The President and his advisors have created unnecessary political tension in the country

BY: Juma Mabor Marial, lawyer, JUBA-SS, APR/17/2013, SSN;

It is two now days since President Kiir issued his presidential decree No. 3/2013 withdrawing the delegated powers from the vice president, Riek Machar. This decision brought about mixed reactions and quite a substantial number of opinions have so far suggested that this is not about delegated powers per se but it is largely about the on-going political bickering and leadership shadow boxing within the political bureau and the SPLM party. These calculations are tempting to be ruled out as these are indeed the hidden secrets that compounded the power struggle within the ruling party.

These factors later on but now….. let us just go to the rationale (if any) of the presidential decree withdrawing the delegated powers of the vice president and the subsequent decree that dissolved the national peace and reconciliation committee, the question that I initially had to asked and all of you could be anxious to ask is, “did the president have to go public in his decision of withdrawing the delegated powers from his vice president?”

Mine is a resounding NO. why, because the prudence behind the term ‘delegation or delegated’ is relative and quite prerogative to the extent that, the president like any other boss in his own right can withdraw by implications the trust that he has bestowed upon his vice and possibly tell him one-on-one that, he will no longer send him here and there, the president can as well remain silent and choose to delegate other people to do the work that is supposed to be done by his vice at his pleasure.

This will indirectly tell the vice president that he is no longer relevant because the president no longer trusts him with major government projects.

There is a recent example that I must relate to you about these kinds of things. Closer home, when Kenya was preparing to go to the general elections, president Kibaki was caught up with the choice of picking a successor and because there were so many candidates who were eyeing his endorsement, he decided that, in order to play his cards safely.

He had rather started right away and from then on, he forgot about his vice president Kalonzo Musyoka who was not his favorite choice and whom he doubted would be a spoiler in his plans to bring Uhuru Kenyatta to state house. He rapidly delegated Musilia Mudavadi who was then the Deputy prime minister and all he intended was to tell Kalonzo indirectly that, ‘man, if you don’t relent on your desire to block Uhuru, then know that I can always have a choice against you even before the general elections.’

This change of events drew Kenyans into serious arguments and endless debates but in simple terms, it was a withdrawal of powers by Kibaki from Kalonzo Musyoka by implications. Mr. Kibaki didn’t care whether Mr. Mudavadi was called his project or otherwise. He was determine to deter Kalonzo and that, he ultimately achieved.

Now, let’s come back to Kiir and his ‘brother’ Riek. In my opinion, the president could have silently made use of his closest confidants to stripe the so called delegated powers of the vice president instead of wasting time on writing a decree. The president could have sent the people that he had earlier sent to investigate Riek on the desire to contest in SPLM to also act for him in things that he used to delegate Dr. Riek to do for him.

What would have been Different?

The people of south Sudan would have been glued to their Television sets and their ears fixed to the local radios if the president had decreed the suspension of the vice president powers under article 105 of the transitional constitution of south Sudan 2011 for the best reasons known to him. This would have made great news although it could have been disastrous and volatile news at the same time.

However, with my non-acceptance of what transpired, I still strongly feel that, Kiir wanted to pass one strong message to Dr. Riek that, “you think you have people on the ground, am still the president of this republic, your political oxygen is squarely in my bare hands and you should be careful how you try to compete against me’.

Kiir also wanted to taste the popularity of his decrees to the public in the political aspects and if the reaction is not overwhelming, then he may as well thumb his chest and say, ‘am still in control’, so all in all, Kiir is threatening Dr. Riek that ‘don’t think about SPLM, else you will find yourself in your house before the convention.’

What I would call ‘damage control’ by the Information Minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, to me does not hold any water in the current political developments, following are what he had to say when he addressed the Journalists yesterday in Juba regarding the decree withdrawing the Vice President delegated powers that: “Riek Machar is still a vice president with all constitutional powers. General Salva Kiir Mayardit is still a president with all his constitutional powers. They are all in office. What the president had done is that he had withdrawn powers he had previously delegated to the vice president. It is like you asking me to do some work for you when you are preoccupied. This is exactly what happened and it should be understood in this context,” Marial said Tuesday.

He added that, “There is no difference that I know between the vice president and the president. The two leaders have been closely working together on all issues of national value.”

That is also what I would call ‘rat-and-Mouse Game’ in Marial’s sentiments. What Benjamin does not understand about this job of his is that, he can always be loyal to his boss and report in his favor but also, he has an equally significant obligation to tell the public of south Sudan the truth. He cannot lie to the people that there is no problem between the two artificial brothers (Riek & Kiir) and this is already in the public domain.

