The marginalisation of Equatoria- Enough is enough!

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudanese, NOV/02/2014, SSN;

Whether by design or coincidence, once again Equatoria has been marginalised in the affairs of the country. President Salva Kiir’s SPLM-IG, Dr Riek Machar’s SPLM-IO and their off shots the SPLM-G10 together with IGAD have to a large extent connived to exclude Equatoria to maintain the strangle hold they have over the people of the most peaceful part of the country.

SPLM’s creation from the outset was intended to fight and subjugate Equatorians. The silent policy of this organisation towards Equatorians has been crystal clear. It strove to oppress and marginalise the Equatoria region through violence to disempower its people within and without the movement.

This was done through the policy that stated no groups are allowed to join the movement but only individuals. This policy evidently was designed and intended to keep individuals isolated and weak.

It is associated with predatory groups wanting to dominate and control people. This had a devastating effect on the Equatorians within the movement because what it did was it directly eliminated Equatorian leadership.

It cut Equatorian leaders and potential leaders from being recognised by their own people while at the same time installing and building Jieng as their direct bosses.

(Please see ‘The broken social boundaries in South Sudan.’

However, this policy was not applied to the Nuer. The Nuer joined the movement in all sorts of groups with their leaders intact and recognised. This obviously ensured the continued survival of Nuer power within the SPLM/A.

Unlike the Equatorians who became victims of violent elimination under the watch of the current useless Vice President James Wani Igga.

For example, a certain notorious cousin of Dr John Garang by name Deng Agwang openly executed Equatorian officers and soldiers of the SPLA at will in Eastern Equatoria during 1980s and early 1990s without any accountability.

The net effect was total disempowerment of Equatoria. The Nuer continued to grow in strength because as a group they could assert their interest. This group approach to the membership of SPLM is the single act that has helped the Nuer to resist and face down the Jieng at different critical times including the current conflict.

The balance of power between the Nuer and the Jieng in South Sudan has always been maintained through this unspoken arrangement. Now that the two are at each other’s throat, both want to use Equatoria to strengthen their positions in order to control the country without any discernible benefit for Equatorians.

Basically both groups view Equatorians as their donkeys or slaves to be exploited.

Equatoria’s patriotic stand to always fight for the freedom of South Sudan unfortunately has made them to ignore their inalienable rights in South Sudan to their own detriment.

By default, their patriotism has turned them into the underclass in the country they greatly sacrificed for. This is unacceptable and Equatoria must re-strategise to regain their rightful place in the social structure of the country. They should no more play second fiddle.

The exclusion of Equatoria from the talks in Addis Ababa should serve as the final straw that broke the Camel’s back.

Dr Machar has openly claimed that he is fighting for implementation of democracy in South Sudan. This is welcome and everybody in the country is looking forward to it. However, a mere statement stating a noble position is not good enough if it is not followed by action.

If the actions of a supposed leader who promises something contradict his words, then alarm bells ought to ring loudly lest the people are taken for a ride.

This article is the alarm bell. Dr Machar has been part of the system (Dinkocracy) since 2002 when he returned to the fold of the SPLM after having led a rebellion against it from 1991.

For nine solid years he fought the system in order to change its objective of united Sudan. He did not succeed. The rebellion movement that he led fractured into two. The other part that Dr Machar led which was renamed South Sudan Independence Movement (SSIM) ended up signing the Khartoum Peace Agreement in 1997 which granted him the position of Vice President of General Omer Bashir.

While he was a ceremonial Vice President in Khartoum he found himself powerless and this led to his return to the SPLM under Dr John Garang in 2002. In the process of defecting, Dr Machar basically abandoned all those he took with him to Khartoum. They remained at the mercy of President General Bashir.

There is a crucial thing here to be noted. The quality of leadership of Dr Machar, his values and principles and his ability to hold a group together is highly questionable.

It is important to note this point because Dr Machar may eventually sacrifice the Nuer and the Equatorians with him now exactly in the same manner he did in 1997 and in 2002 if he sees an opening for seizing personal power.

The alliance with Nuer must not be confused with support for Dr Machar. South Sudanese standing with the Nuer is based on the fact that they were subjected to horrendous and unacceptable killings by President Kiir and the Jieng.

Everybody acknowledges, accepts and condemns the ethnic cleansing done on them. Because of this, the Nuer have all the rights in the world to be given support to fight for their own survival.

Dr Machar as a Nuer happened to have been targeted and so people sympathise with him. But unfortunately Dr Machar is taking the fight of Nuer as a chance to advance his own personal interest.

He seized on the massacres of the Nuer to promote his personal ambition to accede to power. The evidence can be gleaned from the interview he held with Al Jazeera on 22nd December 2013, a week into the ethnic cleansing.

Dr Machar categorically stated that he wished to become the president. There was no need for Dr Machar to unequivocally express his ambition when the Nuer people were being hunted down in Juba by the Dootku Beny militia. This reckless behaviour exposed his lack of care for his own people.

As far as Dr Machar was concerned he wanted to be president and that was all. The ongoing killing of the Nuer was not an issue. Initially, he even resisted naming the targeted killing of Nuer as ethnic cleansing.

If Dr Machar was a true leader, he should have used the interview to articulate the horrendous experience of the Nuer and by extension the suffering of South Sudanese people. This would have presented him as a conscientious leader in waiting which would be exactly like what he verbalised.

Others could argue that Dr Machar is an ally of Equatorians because he championed the cause of federalism. Yes, it is indisputable that Dr Machar has called for the implementation of federalism.

However, the question to ask is why did he not show his support when he was the vice president?

Crucially, in July 2011 at the adoption of the infamous interim constitution of Mr John Luke Jok and following the three Equatorian conferences Dr Machar did not side with the Equatorians.

This evidence raises serious issues with the integrity of Dr Machar. Simply put, when Dr Machar was in alliance with President Kiir and as his Vice President, he was happy to step firmly on Equatorians with his Jackboots. He was happy helping President Kiir and the Jieng to lord it over Equatorians mercilessly.

Since Dr Machar rebelled following the mid December 2013 incident, he sung all the right songs to woo Equatorians to support him. He has succeeded to some extent but unbelievably he has started to backtrack in a very worrying manner.

Those people in SPLM-IO should not just be carried away by the heat of the moment. They need to scrutinise Dr Machar’s speeches (some through his spokesperson James Gadet Dak) and actions carefully to see the very worrying signs in the open political space now.

Dr Machar is already displaying dictatorial and tribal tendencies akin to Dr John Garang’s behaviour at the early stages of SPLM inception which morphed into the monstrous organisation that we now know.

The evidence to this lies in:
– 1) the manner Dr Machar makes his appointments,
– 2) in how he dismisses the participation of the stake holders in Addis Ababa by emphasising direct talks between him and Kiir only and
– 3) in how he neglects the rights of other oppressed groups.

The second and the third parts are very crucial because these are the bits responsible for marginalisation of Equatorians from the talks in Addis Ababa.

As it is now, the talks technically are clearly between Bahr El Ghazal on one hand led by President Kiir and Upper Nile on the other led Dr Machar as an armed opponent of the system (Dinkocracy) with the SPLM-G10 playing the role of supporting both regions ensuring Equatoria is kicked into the long grass.

The exclusion of Equatoria is a combined effort of President Kiir, Dr Machar and the IGAD.

First of all, President Kiir used the machinery of the state of South Sudan to exclude the Equatorian leaders from the process by quarantining them in Juba. Although they were officially invited by IGAD to the talks, the system (Dinkocracy) illegally denied them the right to travel and on top of that, their passports were confiscated. This severely oppressive action amounted to direct exclusion of Equatoria from the talks.

Secondly, all the other parties invited to the talks in Addis Ababa found themselves abused and corralled to accept being represented by Dr Lam Akol as their leader. Dr Lam himself has now been fouled and quarantined by the system. This shameful act was done by IGAD and the delegation of government of South Sudan exposing the collision between them.

Thirdly, IGAD from the outset has all along been interested in patching the SPLM as a solution to the problems of the country. Within this position, they deliberately ignored the violation visited on the Equatorian leaders and the other invited participants.

Not only that, but they participated in forcing the other parties to be led by others whose ideology and values widely differs. This was a violation of the very principle of stakeholder participation.

