The Jieng must change: A Reply to Manyok


Manyok equivocates unnecessarily to defend the indefensible. His arguments are not only porous but lack any evidence. Although he strategically deploys abuse and poorly unstructured arguments to distort and confuse readers in order to distract attention, I wish to state that I am not going to be distracted by abuse from pointing out the abuses of the Jieng. Neither will I resort to verbal violence as this is not in my character. Thus I am going to respond to Manyok’s article (ElHag Paul’s Soliloquy and misguided posture to provoke ethnic strife: A rebuttal, Feb/11/2013 SSN) with respect and reasonably measured arguments.

In trying to persuade readers that the criticism levelled against the government of South Sudan is a cover for inspiring ethnic strife, Manyok writes, “One clearly sees Elhag Paul disgorging hate among the various ethnicities in South Sudan particularly the rest against the Dinka people. Admittedly, there is very little substance in his latest article except, mostly, hateful bons more aimed at cajoling and swooning his runners. ………….. Even as Mr Paul’s article dangerously threaten peaceful co-existence among citizens, there is………” This unsubstantiated allegations flies in the face of facts and raises serious issues.

Does Manyok and his tribesmen want the people of South Sudan to put up with their oppression? Unpacking his statement tells us that the Jieng are in denial of their atrocious behaviour and oppressive regime. As far as Manyok is concerned things are OK in South Sudan and people should just shut up and put up. Well things are certainly not OK in the country and some of us are not going to put up with this Jieng nonsense. We will talk and write about Jieng abuse factually as long as the Jieng refuse to change.

Manyok needs to understand that it is the Jieng who are disgorging hate. They are the ones responsible for abusing the powers of the state of RSS and by extension the people of South Sudan and not the other way round. This is yet again the projection of Jieng tribalism onto their victims. What comes out of Manyok’s argument is evidence of Jieng denial of their atrocious behaviour. This denial is just a stage in a process of change. Whether the Jieng like it or not they will have to change and the process has started. In management theory the transition to change has a number of stages through which organisations or people have to go through for change to happen. These are excitement, shock, denial, realisation, coming to terms etc.

For three decades the Jieng have been so excited by the power they found in SPLM Oyee and this made them to think that they could do as they wish. With the signing of the peace in 2005 and subsequently the independence of South Sudan in July 2011 they became so intoxicated with state power to the extent that they became blind to realities. When opposition to Jieng mismanagement of the country began to develop, they were shocked and could not believe the resistance to their abuses. In denial they switched into projecting their abuse to the victims and at the same time boasting, “We are born to rule.” “We liberated you.” The Jieng can not comprehend that SPLM Oyee has no ability and skills to govern the country. Hence like ostriches they bury their heads in denial creating a stasis and promoting unhealthy environment in the country.

Now whether the Jieng like it or not they must change by moving into the final stages of change i.e. realisation, acceptance and adjustment to fit into social realities of South Sudan for peaceful co-existence. If the Jieng continue to stick to their present position of denial then events such as the Arab spring will make them change.

The racist Boers (whites) in South Africa with all their technology and power were stubborn like the Jieng in perpetuating atrocious behaviours, but they were made to change against their will. The racist whites all over the world too are being forced to confront their racism. So who are the Jieng not to confront their horrendous behaviour? Who are the Jieng not to change? Who are the Jieng to believe that they can abuse others with impunity? It is advisable and in their interest to embrace peaceful change by making the change themselves. Change is a must and the Jieng have no option on this. So, Manyok and the learnt Jieng need to become true agents of change for the greater good.

Manyok sarcastically writes, “Mr Paul seems to suggest that every South Sudanese is a victim of Jieng, therefore he is my (Manyok) victim! Is it possible that Elhag Paul and his runners do not see how ridiculous their imaged Jieng-engendered victimhood is? Such is the claim and extent of the absurdity of his anti-Dinka rhetoric. If the author valued credibility and thus be considered as convincing, could he not have aimed at more constructive dialogue?” It is clear that Manyok in his mentality of denial has no scope of stepping into the shoe of the oppressed to understand the world of the oppressed South Sudanese and that includes me. He can not imagine how a South Sudanese can be a victim of the Jieng government in Juba. He questions the people’s victimhood with such condescending arrogance of the “Born to rule”.

Without any questions, like the rest of the South Sudanese, I am a victim of the Jieng government in Juba. A victim according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is “a person who has been attacked, injured or killed as a result of crime.” In line with this definition, let me now explain why I am a victim like the rest of South Sudanese.

Since the inception of SPLM and the coming of “SPLA Dinka soldier” to my village, they committed unimaginable crimes ranging from rape to killings for no reason at all. They disrupted the structure of social life in the village through abuse of the gun. Then from 2005 to the present, the Jieng government in Juba is looting state coffers depriving South Sudanese of development. For example, no health service; no meaningful education service; no employment programs or creation of jobs; no food security, no human security… etc.

In all these South Sudanese including me have become victims of the Jieng government. Hundred of South Sudanese died from famine, malaria, diarrhoea, typhoid and so on and in addition to these our human rights have been taken away. How then does Manyok not see the victimhood of South Sudanese people and my personal one arising from the psychological fall out of these momentous Jieng failures? Does this need rocket science? I am sure that Manyok could easily see and understand these things if he only could shade his denial and empathises with the others as fellow human beings with feelings.

As with regards to the government being a Jieng government I have already sufficiently addressed it in my previous article.

Manyok argues that “(Elhag) asserting that a president’s tribe is a fair game when s/he doesn’t uphold the constitution is an odious rationale proffered for the convenience of the time.

This is because the converse of such statement is false and can not stand. Indeed, when such a person, say, for example, a president, fails to ‘uphold the constitution for the interest of all members’ such a leader/president would be held responsible according to the laws of that country because as his actions would be deemed unfair and illegitimate. But to overlook that and hold his tribe responsible instead, as ElHag Paul is suggesting would not only ensure a disastrous outcome but would reflect poorly on any claim of advancement/civilisation in such society.”

Manyok’s argument could be effective and workable in a truly democratic state and not a Dinkocracy. South Sudan is a totalitarian state under the grip of the Jieng. This is a fact and I know very well that the Jieng do not want this pointed out.

Manyok’s thinking on how the constitution should work theoretically is correct. However, he fails to apply this theory to the context of South Sudan political reality. As explained in my previous article, the reason why things are not working in South Sudan is because the constitution is redundant. President Kiir and the SPLM Oyee (Jieng organisation) disabled the constitution by using Jieng domination of the government machinery. It is practically impossible to hold president Kiir to account to the people because the Jieng control all the organs of the government via SPLM Oyee.

