as not to only join the fight for the government only? Our boys are and have been figting for Kiir from day one! But this will not be long! Youo can Equatorians Peace lovers etc so as to hypnotize them but it will not work! NICE TRY!
    You are a Kiir Supporter and probably the generator of that consipracy article about the false cabinet!
    Keep your Ten positions, Keep your Oild Money, Give us dignity and our ancestral lands! The Nuer Have never preached nor practice the born to rule mentality..Why do you find it hard for Equatorians to Choose Riek over Kiir who have practice tribalisms in our face and encourages his kins to grab our lands and harash our people?
    Again nice try but your color came through!

  8. Tyson says:

    Every individual is entitled to his/her opinion and has the right to express it freely. Wani Tombe deserves the same.
    Whatever, Equatorians think of the Jieng or Naath is not your business. All of you are rotten and are not qualified to speak about Equatorians.
    Please concentrate on your shoddy constitution…………….a cow dung thrush!!!!!!!

  9. Morbe says:

    I quite agree with Mr.Juma Mabor on two points that he raised in his article. These are: one, the on going conflict is not and should not be a tribal war, two, all south sudanese should not agitate for or against the conflict using tribal lenses.

    However, I would disagree with the writer on several things he pointed out and I would also add some few he deliberately avoided to mention.
    Chief among the points the writer mentioned are: a) Equatorians have gained more positions in the current administration of Kiir as compared to what they are promised by the alleged shadow cabinet from the opposition. b) equatorians have been for long waited to declare their position but was not forthcoming, c) Nepotism, land grabbing should be addressed at institutional level, d) Most equatorians look at other tribes as land grabbers e) Equatorians should seek other avenues for addressing their grievances rather than resorting to rebellion. Lastly, f) every one is bound to defend the democratically elected government in Juba.

    First: the fact that Equatorians have been GIVEN more posts in the current government than before by the same administration of Kiir attests to two things that is: 1)The Equatorians have not been treated fairly by the administration of Kiir before and the current gesture was to remedy the unfairness. 2) Equatorians get whatever they have from the administration out of fever not by virtue of what they deserve to get as a region and this is should be another issue the equatorians should consider looking at seriously.

    However, my take on the government posturing with regard to the posts is that, they were merely political ploy aimed at achieving three things: One)covering the gap created by mass exodus of Nuer tribes men from the current administration after their December 2013 killings in Juba.Two) galvanizing political support by the administration to offset the imbalance created by loss of Junglei and Upper Nile regions,3) to create loyal cardres who will be in position to mobilize and recruit fighters for the administration from the greate Equatorians using those positions.

    Therefore, to me the offering of such ministerial posts is not the ultimate solution to the equatorians problem of representation in the government. What if upper Nile and Jungleis come back to the fold of the government will equatorians still enjoy the same positions. We need to remember that the current position of Wani Iga took long to be filled after the cabinet reshuffle. The question by then was, should it go to Equatoria or to Upper Nile!

    We as equatorians the issue of our representation in the federal government should not base on favor but rather equity in relation to other regions.

    • Kidepo says:

      EES have one minister that we treat as 1/2 ministerial position of Gen Obuto Mamur Mete.

      Meaning EES have no ministerial position

  10. Shamga says:

    Juma Mabor,
    According to pope John Paul the second, stupidity is a God a gift but you must not use it. In another word we are all stupidly talented but we choose to not be that in character because of its repercussions. I am not trying to say the article is a stupid analysis, but to think that awarding fat portfolios on tribal bases is enough to make certain leaders and members of their communities happy is not far from stupidity.
    You are talking about those individuals, what about the other 9 million southsudanese? Not everyone is fighting for office jobs. People like me need hospitals, roads, clean water, electricity, security, less number of thieves like you, and less corruption. Where are they? To just feel everything is good for everyone when you feel good is a delusion of grandeur. An erroneous belief held despite the inundating evidence to the contrary. To be a lawyer means you are a statesman and someone at the helm, but to think that way puts you in a sport light as a mere flatter stooge, namedropper and hopeless dude who always need a van wagon for succes.