The question that IGAD must answer is: why have they violated their own principles by denying all the lawful South Sudanese political parties participation individually in their own right? Please see, ‘IGAD’s inadequate strategy in South Sudan’, and ‘Reflections on Justice Peter Sule’s indefinite incarceration’,

As it can be seen, the quartet: SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO, SPLM-G10 and IGAD have all connived to exclude and marginalise Equatoria. There is no doubt that the views of Equatoria are not represented in Addis Ababa.

This raises serious issue of legitimacy of the talks going on in Ethiopia. Now that the views of a third of the country (Equatoria) are not taken into consideration, whatever the outcome, it may not be binding on Equatoria.

Equatorians should not accept any outcome from Addis Ababa as binding upon them because their interest was not represented, articulated or considered in the current talks taking place in Addis Ababa.

If Dr Machar was a democrat and an ally of Equatoria he should have demonstrated it by fighting for all the stakeholders regardless of whether they are his supporters or not.

As a freedom fighter (based on his claim) espousing the ideal of justice, he should have been in the forefront showing that he wants to see the country return to peaceful co-existence by insisting on the participation of all stakeholders including the Equatorians.

Unfortunately, he only fought for the participation of his own people and in my opinion Dr Machar has failed the test of a truly national democratic leader.

Therefore, clearly without any doubt, Equatoria is on its own. It remains marginalised and oppressed by grand design of Jieng, Nuer and IGAD. What does that mean? Simple, Equatoria is not weak as perceived and believed by others and some Equatorians. Equatoria is the sleeping giant. It only needs to wake up.

The only thing crippling Equatoria is the dysfunctional SPLM. Equatorians must first desert the SPLM or the Equatorians in this hopeless organisation need to think outside the box and join their sisters and brothers to realise its interest.

Equatorians, therefore, need neither the Jieng nor the Nuer for allies. What it needs is internal unity of purpose, unity of survival and unity of destiny. Without such unity, the options before it are limited.

Thus this suggested kind of approach is a must to offset the brutal jungle politics employed by fellow countrymen from the other two regions.

On its own Equatoria can lead and bring stability to South Sudan. After all, South Sudan numerically (population) is equally divided between the three regions. Each region is a third of the country.

If Equatoria organises itself, it has equal chances of winning the presidency in any elections held in the country. This should now be the policy of Equatoria. Go it alone and if any alliance is to be made, the leadership must be of Equatoria. Anything less than that should not be entertained or accepted.

Equatoria must not take this insult from the SPLM warring factions and IGAD lying down. Enough is enough because the unnecessary bloodletting in the country needs to stop.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. Bol says:

    Hi Mr Elhag,
    This article reminds me of a sentence I heard long time ago. It goes…The man dreams of changing the world in his early life, worries about his immediate family in his mid-age, and only cares about his own neck in the old age… I hope your next article won’t be about Lord Mayor of Juba city marginalising the people of Kator !

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Unhelpful and too simplistic

    • johnjerry says:

      Mr.Elhag ,I have always taken your writing seriously because they make sense,but what I do not like is when people start to talk politics based on the region or state . We need politicians who are nationalist and talk on a nation wide issue and not regional. We need a united south Sudan regardless of tribes and clans in that state. It is here that the change we need and want to happen in our young nation has to take place in media power House like SSN which is read widely by Politicians and civil servants alike.There is a lot of truth in your writing,but stop being regional I know where you are coming from we need change in South Sudan and that change has to start with the people like you and me to make the change work we have to participate in the game in a positive way.Do not take me wrong you are a great writer just like Issiah who was killed in cold blood.

    i do not know why you confused yourself by mixing Elhag and Paul which really look very bad and questionable as to which religious group do you belongs to.
    your article seem to be misleading but only you pointed out one UN disputable truth questioning renegade Riek Machar democracy in South Sudan.Riek main objectives is just to become a president.he is Jumping up and down as to how best he could get support from Equatorian and that is why he adopted the call for you realized that Riek Machar is a hyena in goat skin and you started to point out clearly that he is not the admired leader who can unite the poeple of south Sudan. however personally,i do see to it that the devil you know is better then the angel you don’t know. so Kiir is our devil that we know and wani Igga whom you call useless.please come back to your sense and tell the truth and do not be bias. there is no any region or state in South Sudan that has been Marginalized as you claimed. Take an example of those who are in the government currently from Equatorian .1 Vice president position is from Equatoria,cabint afairs,finance,national security , water and electricity.SPLM this the marginalization you are talking about??

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Toney Toney Matot
      President Kiir and his entire cabinet are a bunch of criminals. A devil is a devil and remains a devil. So President Kiir remains Lucifer!!!!!!

      • ElHag,
        President Kiir is your president. Never call him a criminal. How many years will you remain opposing Juba regime?

        • Elhag Paul says:

          I respectfully disagree with you. President Salva Kiir and his entire cabinet are criminals and SPLM/A equally is a criminal joint. The evidence is overwhelming in the public space. It is just a matter of time before they are dragged into a court of law to answer for their first degree crimes of three decades.
          For the record, I do not accept that President Salva Kiir is my president because I did not vote for him and moreover he is a genocider (ethnic cleanser). Even if president Kiir was voted by the majority, once he indulged in ethnic cleansing he forfeited all rights to the presidency. Period.
          President Salva Kiir is a criminal.

          • Chol Deng Anyieth says:

            Mr. Elhag Paul,
            The peace talks in Addis is not for those seeking jobs. People are there to negotiate and bring peace to South Sudan. It has nothing to do with regional representation. The peace talks is between the two parties to the armed conflict. Equatoria is a region and not a political party, and therefore representation in the peace talks on the basis of being Equatoria is usurp. Peter Bashir is in the government delegation not as Equatorian but being member of the SPLM in government. Of course, you are looking for financial support from IGAD that is why you proposed yourself to represent Equatoria in Addis. Please go to Juba and apply for job and you will get it. Don’t waste your time on projects which are not necessary. We are South Sudanese. The Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal are outdated and any idiot like you will soon be ex-communicated soon

          • Dear Elhag Paul,

            I agree with you. Kiir is not longer a legitimate president for ordering massacred of Nuer in December. Now 90% of South Sudanese see Kiir a true criminal, but not as a leader. This is what happened in Kiir meeting with President Bashir on Tuesday in Khartoum. Salva Kiir told president Bashir if you could help me defeat Nuer from Greater Upper Nile, I would give you 60% of oil revenue. However, President Bashir replied to Kiir why do I need to chase Nuer away from their God given land? Upper Nile is a Nuer land. I do not have a reason to help you kill Nuer in their own God given territory. Salva Kiir left the room shivering, walk out very unsteady, and eventually collapsed in the Airport.

      • Kondokoro says:

        You are a criminal you are a jalaba born eligetimate kid who is hired to discredite south sudan the way you expressed your self shows how desperate you are to drag equatorians to riak machar coup attempt war but we will not join even lado gore had express guilt in joining this tribal war, sources close to South sudan institute for strategic studies reveal that Lado Gore is talking with Bari elders to apologise to wani iga eeeh rayaak

    • Hi Isaac Dongrin Malith,
      You will remain a slave in America forever.
      Is it better to be a citizen in number 1 failed state ruled by a Dinka (Kiir) or better a citizen led by a non Dinka (Dr. Riak or Wani Igga ) in a number one developing Country?
      Any way reflect on what you have said. Majak Agot said…If there was no killing in Juba by 15000 Mony Raks…there would be no killing in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu…Just see what our own tribesman Mr. president did? Do we blame non Dinkas for hating us? we need South Sudan free from hate and development will set in. Good Luck with your PAROCHIAL MENTALITY.

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Arop Peter Biar:

        You and Dr. Majak D’Agoot are so confused and primitive. Did president Kiir Mayardit and his Rak Dinka killed anybody when Riek Machar and his Nuer Militias attacked Bor and massacred the civilians in 1991? Well, you and Majak D’Agoot can be slaves of Nuer and not Kiir and Rak Dinka.

