The only way to save South Sudan may be by turning back to the colonial era: Recolonization!!

BY: Peter Jacobs, THE GUARDIAN UK, DEC/15/2015, SSN;

South Sudan has been hijacked, looted and betrayed by irresponsible and venal leaders and must be placed under international management if the total collapse of the world’s newest nation is to be avoided, the US Congress has been told.

The call came as the UN and International Red Cross warned of an imminent humanitarian catastrophe caused by the country’s civil war, which enters its third year this week. Thousands of people have died due to the fighting, 7 million are in need of food aid and 2 million have been displaced. A recent African Union report detailed appalling atrocities by both sides.

Princeton Lyman, a former US special envoy, told a Senate hearing that South Sudan was “one of the great tragedies of the world today [that] is also undermining the stability of one of the most sensitive regions in the world”. The country’s leaders had “betrayed their people and wasted the opportunity that independence [in 2011] provided” and could no longer be trusted, he said.

Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, accused President Salva Kiir, who leads the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) government in the capital Juba, and his chief political and military rival, former vice-president Riek Machar, of together creating an utter shambles. Both deserved to be jailed, Corker said.

John Prendergast, director of the Enough Project lobby group, said South Sudan was not only a failed state but a hijacked one that had become a “violent kleptocracy”. He urged the Obama administration to imposes financial and legal sanctions.

“This war has been hell for the people of South Sudan, but it has also been very lucrative for their leaders. War crimes pay has been the message … when there are no limits to the hijacking of state resources or consequences for the use of violence,” Prendergast said.

The criticism came as fears intensified that a peace deal, agreed under intense US and African Union diplomatic pressure in August, is unravelling. Repeated ceasefire violations have been reported, atrocities against civilians are continuing, and weapons still flow into the country despite efforts to impose an arms embargo.

Peter Bashir Gbandi, South Sudan’s deputy foreign affairs minister, rejected the criticism and insisted the peace process was on track. Yet nearly six months on, key provisions including the creation of a national unity government, improved security in Juba, and the introduction of a special “hybrid court” to investigate war crimes have not been implemented.

Kiir’s SPLM is reportedly riven by infighting – a leadership convention at the weekend was postponed indefinitely at the last minute. Divisions are also apparent among South Sudan’s neighbours, notably between Uganda, which backs Kiir, and President Omar al-Bashir’s Sudan, the SPLM’s old enemy.

Lyman, US envoy to to South Sudan and Sudan from 2011-2013 and a former ambassador to South Africa and Nigeria, told the Senate the country had suffered systemic leadership and institutional failures since 2011 and now needed a strong external hand to take charge.

The ruling SPLM was politically weak and too much under the influence of military factions from its armed wing, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), Lyman said.

The AU’s recent report had shown that the SPLM, the legislature, the judiciary, the police, and civil society were “all inadequate to the challenge of keeping the rivalries among the leaders from spinning out of control … Without understanding the weaknesses of those institutions, the peace agreement will almost surely fail,” he said.

Meanwhile, the SPLA – “the guys with the guns” – was also deeply divided. After fighting erupted in Juba in December 2013, it fractured along ethnic lines, with Dinka units rallying to Kiir and the Nuer and Murle decamping to Machar.

“The point here is that the SPLA … cannot act as unifying institution.” And since neither Kiir nor Machar, with their continuing rivalry and ambitions, could be relied upon to act in South Sudan’s best interests, “that means that security for the peace process must come largely from outside,” Lyman said.

Lyman proposed that the AU, backed by the UN and the US, transform the joint monitoring and evaluation committee set up in August and chaired by the former Botswana president, Festus Mogae, into an internationally managed transitional authority.

“To be effective in this role, Mogae should be accorded by the AU the authority of a high commissioner, someone who can call the parties to order,” Lyman suggested.

To all intents and purposes, Mogae would exercise the powers of a colonial era governor-general, including financial policy and budget control and the power to sanction erring parties and individuals. He would also assist the hybrid court in bringing war criminals to justice.

Under the proposal, he would be backed up by an expanded UN peacekeeping mission, and/or by an AU force, supported by the US and leading aid donors such as Britain.

It is a tall order. Turning South Sudan into what, in effect, would be an international protectorate would be controversial, and highly complex to implement. It would be an admission that the 2011 independence gamble failed and must be fundamentally reworked.