    • Eli says:

      Hi Shamga
      I agree with you, and “we the people” of all South Sudan need to have the spirit of unity not based on tribal affiliation but rather on the basis of merits and the desire to serve our nation looking at everybody as equal citizen. The name calling and arrogance of some individuals should be treated as individual personal conflict. Being equatorian or dinka or nuer or uduk or balanda or shilluk or from which ever ethnicity should never be base to determine our success or what office or leadership position we hold. Until South Sudanese realize these fact we are doom to fail and we shall be going around the same mountain around and around.

  11. Long Ranger says:


    You stated your argument well but one can see you sliding towards supporting Dinka led Government as oppose to Nuer.
    Interestingly you asked for what Equatorians want or perfer if I grasped you well.

    I will begin by saying the popular saying that ” an enemy to your enemy is your friend”

    That being said, we in Equatoria do not see our future with Dinka, Nuer or even Equatorian dominated Government on national unity. in fact there is wide difference among the Equatorains ethnic groups themselves let along the gulf between the Dinka or Nuer.

    And to say the Dinka Goverment offers more top posts is just pulling the wool in our eyes. To find out this you must ask the questions. Who is Wani, Lomuru, Bashir Gbondi and the likes if not clique of puppets, yes men ready to ask the devil to rape thier mothers as they watch? Do we respect them? No we don’t, only their families and few bribed elders worship them, not the elites. In same vain, political position doesn’t guarantee fair resource distribution.
    Did you bother to find out how many permanent secretaries are from Equatoria? have you ever wondered why Equatorian elites are not in the government jobs but in the NGOs?

    Well, the greed arrogance and barbaric display of the Dinka dominated Government has let us to one think; the quest for a Genuine Federal Government and this is what unifies us with the Nuers.

    Its here that Equity will be realized and offer opportunities for you people to get back and develop your own land other than marauding in Equatoria depriving your people of thier rights as the loots are always brought and consume in Equatorai soil and beyond.

    People can take Wani Tombe the way they like, but do we have plat form to air our views here in side the country, if we we have , you will be surprised. It could be 90% yes for change.

    We are only constraint by forces beyond our capacity. but mark you, we do not fight with our muscles only we use our brains well that is why we do not engage in daily quarrels and killings, we are calculative.

  12. Diplo Guest says:

    We Equatorians support democracy(rebels) and not dictatorship (Salva Kiir government).

  13. Hurry Robert says:

    Mabior, you are a dinka and therefore cannot speak for and on behalf of the Equatorians nor can you translate your purported analysis to convince the Equatorians to support the Government which has marginalized and done more harm than good to the Equatorians. We have already weighed our options and know we stand to benefit from Machar leadership more than that of Kiir because he is open and straight forward,You call him a Nuer but Nuer have never grabbed Equatorian land like what you guys have done and the list is long and long.You Dinkas have looted this country dry and some of you have now created for your selves imaginary and unsustainable class of luxury both in Juba and other cities of the World.You count on the few blind loyalists such as Anne Itto,Wani Igga,Lomoro,Momur,Nunu etc. will never yield any result to you for will never yield this time for we the Equatorians can never die for keeping kiir in power this time and after being defeated by the Nuer in the battles you have contracted UPDF so let them fight your battles but mind you history have proven that you can sustain your power using the occupation force.
    No wonder you are working for one of the most useless and non-performing institution –NCRC which has done nothing to this country just tea takers!!

  14. Wololo says:


    Your article is lukewarm because you want to be smart and remain safe if surely you are in Juba. We want you to be either hot or cold.

    Your recommendation number 2 and 4 are irrelevant because the character and behavior of the warring tribe are inborn and they can never learn to coexist with equatorian. We are rather tolerating them but not enjoying staying with them because they are not human but animals period.

    And in your conclusion you still remain lukewarm and I wonder why you came up with this article.

