The pains of 15th December 2013

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, DEC/14/2014, SSN;

15th December is here, the day evil descended on Juba last year similar to 8th July 1965. It comes with those horrific memories of the murky atmosphere devised by President Salva Kiir. A deeply sickening environment that has traumatised the residents of Juba and the entire country.

15th December 2013 will remain an indelible stain in the history of South Sudan. It is the day that saw the beginning of the spilling of blood of innocent children, youth, women, men and elderly people and with it the destruction of a new emerging South Sudanese identity.

President Salva Kiir last year around this time facing leadership challenge from Dr Riek Machar in the SPLM lost his head unleashing his tribal militia on the Nuer people. While going to attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela in South Africa he fabricated an imaginary coup and imposed a curfew to isolate the Nuer and his opponents after which his militia went door to door murdering the Nuer.

    ‘South Sudan: A state that fell apart in a week’

Within a week, the Dootku Beny militia under the command of the Jieng generals: Marial Chinoung, Marial Nour, Salva Mathok, Aleu Ayieny Aleu, Paul Malong Awan and so on…. massacred over 20 thousand people mostly children, women, and the elderly.

This act of Jieng savagery has shocked the entire country. No South Sudanese ever expected one of its own ethnic groups to commit such a crime on another using the machinery of the state.

The contemporary history of South Sudan psychologically programmed the people to expect such acts from the Arabs of the Sudan but not from a supposed fellow South Sudanese.

Back then on 8th July 1965, the Arabs under the leadership of the UMMA party committed similar massacres in Juba and other towns against South Sudanese. Please see, ‘To achieve peace in South Sudan SPLM/A must be scrapped’.

The mass murder of the Nuer brought those ugly memories back to the minds of the people. A good number of people have asked the question: what is the difference between the Jieng and the Arab?

They say, in 1965 the Arabs massacred us en mass in Juba, Wau and Malakal regardless of tribe. Now the Jieng are doing what the Arabs did to us all. How can the Jieng ever be trusted with state power?

Hold on to this question, we will come back to it down in this piece in search of answers.

The day, 15th December matters because it is important to remember the innocent lives taken by President Kiir and his militia. Those were people who had nothing to do with the power struggle going on between President Kiir and Dr Riek. They were ordinary people going about their daily business only to find themselves targeted and murdered.

15th December remains a day of pain because the murdered have not been accorded justice. Their murderers are still holding the levers of the state and this is obviously why this important date will not be honoured and remembered now inside the country in the manner it deserves.

Today is the first anniversary of his heinous crime which is still ongoing and justice appears to be like a mirage. The adage, justice delayed is justice denied may be true in this South Sudan case.

So far, no reports of investigations into the ethnic cleansing by the UN and the African Union have been released. Why the silence?

Where is the transparency of these organisations over a crime that every South Sudanese knows about? Why are the perpetrators of this grave crime against humanity not been brought to book? What is going on?

In the 1990s the UN failed to prevent grave crimes against humanity only to regret after a huge damage occurred. The signs are that the UN has not yet learnt anything from its experiences.

The failure of the UN in Rwanda in 1994 and in Srebrenica (former Yugoslavia) the following year brought sharp reminder to the world that the brutality and savagery of yester decades and centuries have not been tamed by advance in science and culture.

To the contrary advance in both fields have become the tools to perpetuate the unimaginable crimes against humanity.

Modern media and broadcasting appliances were used in Rwanda in 1994 effectively to mobilise the Hutu extremists against Tutsi to a devastating effect, while in former Yugoslavia a supposed refined and civilised European country used its technologically advanced military to commit mass killing in Bosnia.

When Rwanda genocide happened in broad day light with UN watching while another war was ragging on in former Yugoslavia in which the Serbs were ethnically cleansing the Bosnians, the world leaders focused on the latter not giving the former any attention it deserved.

Bill Clinton in his biography, My Life, regretted his inaction. He writes, “The failure to try to stop Rwanda’s tragedies became one of the greatest regrets of my presidency.” (Clinton 2004, p594)

Nevertheless, the USA tried to ameliorate the post genocide situation by contributing to the mechanisms of social recovery in Rwanda. On the other hand the Former Yugoslavia situation led to the UNSC Resolution 780 which provided legal base for tackling perpetrators of the future.

The sad thing is that with all the above, South Sudan, in December 2013, that is 15 years later experienced same crimes against humanity seemingly without any concern of the world shown.

This suggests the journey to a more civilised world charted by the UNSC resolution 780 may not include the South Sudan case. Why is this?

The answer may be found in one short phrase: “African solutions for African problems”. This proposition obviously has an important history to it, the centuries old interaction between Europeans and Africans.

The abuse and disrespect the Africans experienced in this interaction are supposed to be brought to an end by letting Africans do things in their own way. Unfortunately and painfully as it is African leaders are abusing this noble principle by dancing around it and not applying it as it should.

Although the events of December 2013 constitute an international crime as defined by UNSC Resolution 780, the powers of the world happily allowed IGAD and the AU to take lead based on the said proposition.

This reduced an international crime to a continental issue removing the safeguards intended for global peace. This decision appears to reflect the coloured view of the world about Africans and the value placed on their humanity.

African Union and IGAD which should have acted robustly and fairly, sadly resorted to playing politics with the problem in South Sudan.

If these crimes against humanity committed by President Kiir and his tribal militia are not accounted for fairly and the perpetrators punished like the Nazis in Nuremberg in 1940s, the Hutus in Rwanda in 1990s and the Serbs, Croats, and Bosnian in the former Yugoslavia as ongoing now, the world should know that such crimes are then likely to recur in South Sudan in future.

There is no way that the people are going to forget the excesses of President Kiir and his tribal militia without justice being seen to be done.

If the world fails to take the duty of collective responsibility to bring the government of President Kiir to account, they may encourage other social groups with irresponsible leaders to take matters into their own hands which in my opinion is wholly inappropriate. The UNSC has a duty to act and it should do so.

