The IGAD High Level Revitalization Forum: Wounded but still alive?

From: Peter Adwok Nyaba , South Sudan, DEC/15/2017, SSN;

Today, Friday, 15 December 2017 marks the fourth anniversary of mutiny in the Presidential Guards contingent of the SPLA, which turned out to be a trap into a well planned targeted killing of ethnic Nuers. The fighting in Juba that night and the following four days heralded the beginning of the civil war. Lest we forget the memory of all those who perished in that and the subsequent revenge genocidal actions in Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, etc. The killing is still continuing.

On Monday 18 December 2017 will be the beginning of the hyped IGAD ARCISS High-Level Revitalization Forum, whatever it means. On the surface, it is meant to revitalize or re-activate, resuscitate, revive the agreement on resolution of conflict in South Sudan, which the JMEC Chair, Mr. Festus Mogai diplomatically described as wounded but still alive.

But deep down the diplomatic and political brinkmanship, it is nothing more than to keep up the hope that some miracles will occur, and some international diplomats and civil servants keep their employments while the broad masses of South Sudan wallow in misery created by war.

The fighting in J1 (Presidential Residence) and Jebel Kujur in July 2016, which witnessed SPLM/A (IO) dislodgement from Juba and Dr. Riek Machar pursued to the borders of Congo not only wounded ARCISS but indeed killed it and collapsed the transitional government of national unity (TGoNU) that was its offspring.

If not because of intrigues driven by security and economic interests in South Sudan, ARCISS should have been declared dead when the fighting involved tanks, howitzers, helicopter gunships and drones broke out in Juba.

One year later, after pretending that he was monitoring and evaluating ARCISS implementation, Mr. Festus embarrassingly admitted half-halfheartedly that ARCISS had died but something could be still be undertaken to revitalize it; hence is the proposal for a high-level revitalization forum (HLRF) patterned on AU High-level implementation panel on Abyei, which produced nothing to date.

By the look of things, the HLRF trends to what Beshir Mohammed Saed said in March 1965 describing the Round Table Conference on the Problem of Southern Sudan as ‘a mountain that gave birth to a dead rat’. The government of Salva Kiir has already declared it is not for revitalization.

President Kiir’s undiplomatic letter to Prime Minister Desalegn is indicative of his ‘don’t care’ attitude towards the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the country. In fighting Riek Machar and the opposition groups Kiir wouldn’t mind South Sudan and its people going down the drain.

The HLRF is doomed to failure because, in my opinion, the South Sudan political leadership lacks the national instincts to let go personal agenda for power. I believe there was nothing terribly wrong with ARCISS and it could have satisfied all and sunder, return peace to the country such that our people could recreate their lives in peace and harmony.

Something went wrong with the implementation and the missing component of the peace mediators, guarantors and the international community in the form of enforcement mechanism. This enabled one party to play with the ARCISS.

The responsibility for the collapse of ARCISS lies with President Salva Kiir and in part with the SPLM/A (IO) leadership on account of its failure to mend its internal fences.

Taban Deng Gai’s unbridled fury and anger against Dr. Riek Machar for denying him the petroleum portfolio in the TGoNU which ignited the July conflagration leading to the collapse of ARCISS, remains a shame and speaks volumes of how some South Sudan leaders’ power ambitions and greed for wealth threatens the very existence of South Sudan.

It is possible that the government may not send a delegation on Monday. The fact that Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro and not the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Deng Alor, will be attending the IGAD Council of Ministers today already shows the government is divided with one leg in the opposition in the form of Former Detainees.

The opposition should therefore exploit the opportunity afforded by HLRF in Addis Ababa to forge a unity of purpose. Only the unity of the opposition will make the government of Salva Kiir and some of its elements who have become fabulously rich because of the war, to feel pressure for peace.

Short of that it will just be another talking shop.

Peter Adwok Nyaba


  1. December 15, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Dear: Dr.Peter Adwok Nyaba

    I am giving IGAD the benefit of doubt! IGAD is not a suitable solution for the South Sudan government conflict internal political affairs! The rivals themselves in the conflict are the people to engage to negotiate for the peace.The problem in the South Sudan government,was brewing in the ruling party SPLM in 2013 between the Chairman President Salva Kirr and Deputy Chairman Dr.Riak Machar and some members those of the First Lady,Rebecca Nyanding John Garang De Mabior,Pagan Amum, and others as well.They are now leaving that issue apart.They are now talking for something else such Arusha Unification,Former Political Detainess, Uganda Unification,Cairo Declaration,Full of RubbishTalking and full Circus Talking!

    The peace that was signed in 2015,in Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa between SPLM Factions by Riak Machar in SPLM/IO,Former Political Detainees by Pagan Amum,and President Salva Kirr,it was not a good peace at all because first and foremost,it was imposed by IGAD for the warring fighters SPLM President Kirr,Riak Machar, and Pagan Amum. Both Riak Machar,and Pagan Amum,they failed to address the causes of the conflict in the party SPLM of 2013.

    They Revitalization Forum,they are talking about for the conflict in the South Sudan government in the country,will never and ever bring a good peace at all! President Salva Kirr likes Revitalization Forum issue.But he is DISOWNING THE GEGOTIATION POLITICAL SETTLEMENT! The reason is still UNKNOWN!

    Sincere Killing Anger!



  2. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr. Adwok,

    This is yet another honest piece from you. Thanks.

    Greed, intrigue, dishonesty and all the shenanigans moves one can think of by those at the Center of state power are causing South Sudanese a country that was very costly to attain.

    People in the league of Taban Deng Gai, Martin Elia, Angelo Beda, et al will always continue to run the errands of the naked emperor fearing to tell him that folks out there are clothed, then be my guest…..

  3. Loberito says:

    Peter your points are well taken! Hopefully peace will be realized soon in South Sudan. This prolonged war, brings misery to our communities. This war must stop now!

  4. Jatal Bolor says:

    I like the points raised by Pro Peter Adwok Nyaba

  5. Jatal Bolor says:

    The war will never stop with Salva Kiir in power .We are really tired of idiot people misleading South Sudan

  6. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Peter Nyaba,
    The High level Revitalization Forum initiated by IGAD countries is a joke. This process will not bring peace to suffering people of South Sudan. The purpose of this exercise is to solicit funds from the international community. It has nothing to do with peace in South Sudan. The IGAD countries do not want peace in South Sudan because of their interests. They are determined to keep the war continues. The voices of reasons should continue the struggle until the tribal regime of Kiir fall.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  7. Beek says:

    15 December of that year was danger. Kiir was very smart for reducing that danger.

  8. Mangok says:

    Until the opposition groups and crocks in Juba unite SouthSudan will not be peaceful.

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