The Problem of Nimule Jienge scramble for Ma’diland


The problem of Guru (Nimule) is like the Hydra; the daughter of Gaia, whose head when cut off, a few will spring up — even more dreadful than the previous! In the case of Guru (Nimule), Hydra is the goddess of greed and lust for power, personified in few individuals at the center of an intricate and big web (exclusive clubs) with their leaders in the center of each web.

Essentially we have four major nightclubs: Juba nightclub, Torit nightclub, Nimule nightclub and Kampala nightclub (still emerging).

Juba is the epicenter (the mother) of all the dramas in Ma’diland. Her ultimate goal is to take over Ma’diland, for the benefit of the Jieng and she is doing so with the help of a handful, less than 1 %, corrupt and greedy sons and daughters of Ma’di.

In the Words of Gen Martin Kenyi, these few are the loudest, I would add amplified by Juba.

The below chart illustrate the actors who are involved in scramble for Ma’diland:(Chart unavailable)

In Ma’diland the epicenter of the drama is Nimule, with late Kisire being the leader of the Nimule nightclub – for over the last 7 years. However his demise is switching the center of power to Abila (to the Ganyipira group).

During Kisire’s reign, the Abila group was subdued and Kisire’s nightclub had monopoly of power. His demise has left a vacuum in his nightclub, which now Abila group is trying to fill.

The demise of Kisire and his senior aide (the two were recently assassinated in Nimule) is subject to many speculations and conspiracy theories, but one can’t rule out the Abila group from having a hand. Both Abila group and Kisire group have Juba as their power base. It is widely believed that Juba fell out with Kisire and found favor with Abila group, which led to the demise of the former leader’s demise.

The epicenter in Torit is governor Lobong and his deputy Jerome Surur. Lobong survival in the past was due to partly his seemingly unwavering support to the power base in Juba. Some insiders also said he bribes Juba with kilos of gold, to remain in power. December 15 came as a blessing for Lobong to remain in power. Juba has power serious issues to deal with, than worry about removing Lobong from power.

For now Juba would rather keep him in power than fire him and risk the anger of the Toposa – if not a sizable number of disgruntled Equatorians.

Currently in the center of Nimule nightclub is the power-broker, little David Eriga, who acts as a go-between broker with Torit and Nimule. Eriga however has got no influence, neither in Nimule nor in Torit. The day he losses favor of Torit, he may face the fate of chief Ajugo.

Insiders from government have it that Ajugo found his death in the hands of a Dinka man sent from Juba. The security apparatus in Juba knows this well, but as a escape-goat to cover the plot, Ma’di community leaders got rounded up and jailed and tortured for months.

At the end, the case died without the killer of our chief being brought to face justice and to this date justice did not prevail to dry up the tears of mourning mother, wives and children of late Ajugo.

Bilal is also a power-broker just like little Eriga. In the past he had direct access to the power-base in Juba through a men like Salva Matok (Kiir’s close confidante and former interior minister). But over the last 24 months, things have changed dramatically for him, and Bilal’s relevance to Juba power-base has diminished much to ZERO.

In fact Bilal has no influence by himself and his power to intimidate his fellow Ma’di was taken away from him immediately after Salva Matok lost his power. Bilal’s survival depends on the expectations from the benefits of the promises he makes to Juba and Torit.

The day he losses favor of Juba, his fate may not be any different from that of Kisire and Gwanya. If and when that happens, many Ma’di boys will get themselves in detention falsely accused of murder.

Another pseudo-power, that of Igga Emilio, whose place in this complex of social dramas is worth head scratching. He is caught between the expectations of the Ma’di community and the interest of power base in Juba. The rather cozy relation Emilio has with Kisire’s group in the past made the Ma’di community to look at him with suspicion.

Months before coming to take his new job as Chief Area Administrator, the relationship between Emilio and Kisire’s group was already badly damaged. The demise of Kisire put a final nail on the relationship between Emilio and Kisire’s group (which’s almost now dismantled)!

Today the relevance of Emilio to Torit is also fast diminishing. The arbitrary arrest of his community members on allegations of being rebels of Gen. Kenyi has put Emilio in very awkward position. Emilio being trusted less by his power-base in Torit, and he is seen helpless if not irrelevant by many members of his Madi community.

Though he has a military background, a brigadier without any army to command is not commander. It is hard to speculate on Emilio’s fate but Juba is merciless to those who are not useful in the ploy to achieve its priced objectives- THE MA’DI LAND.