To put it another way, the system in South Sudan is technically one party rule and the ruling party is the Jieng organisation making every decision in the country. Manyok can philosophise as much as he wants with abstract theory but the reality that SPLM Oyee is a Jieng organisation and it is the one running the show can not be explained away or ignored in the final analysis and this is the deciding factor of who is responsible for the mess in South Sudan. With this said, let us not forget that the Jieng are in the stage of denial and Manyok is not any different.

Manyok further argues that “as South Sudanese we must be grateful that Dr Garang led/ guided our liberation aspiration with absolutely perspicacious brilliance. It is totally absurd for anybody, who may stake a claim to be a functioning brain, to suggest that Dr Garang as leader, was fighting for a united Sudan. The Sudan was already united and it was not possible to go to war only to unite it – see appendix (I) below for Dr Garang’s pictorial illustration of Sudan’s possible modalities to the country’s conflict in form of Venn diagram.”

Manyok in his denial mode shamelessly dismisses Dr Garang’s political stance. He has the audacity to claim that Dr Garang was fighting for a separate South Sudan. Let us read the below quote.

“Our believe in the Sudanese Unity and territorial integrity is axiomatic, that is, it is principled position. In our Manifesto published 31 July 1983 we said in very unequivocal terms, and I quote, It must be reiterated that the principle objective of the SPLM/SPLA is not separation for the South.

The South is an integral and inseparable part of the Sudan. Africa has been fragmented sufficiently enough by colonialism and neo-colonialism and its further fragmentation can only be in the interest of her enemies.

The separatist attitude that has developed in the South since 1955 has caught the imagination of the backward areas in Northern Sudan. Separatists Movements have already emerged with guerrillas fighting in Western and Eastern Sudan. If left unchecked these separatist Movements in the South, East, West coupled with stubborn determination of repressive minority clique regime in Khartoum to hang onto power at all costs will lead to the total disintegration of the Sudan.

The imminent, latent and impending disintegration and fragmentation of the Sudan is what the SPLM/A aims to stop by developing and implementing a consistent democratic solution to both the nationality and religious questions within the context of a United New Sudan. This was in 1983. Our position remains the same.”

Can Manyok guess who the speaker was? Just in case he does not know, let me volunteer. The eloquent speaker here was Dr Garang in his book, edited by Mansour Khalid, titled ‘John Garang Speaks’ published in 1987 by KPI in London on pages 253 and 254. With this crystal clear evidence, how does Manyok want to advance his absurd argument? Who is inventing arguments here? Is it Elhag Paul or the denier Manyok?

Manyok again makes reference to the Venn diagram without putting it in context. If Manyok’s explanation of the Venn diagram of Dr Garang was to be taken as Dr Garang’s stance, then actually this would portray Dr Garang as a political speculator, a man who did not know what he wanted. A man who was gambling with the fate of 8 million people (South Sudanese). Worse still, it makes him an indecisive person without clear vision. Is this really the Dr Garang that the world knows? Sorry, I can not buy this argument. Dr Garang was a decisive person. He categorically chose unity over secession. Hence, his infamous uttering, “Our first bullets were fired at the separatists.” Dr Garang’s Venn diagram contrary to Manyok’s understanding is evidence of his unionist position.

I had the privilege in the summer of 1996 to attend a session at the House of Lords in UK where Dr Garang lectured the thinking behind the Venn diagram. According to Dr Garang, the diagram shows the three possible scenarios that could obtain from the political situation in the country at the time. Out of the three scenarios Dr Garang was clear about his commitment to the united Sudan option. He stressed that if marginalisation was removed and the country became multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-racial there was no reason why the Sudan could not become a great nation and that was his choice.

He did not subscribe to either the confederation or the separation options. In all the questions posed to him, he stuck to his unionist position. So, what is Manyok playing at? Who does he want to mislead here? The obsession with wanting to promote Dr Garang as Father of the Nation is not going to hold. The overwhelming evidence in the public domain says otherwise. A diehard unionist who lynched separatist left and right to be Father of the separate Nation, what a convoluted thinking?

Penning off, the current noise that the Jieng make in order for the president to be separated from his tribe even when the tribe is the force behind his presidency is nothing but denial. As the beneficiaries of this system it suits them to prevaricate. Obviously, not all the Jieng agree with the system but the overwhelming majority are happy with the status quo and this is what counts.

When we fought the Arabs, we did not say that it was Omer Bashir alone who was bad and the rest of the Arabs were good. We generalised them on basis of their behaviour and mentality towards South Sudanese. When Africans fought colonialism they did not say it was the colonial governments that were bad with white people being good. The system and the force responsible for maintenance of the system are equally responsible for the outcome. So president Kiir is not acting in a vacuum without support of the Jieng. It is the unconditional support of the majority Jieng that allows him to abuse the people of South Sudan.

Elhag Paul


  1. upiu says:

    Mr. Paul,
    Isn’t there something else that you can write about that can benefit S.Sudanese beside Jieng tirade? As you are a prolific writer, it seems, your skill can be of better use to Southerners than the direction you’ve taken. Calling for Arab spring-like uprising against Jieng is a great disservice to our beloved nation. Last I checked, those Arabs rose against their ruling regimes and not necessarily their leaders’ ethnicities.

    • South Mole says:

      The truth is painful. Learn to live with it. El Hag Paul is a hero for shining a light into the dark places of Dinka-led government in Juba that is nothing but a failure since day one.

    • Duany says:

      Ehlang Paul
      The truth you are carrying is the same truth known to Nuers, Equatorians and any other Non-Dinka (Dinka-Bor) in the South Sudan. It is very true that the reason we did not get independence in 1972 and afterwards was because of Dr Garang’s idea of Unity. Garang wanted to overthrow Khartoum regime through a military coup but he had no means to do so since South Sudanese (his “own”) troops would fight to eliminate him first as they successfully did in 2005. This is the politics that we South Sudanese were divided on. But I’m still against the SPLM vision of unity and if Garang was to resurrect today to lead the SPLM back to Khartoum as he did in 1983, I will be the first to rebel him. You are right but you will be opposed mostly by Dinka-Bor because a devil whom they believe was an angel once lived among them. This is our next civil war and we should always be prepared for it.

