The muony-jieŋ (Dinka) psychology is that of ‘the oppressed’

BY: Peter Adwok Nyaba , South Sudan, OCT/06/2016, SSN;

Oppression is as old as humanity. Like slavery in human history, oppression is historically not peculiar to a particular race or skin complexion. However, this assertion, like slavery, oppression and domination seem to have stuck with black man and in particular the Africans. They seem familiar that we tolerate them.

Franz Fanon in his two books: “The wretched of the earth” and “Black skins, White masks,” studied the phenomenal behaviour of people who find themselves in situations of oppression.
The Brazilian educationalist, Paulo Freire in his treatise “The Pedagogy of the oppressed,” called this phenomenon ‘internalization of the oppression.’ Nearer home, Al Baqir Affifi, also in his paper entitled, “The crisis of identity in northern Sudan: The dilemma of a black people with a white culture,” tackled such behaviours consequential to conflictual relations obtaining in an oppressive reality of societal domination.

In my book, “The politics of liberation in South Sudan: An insider’s view,” I attributed the brutalization, dehumanization and all anti-social traits the SPLA soldiers meted out on the unarmed civil population on their advance to contact with the enemy, to the similar treatment they got in the process of training. Theirs were acts of regaining their manhood or rather their humanity, which they had lost to the trainers in Bonga or Bilpam.

Oppressive reality generates a dichotomised psychology in both the ‘oppressor’ and the ‘oppressed’ corresponding to that relationship, which evolves between the ‘horse’ and the ‘rider’ or between the ‘colonial master’ and the ‘colonized people’ upon which hinges many other issue.

This prompted Freire’s definition of ‘liberation’ as a process of freeing from the ‘situation of oppression,’ which conditions their attitudes and behaviours, both the ‘oppressed’ and the ‘oppressor.’

The reaction on the social media, especially on the Facebook, to my recent article in response to the Jieŋ Council of Elders (JCE), prompted me to write this piece. The insults and innuendos will not deter me for they meant to muzzle me and stifle the truth.

I am an intellectual driven by progressive ideology and love for South Sudan and its people without distinction. I am not as a Chollo whose village the Padang-Jieŋ elite want to misappropriate with the assistance of President Salva Kiir.

In this context, I read as ‘oppressed’ muon-jaaŋ psychology, which drives certain condescending and patronizing attitudes and actions towards other ethnic communities in South Sudan. This psychology is a product of oppression, exploitation, slavery and slave trade our people went through since the nineteenth century.

I recall vividly a discussion I had sometimes in 1998 with late Dr. Peter Nyot Kok (R.I.P) and Dr. Luka Biong Deng in Mapel, Bahr el Ghazal, on the definition of ‘muony-jieŋ (singular) and muony-jaaŋ (plural), which according to them translated to ‘husband of all others’ analogous to superiority–inferiority relations, whatever that would really mean.

The discussion remained inconclusive but kind of impaired our mutual relationship. I hope Dr. Luka Biong Deng will be kind to pick up the discussion now in our current volatile social and political context informed in part by muony-jaaŋ attitudes.

My starting point in this discourse would be the “Dinka Development Plan for 200 years” authored by the JCE. Most of the members of JCE are senior members of the SPLM–ruling Party. In fact, they occupy positions in the executive, legislative and judicial organs of the state.

By the look of things, they pull the strings in the SPLM and in the government suggesting that they are the authors of many bad decisions and policies in South Sudan.

I was a member of the SPLM until 1st June 2013. I had always been loudly critical of certain decisions purportedly attributed to SPLM or its Political Bureau but unilaterally taken by President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

One such outrageous decision was the ‘electoral college’ system, whereby in many places non-SPLM individuals selected on ethnic criteria evaluated and vetted prospective SPLM candidates. We all know the result; many SPLM members contested as independents and won against the SPLM. In other areas, the 2010 elections were far from free and fair.

This SPLM conducted the exercise against the recommendations of the subcommittee of the National Elections Strategy Committee [I headed that body] that the SPLM should conduct primaries in order to choose its candidate for the general and presidential elections.

Another important mistake presumably attributed to President Salva Kiir Mayardit would be the SPLM so-called greater so-and-so conferences. Started by the so-called SPLM Greater Equatoria Region Conference, which has no constitutional legitimacy neither as region in the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011, nor as a structure in the SPLM constitution.