  15. Morbe says:

    SECOND, it only happens during tribal wars , where you would see people follow their leaders enmass when called upon by tribal chiefs. Lest a member is shunned or ostracized for failure to participate or contribute in exercise of his or her collective responsibility expected of all members. Adversely, in democracies and civilized communities it is the reasoning and logic response that prevail on such matters.

    In Equatoria region, affiliation to tribe influance is strong but to certain extent sober and unpugnacious. This is due to several factors namely: One, Equatorians are quite exposed to rule of law for some good time as opposed to other regions of South Sudan during the successive regimes that ruled the country since 1850’s. Two, Equatorians are quite educated as compared to other regions of South Sudan. Three, majority of Equatorians are cultivators; their livelihood rely on agriculture, and with agriculture you need a degree of stability where you avoid causes that could spoil your yields.

    If a comparison is therefore, drawn between communities of South Sudan we will find out that our brothers from other regions most of them are pastoralists and their lively hood rely on animal raring. The later lifestyle is frought with challenges of water and pasture through out the year. And during dry spells the two precious resources often fall in short supply hence the need to reach out or move to other areas where the likelihood of confrontention with other cattle communities is very real. Thus exposing the young ones to life of confrontention and violence for survival reasons. Additionally, another fact with regard to the cattle communities in our country is that Education is often neglected.

    The above and possibly more reasons informed the position of most Equatorians in order not to join neither sides of the conflict enmass during the crisi that started in mid December 2013 And still continuing Up todate. Although I strongly believed that Equatorians ought to have politically come out in force to condemn the targeting and killing of innocent civilians from Nuer tribe in Juba by government forces. Let me at this point salute mama Rebeca Nyandeng for her courage and political wisdom. For she is the only one who came out in the Midle of crisis and spoke against the killings of the innocent souls by the regime forces and made effort to alert the world. I think that should have been the position demonstrated by Equatorians politicians but unfortunately that was not the case!! And to me this was a coming political posturing by Equatorians leaders collectively.

  16. bolabokdit says:

    The current crisis need not to be analyzed in term of what gain or lose because it will add more problem than solving the problem. The reason people object to rebellion is because it will create cycle of rebillion. Everyone or party ousted president of the state will be overthrow too.
    What bothered me more is the stage of austerity and destruction our people will have to experience after they gain independence from North Sudan. For example, the level of destruction in three states where war is being fought is unbearable in term of human lives and properties. Those among Equatorians who see benfit in Riak rebellion should think of their children who are enjoying thier schools in three Equatorian states. They should think too of businees which are the source of development and Equatoria is better than any other states in Suoth Sudan specially of its infrastructre. In time of war all these services stop and level of insecurity increase.
    It is increasingly apparent to me that the 1991 faction has never left Riak Machar’s mind that is the reason he undermine peacefull reform and took arms agaist government. People of Suoth Sudan want the same living standard the same standard of governance and democracy. We simply as Suothern Sudanese cannot afford the risk of going back to being a country where people sieze power by force.

  17. Lo Jwan says:

    Dear Mabor Marial,
    First, I would like to register my appreciate to your analysis of the current political situation and the position of the Greater Equatoria, though your narrative fell very short on the truth and it is as well biased. I’m not surprise to see this kind of short sighted analysis coming from the very fat cats that have milked the country dry and have no any regards or slight understanding of positive nation building, rule of law, peaceful co-existence and respect to basic human rights. All available evidence indicates and proved that the on-going tragedy in the country was preconceived as a tribal war, supported on tribal lines and will continue as tribal genocide between the power hungry Dinkas and their cousins Nuers. Sadly Greater Equatoria people found themselves caught in the midst of this barbaric war where they are forced to accommodate and feed the poor and innocent citizens fleeing the very fire they helped to lit! So, why should the people of Greater Equatoria blindly support either side of this war? It is unfortunate that some Equatorians compatriots think our salvation will come from the blood thirsty Dinkas or Nuers. People of Greater Equatoria significantly participated and contributed immensely in the SPLA/M freedom struggle, many of their sons were the leading commanders and heroes of key decisive battles during that war. Unfortunately many of these gallant Equatorians are today branded second class citizens in the country they fought for and helped to liberate, the same negative attitudes of the Jallaba colonialists! Yes, I absolutely concur with you that, it is high time for the people of Greater Equatoria to come out and chart the way forward for their own destiny away from the way mongers’. Indeed, it is timely and critical for the political leaders in Greater Equatoria to urgently organize themselves politically into a regional party that strongly advocates for either confederation or complete session of Greater Equatoria from South Sudan. We have no illusion that this is a simple challenge with no painful sacrifices, nonetheless and learning from the modern history, all freedom struggles started from a humble beginning that later engulfed all. We are so tied to continue civilizing people who are still so stuck in the savagery pre-civilization age. It is time to call spade spade and face with begin the freedom of our peace loving and God fearing people. Just look at what is going on Lakes State now, do you think there is any grain of sanity in these people ? who wants to live or be ruled by such people?