But right now, the alternative – more political back-stabbing, more killings, more misery and widening instability – looks worse. END


  1. Beek says:

    I say Hell no to Mr.Peter Jacobs,hell no. Hell no hell no.

  2. Eastern says:

    ….there we go! The much hyped International Trusteeship will at the end of dilly dallying by the SPLM kleptocrats be the panacea to South Sudan’s problems. Both Kiir and Riek on countless times showed lack of political will to keep the peace wheel turning.

    South Sudanese need better Christmas gift this time round; 2016 should usher in hope for the downtrodden, the writer inclusive.

    I am wondering why Kiir should continue to remain a partner in implementing the agreement he signed albeit reluctantly. Please follow this link to read what Kiir-Museveni alliance has brewing in their backyard:

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Collective blame game is why peace haven’t come to South Sudan yet. Every time a deal failed to take hold, it is blame on both sides. This is wrong and it is not helping the situation. You can go ahead and accuse me of taking side, but Dr. Riek Machar has nothing to do with failing of this peace. It is the tribal government in Juba thwarting the peace from returning. Please I urge you to put blame on who you think is the problem. If it is Dr. Machar, say so. This way we are not going around in circle like a chicken with its head cut off.

      • Eastern says:


        The issue here is lack of political will, poor leadership at display by both Kiir’s and Riek’s camp; no beating around the bush!!

        Riek must must stop pegging his return to Juba on some conditions to be fulfilled by his nemesis. Today members of the FDs are in Juba with their cheer leader Mr Amum nursing cold weather in the temperate world for reasons best known to him. One SPLM-Riek representative made it clear that the first batch of their members will be in Juba on Friday, December 18, 2015. What happened? Remember folks, some of you will become fugitives soon running to evade justice in the would be hybrids court or the ICC. I as a South Sudanese will mobilise masses to have people who have hijacked our country tried!!

        The net to have leaders tried will be casted wider afield to have some leaders in neighbouring countries tried as well. The trial and sentencing of former Liberian leader Charles Taylor has set the presidence, don’t tell me those prolonging the suffering of unarmed South Sudanese were not warned! An advance warning came from Mr Corker of the US senate recently!!!

  3. Pool says:

    I hope God has good things in store for us.

  4. alex says:

    Dear Jackob no S.Sudan will believe the guardian story. The whites should be clear if they want to colonise Africa again. The population of S.Sudan during the referendum was estimated to be eight million people. So to say seven million people needs food is baseless. I know there are countries out there who want our resources and they are looking for any reason to grab our resources but it would not br easy. They can only succeed if they continue to deceive us to continue to fight. I think all the opposite sides in the fighting now release the person is not an easy person to trust. Today they csn be your friend the following day he turns you down. Best example is Congo, Iraq, Libya and Agentina. Now they are not vocal with Kabila because they got what they want.

  5. Francis mangok says:

    South Sudan would never be handed over to foreigners forever if some of South Sudanese think in that way. I think they are wrong and liers . UN is the world organization that has been corrupted before South Sudan. Believe me South Sudan will be a better country soon than any other countries in African no matter how much it has been corrupted by those who hunger for leadership and money.

  6. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Alex,

    Nobody wants our nation to be handed to the wolf. But it is possible if we keep acting immaturely. Salva Kiir has thrown this nation into flame and it is our right as owners of the land to let him go so we can open new chapter. Maintaining Kiir in power is one reason why this nation will go under UN Trusteeship one day. While you are a staunch supporter of Kiir, it is high time that you think about how Kiir is facilitating the placement of this nation under UN rulership. Put your thinking cap on my friend.

    • Francis mangok says:

      Dear GatCharwearbol,

      You are absolutely right you and I have right to bring the new leader to lead us if we are convinced that Kiir is the failure leader. In the best regard, I think the best way to bring the new leader is through nonviolence, but not the way Dr. Riek did it in December 2013 with those political detainees. I am truly against violence because war it always cause destruction and I do not appreciate what happened in Juba in 2013. I prepare nonviolence than political violence.