One of the major problems of South Sudan is the culture of violence and abuse of state machinery by groups in power to promote their parochial interest. This is largely the outcome of SPLM’s wrong policies under Dr John Garang.

After his death, President Kiir continued with these policies to advance the interest of his ethnic group as opposed to promotion of the notion of “common good”.

The cleansing of the Nuer is supposed to protect this narrow interest. So it is not a surprise that right from 2005, the government of South Sudan failed to take the right path.

The government of South Sudan to the Jieng is a tool to be used to advance their interest. It is not about common good and the protection of all South Sudanese people. Aldo Ajo, a member of the notorious Jieng Council of Elders made this point clear in his recent interview with SSTV.

The Jieng are not interested in promoting peace, reconciliation and healing in the country. Just look at their prevarication in the peace talks and everything becomes clear.

President Kiir and his Jieng Council of Elders including the top military brass are engaged in total waste of time in Addis Ababa under IGAD while innocent people continue to lose their lives.

They forcefully talk of their commitment to peace, yet they obstruct every opportunity there is to bring peace. Why? The Jieng do not want to lose power and they will hang on to it until the people oust them by any available means.

The Jieng leadership is despotic. Despots don’t cede power peacefully as expected. They always act selfishly. To understand the behaviour of the Jieng, here is a quote from Ryszard Kapuscinski’s ‘Shah of the Shahs’ illuminating the mind of the despot:

“The Shah’s reflex was typical of all despots: strike first and suppress, then think it over. What next? First display muscle, make a show of strength, and later perhaps demonstrate you also have a brain. Despotic authority attaches great importance to being considered strong, and much less to being admired for its wisdom. Besides what does wisdom mean to a despot? It means skill in the use of power.

The wise despot knows when and how to strike. This continual display of power is necessary because, at root, any dictatorship appeals to the lowest instincts of government: fear, aggressiveness towards one’s neighbours, bootlicking. Terror most effectively excites such instincts, and fear of strength is well spring of terror.

A despot believes that man is an abject creature. Abject people fill his court and populate his environment. A terrorized society will behave like an unthinking, submissive mob for a long time. Feeding it is enough to make it obey. Provided with amusement, it’s happy.

The rather small arsenal of political tricks has not changed in millennia. Thus, we have all the amateurs in politics, all the ones convinced they would know to govern if only they had the authority. Yet surprising things can also happen. Here is a well-fed and well-entertained crowd that stops obeying.

It begins to demand something more than entertainment. It wants freedom, it demands justice. The despot is stunned. He doesn’t know to see a man in all his fullness – or rather, because it is lawless and it strives for appearance of legality. On this point it is exceedingly touchy, morbidly oversensitive.

Moreover, it suffers from a feeling (however deeply hidden) of inferiority. So it spares no pains to demonstrate to itself and others the popular approval it enjoys. Even if this support is a mere charade, it feels satisfying.

So what if it’s only an appearance? The world of dictatorship is full of appearance” (Kapuscinski, p115 kindle version)

The appearance of Juba regime of terror is captured by their baseless famous phrase “democratically elected”. This, of-course is a lie which the regime has stuck on to sell itself and hide its crimes internationally.

The fact that President Kiir engaged in ethnic cleansing, a grave crime against humanity, automatically disqualified his legitimacy as a president. He turned into a criminal and therefore whatever mandate he had before his horrific act evaporated. What does that then mean?

Technically South Sudan is ruled by people without mandate. Thus President Kiir, his cabinet and the SPLM-IG should not be making loud noise with the song of “democratically elected”. It is hollow; it is empty and a total nonsense.

Somewhere above I posed the question: how can the Jieng be trusted with power? With the information given I leave you to draw your own answer.

Dr Riek Machar, the leader of the armed resistance movement of SPLM-IO should actually be making loud noise about the illegality of the regime in Juba.

Unfortunately, he is not clued on. He has totally missed and failed to articulate this crucial point which should have been the centre of the talks in Addis Ababa. Pathetically he now advocates for the atrocities of President Kiir to be forgiven and forgotten for the sake of peace.

In his speech in Pagak he said, “To prevent this (ethnic cleansing) from happening and in order for us to save our people and country, we must seriously look for ways to achieve peace. We must be ready to exercise magnanimity [i.e. generosity}. We must forgive atrocities committed against us and likewise ask forgiveness from those we have harmed.”

Can South Sudan really become peaceful without accountability to the atrocities of 15th December 2013 which is still ongoing?

It is vital to remember that ethnic cleansing is still going on now as we speak. So 15th December 2013 is only the start date but it has not yet ended. Members of the Nuer tribe and opponents of the government are daily being arrested and disappeared throughout the country.

This dark ongoing episode is not only about the loss of Nuer and the Jieng. All the silent majority of the people of South Sudan equally suffered and continue to suffer emotionally, psychologically and mentally by witnessing these atrocities.

They too are victims and have rights to demand justice. They now live with damaging internal injuries. Therefore, it is not up to Dr Riek to dismiss the grave crimes against humanity in South Sudan for his convenience to accede to power.

Peaceful South Sudan can only be realised after justice to the victims and the injured living victims is done as in the cases of Nazis in Germany, Hutu in Rwanda and Serbs in Bosnia.

Therefore, it is only right that SPLM/A leaders too must be made to pay for their grave crimes in South Sudan. There should be no buts, ifs or disputes over it because in Arusha, Tanzania all of them in their supposed reconciliation and reunification meeting chaired by President of Tanzania voluntarily confessed and admitted responsibility for the crimes and destabilisation of the region.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki Mon and the Troika have repeatedly said there would be no business as usual. It is hoped that they will make these words meaningfully and weighty for the sake of justice to the victims and peace in South Sudan and the region.

Human Rights Watch has already made useful suggestion on page 6 of their report ‘Ending the Era of Injustice’

Finally, South Sudanese must not allow these grave crimes against humanity to go without accountability. Once that is done and when President Kiir and SPLM are gone it will be necessary to erect a memorial for the victims of ethnic cleansing in Gudele in Juba to remind us of the scourge of SPLM and the ideologies of ‘born to rule’ and Jieng supremacy.