What is needed now is, ‘what are the necessary conflict resolution mechanisms people like Benjamin exploring to avoid the situation from escalating into a different dimension that will negatively affect the lives and progress of the people of south Sudan.’

To say that there is no conflict between Riek and Kiir is like dangling the Christmas bell in the ears of the people of south Sudan and I think Marial should be told that we know better than what he thinks he wanted to tell us, we need new solutions to those political bureau and the SPLM power wrangles.

The decree suspending the holding of the national reconciliation conference and dissolution of the committee thereof:

My first reaction to this fact was that the president had overreacted because the commission on peace and reconciliation should not have been seen to be a brief case project for the vice president such that the withdrawal of his delegated powers could be done concurrently with the dissolution of the commission.

But later on as the details of the conflicted unfolded, I was convinced that this commission was a sole project of the vice president and some of his closest cronies and the office of the president was never happy with it and its leadership from day one.

The reasons for the decision emerged that, with the removal of the vice president from the committee, the office of the president can now work on installing its own cronies to eat into the funding that had been appropriated to the project.

So in simple terms, ‘it is, you have eaten enough, Mr. vice president, it is now my turn to eat the remaining share with my cronies’ kind of scenario.

Otherwise, if there were no individual interests in the national peace and reconciliation commission, I don’t see any legitimate reason why it should have been incorporated as an ingredient to this political conflict. The people of south Sudan need to move forward and the commission was a milestone in this journey.

So it was, to say the least, useless to drag the commission into this problem.

In conclusion, I wish to offer my free legal advice to the president and his advisors that, next time when you want to embarrass someone, do it in your offices without giving the public uneasy time, because, believe me you, I couldn’t sleep that night when this news was read out and I think most of you did not.

The president and his advisers had created an unnecessary political tension and this is something they should have handled quietly and neatly.

From now on, you must know that ‘delegated powers’ are freely and willingly given by any particular boss and they are or can be withdrawn at will, so there was no need to inform us about it, however, the point of giving the strong message to Dr. Riek being the underlying factor is recognized but again, use other mechanisms next time.

As for the people of south Sudan, politicians are funny animals and can only be likened to foxes family, they can trick you to do what they would not do and recently in Kenya, Raila Odinga, after losing to Uhuru Kenyatta in the presidential elections, behaved as if he was never going to reconcile with Uhuru.

And some four (stupid) people committed suicide because of him after the supreme court ruled in favor of Uhuru, upholding his presidential elections result as legitimate.

Two days after Uhuru was sworn in and Raila came back from south Africa, the later was invited to state house, Nairobi, and the four, (president Uhuru Kenyatta, deputy President William Ruto and the losers Raila and Kalonzo musyoka) had lunch together, got into the jovial mood anyone would ever see and spent a splendid time together.

One blocker after seeing the pictures of their cordial meeting wrote on Facebook and I must quote: “what if we had killed ourselves?!!”

These are the politicians for you and my honest advice now in this case is that, we should take the decision made by the president as purely a leadership wrangle between him and his deputy and should not be taken out of context to cause disunity among the ordinary citizens because in the end, these two gentlemen will be seen sharing several other issues as they are now doing.

Let’s take the Kenyan blogger’s spirit and for that I say, “why should we kill ourselves for this duo?”

Juma Mabor Marial is a Lawyer and Lives in Juba.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Clueless Salva Kiir. A puppet who simply is too deformed to be reformed. If ever possible, may God speed up time so that 2015 approaches fast and our people vote this “insect” OUT.

    • Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

      Honorable, Juma Mabor Marial. Hi,
      I don’t mind about suspension of national reconciliation or removal of Dr. Riek from it. To commonsense there is a confusion in constitutional act, which article has given our president Kiir’s to pretend and using individual degrees as a master minded ruling of Law? Southern Sudan its various ethnics and several difference Languages. However, ten States has shown as will the Federal Government. If Our comrade President Salva is the right fuctionary of Law, then we should ask Chan Reec Madut who did the constitutional confusions.The national reconciliation is higher level rationalism innovation for people of newly born nation due to avoid war’s affectively wounded.