  3. Majongdit says:

    Just cry for what you want but not the EQUATORIA Wants. This current government is being described as an Equatorian government. If you see the portfolios held by Equatorians in this government proportionslly to the size of Equatoria you will come to believe that they have got something bigger than they deserve. But I am happy with that because everyone appointed from Equatoria knows his or her job except the one Aggry Tisa Sabuni (9 pieces of soap).
    However, if Equatoria does not believe in is sons and daughters representing in the Government the they should be just open and tell Kiir who exactly they want.
    Otherwise, in terms of representation Equatoria is represented fairly unless they want the President itself.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      We do not want President Kiir and his entire cabinet. All of them are criminals. President Kiir’s government is a Jieng government. Dr Majak D’Agot has accepted that this is the case. Please access this link to read for yourself.
      So wake up and begin to live in a real world. The only solution to the Jieng mess in South Sudan is Equatorian leadership of the country. The Jieng have spectacularly failed in ruling the country. Your none sense of “born to rule” has been proven to be a load of garbage.

      • Dan says:

        Elhag Paul,

        You need to quote another website because the one you have just quoted is not trustworthy. It is a website known for manipulation of messages. Dr . Majak Agot and his group are clearly opposed to Kiir government , but the rubbish the Nyamile website attributed to him is not true. You and your likes need to know that, Majak Agot , is a smart man who chooses his words carefully. People who have ever listened to him talking will not agree with some of things that your quoted website claimed to have been said by him. He is not your kinds that say things they regret later.

  4. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Paul Elhang.
    if equatorian will bring stability in south Sudan then this is what we are looking for and why do you said that Equatorian are excluded in the talks in Addis, yet you did not even count Bashir Bandi. it seem that you out of your sense man enjoy your whisky in western nation slowly.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      For your information, Bashir Gbendi like all the other non Jieng in the government represents President Kiir’s interest and by extension Jieng interest. This is not rocket science and if you can not work it out I am sorry for you.

      • Bol says:

        Can you please elaborate to the layman in the cattle camp, what exactly are the Equatorians’ Interests? How do Equatorians’ Interests differ from the Cowboy’s one? How do you gauge these Interests? How does someone qualify to become the true Representative of Equatorians’ Interests?
        I didn’t know that Equatorians do have other interests apart from the common interests of the citizens of RSS, which are shortly, Security, Liberty, Justice, Essential Services Delivery, and Good Governance.

      • Matungduol says:

        Elhag Paul;
        Your ignorant to acknowledge Bashir Gbendi’s work is not anyone else responsibility!

  5. Isaac Dongrin Malith says:

    Elhaj Paul,
    You want it or not, with Kirr or with Dr. Riek, Equatorians will remain our slaves. You want to rise, try and you will see how we will smash you people. You Equatorians have no sense of who you are? Slaves. You are lucky that we brought light in your lives. If we were not to colonise you, will you have knowledge to write Elhaj Paul? Your Equatorians women are our baby sitters and machineries for expanding our populations in the colony. One more thing Elhaj Paul, as you are encouraging Equatorians to rise up, in Torit good numbers of Equatorians youth recruited to join the rebels were rounded and arrested. As Acholi tribe broke the 1985 treaty they signed with Dr. John Garang which gave them the right over Madi tribe, Dinka will never support Acholi interest in Madi land again. Oyet Nathaniel P. who claimed he is a rebel was caught red handed mobilising Eastern Equatorian youth to join the rebels. He did this before through an Acholi chief, but now he is complaining for back fire of his action. Equatorians youth who are doing the same thing must be hunted from door to door. We will never live Equatoria, and will never all our colony to be destabilise by senseless youth activities. Elhaj Paul, you want to rise, you will see the nightmare.
    Isaac Dongrin Malith
    Rochester, Minnesota USA

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Dongrin Malith,
      Living in America and perhaps with some education you might have imbibed here, one expects your types to think a bit differently from the likes of Kiir, Malong or the Marial duo.
      Moreover, slavery has long been abolished and frown upon by all civilized peoples in the world. In today’s politics, the world is prone to accepting what can be best described as inalienable rights of a person or persons, and these include political, social and human rightsl
      For your information, the demand for federalism is a legitimate and democratic right of anybody, including Equatorians.
      Keep living in the Stone Age, Malith, the world is changing rapidly and your type will surely be left behind.

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        Dear Editor:

        You are becoming more mature and civil. This is a very intellectual response and I think you brought Malith down to his knees in front of his peers. I’m very impressed with your response although I wanted to enslave Mr. Elhag Paul.

      • Matungduol says:

        The more you response this Isaac Dongrin Fool the more he think he is relevant. Some people resort to say outrages thing to get attention and that’s exactly what he want to happened if he get this much attention!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Isaac Dongrin Malith
      Please visit Christian SolidarityInternational website then come and talk about slavery when you are fully informed.

    • Majongdit says:

      Isaac Dongrin Malith,

      How old are you? Are you surely in America? How come you left the village and village failed to come out of you? I am a Dinka my friend but I am sorry for your unkind words towards Equatorians.

      In this country we are all equal. Nobody is allowed to colonize anybody in this country. There may be competition for power but it must be contested through political parties not regions or ethnicities. I’m a great fan of Equatoria. If Pres. Kiir steps down I am going straight to campaign for an Equatorian President in the person of James Wani Igga. If elhag Paul was not a tribalist I’d have gone for him because he has some good education but he is drunk with tribalism and the generalized abuse of the Dinka I cannt go for him. Ambago Ramba is another well educated but also rotten to the core because of the same vice.
      But Equatpria still has leaders like Bakasoro, Luis Lobong, Ann Itto, Jacob K Lupai etc

    • Chol Deng Anyieth says:

      You are useless person and deserve to die. I hereby call Almighty God to curse you. You are no different with Elhag Paul.

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Chol Deng Anyieth
        How can you be better than us when you arrogate to yourself the right to judge and call death on others? What has happened to tolerance and civility? Do you see how crude you are with your ideology of Dinkocracy. Our country is a mess because of barbaric people like you who believe in killing and wishing others death. Isaac is a human being and no matter what he has said in his abuse of me and the Equatorians should constitute grounds for his destruction. I prefer to engage Isaac and change him rather than resorting to barbarism. This is the reason why I referred him to the website of Christian Solidarity International so he can learn about Jieng enslavement and emancipation through the controversial policy of “buying out” in slavery. Once Isaac learns that it is actually the Jieng who were enslaved and not Equatorians he will begin to see the world from a different lens. So we need to educate Isaac and the Kiirs than wishing them death. Chol you actually need brushing and in reality you are worst than Isaac. At least Isaac rants without any evidence which makes him harmless but you are a dangerous person with dangerous views on life.

        • Chol Deng Anyieth says:

          Dear Elhag Paul,
          Kindly not that South Sudan will head nowhere if people like you and Isaac continue to live among us. You and Isaac continue to instigate hatred among our people. You and your cohorts like Isaac are the curse to our people.

          • Elhag Paul says:

            Chol Deng Anyieth
            Who introduced fratricide in South Sudan? From 1955 to 1972 the Equatorians fought the Arabs initially with bows and arrows and later on with modern weapons. During this time the enemy was the Arab. South Sudanese did not kill themselves. The liberation movement was well managed with the Equatoria leadership behaving in truly patriotic way. That is how General Lagu mentored Dr John Garang and developed President Kiir because as an Equatorians he thought of the welfare and the good of South Sudan. But what have Garang and Salva done? They introduced fratricide and rampant killing of South Sudanese ignorantly thinking they are liberating the people. Unbeknown to them they have been busy creating a pathological society. They think like you because all of you look at things myopically from a Jieng perspective. A backward way of looking at things. Your barbarity will take you no where. Mark my word, the caring people of South Sudan will recover the country with you returning to your right level in the hierarchy of things in South Sudan. “Idiots rotten ………… to the core” (Gerrard Prunier)

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Dear Elhag Paul:

          I totally concurred with you in regard to Chol Deng Anyieth’s response to Malith. If you carefully examine the two Dinkas, you will find out that Malith is a dog who barks a lots when strangers come home, but Chol is a kind of quiet dog who does not bark but he can bite and kill. So Chol Deng Anyieth is a making of Riek Machar and Majak D’Agoot. He is more dangerous than Malith who barks like a wild dog.

      • Nikalongo says:


        Your relatives and friends are in the UN camps in Malakal and Bentui and many others from your village are sitting in deplorable conditions in the neighbouring countries. Slave owners do not live in camps for the displaced. You are lucky. If you lived here, you would just be a “number” like them, living under UN protection.

        • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

          You are very true this time Mr.Nikalongo.
          UGANDA and Kenya is full of Dinka refugees and they claim to slaves Master. They are pathetic. Imagine, it is only one tribe who sent them to refugee camp despite all the countless rental troops fighting along side them.