  2. Dennis says:

    First of all, allow me to clarify this to both empty barrels (Manyok and El hag Paul) writers that I support neither of you in your logger-head fight for tribal favors. While both Paul and Manyok may present some important points concerning the growing dissatisfaction with current government, I also find it disgusting to have read the above statements by Paul.
    In this piece of article by Paul, not only does Mr. Paul encourage loathsome hatred toward certain tribe but also does he seems to be exploiting current land disputes between the wonderful people of greater Equatoria (especially in Juba or central equatoria) against wonderful people of greater Upper Nile and greater Bhar el ghazel for who knows what.
    I doubt if Elhag Paul is an Equatorian and not the very grand master of the SPLM-DC. However, if Alhag Paul is truly an Equatorian, then let both Equatorians and Dinkas know that we have a future tribal genocide mastermind-er in the person of Elhag Paul.

    • South Mole says:

      Elhag isn’t exploiting any land disputes in South Sudan. He is merely pointing out what’s happening currently there. Guess, you’re myopic when it comes to tribalism because for you it doesn’t exist since you’re a Dinka and feel vilified. Accept the truth and tell your relatives to quit this stealing of other people’s land.

  3. Dear Elhag Paul,
    I’m so nauseated with your hatred, heartless against “Dinka aka Jieng” in particular, but I don’t know why you keep writing against the tribe if you were so intellectual educationally. However, you look, as if you are a warmonger inciting among South Sudan’s tribes. My friend, who have gone so much outrageous against “Jieng or Dinka” just badly like that. So, if you seek help, let me know so that I can find a right way you could get adjusted to.
    Anyway, who is Manyok? Is he an individualistic like me? Or, his name is “Jieng Or Dinka” where the Dinka tribe’s name has been heritage? Well, if Manyok’s name is a given name to individual like Mr. Elhag Paul, himself is the current pure attacker against Dinka for sake of his rival Manyok, then he needs to apologize to all Dinka’s people who see his writing a libel. This time, we should know you by your correct names’ given.
    Firstly, as Jieng’s people who usually read at your writing articles criticism against “Jieng”, we deserve a right revelation of your parental names’ given to you by your biological family instead of your grafting unknown names. Especially, I’m so annoyed with your devilish writing against tribal status. If it’s the case you are suffering from it emotional and mental insanity, then you must mute your gutting vocal louder that will lead you into a snaring death.
    My friend, personal advice on you in particular, we used to have some good writers who could better write a criticism article against South Sudan’s government which belongs to everyone of us ,no matter what tribe you hail from? But, some of those writers are not present right now. Do you know where they have gone to?
    So, if you would have learned from this bad criticism one of its kind might be the unknown case that has taken away life of our beloved fellowship writers. Therefore, you need to give up your criticism against tribal status, this will bring you a circumstantial situation at any time you might not know.

    • South Mole says:

      Monylauk, your nauseousness isn’t going to solve the brewing land grabbing crisis in Equatoria and other non-Dinka lands in South Sudan. Instead of being nauseous, you should sit down and take stock of where your Dinka community is driving South Sudan. Try to advise your land-grabbing relatives to quit stealing people’s land before it’s too late for them.

  4. Michael Abu says:

    Running a mouth against one tribe, or against other writer will not save the country from going to the wrong direction to the right one. It will be better to point out the weakness that current government of South Sudan experienced and work on how to change them. But just running your mouth against tribe X, Z like this writer who is called Paul have no difference with the same people that he blamed for messing up South Sudan.
    Mr. Paul writing sometimes sending mixed messages because his voice of writing is full with pointing fingers to one group. A good person with good faith always looks for unity, but there is no any single article that Paul wrote without blaming Dinkas. When he talks about the Arab spring, Paul has to know that Arab spring didn’t just come without unity among the youth/people from different part of the countries where the Arab spring took place. Therefore, if Paul is wishing that the Arab sprint might happen in South Sudan, he needs to work hard for unity and stop pointing fingers on the tribal line. There is no way that the Dinkas or other tribes will be successful in South Sudan without the rest of people of the New country.
    Paul is using lame excuses to blame Dinkas for the mess that was created by all greedy South Sudanese who are in power in Juba. Paul is using the same ideology of blaming which the SPLM/A had been using to blame the government of Sudan as the problem which will not make the South Sudan succeed while the billions of $ that should been used to develop the country had gone to the same people who are blaming Khartoum.
    For our writers, it will be good to state what needs to be done, to make the country to be better or what will bring us together and vote out the people that are screwing up our country.

    • South Mole says:

      Michael Abu,
      instead of running your mouth and feeling offended, you should take the time to digest the information Elhag provided. But since you’re a tribal Dinka, you feel offended when people point out the weaknesses of your tribal-led government. It’s time to wake up and accept the truth that Dinkas are becoming like cancer in South Sudan.

  5. umoja says:

    Dear Elhag,
    This is the type of writing we need, quoting evidences special like Dr Garang himself wrote in his book. Jieng thinks history and facts can be hidden. Let me remind Jeing that they NEED change of mindset and behave like any other South Sudanese, continuous denial of enormous atrocities committed by Jeing through Oyee part will not help south Sudan.

    Equally important, twisting Dr Garang’s position on the unity of Sudan and attaching to Dr Garang views that he (Dr Garang) did very much like it and even fought it, is more than reducing him (Garang) as somebody without vision, which is completely wrong.
    Dr Garang states it in several occasions and even documented it, HE IS FOR UNITED SECULAR SUDAN, why do Jieng want to force him to be father of South Sudan which Garang was not fighting to separate it?


  6. Dear Mr. Manyok,

    If I were u, I would not be disturbed by what Elhag Paul has written against Jieng ‘coz other communities take Dinka community as their elder brother in all activities they do. I am even worried, people like Mr. Paul will never manage to do on their own for fear Dinka are controlling everything. Shame on those who think Dinka is everything……do your best to become known but not to distort issues around here!!

  7. Khamis Imoi says:

    Hi All,
    When the madness of an entire nation seizes one man “Elhag Paul”, its not enough to say the man is mad. The Jienge excitement is noted worldwide. Internationally, their government they led is painted with all …..isms vices by any visitor in South Sudan. It’s just a big shame that we will continue sharing a Country with people of such mentality. If they keep leaving in denial, like a cancerous growth which destroys it host. Their arrogance will destroy them.

    All the Jienge led government should know is that the ground is levelled at any cost to see them spalding all the way to their destinations. They bitterly killed one of them, Isaiah Paul, for preaching reforms and this will haunt them when the day comes to accept the truth. Arabs are living with disbelief in Khartoum now, so will the Jienge one day.

  8. Andrew Jienge says:

    This is, Elhag, the truth. Nothing less or more. Jieng are like Muslim, they support their brother even if they know their brother is infringing on non-Jieng’s rights. Even the blind can see what is happening to non-Jieng in Upper Nile, Bahr el Ghazel and the people of Equatoria.

