The Nuer Massacre: I am alive, not dead

BY: J. Nguen, CANADA, MAR/15/2014, SSN;

It is now official that 6,430 innocent Nuer civilians were killed in Juba between December 15th & 19th 2013 by Dinka militias. Among them were children, women, and elderly. They all perished in the hands of their own countrymen and not Arabs.

They were butchered for no other reason than being Nuer ethnic group. This is the fact and the world is aware of it. Anyone of Nuer background dead or alive falls perfectly into this category according to some Dinka killers.

It didn’t matter to them whether a Nuer has different political party or political philosophy or not, you are licensed to be killed because you are Nuer.

It doesn’t matter whether a Nuer is/was a Salva Kiir’s staunched supporter or not, she/he deserved to dies no matter what. Nothing has helped and the sole mission of the killers was simple, to do away with Nuer at all cost.

For example, innocent Nuer’s children, women, men and elderly were rounded up and sent (killed) to heaven or hell for no apparent crime committed.

As things stands, the massacre of the Nuer ethnic group in Juba by Kiir Mayardit’s Dinka militias remains one of the vicious, ruthless, merciless and cruel killings ever happened in South Sudan history since its creation.

Many writers called it Nuer massacre; while others labelled it as heartless genocide. Whatever one calls it, it remains one of the vicious and regrettable summarily execution of Nuer gentle souls.

There was no single Nuer Soul spared by the Dinka killers. They killed whoever they found. Therefore, those who still deny the massacre were in fact the killers and Hitler like associates. They deserves nothing in return.

In the midst of the massacre, over 38, 000 or more Nuer civilians ran for their dear lives and are now taking refuge at the UNMISS’ compounds in Juba. The same development happened in Bentiu, Malakal and Bor where Nuer and some Dinka civilians were killed in their thousands in the md of chaos.

Those Nuer who escaped death in Leer, Mayom, Koch, Guit, Mayendit, Rubkona and Panyjiar, Unity State are now residing in the bush without food and safe drinking water.

Evidence showed UNHCR has not been able to help or made efforts reaching out to these suffering souls. If UN did it is secret, yet to be known. If they did and failed, it might have been the fact it was blocked by Kiir’s government in name of insecurity.

Regardless, this is a regrettable failure on UNHCH’s part. The UNHCH’s mandate is to reach out to the dying civilians affected by the conflicts.

South Sudan is no exception and United Nations would have acted to fulfill its mandate to alleviate the suffering people regardless of Kiir’s government murderous position.

As I write, civilians are dying in their hundreds of thirst and hunger in their hideouts in Unity State. As far as death toll and displacement are concerned, UNMISS has placed the death toll at 10, 000 and whereas more than 930, 000 persons reported displaced.

The death toll is more than what was estimated and so is the displaced.

Despite this extraordinary tragedy, some people still claim that there is a nation of South Sudan where nationhood can be cherished and protected when in fact there is none.

There is no functioning nation in South Sudan. There is no State government but Dinka tribe institution on vicious rampant and manic state.

In a nutshell, the Nuer massacre has not stopped in Juba and other parts of the country. It is indescribable and still happening every day in disguise of safeguarding failed national interest, which isn’t there, after the fact.

Sad thing is however, killers often dance. They dance after they slaughtered Nuer men, children, women and elderly in cold blood.

For instance, the killers danced after they killed innocent Nuer civilians in Bentiu and Leer town and this is the link to prove my point.

Gravely, the triumphant in killers’ faces resembled the euphoria that ensued people after moon landing out of space during Apollo expedition. Sad! I never see people celebrating death of their own countrymen and women than Dinka killers.

The killers also danced when they deployed cluster bombs against Nuer civilians. What a shame on a dying nation!

Despite the untold suffering and senseless loss of innocent lives, I must remind Nuer remnants that the killers did not kill us all: I am alive, not dead.

To those who are celebrating innocent Nuer lives lost, you are evil beings. You deserve nothing but the same pains you enforced on Nuer. But rest assured, in hell or heaven, you will flatly fail in your senseless mission.

In term of written records, henceforward, I must assure my readers that I will not rest. I will continue to write about the Nuer massacre and that of others until I am no more. This is my honest pledge to all fallen heroes and heroines.

On March 5th, 2014, unarmed Nuer men and women were showered with live bullets and killed in cold-blood by Dinka militias once again.

The perpetrators cheaply placed the death toll at 5 yet more than hundred unarmed Nuer civilians were butchered.

Sadly, some were drag out of their hideouts akin to that of December 15th, 2013 massacre. Then, the victims were shots short range in the heads. The Killing was blamed on the soldiers’ payment issue which wasn’t true after all.