Such a memorial will serve as a national mourning site, educational centre for the young and act as a symbol of resistance to injustice, tribal ideologies and crimes against humanity.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. monychol says:

    El Hag Fool, all that whinings you have poured on the website are absolutely far removed from practical realities of what happened in Juba.Where are the locations of your claimed so called mass graves?
    It seems you totally have lost touch with realities and speaks antithetical language that keeps defeating itself.When you narrated all those world conflicts,crimes that were committed,you talked about accountabilities.But you fell short of how each conflict was ended and who held who accountable?Based on my knowleddge which I think is more realistic and honest then yours.Those wars had clear military winners who held the losers accountable.In the case of South Sudan who is winning or has won to hold the loser accountable? If you are talking about peace agreement, remember that it will be a compromise like the CPA and the belligerents will be peace partners and peace partners donot hold themselves accountable.
    Based on my inferred reading of your position,you are suggesting that this war must be fought to the bitter end till there is a clear military victory for one side and the victors hold the losers accountable.Unless you are calling for an external intervention which has not been forthcoming so far.That is why I called your ideas as impractical,delusional and deep hollucination at best.
    Keep deluding yourself boy.

  2. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear Paul, on behalf of Nath community, my grateful thanks go to you and the people of Greater Equatoria for the solidarity with the Nuer people. I think it would be virtually impossible for the people of Greater Equatoria and the Nuer people to coexist with these animals called Jieng. Today they (Dinka) have released a new press statement whose title

    Posted: December 14, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Press Release:

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Deng Hanbol:

      The Jieng has become a brain tumor and cancer in your Butts which Mr. Elhag Paul would never cure it with his vicious lies. You massacred Jieng under Riek Machar in 1991 and we forgave you for the sake of unity and coexistence. However, you never learned nothing from it and attempted to repeat the same mistake under the same Riek Machar again. Fool, Don’t you realize that Dinka are people just like you? You commemorate the event of 2013 and we commemorate the incident of 1991. Fair?

  3. Malith Kur says:

    It is ridiculous and hypocritical for people like to place the blame on the President while praising a warlord, who has done nothing but unleashing the forces of evil on our young nation.
    You don’t want to talk about hundreds of thousands that Machar has slaughtered since he began his quest for power in 1991 and you want to create a narrative of lies. This is but nonsense.
    Riek created this war because he wants to ascend to power through the backdoor. You can’t exonerate him. The blood of people who have died in South Sudan through his wars remains on him forever. ” Truth hurts but it is liberating”. Created stories can’t replace the truth. Truth is liberating but it doesn’t liberate liars and political criminals.

  4. Bol says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Can anyone try to check accuracy the source provided above. I have tried and I couldn’y find where Elhag got his quote of “Within a week, the Dootku Beny militia under the command of the Jieng generals: Marial Chinoung, Marial Nour, Salva Mathok, Aleu Ayieny Aleu, Paul Malong Awan and so on…. massacred over 20 thousand people mostly children, women, and the elderly.” from…… I read This Gurdian Article though, but there is no refenece to 20,000 victims ,or other claims he made ! Get back to you soon…..

  5. Warrior says:

    Elhag Paul,

    you must to elaborate idea of Juba Massacre in December 15,2013. those who were killed in Juba were the same with those who were killed August 28,1991, when Riek Machar rebelled in 1991 causing a massive deaths of civilians and lost of their properties. I’m just wondering whether you really know the history of south Sudan at large and its tribal conflicts. it’s not a big deal because power greedy Riek Machar trying to over throw an elected government, Riek has a history of criminal records. I hope whether you have read his speech recently in Pagak county when the SPLM-IO held their first conference about power sharing with Salva Kiir, on his speech Riek Machar mentioned that” I fought Bashir, Dr. John Garang, and now Salva Kiir both are not Democrats” even devil is claiming to be democrat while he walking freely with bloods of those who murdered them in 1991 as a result of disagreement within the movement and even calling DR. John Garang as he own the party as his personal belongings. you must ponder about Riek criminal records. during the liberation most of the SPLA soliders were predomannitly dinkas plus few Nuer.

    • Ever one is sure for what was done by stupid president salva kiir many people put blame on Dr riek machar, i don`t know people, they put blame on the Democratic leader. Late me Encourage you those of equatorian food fighters Donnot support the Dictatorial, Gluton, murderer,Greedy the one who thinks for Discrimination, the one who kill his civilian. asks GOD to bring Riek machar to be president that is where by you will get freedom. without Riek machar there will be no freedom in the country. from those of mieth gany you do your parts for the reverges that you committed last december, wait for the results i thinks fighting was got worse untill you broughted ugandian arms force from uganda and rebel north toro bora from north sudan, and those of fuj from Demazin. you brought all those arms solders to with one tribe called nuer. do your part so much, second time will be ours, you will run out of south sudan am so sure stupid people, food fighter like those of equatorian.

  6. Isaac Dongrin Malith says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    I have to say this again so that you don’t forget. If any of you a Dinka by tribe find Elhaj Paul, don’t call for the authority. Do to him what ever we do to bad people like Isaiah Abraham, Cecilia Tito Oba, and any body else who is opposed to our government. We are the rulers. The biggest mistake Kirr made is giving Equatorians executive positions in the government. For example, deputy President, Secretary, head of Presidential Security and more others positions which are not fit for Equatorians. If Dr. Garang was alive, Equatorians are not supposed to be recognised as South Sudanese. There is no way Equatorians will be equals. They are not, and they will not be. Our heroism is seen in what we do. If they think going to Dr. Riek will lead them to what they called land rights, to hell with their thinking. Our principal of civilising them is clear. They know nothing and own nothing…

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dongrin Malith,
      Your being in America hasn’t civilized you as the supposed and expected acculturation process has not succeeded.