However, there was sense to these conferences except the so-called Greater Upper Nile did not convene one. The sense I am alluding to registers in the machinations to slaughter the SPLM as a legacy of Dr. John Garang de Mabior (R.I.P) in the context of shifting power centre to Warrap in Bahr el Ghazal.

In the context of South Sudan, the JCE authority makes sense only in the death of the SPLM as a political institution on the one hand, suggesting that policy decisions would now emanate from the JCE through the president of the republic, and on the other hand, this JCE authority makes sense within the Jieŋ power politics.

Thus, geographical proximity to President Salva Kiir Mayardit acquires significance as gleaned from the inordinately large political influence in the country Justice Ambrose Riiny Thiik seems to ooze as Chairman of the JCE.

This JCE power and authority in promotion of muony-jaaŋ social, economic and political interests have correspondingly led to the emasculation of the SPLM as the ruling party, the state institutions especially the Judiciary and security organs and don’t forget the banking system under the tutelage of the Governor of the Central Bank of South Sudan.

This digression was necessary in order to gather the threads that link muony-jaaŋ or muony-jieŋ ‘oppressed’ psychology to the current crisis of South Sudan. The urge to self –assertion and identity compromised by foreigners drives this ‘oppressed psychology.’

Having achieved that through the war of national liberation, in which the muony-jaaŋ contributed inordinately larger numbers compared to other nationalities, they want to do it on those others in order to complete the satisfaction.

As clearly spelt out in the Dinka Master Plan, in 200 years – a very long time though, the Dinka will have achieved all it takes to be what they perceive as muony-jaaŋ. This now drives the policy that the Jieng must be seen as the custodian of every authority in the land.

In their constellation of power, the Nuer then follow the Jieng, and all others lumped together as ‘Equatorians’ or Jur are third class.

Now, I understand what ‘awic ko aŋic ko,’ mooted silently in whispers by Bahr el Ghazal elite in the SPLM/A during the last few years, really meant. The Jieŋ elite unlike all the others knew what they wanted. This perception trumped the attempts at raising the social awareness and political consciousness of the masses of our people.

The result efficaciously was to create the kind of social and political situation South Sudan is in today. I do not believe it is even to the interest of those elite peddling that ideology of ethnic supremacy.

Like Nazism in the last century, it is bound to cause catastrophe but the people including the Dinka themselves will be part of its destruction in the end.

The Dinka people or muony-Jaaŋ are an integral part of the people of South Sudan. Instead of planning for the Dinka alone because they have the opportunity to provide leadership of the country now, why not plan for all the communities that make up the population of South Sudan and in this, we will have no reason to war.

It was in mind that every community is proud of itself but there will be no problem as long as that self-pride expressed in traditional cultural practices like dance and song do not impinge on or demean others.

I want to challenge the Dinka elite; indeed all of us, to engage in this ideological struggle as a means of bringing peace, stability and socio-economic development to our people.

It is not a generational change of power that will bring salvation to South Sudan as some young elite would want make believe. The ideological struggle will make the difference in this discourse of war, peace and socio-economic development. This ideological struggle will sharpen our ideas to chart the best way to resolve our developmental problems.

In conclusion, I want to say that the elite who shape and articulate this Jieŋ political thought are not realistic to say the least. As a product of oppression and exploitation, the muony-jaaŋ psychology of supremacy can survive only in a process that leads to its destruction.

This means the Jieŋ, Nȁȁth, Azande, Chollo, and Murle; Maaban, Toposa, Otuho, Bari and all the sixty-four ethnicities of South Sudan merge in unison as a nation. The resultant nation will not be Dinka in character and culture but something that will contain the characters and cultures of all of them. It will help us therefore erase the primoval parochialism we found ourselves in since birth.

