The Jieng’s vile plan to ethnically cleanse Equatoria


When a liar is caught in the act, their first reaction is ‘denial.’ They would protest their innocence. If the case is pressed harder they will then begin to crack. At the end lies are always exposed because lying by its very nature has no foundation to sustain itself. Unlike truth which remains constant, solid and unassailable.

President Kiir and his advocates have resorted to denying their evil plan to ethnically cleanse Equatorians because they have been caught red-handed. They are now calling their evil plan ‘assassination rumours.’

But the question is: rumours by whom? If these are rumours, why has the government not come out publicly to dispel the story and set up an Inquiry?

Again if the evil plan to ethnically cleanse Equatorians was an ‘assassination rumour’ why did General Paul Molong Awan, the chief of the army specifically disarm the Equatorian members of the armed forces? Why did General Awan deploy Jieng militia under the cover of SPLA to all the three states of Greater Equatoria? What was the rational? Can somebody tell us please?

If people can learn from the contemporary conflict in the country, the South Sudanese would do well to remember that it was the attempted disarmament of the Nuer on 15th December 2013 that set the prelude to the Nuer ethnic cleansing.

If this was the case, could the act of disarming Equatorians in the armed forces itself be clear evidence that something fishy was afoot? SPLA is repeating the same pattern of behaviour towards the Equatorians now as they did towards the Nuer prior to 15th December 2013. Why this behaviour?

Equatorians should not buy the story of ‘assassination rumours.’ The evidence points to the existence of such a vile plan. Thus, Equatorians must not lower their guard and allow themselves to be taken by surprise in the future.

The Jieng are now reported to be angry because of these ‘assassination rumours.’ In addition, the Jieng leaders are vigorously complaining that they are being provoked by Equatoria’s call for federalism. Surely, something is not right here.

How can Equatoria’s demand for federalism amount to provocation? The Jieng need to explain this most bizarre and irrational assertion.

Why should a political right of the Equatorians enshrined in the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966 amount to provocation?

Part 1, Article 1 of the mentioned instrument grants all peoples including Equatorians the right to organise themselves in the way they like. Why is it a problem to the Jieng? Who are the Jieng to decide on Equatoria’s choice? Why do the Jieng feel free to bully people of other ethnicities?

It is important that all the people of South Sudan realise that we are all equal and nobody including the Jieng is better or above the others.

So, if the Jieng do not like federalism, they simply need to argue their case to win. If they win through argument that would be fair and square, but not to intimidate, bully and kill people as in Maridi in the mistaken believe that they will dissuade people from federalism.

Throwing tantrums like spoilt brats is juvenile and unacceptable.

Equatorians should not back down from their rightful demand for federalism. They are the first people to call for federalism in independent South Sudan in their conference held in Nyakouran in mid April 2011.

Equatorians consistently pioneered federalism in independent South Sudan and it would be a disaster for them not to follow it through regardless of what the Jieng do.

The importance of this is to assert the fact that all South Sudanese are equal and nobody must be allowed to intimidate others. South Sudanese fought to obtain this right from Khartoum. Therefore no South Sudanese must accept this kind of abuse.

This is a principle that people died for and it can not be conceded simply because somebody does not like it for no credible reason or anger.

Appeasing the Jieng will only feed into the stereotype that Equatorians are cowards and slaves, but it would set a precedent which psychologically will always make Equatorians insecure and undetermined.

Further, the Jieng are spreading rumours that Equatorians are preparing to attack and evict them from Equatoria. To back this wild unfounded allegation, General Paul Molong Awan has put the Jieng militia in SPLA uniform on standby supposedly to protect the Jieng.

This is the grandmother of all lies constructed by the Council of Jieng Elders. How could Equatorians attack the Jieng when they have no arms and their sons and daughters in the army are already disarmed.

The reality is that the placement of the Jieng militia on standby was supposed to carry out their vile plan of ethnic cleansing.

Killing other people is something that the Jieng leaders seem to routinely do without any thought of consequences. This is because the system (Dinkocracy) is blatantly Jieng-centred and totally irresponsive to Jieng crimes.

They think if they kill their supposed or perceived enemies their problems will go away. This is a bizarre state of mind.

Rational people always think in terms of cause and effect, this does not seem to be happening in South Sudan. Why is that?

For example, in mid December 2013, the Jieng set out to ethnically cleanse the Nuer without weighing the repercussions that would follow. As a result, the Nuer reacted with a lightening speed which scared the Jieng prompting them to hire UPDF (Uganda People Defence Force) for protection.

Until when will the UPDF be able to protect them? Do you see the irrational and pathological behaviour of President Kiir and his Council of Jieng Elders?

In relation to Equatoria, the Jieng have gotten comfortable with killing them. Dr John Garang using predatory tactics carefully and systematically eliminated prominent Equatorians to the extent that he decapitated the Equatorian body politic psychologically.

For example, early on at the inception of SPLM/SPLA, prominent Equatorians like Joseph Kabulo, Justin Keri etc were brutally murdered. Others like late Colonel Martin Kejivura were basically detained for years without charge and eventually murdered.

Those who joined the SPLM were brainwashed to accept being nobodies. The worst case scenario relates to the current Vice President James Wani Igga.

During Dr Garang’s era, Wani often on seeing Garang would grin widely and start singing Baba ja! Tindikili! Baba Ja! Tindikili inflating the ego of the ‘born to rule.’ Literally, Wani was (competing with Dr Garang’s children for recognition and attention) and this reduced him to the status of a puppet.

Under President Kiir now, Equatoria has a new bunch of grafted leaders to serve the interest of the Jieng. These so called leaders in their private hours are busy serving their masters (supposedly colleagues) with liquor.

One of them has been observed cleaning the shoes of President Kiir when liquor accidently spilled on it. The poor soul quickly jumped up and pulled his own handkerchief and started cleaning his master’s shoes akin to some scenes in slave dramas exhibiting ultimate subjugation. What a disgrace!

With the foregoing, how can the Jieng audaciously claim to be provoked or angered by the Equatorian call for federalism when they have all along been the perpetrators of atrocities and horrendous crimes against Equatorians.

If anybody would be angered it would rightly be the Equatorians as innocent victims of the system. For three decades the Jieng have been killing Equatorians with impunity. If they want to dispute this, let them come forward and the extensive list of their Equatorian victims can be published.

The latest of this Jieng killing spree are the two boys killed in Maridi a couple of weeks ago over the issue of federalism. The question that must be asked is: what gives the Jieng the right to kill others as they want without accountability?

It is therefore disturbing to find that Equatorians exercising their right of self expression in relation to their right to claim for federalism, angers the Council of Jieng Elders.

Why should the Equatorian call for it anger the Jieng? Let the Jieng tell the people of South Sudan why it is not good and not just resort to violence and abuse of power.

The Jieng must also know that the current centralised system of government they dearly love can also work against them when others are in power. Given what is going on, it is highly likely that they will lose power.

When that time comes they will regret their own foolery. With Uganda seriously re-assessing its intervention in South Sudan and with the rebellion gathering pace, the exit door is beckoning to President Kiir and the hopeless so called Council of Jieng Elders.

Whoever accedes to power will undo all that the Jieng are doing now including the dismantlement of the Dootku Beny with its leaders possibly heading to some form of courts to account for their crimes.

Paradoxically, this seems to be what the Jieng are asking for by their continued short sightedness.

Therefore, with or without federalism the Jieng are already losers in South Sudan because their behaviour repels others and coincidentally unites those others against them. The die is cast.

If there is any wisdom in the Jieng community, they should now be apologising to South Sudanese for their horrendous acts and making amends. This is not the time for them to think of committing more crimes as these amounts to grave irresponsibility on part of the Council of Jieng Elders.

Now, if the Council of Jieng Elders consisting of blood thirsty people like Salva Mathok, Albino Akol Akol, Paul Molong Awan, Aldo Ajo…. etc, are bent on implementing their vile plan of ethnic cleansing in Equatoria as evinced by the continuing disarmament of sons and daughters of Equatoria in the armed forces and the ceaseless threats from the likes of Salva Mathok, they need to know in advance that they will be doing Dr Riek Machar a favour.

Under the adage, ‘your enemy’s enemy is your friend’, the Equatorians will not need to be persuaded. They will automatically rebel and make alliance with whoever is out there and this will be the time that the Jieng will truly be brought to account for their crimes of the past three decades.

They must not think that they will get away with the murdering Equatorians if they refuse to accept a system by all for all, which would ensure justice for all as well.

In conclusion, Equatorians should not buy President Kiir’s denial of their vile plan against Equatorians because he and the Council of the Jieng Elders have not sufficiently provided convincing answers.

What they have done is to hide behind a lie and then shift more false blame that they are being provoked and angered. This is nonsense. They are the aggressors and they need to take responsibility for their obnoxious behaviour.

Further, their current actions and demands to silence Equatoria do not help anyone really nor do they assure any peaceful co-existence. Thus, Equatorians need to prepare for all eventualities in this chaotic South Sudan.

Equatorians must not collude with a system that does not help them nor does it help the Jieng or any other groups in South Sudan except the individuals in power.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Ma'digo says:

    Thank you paul.

    • Col. Konybaai says:

      Mr. Paul,
      What a craven act of inciting the innocent by a demagogue in a self-imposed exile! The blood pressure is gnawing you bro. so act while the iron is still red hot and we see who will win. That unfounded hatred of Dinka is to your detriment bro. Besides, you have beyond any reasonable doubt, proved the fact that Equatorians are the most cowardly people by your constant barking at a distance and hauling of abuse shamelessly at a whole ethnic group- the mighty Dinka! You’r quite typical of a nyam nyam.


  2. monychol says:

    El Hag Paul, is that is the overwelming evidence you have discovered? It is still the repetition of your dark minded suspecion born out of ethnic hatred and resentiment against the Great Muonyjang.
    As peyour claims of calling for federalism, there is no federalism the Equatori are calling for but an idiotic idea of turning the country into tribal enclaves.Balkhanized countries such as the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia donot survive and if that is what people like you wants, the government of South Sudan shall be justified to use Maridi style of shooting mad dogs such as El Hag Paul in the street in a broad daylight.Equatorians education is useless and insignificance for South Dudan.It is characterised by gake documents, shallow ideas and actions out of actual malice with habitual complaining.
    No ethnic balkhanisation…….

    • Nikalongo says:


      The wars of the Dinka and Nuer have nothing to do with South Sudan and how it ought to be governed. The two communities are just a bunch of hooligans who have no consideration for the sanctity of human life and values. I understand their deities feeds off blood of young men and they are yet to be satisfied. For that reason alone, the war goes on. Stop fighting their wars. There is no Jieng vile plan in Equatoria. Kiir is a General and I doubt he would be so stupid to create an unnecessary frontline in Equatoria. Rumours are coined by malicious people, spread by haters and believed by idiots. There are no idiots in Equatoria. Your message is nothing more than part of an ongoing charm offensive in Equatoria by enemies of peace and tranquillity in Equatoria. This will fail. Equatoria through their governors and in collaboration with the UPDF will make sure that, that war is kept where it rightly belongs. War mongers and their admirers hiding in peaceful Equatoria and around the capitals of the world can keep their wars in their backyards. Bor, Malakal and Bentui will never be replicated in Yei, Maridi, Torit, Juba or in any other town and settlement in Equatoria. This is a message I have repeatedly made on this page.

      Paul, you have constantly been giving a false impression of a universal acceptance of federalism in Equatoria. Federalism and the current system is a political issue that will be decided by the people in a peaceful and democratic manner not by threats of violence and insults. No body should be harassed for supporting this or that system. Wani Igga and Clement Wani are in different camps but have no plans of chasing each other around with sticks. The trigger happy soldier in Maridi committed a crime and must be arrested and prosecuted. Apart from falsely attributing an overwhelming support for federalism you have never bothered to tell us how federalism will build roads, hospitals, stop Dinka and Nuer stealing public money and killing each other, insure justice and security, etc. There is no guarantee that the mismanagement and insecurity of today will not simply be moved over from the centre to the federal states. Why is it so difficult to see that it is the people not the system that is failing.

      Paul, in politics, there are no cowards. Contrary to what you think, you are actually emboldening the Dinka into thinking that they are what they think they are because they are smart, brave, colonisers and all these other adjectives idots like Monychol, Chol Mading, Issac Dongrin and Gathkouth uses to describe people in Equatoria. Dinka and Nuer like to be in Equatoria for the same reason our Diaspora community are not coming home from the West. Who does not like to be in a nice place? In Nuer and Dinkaland, Equatoria is heaven. But in politics, nothing last forever or Beshir would still be here. Even Kiir is already envisioning a time when he and Riak will be testifying in the real court of law about who was more corrupt. That time will come Paul. In the meantime, let us stop calling for violence as a means to bringing about that time. Insulting Wani Igga or any other official in Equatoria is of no use. Beside being theatrical, Igga like Lado Gore have no hand in the Dinka-Nuer War. We will maintain peace for our people and continue doing what we know best: developing Equatoria for ourselves and for the generations to come. You remember the bangara party? There is one this weekend in Ezo.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Nikalongo:

        The “no go zone” has now turned into go to zone. You have been deceiving yourself for so long and I hope you are now coming back to your senses.

        Since you have been sleeping for the whole time Salva Kiir and Museveni were exchanging their vows, now is time for you to wake up from slumber. Museveni is husband to Salva Kiir not to you. He (Museveni) is in South Sudan to protect his first lady. He is not in South Sudan to protect MY PEOPLE of Equatoria region, which gave you the impression to think that he was there in Juba just for that and to stop the Dinka and the Nuer from entering Equatoria. You are very wrong my friend.

        My Dinka people are in Equatoria, they have disarmed your people with no fuss. Murdered some and it will continue like that. Thinking that Equatoria is a “no go zone” is misplaced. People of Equatoria are being killed one by one, what did Museveni do or going to do about it? Nothing that I know of!

        Yes, the Nuer and the Dinka can’t stand each other. We fight; we kill each other, and so on. This is how South Sudan was obtained. It was through fighting and not through begging Omar El Bashir. When there is no peace, we do not pretend that there is one while nothing exists. If we are heading in the wrong direction, we do not just follow the flow, we question were we are going to. This is what led to 1991 split and to December 15th of Nuer massacre. It is because we question and says no to what doesn’t make sense. The Nuers are best known for this. Even the superpower like British, we questioned them when they were trying to invade us and we fought them just like we are doing to Salva Kiir and his husband (Museveni). Please do not be fooled. Make proper use of your God given brain. Have an independent mind. Do not be like Salva Kiir who depends on Museveni.

