The newborn baby Country of South Sudan is sick

BY: Pastor Paulino Choul Youl, Toronto, CANADA, JUN/16/2013, SSN;

It’s come to my attention that when I was in South Sudan since 2010 before the independence day of July/09/2011 the international community defined that South Sudan became the new nation of 193 Countries in the World.

However, my questions are?

1- Why this Baby of Two years old, doesn’t grow up? Either it’s sick or it’s has got a lack of nutrition.

2- If it is sick why we don’t provide a professional Doctor to identify the baby’s sickness, if it is because a lack of nutrition, from where are we going to get the Food while we don’t even have Food Security storage in the State?

3- Who’s that professional Doctor to treat the Baby’s sickness before it dies?

Your Excellency, Honourables, my Country men and women, Ladies and Gentlemen; that is the day that the Lord has made and given us the new Baby, but the Baby doesn’t have a good health up until now. Are we really capable to raise the baby to be useful in our society?

Some will say yes, and others will say no, and again I guess the baby is affected by Polio and the parents are responsible and accountable to anything happening to that Baby, they should take the baby to the Hospital and get him essential treatment.

My point of view and my experience on the ground in (South Sudan), our Baby is in a bad condition, we have to speed up, otherwise he will die on our hands.

Point (a):
Are we aware that our Country is in a serious sickness in terms of negligent, tribalism, etc… And if it will continues like that, the parents of the Baby will pay the prize (Leaders)…

Furthermore, they are not going to run away with it, the history will repeat itself. I want to tell you something fox, just keep it the back of your mind, there are many things I can say but this one thing I want you to know.

The Bible says in the OT without vision people will perish (means people will die or destroyed). Does the parent have a clear vision?

I myself I spend Three Years and Three Month in Juba City observing the Government system, I didn’t see any one of those members of Parliament raise up the topic of corruption or criticize one of those 75 corruptible in the Government of South Sudan… who’s responsible to account those people and how long the MPs are going to stay idle in the Parliament?

Point (b):
Where we are going to end up? The answer is we are going to end up in a dead end.
Now our Country has become the State of not being respected by other people in the World due to the disgraced leaders.

Point (c):
SPLM. Will the SPLM protect the new baby born Country?
When is this going to happen, is it going to happen in 2015 or before that time? Suppose let’s say if it’s going to be in 2015 I think the baby will die immediately before that time comes, so we need an emergency before he dies… I don’t know who will rescue the baby?

The South Sudan Government is not ensuring the baby’s protection. The implication is apparently in recent case where a baby has been exposed to the place where there is no security, health and food, well, it must be of concern, there is no significant progress for the baby since July 9. 2011. In the least of our expectation, no one wishes to criticize the Government because it’s still a new baby born Country, but that is not the question.

The question is whether or not, the national laws must guarantee the protection, respect the promotion of citizens’ fundamental rights, and freedoms.

Therefore, we need adequate protection mechanism in the whole States of South Sudan and we also need from the Government to provide jobs, equal opportunity to all employees without distinction. And if the Government failed to do so, they have to take off their Jackets and go to the Kitchen, because we need visionary leaders to lead us, not tribalism leaders.

You did mention that South Sudan has only Oil production but I disagreed with that point. We have a tremendous resource in the state more valuable than Oil production.

Why we don’t utilize those resources before the closure of the Oil, but I am not against the closure of Oil? I myself I will say that we don’t have any excuse in terms of development, Roads, Water supply, Electricity and so on…

How many Billions of Dollars (4.2 Blns) has been paid by Donors (US-AID) to the Government of South Sudan for the development, are you aware of that, where is the Money gone?

You don’t know and I don’t know too.

Sir, you mentioned that Tribalism is kind of Disease and we need to cure that, that’s right? Okay here is the point…

Who’s going to bring a good Doctor with a good profession treatment? My friend let me tell you something very important, tribalism will not be treated while our Government System is still based on Tribalism structure.

In April 2013, a friend of mine invited me to the workshop organized by the V/P (Machar) on National reconciliation. So, when we finished from there I had a discussion on the issue with him and I said “that peace will not be implemented by making the workshop and training, but by action because action speak louder than words. Making a change within the Government structure.”