Peter Adwok Nyaba
6th October 2016


  1. Thon says:

    I beg to disagree with Dr. Nyaba on what Mouny-jieng and Mouny-jaang means in Dinka language although he attributed his points to the two Dinka doctors ( Luka Biong and and Nyot Kok). They two obtained their doctorate not in Dinka language. Jieng in Dinka language I know, means Dinka tribe and Jaang means many jiengs (Dinkas). the word mouny in Dinka means man from or male person from. Examples are : Mouny-twi (twic) means man or male person from twic, Mouny-Ngok means man or male person from Ngok, Mouny-Rek means man or male person from Rek. Mouny-Malual means man or male person from Malual. So the word mouny in Dinka does not mean husband of. Dr. Luka Biong can step in and narrate his part in Dr. Nyaba’s distortion. I know there is suffocating negative propaganda against Dinka in this website but for Dr. Nyaba to drop to this level is unimaginable and unthinkable but nothing is impossible under the Sun

    • info@southsudannation says:

      It’s unfortunate that you make such a preposterous assumption about the website so=called ‘suffocating propaganda against Dinka,’ when the argument of Dr. Peter Nyaba is as clear as the sunlight. The veteran freedom fighter, Peter Adwok Nyaba, who was one among the first of our most learned intellectuals to physically pick up a gun and fight the jellaba, has openly referred to the opinions of two highly educated Dinka, Dr. Biong and late Dr. Nyot Kok, for advanced clarification on the origins of the word ‘mouny-jieng.’
      Most of you, the SPLM-propagandized generation, are now on an escapist mission to cover up and to atone for the disastrous rule of Kiir Mayardit and his jieng cabals, the JCE, against all the other tribes in the new nation.
      Finally, you monumentally missed Dr. Peter Adwok’s argument in the article, as he is arguing that this manifested muony-jieng psychology is itself that of the oppressed person, meaning all the hullabaloo you the Dinka apologists are making, insidiously emanates from a people who themselves are internally ‘oppressed.’ Meaning, the oppressed oppressing others, that’s the majority the non-jieng. That’s the centrality of the argument of Dr. Peter Nyaba.

      • Lual Garang De Lual says:

        I know the notion that you are nurturing, Don’t defend Dr. Peter Adwok. He has a month to respond to the allegation Thon has missed the point. Dr. Nyaba, please tell Equatorian that a tortoise who has felt the heat always withdraw to the shell. Dinka (Muonyjang) are the target these days in Equatoria but do ordinary Muonyjang influence policy decisions of Kiir Mayardit? Why do you kill along major routes in Equatoria? Otherwise you forcing other muonyjang who do not even benefit from President Kiir to support him because they have no option. And it will be very hard for your movement to overthrow Salva Kiir without the hands of Muonyjang because they are a formidable constituency in this country. Talk of tribes but some tribes are not even 0.01% of this nation population, can make a formidable constituency or change impact? I doubt.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    There is a need to begin a debate with simple things in order to make it constructive at the end.
    Citizens of my age are decades junior to those of Dr Naba.But we are driven to confront them becouse they have become sources misrepresenting facts therefore ending up driving the masses into the depth of hell.
    English colonization of our country couldn’t have been all something negative as testified by the carriculum of the schools of administration which graduated such elites among whom was late Charless Ali Bilal of Zande origin.
    They were taught tribal languages in anticipation of their services for citizens every where in southern sudan of the time.Honorable Bilal spoke,read and wrote dinka language.He is still remembered,admired and longed for as a successfull administrator even by ordinary citizens who only heard of him in jieng home lands.
    Dinka language was taught in schools in the greater bahar el ghazal down to the middle of the age of the Addis Ababa Agreement.So it was well spoken,well written and well read by citizens who weren’t neccessarily of dinka origin.
    Correct use of a given language is part of rationality that is the basis of civilization that distingusihes human beings from
    other animals.
    With the above backround,I proceed to give attention to Dr Nyaba’s article.According to him,”mouny-jieng”,means,”singular and that,”mouny-jaang”,means,”plural”.These two terms drow attention becouse they constitute Dr Nyaba’s pivotal point in the debate.
    If Dr Nyaba is well fluent in dinka language,he has made a fatal error to mislead the masses and that will never help his intentions how ever hard he may dare to try to force them forward.
    The linguistic truth is,in dinka,mouc means man.Mouny means this man.Jaang means dinka.In grouping the three,they become mouny-jaang which is a singular term to mean a dinka tribesman but neither meaning a,”plural”,nor,”husband of all others”,as Dr Nyaba attempts to make believe.Mean while the term,”mouny-jieng”,is,”plural”,meaning dinka tribesmen and not,”singular”,according to Dr Nyaba.
    The point is,if Dr Nyaba had a genuine point to make,it would never have been necessary for him to have a recourse to falsications.Until he becomes genuine in his public debates,he will remain a distructive heavyweight for RSS and as for the masses.That’s too unfortunate for a warrior who lost a foot in the struggle for the same RSS’ independence.He only owes to explain why he went to lose his foot in the war if he didn’t feel to be a victim of oppression they way every southern sudanese citizen also felt.