    • johnjerry says:

      Mr. Issac D. Malith you live in the USA look around you and you will stop talking about enslaving others. You are a slave in the USA and claim to be a Master in South Sudan. Why don’t you think like a normal person with some historical knowledge about slaves and why it was abandoned in the USA where you now live a free live. Think about this and stop talking about the Acholi people they were the very first people who started War of liberation that you now claim to be yours.It was in Torit on August 18,1955 where the mutiny first against the Arabs started and eventually the war that started in Bor in 1983 ended in Magwi County where both the Acholi and Madi live and had a vision of South Sudan that you now claim to have liberated. If you want I can even give you the name of the first Acholi who killed the Arab merchant at the Torit Post Office that ignited the mutiny. You need to be educated about the history of the War of liberation that lead to the Independence of South Sudan.

    • Kondokoro says:

      what slaves
      look at Juba and look at your self you are a slave your self

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Dearest brother Elhag:

    I have sacrificed my work’s time to read your article n I am more than happy to write this dispatch with appreciation.Your vision of the situation in RSS is exactly the much overdue of what should be expected from a great scholar like you.Needless to repeat that the violence in RSS is a result of power struggle among SPLM/SPLA elite.No doubt you ought to be as well informed as many south sudanese.As such the violence has gone too sore already judging by the events of the last few weeks.The last clashes in Delieb hill military garrison resulted in heavy casualties.That the violence out break in Bantiu n Rapkotna last week was a total carnage.I encourage u to go to Juba military hospital n the many numbers of wounded soldiers that u will see admitted there would justify the truth of what I am writing.Else where in the country the whole bahar el ghazal is cut off from the rest of the country.That is partly by the bad road conditions provoked by floods n also by grave circumstances of violence n insecurity in lakes state.It’s about two month now without one single truck with food goods arriving in Wau.The results:one sac of sugar 50 kg costs over 700 south sudanese pounds as of today.The other towns in BG like Kuacjok,Gagrial n Aweil are doing without food provisions at all.It’s obvious to say that there is starvation going on in BG.Without food n medical provisions,ofcourse,the first victims are childern,elderly people n people of fragile health conditions.This is the home region of Mr president suffering so badly like this.Is there any hope of things going any better in RSS under his presidency?

    But may be God has been on the side of equatoria n equatorians.If politically marginalized,socially,intellectualy n even economicaly equatoria n equatorians are on their feet very firmly n kicking.They are far well off than those from BG n Upper Nile.No doub this may be due to the most intelligent behaviours of the three eqatorian state governors who,favoring federalism,they refuse violence as a way of achieving it.It seems RSS will finally be a federal state.See how they have saved their people n states from the ravages of violence?This is the greatest sense of wisdom that should be expected from every leader.Today those from upper nile n BG who have used violence n disorder to destroy their people n states should be very jealous of the fact that equatoria n it’s citizens have not been destroyed by violence.This is exactly the most examplary way of conducting responsible modern politics.That is bringing changes without destruction.Ghandi n Mandela did that n one can never be wrong to take their ways as example.

    If we resist temptations to fall victims of ignorance,we could never fail to see that we are all victims under the misrule of the SPLM/SPLA factions.Our country is the best place on earth for all of us.You have informed us before having worked for UN for a period of 8 years therefore you had lived in New York City.But did u feel more at home in New York than in your home town in RSS?We just need to promote dialogue n understanding among our citizens of the 64 tribes.Togather we will have the power to bring changes in RSS without use of violence.This should be our most sacred objective to achieve.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      False millionaire
      You come across as a true South Sudanese who wants peace in our country. This is most welcome. I think your contribution would be very effective if you could persuade the majority of the Jieng intellectuals to speak out against the Juba rot to save everybody. It is the silence of the Jieng educated class which fuels the current situation in the country. In a sense they are complicit. Hence, the conclusion the mess is a Jieng mess.

  7. This Web has posting this Paul writings as if he knows what has been writing about. This name just fits a preacher. But what kind of the preacher in the making? There is no way he can be a preaching from afar as he is. He likes equatorians to rise as if they are hibernating under the surface. These folks are on the ground if he wants them to go up to the sky he needs to invent something to take them to the moon. Otherwise the poor guy needs to stop deluging and inundating the web for nothing than want to spoil for others. If you want to preach, you have to be available where everything you have been talking taking place. In history, no revolutionary who happened to disseminate his polices to people he believes to implement his correct agenda if his is the one than sickness of his that he contracted from Machar. Let me tell this guys, Paul is a Khartoum repressive regime hired. Every time you read his writing it answers the long planned methodology the Khartoum had been waned off from by South solidarity to have surged forward with one united voice to defeat the North. Now , folks likes of Machar, Paul and others need to know they will come back as they have done before. No Southerner is stupid to buy that cheap writing. All Southerners know what lies a head of them not what could be aired out from a far as west where those instigators are residing and calling rising.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Burka eel Nyanwundit
      Please yourself but I want to seriously let you know in advance that the days of your rotten regime are numbered. Wallow in you stupidity and criminality. Good luck to you.

  8. riek says:

    Bunches of insecure midgets forever whining about this and that. When are you Equatorians going to appreciate that you have taken more than you have deserved from the national cake, a cake you sowed so little and reaped so much. But we are not surprised here, as Equatorians are the epiphany of crying, whining b1tches. That aside, why are Awilo Longomba and Idi Amin talking so loud about South Sudanese affairs? Please bore off!

  9. Dan says:

    Elhagdit de Paul,

    I couldn’t stop laughing my head off when I read this article . What a realisation and a U-turn my friend! Your kinds are now waking up to what Riek Machar and most of his followers are up to( Power and not democracy) .

    Riek and the group are not consistent. Today they will tell you the rebellion is a result of a ” massacre” of Nuers in Juba and on the following day , they will tell you that the rebellion is motivated by a desire for democracy and establishment of federal system of governance.
    Now if this rebellion was motivated by a desire to revenge, then they should put down their arms and come back home because they have already killed more Dinkas than the Nuers that have been killed in Juba according to one Nuer professor, David de Chan, who was boasting about it not long ago .

    And if democracy and federal system was the reason for the rebellion, then why did they commit more crimes than the government of Kiirdit , that they are accussing?
    Riek and the group became the monsters they are now because of the halfwits that are running the government of Juba.
    If they had handled it well by dealing with they armed mob only , things would have been different by now. They (Juba gangs) thought that having quelled the first stage of violence in Juba , then the whole thing was over. They then resorted to old scores settling with their rivals who may had nothing to do with the violence and that was when the coup narration started smelling funny to most south Sudanse and others.

  10. Martin L says:

    What is it with us, South Sudanese, when discussing national issues, we love name calling, insult, and we take every issue personally? I mean can we debate national issue like civilized people? South Sudan does not belong to one community but to all of us. To those who think Equtorians are not South Sudanese, I tell them wake up from you delusional world and Equtorians are not going anywhere!! You see, my people, the mess we are having in our country is a result of this false mentality that some of us are born to rule….

  11. Choromke Jas says:


    You do not disappoint as always. I just wanted to add a disturbing comment I got from a young citizen about lack of due care from Dr Machar. This guy told me that, with all the intelligent Riek was receiving, he should have prepared for the violence that was to be unleashed by the Kiir tribal system. Yet, Riek allowed his body guards to sit in one place as ducks to be massacred by the goons. In addition, the man continued, Riek left his own son behind who was later rescued by another Nuer officer from the clutches of the Kiir murderers. This proves my recent advise that Riek should have a base in South Sudan near his forces. Residing in foreign capitals can still be seen as lack of leadership and care for those sacrificing their lives for this country.