It is important the rest of South Sudan, Equatoria in particular, study this case very closely because it lays bare the playbook of the Jieng council of elders in turning South Sudan into Dinkaland! We are reminded of the Colonial powers, DIVIDE AND CONQUER!, the born-to-rule!

Somewhere outside the web, are Gen. Kenyi and his boys, who believe it is the personal responsibility for every Equatorian to rescue South Sudan from Juba. For now Juba thinks Kenyi is only a nuisance – mere irritations. But when that irritation starts to get more and more, Ma’diland will be an epicenter of a bigger drama – that may become serious concern to Juba leading to genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Ma’di people in the name of fighting rebels, playbook scenario seen in the Nuerland and Juba itself.

Only few months ago when Jada Tibi struck two trucks on Nimule Juba-road, Juba become very concerned. It was not possible to ignore the irritation Kenyi caused to Juba. If only Juba can learn a lesson from the past, it will avoid making the same mistake again and again.

As for the power-base in Juba, its commitment to subdue Ma’di people and grab the land of the natives is something which seems to be a raison d’etre for people like Mathok and the belligerent, notorious information and official spokesman of RoSS Minister Michael Makuei Lueth.

Somewhere in the outskirts are Ann Itto, the acting secretary of SPLA, and Former Ambassador John Andruga, who are fighting for their political survivals. Whereas he has failed to find relevance in Juba, John Andruga is trying to rediscover himself through his farming project.

As for Anne Itto, she is just hanging around – without whatsoever predictable future. Both Ann Itto and John Andruga have no influence in Juba – either negative or positive. Their inability to explain their helplessness has put them in rather the bad books of a big block of the Ma’di community members.

For now the whole of Ma’di, community is left like a volcano waiting to explode. A volcano is a chaotic system, and in chaos one can only expect of strange attractor, either a subset of phase, where all trajectories strive.

The way things are, the global dynamics of the complex web where Hydra of Guru lives is difficult to predict with certainty. But one thing is sure, one problem temporarily solved in Ma’diland brings a new one, just like the new heads of Hydra spring up from a cut.

Now there is no brand of unknown faces coming in Nimule and Ma’di land in the name of peace and coexistence between the host community and their uninvited guests, the Dinka Economic Displaced Persons/EDPs, mainly from Jonglei.

The Juba-based government has recently carried intimidation and bullying arrests, and constant disappearances including recent unlawful kidnapping of Deputy Lopirigo Lagu Jabakana, who was snatched– for a better word– kidnapped when he was attending the funeral of his relative in the village of Arapi, Amoria, Pageri boma.

He was snatched three weeks ago till this date nothing is known by his family of his whereabouts. It seems the government has succeeded in its bullying of the citizens into silence.

The new leader of Nightclub, supported by David Eriga with the money given by Reconcile International, a long local NGO based in Yei being funded by Danish Church Aid. These organizations have committed crimes by drafting irrelevant Memorandum of understanding between the Dinka Squatters in Nimule and these few corrupt indigents to attempt to legalize the squatters, displaced and robbers the Ma’di land.

This document if signed will give permanent habitat for the Jieng Nomads who decided to squat permanently and occupy the Ma’di land.

Again, let those with eyes see and those with ears hear what is happening in the Ma’diland where the playbook of the colonial and the born-to-rule dark policy of the Jienge is displayed in broad daylight, for after her, this shall be replicated all over South Sudan, Equatoria in particular.

The government of Kiir is using the country’s money to bribe, corrupt and starve the desperate indigents to the benefit of the Jieng. As it may seem believed but also uttered by them, they fought for their independence from the Arabs, now we have to fight them for ours!

They are forgetting, South Sudan’s journey to independence was unequivocally born in Equatoria, amplified by the Nuer (Anya-nya II) and celebrated in Juba (Equatoria land). While the Jieng fought and died for a united Sudan, the rest of the 63 tribes never wavered from an INDEPENDENT SOUTH SUDAN, for which we shed our blood and will continue to do so FOR THE NATURAL RIGHT TO LIVE IN OUR ANCESTRAL LANDS!