    • Nikalongo says:


      Stop mocking yourself. Come out of Rochester to rescue your relatives from sub-human conditions in the UN camps in South Sudan and prevent more from a life of misery in exile. Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak are a failure. Thousands of Nuer and Dinka lives lost and properties destroyed for What Isaac? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Equatoria is not a party to your mutual cycle of killings and barbarism. Dinka and their Nuer cousins are in Equatoria for the same reasons you are in the USA. Even our women you admitted were better to be with than your own. I would like to remind you and all the other bloodthirsty hooligans from Aweil, Bentui, Bor, Akobo, Fangak, Nasir, Mayom, Leer, etc that if this country falls apart, all will be kicked out of Equatoria including those lying buried in their graves. Where is Beshier and Turabi Isaac? They left and will never come back. They were much stronger and had more outside support than you.

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Nikalongo and Editor:

        I think One of our Nuer Cousins has disguised him/her self as Isaac Dongrin Malith just to provoke you, Equatorians. Please leave that man alone and deal with us, the Dinkas who debate with you on the regular basis on this forum. Nikalongo, I greatly appreciated your comment to that Fake Isaac Dongrin Malith. It would disarm that fake man.

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

          Bol Akuol:

          Ha Ha Ha, this is really comical. For how long you will keep denying your own people? The only people with two balls in South Sudan are Nuer. This set us apart from the rest in that we say thing like they are no matter how hurtful it might be. Rami Ran never hide behind other people. We are who we are and you can take that to the bank. Malith is your kind and embrace him as God’s gift to you.

    • Taban Hakim says:

      Isaac! Equatorians are not animals like you-lingering everywhere like folks who don’t know where they come from. Shame on you dinkas! You can’t compare yourselves with Equatorians.

  7. AGUMUT says:

    Elhag Paul out of force. Its seem like 15Th December 2013 become a joke.

  8. arabbmoi says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,

    You said it all, but Kiir and his Jengers Militias must have to be taught a lesson if we want peace in SouthSudan. These people will not understand if we write or talk as we do. We would like to combine Nuer, Murle and Edf and punch them on face that is the only lesson jengers can understand. Kiir must go one way or another He had killed too many people and sent jengers to grab Equatoria land by force as in case of Madi land.

  9. mankinmanner says:

    mr pual i appreciate your logical corncern about accountabilitys of juba genocides perputuated by kiir and his dinka mens on to nuer nation naath my brother let me reassure you onces more we the naath will not leave un dooropen to this thugs animals jieng unpunished no matter what it take how much it cost to us to make this jiengtribes suffer in the way which will make them to not think to provoke us this episode of disorders again for centurys to come kiir has 20thousandmillion bounty on his head he will die a poorman our blood is the hotes than the rays sun it will hunt them one by one including their mercenarys ugandas jems some will die in war field some in their sleep some in their caves we know some our brother defending them that s why they are still boasting today that we kill nuer but what they don t know is they make the biggest biggest make in their lives you will paid heavy price for this one you coward you kill small childs of one month old mothers the blinds lambs the deafs who know nothing of man called riek or kiir one thing must happen no reconcilation no forgiveness

  10. Choromke Jas says:

    A true son of South Sudan wailing in the wilderness
    Who will respond to your sickness
    Resolutions of UNSC is only meant for the “Western” populations
    No body cares about South Sudanese tribulations
    But our best time is still ahead
    When we shall exhume those corpses in Juba without head
    Yes, good things are yet to come
    When the tribal killers are all gone

    May God bless Elhag Paul

  11. Elhag Paul,

    I concur with you, evil descended into South Sudan through Salva Kiir on 15 December 2013. The Nuer civilians discriminately murdered in Juba beginning from December 15 had nothing to do with the politics. Salva ordered his militia to kill them because he thought they may vote for Riek when election come in 2015. Second, Salva Kiir came up with the made up coup to distract the upcoming election in 2015. Kiir had previously attempted many times to make a case so upcoming general election could be postponed, but Dr. Machar resisted and kept telling him 2015 election must take place.

    Kiir said many times election would be postponed because there is no money to conduct censuses and to pay electorals. However, critics resisted this claims. Because Kiir was badly in need of postponing the election, he eventually came up with the made coup which results in thousand of death and destruction all over the country. I also agree with you that Riek should speak loud about illegality of the regime in Juba and the illegal present of foreign troops in the nation instead of wasting time about prime minister position while the government still not honouring any agreement since the beginning of peace talk in January 2014.

    Mr. Paul, I do appreciate your ability to think positively about the lives of South Sudanese regardless of their tribes and your willingness to write your thoughts. You are the man of wisdom, you are the man of patriotism, you are the man of prosperity of South Sudan, you are the man for co-existence of diverse tribes, you are the man for dignity, integrity, and unity of South Sudanese.

    • Ajus says:

      Nuer community will learn a lot in this war and it should be the last war to fight people of South Sudan

      • general bol says:

        Don`t you thinks that your very shames indeed? coward, the fearful tribes in the world. those who have high population while are defeated by less tribes food fighters, do you talks like that?the one who never been in the war fields can talks like that? you have right because you never been in the war fields. ask those who fought with nuer white arms, they will tell you that nuer are….. you (dinka) in the war fields your lucky of bringing ugandian soldiers, torobora and funj from demazine. if it is not so, don`t you thinks that you can run out of south sudan likes dogs. food fighters let me remain you again wait the second round. this game will be played through out in south sudan. …. you all with your stupid president salva kiir mayardit.

    • Bol says:

      Ha ha ha… is strange and blind…

  12. Jiengs,

    What Paul wrote is realities.Please Jiengs(Dinkas) you can,t and will never deny your in human acts against the peaceful Nuer tribe who you killed in large numbers which was witnessed by the whole world in particular around mia Saba area and behind Jebel Market .

    I was a strong supporter of President Kirr ,but what i saw on the 16- 18 the death of the poor and innocent Nuer women,Children,and elderly even killing children of three Months old and still in broader day light you want to refuse the facts as written by one of the great thinkers /Academicians like Mr Paul .

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Shame on you in a Refugee camp,
      Keep on dreaming, the useless dream you have is the same evil thoughts with almost every Equatorians but thank God we are hated by the cowards with monkey mentality and a chicken-hearted fools.
      Your barkings and brays won’t threaten Dinka the mighty Tribe, we are waiting for you to step your dirty feet on ours and we will gonna show you our true colour like how we positively did it to the so called Ngundeng believers with their Wanathin mentality.