        Freedom will not come through begging Salva Kiir. He will never give it to you as far as I know. You will have to fight for it if you to be free. If you want to remain in bondage, it is your choice.

        • Nikalongo says:

          Unknowingly, writing about this husband and wife thing between Kiir and Museveni actually exposes u to more ridicule than it does to Kiir. Homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in Uganda. I am not a Museveni admirer but containing that senseless war outside Equatoria at a time when Equatoria is not in position to defend her borders make sense to all Equatorians. I understand it is customary for Dinka and Nuer to call others names just because they think and act differently from them. If Kiir is married to Museveni, to whom is Riak married to? What about Paul Malong and Peter Gadet? Are they also married Gatwhatever? With attitudes like yours across the board, more Nuer and Dinka youths are likely to meet their deities sooner than expected.

          Gatchartwearbol, Nuer and their Dinka cousins deserve to live and die in peace. There is no reason whatsoever why they should be fighting each other. They (Nuer and Dinka) dominated the Army, the civil service and the loot. What else did they not have? Do you know what Equatorians would have done had they had the resources that your people looted? Gatcharwearbol. while it is possible to disarm people in Equatoria, it impossible to win minds and hearts in Equatoria. Both Kiir and Riak are realising this to their bitter disappointments. Wani and Gore have not helped the warlords gain followers in Equatoria. Blind following of Leaders and Generals is largely absent in Equatoria. People here are more principled in their thinking and deeds. A private disagreement, for example, between Governor Lobong and Jerome over a bottle of whisky will not attract attention from their communities much less loss of life. There will be Equatorians in government and the rebel movements but that will not influence the way people in general think about Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak.

          I unlike Paul does not accept the false notion that we in Equatoria are dominated. We are not. Time will come when those chest trumping and looting the nation clean, will be arrested and prosecuted. Yes! We will fight for freedom but we will not do that by sweeping South Sudan clean of Nuer and Dinka. This is not to say that we will not defend ourselves. For the moment, Equatoria would like to live by example by showing the marauding Nuer and Dinka that peaceful coexistence is possible. Once more Gatcharwearbol, keep your wars to your backyards. It is not about South Sudan. It is about the Egos of the Nuer and Dinka communities. All of u are good fighters. Isn`t it?

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear Nikalongo:

            Political marriage is completely different from the customary marriage. When a man is marriage to a woman, this is customary marriage. Museveni and Kiir are politically husband and wife. Because Kiir is the weakest, he politically represents the wife, which, in normal marriage wife is the weak one with man being the hand of the family. This is the figurative meaning of what I meant when I said Museveni is husband to Kiir. You have taken it differently which you should because your thinking fit well with it.

            When it comes to the case of homosexuality, I totally agree with you and Museveni. It is despicable and shouldn’t be promulgated into law in our continent. I unreservedly applaud Museveni for rejecting homosexuality practices in Uganda despite the pressure direct to him by USA. As you know, it is not in our South Sudanese culture, at least in Nuer tradition which I know like the palm of my hands.

            In my previous post, what I was trying to drive home is that Museveni isn’t in South Sudan to protect Equatorians. He intervened to prevent the falling of the dictator in the person of Kiir. Your misconception that UPDF presents in Juba is to protect is what I was trying to erase from your misleading mind.

            Change does not come from everybody, it comes from one person and it spreads to the rest. For South Sudan to change from this chaotic state to a better one, someone within us must rise up to champion that change. This is what Dr. Machar is doing and in the process, the Nuer became victims by virtues of hailing from this tribe which Dr. Machar belongs. Their mass murdered which led to rebellion isn’t through their own fault. God be with you and I hope you are learning from what is transpiring in your backyard. Watch your back whether you are taking shower, defecating, or in tea places sipping your tea. Museveni isn’t making you safe; you vulnerable. As my last advice, if you want peace, prepare for war.

          • Nikalongo says:


            Do u know why Dinka and Nuer die to live in Equatoria? A Bakumba in Zandeland and an Akapolon in Rwoto go around their businesses with nothing to fear. Their only concern is producing enough because of the unpredictable rainfalls. They sip the tea u are talking about without having to look to see where a killer bullet from a murderous hooligan will come from. It is hard to imagine Gatcharwearbol, that we are actually living in the same country. The fact is, you do not need the knowledge of a witch-doctor to create a peaceful and tranquil environment. We will preserve our peace and our ways of life and politicking. Nikalongo and Paul disagree on issues here on SSN. He (Paul) will not become my enemy because of that. Insisting that Equatoria is vulnerable is part of the ongoing charm offensive by jealous enemies of peace meant to instill fear, chaos and insecurity in Equatoria. We will not allow that to happen. Dinka and Nuer know where to find each other. Keep your senseless wars to yourselves.

            There is also this nonsense talk of liberating others. That is a joke. If anything, the Dinka and Nuer communities were the sources of unnecessary death and sufferings on the people of South Sudan. Their unstoppable egos not only prolonged the war but caused thousands of life and displaced hundreds more. In reality over 50 % of combatants (Dinka and Nuer) killed during the war of liberation were victims of inter-communal violence. Truth be told, Equatoria and most villages in Jongolei and Upper Nile was emptied not by Arabs but by the unnecessary insecurity created by the rivalry between the Nuer and Dinka. It took a lot of time and effort by non Dinka and Nuer South Sudanese and others to make peace between the two.

            Gatcharwearbol, that is exactly where we are today again, trying to bring murderous Dinka and Nuer to the peacetable. Our people need peace and need it now. Dinka and Nuer have made peace before. Why not today? Telling me and Equatoria that “if we want peace we must prepare for war” is ridiculous. We must defend peace by preventing war. Take it from me, those threatening peace (Riak, Kiir and their followers) and violating the right to life will be prosecuted one day. In politics, unlike the cycle of violence between the Nuer and Dinka, nothing lasts forever. Milosevic (died in prison in the Hague), Charles Taylor (in prison), Augustin Pinochet (died a fugitive and saved by old age), Rodavan Karadic (in prison)…etc were all fished out from hibernation to answer charges in the courts whose proceedings they once thought to be insignificant.

        • deng hanbolwa says:

          Dear CatChwearbol, please be careful brother with that AWEIL Mapifa. The so called Nikalongo is not really an equatoria man- He’s a Jaang who is just pretending.

          • Marial Mabor Turic says:

            Dear deng hanbolwa and Catchwearbol,

            Don’t be scared, Nikalongo is a peace loving south Sudanese from Equatoria as he put it. Do you think that Equatorian are easily going people like you Nuers? They are reasonable and that’s why most of them are now inseparable with wise majority Dinkas. Don’t be tremble, am enjoying the conversation you are doing with this particular mighty Equatorian. My wonder is, for how long are going to keep hating Dinkas in south sudan? Am afraid, peace and coexistence is the only way forward. Riak will never and ever rule in South Sudan, perhaps after thousands of generation from Dinka have ruled. we know that Riak is the only capable person among thousands of Nuers who is claiming to rule the country. forget it, you are wasting your time and energy in supporting an animal like him.

      • Dear Editor, you seems to develop high blood pressure when Agumut respond or makes a commend to Elhag paul, Joana Adam and Jacob K Lupai. it is rather weird that you often take side by replying on behalf of them as if they don’t know how to do it.

        To respond to Elhag article, I would like to remind him that war is destructive and brings no benefit to anybody either Equatorians, Dinka or any other tribes in south sudan. from your writings, it seems you never ever experienced the direct consequences of war since you have been writing from abroad. beating the drum of war and your incitement of Equatorians to pick up arms against the Government sound naïve and stupid because if you can take example from the current war created by Riak machar in pursuit of his ambition, how many of our citizens have crossed borders to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and sudan. how many have lost their lives and properties regardless of being a Dinka or Nuer or shulluk etc. you have seen in the media have the little infrastructures have been destroyed (hospitals, schools, houses etc. so brother go on with your incitement and crusade for violent but keep in mind what I have mentioned above. remember all south Sudanese all over south sudan inntheir villages or towns their living standards are the same. a poor dinka in jonglei or lake state or warrap is not any better than a poor bari, kakwa or zande in G. equatorial.

        God bless you


    • Mr. Monychol. Thank you for your comments. You have made some remerks, among them are the killing in Meridi, and the disgusted insults on Equatoria ediucation. First, you have admitted publicly that murder of the innocent of un armed citizens in Meridi was a deliberate act, intended primarily to rid all those who would like to excersise their rights to freedom of speech. My friend, if this what your people are pursuing, then know for sure that it will be you to lose. Kill as many as you can, like what you did and still doing to the Nuer. The price will be very costly. It’s because you’r blindfolded by unrealistic ego, your sphere of view is very narrow.
      Secondly, to label the education of Equatoria as useless is broad day exposure of your ignorance. There is nothing called “education of Equatorians”. If you mean those Equatorians who are educated, then you shot yourself on the leg. Just give me one Equatorian who has studied Law and compare him/her to Michael Lueth. Can we call the education of Jenge as useless?. What kind of uselessness do yu mean? Physician heal yourself.

    • Monychol,
      Be immotionally inteligent? Why allow elhag to move you? He is telling the truth, what you need to do is verify whether is true or not.

  3. Chol Mading says:

    Really! “Ethically cleanse Equatoria”! “Assassination Rumors”! You’re way over your head with those phrases. Look, you’re doing nothing less than pushing your own people into the mass graves and bury them alive! Only the short-sighted as you’re will be persuaded by you; but the rational equatorians will never buy into “your empty-suit intellect” because they know the consequences of your rant.

    Do have any idea that Upper Nile regions in South Sudan aren’t a foreign land and therefore if SPLA deploys troops over there that it shouldn’t be taken as a regional violation? And the same application applies to Equatoria and Bahr El. Gazelle regions! Equatoria, Bahr El. Gazelle and Upper Nile aren’t foreign regions but South Sudan and if SPLA deploys its troops in any of those regions; any rational person wouldn’t take any offense to it; if they have any brains! There you have it; someone told you the reason; now did you have it in your thick skull?

    I fundamentally agree with you that we are all equal and no one should be mistreated because of his or her ethnicity or the regions he or she might have come from. On the other hand; you people seem to talk on both side of either your brains or mouths because you can’t say we don’t need Dinka in the land you didn’t liberate and the same time saying we are all equal and why are Dinka mistreating, disarming and killing us? You can’t take it both ways!

    • Chol Mading. Wake up. Who is pushing their people to mass graves? Do mean you are a murderer. If you are a Christian, reflect on what Jesus Christ said to Peter when he slashed off the servant’s ear. To remind you of this Divine saying” those who kill by the sword, by the sword they will be killed”
      Remember and remind yourself and those of your kind about it.

  4. wanilosake says:

    You are an enemy combatant E Paul Omer El Beshir
    How can equatorians be cleans by Dinka? who are a liar and you will never succeed in all your vanile
    I believed you have tried to create troboul but did nt succeeded eccept you mange to have thausands got killed in Dec 15 it was your work but the thinkers couldnt detect this killings you created you should be made responsible rather than Kiir or Macher

  5. Job says:

    Anyone with a bastardized name such as ”Elhag Paul” has no right talk about South Sudan, let alone about Muonyjangdit!
    When did this Congolese Monkey eater realized he is South Sudanese? Please go away stupid midget. Thank you!

    • Job,

      You are out of normal reasoning. Monkey can jump on a computer for two days without producing any reasonerable word.
      So allow El Hag to tell the truth and defend yourselve. Or Are you confirming to our brothers in Equatoria the Born to Rule Idea? Another is “A Dinka can go to London and Comes Back A Dinka” It took me 20 Years to remove Dinkaism from my Mind. In My school days I acted like “Muonyjang” until Head Master had to befriend me and tell me million advices on how to welcome other peoples Ideas. I am a Dinka like you but, I told Head teacher in Yei to dismiss a school pupil who came in class with pistal because he was asked to put on a uniform! See this was I to say yes?
      So allow Elhag Paul to say his mind unless you want to say Dinkas are clean and no need to change.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Brother Elhag:

    Some days back u predicted spread of war n violence in equatoria in ur exchanges with monsieur Nikalonko.But in a certain way,I thought it was a joke.But reading ur article,ur tearful narration of the acts of mistreatment of the equatorians,from the days of john garang to these days of the current president,I am convinced that,what would b the best for the equatorians,pricesly say:according to you will b achieved only by violence.No other alternative could b seen possible.

    Me personally,in my great sense of human humility,I beg for God’s mercy.In my life time,I have witnessed the horrifying television images of the Rwandan genocites.Not to mention those of the eastern DRC.But what is happening at home allready with it’s gravity,we all know verey well.The dead being too many,fed upon by the voltures.The dire conditions of those in the UNMISS camps:I had allways thought that we witnessed the worst that could happen to our country n the society n that it was a matter of time,oppertunity n correct mobilisation from all of us to put it to an end n b able to bring a lasting peace.And why not finish with the present regime,replacing it with an acceptable one.This would permit us to formulate whatever a system of governance of which what would b the most probable out come is federalism.To this direction,I judged that things had allready gone very fast n that it was a matter of time before bringing it to a formality without further bloodshed.That was the illusion I had before reading ur article.

    I am a pure worker shouldering heavy professional responsabilities.Leading the team,success n failure depend on my management capacity.Even those behind me dare to follow exactly what I do but stop themselves at point blank if I ever take a minute’s break.I want to tell u that I am too occupied n have no so much free time.But I still force myself to read articles n comments in this forum including those of urs.My question is,do u read comments from readers reacting to articles?if u do,is everyone in favor of the present regime,it’s leadership n all what it represents?are the equatorians the only victims affected by everything that has gone wrong in south sudan,say from the era of John Garang to the era of the present government?

    The many few comments that I have ever made in this forum bear the clear intention of representing my personal position n that of my fellow friends who r allso confirmed professionals.That is that at a national level,we r not tribalist but simply south sudanese citizens.That by thesame context,we r not regionalists,but nationalists of which u could call republicans.That in principle,our tribe is our society of the 64 tribes.That this society is the single entity composed of the smallest to the largest tribe.That it is our obligation to fight to produce proper principles of justice n equality that will compel everyone in this entity into accepting to live in unity n in harmony.That in the context of republicanism,our country shall b one n indivisible.That finding ourselves united in this vast n rich country,we will have the most conducive conditions that would facilitate for us fast development of our economic n human resources.These principles r our heartfelt principles.We will hold n keep them firmly as causes of our struggle for better as for worst.Forever.