  9. Yaak Dau says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Can I first say that you are a coward hiding behind Arab-Jewish identity (names). I have come across numerous articles especially on this website written by you all carrying the same message; hate for Jieng, SPLM/A or Jieng controlled government of RSS. I have also seen counter articles authored by the likes of Manyok Chuol, Kuir Garang, DeKuek and others. If I was these brothers your articles shouldn’t be responded to at all because it gives you sense of legitimacy to bombard the conflict-exhausted people of South Sudan with ideas that are conflict ridden.

    Dinka or Jieng are South Sudanese, my brother, and they are there to stay. Why should you always singled them out for SPLM/A faults committed during or post the war? Jieng also suffered similar or even worse atrocities than those perpetuated in your villages, do you see any Jieng writer always dedicating his/her time attacking any tribe?

    You had a privilege in the summer of 1996 to attend a session at the House of Lords in UK where Dr Garang lectured the thinking behind the Venn diagram. But do you know how many South Sudanese lost their lives in that period directly due to the SAF/allied militias bullets or war related consequences? What I am trying to tell you is that war is not pretty and anyone that encourages people to fight over petty issues that can be resolved easily deserves an utmost condemnation.

    Elhag Paul is an agent of chaos in South Sudan and it is sad that he was enjoying asylum in the UK during the war and hence didn’t experience the pain of losing a wife, child or his limbs. Wouldn’t you feel insulted if those writers who have been refuting some of your articles call for your tribe to change because of the crimes of few politicians? Stop vilifying the whole Jieng tribe because you have been told several times that not every/most of them support the looting of national resources by few of their tribesmen.

    I was in Juba early January this year and my own uncles (all Khoryom division veterans, some with multiple bullet wounds) don’t even own proper houses. Does Elhag Paul think that I or my uncles will kindly receive his insults because Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, Kosti Manibe, Alison Manana Magaya are messing things at the top? Let’s move our country forward with voices critical of the vices in the system of the government but not divisive ideas like Elhag Paul’s. He is stocking tribal anger that can eventually turn South Sudan into a Rwanda or Somalia. I wish SouthSudannation would stop publishing his articles.

    You’re demanding censorship, which this website totally abhors. Perhaps openly discussing the pains and wounds of the liberation and the abhorrence of the KIiR-MACHAR regime that’s is inadvertently or directly exacerbating the divisions in our nation would help heal and bring the intellectual brains in our nation together. EDITOR

    • South Mole says:

      Yaak Dau,
      you’re a coward too for hiding behind assumed names. If you don’t want South Sudan to become another Rwanda, try to advise your fellow Dinkas to stop stealing other people’s property and dominating the government. Other tribes are well capable of retaliating and where do you think South Sudan will be?

      • Ngorson says:

        South mole,
        hero is hero and is to remain hero. Dinka is a hero tribe in south Sudan, even though you keep shouting day and night, there will be nothing shaking the tribe. Dinka tribe is very strong, powerful and capable in whatever you wish to confront them. You and Elhag with his article supporters are very cowards, if not wherever you are, there are Dinka people and why don’t you fight them instead of always criticizing Dinka and you fear to fight them. As am Dinka son and i did not satisfied with someone’s behavior, i have to fight him than to waste time like what you always doing on net. Let me warn you, if you want peace you will get it and if you want fighting, it is what Dinka tribes manage seriously.

      • South Mole,
        You are the most coward man on earth. You have chosen the war you will never win nor will it liberate your coward brothers and sisters. Where were you when the brave, gallant Dinka men and women were battling the Arab soldiers in your home town? Who are you now to call the Dinkas cowards? Enjoy the freedom that the Dinkas men/women brought to you and your people. Let them eat their money in peace in Juba because they fought for it and they deserve to eat it. Get the gun and kick them out of Juba if you are not happy with their rule.
        The Dinka did that when they were not happy with the Arabs’ rule in the South. Stop whining like a woman and act like a man.
        Why were you silent like a rock when the Arabs were eating your money and occupying your land in Juba?
        The Dinkas will rule, eat and loot your money as long as you kept whining and complaining online. Shut up and go back to where you were during the liberation war. I’m tired and sick of you busters. Put up with the Dinkas or move out of the RSS.
        You are worst than Arabs and the Dinkas will not give you their silver spoons unless you accept them and live with them in peace.

    • Kenyi Alex says:

      Yaak Dau,
      Stop mentioning Kosti Manibe and Manani Magaya for the mess up, instead they got everything already messed up.
      Are their names on the 75 list of thieves of 4 billions?
      They were lately brought when things are astray.

    • Dawoudi Marial says:

      It’s a human nature for many to NOT like someone pointing out their mistakes, however the truth must be told. The dinka, aka jenge, need to change and act civilized. The mentality of “we’re here to stay and we’re born to rule” is nonsense. Don’t blame the messenger, Al Hag Paul, but blame yourselves for your arrogance and lawlessness.

  10. South Mole says:

    Like most Dinkas, Manyok wants to distort history and present a different version in which Dr. Garang appears as the FOUNDING FATHER instead of the guy fighting for a united Sudan.

  11. The truth is so liberating, Elhag Paul.
    Thanks. Appreciated the empirical reasoning. No one has a monopoly on being tribal sultans. Not even the Abels, the Garangs, the Kiirs, and all the wanabe tribal lords. Our brothers and sisters from this community need to quit being in tribal denial like an Ostrich’s head on the sand. Manyok and the likes are simply indoctrinated to be tribal lords, and are simply wanting to continue practicing what they know best, tribalism.

  12. Yaak Dau:
    Mr. Paul Alhag is entitled to his opinions. Do not take what he had said in his article and what he posted in the forum for personal issues. He is just directing his criticism on government particularly on SPLM in the ruling party. INNER CIRLCE! They are already divided Southerners! Southerners are wandering in the wilderness suffering which way to go for help! They have banished Opposition Leader of SPLM-DC Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin from his home in the South Sudan to the north. He is now living in SUDAN OLD! whereby he was in the struggle in the movement before! Meanwhile all Southern political parties in the South Sudan,have not been allowed opportunity to function their political policies in the government in the South Sudan until today! You may see in 2015. What will happen? No single party in the South Sudan in political parties is going to contest with SPLM PARTY for election for a president position in office. In 2010, it was Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin SPLM-DC!

    Remembered that The First Lady Widowed Ms. Rebecca John Garang,had been MARTGINALIZED in the SPLM Ruling party! Her strong voice of before, has gone down! Mr.Paul Alhag is not hating Dinka people in the tribe. He is not Dinka enemy in the tribe! Respect his opinions in the articles. You agree with him. Or disagree with him!The decision is on your hands to decide whether your on God way, or your way.One way another!

