The Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) 2015 Master Plan: Dinka Development Plan for 200 years!

From Juba, SEP/14/2016, SSN;

After studying the different regions and peoples of South Sudan to find out what the different tribes think and do, here is the feedback from fellow Jieng who work in different regions of South Sudan. On how ready they are to advise on how best the Jieng can rule South Sudan as per the Dinka culture.

Here below is our advice:

First, the Jieng were mistreated by the British colonialists and after the departure of the British upon South Sudan attaining independence, all the tribes of South Sudan despised us. We had very few educated Jieng, which led to all the top government posts being filled by people from other tribe. This made Jieng to envy other tribes.

We are now totally convinced that should we follow to the letter what is stipulated in this document, herewith known as The Dinka Development Plan (DDP) Dinka shall rise and shine and we shall be able to rule South Sudan for at least 200 years!

Fundamental steps to be taken by Jieng:

1. Increase the number of schools in Dinka states and post in them highly educated teachers. We shall take it upon ourselves to fill the schools with pupils and students every year.

2. We must ensure that Jieng are made military officers in order to equate the of non Dinka Military Officers, or even to supersede them. We must not accept the non-Dinka to boast that they are cleverer than us.

3. With immediate effect, send Jieng students abroad on scholarships. We must ensure that vacancies are reserved for them in key government positions to deter people from other tribes being employed in such positions, such that our sons and daughters get employed immediately upon their return. In the unlikely event, should a non Dinka be employed in key position, then he should not be a boss to a Jieng

4. Increase the number of industries and factories in Dinka States in order to boost our economic power. We are well aware that this will cause the other districts to become jealous of any developments in Dinka, but this shall force the other regions to federate with us is basing on our strong purchasing power base. The only serious opposition we might face from the non Dinka, especially should the number of industries in their region increases.

5. We are aware that there is a considerable number of non-Dinka in the army police and Prisons’ forces more than the Jieng We should increase the numbers of Jieng to supersede the non-Dinka, and we request that this be implemented as soon as possible. We foresee our danger and forces in order to topple government. We therefore recommend that the following Non Dinka army officers Clement Wani Konga, Johnson, Juma Okot and Rizik Hassan Zachariah relieve immediately in order to promote Jieng army officers to head the armed forces and govern state.

We do not trust other tribes, we need General Paul Malong maintain the position of Chief of Staff. With respect to Police, General Pieng Deng should be removed from the position of the Inspector General of Police and General Manyok should be made the commissioner for Prisons.

Should these recommendations delay to be implemented, we shall suffer heavily. There is quite a considerable number of non Dinka officers in the Police and Prisons forces have served for quite a long time although they are not well educated.

We should promote these not so intelligent elderly officers but not the young energetic Jieng youthful officers should be strategically put to work side by side with these non-Dinka officers so that with time we weed out the non-Dinka and replace them with the Jieng youthful officers.

The good in keeping the elderly non-Dinka officers is that they despise any advice from the youthful non-Dinka that could lead them to get ideas of topping our government. We should be wary of despite being illiterate because he can easily join with intelligent Nuer who can plan to topple our government. We do not want that non-Dinka, to be head of the Special Branch, this post should be given to a Jieng.

6. We wish that all recruiting officers in all government departments are Jieng this will give a chance to those Jieng who did not get access to education to get access to wealth. Any NGOs or foreign national who mistreats a Jieng should be expelled from South Sudan.

The following ministries should be headed by Jieng:

Finance and Economic Planning Agriculture; Education, Health, Defense, Interior and national security The non-Dinka should not be given an opportunity to head ministries or even departments that are directly in the line of developing the country.

7. Whenever a need arises to carry out a project in non-Dinka state, the same project should also be carried out in Dinka states, as a must. Should there be any program to be executed by the non Dinka, we must see to it that also Jieng officers are involved.

8. Send as many Jieng officers as possible to work in non-Dinka states, especially as Army officers, Prison Warders, Wildlife officers and at the borders. This shall make the people in non-Dinka States believe that we Jieng are the best educated and most suitable.