  13. BILL KUCH says:

    Elhag Paul,
    That’s right, but don’t stop there because you need show other mass graves site in Bor, Akobo, Nasir, Bentiu, and Malakal as well. Also, one question for you, where is Nuer rebels soldiers who got killed fighting in Juba graves located?

    • Bill Kuch,

      Please stop lying. There were no Nuer rebels in Juba when the Dinka dictator Kiir ordered the massacred of Nuer in Juba. Those who manage to escape death in Juba, they are the one who fought back in self-defense.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Bentiu Ramaran,
        Well, I am not lying because you believe it or not, Dr. Riek has been a rebel leader since, although he was in the system of government. My friend, all I know was that, Nuer were fighting in Juba for three day until they were unable to capture Juba for Dr. Riek dream. So, you are denying it that they did not fight for three days in Juba? Anyway, Dr. Riek needed leadership so bad, but he could not do it without his magic contrivances of believing in Ngundeng,period! You might be Riek’s cousin according to your names, but if my cousin is so stupid like that, then I would not even support his useless dreams.

        • BILL KUCH ,

          You can believe what want to believe. Dr. Machar had nothing to do with the fighting which took place in the presidential guard. Salva Kiir has been planning Nuer massacre since 2005. Kiir never thought about building the country, he thinks days and nights about how he can kill all Nuer in South Sudan. The fighting took place in the presidential guard because Salva Kiir ordered his General Marial Cinuong to disarm all Nuer soldiers in the presidential guard while rearming Dinka in the presidential guard. It was a move that never happened since SPLM started in 1983. Those Nuer who were in the presidential guards were former guards of Late General Matip. After Matip died, Kiir recruited them into presidential purposely to use them against Riek like the way he used James Hoth, but the guards were aware about Kiir’s plan.

          It is not deniable that Dr. Machar need leadership, but it is his constitutional right to contest for the presidency position. Every time when someone from another tribe attempted to contest for the presidency position all Dinka go wild. Salva have done he did to Riek in 2013 to Dr. Lam Akol too in 2010. Are Dinka the only best people in South Sudan to rule? or you are just implementing the “born to rule” policy that was introduced by John Garang? Dr. Machar is very an intellectual politician with professional leadership characteristics.

          Because of his professional mindset and excellent leadership behavior, Machar did not introduce violent, but he pushed for the SPLM convention so a party chairman could be elected and then the SPLM party could be ready for the up coming election, but the damn dictator and tribalist Dinka chief ordered disarmament of Nuer in Juba so he can kill Riek and arrest all Nuer politicians and critics. Kiir did what he did because he did not want to hear the word election in South Sudan. Kiir severely afraid that Dr. Machar would win the election in 2015 for sure that is why he acted with ambiguous mind.

          Mr. Bill Kush, can you tell me who ordered the disarmament of Nuer in the presidential guard? Why only Nuer were being disarmed in the presidential guard? What was the motive of disarming Nuer only in the presidential guard? Why rearming Dinka in the presidential guard? What was the reason the Ugandan military invited into South Sudan? Why the Uganda troops deployed in Juba airport in June 2013? Why president Kiir cancel the SPLM convention several times? Why Kiir said there would be no election in 2015? Why Kiir ordered the recruitment of Dinka Warrap and Northern Bar-El Gazal only? Your tribal chief created the chaos in South Sudan, yet you still blame all those destruction and killing on Dr. Riek Machar.

          My cousin, please accept that Riek was totally innocent about the conflict that took place in the presidential guard. Also Riek was completely innocent about what happened in Juba in generals in December 15. What I know Dr. Riek was urging the parliament to convent, choose the SPLM party chairmanship, and get ready for general election in 2015. However, Meth aguec ‘Bendit de monyjang ci South Sudan riok ci rac rac’.

          • BILL KUCH says:

            Bentiu Ramaran,
            Well, at least you have agreed that Dr. Riek has been in need of leadership top position in South Sudan. And again, I am not against Dr. Riek to rule South Sudan for he is one of us as well. I just don’t like the way he plans things. Yes, I do agree with you on disarming Nuers presidential guards, but that was because of Riek for he believes in short cuts to leadership through the mean of force. And I believe that, if God don’t give it to him in the right path then he is wasting his time. Do you think all Nuers who dies for Dr. Riek leadership position would pay back in term of benefits? I don’t think so! Do you remember Dr. Riek killing innocent civilians while Dr. John was still a rebel leader in the name of democracy? And what kind of democracy was he talking about when we were fighting back then still?

  14. Continue,

    Salva/ Jiengs will not get away with this crimes whether peace is signed or not .The time for pay back has come .Experience told us that when the Hutu started in Rwanda,they killed Tusis in large numbers .But when the time came against them,they were also killed in large numbers and send to refugee for life as many are in DRC and other countries and i have no doubt that the same is going to apply to the same Dinkas through their reckless talks as seen by the comment posted by Issac

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Shame on them in Juba,
      Who would be able to do that? If you that it would could be possible then what you waiting for? I thought it was impossible that’s why you are still fighting now.. Is it not so?

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Shame on them in Juba,
      Who would be able to do that? If you think that it could be possible then what are you waiting for? I thought it was impossible that’s why you are still fighting now.. Is it not so?

  15. Ajus says:

    One people, one Nation when we have good spirit and faith in our heart. Our brothers from Nuer community are very greed for leadership which is impossible for the to get it unless the change that spririt of Ngundeng belief. There is no most criminal tribe in South Sudan than Nuer because the like to look, steal and they doesn’t have word sorry in the culture living style. The majority of Nuer can die because of food and to agree with me, how many Nuer were killed by Murle and Dinka when to go and steal cattle? Nuer community though that western countries will support them which is impossible to happen. Please Nuer youths, the war you fought in website has come to your homeland and I hope all Nuer will be Ethiopian people unless the accept peace and join normal live like communities of South Sudan. The theme of this war for Nuer is for looting but not to rule the country because they don’t trust themselves and example is when Dr. Riek Machar was told to come to Pagak and he request for international force protection. The leading commanders in Riek rebellion are community leaders and Youths. In Nuer land, you don’t have right to say word if you don’t have enough people to fight. Nuer community will not to South Sudan with the same charactise .

