The Generation Too Deprived to Reason for Their Own Good: The case of the “Seeds of Nation, Terap, Jesh el Hamer of the [South] Sudan”

QUOTE: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt.

BY: Reuben G. Panchol,Former Red Army fighter, MAR/24?2018, SSN;

The objective of the article is to wake up my fellow Seeds of the Nation to think critically about the salvation of South Sudan’s innocent children and mothers who are displaced from their homes and are now living in displaced camps inside South Sudan or in neighboring countries as refugees.

Just take a minute and reflect on our olden days! If it pains you like it does me as well, then it is time to think strategically on how to save and shape the image of the South Sudan around globe.

Wake up! Gone are the days when we used to bury our age-mates in solidarity.

A doomed or failed nation is a nation where young generation are being deceived and misled; South Sudan is no exception.

Therefore, it is up to young leaders and followers to open their eyes and avoid a trap set forth by those few egocentric elites, who have copied and pasted a system which they had fought against for last 60 years.

It is right time to find a sea to chase them (those elites) into, whether they are in J1 or in the bush/foreign lands; they all deserve a sea (courtesy of Dr. John G. Mabior – RIP).

Wake up! Gone are the days when we were forced by some of those elites to erect their fences and fetch water for them in the hot equatorial sun.

Why is it hard for the “Seeds of Nation, a.k.a Terap” to foster the ability of national unity which will save the nation rather then dividing themselves into kinship or sections?

Haven’t we (Terap) realized that today was the very “tomorrow” that was preached or sung to us, back in 1980/90s, to become the leaders; by none other than the incumbent elites?

Dear Seeds of the Nation, be informed that Kumbaya choiring is over. Wake up! Gone are the days when we used to go to bush to cut poles and grasses using stone, to build our huts.

Dear Seeds of the Nation, it is time to reflect on our olden days whereby we were promised to be Terap that will spring up and revitalize the nation of new Sudan (which happened to be the South Sudan) and resurrect it from the valley of the dry bones or deaths.

And, in case you are still under delusion of being addressed as ‘young people and not your time to lead,’ then let me inform you that, last time I checked, history told me that the independence of countries across Africa, from colonial powers, were championed by young leaders whose ages averaged in 30s and 40s.

For instance, those of Kwame Nkrumah, Mwalimu Nyerere, Jamal Abdul Nassir, among others, were all young leaders.

As a matter of fact our own, Dr. John G. Mabior, was 39 years old when he took to the bush and led the mighty SPLM/A. So, go figure out your own ages and wake up; for gone are days when we used to be called the leaders of tomorrow.

But, sad enough, the social fabrics and the sense of national unity which we fostered back in 80/90s had been ripped apart.

The South Sudan’s war of liberation has graduated to – Kill and you will be given a rank of general or governorship. Rebel and you are guaranteed a share of the pie (position), squander public resources and you will be appointed as an undersecretary at ministry of Petroleum.

That is where “economy is booming.”

Oppose national building ideas from lay women and men and you will be appointed to a position of Presidency spokesperson; hunt down and betray your friends and you will be a graduate of unknown gunmen’s class!

A nation that was fought for by all has become a dynasty of a few; it is all about me, I and myself; masterminded by the pocket and stomach!

Rebellion has replaced patriotism; because patriots are withering and culprits are flourishing.

Wake up, Terap! Gone are the days when jiggers (tuktuk) almost disabled some of our brothers, but some of us laboriously struggled to save their feet and fingers.

Before I bored you to death, let me leave you with this question and Dr. John G. Mabior’s last message to Terap; which can be interpreted as the passing of the torch to the Seeds of the Nation.

Who, in the world, is keeping South Sudan hostage while turning a blind eye on Innocent civilians’ agonies?

Is it the elites in Juba who don’t bother to visit and experience the life of their own constituencies at the grassroots (whom they claimed to represent), or the dissatisfied elites who are running around the globe with an imagery narrative of reform; expecting to change the nation while outside a fence (away from the truth on the ground)?

Or the Jesh el Hamer/Terap/Seeds whom their leader (Dr. John Garang Mabior – RIP) passed the torch/candle to, but ignored to accept the responsibility to carry it into the future (yet turned to singing Kumbaya to their kin and kith)?