Thanks to eyewitnesses and abundant technology in our disposal. TRUTH has come out regardless.

Among the dead was General Gatwech Gai from Pangak Nuer. Sadly, Gen. Gai died in the hands of his own masters. Good to know that he was a die-hard failed Salva Kiir Supporter. Pathetic!

It is pathetic that Gen. Gai has died because he was Nuer even though he wholeheartedly fought alongside Salva Kiir’s government forces in Bor and helped them recaptured the town from the rebel.

Gen. Gai was hacked to death despite his selfless support to Kiir’s cause of Nuer extinction. I feel bad for this man poor’s soul though I detested his blurred thinking for not being realistic and forthcoming.

The fact is there is a lesson to be learned here. The lesson we learned is no matter how much one wanted to please the failed Dinka’s institutions and government, there are some satanic characters within who are bent to end your life no matter what.

On February 1st, 2014, after the dysfunctional cessation of hostility signed in Addis Abba, Ethiopia in January 23rd, 2014, Leer, Dr. Riek’s birth place was attacked and captured by pro- Kiir’s troops with the backing of the SPLM- N and Justice for Equality Movement (JEM).

Leer was ransacked and completely destroyed by pro- government soldiers. For instance, Leer’s hospital which existed for more 35 years and surrounding villages all were torched to the ground. Please see the report here:

Frankly speaking, Leer has no operational importance than being a Dr. Riek’s birthplace. Its people have nothing to do with political madness in Juba then and now.

Some chiefs who refused to run for their dear lives were thrown to make-ship jails and were subsequently executed on March 5th, 2014.

The chiefs were all from Dok Nuer. Their names are Chief, Nhial Chakuoth Malek, sub-chief, Machek Ninrew Lieh and Chief, Gajang Gai Machar. The chiefs did not commit any crime than being Nuer.

This murderous act is rampant and out of control. Crimes punishable by hanging where there is rule of law are being committed in broad daylight against Nuer, while the rest of South Sudanese 62 tribesmen and women remained onlookers.

They shamelessly turn blind eyes on their own fellow citizens and watch them being killed by insane beings without saying enough. What a nation!

Evidence showed that some of the 62 tribesmen and women who are currently not being targeted by Dinka militias were blindfolded and falsely made to believe that there are good citizens and South Sudan belongs to them.

Out of this hopeless deceit, three arms of Equatorians’ youth have been mobilized and placed into various military training camps in the name of the national army.

While unknowingly, these youth are being trained to protect nothing short of Dinkanization of South Sudan.