    We r among those who have come a very long way with life to b able to b here today.Our mental n thinking capacity is influenced by nature n by rare few lessons we have learned from so many social n political actors throughout the world n the methods they used to bring changes to disadvantaging conditions affecting certain groups within their societies.Violence as in the russians voltchivic revolution under chairman lenin could b a method of solution.But giving the heavy human cost,we reject it.Yet we can only appreciate it’s context for being a national movement.Among many others,our attention is captured by the ANC struggle under Nelson Mandela against aparathied in south Africa.But we ask ourselves every moment,r there really true leaders among us?the answer is allways no.But being rational human beings,we find ourselves under obligation to pretend to try to move forward with the list risk taking methods that could b possible.This is where we have chosen pacific resistance as in the ways of the ANC in south Africa.This is the origin of our attitude that u find in our comments denouncing tribalism,violence n all acts of injustice among others.We could feel obliged to modify it in the future.But that will be determined by the needs when this pacific stand should have been tried n found failing.

    The issue of federalism in our country sir:being the demand of the equatorians at the begining,in view that the rebels have accepted it in principle by submetting a proposal of 21 federal states n that the jieng community elders having not rejected it in proposing a federal south sudan of 23 states,r u well informed with regards to these developments?In fact our judgment is such that everyone is on board now n that it is a matter of time before formally having a federal republic of south sudan.But at this precise point,we find it most difficult to understand u.If the federalism that is the equatorians demand is thesame federalism that we judge to b achieved soon without violence,what is exactly the cause of the violence u r advocating in ur article?If u really mean violence for the sake of violence,then thank u sir.We part from here.U r free to incite n good luck.But remember never to forget that,after the destruction,U will still come to the negotiation table to seek peace.But that is exactly why we believe that we should work togather to build a national front.Nothing can ever prove that we would not b a force to achive victory without sacrficing human lives.

    • Bol says:

      Dear False Millionaire,
      What a very diplomatic way of telling the sick that they need some medical help.

    • Ww says:

      Mr. False Millionaire,

      You got my Vote for President some day bro, no matter what tribe you maybe. This is the thinking we need in our country that “Nothing can ever prove that we would not be a force to achieve victory without sacrificing human lives”. We want peace and never war. I, for one, will never support, in South Sudan, or anywhere for that matter, any oppressor of our people whether they be Bari, Latuka, Dinka, Nuer or any of our tribes. Quiet frankly, our politicians have failed us miserably. None of have succeed. it is our collective responsibility to change the course for the betterment and advancement of our beloved country of which all the tribes of South Sudan have so dearly paid for. WE CAN DEBATE DAY AND NIGHT, DISAGREE WITH EACH ALL DAY LONG BUT WE SHOULD NEVER RESORT TO VIOLENCE OF A MEANS TO SOLVE OUR DIFFERENCES.

  7. Mr.kuol says:

    Good points Mr. Paul. You always tell the truth. What jieng are doing now may haunt them one day. You can not do the evil thing in the name of the government for your personal interest or your tribe interest and presume that it does not affect you in the future. Right now ,Jieng council should start thinking about the future of jieng in the republic of south Sudan as a whole and not as about individual interest. There are poor jieng outside there who do not know the games that is played by those criminal gangs and may fall victim of those idiot criminal gangs if things turn around.

  8. Isaac Dongrin wen De Malith raandit says:

    Elhaji Paul you can write whatever you have, but remember you are a salve. Slaves have not right to decide how they should be treated. You are under occupation, you are 100% colonised. What is left in Equatoria Elhaji Paul? You called are Jieng, no problems but we are your masters. You are lucky that you can still write such things. Its because Kirr is not experts. If Dr. John Garang was a life by now there is no Equatoria. What you called your Equatoria is our Dinkatoria. Our language is widely spoken across the Country and very soon you will begin writing this language with pens. When it comes to complains. Its your weakness, you accepted colonisation yourself. Singing songs praising Dr. John Garang and our heroes as our civil society match and resettled in Dinkatoria. This is realities you cannot deny Elhaji Paul.
    We colonised you and our mission in Equatoria well planned. We used the weaker tribes for our own interests to settle in our colonies and crashed the stubborn tribes in pieces. You are lucky that Kirr is weak. Equatorians holding positions in the government is mistake. Disarming Equatorians is not a problem since it is not right for slaves to carry guns.
    A letter from Kirr to the President of Uganda not to repatriate some Equatorians tribes is a mistake. The Acholi, Kuku, Kakwa, Madi, Bari and the rest of Equatorians invaded South Sudan from Uganda. That is where they belong, therefore, not necessarily asking them not to be repatriated. If Uganda doesn’t want them, they automatically become landless like Palestinians.
    For Bari tribe, the Popular Moses Ali in Uganda Parliament is Bari, remaining Bari in Juba can join them in Uganda. When it comes to ethnic cleansing nothing is wrong with it. If Equatoria failed to learnt from the lesson to Nuer, its ok to give them their own lesion. A lesion they will never forget. The truth about Equatorians is that: they are not humans, subjecting them any sorts of treatment is not a problem at all. Dr. John Garang led us very well, as our young generations are preparing to take the lead, Kirr regime will continue to promote our ideas until further notice. If the capital is to be move from Juba Elhaji, no problem. Our mission in Juba is done, we became the dominate tribe and from every corners of Juba, people speak Dinka. Elhaji Paul you are a looser, tack you tail and run or remain our slaves. We are the Masters you Elhaji Paul and the all Equatorians are slaves. You are serving us in what you call your residences. You are lucky that our ways does not allow taking you to be enslaves in our Dinka land that is why you must serve us within.
    Isaac Dongrin wen De Malith raandit
    Rochester, Minnesota USA

    • Loguca says:

      Soon or later Jienge kingdom will end. This is the beginning of the end. There shall be no Jienge leadership in South Sudan for ever, for people now know who you are. South Sudan will soon burn into flames and we will see where Dinkas will go.

      • MAJONGDIT says:

        In your dream

        • GadMakur says:

          Dear Brothers, Intensifying the media war does augur well well with us given the nature of country. it is a country marred by tribal sentiments as being advocated by those of Elhag Paul. that great intellectuality only appears tribal instead to shape the nation’s politics and development. It is a great lost. Mr. Elhag, inciting rebellion is not a healthy project. You write a project proposal for agricultural extension to help increase food security instead of creating insecurity for the people of Equatoria States
          Stop the media, you only endangering the people of equatoria who fought for the independence of this country.

          GadMakur, Juba

    • John Samuel says:

      It is good you are in the US. This kind of writings is evident enough to land you in ICC. Go on babe, go on writing. We are recording.
      I know you very well when you used to be a secretary of a Bishop when you were in Daystar pretending to be a God fearing person, moreover you are a son of a devil from Cuibet. Go on babe, go on writing. I know when and how to catch your tail.

    • Taban Mawa says:

      Isaac Dongrin wen De Malith raandit,

      All your writing shows a man uncivilised and unworthy living in the land of the free. Mate, I feel sorry for you with the fact that you live in the US.

      What political lesson have you learned since arriving into the US? How did you you even reached to the US with such mental state of mind mate?. Your sick and should be in rehabilitation centre not roaming the streets of Rochester.

      A human who values life and understand how politics is played won’t write such a response to any article leave alone the one you comment on. When will some of you Dinkas learn to be in the 21 century? I have know some very nice and articulate Dinkas including my ex-girl friend are living in the modern World and reasoning with their brains not mouth like you mate.

      You need serious soul searching to be call human, till then, keep your oppinions to youself rather than disgracing yourself online here.

      I feel sorry and terrible for your parents for having an ignorant son like you mate. RIP

    • John Kijana says:

      Isaac Dongrin

      That jienge would ever have colonies in Equatoria defies any common sense. A people without civilization, primitive whose brains are only comparable to those of monkeys can surely not be good enough to give any colonized people any degree of cultural uplifting. The jienge have to first be civilized learn to read and write, learn manners then can they be counted among the civilized people. Equatorians have to treat the jienges like kids who are irrational and unpredictable. Their large numbers have no added value to Equatoria. intellectually, mentally and culturally. rather their presence has led to increased foolishness and idiocy in S. Sudan

    • Eli says:

      Isaac Dongrin,
      Blah, blah, blah, keep on bitching and whinning and stay in Minnesota until you die. Your plans and mission to Equatoria ended with the death of John Garang, he is now burning in hell. You are a slave to whites in USA, nowhere shall you find peace because you are evil, and your destination is HELL. You forget about South Sudan and stay in exile forever.

  9. Mark Pal says:

    Well said Elhai Paul, Great to educate the masses.

  10. deng hanbol says:

    Dear paul, many thanks brother for the disclosure of the Dika mafia. The so called Council of Jieng are just a council of mafia. There mere intention is to hire foreign troops to kill Nuer so that their population will decrease. The Dinkocracy also want to the people of Equatoria and occupying their ancestral land. Jieng policies in the South Sudan is to build up Dinka empire in our country. What are the objectives that lay behind Dinkoracy policies in South Sudan? And why the Jaang scare easily of Nath? if we really dig deeply , they likely stem from a humiliation inflicted on them by the Naath warrior during 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries ( Nuer conquest). And also I quoted from Evans-Pritchard:

    Fighting, like cattle husbandry, is one of the chief activities and dominant interests
    of all Nuer men, and raiding Dinka for cattle is one of their principle pastimes. Indeed
    jaang, Dinka is some time used to refer to any tribe whom the Nuer habitually raid
    and from whom they take captives. Boys look forward to the day when they will be able
    to accompany their elders on these raids against the Dinka, and as soon as youths have
    been initiated into manhood they begin to plan an attack to enrich themselves and to
    establish their reputation as warriors. Every Nuer tribe raided Dinka every two or three
    years, and some part of Dinkaland must have been raided annually. Nuer have a proper
    contempt for Dinka and are derisive of their fighting qualities, saying that they show as
    little skill as courage. Kur jaang, fighting with Dinka, is considered so trifling a test of
    valour that it is not thought necessary to bear shields on a raid or to pay and regard to
    adverse odds, and is contrasted with the dangers of kur Nath, fighting between Nuer
    themselves. These boasts are justified both in the unflinching bravery of the Nuer and
    by their military success.

    The earliest travellers record that Nuer held both banks of the Nile but it is probable
    that the entire Zeraf Island was at one time occupied by Dinka and it is certain that
    the whole of the country from the Zeraf to the Pibor and, to the north of the Sobat,
    from the confines of Shillukland to the Ethiopian scarp was, with the exception of
    of riverain settlements of Anuak, still in their hands as late as the middle of last
    century, when it was seized by the Nuer in two lines of expansion, to the north
    of the Sobat and to the south of it. This is known from the statements of both
    Nuer and Dinka, the evidence of genealogies and age-sets, and the records
    of travellers, frequently refer to the struggle between the two peoples, the
    dominant position of the Nuer among their neighbours the awe they
    inspired in them, and their bravery and chivalry. The conquest, which
    seems to have resulted in absorption and miscegenation rather than
    extermination, was so rapid and successful that the whole of this vast
    area is to-day occupied by Nuer, except for a few pockets of Dinka
    on the Sobat,Filus,and Atar. Apart from these independent units
    there are many local communities in Eastern Nuerland of Nuer who
    acknowledge that they are of Dinka decent, and small lineages of
    Dinka origin are found in every village and camp. Some Dinka tribes
    took refuge with compatriots to the south, where the Gaawar and Lou
    continued to raid them. The Western Nuer likewise persistently raided
    all the Dinka tribes that border them, particularly those to the south and
    west, obtained a moral ascendency over them, and compelled them to
    withdraw father and father from their boundaries. To the west of the Nile,
    as to the east, Dinka captives were assimilated, and there are many
    small lineages of Dinka descent in every tribe and these are often
    preponderant in local communities. Of all the Dinka only the Ngok, to
    the south of the Sobat, were left in peace, probably of account of their
    poverty of stock and grazing, though their immunity has a mythological
    sanction. It seems also that the Atwot were not considered such
    legitimate prey as the Dinka on account of their Nuer origin, and it is
    probable that they were seldom molested as they are remotely situated.
    … The favourite season for raiding Dinka was at the end of the rains,
    though they were aksi invaded at their commencement. Leek
    tribesmen told me that when they raided Dinka to the southwest
    they used to sleep the first night in the bush. They took no food with
    them and ate only what fish they might hastily spear on the way,
    travelling with all speed throughout the day and part of the night.
    On the third day they attacked the Dinka villages or camps at dawn.
    The Dinka seldom put up any resistance, but loosened their cattle
    and tried to drive them away. No one seized cattle till the enemy
    had been dispersed. Then each took what prizes he could, often
    not troubling to tether his captures but slashing their rumps in sign
    of ownership. Afterwards the beasts were tied up in the enemy’s
    kraal, the oxen being mainly slaughtered for food. If the Dinka
    gathered reinforcements and returned to fight they were met in
    full battle formation. Nuer fight in three divisions with two or three
    yards between each. and if one division is engaged the others
    advance or retreat parallel to it according to the fortunes of war.
    A party of scouts are in advance of the central division and they
    change up to the enemy, hurl their spears at them, and fall back
    on the main body. (The Nuer pages 126, 127, and 128) said
    Evan Pritchard

    The Nuer
    A Description of the modes of livelihood and political
    institutions of a Nilotic People
    By E.E Evans Pritchard
    M.A (Oxon), PH.D. (London)
    Research lecturer in African
    Sociology at the
    University of Oxford
    Sometime Professor of Sociology
    at the Egyptian University, Cairo
    Oxford University Press
    New York and Oxford

    • Bol says:

      Dear Deng,
      Lets take your reference at its face value as true, and move on to contemporary RSS. Who is at the loosing end ? The “Paper Tiger” White Army is out of sight, No more troubles in Bentiu, Malakal, and Mading BOR. Soon enogh, the way out is either Ethiopian refugees camp, UIMISS, or peace deal where Nath would forget for ever the myth of military glory. Good luck with HISTORY.