    A secret Ugandan history. Idi Amin was instigated by foreign powers to overthrow Milton Obote. After the coup, one Felix Onama, the first Minister of Defense in the Uganda independent government, was to replace Obote. However, the Kakwa foot soldiers who helped to topple Obote adamantly refused to allow Onama to be installed. They told Amin that either it is Amin or they would choose a leader from among themselves. That is why Amin became the President of Uganda with disastrous consequences. So, Riek must be careful. If the generals in “his” forces later manage to oust Kiir, while he is absent abroad, they might to a similar thing. Already, reportedly, the Nuer fighters are slowly disregarding what Riek is doing in Addis. Brother Riek, do take care of those who work for you.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Your source is correct. He only omitted the initial crucial part. It goes like this: After Dr Riek neglected his son in the heat of the violence and one of his intuitive bodyguards insisted that they had to leave Juba immediately, the son was left in Juba. Couple of days after the ethnic cleansing started the son went to the airport to fly off to Kenya. He was quickly identified, apprehanded and taken to a holding point outside the airport by the security. It is reported that all those taken to the holding point were directly taken to execution fields managed by the military intelligence. Luckily, the person who took the son to the airport witnessed the incident and he instantly notified an influential Jieng who acted fast by sending security people to fetch the son and bring him to him ( the Jieng – name withheld for security reason) personally. The Jieng security people obeyed, fetched the son and brought him to the influential person. This person then handed the son to the Nuer officer who later facilitated his flying out of Juba/South Sudan.

  12. Elhag Paul says:

    I do not know whether u r a Jieng or a Nuer. Either way, your assumption is baseless. Could I politely ask you why are Abyeians from the Sudan and Gambelans from Ethiopia in your Jieng government and resistance movement holding senior positions. See u trip yourself. If you live in a glass house learn not to throw stones.

  13. pitya lo tongun says:

    I had an opportunity to watch a movie on sunday entitle TROY, that movie reveal to me many points which are relevant to our current situation in south sudan, the king was telling his senior commander(Akiles) that” YOU MAKE HISTORY BUT HISTORY ONLY REMEMBER US THE KINGS.” In this point i begun to contemplate upon the situation of our ordinary brothers( Dinka and Nuer) and asking questions, why should someone just offer his life for the sake of someone who wants to become a president or wanted to remain in presidency? why should someone be kept in the illusion of born to rule in 21 century?why should someone entertain the ignorance of believing that he/she is the original south sudanese while others are cope paste of some countries? why should someone made to believe that his/her future or destiny is protected or supported by beny or zol kabir? why should some made to reside the christian “our father” ( daily bread from beny, water from beny, clothes from beny, housing from beny etc) . “HE WHO MAKES TROUBLES FOR OTHERS MAKE TROUBLES FOR HIMSELF” if you think of domaining others by causing confusion in the country, i think you need to revisit your ideology and the architecture of that ideology, because now it ‘s backing firing seriously. we are not worried anymore of when will peace return to this nation but our strongest worry is, will there be true peace among our two brothers or will there be any coexistence among us south sudanese? i wish all those guys who are agitated for more war or slavery that they should visit south sudan and get the experience of what they are agitating for. do they know the situation of IDPs in UN camps or in the neighbouring countries? do they know how many children are parentless?people let’s think of how to settle the current situation before manufacturing new one, you guys just sit in your rooms, bar or restaurants with your computers sending missiles to this GOD for saken country and burning the hearts of innocent people and making them to do very stupid things here for the sake of good for nothing politicians and dumshit tribal politic.

    • pitya lo tongun,

      I know you are one of many Equatorians who cannot think out side of the box and called South Sudan national’s problem a Dinka and Nuer problem. These kind of Equatorians like you locked their brain with padlocks so they do not visualize and think about what happen to others rather than Equatorians. These Equatorians like yourself see only the problem that happened to themselves in Equatoria like the shooting in the restaurant in Maridi and land grasping in Numile. Equatorian like you choose to close their eye and ears so they cannot see, feel, visualize, and hear the suffering of none Equatorians under corrupted government.

      Dr. Riek was pushing for SPLM convention so they can choose SPLM party chairmanship. After the SPLM chosen the SPLM party chairmanship, then whole party of SPLM could get ready for the national election in 2015. On the other hand, Salva Kiir does not wants national election to take place. Consequently, he ordered the massacred of Nuer in Juba to interrupt national election which is not only a Dinka-Nuer election, but also which would include Equatorians. Do you think South Sudan National’s election is a Dinka and Nuer election? Nuer are fighting back for self-defense. If Salva was able to arrest, Nuer would never fight anyone. However, some visionless Equatorian like you still blame Nuer for the war although they know it very well Nuer were and are still the victims. Please do not bother us. Enjoy your freedom in Equatoria and let Nuer endure and deal with their suffering in Greater Upper Nile.

      I strongly urge Naïve Equatorian like you to learn from intellectual and visionary Equatorians such as Editor, Choromke Jas, Elhag Paul, Dr. Ramba, Joan Adams, Eli just to name a few.

      • pitya lo tongun says:

        Bentiu Ramaran

        I really understand the level of your disappoint regarding my above comment but what to do., it’s the general perception of the non Dinka and Nuer. i think if you read my comment properly and objectively, you will know that i really care about the lives of innocent Dinka and Nuer whose only dream is revolving around human basic needs not self actualization. BUT YOU!!!!! guys have militarise and politicise the entire tribes( Nuer and Dinka) for your own political benefits and other evil desires. if am to ask you, where are you and your family? where is Silva kiir and Riek machar’s’ families? if not of the blind support your tribe men always give you, do you think Salva kiir could resist the SPLM convention or Riek machar could sustain the rebellion? is it by doing these? that you regard thinking outside the box?. you the shallow politicians intoxicated this country with many terminologies setting it’s citizens against each other throats, just to pave way for your political agains. can you tell me what will the innocent nuer men and women plus orphans gain after this war? the politicians will have their positions serve for them and the generals will go back to bilpam to loot the really makers of history( the ordinary soldiers SPLA), who only gets below 600 SSP per every two to three months who also in turn break into peoples houses at night to get money and any valuable things. Riek machar and taban deng plus their clique will go back to their usual business of looting and mismanaging the 5% oil money to the producing areas.
        Can you tell me, what have you (Nuer) done about the systematic killing of the Equatorians and the land grabbing in greater Equatoria? what did the dinka do that the nuer didn’t do in GREATER EQUATORIA? when Equatorians air their grievances, it;s term to be noise and nonsense but when dinka and nuer set up a senseless war, it’s term to be national issue that everyone should take into consideration.Riek machar had been a vice president for 9 years, what have he done to the madi grievances? instead he contributed to many issues of land grabbing especially around juba and the case in point is komirou where he cheated yaba paul jaja, that he need a land for a farm where in turn he settled his tribe men who are his personal arm. What do you called such a leader?
        Regarding those guys you name them intellectuals and visionary Equatorians, i personally have a great respect for them and their writings and am so proud of them but they have their own views and opinions and i have my own views and opinions regarding any issue in this country and it’s people.

        • pitya lo tongun

          Understand that December 2013 massacred was a coordinated massacred against Nuer. The same day the shooting started in Juba against Nuer another shooting started in Bor against Nuer as well and the killing against Nuer continue in Both Juba and Bor Town for two days before Gatdet Responded. On the 17 December, Peter Gatdet responded to Salva Kiir action in Jongeli. The governor of Jongeli body regards were all gunned down, but governor was rescued by Nuer and Murle men. Then they took him to the UN compound in Bor Town after few days they took him to Juba.

          In your understanding for the war did Jongeli Governor do anything wrong? For your information Nuer did not start the killing but we responded it because Nuer knew that no one will hold Kiir accountable. We are human being we cannot accept to be killed like dogs. We cannot just bark like dogs and do nothing we rather protect ourselves. We are not sleeping dogs. We cannot accept to be humiliated in the country that we largely contributed for it independent.

          Furthermore, Nuer do not fight because they want Riek to be president. If Kiir wants only Riek, he should have arrested Riek and Nuer would not fight whether you believe it or not. For example, General James Koang Chuol was a Kiir supporter. When he went to Unity State he disarmed Taban Deng and left with him only 3 guards. Kiir sent General Koang to Unity State purposely to disarm Taban Deng. Therefor General Koang Chuol was responding to Nuer massacred in Juba, but not because he wants Riek to the president. Another example is that Gatdet Yaka and Gathoth Gatkuoth are not Riek friends either both of them fought against Riek in 1991. However, they responded to Nuer massacred in both Juba and Bor town, but not because they want Riek to be president.

          Event God knows we are fighting back in Self-defense. Intellectual, well educated, and visionary South Sudanese know very well that Nuer did not do anything wrong that caused the government of Kiir to murdered them in thousands. Regarding those who are dying in frontlines, those Nuer could have been dead too like those murdered in Juba and in Bor if they did not fight back back in self-defense. How about Equatorians who are dying in frontlines, what are they fighting for and the war is between Dinka and Nuer?