  3. Bic Bic says:

    Dear Adwok,

    The meaning of Muonyjaang is not “husband of all others” as put by Luka Biong and late Peter Nyot Kok. The word muonyjaang is a possessive adjective that denote the “man of Jaang/Jieng” or Dinka man or like when you describe a person from England as an English man. The word “muonyjaang” is singular for a man from Jaang tribe and “Muonyjieng” is a plural for people from Jaang/Jieng. This can be shown for example, when a man from shiluk is called by Jieng as muonyshuluk or a man from Nuer is called by Jieng as muonynuer or muonydor for person from Equatoria. This is the literal meaning of Muonyjaang in Jaang language.

    Coming to the problem of the political crises in South Sudan, this war which is going on in South Sudan is not cause by Jieng tribes as others put it. This crises is caused by the mismanagement of resource by ruling elites of greedy politicians including Peter Adwok Nyaba. After their failure to deliver the much needed services to people of South Sudan, they are now resorting to blame one tribe call Jieng as the causes of all the prevailing crisis’s. If you tour all the states of South Sudan, you will realize that Jieng people have not benefited at all from this claims by disgruntled politician from other tribes of South Sudan. Jieng people are the generous people who have this country called South Sudan in their hearts. They are just being hated because the president is a Jieng by tribe. The corruptions and mismanagement of the country’s resources was practiced by all leaders of different tribes/ethnicity who were entrusted to service citizens but they resort to services themselves and their close relatives and friends. Let us regret our past malpractice and work for betterment of all the people of South Sudan by not targeting the single tribes for all our failure that happen in the country. Let’s not support our tribes men who failed to carry their duties and responsibilities, but let’s united to make them accountable for their mistakes and failures. If we do that, i am sure we will overcome the difficulties that are facing us and we will make our country great again. Let’s forget our differences and unite for common goal of development and prosperity of our country South Sudan. All the 64 tribes are equal regardless of their numbers. One day, one time who knows, the president may emerge from one of the smallest tribes of 64 tribes of South Sudan, but Jieng people will be respecting that president and will not be sabotaging as the other tribes are doing today. Unless those agitators do not want their person to rule this country called South Sudan at any time in the future

  4. Dear Dr. Peter Adwok,

    I don’t know whether you as an individual will help South Sudanese. You did not fight physically and then you and your likes were agitating people since liberation because you just want to rule. The message from Populace here is not understood by most of you. Strengths doesn’t need to displays only in the presidency role, even being an active minister help a lot but you have failed. How many times you have become a minister and did nothing.

    Do you think you will work well if you become president? Most of you have failed South Sudan including Kiir. You are no longer needed but we can not reach elections because of the crisis. I rest my case.

  5. mading says:

    Now it become loudly clear that Peter Adwok has started war campaign against Mounyjaang, by using one of the rebels media propagandists who wrote what he called Dinks 200 years plan that he or she said was signing on behaved of Jieng council of elders on this web,Adwok now thinks he found something he will use to mobilize other tribes in South Sudan to fight Jieng, with out checking the so call 200 years plan.He is trying everything even by using private conversation he had back then with two Dinkas Drs as an other way of his mobilization, but this old man need to be care full.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Whether you doubt it or not, the Jieng 200 years plan originated from the jieng elders themselves and up to this moment, your elders (JCE) have not come out to refute the letter or letters previously published on this website.
      As a most learned man, and elder himself and a busy freedom fighter once again, Dr. Peter Adwok would not have wasted his very useful life and time to write such a highly intellectual article refuting the JCE propaganda if he didn’t believe in the authenticity of the JCE letter.
      As to being careful, Dr. Peter Adwok always has been a wiser guy, that’s why he has successfully survived the brutal and deadly tyrannies of the two jieng ‘oppressed’ leaders, Dr. John Garang deMabior himself and Kiir Mayardit.
      Where is Benjamin Bol, Kerubino, Isaiah Abraham and others….. Ask Kiir to tell the nation what happened to those freedom fighters????