      • deng hanbol says:

        Dear cousin Bol, the Naath people are aware that the Jaang are trying to reverse the history, but in the long run they will fail. In fact, the whole world know that the war in south Sudan is between the Nuer warrior on one hand and the foreigners troops or mercenaries on the other. Therefore, I don’t want to waste my time to argue with you. The white army under our hero tiger Gen. Gatwech Dual is fighting the Ugandan troops in the city of Ngundeng Bor. While in Bentiu, the Nuer Gen. Lion Peter Gatdet is fighting the Darfuran, Nuban and the East African fortuitous soldiers. In Malakal, Gen. Gabriel Taang and Gen. Gat Hoth Gatkuoth are the one who confront the SPLA/ N from the Blue. The Jaang knew that it will be a suicide for them to have a direct confrontation with Nath Warrior. By the way, you should know that the war of attrition against Jaang and their mercenaries is just starting. Dear Bol, let me ask you a simple question, why the Jiengs are always frighten of Nuer warriors? Have you no shame?. The Nuer will always,called you a coward because you wouldn’t.

        • Bol says:

          Dear Deng,
          Thanks for acknowledging that fact that we are cousins, but does cousins behave to each other the way we do ? the reference you just cited from, stated the aggression is well documented, admitted by you long time ago and still repeated time again. You are a little brother who always abuse the elder, when the elder punished him, the younger run away crying and calming victimization. the internal fight between SPLA and Any Any 2 was political, you turn it into tribal by killing thousands of un-armed Bhar el Ghazal recruits who were on their way to training grounds in 1984/1985. the result is well known to Nuer survivors. Same happen in 1991 /1992 and it happened in 2013. we all know who started the fight in Tiger battalion, and how it ends in Juba. We can also predict how the final game is going to be, based on the events of the last 30 years. Cousin Bol, civilization change minds and hards of people.Years ago my people use to killing themselves in hundreds, the last battle was abouth 32 years ago where more than 200 people were killed. Lets make this killing to be last between us. Fueling this fight by empty rhetoric of military glory will not help any body. Yes the government has killed or fail to protect Nuer civilians in Juba which is a crime not condole by any sane person, on the other hand, what you guys did in your controlled areas is not less evil or justifiable either. who ever did the killing either side is to be treated as criminal. that is the way forward, not citing from one-sided historian, whose finding are not or are no longer supported by facts on the ground.

    • MAJONGDIT says:

      I read that book by Evans Pritchard. It is shallow and very bias.
      Nuer have never fought Dinka as an entity. There has been no single time in history in which the Nuer and Dinka fought an all-out war. In Upper Nile the Nuer is majority and followed by the Dinka. Lou Nuer for instance is bigger than Bor and Murle. So, if Lou Nuer fights Bor Dinka then it should be thought as Nuer-Dinka fight. More than half the clans of Dinka have dodged a single spear from a Nuer man.

      I am of an opinion that the Nuer and the Dinka need to be in peace. The Nuer and the Dinka are brothers and sisters.

      There is no need for rivalry in the politics of Riek Machar and Salva Kiir. There is nothing much Dinkas are getting from Kiir’s presidency and Riek’s presidency cannot give everything to all Nuer.

      Peace be with you!

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        Thank you for coming back to your senses. There is no problem between Nuer and Dinka, Salva Kiir is our problem and it is for all South Sudanese. The killing of Nuer in Juba is because we are the only able body that can question any stupidity no matter how powerful or well equipped you are. This is Nuer nature. And it will continue like that. In every generation, we have someone who speak his mind and not controlled by outside forces like Salva Kiir. Samule Gai Tut, Both Diu, Kuany Latjor, and Dr. Riek Machar Teny just to mention but few.

        Salva Kiir will leave one way or another lest we Nuer are finish and we will never be finished by anybody.

      • Majongdit,

        Are you in Seminary? Thank you for writing this piece of comment with “Nhialic” in heart. Monychol, has been the only Dinka that has word of Unity in his mouth.

  11. Loguca says:

    Action speak louder than words. Equatorians must understand that the rotten regime of Jienge never listen to what people say. Because they are in drivers seat, they don’t value any body’s life any more, therefore the only thing we must do is to pick up arms and let South Sudan burn in flames and drive this people away

    • John Samuel says:

      Clement Wani told them the naked truth, that the Dinka said after finishing with the Nuer they will turn on the Equatorians. We are waiting for them! why are they not starting? They are saying they have already done with the Nuer, so let them start with the Equatorians. We are not scared with any body on this planet. The truth is when they start, no peace talks, no cease fire and not any agreement. Lets finish ourselves so that the Arabs can come and occupy this country. If that is what the Dinkas wanted. Period.

      • John Machar says:

        John Samuel

        Words only are not the same as action; this is like saying “tomorrow I will be a millionaire”! but tomorrow; do you think you can be a millionaire in reality? No; not a chance! If you didn’t show Dinka that toughness during liberation by fighting Arabs in the same way Dinka did; what make you think you can convince anyone that you’re tough or brave to take on Dinka? Just keep your tough talk and empty threats with Clement Wani sitting on the chairs and not in bush fighting Dinka in Gruella-war.

        Dinka are reasonable; they are not out there to kill anyone unless you’re directly bothering them. Take some lessons from Nuer. The Nuer though they were brave and fearless take on Dinka last year; guess what happened and where they are now! So if you think you’re going to poke the lion in the eyes and expect the lion to standby and do nothing then you’re terribly mistaken; if you’re wise enough then don’t try it!

        • John Samuel says:

          John Machar,
          I do not know whether you were in the SPLA or the so called the lost boys who ran away to America and claimed that they are lost. If you are one, then you are ignorant about the war of the liberation and I need not to lecture to you how the Equatorians rescued the dying SPLA/M in the 90s.
          As for the current war, you know what happened, who are the people fighting and why the fighting started in the first place. FYI, It is the petro dollars fighting not the coward Dinkas who are now all over in Kakuma, peaceful Equatoria and Adjumani in Uganda, pretending to be refugees after receiving a thorough beating by the Nuer.
          The truth on the ground is that it is now the Ugandans, SPLA North, JEM and the Murle who are fighting the war. The Dinkas ran to Uganda with their tails coiled between their white buttocks. If you think that you are not provocative and primitive killers, who killed the Nuer in Juba and why are you now arming your self in Juba just because of proposal of Federation of South Sudan? Is this bothering the Monjang to warrant them to plan genocide in Equatoria? I do not think reasonable people can behalf this way? This is typically the behavior of the 18th Century African warlike and primitive, naked and cattle mentality people who still need to be handled like babies.. It is unfortunate that now they are entrusted with the presidency that they are abusing.
          Machar, why do you people always brag that you were the only people who liberated South Sudan? Was it because John Garang and Salva Kiir were Dinkas? If that is your thinking, then you read wrong books and a poor student of history and political science. A poor student of history is just more of an animal than a human being, because he or she does not know his / her roots and this is typical of you. When sons and daughters of Equatoia wholeheartedly sacrificed themselves to liberate the motherland, animals like Machar with no political consciousness still believe that it was ONLY the Dinkas who liberated the country simply because a Dinka was a leader. It his this type of thinking that we will not be in peace with you. Stop the discourse about federalism and you will live to regret.

          • Achiek Gai says:

            John Samuel
            “Coward Dinka” and “primitive killers who killed Nuer” John, don’t you know that you can’t be a coward and a killer at the same time? Those two descriptions against Dinka don’t make any sense if you’re truly a reasonable person! Please make an argument that makes sense!

  12. Eli says:

    Brother Paul,
    Once again you pieced it together very well, may God bless you for the truth you revealed here.

    I always believe that South Sudan is far from seeing peaceful days, the real war is not here yet. We are just on the tip of the icebergs.
    I am not a prophet of doom but there MUST be a war not only between one tribe against another but a NATIONAL WAR OF DIGNITY to take place in the South.

    A WAR OF MENTAL LIBERATION AND SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS is coming, a real bloodshed, which will not be between dinkas or nuer or murle or madi or bari or jurchol or UPDF, SPLA/M, IO, DC, whatever tribe and group you belong to, but a WAR FOR UNITY, TRUE JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND SOUND THINKING AND RESPECT.
    Right now it is power struggle but the real war is coming.

    For those of you who think killings in disguise of nightfalls and shedding innocent blood, raping women, stealing, embezzling, tortures, intimidating, looting, killing of children and the elderly is the answer, you haven’t seen what is about to happen yet.
    We even haven’t seen a religious war yet, believe you me we do have varying religious groups waiting for these petty conflicts to end and then theirs will start.
    If you think we are done with the Arabs you are lying to yourself, right now they are just laughing we are doing the hard job for them, once we become completely fragmented and disoriented then they will use our own people to take over simply by their most powerful tool of religion.
    I am well aware of what is coming and so this Dinkas vs Nuers or Equatorians nonsense is nothing compared to what is waiting in store for us.
    What is important is let the wise educate their children and themselves and the fools destroy each other.
    “There will come a time the wise will rule over the fools.”
    THIS IS THE TIME OF THE FOOLS, give them room.
    Eli Wani

  13. Santino Atem Deng says:

    Elhaji Paul You’re correct. But what will Equatorians do to our superior armies? No need to plan a massive action against you people. We already know loop holes of Equatorians. In one location we surmount chiefs, elders and their MPs to Juba for misbehaving, what happened? In another location we dismissed head chief by a bullet, arrested community leaders, youth activists for misbehaving, what happened? Equatorians are just good at complaining, but toothless hyenas. There is not suction action plan to kill Equatorians. It is our duty to handle those misbehaving accordingly. The cry our land, our land, our land is baseless. What you called your land is our land.
    Santino Atem Deng

  14. Tyson says:

    Jieng! stop your madness because you will be sent to the Hague in huge numbers starting with the mentally ailing Kiir and his cattle camp bench of idiots..
    You behave like vampires and cockroaches who do not think.

  15. Kajokeji says:

    Mr. Elhag Paul,
    I must congratulate you for the tireless time you spend educating the people of Equatoria about their plight under the rule of jieng. However the the time for talking is over! Everyone including should now take arms to fight to the last man, and if we win that is okay but if we loose then then let the jeng take over the land of Equatoria.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Dear Kajokeji,
      You ‘ve actually made yourself clear as you call on that whistle-belower aka Elhag Paul to come down for an action, it is true that there is time for everything coz this coward the prominent enemy of South Sudanese call himself Elhag Paul should or must be informed to leave those old songs of incitments, propaganda, defamations, hatreds, cowardness and traitorous act but he should come on ground and face the realities but when keep on barking in a foreign lands will not bear any fruit in our current situation because the like of Elhag Paul ‘re trying to make use of innocent civilians in Equatoria to die in vain just like how Dr. Traitor Riek Massacrer did it in Juba and shamefully fled the capital city to Ethiopia and leaving innocent Nuers to be crashed in every front by the SPLA Gallant Forces.
      In fact I have seconded your call for Sheikh Elhag Paul to come down and kill his own enemy the Dinka or be killed by a Dinka, his No.1 enemy in South Sudan.

    • alex says:

      only the sick in mind and the frustrated can do that in equatorial but not the independent thinkers who knows the reality. If it is jobs being looked by encouraging bloodshed, it will not happen. The liberators are ready to crush any people inciting racial hatred. The unity of South Sudan is paramount. We know the Nuer and the Dinka but now our tribe is South Sudan. So peace is our only war out and no equatorian will take up arms for their brothers who are drinking beers in the western world. If any one want to fight he/she should go to the front line to know how bitter war is. Who will go while others a hiding so that tomorrow they came and get jobs in their brothers blood. We can achieve what we want through peace but not war. I am sad that those who beat the drums of the war are cowards. This is not time for us to kill ourselves. We are one people so no need to fight. The only way out is elections and those who think they command the majority opinion of South Sudanse can change the country through democratic civilised and international supervised elections. That is the accepted norm in this modern world but not fightings.




      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        Why did we fight Jallaba then instead we could just beg them for independent and they would just give it to us freely? Please, stop lying to here. Nothing is free, my countrymen.

        • alex says:

          But even now you brought the meseriya and Janjawide to fight in Bentue. Who knows you may be Arab agents. Some of your people sold our dear grand parents during the slave trade to Arabs. So what IS HAPPENING NOW IS ANOTHER SALE OUT TO THE ARABS. HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE COME TO FIGHT YOUR OWN BROTHERS WITH THOSE ENEMIES. IT IS UNBLIEVABLE.

          • Nuer-Another Israel East Africa says:


            First of all we did not bring anyone in to South Sudan’s soil. Nuer is shouldering this by themselves. The one who is selling our country to foreigner is you. Why did you bring Ugandans to fight your own brother? Seriously, are you really normal. You shouldn’t ask me in the first place about fighting brothers with enemy. Ugandans are our enemy as well. It is the same Museveni who killed Dr. John Garang and George Athor Deng. Just because George Athor had disagreement with his brother doesn’t give Museveni a right to kill him. This is wrong and it shows that Museveni is our number one enemy. Please check yourself before you throw out questions without thinking about them first.

  16. AGUMUT says:

    Dear EL Hag Paul,it seems to me that you look so weak with your Highest Education.

  17. Chief Abiko! says:





  18. Oduho Mamur Otuho says:

    Dear Readers,
    This is what some of us have been telling the rest of the tribes that Dinka plan to eliminate all other tribes in order to remain in power forever. Though elimination will not be possible but reduction of numbers is possible. We must understand that the first enemy of Dinka is Nuer because it is the second largest tribe and also the Nuer are ready to face them in a fight, after the Nuer, they will make a U turn to Equatorians and other small tribes.
    First plan is to use other tribes to help them reduce Nuer tribe and once Nuer tribe become very small, second strategy is to make peace with the left overs from the Nuer and then in the name of government will use them against equatorians and other tribes. Nuer will become minority and equatorians minority and dinka will then rule forever or for another hundred of years. Another plan which they are now doing is to marry as many women from other tribes and use the children to fight with the people of the mother’s side without resorting to kids born of both dinka parents and I have seen this in Nimule…Yei and Juba, rampant marriage of equatorian women and many half cast children. Mothers are sometimes kill when they are not able to bear and children taken to Dinka area. So ya Jamaa, it is upto us to decide, the truth is infront of us and quick action needs to be taken before it is too late…..I am very serious about this.
    Now you have seen how Dinka comment here about us. When one of us say, some of us may argue, now you read their comments by yourselve…..very insulting and unbearable comments. Blood to pour ya jammaa for the sake of our children and future generation. Professor Elhaq Paul should be applauded for telling the truth so that those who are blind can see and take action. Let us not be pull back by blind equatorians. They say let us move forward and those blind will find us later.