David Aju Kanyara

“The voice of the voiceless”


  1. Oyet says:

    This is an analytic article and contained a lot of facts about the hidden agenda of the massive Equatorian land grab, Nimule being the border town essentially has seen the huge volcanic eruption ever after Juba. Unfortunately poor and powerless Ma’di have paid the price and will continue to pay in the coming future. You Ma’di should review your priority, unite to disown those greedy politicians who never thought of value of land.
    In acholi land we have greedy individuals too and we are beginning to dehorn their horns, in my view we Acholi and Ma’di are cousins we should therefore unite now and put away the difference brought between our two peaceful tribes by egoistic politicians.
    Together we can win and overcome the heartless massive movement of these people. Dinka have no birth control that is why they are all over like seasonal locusts. they have caused insecurity in their states and now they are envying our hard work and collective progress we have in peaceful Equatoria.
    AJu, once again you have lit the candle, let every Ma’di and Equatorian continue to light their candles or else this evil plan is made to extinguish the small and weak tribes. I am saying it louder here it is time, enough is enough, let the abled bodies follow the footsteps of the brave sons of Equatoria, General Kenyi and Col. Joseph Losuba are the heroes.

  2. Eli says:

    Thanks Mr Aju;
    Your article once again is eye opening but also disheartening. Together we WILL win by joining the arm struggles already in progress, we need not lose heart. This is not the first time we prevailed over invading intruders. Today it is the SPLA- Juba/dinkas who pose threats to not only Ma’di people but to whole of South Sudanese people, however the opposition to SPLA-Juba/dinka ignorance and arrogance is gaining momentum everyday. It is too early to call this war over, it’s just starting,we will not give even an inch of everyone’s rightful ancestral piece of land to SPLA-Juba/dinka squatters. “United we stand strong but divided we shall fall”.
    It is time we need newer strategies and to step outside the box and call on our allies from across the globe. Particularly the time has come for Ma’dis and Acholis and rest of Equatorians to take the lead. Also we need our brothers on both sides of the borders (Uganda-S. Sudan) to join hand, for sure the British had succeeded in weakening the former mighty warrior spirits of Ma’di people. But it is not too late to call on our brothers across the borders to rescue us, in tough moments like now we need one another. One thing that is clear is the Nyamkole’s control UPDF does not represent all Ugandans, there are many Ugandans who are disgruntled of Museveni’s dictatorial and they are looking for a change as well, just as SPLA juba doesn’t represent all South Sudanese or all Dinkas, there are rotten onions in each groups and we need to target those ones and eliminate them (you can call them the muaraseen, siri, enemy informants, betrayers, and cowards), this is part of the next strategies.
    Let us prepare our bows and sharpen our arrows, we need to arm ourselves, we will distribute guns to everyone who is willing to carry gun and train them to use it and see where the intimidations will come from.
    Eli Wani

  3. Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

    Few of these Madi prostitutes have sold their souls to the Jiengs. The Kiir government yes have taken the advantages to bribe the greedy all over South Sudan to the advantage of the Jiengs and to the detriments of the other 63 tribes. We need to fight them as long as they infest our ancestral lands. There shall never be peace as long as they infest the ancestral lands of other people and not go back to their lands. We fought the Arabs because of our lands, We did not do it so as to hand our lands to the Jiengs.

  4. mindra says:

    Hey Oyet,you are very brilliant man,secondly aju wonderful article,your articles is up to the contains everything,happening in madi land,
    their nightclubs bosses have started vanishing and they will vanished all with time,just matter of time,
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam madi corridor

  5. jok lual says:

    so call Ali and oyet where are you when arab control south sudan?
    now you getup for long time of sleep and you talking about Dinka we get this country after we paid lots we loss many of brothers and sisters so you madi and Nuer take your gun to fight for 21 years if you can

    • Toria says:

      It took 21+ 17 years for all South Sudanese to gain independence, after all most of the wars wasn’t fought by dinkas. Jok dinkas were busy killing fellow brothers and sisters while the rest were fighting the jallabas, it is very unfortunate that you as an acting representative of dinka tribe claimed that you fougth for 21 years, you are a liar.
      Jok, I really hope that many dinkas don’t reason like you, or you are digging your own graves by following Salva Kirr to his graveyard if you do not change your mentality. Think well and leave Kirr alone to face the enemies he created for himself.

  6. Oyet says:

    Jok Lual,

    There is no sense in your writing, if it were only the jienge till today south Sudan would have been under united Sudan. you liberate the country to me doesn’t make any sense, Dinka migrated everywhere in the world, what are you people running away from if you are liberators? Dinka have created the most worse image of south Sudanese, have you ever seen any tribes among the so called the” lost boy of lost jienge generation” why were the boys become lost boys? they could have been protected by the so called liberators isn’t?
    Under idiot Kiir the by chance president, you dinka created hatred for yourself by been so arrogance, unfriendly towards other people who embraced culture of peace and stability, and now you want to infected other peaceful community with your culture of been hostile tribe. This time we will see so that we don’t hear the language we liberated this country etc after the end of this current war, we Glorify God now the price of oil have taken it fall, and soon UPDF will redeploy back to Uganda, as there will be no oil money to fund their presence in our country. with insurgency increasing in Equatoria, we will soon begin hunt you like the wide rat, and you cows will drink honey in water and they will die in their number. In you safe haven in Uganda, you will begin to hear different language as Museveni was also married into this war for the love of money, there was not feeling of true love in his marriage with Kiir. because of culture of hostility those of you who have bought houses in Kampala or else where in Uganda will see the tsunami.

