The IGAD-led High Level Revitalization Forum & Its Prospects

BY: Buomkuoth Gatkuoth Yer , USA, DEC/29/2017, SSN;

Between the 18th and the 22nd of December 2017, the East African regional bloc, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), convened what it calls the High-Level Revitalization Form with the intention to revitalize the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCiSS) signed in Addis Ababa in August 2015.

A cessation of hostilities agreement was signed as a result. In February 2018, negotiations on governance, security arrangement, and economy shall follow.

The relevant question to ask is how many people genuinely believe that the high-level revitalization forum will succeed?

In my view, the IGAD-led high-level revitalization forum is destined to disappoint. Experience shows that whenever you have two parties and one is not ready to commit fully to make things work, the relationship is bound to fail.

Much the same as in marriage, if a spouse isn’t willing to completely focus on the relationship, regardless of how hard the other spouse tries to make it work, it simply won’t work.

The circumstance even gets aggravated if there is no impartial outsider to intervene reasonably. And despite how much effort one party puts in to influence the situation, the procedure is destined to disappoint.

As we are all well aware of, since the beginning of the first peace process, the government has not been committed to bringing peace to the people of South Sudan.

It has violated all cessation of hostilities from the beginning of the peace process until it decided to kill the agreement completely on July 8, 2016, by trying to assassinate the Chairman and the whole leadership of the SPLM-IO.

Yet IGAD not only stood by and allowed the agreement to be violated, but they also helped in violating by endorsing the candidates of the illegitimate 1st vice president and by isolating and confining the Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar, in South Africa.

Thereby, they ensured the government could pursue its destructive campaign against the innocent population of South Sudan on the pretext that it was pursuing peace.

With such a situation created by the government and endorsed by the IGAD, the SPLM-IO has no other choice but to defend its people from the tyrannical regime of Savla Kiir.

Since the beginning of this new process, the government has continued with its old policy of signing a cessation of hostilities in Addis Ababa, and then on the ground, it is continuing with its destructive campaign against the civil population since 23rd December 2017, and has particularly carried out several attacks in Unity State and the Bangalo area of Mundri West in the Western Equatoria region.

These are just a few examples that the government is continuing the same policy since 2014, yet IGAD has maintained its silence on the murder of innocent civilians in South Sudan.

Since 2014, IGAD has failed to bring a lasting peace in South Sudan. It has also failed to hold the government accountable for its actions in the past, and it will continue to do so in the future.

IGAD has failed. It is evidently clear that IGAD has chosen sides in this conflict.

As we are all aware of, Uganda, which is part of IGAD, has been supplying the regime in Juba with arms and ammunition and sending troops to fight alongside the government and now even Ethiopia, which has mostly been neutral since the beginning of this conflict, is believed to have aided the government in the recent fighting that took place in Pagak.

IGAD has been silent about every violation of the agreement that was signed in Addis Ababa and has been silent about the root causes of this conflict.

Therefore, we can’t trust IGAD countries to be neutral or to hold parties to the conflict responsible for their actions.

We believe IGAD is not the right body to mediate the peace process.

We, the Youth of South Sudan, are fully aware that peace could only come from us, but we ask the international community to help us bring peace to our country by transferring the peace process to a neutral and credible third-party, preferably the United Nations, and by releasing the Chairman of SPLM-IO, Dr. Riek Machar, before the next phase of talks begin in February next year.

Buomkuoth gatkuoth


  1. Chulbaar says:

    Stop crying ya Nyagaats…you started this war, bear the pain. Why do you want peace now yet you destroyed many lives senselessly? Let’s fight please… that’s what you wanted

  2. Alex says:

    Dear Buomkuoth Gatkuoth Yer

    It seems SPLA in OPP is in desary and they have no any other option left. It is time for you people to reliase that a war built
    from lies will never succeed. You have worked hard to try to mislead the world about the war in S. Sudan by trying to convince forigh powers to remove the regime in Juba for you people but remember even if that happened the gullant and protritic people of S. Sudan will never allow you to steal power from the people in our country. Peace can only come when you people have left your hidden agenda of power grab and sit down for a meaningful political discussions.
    In fact your side has been openly violating the casefire agreement by attaking the goverment forces and at the dametime, you are the first people to run to the media to tell lies that the goverment has broken the agreement.

    In your political bereaue meeting held in Khartoum when Riack Machar was airlifted from Congo to Khartoum, you made it clearly point blank that you want to continue with the resistance despite the call from the international community to end the war. In addition, your leader rejacted the call for him to renounce violance. You have chosen tha path of violance and wanting to take power by force.
    The choice is at your hands, to either to sit down for a meaningful political dialoge or you choose the path of violance.
    I hope you will understand that, the war you people started was not meant to seel our country to foreign powers. You started it any you must stop it. Peace which is imposed from outside will not work. So we better dlove our problems between oursleves without dragging in foreigners and lies can not slove problems

  3. Bismark says:

    Surely Alex and Chul can be proud of war against citizens because they control the resources of the country on tribal basis. Time will come when they will cry a different coloured tears. When God knows. Now they can enjoy their support from those whom they have bribed with our own resources.

  4. mading says:

    Bismark. Arabs used to bribed people like Clement Wani Konga, Poulino Matip, Peter Gatdet Yaak to fight SPLA for Sudan army forces in the past.So doing that is not new.

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