    • Oduho, thanks. You have put it all together. It’s time for Equatorians to act. Let,s not hide behind the so-called “civilized” people. This is another word for” COWARDICE”. To declare publicly that one is a coward is freely inviting even the most timid creature like the Jenge to attack. The Jenge beleive in numbers. I can assure you, and we have seen this in Schools.These people have Arab and Islamic mentality. When they are weak, they will pretend to be peaceful; but the moment they feel their number has outgrown the other side, they will become like rabies dogs.
      My advise to the Jenge youth! Please you still have bright future in this young country. Don’t ever follow the so called Jenge elders. These people had lived their good times with friends from different parts of South Sudan. What they are doing now is just to accumulate wealth for thei families. For you the young, try cultivate good relations and harmony with all peolpe from other parts of South Sudan. I write to the educated young Jenge Enlighten your peolpe. I know the obstacle; no Jenge can critisize or tell another fellow Jenge that they are wrong. You must come out of this cacoon. God bless South Sudan

  19. Martin Bior says:

    As mentioned by my brothers, Equatorians are South Sudan aboriginals. They own nothing in the Country backing like dogs is what they know. If any Dinka by nature find this evil Elhaji Paul, don’t call for authority. Do anything possible to make his life a living heal. Our hero Dr. John Garang made us promises and we are prepared to keep it. We know the exact population of Equatorians, if anything happen we will hunt you people one by one. Equatorians did not join SPLA/M; they surrendered to SPLA/M. If someone is f…king your daughters in your own home or house will you call yourselves men? Shame on you Equatorians No more Arabs to help you. Just to let you know that you are surrounded. Even if you support Dr. Riek, he will never change our set system. South Sudan is a Dinka land. If you want you will be crippling for good. Idiots.

  20. Elijah Samuel says:

    May the almighty keep you and thank you for loving your country and the great love you have for your fellow countrymen including the jieng! It is this love you speak the truth as they must be spoken! Had the Jieng only listen to your writing we could have save many lives!!
    God bless you!

  21. Bol says:

    Dear Elhag,
    There is nothing wrong in disarming anyone who is believed to be a threat to the state regardless of their tribe, or putting them in concentration camp like Guantanamo Bay. US did it to its Japanese population during WW2, and is now killing any citizen deemed to be a threat to US security.Please change your war course and work for peace among communities, as you already done enough damage. Civil Rights Activism doesn’t walk hand in hand with call for war.The level of risk your writing poses on RSS’s National Security is not less than the one caused by those whom you like seeing drag to Hague. Please remember, any mechanism that may takes those guys to Hague may be applicable you, even if you hold US passport. All it takes is to follow proper channels such as interpretation of “Terrorism Acts”, and you are castrated in the US or els where.

  22. Marii says:

    Santino Atem Deng,
    Nuer is doing a good job now, the rest will be completed by Equatoria. No hurry at the moment, just patience for the zero hour.

  23. Machot-Nyang says:


    Before the fighting in Juba, Equatorians had some thought of siding with Nuers but when the saw that Nuers have made their way to Bushes because of the bravery of the Dinka then they kept quite and pretended and told us that we are the brave . Now that you are on opposed side, and if Dinkas come to learn that you are the threat, then you will curse the day of your birth. Keep pointing and spreading lies about great Dinkas!!!!!!!! I warn people before they get the bitter cake of their deed!!

    • Tyson says:

      You are a shame to yourself! What bravery can Jieng talk about? Had Museveni not sent the UPDF, you could be a history. But remember, your days are slowing craving.
      You are just thieves, murderers, backward and unpalatable segment of human beings. Because of all these negative attributes that the jieng possess, you have messed this beloved countrry. Even in your own kraals, you are not able to manage yourself.
      This myopic and degenerative thinking should not deceive you! Inside the paradise of leadership, there should be intelligence, wisdom, justice, equality, which the Jieng do not have any characteristics to celebrate.
      Such arrogance and mindset will not help you, rather swallow your ugliness and reconcile so that your children and grand children will have a place to call it home. Otherwise, the MIGHTY white army will pound you in pieces, let alone Equatorians driving you into the abyss.
      Sleep well and ponder over it!!!!!!!!

  24. General South says:

    Dear ELHAG PAUL,

    Thanks very much for the useful information, i like kind of you and Dr. Wani Tombe for telling the truth, you have done yours and remains us.

  25. Bol says:

    Dear readers,
    The views of this writer “Elhag Paul” doesn’t represent Equatorians as whole. Yes, he does have his die-hard Online and Offline disciples, nevertheless, he and his followers remain a growing minority in Equatorian society . It is not only a moral mistake to vilify, insult or verbally abuse Equatorians, but any indiscriminate abuse of Equatorians will advance Elhag’s hatred mission. Many “Moderate Equatorians” will lose ground if Mr. Elhag adversaries are writing bads things against Equatorians at random. The problems with Elhag’s writings are :- a) extreme views almost in every topic he wrote. b) Indiscriminate abuse of others, whether they have a role in governmental decision-making or no, they are just guilty! Please leave extremism and aimless abuse to Elhag Paul, they are his butter and bread.

  26. Mr poster , i see your article is concerning for support for Riek machar , but there are seven deadly sins of Riek machar Teny Dhurgon’s warlord movement ,

    1) knowledge without character .

    2) politics without principle .

    3) science without humanity .

    4) wealth without work .

    5) commerce without morality .

    6) pleasure without conscience .

    7) worship without sacrifice .

    • Joana Adams says:

      Dear brother Elhag Paul,

      I’ve read your article and responses of your critics – the invaders of our land. Non of their so call criticisms deserve any waste of breath. Your tireless efforts are not going in vain. The business of raising awareness among our young people is working. It is only a matter of time this evil occupation will be reversed. How and when this will happen will not be determined by our aggressors.
      In the meantime, since they have hijacked state powers, let them go a head and shoot every living Equatorian in the land if that will make them happy. What’s stopping them? Even if they kill all Equatorians, they will immediately turn on themselves. it will become Bor verses Dinka Baha el Ghazal, and one Dinka state against another down to clan, village and family level! With the Jieng, Somaliazation will become like a child’s play. One reason why the Jieng are refugees in Juba is because they are running away from conflicts they created in their villages. For the same reason, they created the Dec 15th war against Riek Machar to give them the excuse to cling to power on the grounds of insecurity. It is because they have failed to rule themselves that they are doing all they can to destablise Equatoria.
      The Jieng have just proved to the entire world that due to centuries of enslavement by the Jallaba, the mentally enslaved Jiengs have failed to peacefully lead a new country into peace and prosperity. How could you expect slaves to lead a free people’s? This monumental failure, let us be clear has nothing to do with the Nuers or Equatorians. It is just the result of Jieng incompetence and self- inflicted war.
      They can covet our land and our people as much as they want, bit there can never be another Berlin Conference to misappropriate the ancestral lands of the gallant people of Equatoria. One thing is certain- those who live by the sword will perish by the sword. The present generation of Equatorians like the majority of Nuers have always put the national interest of South Sudan first. The Jieng are now telling us that we were fools to ignore their hidden but open agenda of targeting the political control of South Sudan.
      The younger generation of Equatorians and other marginalised communities must learn from the bitter experience of their parents and grandparents and must never again trust strangers with their future. All the marginalised peoples of South Sudan must know that being a minority is not a disability. All the so called minorities put together actually become the majority. Those who are ignoring the friendly reminder by Elhag about the 1966 UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of groups are doing so at their own peril. These thick heads seem to think that it is funny to have a state within a state? The Boers installed a racist system a kin to dinkocracy but were forced to give it up after 300 years. One wonders, what this premature euphoria of 9 years of colonisation of Equatoria is all about.

    • Chul Mi Bor says:

      These are NOT your words – idiot Abdongoth. These are Ghandi of India words. Do not plagiarize. Give the credit to whom is due. By the way, all these things apply to Kiir-ngoth, except 1 & 3 because he has no knowledge/science whatsoever.

    • Abdon congratulations. if that is Riak Machar, then our President is the opposite:
      1) Character without knowledge
      2) Principle without politics
      3) Humanity without Science
      4) Work without outcome
      5) Morality without manners
      6) Conscience without self control
      7) Sacrifice without worship

  27. Choromke Jas says:

    One thing which good generals all over the world hold is that “do not under estimate your enemy”. The Dinkcrats were so full of themselves that they started the December 15 war; they had to run to Kaguta to stem the response from the White Army. Now, they are underestimating the Equatorians. I really think the Jieng nation has a political death wish. There is no way they can win a full scale war in our own territory and terrain. I dare them to start now. Governor Wani said as much, but they seems to have smelt the future this time. If they walk in the trap, that will be it. Come on, Jieng!

  28. Jok Min Kuol says:

    Dear fellow Equatorians,

    People of the South Sudan are now at the state of war and will not entertain anyone stabbing them on the back! We all should all learn from the lesson from attempted coup and begin to stay peacefully as sisters and brothers. Just state it precisely, Equatorians need back down from incitement and beating of War drums. Thomas Cirilo was correctly that he will never repeat the same mistake of rebelling as he did in 1992 when he was in Sudan ‘ army.

  29. Mayendit says:

    Dear Nikalongo,

    You are a true patriot and sane individual But people like Elhag Paul would want to see destruction in Equatoria like the one that took place in Upper Nile. Equatoria anchored the SPLM/SPLM when it lost its base after the collapse of Mengisto Haile Mariam regime in the 1990s and when Riek Machar collaborated with the Khartoum government and took control of Upper Nile region. I would like Equatoria to war-free zone. In this conflict or war, my town was destroyed by the rebels and they also killed my relatives. I do not want Equatoria destroyed like my town. Let us not make the war go beyond Upper Nile. Let’s bring this war to an end instead calling for more war and destruction as Paul is doing. No wonder war why our young country is at war because people like, who are educated, Paul, do not distinguish themselves from the non-educated. When has war been a good thing to start in the presence of one’s wife and children? I bet Elhag Paul does not have kids and wife currently living in Equatoria. My uncle and his family of 10 people were killed in 1991 by Lokoro while they were trying to find place of safety after Riek Machar’s army overran Bor. Am I angry at Equatoria in general and Lokoro in particular? They answer is no. Those who committed the crime, the killing of my people, are the only people responsible and I would have taken them to court now if I know them. Where I live no I have helped some people from Equatoria because after all we are South Sudanese. Generalization of the people is our number one problem as South Sudanese. Elhag Paul and the likes have bent their hatred of Salva Kiir’s government toward all Dinkas.

    Paul, if you have never participated in wars, South Sudan vs Khartoum government, then do not call for war in EQuatoria land. It is never a good thing. Those who call for war are always going to be the first to flee the war when it starts. My friend, E. Paul, enjoy your life wherever you are. But do not think that the Dinkas you want to get rid of violently would go down easily.

    Let’s call for peace instead of war. Our people have suffered enough. War does not build schools, hospitals, and cultivate food.
    Let us talk about federalism without resorting to more war. The rebels and Riek Machar would want to replicate in Equatoria what happened in Upper Nile, killing of innocents people and destruction of properties, then he can blame Salva Kiir. If the rebels were given a choice to start the war all over again , they would not do it. They would devise another way to hold Salva Kiir accountable for what took place in Juba. That is the Killing of innocent civilians.

    Nikalongo, I applaud you. Be the eyes of people like E. Paul who can’t see the evilness of war. I follow your comments and you are always a voice of conscience.

    As you always say, let’s make Equatoria a no-war/go for the rebels …..or something along that line.

  30. Oduho mamur Otuho says:

    Ya Jamaa, talking too much is not a solution, I can see most of the online commentators are Dinkas. I think threatening people online is not a solution, we here in Torit have been preparing ourselves long time ago and are ready and alert. We here say talking is enough…..we are just waiting for Dinka to shot the bullet and everything will be consume by fire. We know since 1983 there will be a war with equatorians after Nuer. My message here is please start shooting people in equatoria in all states and then we will wrestle from there. For those who think there is a country, there is no country. Better to burned it to ashes so that no one tribe benefit from it and those alive will come fresh to decide whether they want to divide into different countries or not.
    Thank you.

    • Oduho Mamur Otuho,

      These are the kinds of words a man can always say when the going is tough. I understand what said and felt is in the heart. You said these words not because you do not like peace, but because you do not like the way the Kiir government is bullying citizens based on their tribal affiliation . We concerned citizens of South Sudan, we need to unite militarily and politically to overthrow this insect president and his thieves followers so we can get our lives back on track.

    • John Machar says:

      Oduho Mamur Otuho
      In 1983 the time SPLA rebelled against Arabs in Sudan; SPLA didn’t say “we are just waiting for Arabs to shot the bullet and everything will be consumed by fire”! Instead SPLA was the one who started the shooting and rebelled against Arabs! So, the question is Oduho; what are you waiting for?

    • Loguca says:

      I only want to thank you Monye Oduho, you are a man. We need no threat by anybody. How can someone blind lead somebody who have vision if not for God’s shake ?

  31. Ma'digo says:

    Mayendit, Am Ma`di and I want you and cowards Ak47 holding tribesmen to vacate Ma’diland or wait for the doomsday.

    Long live Federal Kokora Equatoria!

    • Achiek Gai says:

      There is nothing called Ma’diland or whatever that irrational name is; but the land we know is South Sudan. Remember, that no one is going anywhere in any South Sudan land. If you don’t like Dinka or any other people living in any South Sudan land; then you’re the one who need to leave South Sudan and go anywhere you like. If you want to live and raise your children or future children in peace in South Sudan; then you have to accept whoever you like or don’t like; it’s as simple as that! Baseless hatred that’s going nowhere is not going to help anyone but the solution is to come together and build the country that is going to benefit all of us.

      • Achiek, your comment is not without some facts. The South Sudan all would like to live in is the one you have describe. But the truth says the oposite. Tell me how many non Dinkas live in Rumbek, Bor, and Warrap to say a few. Even government officials are intimidated and even physicall abused or even killed. They are publicly told to leave the Jenge land or risk humilation or even death. Do to ohers what you would like them to do unto you.

