The Presumed Sanctions must now start with Pres. Salva Kiir himself

By: Eli Wani , South Sudan, OCT/13/2015, SSN;

The Presumed Sanctions Must Now Start With Pres. Salva Kirr Himself. President Salva Kiir once again issued another contradictory decree. Contrary to the so-called “Compromised IGAD PLUS; Last Friday 2nd of Oct., 2015 by using Article 101 of Transitional Constitution of South Sudan (2011), the “Establishment of 28 States in the pretext to decentralize his governing system in the Republic of South Sudan.”

Why did you wait until this moment, Mr. President? Are you just countering the position of your opponents or is this the beginning of new war propaganda?

Seriously, Pres. Kirr really needs to check into hospital for a psychiatric diagnosis. He either has a dementia or mental illness. This is beyond illiteracy; but how could he not remember what he told the nation just four weeks ago?

An excerpt from Pres. Kirr’s speech:

“Having made our reservations and expressed our disappointment on the provision of the Agreement, I (President Kiir) finally signed the Peace Document with reservations to return our country back to peace and development. With that signature, I had fully committed the government to faithful implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. All institutions of government in the country shall be bound by this Agreement and shall be expected to carry out the functions stipulated for them therein. I believe you are aware of that National Council ministers has already endorsed and adopted the Agreement and that the National Legislature has ratified it as well. In my capacity as Commander-In-Chief of the SPLA, I have already issued a ceasefire order for SPLA troops to stop any military offensive in the conflict zones unless on self defense.”

This time we should not put the blame of the President’s malice on his advisers or people close to him for wrongful advice. Because, when he signed the IGAD Plus, he went against the advice of his closest cliques.

So, this time he Mr. President needs to take the blame and he is to be seen as the “Spoiler of peace”.

To refresh your memories please go and read my article:

Those who didn’t agree with me then, can now prove who the real opponent of peace in South Sudan is. One way or another, it is now apparent when Pres. Kirr said he has “serious reservations” about signing IGAD PLUS.

Pres. Kirr was a procrastinator due to his reluctance and delaying tactics in signing the so-called Compromised IGAD Plus on 26th of August, and with threats of “reservations” and now he wants to inject in a topic that is contrary and irrelevant to the recent agreement.

This president should also be charged with perjury for making false statements all the time. He is a flip flopper and can no longer be trusted to stay on the seat of Presidency; his judgments are flawed and impaired maybe due to excess consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Such a person is not fit to lead a nation.

Now, it’s clear who is to blame and the threats of sanctions should no longer just be words of mouth but actions.

The United Nations, the International Communities, and African Union, all need to make a strong statement to condemn this recent move by Pres. By imposing sanctions on Salva Kirr for working hard to try and derail the peace agreement and the president must be held accountable for once again trying to fail our people.

We, the people of South Sudan urge the parties to respect and abide by the treaty and we also beg the International Community to stand tall and use every necessary measure at your disposal to bring peace in our nation of South Sudan.

All the warring parties must be held accountable for ALL the crimes they have committed and are still committing.

The United Nations has taken many war criminals to the ICC in the past and we urge the ICC to also do the same in South Sudan.

Eli Wani is a concerned South Sudanese.


  1. Toria says:

    You have said it all. Salva Kirr and his cohorts hate the people of South Sudan, it is about time we put aside “tribalism”, and put our beloved nation first, we must unite to save the nation by calling for an early elections, and in which the two chief rival leaders ie Pres. Kirr, and the first VP Dr Riek should not run, including both thier vices Wani Igga and Lado Gore are all part and percel in the current mess. Let there be a neutral and non partisan candidates to content regardless of ethnicities, but only individual merits.

  2. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Toria,

    Don’t be naive, prove it that president Kiir hates people of south Sudan!. You’re right at one point, you’re wrong at the far end, The butcher Machar and his murderous killer Gore names should not be in same sentence with president Kiir, The reason we have this mess is because of the butcher Machar. Let me remind you president Kiir was elected, and the 2 killers should be brought to justices by any means necessary.

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