  2. Stephen Dut says:

    Juma Mabior Marial
    You are a lawyer by profession and I must repeat you are a Lawyer by profession. Politics is a dirty game and it is dirty beyond cleaning in Africa and in south Sudan in particular. The people we sometimes want to defend did not inform us when they make decisions whether they are Dinka, Nuer, Bari, shilluk, Murle, Mundari, Taposa and so forth. and finally when their decisions are defeated the very people come to the foolish majority and say, Gentleman look what that tribe has doe to us.
    And when the stupid idiot youth hears that they rush to fight the war they don’t know anything about it.

    So my advise to everybody in south Sudan is this, if Kiir wants to fight Dr. Riak, let the two start with their children and themselves because they very well know why they are fighting. And it should not be Nuer or Dinka because we had enough in 21 years.

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      That is superficial Mr. Dut, for your reaction whether you admit it or not has its serious underlying message. Therefore it is instrumental to you as a mere collaborator or common man.

  3. Edward says:

    Great article!!

  4. Albino Kosti says:

    The president of South Sudan abuses his powers that the interim constitution gave him. The interim constitution gave all powers to the president because of the respect not to abuse power because every month he sends someone home therefore I accuse our president of abusing power that the country entrusted on his shoulders.

  5. dmajak says:

    Thank you bro. Mabor, you get it right. Good job. President kiir has become problem to himself because has chosen many advisers that have hidden agenda which is to create disunity among South Sudan population. I will not blame anybody apart from president himself. He should not give that order in the first place. Best options was call vice president and tell him in person that he’s withdrawing all powers delegated to him. I know Riek will not refuse that because he is very respected person. One of the worst things he has done is postponement of National Reconciliation.

    Was president drunk at time he issued his decree? Anyway, in south Sudan, we need to reconcile ourselves so we can build a nation. If there is peace in Warrap, there is no peace jonglei, Upper Nile, Unity, Eastern Equatoria for example. We need peace, Mr kiir. if you don’t reconsider your decree now, we should vote Riek machar coming 2015.

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      President Kiir and his elites who believe in consciousness of membership always their advise to the President is giving a hardship to the nation as result Kiir has issued such decree removed all the delegated powers from Vice President Dr Riek Machar even which types powers has not been clarified in the decree and he dissolved national reconciliation and entire process, so where is the national interest here?
      Now if you take the public judgment Kiir is giving Riek more and more credibility this decree can be compared to the statement that was quoted by President Kiir in Khartoum newspaper saying that Dr Riek is the one who’s pushing him for separation while the vast majority of Southerners were in favor of separation.
      If be the case Mr President should not accuse his Vice for having ambition to run for next coming SPLM national convention and toward Presidency in 2015. if we want to live in democratic society this is a birth Right to any one who’s having a vision for the nation. so from Kiir, Riek, Wani, Pagan and Nyadeng Garang, I appreciate this to have a woman who tries to run for the big job; all are welcome to contest and let it be determined by the quality and the fact of being popular.

  6. Dau-network says:

    This is what l normally said that our people are easily to be manipulated to act before they digest the consequences.
    Advice to my people, be careful about politicians interests but not yours. Did you see when Odinga and Kibaki made a big hug after deadly mess and they are enjoying now?
    Now while stupid people kill each other for being fools, that will happen if we can’t learn from the past.

  7. Joe Joe says:

    It’s so sad that those we entrusted to lead the people in the country have turned to this. We stood up for our right to be free since 1983 and we showed it again in 2011. Yet these guys are steering something up. our president is being used by those who promote hatred and greed in our nation. The children of the regular citizens have to shed the blood. I mean look at how they use the national army to combat crimes rather than giving the police to do their work. The police should be the people to follow the cattle rustling as well as the local government comprised of Chiefs and commissioners to do their duty. National army should be protecting the nation from being invaded from another nation, or to combat the Rebels. As long as we still have these messed up leaders in Juba, Force will continue to be exerted on the poor civilians and the real criminals who caused this will never be prosecuted. Women and children will be shot and insecurity will not go away.

  8. You guys make a big deal out of this, but there is nothing wrong with what President Kiir has done. You guys did not vote for Dr. Riek to be Vice President. Therefore; you should know that Salva appointed him and at the same time, he assigns some duty to him. That means he can replace him at any time with someone else if he feels that Riek could be the mess or when he is not performing well. And some of you have been saying that President Kiir was abusing power and that is not correct! Thereafter, Kiir could assign those duties to anyone else and there is no doubt what so ever!