    I for one who is talking to you, I disagree with him some on many issues. But I have not reproached him according to what he had said on the written articles he wrote! I want him to continue to keep on talking his freedom of expression in the forum as long as he wants be! We have missed our late brother Isaiah Abraham terribly! We wish him well with God! His killers will be found and they must be prosecuted to death with no mercy for them! Thank you Mr. Yaak Dau!

  13. Who is supposed to be blamed?
    My answer is the editor.

  14. Leon Nyerere says:

    It looks like all Dinkas are anti-Paul and all non-Dinkas, particularly Equatorians, are proponents of his writings. This in many ways shows how deeply polarized our nation has become. Can we find a middle ground?

  15. King of Nyamlel says:

    The same guy, Mr. Paul, is like someone who’s one-eyed, Jieng is big. Never pluralize when writing. You know how to write but lacks characters in writing.

  16. Dear Elhag Paul,
    The truth of your articles are liberating. It is an observable fact that tribalism is not a fiction in South Sudan. Logically if it has been admitted even by the RSS top leaders in their speeches that tribalism is real, then it follows that Jiengism is also real. That is, there cannot be tribalism without a tribal essence.
    You are right in your response to Manyok and your premises make sense to your conclusion unless a reader is a denial of logic.

    Also it is not a secret that the Jieng are well-known for praising and promoting themselves on something that is regarded as valuable and satisfying. The independence of South Sudan is the most valuable and satisfying achievement by the people of South Sudan. That is why it is fitting very well with Jieng’s behavior. Further, the Jieng are said to be excellent deniers of vices because the vocabulary of “shame” might not be in their socialized cognitive dictionary. That is why they hate being criticized.

    Again, you have a brave point of truth here. Keep it up!

    • Dan says:

      Dr. Okuk,
      No one denies the existence of tribalism in South Sudan. It is the very reason why you support and worship Dr. Lam Akol despite the fact that he has brought a lot of divisions and suffering to most South Sudanese. It is the same reason you want him to be considered as the founding father of Ross despite his questionable contribution to the war that led to the independence of Ross and he does not even consider South Sudan as an independent state.

  17. Ngorson says:

    Elhag Paul,
    your usual criticizing article as your opinion is well read and understood, but when will you come to dislodge Dinkas out of south sudan to remain in freedom? Or otherwise, the hatred you’re always preaching and promoting against Dinkas will let you to be hated by those who love peace and unity of south sudanese.
    Elhag, if you would have criticized the govt. For the poor governance you have observed, most of people who like the changes in govt. would have supported you.

  18. Wani George says:

    Many Jiengs who feel offended by Paul’s writings are already expressing bad wishes against Paul. What is being written are facts. Truth is bitter but this is what it has to take. Paul writes to correct peoples’ attitude towards this government.
    Jiengs are backward in most things. Most are uncivilized. their physical appearance and conduct can tell/be seen. They refuse to accept good opinions and ideas. They believe they know all and no one else, South Sudan is theirs since they liberated it (false thinking), Brutality, grabbing, arrogance etc are their characteristics. You are known for wrong doings all over the world not only in South Sudan. Jiengs have tainted the image South Sudanese all over the world. I move to other counties I am respected and many disagree when I tell them I am a South Sudanese because of my level of civilization and social development. I earn respect all over and where ever I am. As I write a Jieng man called Akok is claiming my land at Gurei to be his. I hold all the documents but he is telling me it is a matter of life and death. Look at this. Jiengs are chaotic in their way of life. But i will teach him (Akok) a lesson.

    • Will Elhag Paul’s truth telling articles make an impact on the Dinkas’ attitude and their way of conducting their own affairs?
      Of Course, I don’t think so, as the saying goes, a Dog barks and a fearless camel walks on his normal speed. I wonder, if the non-Dinkas other than Equatorians are grabbing lands in Juba too, or are they being called Dinkas too?

    • Dennis says:

      Mr. Wani George,
      If this guy called Akok is truly grabbing your land without legitimacy, then please teach him a good lesson as a person or a fellow country man and NOT as if he represents the whole large Jieng subdivisions. As for me, I would stand with the person who is being robbed of his legitimate right and in this case, although Akok maybe my tribesman, I’ll likely stand with you as the righteous one.
      What I don’t agree, however, is not letting any Jieng acquire a piece of land simply because all the lands in major public cities such as Juba, Yei, Nimule and etc fall within Equatoria. To do such is to say that all dinka should move to their land.
      Is this not a repetition of Kokora?? if it is not, then tell me what it is

  19. Paul,
    the key word in yr article is “Arab spring”, why? because that is what you are advocating for in south Sudan. however, you have failed to identify the objects of the Arab spring. they wanted to change the governments that have denied them social services just like it is now in south Sudan but they were not doing it as one tribe against another, they did not do it as brothers against another but they did it as a people against the totalitarian governments.
    if am wrong, tell me one tribe that started the Arab spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria. maybe you wanted to talk about Rwanda but you became too emotional to the extent that you forget to do your critical research on such facts.
    You are an exceptional writer and you have always been my inspiration with your level of education but during this article, your emotions seems to have overrode your judgments and i extremely regret that the few elites of this country can be overclouded by tribal traits n stood so low to preach ethnic hatreds. no man is perfect one hundred percent n i hope this is one of yr missteps n you are willing to ratify it.
    Remain professional in your analysis because south Sudan need you and me to take it to the next and indeed a prosperous level. i don’t want to respond to any of the ill details that you have said about that tribe but i urge you to desist from such sentiments because your status is more than what you represent in this article. this is my true free advice to you as a brother as well as an intellectual.

  20. GatCharwearbol says:

    Elhag Pual Must be right:
    This article has made many Dinka’s blood boiling. To me, this is an indication of the truth in Elhag Paul’s article. This piece must have carried a bitter truth that our brothers, Dinka, find it hard to swallow. If there was no truth to it, it would have been ignored to prove that it is useless. But reading between the lines, the comments here proved that Elhag Paul is correct and it is the ultimate reason why many Dinka sons are mad here and resort to name-calling.
    Keep writing more, Mr. Elhag Paul, and let us find out from Jieng themselves. They will eventually come clean with the truth they are trying to hide.