Ensure that the Police Commissioner for non-Dinka States is always a Jieng who shall give us a non-compromised report or exactly what the non-Dinka are up to. These Police commissioners in non-Dinka state should also encourage the fanning of divisions among the non-Dinka and any progressive non-Dinka with the intent of uniting non-Dinka should be deal with.

In fact should there be any developmental projects to be carried out in non Dinka state, they should be along the border areas with Dinka state in order for the Jieng to benefit the most.

9. Please ensure that many Jieng join and lead all political parties in south Sudan, as this will make the other tribes believe that it is only the Jieng who are capable of leading the nation. We should instill this myth in the minds of all the other tribes by ensuring that only Jieng are appointed in key administrative posts.

This will serve us well since the country is headed for development because then all the other tribes in South Sudan shall be made to believe that it is only Jieng who are capable of being good leaders and that anything good can only be found in Dinka.

10. The Jieng are quite unhappy about the current boundaries with non Dinka States This is particularly in greater Upper Nile state.

11. We should be secretive on whatever goes on within Dinka. All developmental projects in states should not be broadcast on the national Radio or even in the newspapers. People without a strong foundation should not be allowed to work in Dinka states.

At the same time, people who are well conversant with Dinka but despise us should also not be allowed in Dinka states. This should be so be in order to avoid the impression that Dinka state is being developed at a fast rate at the expense of other regions.

12. The following Leading government agencies should be headed by Jieng: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of national security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of finance and Ministry of Education. All this is possible but it seems that there is an element of inferiority complex.

This is the full report of our investigations from all the 10 states of South Sudan.

As per our wishes, there should be no elections at all. For what benefit is it to hold general elections today? The general elections we held in the first place was because we wanted to end, now whom do we want to expel to necessitate the holding of general elections?

We acknowledge the authority commanded by the President SPLA/M, a phenomenon that has generated a lot of envy among our fellow SPLM inner circle. Should we allow any other person to take over that position, we as Jieng shall be subjected to enormous suffering.

We should increase the ranks of Jieng officers within the army and not from any other tribe. We and the commander of the Special Force must be a Jieng and not from any other tribe. We do not want Non Dinka to head the Special Branch. They are not be trusted and can easily poison us.

There is no doubt that we are capable of ruling South Sudan for 50 years should General Salva Kiir Mayardit collaborate with the great sons of Jieng such as Gen. Paul Malong, Gen. Kuol Mayang Juk, Tiller Riing, Pieng Deng, David Deng Athorbei and God blessed us to cooperate and work together.

Should anyone attempt to do our President any harm, we are willing to sacrifice our own lives for him.
Long live our son, we are his confidants and this document should remain confidential, and be circulated only amongst our most trusted.


Our Great Leader, General Salva Kiir Mayardit:

1. You should not be deceived by anyone that the Non Dinka detests James Wani lgga. We the Jieng like Gen. Malong so much, because it is through him that we can deal decisively with the Non Dinka.

2. Save us from the non-Dinka the likes of Pagan Amum who should not be made the Secretary General of SPLM/A party. We protest Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro being given any post in SPLM/A Party. We detest Anna Itto and non-Dinka, being the organizers of the SPLMA Party.

3. Save us from the non-Dinka. We do not want Jadala or Thomas Cirillo to be in a position where he can gain access to government secrets because he shall then be in a position to pass them over to the non-Dinka.

4. Save us from the non-Dinka. Great leader, a considerable number of Jieng should be posted in Non Dinka land in order to keep us updated on what the non-Dinka are up to.

5. Save us from the non-Dinka. You gave our land to the non-Dinka, when shall it be returned to us?

6. Save us from the non-Dinka. Your Excellency, with all our hearts we request you to save us from the non-Dinka and ensure that James Wani lgga remains the vice president and Louise Lobong remains governor of Namurunyang state.

17. Save us from non-Dinka. Your Excellency, you are well aware of how the Non Dinka disrespect us, why have you decided to keep silent?

This is all, Your Excellency, that there is to inform you. We shall send you an envoy at a later time.

We have nominated you as the Party President and wish you success.

Thank the Heavens.