    • Kondokoro says:

      you absolutley right ajus
      you know them well the greediness for power have resulted in them killing of their people .
      riak lied to them and the group of 11 that he have enough force to take over juba as a result Taban deng distributed money in juba plus that witchcraft guy who is saying ngun deng said riak will be president
      they should be charge for misleading and killing inocent civilians to fight the goverment well equiped army

  16. Taban Hakim says:

    Kirr have committed unspeakable crimes against Nuer people. He must go to the Hague to answer for the heinous crimes he has committed

  17. J. Nguen says:

    As we mourns for our lost, South Sudanese lost, I must remain us that victory is certain. We shall continue to fight the murderous regime Juba with sticks and clubs until justice is served. Thank you Elhag Paul for your eloquent piece.

  18. Kondokoro says:


    • Kondokoro,

      Riek is innocent for the war. The mother of South Sudan bloodbath and destruction is Kiir, Malong, and Marial Cinuong. Riek was left with no choice, but to run away for his own safety and Nuer decided to fight back in self-defense. Therefore, Dr. Machar was totally innocent for this South Sudan civil war whether you believe it or not. The war was imposed on him and his own tribe even your God and prophet “Ariethdit” can tell you Riek Machar was completely innocent man.

  19. Tyson says:

    The Jieng will never escape tanando of punishment and fair accountability from the other tribes in RSS.
    Continue witth your madness and wait for additional consequences that will wipe you out of South Sudan. Never think you have safe haven in Uganda better go back to continue with slavery in the hands of Jallaba.

  20. kajokaji says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Thank you for adding your voice to commemorate the genocide of Nuers by the Dinka government under the leadership of President Salva Kirr. May the Almighty God continue to bless you with the wisdom to bring attention to the tragedy of South Sudan. Brother, you have raised significant questions about the silence of the international community, particularly the UNSC. The fact is that the world is fully aware of the events of December 15, 2013 in Juba but no body seems to care because the issue of South Sudan does not threaten world peace or western powers in particular. Moreover the government of Salva Kirr have successfully framed the issue of the conflict as power struggle between him (Kirr) and Dr. Riek Machar. Consequently, the conventional thinking is that the conflict is over power between the two largest tribes- the Nuers and Dinkas. As for the other tribes they are considered irrelevant by the world community because they did not react following the incident of genocide in Juba. Hence this conflict will drag on unless the other tribes of South Sudan collectively organize them selves to fight the regime in Juba which is an enemy for all South Sudanese. If Dr. Riek really wants a permanent peace in South Sudan he should abandon the Igad negotiations and fight for regime change.He should realize that the Nuer alone cannot do it but with the involvement of the Equatorians and the minority tribes in Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile, the removal of the born to rule elements in Juba will be easy. I suggest that Dr. Riek should empower the minority tribes by setting up military fronts in Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal region. All the minority tribes politicians that are now idle in Addis Ababa, Kampala, and Nairobi hotels should be send to their respective areas to mobilize the youth in order to create a national character of the movement. I bet if that happens Museveni of Uganda will pull out his troops in South Sudan immediately because he knows that a united south Sudanese are capable of marching to Kampala if he goes against their interest.

  21. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Equatorian.
    what are you saying here now, it seem like you are supporting Riek and in other hands you are supporting Government so where are your position? let me tell you one things if you stand at junction and put your legs in every direction you will not go believes me.
    mind your own business and live alone Dinka and Nuer to fight for them selves as you usually do.
    the drum you are beating all over the web is indicating to us that you making the noise some of you have no tribe not even the parents because you bastard.
    the tribalistic people like you Equatorian, no where to be seen in the world wide and I can tell you even if you go to Uganda they felt jealous while it is not their land.

  22. mankinmanner says:

    ajus old as your name say it loud let me clear your mind dog ithe experient tell us not to forgive the thugs cheer laught enjoy yourself with times but bros don,t forget you are dealing with worst enemies in your life time one day you will regret to be dinka by tribe to be in southsudan praise updf of uganda jem darfur rebel they make you live for while your time will come you will reflex your naked body in the mirror uncover UPDF will be no more to be seen in the street of juba you will blame your mother why she born you to be dinka laught because nuer were not united at this moment but it will not last longer will come togathers to face you

  23. Force says:

    Paul; are you finding mass graves only on one side or both sides? Are you displaying mass graves in 1991, 2013 and 2014 in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and everywhere else of Dinka killed by nuer? Well by the time you have your own mass graves in your backyard you’ll forget about your favored Nuer graves but you’ll be talking about your own people. Careful what you wished for or you’ll have enough of mass graves you’re wishing to display.

    • Force,

      In 1991, the Dinka did not show the journalists the mass grave of Nuer Killed in Ayod, Akobo, Ikotos, Kampota, Pageri, and Maridi. You guys always talk about Bor massacre and never acknowledge the massacre of Nuer who were killed in other places by you for the same split of 1991.

  24. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


  25. Ayod says:

    It really is a good method to get or knowing more about Dinka’s mindless in South. The Cowardice tribe in South Sudan who hasn’t like the fact of fairness are “Dinka” traditional, cultural and even behaviourism. What if you are today; if you taught on being people in defense side with Uganda nor to yourselves,? Are you still defeating Nuer although you brought your husband Ugandian men neither killing us as we saying “Jieng meaning to Nuer language not real citizens of South.?

    • Amul says:

      Ayod, Mark your language; Are you really insulting all Dinka or President Salva Kiir?
      If you mean all Dinkas then you will defecate more and grind your teeth.
      Like now I can not say all Nuer except brutal Nuer. you are not event true Nuer in South Sudan.

