The origin of the “so-called born to rule” folktale: A South Sudanese perspective

BY: Rambang Deng Gach, Khartoum, Sudan, OCT/26/2015, SSN;

With the cliché’s origin deeply rooted in the history of Scythians who roamed the earth and thrived in anarchy and war more than seven thousand years before Christ, tells a lot about how outdated the concept is. This confirms that the concept cannot be resuscitated and applied in this age and time, only a moron can argue to justify its relevance.

As South Sudanese, It is important we dialogue on the aspects of the ‘born to rule’ mentality; focus some light on how this controversial and violent cliché finds its way into our peaceful, obliging and God-loving communities.

An exchange about such issue is important for us in order to understand the complexity of the origin of the cliché and how it influenced and consumed the psychic of the entire community.

Born to rule has a lot to do with domination and marginalization amongst others, which are the salient features of the rejected old Sudan’s policy of suppression and trepidation.

Military dictators (Abuod, Numeri & El Basheer) who frequently usurped power under the pretext of preserving the unity of the country, dominated the political space in the old Sudan, as such, inspired and contributed in the reconstruction and reintroduction of this social vice and helped resurrect the so-called “born to rule” cliché.

After the successful revolt in Torit 1955, the mutineers were ubiquitously spitting poisonous venom in the deep jungles of the south. In the corridors of power in Khartoum, the ruling elites were getting impatient and irritated by the surging number of this ragtag group.

The ensuing fighting was fierce and rampant, forcing Garang, Gatluak and Ladu to leave their villages and relocate to Khartoum in search of security and peace. They arrived Khartoum safely and immediately pledged to support one another in such an alien terrain, reassuring themselves “united we stand”, to comfort and strengthen their brotherhood.

To keep up with the latest news, the trio agreed to regularly meet and discuss how they could overcome difficulties of Khartoum’s busy life as well as follow the developments in the jungles and how they could render a hand.

Employment opportunities were getting a bit scarce and Garang was petrified of becoming a hobo, he was soon domesticated and became a “house Negro”, a job only reserved to the very few who are willing to sacrifice their life for the ‘Massa’ and his family.

Ladu preferred to take a hike and be humiliated by Kenyans and Ugandans; hoping to procure more poison that could boost Lago and company.

Gatluak on the other hand, was suspicious of Garang’s movements and eventual tied involvement with Mohamed, he accepted to endure humiliation and stayed put to keep an eye on him, and document while taking a labor job in the booming construction industry nearby.

Garang’s decision to stay put proved beneficial as notable changes gradually started to appear on his skin (shedding those dead flakes), physical structure (belly protruded) and the way he carries himself (observes social customs); now in clover, Garang spectacularly transformed as he copycat all aspects of Mohamed’s lifestyle including his religion.

The exemplary loyalty and dedication earned him the trust and love of Mohamed. As a result, the domestic helper gained recognition, status and soon entered into smelly deals with Mohamed to contain the spread of poison in the jungle.

Now, the domestic helper turned politician, and with financial and organizational backing from Mohamed, evolved and quickly learned the tricks of Mohamed who groomed him to represent the 63.

In lieu of loyalty and adoration, Mohamed instilled in Garang the arts of manipulation, corruption and the theories of ‘divide and rule’. Garang’s confidence to lead grew and dangerously consumed his psychic, inducing uncontrollable passion to manipulate the system in order to lead forever.

Mohamed practiced the Machiavellian game repeatedly with Garang and advised him at his graduation, to always “tamper and manipulate the ball”, to keep the folks in disarray, indeed Garang incorporated to the game, his new method of “hide the ball” to keep the folks baffled.

Mohamed was impressed and commended Garang’s ingenious technique of ball hiding, patting him on the back and with a smile “you’re born to rule”. Hence, the emergence of ‘born to rule’ cliché in the Sudanese vocabulary.

Mohamed wants his prodigy (Garang) to learn high level organizational skills and therefore, introduced Garang to the El-Mahadeiyah and El-Khatimeiyah religious sects (these religious sects are among the well-established political powerhouses in the Sudan that survived military suppression over the years).

Garang’s fascination and growing obsession with power took him to every Mosque in the triangle capital to study Islamic secrets of manipulation and control.

Armed with knowledge and blessings from the Sheikhs and Mullahs, and to the amazement of the faithful, Garang was able to successfully hide the ball from everyone including El Sadiq El Mahdi and Mohamed El Marghani.