  21. Danide says:

    Hello folks! It is no surprise that what we are nourishing in this website is nothing but tribalism! Although we pretend to preach against it, it is seriously growing! It is just a matter of time before it explodes! But as it explodes, the agitators will not feel it, but the innocent ones in the villages of South Sudan will be the ones to feel it.
    Superiority and Inferiority complexes are seriously growing and they are the very causes of this problem. While a member from one tribe frequently blames the members of another tribe for wrong doings and marginalization, these members of the tribe blamed will no doubt develop a superiority complex and thus their arrogance develops too!
    In the meantime, the marginalized ones will keep talking and as they do so, they relegate themselves to a very lower level with nothing but inferiority complex in their souls!
    So now, what is the way forward? While I don’t agree that pointing out wrong doings is bad, it is better we desist from generalizing a particular tribe if one or two of such a community have gone wrong.
    Let’s be somehow sensitive, and be mindful of the fact that we have just emerged from the war that had devastated our lives and people are still suffering from war trauma! If we are genuine agents of change, let’s learn to be tactful in presenting our views so that they can convince and bring change to the targeted group or else the true context of one’s opinion can easily be mistaken if it’s bluntly directed!

    • Dear Danide,
      Thank you for your constructive advice. If Mr. Elhag Paul and I were not fully consumed or blindfolded by the tribal politics and hatred, we would take this valuable advice to heart. What you have stated here on this forum is nothing more than a compatriotic advice and factual information that could move our newborn Country forward. Mr. Elhag Paul and I would not pay attention this beautiful advice since we are working hard to get ride of the Dinkas and their corrupted leaders/politicians out of South Sudan. If we succeed in getting the Dinkas out of South Sudan, then it would be much easier to tell that illiterate PHD holder, Dr. David Dechang move to Gambella-Ethiopia with his Nyagate people. They are even worst than Dinkas.
      The question is how are we going to get rid of them if the almighty Arabs couldn’t do it? I think Elhag Paul and I are getting something done sooner or later. I’m aware of the fact that Dinkas and Nuers are the Big Cats in RSS. Who will put the bell on their necks so that we can hear them and run for our lives when they attempt to plunder our resources and wealth in RSS?

  22. simon peter says:

    They become very sad becuase you tell them the truth, and the king communist who was champion of the New Sudan vision, changing his vision every move. RThe man signed Self determination and claimed to be capitalist at the end.
    However, the man created all this mess we have been now, this is tribalist of him.
    Salva Kiir, himself told the Southerners that I will follows the foot steps of King communist. Now the country has become worse than before.
    Look how stupid they are, they closed the oil while they know that they don’t have the key to open it. Moreover, the time is coming, soon they will do, “Wel Wel Wel Wel,” that’s what they normally do in Itang. Such people they will not learn, they only solution to get rid of them.

  23. umoja says:

    Elhag Pual is a very outstanding writer, he writes with evidences not like dinkas who would like to forge history and events. Elhaj, you have nailed them on the top as the saying goes. You earn my respect and you are truly the national figure who does not hide truth.

    Dinkas are boiling from their inner heads because of the truth. Let me tell you people a story, one of my friends, a dinka, renting part of my house, one of the nights robbers came and attached us. Fortunately enough they spoke dinka language not knowing that there is dinka among us. Immediately my tenant responded to them in dinka language.
    Do you know what happened, they talked like 5 minutes and all the robbers went away. When I asked my friend who is a dinka what they were discussing, he told me that they (the robbers) asked him what brought him among these people (people who are not dinkas).

    I tell you until now our area is safe, not any robbery, theft case happening. You can see how dinkas are behaving in Juba. This is naked fact everybody knows this. If you don’t believe come to Juba and rent in those areas where most of these atrocities are happening and you’ll prove for yourself.

    So Elhaj is a true south Sudanese who does not want dinaks to behave the way they are now.


  24. What you have written, brother paul, are absolute truth, nothing can be disputed about it but you only forgot to add the shame that they used to bring upon us. thanks to Dr okuk of giving some tips on it. i always feel ashamed, when seeing how our forex bureaus are crowded by these individuals. Are they the only people who are sick and hungry in this country? or this is another way of jieng leaders of distributing money to their tribe? But how can we build our economy through such practices? please stop making us to share the consequences of your shameful behaviours.

  25. Eastern says:

    What a truthful piece, Elhag Paul!!
    The Dinkas want to continue tormenting others without those being downtrodden complaining; what country are we leaving in? From government jobs to scholarships in East African educational institutions to the various national commissions, Dinkas ALWAYS want to take the lion’s (if not the elephant’s share!). Greed (seen through the numerous cattle raids in their communities) to brutality (still seen in their communities through uncalled for murders) are part and partial of Dinka culture.

    Other countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Australia, etc have come to know the ‘Sudanese’ as arrogant and backward people. This can just be proved by the recent mass deportation of South Sudanese from Isreal, Canada, USA, etc. In those countries, the majority of South Sudanese in prisons are Dinkas. What a curse. You need to change for the better. The world needs the Dinka people but not their behaviours and crude ‘culture’.

  26. King of Nyamlel says:

    Hi All,
    Is this uprising against Jieng or what? Tell me the truth! Many of Equatorians like Paul, Okok, Ramba etc. have united against Jieng in which most of us shouldn’t be silent. So what is beyond Jieng criticism every week?
    Stop it cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GatChawearbol says:

      King of Nyamlel,

      Do not get mad my friend. What Elhag Paul brought to light is undeniable fact that you cannot run away from. Admit your tribalism behavior and correct it. South Sudan does not belong to Jieng alone, it belongs to all South Sudanese. If you do not like the truth Elhag Paul stated, you better jump into the lake. Truth hurts and it is what it is. You either take it or live in denial.

  27. anti-cowards says:

    Funny how cowards are desperate to eke out their place in South Sudan history book. What has become of mostly non-Dinkas bleating about Dinka on this website? If the current top-tier leadership is dominated by the Dinka, how did the Equatorians (mostly) lose their spots to Dinkas all of a sudden? Could it be argued the Equatorians led the Muormuor, Tiger, Timsah, Eagle….. and then out of luck or strength thereof, Dinka assumed South Sudan leadership in the post-CPA Sudan and South Sudan? And what explains why the liberation songs are mostly in Dinka? The answers to these questions, when answered honestly, could reduce the quarrels on this forum. Truth be told, most Equatorians (except Taposa, Didinga, and Buoya) ONLY become South Sudanese when the weather is fair. While Toposa, Didinga, and Buoya lived in their motherland from the beginning of the war to finish, the rest of Equatorians constituted were northern Uganda and Congolese! Without affirmative action adopted by the supine SPLM leaders, most Equatorians would be in dog fight now with Konyi and M23.