      • Force_1 says:

        If your confirmation for “Jieng 200-years-plan” authenticity is that; the JCE didn’t come over and refute its legitimacy! Then that would have the same logic like me calling you an idiot; and if you didn’t refute me calling you as such; then my claim of your idiocy must be true! You see; let that logic “sink-in” and then prove me wrong. You have to be extremely smart to play propaganda effectively or else one would end up highly irrational in process!

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Thank you for the name-calling and indeed I can’t do much about the numerous insults I receive that ‘sink-in’ painfully for the good that we’re doing for people like you on-line as a consequence of serving our clients. Whether these innuendos are justifiable or not, I leave it to others to decide.
          Anyway, on the authenticity of the Jieng 200-years-plan to rule the nation, I still persist on its authenticity as I have in the past received directly or secondarily similar memos from the JCE which on publishing by this website and others, have never been publicly refuted by either the JCE itself or anyone of the ‘honorable’ signatories appended in these public releases.
          So, Mr. Force_1, you would have actually first challenged your honorable jieng elders like Justice Ambrose Ring Thiik and company about the authenticity of the origins of those frequent releases supposedly emanating from these your respectable elders.
          Therefore, your presumption of ‘idiocy’ primarily should be labelled against those signatories, your supposedly respectable jieng leaders who are carelessly authoring such ‘idiotic’ and tribally inflammable and provocative public releases in the first instance. The whole world is fully aware of the existence of this Jieng Council of Elders and they have been criminally implicated in the on-going misrule of Kiir government. Just refer to Hilda Johnson’s latest book and the numerous UN and other NGO agencies reports about our nation.
          Advisedly, you should have first checked with them, the JCE members before carelessly ‘shooting’ us, the mere messengers who’re just doing the good, unrewarded and thankless job of passing the electronic word to all like you free of charge.
          Enjoy our benevolence, a la gratis!!

          • Force_1 says:

            Seriously; are you saying I am calling you names base on the logic comparison I made in my previous comment against your comment? I expect you to be the last person who thinks that the comment I made above is a direct insult at you. Just because you have the name “editor” plus the word “Idiot” in the same paragraph; doesn’t necessarily mean a direct insult to the corresponding name in any way shape or form!
            I am glad that you published the comment in its entirety and the people will make that judgment of whether or not my comment was a direct insult at you. Keep the reply key open and let’s hear from others’ comprehension of my comment’s contents above.
            I can’t believe I have to defense my comment of whether or not it was a direct insult to editor!

  6. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr Nyaba has brought to light what many southern sudanese do not know about the traitorous jenges–Dinka’s top secret–200 year plan. These natural born gluttony, manipulative, deceptive, thieves, and traitors are hell bent to enslaved the patriot tribes in south sudan for life. SPLA/SPLM is the primary–main tool to implement this devilish plan. So, total cremation–the death of the demons, organization–SPLA/SPLM is the only viable and achievable option to stop the Dinka from ruling South Sudan and enslaving the 63 tribes in south sudan for 200 years full stop

  7. Abel Magok says:

    Brothers Thon, False Millionaire and Bic Bic in their commentaries were indeed much elaborated to this misinterpretation of the word Muony-Jaang, means husband of all others came with Dr. Adwok, and he attributed his point to two Dinka doctors, Dr. Luka Boing and late Dr. Peter Nyot Kok, and both do not obtained their doctorate in Dinka language as brother Thon put it, Dr.Adwok, as an educated person should have made little effort of search by asking many other Dinka to confirm his source before rushing to public with wrong understanding to the word Muony-Jaang and Awdok does the same when not doubting this so called Jieng 200 years plan and indiscriminately tried to blame Government or political failure of the country to JCE or the whole Dinka tribe.
    Dr. Adwok was a minister in Juba before and after the events of Dec. 2013, I mean transitional government, he should have also make a search to know before writing how this JCE came about, whether they are individuals grouped themselves or elected with a mandate from different Dinka communities to do what they are doing, yes some of them might be in Parliament elected to National Assembly but not to the JCE.
    It is unclear what made this highly educated person leave an elephant and hit the shadow though he correctly diagnosed the real problem of the country in his first article when he described in his own words saying that ” the current crisis in the country trace back to the political failure of the SPLM/SPLA as the political force that dominated the politic of the South Sudan since the war of national liberation”. He also in his own words mentioned that ” the SPLM led Government of South Sudan (GOSS) precipitated in nearly eleven years of misgovernment that condemned the people to extreme conditions of poverty and ignorance, making it easy for the political military elite to manipulate and fragment along ethnic and regional fault lines”.
    Dr. Adwok was a heavy weight member of the Organization SPLM/A he described failed the country and the people of South Sudan, now he is trying to exclude himself from the mess and putting the blame to JCE and the whole Dinka tribe. What a confusion or mockery this highly educated person held important ministerial position in the country trying to display with the public.