          Mr. pitya lo tongun, since you are in a peaceful regions of the country, I hope the census, parliamentary, and national election will go head in Greater Equatoria by 2015. I trust that there will be an avoidable peaceful election of governors in three States of EQuatoria as well as peaceful national election. I believe Wanni Igga, Kiir, and Dr. Lam Akol will have peaceful competition for president position. I hope you are fully prepared for upcoming elections. I wish you all good luck in your 3 states election as well as national elections in 2015.

          • Dear pitya lo tongun,

            Sorry I forget to answer your question “what did the dinka do that the nuer didn’t do in GREATER EQUATORIA?” There are number of things Dinka did but Nuer did not do. For example, Dinka shot dead Equatorians men in Maridi for discussing about federalism. However, Nuer did not shot dead Equatorians for talking about federalism. In Numile, a businessman was abducted and killed on his way home by Dinka police, but Nuer never killed an Equatorian business person.

            In most state of Bar-El-Gazal states, Equatorian business people have been beaten, their business closed or robbed by Security guards and ordinary people since 2005, but Equatorians businesses were safe in three Upper Nile States until the war broke out recently. Dinka ask Equatorians to go to bed at 7:30pm and remain at home until 7:30Am, but Nuer never ask Equatorian to go to bed too early. Dinka moved to Equatori with their cattle and occupied large land, Nuer did not move to Equatoria with their cattle to occupied large land for cattle grazing.

            About land grasping in Juba, understand that Juba is a National capital. All South Sudanese have legitimate right to live in the Capital or any where they want to live in the country. Imagine, how many Kenyans live in Nairobi? How many Ugandans live in Kampala? How many South Sudanese used to live in Khartoum? Any way I will not go far because I do not want to hurt other Equatorians feeling.

            Bentiu Ramaran

  14. Dear Elhag Paul and Equatoria:

    You are South Sudanese, so you are expected to be part of decision making, you are expected to be part of problem solving, you are expected to be part of capacity building, and you are expected to take part in everything that would lead to South Sudan development no matter how long and how much life the decision will cause. If you have any cheaper way to remove Kiir from presidency, please less go for it. Nuer will be with you, we will not let you down at all. We Nuer we are with any one who oppose Kiir presidency no matter whether you are an Equatorian, a Dinka, a Murle, a Shilluk or none of the above.

    Nuer perception is that they do not want any one in South Sudan to be marginalize base on their regions or tribal affiliation or be treated like second citizen. please do not let your selves down. Be the center of struggle, be center for change, be the center of decision making, be the center for peace building, and be the center of law making. However, being an observer in everything will not take our country anywhere. For example, tomorrow when David Yau Yau become the president and someone from Balanda accused him of breaking the laws, then we those from other tribes we cannot just be observers and call this problem as a problem between Murle and Balanda. This perception will never ever take our country any where. Hence, we the people from other tribes we must interfere deeply to solve this problem as a South Sudanese problem.

  15. AGUMUT says:

    @Elhag Paul: It seems your SYMBOL looks Leporsy fingers.

  16. Dear Elhaj Paul,

    Thanks for this beautiful one.
    For peace to come we need politicians to lead not Killers (Kiir, Riak, Malong, Kuol, Mamur, Konga, Gadet….).
    Do you know true politicians will reverse the mess in our Country?

  17. Mayomdit says:

    Dear All,
    we do not want violence to occurce in Greater Equatoria and Baher el Ghazal.let stop and call for peace.

  18. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Bentiu Ramaran.

    Let me tell you this in Bor Town I was there since the beginning of this senseless war that started in ci nuerbeen Village when your people attacked two Dinka men at night and slaughtered them, those are from twic east kongor( district) .
    in that point who started the fighting in Bor? for you guys to answer him bentiu ramaran about the genesis of conflicts.
    in the following morning at 1: 00pm they begin in pan-pandiar barrack were they killed General Ajak Yen and peter Gadet left at the same night giving the directive to his Nuer men to killed all their Dinka colleagues in uniform and after that they are going to announced the town in his name. then follow by arajaf polices which had dominated by nuer opened the fire @ 3: 00pm and malual chat at the same time also as they coordinated already. to the point of conclusion I would like to tell nuer people that when you were plan this coup of yours, you did not know that are going to have Gun and kill us also? why are you denies about the genesis of conflicts in Bor? what is bad with it and you have achieved your objectives of killings innocent civilians as well venerable people included blind women and elderly father. if you were not the one started the fight what make you to be in unmiss camp up to now in Bor if your hands are not full of blood of massacre civilians. for the allies of Riek Machar whether you are Dinka or Nuer, Equatoria please for your information if you are amen take you weapon and joined us in the battle filed at desert and from there we shall see our selves so that will be the final for all of us not by telling on the web we shall do this to Dinka balbala does not help us. if you finished the Dinka then the land of Dinka will be yours for ever.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Dear Liar Alier-Kon:

      Who are you trying to blindfold? Who does not know the genesis of this war? Who told you it started in Bor? Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka only responded to Nuer massacred in Juba. By the way, teach this to your children, if you have any because it is going to be in history of South Sudan examination. Who is the first General to respond to Nuer massacred of Juba in December 2013? The answer is: General Peter Gatdet Yaka. Do not teach your child any different. It is not General Liar Alier-Kon.

      Now you talking tough because of Uganda. First, tell your husband Museveni to withdrawal all his East Africa troops and let us twist arms in a manly manner. I’m sure you would join your relatives in Kakuma and Arua refugee camps in no time.

    • Alier-kon,

      You mentioned that “for the allies of Riek Machar whether you are Dinka or Nuer, Equatoria please for your information if you are amen take you weapon and joined us in the battle filed at desert and from there we shall see our selves so that will be the final for all of us not by telling on the web we shall do this to Dinka balbala does not help us”

      Well now there are several East African military fighting along side Kiir. For example, in Poloch there Rwanda, Burundi, Egyptian, SPLA-N Blue Nile, and South Sudan army. Second, there some more Ugandan troops, SPLA-N, M23 of Congo in Malakal, Renk, and Nasire. Third, there are more Ugandans, Rwandese, and Burundi military in Juba. Fourth, there are another Ugandan military in Bor, Gadiang, and Panyigoor. Firth, there are more Ugandan, Egyptian, and South Sudan military in Ayod. In Unity State, there South Sudanese, JEM, SPLA-N, and Egyptian military. You see your tribal chief invited in all these foreign troops just for one tribe. Yet, Nuer alone are still managing to fight with these East African troops plus. I believe if Equatorian and some Dinka joint Nuer in fight against Kiir government, then you Alier-Kon and Kiir would not event notice that you passed Uganda and Congo. Your first stop would be in Angola.

  19. Isaac Dongrin Malith says:

    Thanks Mayomdit, one thing you can tell Equatorians is to stop barking. Our system is fair, if you allow Riek he will triple your pain

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Isaac Dongrin Malith
      You are wrong. “Your system” is not fair. Dinkocracy has never been fair. Your system must be dismantled by all means available. We do not accept it and it will not be allowed to survive for long because it will destroy us and the Jieng too. You need to shed your Luak mentality to promote peace and harmony in South Sudan.

    • Nikalongo says:


      No one is barking in Equatoria. We are busy building Equatoria, step by step. What do your leaders do with the money they loot? Can El Hag, Mr. False, Ramaran, Another Nuer, Ramba, Gathkouth Garang, Editor or anyone on the SSN tell me what the Nuer and Dinka looters are doing with the loot? Do not fool yourself Issac. In politics nothing lasts forever or Beshier and Arab North would still be rulling us. Beshier and North is gone, gone forever. In South Sudan they are history materials for our school children. Break up South Sudan through careless and barbaric policies, those people you proudly asserts are in the colony will one day pack up and go home to Dinka and Nuerland.

      One more news for u! The UN camp commander in Bentui has reserved a place for you because romuors on the street has it that, you are about to be deported to your country of origin. Is that true? You see, the Dinka in our Presidential Palace is not able to protect all the Dinka in Dinkaland. What a same!