  28. Dan says:

    King Nyamlel,
    Okuk and Elhag Paul are Shilluks and not Equatorians. Jacob Lupai and Justin Ramba are Equatorians. The two shilluk guys are pro jallaba and diehard supporters of Lam Akol.
    While the two Equatorians hate jallaba, the only thing they share is their hatred for Jieng. I like what they are doing though. It gives a break to poor Dinka Bor that have been bashed up by everyone including some Dinka groups for too long. They did not do anything worse than any other group in South Sudan. They were victimised because Abel and Garang happened to have been born from their area. Now it is poor Awan Chan coping the blame for everything that goes wrong in South Sudan because Salva Kiir is their Son. For South Sudanese to live in peace we may need to bring some North Sudanese politicians to govern South Sudan. We are so used to them that we can not appreciate our own sons and daughters governing our country .

    • Dan,

      You have precisely hit the pin on the right spot with the hammar. Those Cowards, the anti-Jieng (Dinka) prefer to be enslaved and ruled by the arabs rather than Dinkas who sacrificed their lives to liberate them and made them ministers and directors in the free RSS. What else do they want from Jieng (Dinka)? Do they want Jieng to sleep with them as the Arabs did with them in Juba before they were liberated by Jieng? Sorry, Busters, Jieng can not sleep with other men like Arabs if this is what you want from your heroes, Jieng.
      The Jieng are fair to give you 11 or more ministerial positions out of 29 ministers. How many did the Arabs give you when they were ruling you and running naked with your girls/women in the streets of Juba?
      Will Mr. Elhag Paul, Dr. James Okuk and Dr. Lam Akol liberate you from the Jieng (Dinka) online by preaching hatred against Jieng? Those confused Shilluk PHD holders are misleading you and they will never bring the mighty jieng down with their lies online. If you busters need to take advice from Shilluk people, you better, listen to Cde. Pagan Amum and Cde. Oyai Deng Ajak. they are true heroes, nationalists and Compatriots more than those thugs, the confused PHD holders and leaders of the so-called SPLM-DC.

      • I thought better of calling you gatkuoth garang, because of your style of writing, it shows that you are a typical jieng mentality. although many people prefer to say diplomatically that all of us had an equal contribution during the liberation war but i think it’s better to negate this generalization.

        please stop this rhetoric of calling yourselves liberators and try to check with kuol manyang to update you about looting you guys carried out in Equatoria. pagan and oyai are heroes only according to jieng context of words (because they don’t point out jieng corrupt practices and medevial behaviours). what sort of leaders are they who just watch their people being killed and say nothing but only prefer to enter into political wrangling with their elder brother, Dr lam?

        stop calling these jieng boys or busters as heroes and try to attract the above technocrats (Dr lam, Dr Okuk, Elhag… etc) into the system to establish a real government not what so-called jieng government of stomach satisfaction.

        Finally try to deter yourself from this primitive conceptions such as mighty-jieng or born to rule, because such notions turn you to look like an old stone age generation who happen to exist by chance.

  29. Ring Ariik says:

    the so-called Dr. Okuk,

    If tribalism didn’t exist, u would have not followed ur empty headed uncle Dr. Lam. He is empty headed not because he didn’t study but b’se had wasted years at schools .Nobody will ever benefit from his education, he is fit not to be on this mother planet. U r an instigator non-dinkas against dinkas but reality remains that we don’t want to engage in a useless war.

    whether or not u like, dinka will continue to be here as long as the world exists. No question about that. ur people will suffer if they attempt to wage war on innocent dinka people. We are good fighters, it is a fact ur dad, omer bashir, in krtm knows, but we will not succumbed to unless ur certain circumstances. To fight tribalism needs the collective responsibility.

    Dr.Okuk and that coward Equatorian called el Hag, will sing until their voices malfunctional. If u r tired about ur liberators, then wage a direct war on them if u will survive. Don’t engage men in discussion. Men don’t talk much. Stupid gangs, did u hear me?

  30. King of Nyamlel says:


    It is not about every Dinka as you think so, the case is why is jieng generalized? All of you are grown up people. You should know things. Jieng are not everywhere as you think. When Arabs were …. some of your sisters, wives, aunts, the jieng rebelled and formed SPLA after which you are free now. Better worship or respect jieng. I am not supposed to write like this, but it is a habit of majagas, cholos, nueros to talk the way i did. Sorry for all arrogance. It is you who ignited the fire. Jieng is jieng. It is jieng forever!

    • Eastern says:

      Queen of Nyamlel, really. Where in the whole of South Sudan has the Jalaba really produced chlidren other than Aweil and Wau? If you claim to be the King of Nyamlel, in Aweil West county, dispute this fact. Arab traces can be clearly seen in the streets of Aweil. Go to Warawar, Malual Kon and even Gok Macher. I am talking with enough evidence, my friend. The various Arab tribes from the Sudan such as the Missiriya, Rizigat, Darfuris and even the Ambororo (Falatas) have seared children with Dinka women. Let’s tell the truth!!

  31. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Eastern,
    That is an excellent response to King Nyamlel. Never in our history have Jallaba screwed more of our southern women far more than Dinka all combined. Most of Bar el Ghazel children are bred of Arab, our current President is prime example. Keribino Kuanyin bol is another Arab-Dinka wedlock.

    It seems that King Nyamlel does not know our history. Anya nya 1 was created by Equatoria. Anya Nya 2 by Samuel Gai Tut (Nuer). The greedy Dinka came late in 1983 when many Equatorians and Nuer have already suffered in the hands of Dinka and Jallaba. Jallaba was using Dinka in those early days of our struggle until when the wake up in the eightieth.
    Where is the New Sudan Jieng were fighting for?
    Why they came back to the idea of self-determination that the rest of southern Sudanese have been fighting for so long? Shame on you King Nyamlel!

    Let Elhag Paul keep writing the correct history of South Sudan and you, Mr. King Nyamlel, needs to just keep mum and listen to good advice.

    • Dear GatCharwearbol.
      Does having light skin makes you an Arab.? Is Taban Deng Gai and Dr. Riek Machar Arab? Please look closely at the people from the greater Bhar El Ghazal Region. Most of the people from this region have lighter skin than people from the greater Upper Nile and greater Equatoria Regions. Both president Kiir Mayardit and Late SPLA founder Kerubino Kuanyin Bol are pure Dinkas from Warrap States. They have no connections with the Arabs or have an Arab blood in their bodies. Some of the Fertit tribes are even lighter than Arabs. Go and see it for yourself.

