The Martyrs day in Sudan Sudan, 8 years after Garang’s death

BY: Bol Garang Bol, AUSTRALIA, JUL/30/2013, SSN;

Today’s evening, the 30th July is dedicated to our martyrs, veterans and soldiers who remain steadfastly and resolutely committed in the defence of our sacred motherland, the recent INDEPENDENT SOUTH SUDAN. Regardless of the cost, our spirits are high and our determination unwavering. The infamous designs of our enemy, may it be internal or external, will never succeed and we shall eventually prevail.

I can say this with complete confidence because I know that the blessings of Almighty GOD and prayers of the entire Nation are with us. This realization is indeed the source of our real strength, which affords us a distinct superiority and dominance over the enemy.

We are deeply indebted to the families of our martyrs including our late leader Dr. John Garang De Mabior Atem who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of our freedom. We cannot repay their debt; however, we profoundly acknowledge their courage and pray to the Almighty to honour their great sacrifice and to bless our motherland.

Our country, South Sudan is a great blessing for all of us. It is because of our beloved martyrs who have defended our motherland that we live in freedom as an independent Nation. We have made enormous sacrifices for this freedom since 1947 and we are prepared to continue doing so, to preserve it.

However, despite tremendous sacrifices and the messes of the SPLM Party, the dream of our founding fathers under the leadership of Dr John Garang de Mabior who perished in the Helicopter crash on this DAY is yet to be realized despite the current situation in South Sudan.

Perhaps, we have either not discovered the correct path or have not remained steadfast in our journey. Yet the spirit of sacrifice and resilience of our Nation remains undiminished. I have no doubts, whatsoever, that we retain the ability to touch the heights of glory.

Hence, it is imperative that we do not let despair or disillusionment afflict our determination.

We must not cherish any suspicions or misgivings about this DAY. This indeed is a golden opportunity stated by Dr. John Garang, which can guide in an era of true democratic values in the country.

In my opinion, it is not merely retribution, but awareness and participation of the masses that can truly end this game of hide and seek between democracy and dictatorship.

If we succeed in rising above all ethnic, linguistic and sectarian biases on the basis of honesty, sincerity, merit and competence, there would be no reason to fear dictatorship or to grudge the inadequacies of our present democratic system in South Sudan.

Our salvation resides in transforming the government into a true platform of public representation. This would come to pass once the construct of public representation in South Sudan is oriented towards affording primacy and precedence to larger public interest over personal interests.

Otherwise, may it be democracy or dictatorship; governance would continue to remain a means of self-overstatement and that of predatory national wealth and resources.

I assure you, as YOUTH FOR SOUTH SUDAN, that we stand committed to wholeheartedly assist and support in the conduct of free, fair and peaceful transformation of SPLM PARTY; to the best of our capabilities and remaining within the confines of the Constitution.

I also assure you that this support shall solely be aimed at strengthening democracy and rule of law in the country.

Now, once the destination is in sight we must not err in accomplishing our responsibilities towards the election process. We must never forget that success of any system resides in coming up to the aspirations of the youth. The success of democracy is intimately linked with the well being and prosperity of the Nation. The real virtue of democracy ultimately lies in the safety and welfare of the young people.

We sincerely desire that all those who have strayed and have picked up arms against the Nation, return to the national fold. However, this is only possible once they unconditionally submit to the State, its Constitution and the Rule of Law. There is no room for doubts when it comes to dealing with rebellion against the state.

Towards this end, while truly acknowledging the national aspirations and value of our martyr’s blood, we as a Nation need to forge consensus towards evolving a clear policy through mutual consultations.

Considering this war of leadership and power struggle within the SPLM Party as the war of political gimmick forces alone can lead to chaos and disarray that we cannot afford. We must distance ourselves on tribal affiliation.

In line with the spirit of this Martyrs Day, alongside SPLA Army, I would like to express my profound appreciation to the Southerners who have sacrificed tremendously in the struggle against extremism and sectarian government, the Khartoum regime and have kept the flag of South Sudan fluttering high.

However, the biggest sacrifice has been rendered by the people of South Sudan, whose steadfastness and support is a source of immense strength for the Armed Forces of South Sudan.

I salute the spirit of patriotism of the entire Nation. Martyrdom is a great honour and fortunate are those who are blessed with it. We would never let their sacrifice go to waste.

Bol Garang Bol, Australia, Canberra


  1. Dhaal Mapuor says:

    Bol Garang,
    This piece is well written with true meaning of Martyrs day’s commemoration. Keep up!

  2. Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

    Dear Bol Garang Bol,
    The Martyr day in South Sudan, 8 years after Garang’s death and we’re absolutely remembering entire South Sudanese who had lost their lives since 1955 – 1971 and 1983 – 2005 which estimated 2.8 million lives.
    Mr, Bol Garang, This a very good tribute article to our people and congratulation for our newly motherland freedom. Let’s support our important democratic unity as prosperous successful nation rather ongoing dictatorship. No any one expected witch or curse but we wish the best for nation.

  3. That is fine Bol! We are struggling for Democracy way but some people like their leadership, they don’t want to leave their seats. Because our motto is president comes from people to the people.

  4. Dear Bol Garang:
    Your explanation of your writing is well grateful! Our Martyrs brothers and sisters in army in struggle,and a leader Dr.John Garang De Mabior and entire populations,they did not die in vain! They are always still in link with us in spirituality We will continue to honor them until them in entire life in the nation! There is no more worry with northerners like before in fifty! years since in years 1955-1983! That objective has been well achieved very successfully which is SECURITY! Our people are going to live in entire life without ever fear to run in the bush to sleep for safety from enemies in north! This is one thing what pleasing me most! I am going to keep my ball I have in my head on hold without looking again to fight in the South with different color!!

    Now,I come in politics on political bickering in SPLM in the party on high echelons especially between President Kirr, and outgoing Vice President Riak Machar,and others members to settle down all differences that are are going on in the party peacefully!! They should take away personal issues because it is going to save the country from INTERNECINE! We need DEMOCRACY in our government without anybody to take a government as part of his BEQUEATH in the family! The country is for South Sudanese people home interests! Both President Kirr,and Riak, should call for RECONCILIATION with good faith! We do not like the fellow country people the ordinary ones to fall a victim of this matter in party in SPLM. I have seen now what both leaders are doing, it is very DANGEROUS to people in general!

    I for one, myself, who is talking now, I do not want anything from government in the South! I AM DOING FINE! I TAKE CARE MYSELF VERY WELL! What I do not want is ANARCHY! Thank you! Do have a great day in Australia and our fellow country citizens! Behave well in the country where you are residing now! They are not good people because they treat non race not good! Just keep working on things that are going to benefit our people back home in future! It is not necessary a person from your own tribe alone! Those who are having tribalism,they are the products of GOD because God will not give them any good help at all!

  5. laaralik says:

    this celebration is not good because remembering your person who has died is very bad idea like us who’re still remembering Isaiah Abraham and we don’t know who killed him. any way god is still with us.

  6. Dear Bol, Your father must not have been known that he would have died like those many VIPs he killed who were struggling for SSIM. I’m again and again feeling happy when I heard his death since he was a massacre leadership using tyranny power especially in Nasir County. By now your father becomes snake in the grass type to the people of Nasir and Akobo Counties b/se he killed a lot of them regarding VIP persons.

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