Signed on behalf of Jieng Council of Elders (JCE):

Justice Ambrose Riny Thiik Chairman

Hon. Joshua Dau Diu

Hon. Aldo Ajou Deng

Hon. Maker Thiong Maal

Hon. Parmena Aluong


  1. Martin. L says:

    Would you kindly provide us the source of this document?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Martin L,
      If you are a newcomer to the website and to these press releases, then you are kindly excused.
      The document is a jieng elders document by the usual and characteristic language known to originate from them. Also in all the years of our existence on the net, the highly educated JCE (Jieng Council of Elders) have never refuted any article signed by the characters called JCE that we have ever published on the website.
      So, for your satisfaction, the source is truly the JCE, they forward to us their articles and we publish them and there has never been a disputation or problem on the originality of these documents.
      Please, enjoy reading our publications and just rest your mind in absolute peace…………..

    • Force_1 says:

      Martin L;
      Please mind less about their cheap propaganda; these people find out that they can’t beat Dinka in South Sudan in any way shape or form; as the saying goes “if you can’t beat them; why not shamed them and that’s only the weapon of the weak! For the people who proud themselves of having any education; they seems to have no clue that those ideas can’t be implemented without existing policies present in the first place. And anyone who claimed to have any shred of Education wouldn’t bother reading this nonsense let alone publishing.

  2. Toria says:

    What a joke 200 years in their dreams?

  3. Kokora II says:

    I couldn’t even finish reading this rubbish, waste of my time.

  4. Tyson says:

    No safe haven for Jenge ISIS and Boko Haram’s in South Sudan!
    The Jenge cannot even rule their cows over the next 200 years because the cows will soon develop madness in protest to the ugly behavior of this uncivilized segment of half human beings. This is a satanic wishlist and will die miserably since the world is aware of the 21 st blood suckers and thieves!!!!
    The Jenge have created enemies all over South Sudan and they will NEVER win their dirty plans!!!!

  5. False Millionnaire says:

    Martin Le,
    That’s very correct.
    In fact there is every intellectuel reason to belive the article is a false propaganda in the name of JCE but sadly the editor compromised his most respected universal image,jumped into the filthy vanwagon and published the rubbish for reasons only known to him.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You should be the last person to doubt and reject the authenticity of these persistent, imperial and aggressive press releases from the JCE. Never once has there been a public retraction or refutation from these bunch of jieng imperial lords and masters of the tribal regime in South Sudan.
      Further, all these jieng powerful chiefs have in absolute boldness and fearlessness signed their names on these documents. I have yet to see some public retraction from the lords of the jieng elders.
      Finally, you might need to know that we get notes accompanying these press releases from the JCE begging the website editor to “please publish our press release.”

      • Martin. L says:

        Appreciate your feedback, and I’m not a newcomer to the website! Additionally, I’m appalled by the content of this document, and certainly wanted to know its source! The document is so dangerous, divisive and an Apartheid-type.
        @ False Millonnaire,
        I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust those old timers so-called JCE. They are part and parcel of the carnage took and taking place in South Sudan.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Martin. L,
          I sincerely apologize for the error of mistaking you.
          On the document itself, it isn’t the first one sent to us under the same signatories, so we have come to take them as factual and authentic. Surprisingly, never have the signatories ever written back to us after publication of their releases denying their roles in writing these memos, be it singly or collectively.
          Furthermore, we find these jieng releases very important to publish because they typify and represent the actual and real thinking of the jieng leadership of the country.
          South Sudan is really theirs, every institution in the country is literally headed by a jieng and they have no morality, compunction or shame in perpetuating such dominance. It’s nothing but tribal imperialism at its worst manifestation.

  6. mading says:

    This is a work of anti Dinkas idiot from Equatoria or Nuer tribe, nobody in his or her right mind will believe this trash, maybe Gatdarwich or Toria.