    • Kokora II says:

      To: Thon, False Millionaire, Bic Bic, majongaroldit, Mading, Abel Magok…..JCE/Kirr/Malong diehearters etc

      Dinka tribe had declared and started war against every other tribe since 1955 to 1970s, and from 1972 to 1980s, again from 1983 to 2005, and from then until to date. Dinka has always being fighting with the other South Sudanese and as JCE put it eloquently that dinka will rule SS for the next 200 years, if by then anyone is left to fight.
      Anyone left to fight or be ruled because Dinka wants to eliminate everyone. That is why Late Dr. Turabi’s comment is still the most accurate when he prophesied: “South Sudan will never be developed with Dinkas in power, because of Dinka’s greed for power and control over everybody……….”
      We have seen everything, the greed just unraveled by Sentry Report. The JCE 200 years rule leaked document, the long “born to rule” or “we liberated you”……etc.
      And now Dr. Adwok’s Moynyjaang revelation…….. What else is left?
      As one of the discriminated from a non-Dinka tribe, I have noting left but to fight and die for our freedom from Dinka dictatorship and Domination.

  8. Lualdit says:

    Jaang ci ke lac Luak. Jaang has gone too much in their ego. I blame Gatmachar for being too weak in ordering the fight. A total war is what is going to let Jaang know that they are just human, simple and hungering like every other south Sudanese. Everything they are doing has passed the point of logic.

  9. GatCharwearbol says:

    If you think the Jieng are joking with this plan, think again before it is too late. Yet its feasibility to achieve it is real or not remains to be seen. In my view, with my experience of Jieng, they are not joking specially now that the world of Obama is behind them. To advice you the non-Jieng, your unity is only the impedance to the achievement of this goal. Failure of your unity is definitively the achievement of it.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Did u know that there are many places in jieng home lands where people don’t even know that there is a war being fought between Riek’s SPLA/IO and Kiir’s SPLA/IG?
    Better be careful what u are wishing for.
    U could never know but the most probable reality is,u would be driven to exile for life if u ever forced the war on ordinary jieng instead of sticking to your rotten counter parts in the government in Juba.

  11. Hoiloom says:

    Dr. Nyaba,

    You have done a tremendous job for revealing what most of us have known all along. My Dinka cousins have inferiority complex hence must oppress others to feel superior. Folks, remember that these people were badly enslaved by Baggari as late as 1980s-1990s but that should not be an excuse to abuse other ethnicities in our country. Their madness is soon coming to an end and a new leadership will take shape in our nation. I can’t believe those of Joseph Lago were able to build southern Sudan in 1970s with no resources while the Dinka lead government with billions of dollars has nothing to show for but destruction and theft, what a shame..


  12. Deng Gatloak says:

    And this sums it all up as arguments for why South Sudan urgently needs to be placed under trusteeship.
    The mess is of such a massive scale that on its own SS can not untangle the generational, tribal, ethnical, historical web it has spun and spun and rolled itself into.

    With the 64 tribes consisting of 12 000 000 people, everyone having as much value as the next person, there can be no predefined category of people to run the country. The more than a decade long experiment has so obviously failed. There are no success stories of any kind to tell. Sad but so it is. In its confused state JCE and the president are resorting to anything to stay in power, genocide included.

    The old ideals which kept SPLM going are dead. Dead and buried, perhaps for some they act as a comforter (as a comforter provides a familiar item to cling to, just to make it feel safe).

    Hilde J wrote in her book about attempts to create a escrow type fund structure for South Sudan under international oversight. Caused panic and upset in Juba as the spending boys wanted to expand their system of influence, the patronage system the kleptocratic system which is doomed to fail. Spoilers in the Juba power circles trying everything to fail UNMISS at every turn, obfucasting facts, recalcitrant to the extreme, untrustworthy men not honouring promises, oaths, agreements, contracts or even handshakes. Nothing there to salvage.