  26. Hard Target says:

    The final puzzle to fix this mess is drawn…. that is, the Equatorians taking arms against the murderous Government.
    Juba-Nimule Road and Kaya-Yei road will soon be shut down and Trucks must move in convoys, to stretch the army to the limit.

    Watch this space!!!!

  27. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Hey Elhag Paul, (the traitor& western puppet).
    I would like to reminds you that the future of South Sudan and its/her leadership is in the hands of South Sudanese citizens, the exit of President Kiir from the top seat must be determine by all of us as a collective responsibility like how we did it in 2010 to where he is today but not on tribal basis or through creating fake lies, hatreds, betrayals and useless propaganda.
    Let you be assured that South Sudan can not be destroyed by a cheap & a wandering person like you and the likes since you believes in advocating for destruction of the new nation which was brought into its being without your single effort and shamelessly you are now campaigning for the day night to be destroyed by your Western Masters but that evil dream of yours will never happens or succeed as long as Mighty Dinka is exist, we will make sure that whatever you have been opting to happen in South Sudan will not take place and instead we shall be ready to defends our integrity and dignity by any cost. Dinka are ready to crash their common enemies like you or the so call equatorians aka nyamnyam because your hate messages and commentaries had awake some Dinka who were so reluctant about the current war with rebels. Thank you fool for your wake up messages and we will be ready to kick your ass back to a foreign countries and that is where you truly belongs. Mark my words!

  28. Wedaljunub says:

    There is no one in South Sudan who is supporting the continuing of conflict. My point of view here is, I do not believe that there are mass-graves. However, if there are pains of December 2013′ nevertheless would be more pains to come if no changed of ethnicity permitive attitude and power hunger hunting. Someone got it wrong during civil-war and still motivating his tribe by wrong agendas and baseless ideas.

  29. Ogalam says:

    Dear El Hag,

    This is a good piece to commemorate the black December- the beginning of insanity in South Sudan. I have just come out of Pagak where I went to attend the Consultative conference and this is why I want to share my reflection of the events rather than report the conference. This was historic gathering where all the victims of the Black December for the first time came out of from wherever they are to grieve and mourn their love ones who were massacred in Juba. I describe this as a Congregation of victims of ethnic persecution to reflect on the way forward.They grieve peacefully and in dignity because they managed to resist the perpetrators of this genocidal act. I saw signs of sorrow, bitterness and anger on the faces around the venue. Woman wailed and dance to pour out their sorrow to their God NguDeng. The young men sing songs of praises to honor their fallen colleagues who gave up their life to defend the community. It was not a song of helplessness but songs of in honor of those young people who die with dignity.
    My heart pains for my beloved country. However I do believe this all will come to an end soon and a new South Sudan will emerge where we will live in peace and harmony. That day is not far. It is around the corner. The determination on the faces of young people say it all.

  30. Majongdit says:

    Elhag Paul is a liar. He coins stories simply to call for attention. Nothing more.

  31. Let that peace be achieved, we want peace in South Sudan. We the citizens of South Sudan had suffered in the hands of the killers in South Sudan. Those killers are known to be Dr. Riek Machar and President Salva Mayardit and we know how to eliminate them from South Sudan ‘s power, wether by votes or others meant. Why, the two communities of Jieng and Nuer are now suffering for interest of two people called Kiir and Riek as South Sudan is not for them alone. I swear God is great and He will protect the life of those who are still surviving inside South Sudan.

    • Great Politician,

      What had happened to Nuer in Juba would have happened to your tribe too if one of your tribe declared his or her interest to run for the president position and president Kiir believe that person could win the election. My friend if you think this is a Dinka and Nuer problem, then you are fooling yourself. Salva had done what he did to Nuer in 2013 to Shilluk in 2010 when Lam Akol expressed his interest to run for presidency position. Shilluk were murdered discriminately in 2010 if you are an Equatorian and not aware of Shilluk massacre, ask Equatorians intellectual what happen to Shilluk in 2010 when Lam Akol was a presidential candidate. If Kiir believe Dr. Lado Gore would win the election in 2015, Kiir could have done the same thing he did to Nuer to Bari there would have been no exception.

      However, enjoy your freedom if you are currently not affected by South Sudan crisis.

  32. General says:

    south sudan oyee. shame on you stupid president who kills his civilian. the primitive president, none educated and none politician the one who ever when to college. to all young generation in south sudan those of Equatorian are the neutral those who have no side, their side is food. the one who fights for them is food. don’t blames them they are food fighters, we don not consider you women just barks likes dogs. let me come to dinka you do your parts. but wait for second round you will be out of south sudan. whether there is peace or there is no peace am sure you will be out of south sudan, your lucky of ugandan arms forces we will defeat all with your husband yoweri maseveni and rebels of sudan toroboro and funj.

    ….. you all with your illiterate president salva kiir

  33. GatCharwearbol says:

    Where is Dr. James Okuk? Who can update us on Dr. James Okuk project of selling fake coup attempt to the world? Is he succeeding or the Juba has given up on him? I pray that he is alive and witnessing how Nuers are facing the evil forces of East Africa. “One Tribe Against The world”…. We love our Nation… The Naath nation. We will fight them until justice is serve.

  34. temim firtagy says:

    Paul i thought you better than this ‘really are you buy nuer lies just to cover their fail to power by force ,these cattelcamps mind tribes whether is Dinka or Nuer are the same coin they don,t care about human life including their own kind .

  35. Ayod says:

    Mr. Amul,
    Are you telling me that Dinka people are good an accepted ” Salva Kiir Mayar” and the very foolish stubborn man in Dinkas creation, or. ? I know you don’t compared to judged why Dinka are malicious people then to answered mine; would have you right to called us again as South Sudanese in a very beginning mouth.? Am sure won’t saying that too; you because your culture & tradition doesn’t deserving worst by saying then being. Forget how, I insulting all Dinka of making shameful to rest of South Sudanese. Your tribal leaders have had made worst ever act a very villages. I am there hoping Dinka’s culture background as has no valuing in South Sudan. Look at what it’s shamed to whole world’s eyes on South Sudanese citizens, but we most be taught out.