Garang’s imitation of the two religious sects helped make him a well-recognized political household name, and the viceroy who dictated the terms when it comes to the politics of South Sudan.

Any group or individual who exhibited leadership aspirations in South Sudan is perceived to be a threat to Garang’s interest and hence, a non grata in any political discourse as he/she becomes the target of sinister campaign and accusations by Garang’s establishment, portraying that group or individual as enemy and traitor hired by the Arabs.

In spite of Garang’s proximity to the source of power (Arabs) more than anybody else in the south, and his well-established connection with ruling elites, Garang looked with extreme suspicion and raised eyebrows to any group or individual who ventured close enough to rub shoulders with the dominant ruling elites.

The generally expected and acceptable standard from all South Sudanese, is to voluntarily relinquish any leadership aspirations and accept that Garang is the only credible link between the North Sudan ruling elites and South Sudanese, he who wants to go to the ruling elites must first seek endorsement and blessings from the anointed prodigy.

Garang believed that any other South Sudanese citizens are incapable or informed enough to manage the relations with the ruling elites as they could be used, cheated or blackmailed.

The anointed one would not hesitate to describe as ‘Nyagat’ any group or individual who defies the blanket ban on all South Sudanese to engage in national politics.

Ladu once confided to Gatluak that, the connection between Mohamed and Garang is rumored in some circles to have been knotted before Sudan’s independence, as such they stood the test of time in spite of recent ambitious attempt by Dr. Lam Akol from tiny Chollo community, whose challenge for the leadership was deemed a grand conspiracy with far reaching external arms.

Garang remained the most trusted ally of the ruling elites and throughout their long commitment, Garang’s establishment was rewarded generously with three Vice President Positions (Abel Alier, George Kongor and Prof. Machar) and Deputy Prime minister (Aldo Ajou) in addition to numerous ministerial posts.

Only Gen. Joseph Lago, from Equatoria was able to out-smart the anointed one and managed to maneuver his way to Vice President’s office. A move that confounded Garang’s machination to this very day.

Owing to Garang’s proximity to the system, he indeed established himself as a force with regional and international connections that apparently availed to him enormous educational, economic and political advantages over other South Sudanese.

Being a stooge and apprentice of the master manipulator for many years helped Garang perfect the game of trickery and conspiracy to control and abuse the innocent and God fearing people of South Sudan.

Luckily enough, Garang miscalculated the resolve of South Sudanese people who fought passionately to defeat the Arabs’ policies of marginalization, domination and unbalanced development.

As the saying goes, “the best prediction of future behaviors is past relevant patterns”, Garang had exposed his agenda and narcissistic egomaniacal attitude; he is running out of both luck and options.

For the records, the only trick up Garang’s sleeves is bribery, and with the dwindling cash flow and deteriorating economy, Garang’s days are indeed numbered.
The end!

By Mr. Rambang Deng Gach
Khartoum, Sudan


  1. Beek says:

    The so-called John Garang of SPLM has killed our people in order to rule all Sudan,but almight God has change that.

  2. Riek says:

    Stupid nyagat is whining in Khartoum. When are you back to South Sudan (you have been betraying) to make your point, you unruly fool?

  3. Beek says:

    The Greatest celibration in the History of South Sudan in December is going to be in the TWIC EAST of Warrap.