  18. Omang Rollo says:

    Some of them are double dealers, they will go with the winning side like they usually do. Nuer hope of change with the barrel of guns is fading, so these mouths supporters should join Nuer in the battlefields if they are willing to kiss the dust for the sake of democracy. The government and her allies is ready to water down their foolishness with sticks and batons.

  19. Elijah Samuel says:

    Your statement “Because if it was, so many tribes would have been defeated a long time ago, the war would not also be called a rebellion but a genocide because other tribes would be at their complete elimination stages as we talk”.

    All South Sudanese must take the above statement seriously coming from A Jieng, Kiir’s supporter! This is a threat and a window into the minds of the Kiir’s Dinka, Who is saying if you Equatorian dare join the tribal war, we will defeat you and anihilate you easily!! This is in keeping with the mindset of the “Mighty Jieng” and the useless other minor tribes thus ignoring them no matter how much they voiced their view because they can be crushed in no time and no need to worry about them so in this kind of mindset, the problem of the Jieng becomes the Nuer a large and fierce group, who must be crushed, once done then the Jiengs dream of eternal power can not be challenged by any other minor tribes of Equatoria in Particular!

    The bad news to you, Mr Jieng, is that the Equatoria started the separation movement and carried it on for 17 years without the Arabs ever finishing a single tribe! Killing off of a tribe will only be in your dreams!
    In fact any minor tribe who decides to go in the bush will be a thorn in your sides in the cities! Just look at Koony of Uganda with few rugged army behind him, up to now even the super power behind his tail has not managed to get hold of him all these years! So go for peace instead of this useless grandiose delusions of the jiengs.
    Accept IGAD’s mediations, stop the Kangaroo court against the 4, release them and stop prolonging the war you started!

  20. Hi, Mr. Juma Mabor.
    Your rationale is indeed repugnant and questions your being a lawyer. I suggest do not write to fool yourself again.

  21. Alier Gai says:

    Honor mabior,
    It is my pleasure to read your thoughts on given article. All we need to know is the political benefit one should get in the end when the rendering services come to minimal; and that is the real key demand in politics. Being a joyrider is not good other than being a solution provider. Hating dinka because you are trained wrongly has its own flavor, and that is the declaration of a diversity’s dissolutionment. We have to assign our minds and hearts to right direction. However, my brothers are just devoting their heads into non-productive missions. They even went further by faking their way in to thrust ”equatoria region” on top of their dim resumes so that they are respected at their positions and considered in their political role they hatch without feathers’ temperture that delivers the production. You step your feet onto evil’s tail and the reaction is seemed to have different out come from paul village graduate. That is why you are misleading, arrogance and born to rule in paul’s rejection. I, personally don’t know the time paul and his villagers become peaceful than singing the insaity song.

  22. Nyeri says:

    Well Juma,

    You are another coward sitting in Juba instead of you cow land. Land grabbing is what brought you to Equatoria and sooner or later you will depart at the Equatorians demand. We cannot be lead by cows, and that is what a dinka/jenge is “a cow”. very stupid animal that has taken us back 30 years. You can never test the fate of the Equatorians, and never underestimate them.