    Now looking forward, how could a rebooted South Sudan under international stewardship look? Obviously wise men like Dr. Nyaba and many others having a role in adapting the trusteeship so that at the end of set period a well working, well coordinated system with governance and Justice functions operational to be run “by itself”.

    A phased approach training and educating men and woman of South Sudan to run the nation. Only a complete overhaul of all functions can guarantee a future state for all the citizens of all the 64 tribes.

    What to do with the old deadwood in Juba and else where? Most of these individuals have amassed enough wealth to last a life time (or two). They can be sent into exile or anywhere, they are not important for the future nation building ahead. As they have squandered a decade refusing to learn, it is not very likely that they will improve in the next period either, so new people needed to start building the nation. The current course leads only into the abyss.

    How many more million must die before the course is changed? The Juba squabbling and pettiness is sadly a dead end also, might make for good discussions under the tree at nigh time for decades to come, but for now, not leading forward.

    Our only hope is for a temporary well defined (both to scope and duration) stewardship to get control of the country.

    An alternative to a stewardship would to break South Sudan up into separate nations, the 63 tribes agreeing to their structures and Kiir and his JCE kicked out, back to whence they came.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Deng Gatloak,
      In my two articles about the political paralysis in the SPLM/A addressed to Machar, Lam, Nyaba and et al, I once again raised and reiterated on the revival of the Redivision of the country into possible three states or more, that’s another Kokora but in an advanced and mutually agreed upon formula.
      South Sudan, as a nation dominated by a single tribe, the jieng, will also remain a crippled nation mired in perpetual political crises, as already seen in the past 11 years of its existence.
      Inevitably, the balkanization of South Sudan would be a game saver, that’s what happened to former Yugoslavia from where the word ‘balkanization was derived. Today, it’s several nations living separately and in peace and progress. Why not South Sudan?

    • Sossa patriot says:

      Deng Gatloak,

      Yours is the sanest and most constructive comment so far. Dr Nyaba is indeed a credible intellectual who has written a serious article that needs critical analysis. Most of the comments have completely missed the point by focusing splitting hairs over definitions in the Jieng language. The centrality of his message is not about accuracy of expressions in Jieng language but the death of a unifying ideology/rhetoric/political mission in South Sudan that threatens to lead to disintegration of the country. What has filled the vacuum is a set of narrow, ethnocentric interests championed by the JCE and supported by the Jieng elements in the leadership of the SPLM/A. These interests have resulted in the death of the SPLM/A as a unifying and progressive people’s movement. We should not also underestimating the enormity of the task of (re) building the nation because, as Dr Nyaba rightly puts it, we should not delude ourselves into thinking that this is a generational issue whereby the departure of the current generation of hexa-/octo-genarians, being replaced by a new generation, would miraculously lead to sudden improvement of fortunes and prosperity. If this new generation continues in this trend of greed, impunity and tribal hatred fomented by the current crop of incompetent leaders in Juba, there will no development, and they will drive the final nail into the coffin of what is South Sudan as it exists today.

  13. To: Dr.Peter Adwo Nyaba

    First,I thank you very much for your coming back to the people in the forum South Sudan Nation(SSN)Discussion Board.Again,I thank so much for your participation and your contribution along with Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin of our home internal political matters.There are people especially educated ones.They are keeping their whims and ideas and ideas to themselves alone.They only knew backbitting at backs of others.I call them DUSTARDS(Cowards) and cheap!

    For myself,I do not hide my skin color in myself of people those ones the human beings as I am totally! I always for all the time coming forward openly in people in public and will talk publickly as much as possible as it will go forward!

    Well,I read your topic question statement that has said THE MOUNY JIENG(DINK) PSYCHOLOGY IS THAT OF OPPRESSED? I have understood your stance in the way you have expressed yourself in your article you wrote. I get to the point. In my own thinking and my own opinions alone,emanating from me,I do not see Dinka Leadership is a kind of oppress at all! What I knew so far is that political power struggle among politicians in the South Sudan ruling party SPLM.They would like to get up in the top in the ladder! But they found the gate to go through is NARROWED! But it will be open wide eventually when people choose Democracy from being fighting among themselves in Self-Destruction.