  4. Alier Gai says:

    Rambang Deng,

    The contrasts and comparisons are greater than the revealed irony directed to Garang. Garang was a hard working person with the agility to learn his new role in time of a high demands among the three servants. Knowing how to do the job right, when to finish the task at hand in time, were all racing against Garang and he did his works exceedingly although he was under the intense pressure from the master. Job satisfactions with many advantages over Ladu and Gatluak who then seemed to take a slow pace in action gave Garang an edge for leading them, in and out the Palace.
    I already sensed that in the article Gatluak was a dirty, disorderly person with many qualities of reckless match by comparing him to Garang. He was so crazy and not caring about anything at all. He assumed the responsibility while not knowing how and when he will do that thing right. He never reached the height of his tasks properly, for the pleasure had been his second habit. And whereas, Ladu, in his birthright, was a slow learner who failed to meet his duties’ obligation even when the household activities were easy to be fulfilled. He had that habit for a low dealer all the time no matter what pressure he was facing. He had been having nonchalant personality disorder, just to be exact. Ladu and Gatluak were not goal oriented people and do not even have a time table for any project. They don’t like working and so they hate anyone who was seemed to betray their laziness at work. At one point, both collaborated together against Garang for the servant’s leading role in the master’s Palace. They brought all unnecessary charges against Garang so that the master expelled him (Garang) and then they assumed their unlearned leadership roles there. Garang stood his ground firmly in defending his innocence which led to a countless arm twistings and a fight Garang own by hand down from the master. It was a hell taking place at the gun barrels point between the learned servant and the unhappy master from the Palace. Garang Was by far the best and a trusted man for the job minus the two in the Palace. And without a surprise, Mohamed is now regretting the misinformation given to him by untrusted servants, that Garang was not doing his work well. He is clearly knowing the minute organizer and the hour planner, but he was misled according to the information given to him. Mohamed, despite the odds, finally said to Garang to take his brothers with him after Garang had created his mastership from the Palace, because the Judas’ brothers were there doing nothing for the master on daily basis. And when Garang have them with him while trying to teach them how to run the affairs of their own household, putting them here and there to learn things as much as, they started wrecking everything in the house and blaming Garang for the never-try-failures. They always have no time to put extra effort to learn new tricks by doing things so well without their own Garang. Garang’s brothers all they know is wrecking and blaming, nothing else. That is the reason why the house called South Sudan is not properly set and Garang is being outflanked by his own family, single handedly. Mohamed, in the other hand, is continuing to find his lost key back through Garang’s weak brothers and it is a real game he will never look away this time. It is a gun match for the lost key retake. Mohamed handed a key over to Garang by no choice but a pure defeat. The 11 hour collaborators from Garang’s family are jealous about it and they want the key to go now. Will Garang stand his ground firm by defending his hard fought KEY? We will see in the days coming. But when Garang created his own image for leadership in the house of the MASTER, Gatluak and Ladu did not bother themselves to take a chance for the opportunity to learn like Garang in order to lead. And on their own abilities, they are lifetime lambasters who are not real doers for the job at hand. They are just dry woods waiting for the fire to give them work. It is better to know the past, it is better to know the present, and it is better to prepare yourself for the future you set the bare high. what is you your high? The “born to rule” mentality always becomes the second nature when the habit of one mindset is oriented toward victories than the innumerable failures accumulated. The article is full of a fun brain activities without any realistic substances.

  5. Ghol Chot says:

    What an incoherent load of shit! Who is keeping anyone one from ruling anyone in South Sudan? The Nuers must understand that their Riek Machar demigod is not going to walk the streets on South Sudan again on our watchful eyes, trust us fellows.

    Any Nuer can rule anyone in South Sudan, but for the Nuers’ Mr. Riek Machar demigod, who is addicted usurpation of power by the way of aimless coups and tribal armed rebellions to rule a Dinka/Jaang—-Nada, that is not going to happen under the sun!

    The Nuers should just forget him and move on. The psychopath is a cancer to South Sudan and the South Sudanese people.

    As for this article poor allegory, the Nuers’ Riek Machar demigod aimless rebellion has some Dinkas.Jaang from Bhar el Gazelles like Dau Aturjong, Mathok Geng and even John Garang’s son, Mabior Garang. So what is this Nuer with this trashy article of his rambling on about? Usual Nuers rubbish I guess.

    Riek Machar, Paulino Matip, Peter Gadet etc, and the whole Nuer community ganged-up with the Muhammadans (Mohammeds), the whole lot of them against the Dinka/Jaang, and here, a Nuer has some guts to talk about Garang’s alliance with his so-called “Mohammed” in this poor analogy of his.

    Yet, still up to this day, the Nuers are still relying on their usual arab masters in Khartoum for supplies. If l can ask this fellow, what is he still doing in Khartoum? Anyway, our Nuer cousins are not the sharpest or the smartest in South Sudan to lecture anyone about alliances with arabs.

  6. Jim Monyekak says:


    Garang the jaang is the “house-slave” closest to his master the jellaba. He is submissive, meticulous, a boot-licker and greedy. Gatluak the Nuer is the “field-slave” unpredcitable, rude and disorganized who does all the hard field work. Ladu the Bari on the other hand is the “free-and-wild slave”, a maroon, a renegade who refuses to go down to jellaba. There could never be any folktale so true that depicts the three slaves. Funny though, those “born-to-rule” have no history of established kingdoms, hierarchies, aristocracies etc.simply a deep inferiority feeling of being subservient, a slave-jaang, abeed.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Monyekak,

      We have history, you just refuse to acknowledge the fact that we’re always in charge, and your likes are not!. Take it easy from what you’re smoking dude, Dinkas are born to rule and there is nothing you or your butcher Machar can do about it. Until you people stop beating war drums against the Dinka tribe there will be no peace with your likes. Any Nuer or Eq’s can run for a higher office, and I will be glad to vote for him/her if they are smart. I hope you don’t follow the little lady name “Ms. Adams” who has motor mouth that spew out venom’s every opportunity she gets..Wish you well, with your hatred of the Dinkas.