  32. mankinmanner says:

    it seem this idiot dinkas talking boasingly as they are not in s sudan when fighting broke out in juba when small number of nuers soldiers. almost near to capture juba before they run out amuntions at the same time thier brothers nuer are the one push them out in juba. before you coword jieng come to kill armless purely civilians an call your selfs men s we the nuers fought with you with backers updf jem m23 spla n and sell out nuers ssla who are defending you at the moment but you don,t give them a thank but we know you will pay dearly later

    • mankinmanner says:

      this is rubish how can this stupid dinka. majority. talking boasting about eliminating other small tribes. forgeting that thier existent come from updf. mathew pual jang jem rebel spla n the same equarorias they want to kill no pity this times

  33. BILL KUCH says:

    Your bitching article is not going to change a thing in South Sudan. I am saying this because you are only talking of Dinka as your problem, but not a system of government. Don’t you people think if there is a problem in this country, then is it not a collective responsibility of all citizens to deal with it? I am asking this because you are complaining of late Dr. John Garang De Mabior leadership as Dinka, but you don’t see that some of John Garang’s family have been siding with Dr. Riek in the current conflict. So, why are you targeting Dinka as a tribe? You are not smart enough to reason, but you guys would never achieve anything without others being involve. The change would not be possible without Dinka voice as well and you should bear in your mind. Thanks!

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      Bill Kuch:

      Change is coming slowly but sure. It is coming without Dinka. Secular United Sudan is now a history and it will never be heard off again. Self – Determination of Dr. Riek Machar is alive and it is in the history. Reversing the vision of Secular United Sudan was done by Nuer and it sure has been replaced with popular demand for self-determination.

      Believe you me, the innocent blood of Nuer people killed in Juba will bring you peace, federalism, democracy, and happiness forever. South Sudanese have sinned and to drive out this sin, it is require innocent and clean blood of Nuer to drive it. Others blood isn’t good enough for this sin to leave. So, sit tight and enjoy ride. Start celebrating right now for the freedom, federalism, democracy, and lasting peace that the Nuer innocent blood will bring to you.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa,
        If you believe so, that changes without Dinka participation is possible, then your assumption or miscalculation which took you to war is still existing. You are like a believer who believes that there is no Jesus, but God. And with that kind of mentality would be nothing more than being insane and even Jesus himself cannot agree with him. Now, you know how it went when Dr. Riek said, that he was going to capture Juba by force. You talked of Nuers’ civilian being innocent in the current conflict, and I would say yes they are innocent as well as other Dinka civilians do, but Dr. Riek would not be innocent as he does for 1991. Therefore; please, stop impersonating and think right because all you have done before and now would be the waste of time, life, and even properties since you believe in the potential change without Dinka. Never make another mistake my friend! Thanks!

        • Nuer-Another Israel In East Africa says:

          Bill Kush:

          Dr. Riek Machar would have easily captured Juba by force had it not been for Museveni’s intervention. This is the hard fact you can deny or accept. If I were you, I would just worship or idolize Museveni and even give him the half of South Sudan. Give Uganda Bor town and Juba. This will keep you thinking that you are brave or to cover up your cowardice. The Nuer innocent blood is your savior and you should give thank to them for they sacrifice for your sin. Time will tell and we will come to revisit these comments.

          What I know so far, when it get closer to realizing the truth, most of the Dinka will switch sides to claim that Peace came because Dinka decided to switch sides to the Nuer. Just like the case of self-determination when you ran back to our ideology of self-determination. Now, the reversal of dictatorship has been started by Nuer and it will end with removal of the dictator then the installation of democracy. Wait to enjoy the fruit of our labor, sweat, and blood.

          • BILL KUCH says:

            Nuer-Another Israel In East Africa,
            Well, to be honest with you, there were no UPDF involved in Juba fighting in the beginning. That’s the fact and there is no need for you to deny it. Also, you are wrong when you claimed that Dinkas will switch sides just like they did it for self-determination. And again, you are absolutely wrong on that because you don’t really know the story of Nuers defection and their come back. If you know it then Dinkas don’t follow Nuers, but Nuers follow Dinkas. For instance, Garang did not follow Riek to Khartoum, but Riek did come back to Garang and that was how he got back to the system of government. So, tell me, did Garang surrendered to Khartoum because of what Riek signed with Khartoum???

  34. AGUMUT says:

    ElHag Paul should have been married to an SPLM as a 2nd wife many years ago if he was a Southern woman and a problem is solved.


  35. mindra says:

    bro Paul,
    keep the ball rolling and we are waiting to face them if it comes to the equatorian,The dinka are really senseless people in the whole world,they don’t that when the nuers flush them,they ran to the land of madi land in Adjumani,Bweyale in Kirayandongo District,we will finished those in south Sudan and the Acholi plus other tribes will join us in this battle because they are found of mistreating other tribes in people can go ahead with your narrow minded and very soon your mzee would be out of office,where would you turn to
    In fighting,Numbers doesn’t matter completely note that an empty tin makes alounder noise when hit,try it and you will feel it for yourself.southsudan will become a battle ground
    mindra loa local from Pageri payam,madi corridor.

  36. Lofu Lo Loku says:

    I cannot be surprise with a slave called isaac Dorgin. Dinka are the only tribe is south sudan who experience slavery in the first century. Dinka is been enslave by meseriya arab of khartoum. Isaac was released from his maseriya master after negotiation by an save children organization in el obeid. The feeling of enslavement is bitter in him because he wish to happen to others. Equatorian are born free and they will continue to live free. Let Isaac Dorgin come from America and free the remaining children of Dinka who are in slavery in kordufan

  37. Mayendit says:


    Where were you when my tribesmen were holding AK47 fighting Arabs during the war of liberation? Your now found heroes, Nuers, did not die fighting in Equatoria. It was Dinka people who died fighting the Arabs. The only tribe in Equatoria that produced a battalion in the struggle was Lotuho but they all deserted the army after they were trained and armed. And they started ambushing and killing the SPLA soldiers or Dinka for that matter.
    Elhag Paul, Joana Adams, Jacob Lupai, Ma’digo etc are nothing but bunch of Dinka haters cowards. Dinka died in large numbers liberating Equatoria from the Arabs.
    Where was the rage when Arabs were raping and killing Equatorian women and sodomizing the Equatorian men in Juba in the 1990s?
    You guys did not start mass rebellion in Juba.
    The Dinka brought the freedom to both Equatorians and Nuers on platter.
    Riek Machar ran to Khartoum and shamelessly left his militias and joined John Garang in 2002.
    Wani Igga’s good heart created a space for Riek Machar after his return.
    Keep uniting Dinka by insulting and instigating them instead of attacking Salva Kiir and few individuals from Bahr el Ghazal region. Not all Dinkas support Kiir and more importantly not everyone from Bahr el ghazal supports Kiir.
    We as South Sudanese should devise and find a way to get rid of Salva Kiir. But if you, J. Adams, E. Paul, J. Lupai, Ma’digo etc attack and generalization all the Dinkas, you will inadvertently make all the Dinkas to stand with Salva Kiir. Be advise that you are making a grave mistake by thinking that the war being fought is against Dinka instead of Kiir’s failed government.
    Equatorians and Nuers got this country on the back of Dinkas period.
    Dinka liberated this country and it is an indisputable fact.

    Nuers and Dinka from Warrap State were the ones driving nice cars and had government’s contracts in Juba. This war was started by the greedy, Nuers and a few individuals around Salva Kiir, because they wanted to maintain the status quo or reshuffle leadership on the top.
    Riek wanted to replace Kiir.
    It is not because Riek is fighting for the whole of South Sudan’s interest. He fighting for his own political ambition. He tried that against John Garang.
    E. Paul is naive if he thinks Riek Machar is fighting for democracy. He is there to advance the case of Nuers. He fighting for himself and Nuers only.

    If you guys are so outraged by Dinka misdeeds and wanted to start another war front, what are you guys waiting for?
    Joana Adam and E. Paul need to come to South Sudan and command their army of Equatorians.
    J. Adam is a woman but does not bar anyone from commanding an army. Let the war against Dinka start and be over with.
    It is my belief that war is not a good thing and should be the last resort. However, if E. Paul, J. Adams, J. Lupai, Ma’digo keep beating war drums, I have no choice but to challenge them to start the war.

    No UPDF is fighting Nuers in Ayod, Nasir, around Malakal, renk etc. but their are no Nuers or rebels in them.
    Salva Kiir was wise to use UPDF ,otherwise, Dinkas would have all united had the rebels reached Juba and wiped all Nuers out. Kiir wanted no genocide and that was the reason he used the UPDF. Call it cowardice but it shows that Kiir is way smarter than Riek Machar. He might not be a good country’s executive but he made a good call this time.


    You are brilliant and critical thinker who always pay special attention to his country’s internal affairs. I thought I am the only one who see how Equatorians are being mistreated in Greater Equatoria. The disarmament of Equatorians militants, police, and security is true. The random killing of ordinary Equatorians citizens in Juba is undeniable. Concern Equatorian citizens are aware about this killing of Equatorians in Greater Equatoria and the general disarmament of Equatorians as well as the armament of Dinka civilians who reside in Greater Equatoria regions.

    However, paid agents Equatorians such as Nikalongo and Daniel A. O. Ayong do not see this and never see it. These individuals will strongly deny the killing and disarmament of Equatorian and the armament of Dinka who live in Greater Equatoria. These two Equatorians are always making their judgment base on who has money and be willing to pay them. However, their judgment of situation is not base on what is happening on the ground but base on how much money Kiir would pay them if they support his dictatorship.

    • John M says:

      Bentiu Ramaran
      Are you saying Equatorians have no idea that they are being killed day and night in every 24hrs of the day by Dinka and therefore; you’re the one smart enough to let them know? What happened to you? What happened for you Nuer being 80% of SPLA army according to your claim months ago and it would take you few days to have the leadership in South Sudan. Is all that a broken dream now for you and only frontier that left for you is to tell Equatoria that they are being killed by Dinka so that they can have your support? If that’s the case; then you need to do a little more than that for them to have your support!

      • John M,

        The reason Kiir is still in power now is because of his boyfriend M7 of Uganda.
        Because Kiir Mayardit, knew very well that his government would not be able to fight us we Nuer that is why he brought in Uganda, Egypt, Rwanda, Burundi etc to fight Nuer. Before Salva Kiir relieved Dr. Machar from his position, he (Kiir) brought several Uganda troops to Juba to protect him from Nuer. Kiir did that because he fear Nuer to death.

        Currently, Nuer are fighting more than 4 countries which have gunships and heavy artilleries and we captured several of them. We captured 20 Uganda solidiers in Malakal; we captured 10 Egyptians and 2 Uganda soldiers in Ayod; we captured several of JEM, SPLA-North, and 5 Egyptians soldiers in Bentiu. At the movement, Nuer cost Kiir nearly $8,000-000-000 of debt a month paying mercenaries who are fighting Nuer.

        What tribe could fight resist these military entities in South Sudan?

  39. Deng says:

    @Lofu, why do these coward midgets called Dinka yet continue to beg Dinka with political positions and federalism among other things? If Dinka were cowards, how did Dinka managed to fill the top echelon of South Sudanese governance since independence? cowards go away and eat monkeys somewhere in rain forest.

    • Deng, I can see that we are in trouble-the country of south Sudan. Do you call tribalism, nepotism and corruption BRAVERY? If that is what is in the minds of the corrupt jenge, then something has to be done. A complete change is then needed.

  40. Eli says:

    Santino Atem,
    You call yourself superior? Dinkas superior? Hehehe, what a joke? You are a lost boy. Just because you go to unemployment center in Melbourne and use their computer because you can’t even effort internet in your multitudely overpopulated shared government welfare subsidized townhouses full of dinkas shouldn’t give you the impression of superiority complex. In fact you are an inferior being suffering from superiority complexity very sick in brain. All that you can do is bitching and whining in Australia shanty ghetto until you die. No more south Sudan for you. I am glad to see you dinkas are running away from our south Sudan with your tails tugged between your legs in lightening flash speed. Just get out of the way quickly so we can develop our South Sudan into a modernized world.

  41. Eli says:

    Martin Bior
    You are an idiot, me too I am f…king a Dinka lady who left her prearranged dinka husband because she loves Equatorians and especially men from Equatoria. I will not marry her somehow but I just want to show off to dinka men. Aluel is her name, do you want to speak to her, and hear what she says about her own dinkas? Let me know if you want to speak to your sister.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      You don’t have to show off for going out with Dinka lady because that is normal and no need for confirmation as well. You can go out with any lady regardless of their tribes as long as you two get along all right or understand one another. Also, I am not judging you because God will judge you two. And I believe that, there was misunderstanding between you and Bior. I think Bior meant the way northerners used to mistreat Equatorians or Southerners before in Juba, but he did not talk of Dinkas f….. Equatorians as to my understanding. Anyway, there has been a problem of generalization on every issue, but there is no need for that if you guys were really politicians then you would have known that and I guess you are obviously not. All Dinkas, Equatorians, and Nuers or more else are not the same on all issues. If you are representing Equatorians then you must know that you are from one tribe and you could not represent others like that. The same apply to other parts of South Sudan. Thanks!

    • Bol says:

      Dear Eli,
      Sleeping with a Dinka lady is a personal matter between the two of you. Where will it lead is also personal matter, and you are not the only Equatorian who slept with or married to a Dinka lady. What really draw my attention is mentioning it public forum. Do you feel that you have scored a point against your enemy by sleeping with one of their daughter ? If that is the case, do you know how many female in your family who slept with Dinka ? Can you rule out the possibility of being fathered by a Dinka ? Please Eli, try to be wise when you disagree.

    • Eli, take a breath and talk sense please. Yours is the most degrading article I ever read. Know that this is a public forum. It,s meant to contrubute positively so that each and every reader gains and eventually matures.

      • Eli says:

        To: Shokolobongosay, Bol and Bill Koch;
        Where is the positivity you talk about? What is positive about telling others that you colonize them? In fact I am being more generous in my comments. Some of you dinkas say the worst things towards Equatorians men like calling us cowards, colonized, our lands are grabbed etc. Do you people have respect for anybody? Ever since ages you dinkas always cry about hearing non dinka men in relationships with your women, you used your women only to bribe idiots so you can use them. Dinkas have always played dirty tricks especially towards Equatorian men by being arrogant about your women. If you like to force marriage under gun point with non dinka women, why not me being with a dinka lady called Aluel? I did not forced her, she happened to like me and I like her end of story.
        Infect one of the conflicts in Southern Sudan in the near future is going to be about culure war, the war of respect and equality. Remember? If you like my sister, I like your sister too.