    • Mr. William Makuach Kuch:

      I think your Uncle Kiirdit Mayardit is taking his frustration of the Presidential Palace thievery on his Vice President Dr.Riek Machar. Perhaps he is attempting to divert the attention of the people of South Sudan who are angered by the theft at the Presidential Palace. If Kiir has forgiven Riek Machar of his past insanity of 1991 and appointed him his Vice president, why would he try to use him like a escapegoat for his own shortcomings or weak leadership? Although I’m not happy with Riek Machar politically, he has not done anything wrong this time. Your Uncle Kiir must issue another decree to fire himself and his Cousins including his online defenders or paid agents like you. Please tell your Uncle Kiir to pack his Cowboy hats and vacate the Presidential Palace with his Cousins and loyalists/advisers. We, the people of South Sudan, have enough and we can not take it anymore. We don’t want another Robert Mugabe in South Sudan.

  9. WOL says:

    Salva Kiir will lose next election for sure. He controls himself with wrong advisors who are from elites of Warrap. I want to tell Kiir that do not say you are Dinkawy or majority. Dinka don’t like the way you are driving the country. Please let election must be free to test yourself and your leadership. I am fully sure you will get less than 20% votes from Dinka states nor other states. You will regret one day that you had chosen wrong people from Gogrial and Warrap and all Garang’s boys around you.

  10. Alphonse Kenyi says:

    This kind of behavior only happens in the Third world and Africa in particular. There is no doubt, Kiir is one of the bi-product of Africa’s bad dictators of our times like those of Mengisto H. Mariam, of Ethiopia, and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
    De-delegation of powers? That is understandable!
    Suspension of peace reconciliation? That is absurd and makes me wonder where the hell we are headed.

  11. Chol Wek Wek says:

    I personally Thank the institute who offered you the document. you are really a lawyer who will one day onetime contribute if given chance by what so-called uncles. Kiir become blind to see the object, too deaf to hear the voice of microphone shouting next to his door. if you want to have a good country, there are things that you can do and things that you can not do, like removing a vice at this time is unacceptable. this is too early in the eyes of his followers.

  12. Leon Nyerere says:

    Don’t get me wrong; Kiir is a good president by South Sudanese standard. He managed to bring different S. Sudanese factions to the table hence avoided unnecessary conflicts that would have derailed the independence of our nation. However, he can be horrible in playing his political cards at times. Stripping his vice of powers he gave him in silence in a dramatic way will definitely or has already hurt him. Whatever his intentions were, his actions have backfired and his vice has emerged the winner in this unprecedented bizarre televised decree. If you gave him the powers in silence, take them away in the same manner.

    It’s most likely that Riak was using the reconciliation program for a political gain and perhaps that angered Kiir, but his counteraction was not the smartest. Kiir’s advisors failed him.

  13. james says:

    The president should not make decision that creates more hatred than unity. it is not right to remove someone you share the same plate with everyday, remember he is his own party member. so it has given a clear signal that there is no unity in the party itself, so how we citizen be convinced of the political party in future …………….. 2015 is at the corner

  14. South Sudan is not and will not be a place for one tribe. let all people of south Sudan know that political differences are not tribal differences. if politicians are fighting their political war, it does not mean tribal war. there will be no time even a one second for tribes to fight again in the Republic of south Sudan.
    people of south Sudan today are looking for someone who may provide all basic needs to the people regardless of what tribe he or she came from. Let all come and tell our president Kir that south Sudan or SPLM/SPLA do not belong to him alone without people of south Sudan.
    in fact Kiir fought un-countable wars in Sudan for liberating our today’s country. he deserved to be a president because of his long-time contribution, but not to die in the power like a king. he should take his time and give chance to other south Sudanese.
    using force by Kiir to rule the country will let himself and other people to die in vain. this is not a time for Nuer and Dinka to fight or Shilluk and Azande to fight or Murle and Acholi to fight, but a time for reconciliation, development, construction, and compensation of wounded and martys.

    south sudan for south sudanese.
    south sudan for south sudanese

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      To Thok,
      Kiir fought for Sudan Unity with the Late Dr. Garang, but he made an unforgettable acceptance of our people’s decision of the referendum outcome and made a lot of efforts to unite south Sudanese. Because to overlook that reality, Mr. Thok, is equal to questioning your knowledge of the Struggle, so to speak.