  36. BILL KUCH says:

    Where in the world would someone’s force took over military headquarter of the nation and could not be termed as a coup? What would have happened if Nuer’s rebels could captured and controlled the military power of South Sudan? And here, on the website, you are talking about we. Well, it seems like your fighting is here on website, and so you should not be talking of fighting while you are not there yourself? Why would Riek turned rebels if it was not his plan? I hope you guys choose fighting instead of signing a peace and then we will see how long you last.

    • Bill Kuch,

      You are an extreme liar than anyone here in this website. The Dinka president and Dinka Commander of the presidential guard disarmed Nuer within the guards. However, Nuer in the presidential gaurds attempted to rearmed themselves when saw they Dinka counterpart were rearmed. While the Nuer tried to rearmed themselves the heartless Dinka started shooting at them. The Massacred of Nuer has been plan for along time by Kiir that is why he trained private army and brought in foreign troops six month before the war broke in Juba. Where in the world a president recruit only his own tribe men to national army? Where in the world the president ordered the disarmament of one tribe in the army? Only the Dinka president think like baby in diaper in this world.

  37. AGUMUT says:

    I think Dr. Riek will go back again,if he does than a sheep will answer that.

  38. Bol says:

    I know you are convinced beyond any reasonable doubts, or you had already locked your brain into thinking that at it was Kirr who had unleashed the violence on Sunday night 15/12/13. However, some claims need to be tested and re-tested over and over again, for example; who fired the first bullet? Does Presidential Guards have a colonel by the name John Malual Beil? Was this individual a head of first battalion in the Presidential Guards? Did this individual kill his deputy by the name Akol Reec? Did another Nuer office by the name of (Brigadier General) James Koch Gak shot dead his deputy (Abraham Manyuat Ajou) almost same time officer Akol Reec was kill (10; 17 pm)? Why did the two senior officers would kill their junior officers? Can Kirr convince Nuer officers in the Presidential Guard to kill their Dinka comrades in order to spark the violence? Can you instigate some of what I have just mentioned here before you write anything related to this topic again?
    Elhag, truth is a chameleon creature and the best way to find it is to keep looking for it with an open mind…..Kiir wants to stay in power….He have plans to mitigate Machar military threats….. But your idol and his company are the one who unleashed the violence on Sunday 15/12/13. They did it by killing two Dinka officers …….When officers REEC and AJOU (first victims of 15/12/13 events) were killed; they were killed because they were Dinka…. The pair deserve sympathy and justice because human life is life …..Nuer aggression was successfully repelled…Kirr forces subsequently move from defence position to aggression when they rounded up every Nuer men (No women or children as reported)in their vicinity and killed them and that is where his forces went wrong…… Give truth a chance to liberate your heart and mind before you want it to liberate other people!

  39. GatCharwearbol says:


    Tough it is to believe anything from your camp after the fake coup narrative and denial of Nuer un-armed civilians genocide under the direct supervision of your idol, Salva Kiir Mayardit. You’re taking tough route and you will have to go one extra mile to convince us that your information is trustworthy. We prefer a source not related to Juba or their sympathizers if we have to believe your claim. Please get busy; produce your source. Hearsay is not a source.

  40. jijury says:

    Ustaz Alhag Paul thanks for reminding us again despite all that Salva has done to our country We are still the same people. Kiir indeed used our army to finish what he and his tribal elite called their ” enemy” the Nuer. However, Nuer will never finish or go anywhere no matter what this incompetent president intended to do he will always remain the loser. Alhag will prevail and justice will be save. Thank you so much we need people who look at the big picture.

  41. Dak says:

    Who start the violent in Juba was already known to world through Mama Nyandeng De Mabior, Majak Agoot and many more that is Salva Kiir. S Kiir, Marial Chinook, Kuol Manyang, J Hoth (Judas Iscariot), Malong Awan and many other S Kiir’s associates must go to ICC very soon when time come.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Don’t forget that, those you mentioned above would take Riek his commanders with them when you are talking about ICC to come. Also, Riek got away with 1991 killing, but he would not be this time.

      • Bill Kuch,

        Dr. Machar commanders are all innocent. The war was imposed on them by a dictator and a dictator’s supporters. If the ICC do take them, then they will all come out very clean within few days from the court.


    Hello Family, Friends and Colleagues at freedom fighters,
    As we approach the end of another successful year of Strives to service, we want to wish you a happy holiday season! As you reflect on 2014 and look toward the New Year, we hope you will continue the holiday spirit of giving and join Each of us on the annual Year of Tribal Genocides Day at Juba, by honor them as our Reminding all of us Dinka is the Internal Enemy at South Sudan and stand up by opposing peace without Root Causes of Nuer Civilians whom has been Genocide by Dinka Government at SPLM/SPLA Leadership.
    Stand up to Strives for their Lives as the Nuer to Remembering them as our Victims whom was been Genocides to Lost their Lives at these Day and we should continues to Strives from now toward January 2015 until we defeating SPLM/SPLA from Leadership at Country.
    This is our Commitment as the Naath Men, Women at Uniform to Strives for free Election Governments, Fair Democratic system to allowing all citizens to have opportunity to make their own choices to chooses their Rights Leaders to serve them.
    Second, those whom are running of their mind to looking for opportunity to Betray our Nuer Victims whom was Loss on behalf of our Tribal Names and you will never having chances again.
    Any one of us have a rights to do what every he/she want, but we should not allowing anybody whom we acknowledge that he/she has been Bribery by Enemy to shares and lives with Nuer.
    Happy Holidays all Naath, Nuer,
    Thank all of our External Affairs coordination offices, who are services Movement around the world. John Wiyual Chuol Tang.

  43. kwany kwon says:

    war is nothing , only peace is the first, than those who beat the drum for war but gain nothing only tribalish, we,we, we will never give us freedom only tears.
    God bless south sudan.

    Kwon Lyet.

  44. Nicolas says:

    Excellent site. Plenty of helpful info here. I am sending it to a few friends
    ans additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks on your sweat!

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