        • Bol says:

          Dear Eli,
          No problem in sleeping with my sister as long as it was consensual.The problem is putting it in public forum without her consent. Its sounds like she been made a porn star without her knowledge. If some Dinka are calling you names then they are idiots and you shouldn’t joint them. We need to debate issues not tribes. How could you be a founding member of SSLF if your reputation is tarnish with tribalism? Enjoy your stay with Aluel.

          • Eli says:

            Yes the relationship between me and Aluel is a consensual unlike the ones between the hundreds or thousands of those women in south Sudan forced into marriage under gun points by dinka men. When I started this discussion I knew exactly what kind of reaction it will generate. As a future leader I am totally responsible for my actions, my agendae are very simple in founding South Sudan National Liberation Front or SSNLF; I dream of a future in which equality, freedom, justice and pursuit of happiness will be the norms. My relationship with a dinka lady is separate from my political ambitions. Although it is inline with what the future should look like.
            So according to you, when your people moved to live in Equatoria you think that your cultural heritage will not alter? It is called melting pot, all the children born between cross marriages or intertribal or mixed-race offspring will not be 100% one-sided. Unfortunately, the curse upon these bastards is that they will be confused which sides to choose, they will always have the guilt of rejections just like what my beloved Aluel is experiencing, even though she was born to two dinka parents only that she grew up in Nimule, if you think I am wrong just read about President Obama’s bio. (Audacity of hope). Obama talked about rejections that he experienced from both his white relatives just as much as from black relatives, he has to find peace within himself and that courage took him to the most powerful man on the face of the earth, the President of The United State of America. Today Obama is fighting for the equality for all.

            Aluel’s ex-husband was abusing her both physically and verbally, he calls her a spoiled dinka from Equatoria, and many other insults I can’t say it on here. I am being modest and polite, she could have said worst things but I conformed her. Because I see strenght and courage in that woman’s face.
            Bol, I asked Aluel to write few words and here is what she has to say;

            THANKS FROM ALUEL.

  42. Dear Joana,
    I was impressed when Mr. editor described you and Elhag has the encyclopedia of south Sudan and better than the current leaders as survivors of anyanya and spla/m war who when to exile, but I was disappointed when I ready what you just posed. “Dinkas are refugees in Juba because they run away from their villages. Statesmen don’t propagate tribalism, hatred and violent but instead they promote peace, love and unity. Being a survivor of Anyanya war imply that you are not a young boy like those who often makes reckless and childish comments on this website. I thought you are somebody with wisdom and knowledge to educate the young south Sudanese not to do the same things you consider bad in the future. May I remind you that No south Sudanese is a refugee in south Sudan. Can you provides evidence to your young equatorians how the equatoria is being partitioned by Dinka and where in particular. what I see in Juba are equatorians who leased out their lands to Eritreans, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Arabs, Ugandans. Grow up Joana and stop misleading your people. the violent you and Elhag are propagating, one day you will hear the consequences since you may not be there to witness as you and your kids are all abroad. War does not benefits anybody wither Equatorian or Jieng or Nuer for that matter. If this is the kind of encyclopedia you are then you are an embarrassment and a bad news for the youth of south Sudan. May god change the hatred and vengeance that has filled your hearts and replaced it with love and wisdom. Remember there can be no south Sudan without Equatorians, Dinka, Nuer etc. and such derogatory language will not change anything. Moreover there will be no capital city of any tribes, cities are metropolitans areas that always bring different people from different tribes, and race. so when you come back from exile there will be no city across south sudan whether in Juba, Wau or Ramciel where you cannot find bari, toposa, zande, nuer dinka, madi, lokoya etc.and none will be call a refugee. If you have personal hatred against an individual Jieng who might have quarrel with you in the past then DO NOT MISLEAD YOUR FELLOW COUNTRY MEN/WOMEN TO START VIOLENCE AGAINST THEIR GOVERNMENT for you to achieve your hidden motive. Most of you elderly south Sudanese in exile use these uncivilized language of attacking tribes and government as a pretex and strategy to get jobs from the government like Jacob K Lupai and Henry Kisanga. these two gentlemen when they were in exile used to insult Jieng everyday in this website but since they were appointed as Ministers in both Central and western Equatoria states respectively. Now you can no longer hear them writing negative things against Government or Jieng anymore because they achieve their goals.

    Peace be with you

    • Choromke Jas says:

      Court cases about land-leasing have now shown that the foreigners are actually fronts for Jieng. A relative of mine recently found this out. The foreigners who leased the land was exiting at the end of the lease. Then, a Jieng partner who never featured in the arrangement all this time, popped up and occupied the property and the land. Those who claim to colonize others cannot continue to behave in this lawless manner. The clock is ticking away for the Equatoria front to open. I hope the new UNMISS Head is reading and will not bore us with “no body would have predicted this war in…”


      • Bol says:

        Dear Editor,
        You very right. In 2012, CES release new residential land, Baria sultans where given thusands of tokens to redistribute to their tribesman, so some of these tribesmen walk away tens of token. The tokens end p in the market where I bought two of them. Now, who is the land grabber ? the buyer or the seller?


    • Joana Adams says:

      Hello voice of something,
      When ur kins were battering Equatorians and calling them names, you did not use your reasonableness to caution them. Now when an Equatorian decides, enough is enough, you are outraged. Hypocracy or double standardness is one of the root causes of the turmoil in our country.
      You see I make no claim to being a statesperson. I am an ordinary woman living in Juba who feels the pains of my people on day to day basis. I am a woman who has lost a father, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters in the war of liberating South Sudan. From a young age, I was left an orphan separated from my land and people because of the war to liberate my country and from a young age, I had to fend for myself, including struggling to educate my self. Did I and others made all these sacrifices, so that some idiotic groups can come and tell me without shame that they have all along intended to colonise and rule me just to make them feel better. Do you sincerely think, as an adult, I will be fulfilling my duty if I do not pass information to our younger generations?
      How be it it was good for you guys to keep on reminding us that Dr. John Garang gave the land of Equatoria to you people as a war booty? Did you acquire this information from your mothers womb or did someone pass this information to you when you were growing up?
      Not to teach your children basic survival skills in the world is the greatest sin any parent can commit. So brother. I do not need to be living in exile or seeking jobs, to say what I know and must say. I may in fact have no children at ll but that doesn’t mean that the Equatorian children you people are planning to enslave for decades or centuries to come are not my children. They are my children as much as any blood children I may have.
      As for any job seeking propaganda, forget it, even if I am given without qualifications I won’t take it because. I cannot work with animals. The thing is you cannot tell whether I am working in Juba or not. Lupai and Kisanga you are referring to are at least qualified to do the jobs they are correctly given. What about all your returnees from Khartoum who have been parked in the second or even the first chamber of Nationl parliament? What about the fake lawyer misadvising the president of the republic? What about the unqualified thief who is governing our Bank of South Sudan and the tribal bigots heading our Supreme Court and the ministry of Interior and the list goes on and on. What about recruiting all the unemployed youth from Warrap and Nothern Bahar el Ghazal and turning them into killing squads in Juba? Are there no youth in Equatoia who need to be recruited into the armed forces to protect their mothers, sisters and elders? Are there no Equatoian youth who are skilled or unskilled who need to be given government grants to start businesses in their native country so that they too can earn decent money to uplift themselves and their families? Why are they being confined to watching people from other states and foreigners prospering daily while they are pushed further and further into poverty. It is not rocket science to discover that you are bent on economic and psychological wars on Equatorians and our youn ones will be most affected by this twist of events.
      I bet you don’t need me to give my body my evidence because the evidences you are seeking are all there for every one ho has eyes to see. You see some of us don’t know the language of hatred. But if the injustices being lived by our people daily is being pointed out by some of us is in your view hatred, so be it.

  43. John Samuel says:

    Dear editor,
    In times like this, please you have to censure some of the writings that inflame tribal animosity. This website should ONLY be used for intellectual discourse. Otherwise the war between Dinka and Equatoria will be triggered by the writings in this website.


  44. False Millionaire says:


    My beloved brother,the true millionaire,u sit infront of the computer with ur mouth so greased from enjoying too much to eat alone,throw me one pound,papa?But I am jealous by what u say:Aluel n u.U n Aluel.Oh good God!!! love is good brother.Man’s life just gets so complet if the odds really land u into this climax.Bravo bravo brother,enjoy it.I hope it will last forever.

    What’s so good about our society is the fact that we don’t have barriers when coming to love relations between men n women.This is a great victory from the desert crossing old days when,in the name of islam,the muslim men could enjoy love with non muslim women n the non muslim men,the southerns,languishing in the sight of shawering brown muslim women,who were even so kind to ask south sudanese servants in their houses in Khrtoum to come to help them soap their backs in the bathe rooms:getting the rewards only in the maigre few pounds but never in the form of what u do with Aluel.That was terrible,don’t u agree?I hope God will help us one day to achieve a lasting peace in our country so that the subject of preoccupation for our men n women would b love first,love second n love before the last breath of one’s life.I ask every body please applaud Eli,the true millionaire,for disclosing his love story:for it is not insult but a good tale among the best things we must hope for to enjoy,without moderation,in our future peaceful south sudan.

  45. Lofu Lo Loku says:

    It seem Deng is a remnant of slavery who who survive this hard die life. Nobody bag Dinka for a position. Who are Dinka so that people should beg them for a position? May be Deng doesn’t know South Sudan isn’t a Dinka nation. South Sudan is a country that comprises of 63 tribes including Dinka. Those people are power is not just a favor from Dinka, they are there to represent their people. Reason like a human being Deng. Hahahaha, leave cattle mentality down.

    • AGUMUT says:

      @Lofu,you can buy cows and few years later you become a CATTLE keeper. It is not that you don’t like cattle,but you are extremely jealous.Why most of you who dislike cows line up at 9 am to buy meat from BUTCHERS. Visit Wau and you will see those who are against Dinka and cattles are buying Meats.

  46. Eli says:

    Mr False,
    I do appreciate your compliments, truth be told I do have taste for tall skinny women and that happen to include Dinka girls, Nuer girls, didinga girls, Nyamruanda etc. Although I have been with some of the above I do not consider myself as a womanizer. In fact I am against polygamy and hence I went out with one or two in separate relationships. I met my present girlfreind through a friend because she was unhappy with her prearranged marriage to a man twice her age and the guy treats her very bad and calls her names like; “you are a spoiled dinka girl”, “why don’t you go and live with Equatorians since you always talk good about them? because everytime you see them you smile at them”.
    Because she grew up in my hometown of Nimule she cooks good Madi traditional foods and I enjoy the taste.

    I for one don’t hate any tribe, just the ways of our thinking. If we could only think of the vision of “ONE NATION, ONE TRIBE and ONE PEOPLE,” these nonsensical attitude of “I am from this or that tribe becomes insignificant issues.”
    Yes, I am not a politician, as Bill Kuch rightly puts it above here, I dislike corrupt political systems. But I also hate to see innocent people mistreated, abduction of children or women or abuses commited by the authorities or those carrying guns torturing harmless people.
    For this very reason I have chosen to fight for JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND PURSUITS OF LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL, regardless of tribe, race, religion or origin. One day we shall all come to our senses and act like adults and not like kids.
    My name is Eli Wani and I am not above the law. Yes I am working hard to make life better for myself and others.

  47. pasquin says:

    Really! I feel sorry for all of us.

  48. False Millionaire says:


    Thank u for acknowledging,in ur exchange with CHOROMKE JAS,the role of the equatorians in power in land grabbing in Juba n surronding areas.That according to u:the equatorians in power including governor KONGA r criminal first before the jiengs n their foreign collaborators with regards to land grabbings.This is a very interesting revelation n a useful element to our debates.But if u ever knew this,why have’nt u written an article about it?Why have’nt u ever implied it in ur exchanges throughout this forum?The most worthy subject of debate is here.But instead of facing it,we found ourselves compelled to face stone cutting debates that have taken us to the most dangerous red line like federalism.Before:talking about land grabbing in equatoria,it was a crime committed by jiengs n their nuer cousins.But so quickly,the solution is assumed to b federalism.This elephant’s position so stood for,so talked about,so defended,so judged to b the cause that must deserve the sacrifice of lives by so many prominant equatorian politicians,intelectuals,well respected citizens n scholars including u.But u refuse to admit that ur concept of this fedrealism is KOKORA in order to eject non equatorians from equatoria so that land grabbing crime among others in equatoria would be practiced exclusively by equatorian power elite.That U refuse to accept that calling for this federalism,u mean to decentralise the SPLM/SLPA leadership so that at the end,the equatorian SPLM/SPLA leadership elite will do in equatoria exactly what the SPLM/SPLA leadership elite do today at a national level.That is:practices of tribalism,nepotism,corruption,violence n all acts of injustice.U r here for intelectual campaign to this end.Governor KONGA n others r on the field,in south sudan,campaigning for thesame objective.ELHAG PUL incites violence in his article n JOANA ADAMS never bends to hear voices of peace n of reason as she demonstrates in her exchanges with VOICE OF SOUTH SUDAN.In fact in ur campaign,u have brought such a confusion no one really sees u for what u r.Meaning naive,dangerous n irresponsible.Some times back u wrote an editorial article:Kiir is stupid.Lattter on,Elhag Paul wrote the article:SPLM,a curse to south sudan.It seems that u r diabolising the power in place to make urselves appearing the credible alternatives to them.

    But sir,Instead of misleading the masses,what prvents u from making it clear that u have intention to take power for the sake of power inorder to b able to enjoy all the ill gains that come with it?One can understand now that in reality,the federalism u defend is only a smoke sceen for ur pure ill intentions.Ofcurse u r free to conduct urselves this way.But I am writing this dispatch becouse the majority of ordinary south sudanese citizens of goodwill,like many of us,just have the right to understand ur intentions being as such.

    But there is a major problem:U arque that federalism will spead up development in every state.But why don’t u say that it will spead up destruction?But even in being very conscious of the ill federalism u r advocating,u proceed to cross the red line with ELHAG PAUL’S article inciting violence as the means of achieving it.Brother,brother:what’s wrong with u?what has happened to ur profoundly great level of education?Where r ur life long experiences n the mental capacity that has survived ANY ANY n SPLM/SPLA wars?I am more disappointed by ur behaviours than any other south sudanese.