    Why do you think the Equatorians should tell the the jenge what they stand for? stupid thoughts, its time you start packing before we get you in Juba. The jenge have been told over and over to take the capital, till today looting the money has been their main focus without any development. You can go and enjoy the oil revenue with the Nuer with a bullet in your throat. Equatoria land is full of fortune starting from Nimule to Kapoeta to Yambio. Nimule alone has capacity for the Hyroelectricity, it has the boarder with revenue, it has the national park and the Tourism, and many others. EES, CES and WES have the best agricultural land, cement, coffee, tea, and fruits. The next time you think of food, go to the jenge land and face the reality.

    We still remain your masters as long as you live in Equatoria. Be a man and liberate your selves and stay in the dinka land.

  23. Thon Giei says:

    Most commentators support the call for arms to change the existing government. Well, you should not be pushing others to die for you. take the courage and take the lead. Have any of you guys writing in South Sudan nation, visited the wounded persons in Juba military and Teaching hospitals to see the carnage? Please go and see and then come call for more loss of lives.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Tell this to Kiir and his tribal gangs. they are the one who recruited 7000 plus men from Jieng to come and die for them, Why didnt you ask him the same questions. It is said…THOSE WHO MADE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION IMPOSIBLE, MAKES VIOLENT REVOLUTION INEVITABLE!….That is simply the natural law of things!

  24. Lo Keri says:

    Hello Mr. Juama. I will not be surprise by your article because it describe which kind of person you are. First of all you stated that this conflict didn’t base on tribal line. This is an indication that show you as one of jieng who want to hold Equatorian scapegoat for the mistake committed by Kiir regime.As equatorial we have a right who we will support not base on Dinka’s will but ours. Please note that Dinkas are agitated society which should be purge out from South Sudan. Dinkas don’t believe many tribes fought for the course of south Sudan. They took everything for granted to satisfied and enrich themselves in the expense of South Sudanese. Equatorian are alert about the behaviors of Jieng people.

  25. Lo Keri says:

    Hello Mr. Juama. I will not be surprise by your article because it describe which kind of person you are. First of all you stated that this conflict didn’t base on tribal line. This is an indication that show you as one of jieng who want to hold Equatorian scapegoat for the mistake committed by Kiir regime.As equatorial we have a right who we will support not base on Dinka’s will but ours. Please note that Dinkas are agitated people which should be purge out from South Sudan sooner or later. Dinkas don’t believe that many tribes had fought for the course of country. They have taken everything for granted to satisfy and enrich themselves in the expense of other tribes in South Sudan. No tribe or anybody can make Equatorian to fill the ambitious less spaces. Your plea for Equatorian not to side because you want us to stand and support this bloodthirsty regime that cause suffering to many livelihoods.

  26. Jason Pitia says:

    This writer is closer inner circle of Kiir, as such his writing is full in support for the failed president, he has tried to put argument to divide the equatorians by calling those in diaspora a duplicate and the Equatorians who are in south Sudan are original, my friends we are one people the diaspora equatorians and those at home are all one family we are interconnected.
    while arguing that we the equatorians had enjoyed appointment in this corrupted government that is not true, I therefore argued him to do his home work again, the vice president he is talking about is a photocopy and image including those ministers while the actually work of running the country’s affair are done in the closed doors meeting in the night in dinka language while the useless vice president is already a slept
    The development he is talking about in Equatoria are earned through hard working individual equatorians both from home and in diaspora, tell me which hospital in Magwi county for instance been build by oil money? the road he was referring to is Juba-Nimule road constructed by USAIDS this is not because the government want to construct for Ma’di people but this is international road to link south Sudan with east Africa.
    This is typical example why jieng want to dominate and remain in Equatoria, but this time all efforts will be exerted to expel the dinka and this will be time to pay back what they have stolen from us starting with the defilement act to carried on our daughters, sisters and mothers, to the land grab and unlawful killing of our people.