  7. Gatdarwich says:

    This is information is undeniably authentic. The traitorous Jenges-Dinka are hell bent to rule south Sudan for life. All the patriots must take this article seriously and collectively develop effective and achievable counter-plans period. Fellow patriots, we must promptly stop the traitorous Jenges before it’s too late period

  8. Toria says:

    Martin. L, False M
    The old English phrase says; “Don’t shoot the messenger”. Have you heard yesterday in Juba the sucurity shut down another News Paper for printing “The Sentry Reports” aka about Kirr’s massive corruption? Here is another source of the information, after reading I hope you will find where it says; the “anonymous” sources. Meaning the source doesn’t want to be revealed fearing for his/her life, i.e. getting killed by those bloodthirsty vampires in Juba.
    If you think there is no authenticity about the JCE leaked document. Can you also refute the following? Is this the beginning of 200 years of Jenge rule?
    FYI this is not a Breaking News to every discerning South Sudanese. If the JCE crafted the 28 States, in which they encroached on every neighbouring tribe’s land. What else is news????????
    Also,if you disagree with me just ask the Chollo people aka my Shilluk friends.

  9. Hoiloom says:


    Don’t mind the lost boy FM. His behavior is a typical of Jaang, saying something nasty and then try to clean the image later. JCE always put their names on any press they release and no point in denying the authentication of this report. The damage is done therefore no one is surprise of a fail Jaang project to rule RSS in the next 200 years, what a bunch of losers!! They can’t even feed themselves in their own home states let alone claiming to rule a nation of 63 ethnic groups for 200 years.


  10. Laura Nunu says:

    Thank you very much for this valuable document! May God bless you abundantly!

  11. False Millionnaire says:

    I stand firm to my position .The document is false.
    If u weren’t a victim of a disturbed intellectual brain,u would never have had any difficulty to understand that,some body revealing his intentions in a broad day light isn’t a politician doing politics.
    But who knows,it could be u or any of your likes impersonating JCE in a desperate drive to reap a political advantage.
    Keep trying dude but falsifications will still bury u deeper in the depth of the grave as u already are.

  12. Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

    Dear Editor,

    Many thanks for publishing the DDP document. A copy of it was e-mailed to me by an operative in Juba a couple of weeks ago. The message is that you would disappear for good if you are a Non-Jieng and found to be in possession of the document. It’s authentic and clearly, mirrors what is taking place in South Sudan.

    Many of us have been puzzled for a while by the flagrant practices of the Jieng dominated government. We have been suspicious of a systematic plan being adhered to by the government to ensure hegemony of the Jieng over the Non-Jieng tribes. Now the puzzle and the suspicion are no more. The DDP document is the smoking gun and an eye-opener to the Non-Jieng population. I can give one example among many that supports the authenticity of the document – the Chief of Police in Central Equatoria State has always been a Jieng and the majority of the police force hail from the Jieng tribe ….Why? The answer is found in the DDP.

    So Mr Editor, do not mind the desperate attempts of the thieves, the lazy beneficiaries, the opportunists and the chauvinistic tribalists in discrediting the authenticity of the document.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok,
      Thanks a lot for the affirmation of the authenticity of the DDP (Dinka Development Plan), the doubters should now keep their silence.

  13. Wani Tobe says:

    It’s only a fool can believe in this document, Eeh you can think more than devil.
    plz don’t divide South Sudanese people if you are a South Sudanese.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Kwajok,
    It’ isn’t any surprise to see u rallying in support of the false document.
    But any way,it will change nothing on the ground.The jieng were there in RSS since the begining of time and they will be there among RSS citizens until the end of time.U are already a failure for being a falsifier.Even in UK the jieng out numbered u.Do u think all of them never went to schools to understand u and judge the document that u defend as false?
    How then could u appeal to them?
    U are and will always be a figure head doctor by name without any universal intellectual value if u keep failing to understand that no changes in RSS will ever materialize without jieng taking part.Nothing of the kind for an example has ever succeeded among the great revolutions on earth.It isn’t now that the same like wise will come to pass in a prehistoric backward state with a false revolution drive lead by narrow bafara plantation minded pretending leaders like u.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      False Millionaire,

      I have given an example that depicts what came in step 8 of the fundamental steps to be taken by the Jieng as stated in the DDP document. If you were to be that ” intellectual ” you wanted people to believe, you would have refuted those ” fundamental steps ” in a logical manner rather than saying the document is false and full stop.

