The Nuer people MUST commemorate December 15th


This is my kindest reminder to the people of South Sudan around the globe, particularly the Nuer (Naath) Nation, that 15th of December is approaching and around the corner. A day where more than 20, 000 innocent Nuer civilians including women, children and elderly were executed in cold blood in Juba on December 15th, 2013 under president Salva Kiir Mayardit’s orders and supervision.

It’s therefore humanistic to commemorate death to conciliate agonizing living souls. Our people were killed cowardly, massacred in their thousands in which no community in Sudan and South Sudan’s history has ever witnessed.

Death is inevitable across the board, we will die at the end but murdering defenseless innocent civilians is cowardice and amounts to gross human rights violation and crime against humanity.

To ensure that our people’s perished souls are acknowledged, and to show that we care and still love our deceased relatives in their physical absence, and recognize that their spirits are in our midst, we must memorialize their departure.

This is profoundly important to our collective existence and it’s historic. And I must add that it’s our collective interest as a society to do so.

Commemorating our peoples’ perished souls showcases respect and indeed preserves our dignity and reckons our collective consciousness about their departed souls. Thus also empathizes that we cares so much and are human in our own way.

Further, commemorating their death is a chilling reminder to the killer, President Salva Kiir Mayardit. It also reminds us that they died in the hand of brutal killer and ruthless tyrant.

Albeit, not commemorating their death amounts to a hopeless shame and collective disgrace to Nuer Nation globally. Not to mention, it will serve as the most dishonest betrayal to Nuer’s humanistic ideals.

In my capacity as a son of this nation, I would like to remind all Nuer people and leaders globally, that celebrating 15th of December in the next few weeks is profoundly iconic. It’s our collective responsibility as people to do so.

Hence, if any, we must put aside our pity politics and champion our collective responsibility and interest as people with good conscience.

Histories are made, and December 15th is now part of our history. It’s our national Day to commemorate our beloved departed sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers in unison.

I asked all various Nuer community leaderships globally, wherever they are, that you must shoulder this responsibility with respect and civility, come rain or sunshine. The Nuer nation entrusted you with such responsibilities to shine and do the right things in the time of greater needs.

I trust that you will do your utmost. Do what your people entrusted you to do, proudly. I trust that all Nuer community leaderships around the world are rational and conscious of this matter.

So much so, I believe that they were elected to their respective leaderships to embrace, fortify, uplift and celebrates our collective prides. Show leadership at the time of need. Therefore, there is no doubt in mind that this is the time. It’s the time that they must shine, and we the populace must support them at all cost.


J. Nguen


  1. Majongdit says:

    A Canadian Nuer…nonentity of a country called South Sudan. Make all that noise and remember that here lies the beginning and the end. You leave being primitive and learn to be peaceful and we will grant you an oppertunity to stay in South Sudan, if not the Naath nation will have to be forced to go to Sudan and ruled by Beshir so that you can easily join your terrorist groups al Qaeda, ISIL, al shabaab etc.

    Without Riek the country South Sudan is running smoothly. We are OK without you.

    You always talk about the Nuer killed in Juba on 15th Dec, what about the Dinka that were murdered in cold blood in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal. The pride of a tribe Dinka is that they hype nothing, downplay everything and try to move on. That has been the basis of our strength since creation. There is nothing the Arabs and their jihadists didn’t do to us, but we kept our resolve; our attitude is always act more and speak less. We don’t complain too much, we don’t reveal our pain or put in display our agony. When we burry our sons men don’t wail. We know what the independence of his country has cost us, the Dinka. But we always choose to focus on the positives not negatives. The Dinka used to be the biggest tribe in Africa but for the cause of South Sudan we fought for so many centuries against Colonization, Arabisation and Islamization.

    The mighty West fought us in the 1980s because of Communism ideology we used to possess but we resisted it as a rebel movement. We resisted what ETHIOPIA failed to resist.

    You have taught us tribalism and you each morning instil it into our minds. Remember, Dinka will always move with the world regardless all your attempts to erase them all out in South Sudan.

    • The one says:

      Majongdit why can’t nuer cry about their love ones that you coward massacre in thousand when it only been almost a year .when you cowards been crying since 1991 till today ?