The same tactic is underway among various minority tribes across South Sudan. Some people are being mobilizes falsely in the name of nationhood, yet, such a nationhood doesn’t exists.
Few facts to note contradicting nationhood naivety!
Do you know that 7 out of 9 appointed South Sudan Supreme Court judges are Dinka? In a nutshell, there was one Equatorian which after appointment was vilified, shamed and removed through uncounseled presidential decree for being smartest than her claimed bosses.
One Nuer, Judge Gatwech who also headed the dysfunctional anticorruption commission. Mr. Gatwech is now rotting in one of the UNMISS’ compounds in Juba because he was almost killed by Dinka’s militias during Juba Nuer massacre.
Now, tell me who is running this dysfunctional South Sudan’s Supreme Court? Dinka men who are led by none other than a junior judge Mr. Chan from Warrap, state where President Salva Kiir Mayardit hailed. Tell me, if this is your South Sudan government that you are about to die for?
Take South Sudan internal security agent and all its affiliates. The South Sudan Intelligent and Security Services runs by a Dinka man, Akol Kor as its director. All five personalities running this murderous organization are Dinka, four of which are from Bhar el Ghazal (head and deputy from Warrap and third man in line is from Lake) and other from Jonglei. Tell me, where are the rest of South Sudanese tribesmen and women if this is our country? How does this make you feel? Don’t you feel robbed, betrayed and marginalized or not?
Take again South Sudan’s foreign affair and diplomatic core. Among the eighty diplomats appointed and 67 out of 80 are Dinka. Nineteen out of the 21 diplomats deployed are Dinka. Guess what! There are also deployed in the most well to do countries and institutions which include USA, Norway, China, Russia, France, UK, German, Japan, Malaysia, India, UN, World Bank, IMF, EU, and Sudan… etc.
Again, where are the rest of 63 South Sudan tribes if South Sudan government is yours? Beside, where is the nationhood here, where you can be proud of and ready to protect? Do you now really see yourself in a nation where you blindly called yours?
Consider the financial district of Juba (banks, customs, chambers of commerce, and business community) and natural resources. There is no single other tribe man or woman in these institution. Dinka controlled these institutions from cleaners (tail) to heads. Look, where are you? Where do you see yourself in the nation building?
Finally, take immigration, police departments and military. Three men who take decisions on matters related to immigration are all Dinka. These men decide whether one should leave and be granted an entry to South Sudan or not. They decide would smuggle money out without being check.
This madness doesn’t stop there! All seven men who runs police department are all Dinka. They decide on matters regarding killing together with security apparatus. These people decide who should be beat up, left to die or thrown behind bars without due process. Is this really your South Sudan you are made to believe or you envisioned?
Last not least is the military. You know it and I need not to tell you anything about its operations and do on the daily basis. One thing to note though, you have seen Mr. Malaak Ayuen and Mr. Philip Aguer talking to you in Dinka dialect on supposed South Sudan national Television as if all South Sudanese are Dinka. What do you make of this?
I hope I jerked your memories and if you are a sane being, I am certain that you will revisit your elusive perceptions about South Sudan state of affairs. I left that you to decide.
Way forward
Despite all these inconveniences, sadly, some Dinka are not satisfied. They still think they can kill and grab other peoples’ lands as they pleased. Besides, good to note that some Dinka are also victims too. Those who spoke the truth and against self-driven hatred were either killed or exiled for good. Some Dinka communities have been marginalized too and told to shut up or else.
It’s sad to mention that fools have managed to drive South Sudan into abyss and divided it along tribal lines. However, the painful truth is, their system is set up to fail. My message to all of you is time has come for meaningful change. Your staying on the sidelines is not helping or shaping your long term survival or our survival as a nation. We must collectively grasp this opportunistic time to ensure better change.
Let the Nuer’s spilled blood bring down forces of tyranny because you will be next if you do not act now. Let’s demand a collective change and we shall collectively establish a platform where no single tribe in South Sudan has an upper hand over than others. Embrace a platform where no one deserves maltreatment or subjected to mistreatment. An environment where no single tribe is a bully, subjecting smaller tribes to unnecessary marginalization. A nation where smaller tribes shall have the same says as big ones.
A nation where killers are called by their rightful names and made to accept that the Nuer massacre in Juba rather than boring us with irrelevant rhetoric that some Dinka were also killed too in Bor, Akobo, Bentiu and Malakal, yet we are all aware that these and if any, were resultant of the Nuer Juba massacre.

J. Nguen is a South Sudanese living in Canada. He can be reached at nyolgaar@yahoo.con


  1. arabbmoi says:

    Nyuen J. These Dinka are heartles hopeless people to think of as human being, letting them continue killing Nuer,grabbing Equatorian land and killing them on the process like Nimule now is catastropher. We must all organize and get rid of murderous rotten tribe by all means possible. Let us tell the world what Salva Kiir does to our people. This cow boy man is very dangerous creature to lead this country we are in. Let us use all means to chase them away/

  2. Eli says:

    Is there any SPLA/M In Opposition in diaspora? Does Riek Machar have representatives so that those opposed to Kirr’s regime could come to unite and join hands in opposition?

  3. upiu says:

    Mr. Nguen,
    In that youtube video you provided, the two generals who spoke in dialect were in speaking in Nuer. Is that what you called Dinka dialect? Perhaps you’ve lived abroad for too long that you’ve forgotten your language.
    Bear one thing in your mind, no one tribe can exterminate the other – Dinka or Nuer. So to use the lives of the deceased to fuel more violence is counterproductive. You won’t achieved your desired results through violence or more death of our very important resource – man power. Unless you’ve been promised a diplomatic appointment in the new regime, nobody/South Sudanese is bound to benefit from this needless carnage. It’s a loss for all of us!
    If you encourage more violence, may be you should consider joining the front lines and stop inciting other people to join senseless killing while enjoying the comfort of Canadian life.

  4. Agwech says:

    Killing of Nuer was a grave mistakes ever made in south sudan with intend to protects tribal government in power to continues rule over people though iron feast and psychological wars, this killing created hatred amongst people and destroyed social economics and political organisation of people in South sudan. if there is UN in this world, cabinet of south sudan government needs to be taken for trial for crimes committed against innocent civilians in South sudan, The rebellion which starts in south sudan was forced upon people to save small tribes that are been oppressed resorted in joining churches to forgone knowing their rights, if the small tribes joining rebellion, there was already need to do so what they wants was a leader to lead them in removing president of tribe not of the people.

    • Shamga says:

      What happened was not humane in reality, but the nuer have always been more inhumane than all, and thought they are the only killers. This is a good learning experience for their community, they didn’t know a similar idiotic mind with Bar gazal. At the end of the war the nuer will understand that the reason other neighbors chase peace is not cowardice, it is rather to avoid a such predicament. This a – once bitten, twice shy for them, I suppose.