  27. Hobu says:

    “A lawyer stationed in Juba?” But the language inscribed above sounds like one of our grandmothers who has never set foot in the classroom leave alone elementary school. The article actually has a lot of illicit majors, illicit minors, and worst of all the points were mixed up as if the writer was phasing his work from some unknown sources.
    I wish the author found some time to discern through a well articulated article of one brother Tombe. Such unbaked lawyers are the cause of all confusions in the Republic of South Sudan.

    • Shamga says:

      You said the points are mixed up as if the writer was phasing his work from some unknown sources. And you concluded that you wish the author found some time to discern through a well articulated article of your brother Tombe. Talk about Tome, what of you, have you got no brain of your own? Where is your well written article from a known source? My friend it is easier sometime to blabber in an ill manner about other people’s nicely done work than to do something similar to it yourself, or it is easier to find fault in others than in your self.
      Jealous idiots like you seek to find faults within others just to make themselves feel better. Despite not knowing you and how live your life, one can easily deduct your from writing the kind of life you lead. It is, of course, a boring life with no excitement in excitement in it, so you act in this manner to create something out of nothing. You seem to want to fill a gap of incapability to do things in your live by criticizing and and judging others harshly, so that you can feel better about your own miserable existences.
      I hope the author of this article doesn’t reply to your jealousy because you are criticizing and putting him down just out of bad intentions. He has got the option of either smiling and not replying because you are the weak one who is feeling both jealous and inferior or, reply to make you and make you feel happy as you will thing he is being defensive of the weakness , when he has gone none.
      Feel better about yourself by succeeding than putting others down.

  28. A lawyer? laughable! this is why we are at a big mess. A typical Dinga with born to rule mind. Dr. Riek is an excellent leader NOT for Nuer but for South Sudanese only that Dinga want to rule until the end of the world. Equatorians have been watching and are reacting now.

  29. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Dear Juma Mabior:

    Either you are related to Micheal Makuei Lueth or you have been hanging around him too much. Think you are smart to pull the wool over Equatorians’ eyes; you have exposed your hypocrisy unknowingly.

    The revolution has started. People of South Sudan have come to know what is going on. They are speaking loud and clear against the dictatorship of your rotten government. Start stashing away your ill gotten money because sooner or later, everyone body is going to receive only his fair share through the right channel. No more sleazy dealings in democratic principle which will soon be put in place instead of your dictatorship style.

    The art of lying to fool the ordinary folks will be the thing of the past. Nice try Mr. Good for Nothing, Lawyer!

  30. Alier Gai says:

    Is it you or him who is good for nothing. It is good to fight this tribal war so that you become somebody when you were nobody. And know that there will be one nobody after the end of this exposed miscalculated tribal war. Good luck somebody.

  31. Bajo says:

    Dear Juma,
    Your article is anyway to convince those at the grass-roots who lack reasoning about the nature of the current conflict ideal taken by the tribes of the president and he himself who dressed in military uniform from the very day of the conflict. What I would like to point out is the ideology taken at the start of the conflict by some groups who always believed to overcome any tribe in the country. It seems becoming worse than their perceived ideology, then they term it War between government the rebels. This,from my point of view, these groups are either seeking help from any direction or else trying to draw attentions of the nationals to defend the country, a curtain policy you are making in your article. You have clearly mentioned it as a tribal war, if not so, why have you said, some tribes would have completely eliminated if it was the tribal war, meaning you had the feeling of eliminating some tribes, when turned into worse, then you are turning around calling for help. whom are you trying to brain erase with this shallow article, get away with it.
    If I ask you a question, who first termed the current war as the war between Dinka and Nuer? The answer is the action taken by the presidential guards predominantly Dinka against the innocent civilians Nuer has defined this war as a tribal war.

  32. Ben Tombe says:

    Juma i think you must be mentally dislocated lowest not Lawyer.

  33. simon lagu says:

    Criss is the manifestation of the bankruptcy Dinka and Nuar get in to because one think is lacking in two tride and that think is peaceful co existing between themselves and tride

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