That’s, we need to take the Governor of Lakes State with his commissioner to one of the Equatoria States, take the Governor of Upper Nile State with his commissioner to Western Equatoria State; the Governor of Jonglei State with his commissioner to Eastern EQ State, the Governor of one Equatoria State with his commissioner to Upper Nile State, the Governor of Warrap State with his commissioner to where he cannot find his tribesmen, etc..

These are the real changes, my friends, I get to tell you, where is the clear vision and mission in the Nation?

In order to get rid of Tribalism from the State, the Government needs to do what are mentioned in the above subject; otherwise we are not going anywhere!!! That’s precisely what I mean and what I anticipate to happen for changes, no more or less.

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  1. James Lual Garang says:

    Dear Pastor

    This one is not enough…..what if people from Warrap state went and raided in Unity State and you are the governor who happens to be citizen of Warrap by birth? Don’t you think those guys from that state will make you pay dearly?
    During the movement time, people were not much more tribalistic than today, why?

    • James Lual,
      There was tribalism at the same magnitude like today but, it was hypocrisy that clouded it. Now that there MONEY who wants to call others to share it? Who wants poor man only son to come to get his share…….?
      When people were mobilized to join SPLA Not tribe was asked, But, when applications are invited Imagine the questions for yourself?


  2. Dear Pastor Paulino Choul Youl:

    Before informed that SPLM-SPLA was created without proper principles because it was SICK from day one until today! Dr. John Garang De Mabior, the leader in the movement was chastising National Islamic Front(NIF)regime in central government in north in Khartoum when he said NIF was a DEFORMED regime. Meanwhile, he forgotten his own DEFORMED movement! If the late William Nyoun Bany could become educated, the movement could have yielded a good fruit very much indeed! His speeches made me cry! But unfortunate he died in the hands of his brother Peter Gadet due to confusion politics of Sudan on people!

    About tribalism, to stop tribalism in the country, the government must learn two important things in life in people Prejudgment and impartiality. Government must not rush in judgement when people are fighting whether individually or communally. They should give everybody to speak themselves on problem to understand things much better before prejudging any person wrong first! On impartiality, all people must treat fairly without supporting anybody based on ethnicity.

    In the government affairs, all people must be treated fairly at employers companies, departments and many in the work based on their merits and qualifications and experiences but not putting a relative who does not know how to write and speak in offices.

    • Wiyual Mading says:

      I just wanted to correct chief Abiko’s information, Willian Nyuon did not die in the hands of Peter Gadet, if you said Karbino may be!!. But Nyuon died in the crossfire between his troops and Late Cdr. Elija Hon Top, and both are from Ayod.

  3. Dear Pastor Youl:

    I thought you would conclude your article with the prayers for the new and sick Baby to get healed since you are the man of God. I like your article but I assure you that the Baby would never be cured since it is in the care of the blind and careless leaders such as Kiir, Riek and Wani Igga. Also there is no cure for the tribalism, greediness, corruption and weak leadership. Which tribe should we get rid of in south Sudan in order to not have a government run by tribalists? If we get rid of Kiir and his Jieng Government, will that be the cure for the sick and malnourished Baby, tribalism, greediness, corruption and weak leadership in South Sudan? Will the next leader not employ his/her next of kins or tribal men and women in the government of South Sudan?

    What we now need in South Sudan is the strong constitution, strong laws and prayers to have a great leader. The constitution and civil/criminal laws would punish those corrupted leaders and make everyone accountable for their actions especially when dealing with national resources. May I ask you this question since you live in Toronto,Ontario-Canada. Is there any corruption and/or corrupted politicians or individuals in Canada? How do the laws deal with the corrupted politicians/individuals in Canada? I assume that there is no Dinka, Nuer and Equatorian tribes in Canada,however, I believe the tension between English and French Canada is very similar to that of Jieng and Naath in South Sudan. Also the tension between English/French and Red Indians or the so called Native Canada is pretty the same as the issue we have between Equatorians and Nilotics people such as Dinka, Luo and Nuer in South Sudan. Those groups are being controlled, tamed, guided and ruled by the strong civil and criminal laws.

    The Premiers in Canada or Governors in USA do not necessarily come from another province or State to rule. They come from within the Province or State and they still provide good governance and services to the people of their Provinces because they are guided by the constitution and provincial or State laws. I had learned that the former Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Brian M. was summoned to Court for the allegations of bribery. If this is true, then Kiir, Wani Igga and Riek needs to be summoned to Court for the loss of 4.2 Billion dollars. The money vanished under their leadership and therefore they should be held accountable for it.