    Do not be in any worry that they Dinka people will rule the South for a 200 years! That is absolutely NONSENSE IN FRONT OF GOD! For those in Dinka people,to those who are holding that Notion in minds in Jieng Council of Elders,they are THE FIRST ENEMIES OF THEIR PEOPLE THE FELLOW DINKA! People in the land in the South

    Sudan,will ANNIHILATE THEM TOTALLY if politics will take its course! The South Sudanese Politicians,they are not sleeping well in beds! Let Democracy take a good road from being taking a bad road!

    Thank you! Feel Free! NO OPPRESS IN DINKA! President Kirr,will go in power when his term has ended up!

    Ongelet Village,South Sudan,Africa

  14. mading says:

    I hope people like Adwok are now celebrating what he has been calling for last few weeks, now Muony-jaang being killed in the speed never seen before. But day will come when Jieng will stop it themselves.

  15. False Millionaire says:

    U see even the editor is too scared to talk about it.Dr Nyaba is a divilish elder who knows how to burn the woods and wish them to grow up the next day.He has no clue that he isn’t God.If he has gotten away with the nasty role he had played in the events of 1991,it’s easy to predict that his mind set is such that he sees himself to have nothing to do with the events of the last two weeks when in reality he has been the head flag bearer among the forces calling for inter ethenic violence in RSS.
    May God show mercy upon RSS’ masses irrespective of every one’s tribe.
    The most ignoble action to take in human civilization is committing violence against innocent people.
    Jieng are encouraged never to lift a hand against any equatorian in revenge of their lost loved ones.
    If there could be any revolution for a better RSS,jieng will never be missing from constituting thick part of the structural backbone of that revolution.Big tribe of many tribes is as well a big brother to those tribes.No matter how so painful what has happened is,it could never be uneasy to absorb.That too is another way forward.

  16. Folks,

    In its history at this moment in time, South Sudan needs a visionary for sustainable unity in diversity. However, all signs are that South Sudan may disintegrate violently with catastrophic consequences. This is because there is an inherent greed for power, insensitivity, lucrative corruption that encourages people to maintain the status quo at all cost and the blame game.

    In reality people who masquerade as powerful and irreplaceable are nothing but tyrants. Those who boast of numerical superiority only vanish when the going becomes a tough one. Where are the likes of Sadam Hussein of Iraq and Muammar Ghadafi of Lybia? Why didn’t numerical superioriy help the Hutus to sustain their greed for power in Rwanda? People in South Sudan should rethink for a better way forward in building a vibrant and a strong united country which is the aspiration of each and every citizen..

    The alternative is for the three regions of Bahr el Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile to become sovereign and independent states with treaties adopted for a peaceful co-existence.Of the three regions which one will be the most viable? This is an open question for readers to answer. Confederal or federal system will not work when people do not accept one another as equal citizens of one country but instead mistreat each other. Greed for power and insensitivity will surely help break up South Sudan, something others may think it will not happen but the Soviet Union broke up into its original constituent states which are now independent and sovereign.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You are absolutely right, what we need is the balkanization of South Sudan, similar to what happened to Tito’s Yugoslavia.
      The three regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el ghazel can easily become separate and viable independent states and war will cease whilst economic development will be expedited. And, of course, the problem of tribal domination will be greatly mitigated.

  17. Editor,

    I totally agree. Right now instead of focusing on socio-economic development to provide the badly needed services to people who have suffered more than enough, the plan is nothing but tribal domination and hegemony in all aspects of state as though others do not exist. It is therefore not a surprise when people are up in arms against a tribal system of governance that undermines unity in diversity and cultures of others. The concept of three independent regions of Bahr el Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile should be explored for peace in the region. There is no harm unless somebody has a better concept of addressing the quagmire the entire region may face.

  18. William Deng says:

    It’s sad indeed to young generation in our country when people like peter Adwok who suppose to teaches us love and unity, instead he is doing the opposite by spreading wrong information and hatre against Dinka community. Mr. Peter Adwok ” work muonyjaang doesn’t mean husband of all other people or superiority -infertility ” word muonyjaang mean that man belong to jieng or he is from jieng. Like you are muonychollo in jieng dialect. 200 year plan is just something you are making up. In war of liberation the door was open for everyone in South Sudan to join some communities choose to stay away. You must be generous enough to give jieng credit for answering the call to liberate ourselves. It was all
    about deaths then and many communities choose lives over deaths including your own chollo. How many were you in the moment Peter Adwok ? Or did jieng turns away anyone? In your case high education has no value if you think like this.

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