  7. Nyeri says:

    This is yet history recorded, those with greedy intentions will never prevail. Moral obligations of employment must not be meet by selling land and the blood of people. Madiland will prevail amidst all this temptation during this lent season.

  8. alex says:

    The cawords just want to push others to die while they are drinking beer in the West. Why not come come and try to face the fire yourselves. Issues regarding land are not issues to be sloved by guns. We are one people we can not fail to slove our difference through peaceful means. If Kenyi was breave man, he would be fighting Omer Basir who killed his son for no reason while he was commanding Basirs melitias in Equatoria. Who is an enemy? The person who took refugee in your land or somebody who kills your own son?

    Those people from Madi whom you are blaming are people who are nationalistic and they have the country in their hearts. Dinka in Yambio left peacefully without a fight. In Kajokeji they left without fighting so how comes you Madi are choosing for a fight than following the way of deplomacy. No body should take somebody’s land by force but it is the situation in the country which made those dinka to resettle there in Nimule. You claim to be supporters of SPLM in opp if you are really people who can think. If you kill Dinka in Nimule, how will jounior Garang the Mabior feel and the mother Rebeca because these are their people who resettle there. Do you think Riek will abandan Garang for you Madis. Your reasoning is so childish that you do not know what will be the consquences for your own people. We are one people fighting is not our culture. We are tolerent people and our diversity is our pride. The land issue is being used by people who have their hidden agenda but because they lack political intellect and they fail to get into top position, they resort to this cheap issue of land. I do not think Dinka will like to live in Nimule for eve when there is total peace in our country. We saw how they were being killed by Riek rebels in Born in 1991 and 2013. You should stop fabricating lies when you are covering your own hatred. Whether it is Riek who is in power, if the country is not yet stable do not think he will ask Dinka to go to their land. We all know east west home is best so why would Dinka refuse to go to their home land which is blassed with alot of natural resourses. I advise you madi people to seek depolamacy rather than pushing your sons to die for no reason.
    I once saw a programma about one arm delar. He was asked why would they make guns and give inocenct people to kill themselves. He said they are only helping those who want to die to kill themselves. If we were people who can think, this statement speak alot for ourselves. We are the people of the same blood and we need each other when things become tough as in the time of the liberation.
    Again there was a saying there were three strong cows and a lion want to eat them but because when the lion try to catch one of the cow the other two join in to fight the lion until the lion was defeated. He could not manage to kill one of those cows but one day the lion used a trick to breed hatred among the the three cows. He said if you could allow me to eat mr x you will be my friends and I will not eat you two because of stupidity the two agreed and they led they sister to be eaten. He alos decived the remaining two using the same trick, the other one allowed it brother to be eaten. One time the lion came to the remaining cow that I am hungery and I need to eat you but the cow replied that you last time promised not to eat me. The lion replied that but he is hungry he could do nothing and he eat the remaining cow. So s. Sudanese you are following the same fate as these three lions. You will end up being eaten by the Arabs all. Riek have started by bringing the guns from Khartoum, this is the begining of you coming sufferring and because of that cheap thinking you think war is the option. Seek advice from your own elders whom you are blaming for no reason. You madi are the one killing your own brothers and you blame the goverment. The blood of your own brothers is upon your heads. Do you think God did not know who killed them and will you escape God judgment? The course of God is upon those who take inocent live and you will hear the voice of your own brothers scrimming in your names. They did not die in Vain those who kill them will face judgment day.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Alex admits running away from Bor because they can not protect themselves from the Nuer. Who is coward now? Huuuuum. In the process he revels the Jieng philosophy of conquering Equatoria in this story:
      “Again there was a saying there were three strong cows and a lion want to eat them but because when the lion try to catch one of the cow the other two join in to fight the lion until the lion was defeated. He could not manage to kill one of those cows but one day the lion used a trick to breed hatred among the the three cows. He said if you could allow me to eat mr x you will be my friends and I will not eat you two because of stupidity the two agreed and they led they sister to be eaten. He alos decived the remaining two using the same trick, the other one allowed it brother to be eaten. One time the lion came to the remaining cow that I am hungery and I need to eat you but the cow replied that you last time promised not to eat me. The lion replied that but he is hungry he could do nothing and he eat the remaining cow.”
      The oppressed need to take a leaf from this interesting story to save themselves from the mendacious lion.