  7. jok lual says:

    no body say such born to rule, it is the political language

  8. Mohamed says:

    It is difficult to realize whether this article is realistic or a mere metaphoric one it deals with garang in one way as a real person the late DR JOhn garang and in other parts as symbol of a dinka community it also mention mohamed as a symbol of northern arabs I think this article is a true case of misconception

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Yeah many of the readers are confused, if this article was written for “born to rule”, Dr. Garang, or the Dinkas. It’s really very confusing. I don’t know if Mr. Monyekak is referring to Prophet Mohammad or an individual/person. I don’t get it ! … hehehe.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Rambang,
    If u are a south sudanese national of an independant South sudan,if it isn’t studies,business adventures or deplomatic committments that are keeping u in Khartoum,your intelectual conduct betrays u.
    At such point,u have forced me to believe that u are the true domestic Garang that u have featured in your story.

    The truth is sir,the rebellion for RSS independence was a product of experiences.
    If those of general Lagou were sinior officers among the Any Any leadership,there were allso foot soldiers and junior officers among whom was John Garang de Mabior.
    It’s absurd to project the Lagou’s John Garang who was busy spitting the cobra’s,”venom”,in South Sudan’s jungles against the jalaba’s forces as the domestic Garang in an arab’s kitchen in Khartoum as your story caricaturizes.

    Considering the rebellion for RSS independence to be a product of experiences,after being forced to sign the Addis Abab agreement,the benefit of doubt proved that it was a bad peace.With the age and human circumstances reducing Lagou’s agility to react at the immediate hour of opportunity,the Any Any movement junior officers among whom was John Garang happily picked up the cross and restarted the struggle where general Lagou and his sinior comrades left it.

    But if Lagou’s Garang seemed ambiguous in his leadership conducts,he never betrayed.That’s a sincere truth.
    If u are only an educated fellow who know how to read and write without profound understanding of politicians’ high intentions at such hard times of armed struggle,it’s a major defect that will allways do great harm to your brilliant image as an intelectual.Such evil will make of u a useless fellow to yourself as to others.
    It’s best to debate whom were the jalabas that general Lagou was fighting?
    To blanket things and say that we are fighting jalabas means uniting those of the blue nile,of the nuba mountains,of the bija,of darfur and of the far north who,apart from being muslims by the merit of religion,are fellow africans,on the rangs of jalabas.That mistake was a fatal difficulty for the Any Anya movement therefore it was imperative for an RSS independence movement to correct from the first hour.
    To such regard,the SPLM/A under John Garang issued the founding manifesto prescribing liberation against marginaliztion,neglect,oppression and underdevelopment for a united Sudan.That brought on board all sudanese nationals and there are bones of the nuba mountains and the blue nile citizens among north sudanese nationals laying every where in south sudan who sacrificed their lives for the struggle under Garang’s leadeship.

    But as usual,many trouble makers among southerners either misunderstood Garang or motivated by jealousy,pure hunger for leadership or ill will to spoil the movement rose up to question the wisdom for a united Sudan.
    Calling spade a spade,Garang attempted to explain that,southerners could fight up to Kosti and stop there if their objective is liberation of South Sudan.
    What is the misplaced point here that obliges u to assert that,”Garang miscalculated the resolve of the south sudanese people”?
    The SPLM/A history under John Garang is well documented from the date of it’s foundation to the CPA and up to the last day of Garang’s tragic death.It’s so naive of u to speak of,”luck”.The CPA was not a product of good luck than of bloody armed struggle and the good will to sacrifice to achieve it from the part of our masses.

    Things aren’t the same now in an independant RSS without Garang.Ofcourse they could have been far better under him.But why has his image become the object to smear with shit when u have countless numbers of fools including u and your likes drowning RSS and it’s masses in the mud?!!!