  5. Arabbmoi, “These Dinkas are heartless and hopeless people to think of as human being….. we all must organise and get rid of murderous rotten tribe by all means possible”. Your hate for Dinka is well defined by those statements you uttered. What you should know is that doors are open for you sir, organise yourself and get rid of the rotten Dinka. We are patiently waiting for you Arabbmoi, to implement your God given and blessed project of getting rid of a certain tribe in the face of the World. If projects such as this where easy to fulfil, Israel would have gone long time ago from the Arab world.

    Good day Arabmoi.

  6. Kidepo says:

    Thanks Nguen for proving to us dinka hegenomy by factual figures and percentages. What I know is they are finish only time will tell. All their fake certificates brewed through scanning will be reactified when the right people take over and this is what brought disagreement in council of ministers last time between Maukei and Awut and their supporters.

    Hon Awut had wanted all certificates to be verified through embassies from countries people claimed to have graduated from but Makuei refused by saying keeping of statisquer (meaning dinkas should be left to hold jobs they cannot using fake papers). All ministers and deputies from Equatoria argued that all civil servants both new and old recruits should have their documents checked but Awut wanted only new staffs to prevent the Nuer staffs who embedded the Ministry to Humanitarian Affairs. While Makuei for fear of dinkas loosing positions refused the verifications.

    I beleive all this will be adjusted with due time because kiir is going

    • kiden says:

      Shamga, I believe values of any government is delivering quality services reach people regardless of differences and thus determine the legality of ruling party in the country, citizenry always choose peace with their neighbour in responsed of peaceful coexistence of people through government initiative in providing what citizen needs in term of development. but in such case of south sudan, government believes Dinka people there to rule people but not to deliver quality services and this is the major difference here between ruling people and quality services deliverance, in case where president fail to realize in providing services including democratic services meant for people by people not by tribe over people this raise concern president of south sudan fail to understand demand of her people in south sudan. if masses raise against their president meant there was mistake within government need solution for changes in all area of needs. cleaning of ethics tribe never solution for government to consolidate itself in power but is a sign of collapse of unattractive government in south sudan fail to meet demand of people.

  7. Leader says:

    Cheap propaganda to effect political change with their ‘prophet of doom’ as the president.
    You think other people are as naive as the Nuer to believe you.

    Who told you that Brigadier Gatwich Gai was killed? Please contact his family to get the fact. He was rescued from the mess he himself created by the same Dinkas you accused of being killers. It’s not true and everybody else knows that Col. Philip Aguer and Brigadier Malaak Ayuen do address the people on national issues in Dinka.

    Please don’t cry yet for whatever killing that had happened, it is what you have been longing for many years back.

  8. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    J. Nguen, your leader Riek was so much obsessed with power to the extent that he did not see the realities of South Sudan. The realities of South Sudan are that the country has just emerged from war and also people are ethnically divided all these are realities of which if you are a wise person you cannot plan of anything like coup in Juba. Riek was just led by a false belief that all South Sudan South Sudanese hated the SPLM and any slight call for the overthrow of the government would make all people support him and the government would be overthrown, Riek was also hoping that he would be supported by the UN and finally he was hoping that Nuer were strong and nobody would beat them. All these false hopes made Riek to forget that South Sudan is occupied by people are tribal minded and any slight move would burst into blood. You yourself still have that false hope in both sides many people have died we should forget of whatever happened and try to chart the way forward because fighting or trading accusation on killings will never take us anywhere. You you are in Canada and if you were on the ground you cannot talk like that because the country is leading into anarchy and if it leads into anarchy then what was the reason for fighting in the first place. It is the time to face reality and accept the truth that all of us are not perfect and there is need to forget the past and walk together into the future.

  9. Kiden says:

    Government of south sudan wrong again,President Kiir reshuffles heads of South Sudan’s universities is a grave concern for masses of south sudan, does president have power to reshuffles heads of universities, not happened in any universities in the world excepts in south sudan.reshuffles heads of universities never solves security situation in south sudan or build good names of south sudan government in covering up Nuer’s and equatoria massacre , it is not new at all, it has been continuing happening in all concern of south sudan to silence tribes in south sudan to Dinkas in power. Genocide, corruption, intimidation, tribalisms was all been used over by Dinka government to consolidate themselves in power, using tactics is well known in by people of south sudan today, currently, Dinkas wanted to set up political administration in Maadi area of Nimule which is for citizen and state governor is not acceptable a all.there is current frustration in eastern equatoria brought in by current government in using psychological war fare to appressed and alienate land which in south sudan land attach to culture and spirit of people, repercussion for this tactics is waging wars against those entthrown themselves as kings to rule with no mercy.

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