      • alex says:

        The Nuer are human beings like us and they are our brothers. So no point of killing ourselves. If the Nuers have defeated the Dinka so what is the reason of fighting again and wanting to kill people who have take refugee in your land. Instead it is the duty of the Madi to protect those brothers from the Nuers. Educate the Nuers to accept the Dinkas as their brothers and sisters. That is God’s creation why are we trying to alter God’s plans. We are all one people and God has given South Sudan to all of us so let us stop meaningless fighting just caused by spreading unfounded roumers and lies.

        • GatNor says:

          The coward is readily available for assimilation into Nuer society. The doctrines of assimilation you can learn directly from Nuers. Ask your long captured descendants who are now proud Nuers.

  9. Toria says:

    Those who have no business in EquaToria need to just shut up and mind their own affairs. What a confused lunatic you are. Are you just learning about the history of S. Sudan or even don’t know nothing? What a lame excuses? We are IDPs; displaced, cowards wives of UPDF, refugees or wonderers, lost boys, homeless, blah blah……… you need to learn civil manners or you will run around all over the world and one day there will be nothing call dinka again. Go and develop your swamps and stay there. Mabior and his mother are cursed family, they will have no peace until they all perish just like his father, he is a lost sheep in midst of hungry wolves, nobody even listen to Garang’s family anymore, not even their own idiot borian-less people.

  10. alex says:

    We will not allow cheap politics to be played here. God will never allow any tribe to just disappear like that. The Hutus tried to exterminate their brothers and sisters in Rwanda but God never allowed it to happen. If you refuse to take the advice, it is unfortunate and the day the reality befell on the Madi, then you will recall this advice. I repeat again, Dinka are IDPS that is why they settle in Numule. It is a lie that they intend to take Nimule. So brothers take the example of people of Kajokeji and Yambio you will avoid unnacessary death of our young youth for no reason.

    We fought together as brothers and sisters during the liberation and we will remain together as brothers and sisters. THERE IS NO POINT FOR US TO KILL OURSELVES WE ARE ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION BUT IF THE DEVIL HAS TAKEN CONTROL OF OUR BRAIN AND OPT FOR WAR, LET THE MADI TRY. I believe in peace and those who seek peace, God will call them his children. Madi people do not allow yourself to be decieved by power hungery people who just hide their true hatred in the name of your land being taken. It is not true nobody will ever take Madi land and do not disrespect your elders. If you listen to this advise some of you will see tomorrow but if you allowed yourself to be decieved, your children will die prematurely. These children are our future let us not loose them to fighting that has no meaning. Also stop killing your brothers so as to decieve people that they are being killed by other people. These people are your own parents, brothers and sisters and you killed them in cold blood. Their blood is scrimming in the grave there and calling the names of those who killed them. You will never be in peace if you killed your own brother for no reason. You will be like Cain and you will wonder until you ask for forgiviness from God.You have been blessed with many Pastors in your area why don’t you listen to the word of God?


  11. Toria says:

    Those who killing the youth and everybody else in South Sudan are the dinka militias, time is coming when you will answer for all their bloods. What an ignorant advice, you need to ask yourselves; why are dinkas running from one place to another, why cant you people settle down in your swampy places and defend yourselves from the minority Murles and Nuer youth? Soon Nimule will not be a better hiding place for you anymore, maybe cross to Uganda before it’s too late.

  12. David Deng Kual says:

    We are not scrambling for Madiland, Equatoria is our grazing ground. To us nothing call Equatoria. We have Yei, Kapoeta, Nimule, Juba and all the surrounding areas in our hands. Your cry is our victory. That is how we want it. That it how our ancestors plan it. And that is how it will remain. We treated Nuer how they wanted it. They learned lessons. Madi are in our hands, they are learning lessons. Kakwa cried for their evil lady, they learned a lesson. In Narus, Nadapal, Tapoza learned a lesson. Western Bhar el gazlians learned a lesson. Each and every tribe will learn lessons. We are imperial, we are powerful, we have 63 subordinates tribes. Cry, but you will remain least class of people. Slaves.
    David Deng Kaul
    Nairobi, Kenya

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