      • Gatkuoth Lok:
        If you consider yourself intellectual, then you must think and act intellectually. Please note that Kiir was not forced by the referendum outcome to accept the independence of South Sudan. Both Kiir and Late Dr.John Garang fought for the independence of South Sudan for 17 years under the leadership and command of General Joseph Lagu. It was General Kiir Mayardit and Late Dr. John Garang who negotiated the self determination for South Sudan during the peace talk with the Arabs in Kenya. Why would they ask for self determination if they were really fighting for the united Sudan?

        Late Dr. John Garang had stated on many occasions that he used the name of the SPLA in order to enlighten and generate support from non-South Sudanese, especially the marginalized African peoples of Sudan and that was indeed a brilliant idea. His call for the liberation of Sudan was well received by the African Sudanese marginalized people such as Nubians, Darfurians and the people of Blue Nile and those were the people who fought against the independence of South Sudan in Anyanya 1 movement. Kiir and Late Garang used the SPLA as a political strategies to achieve the independence of South Sudan.

        What did you and your Uncle Riek Machar accomplish when you created SSIM (South Sudan Independent Movement) and moved to Khartoum? Did South Sudan get the referendum for self determination because of the agreement you and your Uncle Riek Machar signed in Khartoum in 1997 or Is it because of the CPA signed by Late Dr. John Garang and General Kiir Mayardit in Kenya in 2005?

        • Gatkuoth Lok says:

          Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, you should know that I write what I know clearly and distinctly to be the case, for you may be advised, methinks better that I do not beg to be called an intellectual because I am convinced that I am Gatkuoth Lok, that is enough. Regarding the given justifications you made, I personally respect your opinion of portraying our leaders aforesaid as heroic leaders who fought for separation of South Sudan from Sudan since Anya nya 1. That can be resounding to people who did not learn what Kiir and Dr. Garang fought for for the last 20 years. Ask Mr. AlHaj Paul to enlighten you more on this.

          To be sincere to you I cannot find any good reasons whatsoever to make myself their ( Kiir & Garang) godfather in their baptism into secessionism since the two were proud and saying at ease that they shot their first bullets against the separatists within the movement (SPLM/A). And when they many times said this appalling statement the world has been watching and listening carefully my friend, Garang, so to say.

          You cannot make me to believe what you want me to believe for I can declare to you that I am the person I say I am and not the reverse. Machar is my uncle in African sense as Kiir is my uncle too, in the same sense, but not the opposite. FOR your information, you are quick to conclude what has to be in need of logical premises to sound logical or else you can choose to say things that way since you seem omnipotent in your holy Names: Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, representing our great Nation to you?

  15. maker says:

    President Kiir is damaging hemslf, please, please, Mr. Mayardit, you have done a good job, you fought for freedom of the peoples of South Sudan for 21 one years in the bush until we got this nation and you have been in power for eight (8)years, it is enough. If you give chance to others you will be honored like a king and your Sons and Daughters will rule this nation like Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta. Maker Agar

  16. Ladowani Lokule says:

    They fought yesteryear in Panthou/Heglig and walked yesterday smiling on a red carpet in Juba not even reflecting on those whom they both described as gallant and fallen heroes!! Undefined politics and political stupidity. I concur with Juma’s deliberations and conclusions.

  17. Yien says:

    Is there any decree that shows that president had delegated some of his executive powers to his vice in the first place, in which the recent decree that talked about removal of those powers delegated could follow?
    If the answer is yes, where is it? If the answer is no, therefore there wasn`t any need for the president to made it public that he had withdrawn the delegated powers; the whole thing could have been done without informing the public.

  18. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear All,

    Please forgive our President Kiir Mayardit. The move he made was a big mistake and we all know it is not his own making. As many of you pinpointed the source of Kiir insanity, his advisors are the wrong people who are misleading Kiir to make senseless decisions. Kiir is actually a smart man, but power has gone to his head.

    Remember, every dog has its day. Today is Kiir day, tomorrow is going to be someone else. 2015 is just around the corner and we all know what we are going to do when we go to ballot boxes. Let Mr. Kiir do what he likes while his days are numbered.

    My personal advice for us at the moment is to start contemplating on who is going to be our next President. Someone who is not going to let us down like President Kiir. We have had enough of electing greedy leaders. It is time we make conscious decision and choose wisely the next person to run our nation in a reasonable manner. Let’s abandon all the past, there is nothing we could do to fix them. The good revenge to make sure they do not repeat themselves.