      How many Towns or Cities did the Anya anya 2 attack and capture from the Sudanese Army before the SPLA came and dismantled and killed its top leaders in 1983? The Anya anya 1, Anya anya 2 and Dr. Riek Machar’s SPLA United/SSIM did not achieve the total liberation of South Sudan. All the Nyagats and their Commanders including C in C Dr. Riek Machar went to Khartoum and signed the peace Accord for the independence of ROSS. Was your Uncle Dr. Riek Machar given the independence of South Sudan as he declared self determination? Why did he come back to the SPLA? Who brought the CPA and negotiated the self determination?

      Please shut up and enjoy the freedom that Dr. John Garang and his Dinka people had achieved with their own blood. If you keep whining, I will curse you as my Prophet Ngundeng did to your ancestors. Do you want to live with Dinka in peace or should I cut up the tongue of a Bull for you again?

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
        You are in the same pot with King Nyamlel who seems to not know the features characterizing the true South Sudanese. Skin does not make you South Sudanese or Arab. There are many Arabs who are darker than some southern Sudanese. But to wake you up from your sleep, I know what I am talking about here. Taban Deng Gai is Arab-Junub bred. Taban’s mother is from my subclan and his father is an Arab. Do not be fooled by the names. If you doubt me, please do more investigation and you will find out for yourself and I am sure you will find out that I am not making things up.

        The same to Kiir and Kerbino Kuanyin. Go ask those who know them very well.

        Because you are naive with regard to how SPLA was formed, I would not lectured you in the history of our nation. SPLM would have not been a movement without Mengistu of Ethiopia. Those of Anya I & II did not want to go communist way. They were for democratic nation and thus, since no other countries were receptive to their call for separation of South Sudan and democratic government, they ended up having no support to counter the well-loaded Khartoum regime. A man has to fight for his right without selling his children and countrymen to communists. That is what your Dinka people did.

  32. King of Nyamlel says:

    Easter & Gat,
    If Anya Nya 1 were created by you, the cowards, which fruits did we yield through that struggle? Dinka did it. Worship or honor your masters.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      King of Nyamlel,
      If we are cowards, why did you run away with only Luo – Nuer in 1991. You ended up grabbing Equatoria and left your Dinka land empty. When did you become brave? Stop lying to yourself when you are the real coward. Why did you sell your children to Ethiopians for help. It was Ethiopia Military who helped capture most of territories Khartoum had captured.

      Where were you? I bet you were lingering in Refugee camp when the real men where fighting the Jallaba. Since you claim that your are brave, why didn’t defeat the Jallaba and rule over the whole Sudan. If it weren’t for George W. Bush who pressured NCP to sign the peace agreement, I bet you would still be in hiding without words right now.

      Furthermore, Jallab is taking your people of Abyei Land by force. When are you going to rescue them and redeem the land since you’re the brave. I am waiting for you brave Jieng to go conquer Arab and uproot them from Abyei. I dare you that you won’t do it.

  33. Dan says:

    Was Nasir Faction made up of Nuer of Lou only or it is just the usual way for some Nuer to use Lou as the scapegoat to clear Dr. Riek Machar from shouldering the responsibility? If Nuer rebel faction has wiped out one clan of dinka, does that make them better fighters than all the other Dinka clans? Can we say Murles are better fighters than Nuer because their rebel army turned cattle rustlers have committed massacres against civilians in Jonglei state? Have the Nuer people run out of something to brag about that the genocide their rebel militias committed against innocent civilians is the only thing they can pride themselves with?
    A lot of people would be ashamed to even associate themselves with that incident but here you are people who feel proud about it. I don’t think Riek Machar would be proud of you because you keep refreshing the chapter he wants to close. I think we need to be rational when we comment and not to be carried away by our madness.

  34. GatCharwearbol says:


    This is what you get when you lie through your teeth that you are a liberator. Do you guys even know what the word liberator means? Liberator is a rescuer or emancipator. What did you rescue us from? We have been in South Sudan since time immemorial living freely and we are capable of defending ourselves from the aggressors. Even your so called Murles know that.

    Indeed, none of us is braver. If we were that brave, we would have defeated Jallaba long time ago. But because we figured out that we will never defeat Jallaba and Jallaba will never defeat us, we decided to opt for self-determination. This is a win-win situation for both Junub and Khartoum. Thus, stop claiming that you liberated us. You did not liberate anyone.

  35. Chaka, Jill says:

    ElHaj Paul,
    God bless you for being the voice of reason for our beloved country. You and all those who write like you are the hope for our country. The enemy of the ROSS are those who are against freedom of speech and those who blindly support their kinsmen at all cost! And opposes any who is not their kin!

  36. Lewi A. Mursale says:

    And on and on and on, whether right or wrong this attack and counter attack definitely have positive and negative sides. In previous comments i said southerners were extroverts looking and sending all their anguish towards Khartoum without having the chance to glance at ourselves and know who we are. Now that South Sudan is independent we are surely introverts: looking inside to discover who we are and how do we handle our affairs.

    I traveled extensively within South Sudan to every corner vowing development – I have seen very big majority of our people are surely suffering. Today I stand asking you all at this forum! Why can we “individually” denounce violence, hatred, looting public funds, all other vices and adopt a divine theme? Amos 5: 24 “But let justice flow like a river and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” without which this heated debate will be prolonged more than it’s supposed to and we hand over same spirit to our children’s children.

    • Joe Magot says:

      Corruption in South Sudan should not be blamed on some tribes. It is a elite group from different tribes who understand each other. Politicians from Equatoria like Lado Gore are allegedly grabbing more land in Juba but still could point fingers on other tribes to place hatred against Dinka. Common men in South Sudan are left lost in the wild between politicians wondering where they’ll get facts.

      Paul should know that Arab Spring against tribe is stupid. It is possible to Spring against the government and that make sense.

  37. majok says:

    I agree with the comment of one friend who said that the war we fought was a win-win situation. As a person I can say SPLA won the war because we have got independence. The reason is that Democratic Alliance who were fighting on eastern front they ended up without avail, and they are still complaining about system of governance in Khartoum up to now. We also have a group from South who were fighting for South Sudan separation and they signed agreement with Khartoum, did Omar Bashir gave them South? The answer in no because Omar knew very well that Western, Eastern and Central Sudan will not fight for South Sudan separation.

    Omar Bashir accepted peace and southern referendum because people from all over Sudan joined the war to change Khartoum system of governance. The idea of fighting for the whole Sudan was a threat to Sudanese president and and the best way solve it is to split the country. To go back to the idea that no body won the war that is right. People died from both sides leaving vacuum to their families and parents. What I know is that everybody had participated in the independence of South Sudan but it is important to appreciate those who scarified their lives.

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