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        Sadly, it is not Nuer and Dinka leaders who looted and continues looting this country. Your Equatorians,fake Equatorians, mainly the stooges of Salva Kiir are in the joint. Go figure! I’m beginning to think that you are one of them. But good questions, what I know our leaders are building are Western and East Africa countries. Not Dinka or Nuerland to tell you the truth. I’m sure it the same to Equatorian looters. Peace be with you.

      • Bol says:

        Please don’t let Isaac get into your nerves. The looters in RSS do not have a tribe. Please review your information and you may discover that one of your close relative, dead or alive, is a BIG THIEF, if you are not one yourself.

  20. J A C Ramba says:

    Isaac Dongrith Malith

    If Riek Machar can stop such a big mouth like you from barking here, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be allowed to rule you. You know that sooner or later you will have to share executive powers with Dr Riek or you will all perish from famine. Maybe you should concentrate on the self destruction taking place in Lakes State where every clan is out to kill its neighbors in what is yet Africa’s biggest political chaos. Leave Equatorians to their civilized debate for this whole exercise seems too much for you handle.

  21. Kulang says:

    This sideline approach which is always taken by the equatorians is a big reason for their so called marginalisation by the Nuer and Dinka, consider the phrase “you’ve gotta be in it, to win it” equatorians aren’t in it their so terrified at the possibility of getting into conflict with one of these two that they avoid challenging them all together. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you should pick up arms or start creating their own militias in order to have a chance but play smart, firstly and I can’t stress this strongly enough tell your political elites or those who claim to represent the people of equatoria to grow a pair of balls. I mean when I hear people like Wani Igga speak about Riek Machar this, Riek Machar that and our holy South Sudanese emperor Salva Kiir is the legitimate leader of this country, Reminds me of how pathetic some of these individuals really are or whether they posses any form of independent thought what so ever and interestingly enough some of my equatorian friends consider him to be some sort of inspiration which is just sad. Then when things go wrong like the current crisis they start pointing fingers at both Nuer and Dinka regardless of who’s at fault inorder to avoid confrontation I mean come seriously how do you expect to gain any sort of respect.

  22. Bol says:

    Dear Kulang,
    This lyrics by Shannon Nolls represent the situation of Equatorians…Not in it to win but crying for their share…

    “What About Me”
    Well there’s a little boy waiting at the counter of a corner shop
    He’s been waiting down there, waiting half the day
    They never ever see him from the top
    He gets pushed around, knocked to the ground
    He gets to his feet and he says

    What about me, it isn’t fair
    I’ve had enough now i want my share
    Can’t you see i wanna live
    But you just take more than you give

    Well there’s a pretty girl serving at the counter of the corner shop
    She’s been waiting back there, waiting for her dreams
    Her dreams walk in and out they never stop
    Well she’s not too proud to cry out loud
    She runs to the street and she screams

    So take a step back and see the little people
    They may be young but they’re the ones
    That make the big people big
    So listen, as they whisper
    What about me

    And now i’m standing on the corner all the world’s gone home
    Nobody’s changed, nobody’s been saved
    And i’m feeling cold and alone
    I guess i’m lucky, i smile a lot
    But sometimes i wish for more than i’ve got

    • Choromke Jas says:


      This is hilarious. I warn you though: when Equatoria levels downwards to you guys, there will be nothing called South Sudan. Is it difficult to acknowledge that?

      • Bol says:

        Yes it is ….Because the little boy and the pretty girl are levelling their anger towards another victim”tribe”, not the preparatory “Governing elite”.

  23. AGUMUT says:

    Enough is Enough.
    Is Equatoria in general and Particularly Yei become the Mafia. Government have to watch Yei very closely because it is where the secret masterminds trained their killers.

  24. Nikalongo says:


    What have the Dinka and Nuer government brought to ur people? Misery and death. Our biggest achievement in Equatoria is peace for our people. That you cannot take away from our people. Poni in Gondokoro and Nakachimanga in Nzara can sleep deep in their huts knowing well that they will see light the next day. All of you want to live there because it is peaceful and accommodating. With all the lootings the Dinka and Nuer Generals and politicians (it is their (ur) oil money) are carrying out, one would be mistaken to think that they are building mansions in Bentui or Aweil. Nothing. Those places are as desolate and hostile as the leaders and soldiers on the frontlines.

    Forget about what El Hag writes about marginalisation in Equatoria. We are doing fine. We will build our region from the proceeds of our own ingenuity. You want proves, go to towns, villages and settlement in Equatoria. Villages and towns are taking shapes not from your oil money. As I said before, break up this country through careless and barbaric policies, we will send all of you to go and swim in your oil. I mean all of you including those lying buried in their graves.

    • Kulang says:

      Of coarse I agreed with you I wish the same thing for say Gatwech or Latjor but in places like Jonglei and Unity states this still nothing but a dream. But my point is that when things go haywire to simply label it a Nuer and Dinka war/conflict is a massive copout, I mean if you don’t try to break up the fight who will, you are part of this country are you not. This basically serves to reinforce the claims made by some individuals that equatorians are Congolese and Ugandans who are in South Sudan when theirs peace but when things go wrong they have no obligation to do anything or rather have no power to. All I’m saying is that the equatoria region has the power to to change the political dynamics in South Sudan. Now we are all aware of how ruthlessly ambitious Riek is and Salva is pathetically incompetent of being in politics let alone the presidency, I cannot believe the almighty lord would do something like this to the people of South Sudan.

    • Bol says:

      What does your response has to do with my comment? Let me rephrase my comment…. Thieves in RSS do come from all works of life and tribes….Dinka and Nuer top the list, if you are considering the numbers, but when it comes to quality and volume of public money squandering, Bari and Shilluk individuals performances’ are really impressive….. Evidences are everywhere unless your eyes only see Dinka thieves….. The little development occurring in Equatoria region is not your own initiatives, for instance, did you tarmac the few kilometres of roods in Juba, set up these few concrete buildings in the town or is Equatoria out numbering GBG region in Human Capital Development? It will be a while before you or may be your grandchildren send us to swim in our oil…Will Nuer come with us too ?

      • Nikalongo says:


        If it is the tarmac road tying you around, you can grade them off and carry along you to Bentui and Aweil. Did I not tell you that Beshier and Arab North left. How many were they in numbers compared to the join population of Dinka and Nuer. They had more regional support than Dinka and Nuer will ever get. Like them (Arabs and Bshier), you will leave in my generation if this country breaks up. The Nuer will go with you. Dominating the SPLA is giving u and your like a false impression about yourselves.

        Who are these Equatoria Generals and politicians looters that you have in mind? Yes. I see Dinka and Nuer all-time thieves. I also see Nuer and Dinka Murderous politicians and generals tearing our country apart. This quality Bari and Shilluk thieves are just petty chicken thieves compared to Kiir, Riak and company.

        • Bol says:

          The tarmac road are not tying us around, what ties us around is lack of push from you if you don’t want us there then do something about it, instead of sitting around Jube monument all day wishing for miracles. Every General or Politician in RSS is a thief by default…. General Mamur use to drive around Juba in a private Hammer worth more than 50;000 USD….Did he save up such amount out of his salary ? Talk to Account Department of NLA and you will be amazed how much money Mr Igga had claim for himself as bonuses…..The issue is maladministration and miss-use of public funds being perpetrated by the governing elite against RSS citizens….The victims are Bari, Dinka and Nuer and other tribes. We have to find ways of holding the culprits accountable for their actions. Please come out of your Tribal Shell and embrace diversity where everybody thrives. Igniting a new fire may end up like the previous ones in Torit 1955 or the most recent one of Peter A. Sule. Enjoy your stay around Jube grave…. The Apple is falling into your hands !

  25. False Millionaire says:

    Dearest Bol:

    But the thief that steals the milk of the cow he does’nt feed would finish killing the cow.The question is,what would be his life when the only cow on which he depends for his living is no more?

  26. Bol says:

    Dear False Millionaire,
    “Corruption not only creates an unfair playing field, it not only distorts economic relationships, but corruption also steals from the people … who believe the system can work for everyone.”
    John Kerry

  27. w.o.k says:

    few facts and lots of lies. surprising to see injustices in every corner in south- sudan and for all that you brothers pretend not to see this very big in-seguirety in the nation and not only that but defend it. by the way it seems like the country is undergoing a huge curse. thus stop talking about peace until you are able to perceive correctly the horrors currently happening around you brothers!. don’t take me wrong I am not a church goer but simply a member of the original BUSH-SPLA

  28. Tangata Riri says:

    Mr Paul

    I am ignoring the tribalistic chatter and focusing on your assertion that a unified Equatorian front would serve as a beneficial force in South Sudanese social and political affairs.