    What made Riek, Wani Igga and Kiir fat since they don’t graze with the Bari and Mondari Cattles at Jebel Kunjoor or Jebel Rajaab?

    Please stop pointing fingers on our corrupted politicians and start praying for the Naath people to stop rebellion, Cattle rustling and senseless war. Pray for Dinka to stop being greedy and power loving and pray for Equatorians to stop discrimination, whining, greediness and jealousy. I believe that the prayers would do more than wasting time whining on SSN forum. You indicated that you lived in Juba for 3 years and 3 months. Were you employed there or on the Church mission? If not, how did you manage to feed and shelter yourself or cope with the financial hardships in Juba? I hope you did not bless or pray for the loss of those 4.2 Billion dollars in Juba. Stay blessed Pastor and continue to pray for the peaceful changes and coexistence in our Country!

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Gatkouth Garang,
      You’re one confused individual. Perhaps it is the scars on your forehead that has cut the “thinking wires” in your brain thereby impeding your ability to think rationally. Equatorians don’t hate nor have problems with Luos and Nuers!!!! Our problem is with Dinkocracy. We’ve Luos in Equatoria – Acholis. It’ll be counter-productive hating Luos. Dinkas are interested in forcing Nuers, Luos and other non-Dinka tribes in Upper Nile and Bahr El Gazal into an alliance with them because they fear if they don’t do so they’ll be forced to Khartoum to live with their nephews and nieces the Arabs.

      However, the Nuers and indeed the non-Dinkas of Upper Nile and Bahr El Gazal understand this Dinka ploy that is why they are letting the Dinkas swim all by themselves in their own cesspool. Dinkas condemn others for Dinkocracy and refused to take responsibility for the mess that happened under the Dinka-led regime of Salva Kiir.

      Nuers, Luos, Equatorians and other South Sudanese are now joining forces to uproot dinkocracy from South Sudan. It’s time “good” Dinkas join this fight instead of blindingly following Salva Kiir. Gatkouth Garang has the potential of becoming a good Dinka but he needs to start telling his fellow Jieng about their corruption and why it is causing this mess in South Sudan!

  4. Chief Abiko says:

    Dear Wiyual Mading

    I respect your correction on late Hero Commander William Nyoun Bany. But what was the problem that led him fight with late Commander Elija Hon Top in Ayod?? He Mr.Commander Late Hero William Nyoun Bany was before stationed in Ayod Army barracks in Jonglei Province in Upper Nile Region in 1983. But after he had rebelled in the bush in the movement against Sudan government authority, in the country, in central in north, in Khartoum, in the South, he had never returned in Ayod since then in 1983. There were no Sudan soldiers in Ayod. Ayod was under SPLM/SPLM in the bush in the movement in civil war.

    During 1991 debacle in the movement, he was left in the middle with no more soldiers! He was not sided on both factions Nazir and Torit.

    For his death, according to what I have heard, he went to Bentiu to join Paulino Matip sought protection and safety from both factions during internecine. He with Keribino Kwenyin Bol. After he had fought with Dr.John Garang in Nairobi, he was accused of communicating with enemies in Khartoum under Alhag who was National islamic Front (NIF) foreign minister. He is now living in Germany.

    Yes,Kerbino Kwenin Bol, met his fate with Peter Gadet. Before he came back to SPLM/SPLA mainstream with commander Santino Gai Deng the present governor in Bentiu. Thank you!

  5. Eastern says:

    Diktor Agarab (Dr. Scorpion), I feel the power in the stink! Gatkuoth Garang, please take one minute to do a sincere soul searching to guide you in this discussion.

    Thanks Diktor!

    • diktor agarab says:

      Thanks, Eastern, my brother. This snakes or anyaak in their language needs to be confronted vigorously because they’re attempting to re-write the history of South Sudan.

      • diktor agarab:

        Is the massacring of Dinka civilians, fleeing of Riek Machar to Khartoum and allying your Nyagat forces with the Arabs to fight against Dinka a good history that a fully grown up man like you should be proud of and worried about it? Man, you don’t have a well defined and clear, objective history that one should be proud of and willing to learn it. You have badly stung and poisoned the Republic of South Sudan just like scorpion and Rattlesnake,Anyaak. Shame on you food lovers of Gajaak!

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