      President Kiir is already did his part and now President Kiir should have to save his legacy and family. Nelson Mandela of South Africa would be remember forever and that is what I was expecting President Kiir to be in South Sudan, but now he is making mistake. President Kiir should have to handed over the leadership to any better South Sudanese leader to continue with SPLM leadership. I personally, I do not want President Kiir to lost his legacy and now is the time for him to think smart before it too late.

      • Nuer-Another Isreal in East Africa says:

        Dear Francis Mangok,

        I downrightly don’t think you are well informed of what is taking place in South Sudan or how the fiasco came to being. Usurpation of power by Dr. Machar is not what happened. If you read the Africa Union inquiry, you would be satisfied that Kiir staged a coup on his own government with sole mission of killing Nuer people. It has nothing to do with taking power by use of force.

        I can see that you are brainwashed to buy into the coup narrative. So you are on this violence topic on your own. Find something else to blame Dr. Machar on. If aspiring for Presidency through election channel is tantamount to usurpation of power, then what is the appropriate way of ascending to power? Because surely, Dr. Machar was asking for Chairmanship of SPLM so he can run under the SPLM ticket in 2015 elections and that is where the problem creped in. Be an independent thinker instead of defending on hearsays.

    • alex says:

      Mr Gatcharwearbol I am a strong supporter of right things.
      Riack was mislead by CIA and the end he was damped Susan Rice
      because she new he is not a heavy weight politician . It wasn’t right for him to ask for a reform when he is s part of the problems. Now he is repeating it by appointment of his wife to head the National Security Commission and all of you being mere followers is there to challenge him. Oboma could give the secretary of state to his wife or president Clinton would have done so if it is to do with qualifications.
      I can see there is no visionary man in splm in opp to correct your leader. I can now believe Gadet and the group are the only wise people in this organisation. The rest with PHD S just for nothing. Garang even allowed Rebecca Nyandeg that opportunity. Here you are claiming that you are fighting for corruption and yet corruption is now being applied openly. Even mr info is quite while vocal at other things. We have to accept that we have not yet reached the intellectual politics. We only follow our own whether he or she is wrong doesn’t matter.

      It is sad really to follow others like blind. You have to defend this appointment in the eyes of the international community. This is s tragedy for splm in opp followers.

  7. Chol Deng Anyieth says:

    It is the same USA that put Somalia to where it is today. USA has never colonized any country and that is why it failed in Somalia. If the USA and her cohorts try to invade South Sudan like Iraq, Libya and other countries, the world will be the worse planet to live in. USA has not provided shelter to millions of homeless in America and has not put an end to police brutality against black people.

    • Eastern says:

      ….you are leaving in Utopia! Very many homeless Southern Sudanese then (so-called lost boys and girls) have been accommodated in the US. Those with good deeds are now American citizens, what are you saying?

      South Sudan certainly doesn’t have that potential to cause any problem to reckon with in the region thanks to its gullible leaders. What impact will South Sudan have in the regional politics with Museveni out of the picture?

  8. Gatdarwich says:

    Big No to the traitorous Killer NyanKiir’s recommendation.

    South Sudan shall never be placed under the United Nations care period.
    To hell with all the treacherous advocating for such treasonous plan.

  9. Gatdarwich says:


    Constantly and inanely blaming both sides for the peace failures and the cessation of hostilities violations, is nothing more than a confirmation of your, United Nations’, and the TRIOKA’s blessing of the carnage Killer NyanKiir is causing in South Sudan.

    A hunter and a the hunted can never be both the culprits and the victims.

    There is absolutely zero legal ground for such illogical argument period.

  10. Francis mangok says:

    Dear God,

    Helps Western Equatorians from making mistake. The mistaken of highlighting Western Equatoria State and cut it off from the map of South Sudan it is a biggest mistake and it needs you Western Equatorians to explain what made you do that. South Sudanese leaders have to be careful and need to investigate where this idea come from. You South Sudanese leaders have to put this idea of highlighting of Western Equatoria State into consideration. Do not ignore this message.

    I asked God to help Western Equatorians because South Sudan does not need to have two countries or three otherwise some of people will be allowed to immigrant to Central Africa or Congo. Please if you have lighter skin in South Sudan, then you will think that you are better than those of us who have dark skin in South Sudan. You are making mistake and you will be allowing to leave behind our land because we lost more than 2.5 million. Do not try and do not think about it. God bless South Sudan.

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