  19. Henry Lual says:

    I don’t think withdrawing some of the powers from the vice president Dr: Riek machar is legitimate.
    President Kiir was elected by the people including Riek Machar. If Riek turns out to be bitter then the Law of the nation should apply in ethical way. If South Sudan begins in wrong way it will also end in wrong way.

  20. J. Gombu says:

    Dear Commentors:

    I am not going to comment on what you guys have already said about what happened in Juba. I agreed with most of you especially Yien. My issue with the commentors is that we don’t use our real name(s). we cannot build a nation when we remain under the carpet. The names that are used here are all or most are fake. This indicates that we are not serious about our comments. I noticed that some-one living in Finland, USA, Canada, Sweden, UK, etc. cannot use their real names. If you are a freedom fighter or try to speak on behalf of voiceless, come out of your cell and be real. Take the example of late Isaiah Abraham. He never misspell any word in his writing. He used his real name and never vacated his position. It is unfortunate that he died for what he believes in.

    CORRECTION: Isaiah Abraham was an alias, not his real name. Rest in peace, brother.

  21. umoja says:

    This is Dinkacorsy rule, Dinkas are good in cattle keeping but ruling human being needs wisdom, not like cows. See how Francis deng voted in UN in favour of Arabs while Arabs are killing us. Another thing is Dinkas love food that is without cost so much. Today go to streets of Khartoum, Dinkas are spoiling image of South Sudanese there, they have become slaves to Arabs for food, just like what their grandfathers sold Abyei to Arabs for food.

    Look, during the war how many dinkas collided with Arabs against South Sudanese, few examples, Arop Tong, Kerbino, Abdel Bagi Ayi and the list goes on. These are all for free food. Today you can see, typical example money that got lost in President’s office, 98% will be dinkas just like the 75 suspects which may be 90% all dinkas.

    Dinkas are now also involved is selling parts of South Sudan to Khartoum, mile 14 is an open case, do you know why? because of food (oil money) Loving food, food with less or free cost has made Dinkas slaves to cows, Arabs… etc. Go to Juba today, 90% of restaurants are filled with Dinka, do you know why… because of food.


  22. Yien says:

    There is not, and there will be no better way to analyze this situation other than the way the author put it. it’s purely political wrangling and nothing else. don’t think kiir doesn’t know how to go about withrdrawing powers he once delegated without a decree. it’s to send a message that “i still hold the stick.”

  23. Dinka land says:

    Umoja, Your hatred against Jieng people is not a solution to your greed of money. You are known with makoiya, banana.

  24. Angui Deng says:

    To Mr Umoja,
    You have to understand that this is not about a particular tribe, it is about the government and of course politics situation in Juba for the last two weeks. if you calm down and learn more about politics, you will find out that the power brokers or players in JUBA are not only Jieng .
    The current debate has gone beyond the political moral and therefore the debate itself has become pointless, some people like my friend, refer directly to tribe and their high appetite for food, but the fact is that food is a natural need for every one including my friend.
    In modern societies including ours, groups or individuals’ privacy and confidentiality are very important in daily lives, no one should be allowed to abuse any tribe in the country for political reasons, as it happening now.
    If we pretend to be politicians or good commentators, well let’s focus and criticise government, politicians as individuals but not tribe, our brothers have to bear in their minds that treating Jieng always as scapegoat among other tribes will get our future debate nowhere.
    Please write your full name, be brave, Mr Umoja
    Thank you Angui,

  25. Apibong says:

    pew!! the evidence of disunity, Mr. Umoja, your complaint is nothing but a disgrace to the country full of hatred and greed.

  26. Dau-network says:

    I’m pro-SPLM but none of the top 8 officials will bring changes to the country unless below 8.
    What I have seen people like cancer than malaria!

  27. Thoknaath says:

    The so-called cowboy, kiir, will take us nowhere, please, vote him out in upcoming 2015 election.

  28. Rumbek says:

    Kiir is simply far more incompetent to rule as president than I first thought. Now he has proven beyond any doubt that he is not a presidential material. How can a whole president issue such a useless decree! Nice article Juma. However, we need to do more bro. to get him out of power sooner rather than later.

  29. khamis bosco taban says:

    thanks to our president. for changes he made. for sure it is change which can make a country to progres. if some countries can make a change of leaders, why not us as south Sudanese? to me we have to appreciate our president kirr.

  30. khamis bosco taban says:


    To me, the president kiir is day dreaming and the advisors are the most ignorant elites chosen not because of sound minds but rather clanship. revise your decision before its too late or else you are creating your political coffin.

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