      I have now realised that you are just doing your job and certainly fall within the groups I mentioned at the bottom of my earlier comment. I have a copy of the list of the 45 JCE members and so far none of them refuted the DDP document. As far as I know you are not a member of the JCE, yet you were quick to brand the DDP document as false without giving any proof. As you have referred to numbers, no one disputes the fact that the Jieng are numerically superior to any tribe in South Sudan in a head-to- head basis but they do not by any means constitute a majority. Between the two there is a big difference and certainly, does not justify their domination of the government, the army and the security forces.

      Time is precious and an intellectual debate is certainly worth spending 10 to 20 minutes or even more typing on the keyboard. However, in your case, it would be a total waste of time. You lack the understanding of what constitutes an intellectual debate. Giving an explanation or a proof of the validity of a viewpoint is the essence of it. You can continue to call the DDP document and anything incriminating your tribalistic government like the Sentry report, the AU report, and others as false but it will get you to nowhere in convincing an intellectual body of an audience.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Dr Lako,

        I wish False Millionaire would get the sense in your feedback but I very much doubt it; this is a fellow who is among the dinkas saying generalizing the dinkas as the main problem is South Sudan is being shortsighted while such individuals don’t raise a finger against one of their own when they go overboard.

        False Millionaire should continue to bear the cross of collective responsibilities underpinning the dinka culture!

  15. GatNor says:

    The article pretty much put into words the obvious of what we know as Jaangs tribal agenda to dominate South Sudan. Again no1 can deny that this plan also had been employed since Dr. Garang time and its been at work ever since. South Sudanese should not be surprised to see this plan put them through hell for another 150 years as the plan is already nearing the end its first 50 years.

  16. Akwat says:

    It is up to you, you Non-Dinka if you allow this evil plan to be realized in South Sudan. As the parable goes “there is no smoke with out fire.” It seem that some of us are surprised by this plan, but it has been there for a long time. And a blind person is the one who is not seeing its implementation since Kiir took over the power. I believe South Sudan is a home for all us, but if some tribes wanted to hijack it as their own and the rest are second class, they should not be resisted Aby all means; otherwise, this country called South Sudan would not be there any more because some of tribes would not afford to be second class citizen in their country.

  17. mirabeau says:

    Oh this is the plan for referedum? Oh really that it

  18. This purely a propaganda masterminded by the enemies of peace. You are exposing the innocent Jieng people to hatred by other tribes in the country simply by misinforming the masses. So many errors in the document and I can tell from the spelling of names that whoever published or drafted it was a “non-Dinka” who did it for the love of war

  19. Arokdit says:

    All this is a rubbish concocted by Anti-Peace In South Sudan. I ask all the readers of this fake article to reason that if there is such an ill-plan against non Dinka tribes, why is is published for public consumption? it should remain a secret, secondly, ask yourself this question, Is South Sudan a country for Dinka alone without other 71 tribes, bcoz we actually 72 tribes, not 64. if your answer is NO, South Sudan does not belong to Dinka alone , it belongs to all 72 tribes of South Sudan , then you can relax and believe that this article is forged by anti-peace in the name of JCE. You also need to see our govt ministries , I just advise mind less by that fake article.

  20. arabbmoi says:

    The article is one of the Jengers typical behaviours they always demonstrate every where they are. No doubt about that.If one is doubting you should, must be like Baba jaa who does not said a word what ever Jengers do at his watch. Just keeping calling them Baba jaa Baba jaa. We sixty three tribes must deal with these guys head on.

  21. peter adwok says:

    It would have been easier if the planners curved out their land.and aspired for a state.all the people of the south would have they are a burden to many. However, the planners were so naive in that in the 21st century suddenly decide to be Alexander the great or Jenkice Khan or hitler. The plan is so shellow with no strong tools of execution except for killing other tribes which is happening now, which might not make it 200 months. The document is clearly. Authentic given the style o f the rule by salva usurping others lands.what they failed to.envisaged is that there is no safty vulve if the plan fails that is beginnin to show now. It means they are subjecting innocent jieng people to danger

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