  2. Kulang says:


    Your blind obedience to this decaying draconian government run by complete imbeciles will bring you nothing but shame once you come to your sense and realise it’s the support of people like you which allows it to continue to driving the country towards oblivion. About this terrorist business you speak of, it’s become a popular tool of propaganda nowadays for Salva Kiirs loyal subjects against Naath and was very recently used by your Jieng Council of Elders plus a one Gordon Buay Malek.”The pride of Dinka tribe is that they hype nothing, downplay everything and try to move on”, well this is obviously not true and I need not elaborate on this as I’m sure everyone knows what I mean.

  3. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Majongdit:

    I do not want to comment to your comment to the write the author of the article!That will be your freedom.Not my freedom
    What I want would like to clarify from your comment is that South Sudan we fought for so many centuries against:COLONIZATION,ARABIZATION,ISLAMIZATION.Why????!!!??? How did you become colonized??!! By whom precisely??????!!! How did you become Arabized????!!!! How did you become Islamized????!!!!

    What is colonization???? What is Arabization????!!!! What is ISlamization????? Back to you! I am waiting for you forward to get back to you very soon as much as possible! If you have any disagreement with me in the beginning to my respond to you for your comment!!!! Do not follow Dr.John Garang De Mabior politics at all!! His war on Sudan issue,was completely ILLUSIVE UNTIL IN THIS DAY!!!!!

    South Sudanese politicians in the South,they,have been fighting the government of Sudan without even given the good principles at all being attach! John Garang was fighting the war for PAN AFRICANISM because he thought he was a victim of being black in the skin! in the body!

    Missouri Kansas,USA

    • Majongdit says:

      Chief Abiko,
      I can go beyond any normal definition of COLONIZATION, ARABIZATION AND ISLAMIZATION. it will only benefit you,nit me if I tell you all about that. Moreover, there is no enough space here to tell you all. When I publish my book I will ship a copy to you for free. Perhaps, you might understand me better.

  4. NguEN,

    Rewrite your article “South Sudanese people MUST commemorate December 15th”
    Do you think only and only Nuers Died and Continue to Die since Dec 15 to date?

  5. General Thoon -Anyar Aywien says:

    Incitement from your safe heaven somewhere in Canada, is JUST adding fuel to the already burning South Sudanese masses back home.
    Mr. or Ms. J Nguen,. What is it; that is so special about Nuer and Dinka, both tribe have committed carnages, both Killed children, sick people and elderly man & women, both raped children from 2yrs to women of 70 yrs.
    Because you are far, far, far away, that is why you the so called diaspora have – gut to continue inciting & inciting, but if you have been physically here in Leer, in Juba, in Bentiu, in Malakal, in Bor, in Mayom, in Pariang, in Khor Fulus, in Duk, or in Twic East. I am 100% sure your tone would have been totally different brother/Sister.
    We South Sudanese and those in diaspora are gaining notoriety for shellfish quest. As long as your soul and physique doing well never mind about that bunch of illiterate kith and kin back home, keep on injecting them with all sort of lethal hatred venom.
    Shame on you Ladies & Gentleman, those whose hand are not on fire never feel the pain.

  6. Dear Mr.Majongdit:

    That would be fine! I am looking forward to receive a copy of your written book!But it will be hard for me to wait! But I can tell to you on those three definitions:The current civil wars in the country in Sudan,is only on POLITICAL SYSTEM in which it including Arabization,and Islamization!There is nothing else.That is why it spills the bloods all over the Sudan! It will continue to DESTROY THE PEOPLE LIVES THE SUDANESE IN THE COUNTRY IN THE LAND!

    Those who were colonialized the country in Sudan land,They were the British government in Great Britain in London,in England,in Europe,in the continent,and the friends the Egyptians,in Africa, in the continent.They were the true colonialists because they were the foreigners because they were the invaders because they had invaded because they came with the IMPERIALISM POLICIES bear now your mind!

    The northerners people in north,in Khartoum,they are nationals of Sudan.They are not foreign colonialists in Sudan at all! What causes the fighting in the country,in the Sudan government in central in north,in Khartoum is that POLITICAL PREDOMINATION by northern politicians elite the sectarian clique oligarchy regime since the Sudan has gotten the SELF DETERMINATION Since in the year 1956 before I was born! Thank you. Back to you to the audience in the forum on discussion board South Sudan Nation Website!

    Missouri Kansas,USA

  7. Morgan Malith says:

    Dear Ms. Nguen,

    Your tribal incitement and hatred against Mighty Dinka will cost you life and deportation from Canadian Authority

    • info@southsudannation says:


  8. ajak says:

    We celebrate but not only Nuer in south sudan who died; all tribes must come to commemorate their beloved ones who perished in this man-made war.

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