    You say “Equatorians, therefore, need neither the Jieng nor the Nuer for allies. What it needs is internal unity of purpose, unity of survival and unity of destiny. Without such unity, the options before it are limited.”

    How do you propose Equatorians achieve this solidarity? Equatorians are a loose association at best. A Zande in WES knows little of the day to day of a Toposa in EES. Solidarity can’t be imposed top down. It must be developed bottom up at the grass roots level. This means that each villager no matter wherever they are must have a deep affinity with another Equatorian villager hundreds of miles away, whom he is unlikely to meet, who does not speak his language or share his customs. What does being ‘Equatorian’ really mean then to the life of an average farmer in Nzara or a herder in Budi? Is it just a place he lives in? Is it something he is called by others? Is it a shared historical narrative? Or is it something deeper?

    I would humbly suggest this be the next topic for you to cover.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Tangata Riri, in your reply to Mr. Paul, I thought I would interject some words of wisdom here.
      In my older generation (I don’t know whether that includes you), we Equatorian students found ourselves easily integrating and studying together in peace with fellow Equatorians. Then in our time, Pojulu, Bari or Moru students for example would go to Loka, Okaru (Palotaka later) or to Meridi or Yambio, Nzara, Lainya or at Juba schools and easily cohabit with others. Even when we were in refuge in the 60’s in East African countries, there was visible mutuality and concordance among Equatorians generally.

      Unfortunately, for South Sudan, it’s this monstrosity called SPLM which is causing and exacerbating the animosity among Equatorians now as many so-called Equatorian members ‘stooges’ of this diabolical machine (SPLM) are culpably responsible for the splitting and splintering of our people. The rest is current history and you can look, examine and diagnose for yourself the MALIGNANT CANCER that is palpably, agonizingly and irreversibly gnawing and destroying our historical solidarity.

      • Tangata Riri says:

        Mr Editor

        Thank you for your response. I am of the younger generation, and so am only conscious of the current context. The challenge is to reclaim what has been lost. I am still very eager to hear suggestions for how we can do this.

        For the record, as an Equatorian I believe if we can crack this in Equatoria, we will serve as a tangible example of nationalism and a positive counterbalance to the tribalism that is tearing at the frayed social fabric of our country.

  29. Mr. Long John says:

    Mr Elhag Paul,

    You are preaching with a sword in your hand! I can’t imagine a highly educated figure like you fishing in little waters!
    You can imagine the internet war you have caused. Isn’t it dangerous when it comes to the surface?

    It is crystal clear to anyone of informed intellect and high sense that you are trading in tribal conflicts and that you are not an Equatorian. Your interest is to destroy the bond between the equatorians, Dinka and the Nuers. I know you could be a Shiluk or so and your drive is what puts Dinkas and the Nuers against themselves in 1991. That was concieved by the idea of making sure the big tribes engage themselves in war so as to reduce to the size of other small tribes in South Sudan. It was and continue to be foolishly implemented to the interest of the architect and that is what you want by extension to equatoria.

    Please decease from such weird preaching and lecture on things that will promote peace to the South Sudanese. We care less of who is ruling and who will rule but we should care of how the rule of law should be enshrined.

    You (Elhag) can be a good resource and a reward to the RSS if only you put your intellect and education into good use but if you continue sowing seed of hatred on the rocky piece of land, Biblical parables will be your answers.



  30. Raan Naath says:

    Mr Hage Paul, Equatorians are yet to cry blaming Nuer and Dinka wouldn’t help your cause, be you have chosen to be a go between, you as a people have no clear vision and strong unity to pursue your political thing you should bear in mind is that, no freedom without sacrifice, equatorians are defined to be food lovers who can bear bush lives for a long time. Whether you like it or not both Dinka and Nuer will remain your Bosses for life. Take good example Alfred Lado Gore went without even a single person from Equatoria if Nuer were not to be true humans he would have died. Think twice.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Raan Naath
      Thank you for letting me know that “Dinka and Nuer will remain your (Equatorians) bosses”. That is OK, but you need to know that your guns and numbers without brains is not going to make you bosses for long. Now, I am not interested in discussing Alfred Ladu Gore because he is an individual with his own rights and reasons why he joined you in the bush. We believe in ideals and principles and not following individuals blindly. For now you the powerful keep crowing while the person you doggedly support is selling you to the very Kiir who massacred you mercilessly. Watch this space carefully. Riek now has no objection to Kiir remaining president as long as he can get his previous job back. This is what is being discussed now.
      The question you should ask yourself is: are you the Nuer dying just for Riek to be reinstated in his previous job? Think about this than wasting time being a delusion boss of Equatoria. Good luck to you.

  31. Raan Naath,

    What bosses are you talking about? Equatorians are bosses to Nuer now because they have vice-president, deputy chief staff, chief justice, and National head security. What position Nuer hold in the government now? If you are a Nuer, please do not ever repeat such painful comments. Do not expect Nuer to be bosses to other tribes it has never been Nuer vision. Off-cause anyone can be a boss for time being to another person. Nuer can be a boss to Equatorians today, but an Equatorian will be boss to Nuer tomorrow, next tomorrow a shilluk will be a boss to Nuer, Equatorians, Dinka etc that is exactly what we have been fighting for and that is what government stand for.

    Elhag Paul, please treats Raan Naath comments as a baby comments do not hold it in heart no two tribe can be boss to other tribes.

  32. Terketh says:

    Elhag, your education is nothing to yourself neither to Euatorians, being educated is not only to write in terms, but is to analysis things and differentiate them from good and bad. Equatorians are not neglected as you stated, Equatorians are now well off people in the various sectors. regarding the current conflict, is between government and rebels not Dinka and Nuer as you are inciting and the selection of the negotiations delegates is not from Dinka or Nuer ask of those Igga, Elia Lomoro or other Equatorians sons why are not involve in negotiations. South Sudan is a new nation be patient every one has a right to rule it even those who hide their foreign nationalities are deserve to rule in the future when the constitution allowed. please Elhag you are always dealing against Dinka tribe what is your problem with Dinka being a majority not a crime and to hate them ask God why he creates Dinka to be a majority in South Sudan, but Dinka are not only a majority tribe in the world.

  33. AGUMUT says:

    Mr.PHD and Late John Garang’s wife will never never ever live in South again.

  34. @ all those who have contributed in this divisive and tribalistic discussion including El Haq Paul, you are all idiots. South Sudan has a long way to go.

  35. Pac Marial says:

    Mr. Elhag Paul,

    Let me tell you that you will remain marginalized as long as you remain in hiding in UK. Those who are assertive like Dr. Elia Lomoro and Wani Igga are here holding big positions. I am sure you know that they Equatorian or are they Dinka or Nuer from Equatoria ????????? Come back to South Sudan, otherwise shut up man.

  36. Toni says:

    i believe Paul is frustrated the kind of life he is living where he is!
    there is this says which said,”when a human failed, he/she put it on others to be responsible for his/her failure” when we the people where fighting with Arabs, the Equatorians who on ran to foreign Countries like East Africa, described the war to be Dinkas Vs Arab war in which the are enjoying now and making noise of call for federalism. this is what Equatorians exactly are doing now! claiming the whole stuff to be issue of Dinka Vs Nuers. Dr. riek is annoyed because he was removed and replaced by wani who is an equatorians guy and several Ministers like,Finance,Security,housing, etc. what else dose this useless mad Paul want? i think you will only be accept the Gov. when yourself appoint as minister, in which it is a dream that will never come true! do you know why you people are not considered by the rest of tribes when it comes to Nation affairs? it is because equatorians only becomes good citizens of this Country when it comes to sharing and food. you are only food lovers and that is all about you. we are favoring you with those positions you are holding.But, in the real sense,no equatorians who is just qualify to security guard in this Country! you can’t just claim equality when you don’t do the same in defending the Nation.
    equatorians will only rule this Country after 500 years come but not now! because nothing qualify you now.
    choice is yours, take up arms and we will finish you all.
    i think Mr. Paul in truth and that is the truth;be content with and choice is yours!

  37. Pac Marial says:

    Dear Toni,

    You have said all correctly. Happy new year

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