    In fact in our struggle,we r rational human beings n questions of justice come before anything else.We condemn the SPLM/SPLA leadership becouse we judge it to b responsble for everything that has,that is n that will go wrong in south sudan.We agree with those who believe that SPLM/SPLA leadership is too deformed to b reformed.Our fellow equatorians came up with the initiative of federalism:every one of us is following them in the believe that it will b a good means of destroying the SPLM/SPLA leadership so that it will b replaced by a good leadership.But surprise,who r on the frontline advocating this federalism:governor KONGA n many others who have the hand in illegal land grabbings.Tell me where do the honest south sudanese get into this debate?It’s irrelevant to our true honest,just n correct intentions.

    Ur campaign has succeeded allready.In terms of psychological preparations,equatorians r ready for a war to achieve ur federalism.In sports we say:it is a matter of time,means n opportunity.It may take one day.It may take one,five,ten or twenty years but it will remain as an eventuality that will take place.Congratulations to u for ur success.Go ahead with it that way sir.We r not ur obstacles.

    What we hope to say again n again is that we love our country n our society more than we love ourselves.Equatorians r part of our society n we love them more than we love ourselves.The greater Equatoria is part of our country n we love it more than we love ourselves.In so much as things are’nt working well for the greater Equatoria n the equatorians,so is it thesame bad order of things affecting people n the regions of Bahr el Ghazal n Upper Nile.We accept federalism as a means that will correct the ills that we r cnfronting everywhere in south sudan.When it shall have been applied it must not function as a cosmetic decoration that would wash away so quickly plunging us into a new crisis again.But that is why we must neither defend nor accept decentralisation of the SPLM/SPLA leadership n what it represents in the name of federalism.This is precisely what we judge to b ur position.By thesame judgement,it is for what the likes of ELHAG PAUL n JOANA ADAMS incite haterd n violence in their writings to achieve with u directing their voices to the masses in this forum. revelations provoke the most unpleasant judgement with regards to political views.


  49. monychol says:

    Editor, if the huge settlement in your Juba is the one that you people are so bitter about it, we making a decision about it and sooner rather then later I’m sure you folk will mourn for the priviledges and advantages that bringing the capital has brought to your people but because of Equatorian’s shortsightness you are throwing it away.I wrote sometimes back that Equatotorians education is no farsighted and objective and posterity will prove me right.
    That James Wani Igga whom you Equatorians scorns and disdains shall be proven by posterity to be the only Equatorian who see into the future and has the audacity then you all including your tribal demagogues.
    We Dinkas are not going to fight with Equatorians but allows you what you wants.Remember we have done alot of the things that you cannot do for yourselves to you.It is obvios that Equatorians are just malicous ingrates.There are so many South Sudanese who are non Dinkas whom we can groom and give equall chances that we have given you and belief you me you will be jealous, malicious and bitter in days to come.
    I promise and we Dinkas have the courage and audacity to fullfill our promise comes what may.

  50. monychol says:

    Editor, when we move the capital from Equatoria, commerce and even countries to import from and export shall change even the Dinka population in your region shall follow their goverment.It is the SPLM/A that they followed during the war and even now.We can even move it to the Dinka heartland and that is imminent.
    When we move, you will have more then enough land that you can keep empty till eternity and there shall be no needs of federalism nobody will care about what you do in Equatoria with your useless education.

    • Eastern says:

      Whatever you call yourself, Equatorians wanted you to move the capital from Juba yesterday not even tomorrow.

      Go with the capital of South Sudan to Ramciel, Wau or even take it to Kuacjok. Go with all this government noise you have in Juba.

      It will be a big relief to me when the capital is taken out of Juba. I will be one of the many Equatorians jubillating in the streets of Juba that day.

  51. False Millionaire says:


    my brother,Pasquin seems to shed tears in appreciation of what u say.That’s very good brother.Many others who could read ur comments today may enjoy a sense of a good day.U don’t need to carry a klachnikov,shoot n go mean to b able to change things for better.I wish u a very best health along with the rest of the fellows of goodwill in our struggle.

    Any way life is too short.So enjoy whatever the best that the good odds could bring to ur mouth.In the next life u can still go to paradis by way of big door if u don’t twist arms inorder to get whatever u want in this life.

    Wishing u a very best day,False Millionaire.

  52. Eli says:

    Mr Elhag Paul
    Wow Paul, 112 comments encounting. Your article must have touched nerves, this is one of the most replied-to articles. Keep up the good job brother.

  53. Awomdit says:

    El Hag,
    What a vile human being is El Hag Paul!! Can you for once leave out the name Jieng and use names of individuals like Salva Kiir and whoever you see is confusing the country. You stoke tribalism from even the fairest-minded citizens. You are a shame to Equatoria. Whatever your career is, you have nothing to offer this country and mind you, you are no better than Kiir or Riek or any other murderer in this country. Articles like yours can only be written by those who enjoy seeing more blood flowing in this beautiful country. All these things will come to pass but your evil heart will take care of your own destiny……

  54. Hassan Tongu says:

    I don’t think El Hag Paul is an evil in the extent you describe him, if the case is his generalization on all the Jieng, did you asked your self why his doing that?

  55. False Millionaire says:

    Hassan Tongu:

    Could u b so kind to say why?

  56. Brother Awmodit, once again I am asking you to answer the question , and to state out the reasons why you consider El Hag Paul as an evil? simply because I don’t see your question “could you be so kind to say why?” is an answer. El Hag Paul is a human being and can be mistaken in some points of his writing, like his generalization on all the Jiengs as a bad people which I couldn’t agree with him, also I couldn’t accept his involvement of personal issues(ALUEL) in public discussion of national problem. What I understood from your description is you brother Awomdit like the most Jiengs who always see them selves right, even though they are doing wrong things, they doesn’t accept the truth because its has been said that the truth is always hard to be accepted. El Hag Paul trying to teach and educate our communities especially the Jieng society, that the wrong doing of Jieng leaders and injustice they infected against the other south Sudan tribes is unacceptable. Segregation in employment, occupation of the most institution in South Sudan, liberation of South Sudan is the Jeiengs honor ship, Equatorian are coming from Uganda and they has to go where they came from. This stupide thinking and behavior of some Jieng brought the current senseless war. If the Jieng leaders doesn’t change their behaviors and behave as nationalist as they claim to be, believe me or not there would be no South Sudan. ID logy of we are born to rule is an old fashion of Nazi (Hitler) its failed and wouldn’t help Jieng leaders to implement it in South Sudan. It is obvious that Jieng leaders doesn’t learned or events that pass. Did you know brother Awomdit the causes of kokora in the mid 70th? if your answer is yes then you have put your finger on some of the reasons why El Hag Paul wrote the way you dislike, and many people other than Jiengs favor his writing. I am nationalist but my nationalism is base on equality and justice for all south Sudanese’s citizens including the Jiengs. We disagree to agree is the healthy culture of civilize people. Take care.

  57. One of the stupide minded and ill soul who called El Hag Paul and all the Equatorians slaves and claim to be his master, but I will say you can and will only be your cow master, not for smart people like El Hag Paul. So please don’t commit a mistake of generalization, say I am your master, as I have said to one of our brothers in my pervious comment, can accept generalization for both Jiengs and Equatorians equally. El Hag Paul one day may write in Jiengs language. And that would be his advantage to know his enemies through thire own language if I suppose that Jiengs are his enemies, and this is what smart people in this world always do, and do not consider it as a colonialism like your an wise stupide mind. Dr. John Garang is my hero and nationalist that why I was one of his flowers because of his values and principals, and I wrote couple of articles when I was a student in Egypt, defending his leadership. He was calling for the unity of all Sudanese and at least the unity of southern Sudanese if the northerners become a separatist as they turned to be. Dr. Garang was clever, he doesn’t claim that Arabs has to leave the Sudan and returned to the Arabs world in Saudi Arabia, or else where that why Garang was exceptional from all the Jieng in my opinion. Not like your stupide mind that said” Acholi, Kuku, Kakwa, Madi, Bari and the rest of South Sudanese from the Equatoria invaded South Sudan from Uganda, and they have to go back to Uganda” the place where they were coming, from what the hell crazy Stupide you are? if this is your case did you asked your self where the Jieng community came from in the first place? did you really study History of Sudan, even though our enemy Arabs wrote it? We disagree to agree take care.

  58. False Millionaire says:

    Hassan Tonqun:

    It was me who provoked u n caused u the trouble of wasting ur time to lay open all what ur heart contains as causes of anger angainst those who do not show understanding.Me personally I am more happy with u now than ever before.South sudan belongs to all of us.Even those who may b half cast,say people born by foreign n south sudanese parents r rightly south sudanese citizens.Elhag Paul is our brother by birth rooted from his grand parents from the time of the begining of the land named south sudan.No body has the right to imagine that he is a Ugandan or a congolese.This mentality is one of the enemies we r committed to fight out from our society.In fact brother Elhag Paul is a very useful intellectual in our struggle.He provokes but comes back immediately to his most high place in our struggle.

    What r we struggling for?We r struggling for justice for all:good government,the rule of law,equality,mutual respect among our fellow citizens n a sense of responsability that must oblige everyone of us to love our country and any member of our society more than loving one’s own self.If u r for good leadership,we r allso for good leadership.If u r for federalism,we r allso for federalism.But we will b successful in our struggle if we r united to fight togather.So now we consider u to b our most esteemed comarad n we wish u a very good evening.

  59. False Millionaire.
    Isaac Dongrin, I have been so hard on you when I saw your ignorance through your writing, and I felt sorry for you as a young man, who may become a leader in the future South Sudan. I felt angry because your writing doesn’t show any different between you and the current Jiengs leaders thinking, their acts and the policies they implemented in today south Sudan. I felt the immanent danger that awaiting none Jieng, when you become a leader in South Sudan, I saw in your writing Rwanda South Sudan, which worst than the mascara’s of the Nuer in Juba. But all of this doesn’t made me blind or prevent me to offer you the necessary lesson that I though will teach and educate you and the others who may follow your way, because my whole blame wasn’t really on you but on the 21 years of war that prevent the majority of our youth from education, but the freedom wasn’t be with out sacrifices. As I have said in my pervious comment we disagree to agree, I am so glad that your writing came more positive, three hundred and sixty degree, towards our brother El Hag Paul and all the issues we have disagree on. let us stick together and fight for freedom, justice for all and have a better life, in modern South Sudan. Long live the people of South Sudan, long live South Sudan. We disagree to agree take care.

  60. False Millionaire says:

    Hassan Tongun:

    Brother:u have brought confusion.I am False Millionaire but not Isaac Dongrin.Are your comments meant to my attention or are they meant to the attention of Isaac Dongrin?

  61. Hassan Tongun says:

    False Millionaire
    Back to our continue discussion, for the issues that I think it is important to be made clear for every one of us so that we don’t make a stupide mistakes in the future. You have mentioned in you valued response”Half cast” Half cast apply to those who their mothers are national south Sudanese and their fathers are foreigners, or those who their mothers are foreigners and their fathers are national south Sudanese. It is also apply to those who our sisters produce them accidently(no lawful married) between the mother and the invisible father, they are also a south Sudanese for sure. Because they don’t know their fathers, they was left to their mothers in south Sudan, including those who their fathers were in lawful relationship with their mothers, but their fathers left after the independent. (married between north Sudan men and south Sudan women’s before and during the liberation war). In my debates back in 1995 when I was a student in Egypt I used to encourage married between all Sudanese, especially between Northerners and Southerners. Its was my believe that this marriages would contribute in solving what has been called falsely south Soudan problem. Now in democratic and free independence south Sudan where there would be justice, equality, and distribution of wealth between all south Sudanese equally, encouraging marriages’ between all the tribes in South Sudan should be a national goal for harmony and secure South Sudan. We disagree to agree is a healthy culture of civilize people. Take care.

  62. False Millionaire.
    Brother Awomdit, False Millionaire is another name for your writing? any way I am very sorry for causing this confusion. my first and the second comments as concern are meant to you. The third (One of stupide……) and the fourth are meant to Isaac Dongrin.

  63. The last comment is for is my response to your comment(it was me who provoke you……) if you are the one who wrote it, but it is also can serve as a response for both of you if you share Isaac in his vision bout South Sudanese from Equatoria. Let me know if I have cleared your confusion, take care.

  64. False Millionaire says:

    Hassan Tongun:

    Brother:never mind.But one more time,I am False Milionaire but neither isaac Dongrin nor Awomdit.Also u must know that I have nothing to do with the views of the two men.My position against the negative aspects of their views is well contained in the dispatch to your attention dated August 13,2024 at 5:25 pm.

    Wishing u a good day,False Milionaire.

  65. TITIKECI says:

    Hi Jieng
    The day of jieng are numbered soon the whole things the were saying will come to an end civilized citizen does not talk much but one day the situation will change
    wish you good night

  66. False millionaire.
    Thank you for the clarification, don’t worry while you have a good soul and moral ethic, and your position with does who fight against the ignorance to teach and educate them, to make South Sudan a better place to live for all including the gieng community. Be inform and take care for your self. Have a good night.

  67. Rumbek says:

    Dear Elhag Paul
    I am a typical Dinka as my name suggests, I hate the way Salva Kiir and co. Have been handling the affairs of South Sudan including the way the are trying to suppress people’s legitimate call for federalism and the massacre of Nuer citizens in Juba in December last year. Not only me but so many other Dinka share the same views as myself. At the same time, there are equatorians, Nuers etc who are with Salva Kiir. E.g Wani Igga, James Kok Ruei etc.
    I thought that the tribalism, corruption, insecurity, lack of development, name them are a result of bad leadership by Salva and co. and that it is our collective responsibility as South Sudanese regardless of tribe to work and hold them accountable. But given the way write, I wonder how different you are from Salva and co.

  68. Toni says:

    people like Paul and others with the same ideas had just waste their time in School for nothing!
    why would people like Paul think that is best for what so call equatorians to live in equatoria minus others South Sudanese, when he himself live as a salve in west?
    we liberated this Equatoria land when equatorians ran and leaved it behind jieng to liberated it?
    we lost million in equatroeia and if we are to leave it for them than we must kill millions.

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