  10. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Rambang Deng Gach,

    With all due respect, and in my humble opinion stay with writing fictions. You’re absolutely miss guided in your understanding of the Dinka tribe. So, you think resuscitate the born to rule from a condition resembling death, you’re wrong to insinuate such thing, because Dinkas are born to rule, and that’s a fact. You also used the word “clich’e’ a lot, you’re entitle to your opinion, but we’re in charge, you have to wait for your turn to lead south Sudan, which I don’t think it will happen in the near future. For you information, the British did not like meaning of “mongjeng” because it means “born to rule” so they change it to “Dinka”, check your history dude. Dinka tribe are formidable and you can’t put them with 62 tribes on same moral ground. As for the butcher Machar, and Lam Akol they are more subordinate to the butcher of Khartoum Bashir than does Dr. Garang who graduated from Iowa state university with the PhD in economic, Your article is dopey.

  11. Dear Mr.Rambang Deng Gach:

    People those who are speaking they are born to rule.They are kidding themselves! They are fooling themselves in front of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    According to what you have said in your written article, they are packed of lies!!!!!!! Do have a nice day!


  12. GatNor says:

    Garang ruled by murdering his opponents and Kiir is ruling through decrees. Bother where at one point in their lives were under a Nuer, an Equatorian, and or an Arab’s leadership as hierarchy as individuals or as Jaang.The “born to rule” claims is a validated lie. Kiir tried re affirming this when he said “I will always be the leader of that country” South Sudan but that also will turn out a lie after he passed on. If the Jaang were born to rule why is it that the whole of Sudan been rule by Arabs for more than 50 years with them as servitutes like every other marginalized citizens of the then Sudan? If they are born to rule, the Jaang community or tribe never rejected Garang to reject vice presidency of the then Sudan that they are bored to ruled but anxiously accepted insubordination under or to Arab leadership or ruled. The statetement born to ruled is a put out there encourage justifying a false claim in hope that it works at a subconscious mind in manifestation.

    JAANG ARE NOT BORN TO RULE. an statement that can be debate with logical sense should one present evidences that are everywhere.

  13. Deng says:

    “Born to rule and not to be ruled” had bee heard in Abil Alier’s time supported by Jellaba in Khartoum (Nemirri’s regime) so that South is weaken by using him and his tribe. And this is what is happening again now. The rest of other groups have to think and work hard to safe South from the very chaotic system who don’t have culture of shame in their tradition life.

  14. Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Guys,
    Never complain much,we have so many fools in S.Sudan.The G10 and Incompetent Taban Deng Gai who engineer coup
    and now miserably fail.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Hi my brother Rambang Deng gach
      I pass over yr article you posted in S born to rule ideology.I admire yr wring but what can we do brother since we Nuers are not organized.Those who have that ideology like the Dinkas are more organized and that is why they always take the lead.If u look at Dec 15 incident 2013.You wil realized our senior guys are fool including our big man Dr. Machar.Do u know what happen it was Taban Deng Gai who gave him fake assessment that we have 75 % of Nuers in the Army, when the mission was carried out it fail so Taban and Riek find themselves running away from Juba to the bush, so Riek ask Taban where is 75% of our Nuers in the army? Taban answer by keeping quiet three times.When Machar blame Taban about incident Taban was angry and ask Riek why you didn,t sucess since 1991 coup these are all yr mess up it was u who want to be President.When i ask Dr. Riek in one of our evening conversation i ask him is sit true that there was a coup it took him 2 mins to answer me lastly he said yes there was coup attempt but it failure was blame on Taban and the G10 who engineered it.The following on the g10 said they have enough army who can topple president Kiir.The names are as followers,
      Dr.Majak Agoot,Oyai Deng,Gir Chuang,Pagan,John Luke,Deng Alor these p,ple were very sure of themselves,he did n,t know these were weak guys who don,t have any single support even from the grassroots.So it is true z there was coup.So z is sit my bro,let us not blame any body ab,t born to rule ideology.Thk,
      Comrade Yien Mathew,The former active Splm member in gov,t

  15. Fase Millionaire. I agree with some points in your comment, and disgree in others. For example why “it is best to debate whom were the Jalaba that general Lagou fighting?” Lagou is a South Sudan leader he sucssfully carried out one of the longest gorala war for indefendece, Garang was young officer under his commond which gave opportuinty to learned to overcome the ostcales and figure out the mistakes Anya Anya has fallen under. If Addis Ababa was a bad agreement this does not give us a right to misjustment because every period in history has its men snd their circoumastenced. Addis Ababa was not all bad its brough peace existed for 10 years; gave us time to perpaered for last round of the independent war. It also gave South Sudanese opportuinty to study abroad in countries like Egypt; as you can see most of South Sudan are graduates of Egypt. So Addis Ababa was not all bad as you said. If you are nationàlist be for it and do not play tribel games.

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