And in case you might be wondering as to when did Terap’s leader pass the torch to them, here is an anecdote from Dr. John Garang, to the Seeds of the Nation during his last visit to USA in 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Your Movement had always wanted to prepare you to be the future leaders of our nation. This is still the purpose; you are the generation that shall develop the New Sudan (South Sudan for that matter).

Even though the difficulties and events of our struggle have separated many of you from the Movement and some have scattered all over the world, yet the aim is not lost.

I have come to wake you up and remind you that your day has come, tomorrow is already here and so take over leadership of your Movement, take over leadership of the SPLM/A.

You have very little time left to prepare yourselves to take over that leadership in whatever fields: in agriculture, carpentry, architecture, medicine, politics, economics, in raising a family…

All these require leadership and all contribute to building the New Sudan for which we have fought and sacrificed for over the last twenty one years.

I am confident in your ability to come together in a spirit of unity towards a greater good – bringing the world’s awareness to the plight of the desperate people in South Sudan.

I have great faith that you will conduct your business as responsible leaders, rising above factional and political differences.

As you speak, Phoenix will hear and learn about the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan, the children of Sudan’s war-torn countryside.

Millions of your people, including children, have lost their lives. Millions of your people have no voice, except through you. Millions of your people have no future, except through you.

Each one of you has my respect and admiration for enduring a life that no child should ever face.”

End of quote.

If this isn’t passing of the responsibility or torch/candle to next generation by an elder or a mentor, then I have no idea about what it is!

I don’t know your answer to the question above, but mine is that, the Seeds of the Nation are the ones keeping the South Sudan hostage!

Please, disagree with me, but convince me with evidences or facts base. Wake up! Gone are days when we used to prepare our meals in half drums and served on sacks (due to lack of utensils).

In conclusion, Dear Seeds of the Nation, my appeal to you is that, the nation which we were subjected to hardship at young age, is crying for our help.

The nation which has claimed the lives of our fathers; mothers; sisters and brothers, is yearning for our help.

The souls of our heroes and heroines that were scarified for liberation of the nation, are grieving; because we refused to exercise our duties.

Let’s unite, like the way we used to be back in our darkest days, to save our nation from being a second Biafra.

I am very confidence we can deliver the needed change if we work together. Because we did it during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), referendum and we can do it again for the sake of the innocent orphaned children, and all our vulnerable people living in displaced camps.

It is time for us to decide our destiny and not allow ourselves to flow with the current via deceptions or actions that created the rifts among us along tribal tokens or individual’s benefits (remember, “loyalty ends where benefits stop”).

Wake up and let’s remember our hardship, during those darkest days of 80/90s, in solidarity and remembrance of the Terap/Seeds of Nation/Jesh el Hamer, who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Saving the nation will be the most honorable thing we could do to honor our fallen heroes and heroines.

Thanks for driving through this memory lane with me. Let me keyboard off here by quoting from Romans 8:38-39, “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in the creation, will be able to separate us from the love of the God that is in Christ, Jesus our Lord.”

Please, chillax and enjoy the ride and don’t forget to leave your comments at end of this piece, after reading it thoroughly; not only by scanning through it, Thanks.

The author, Reuben G. Panchol, is a member of “the Seeds of Nation (Jesh el Hamer a.k.a Terap)” which had been left to be consumed by Indian-meal Moth/grain moth (tribal politics aka NCP’s apologies who have hijacked the Mighty SPLM) prior to planting season. You can reach him via his email:


  1. loberito says:

    Dear Reuben,

    You are not alone, millions of South Sudanese children and their families are sharing with you this agony and despair that goes on in our Country. Many South Sudanese Families had sacrificed their sons and daughters to fight the common enemy. They were fighting for a purpose. However, the South Sudanese leaders who are leading today have forgotten what was the purpose of fighting the common enemy? I agree with you that our leaders who are leading us are egocentric because they are thinking only of themselves, without regard for the feelings or desires of others.

    I appreciated how you included anecdote from Dr. John Garang, to the Seeds of the Nation during his last visit to USA in 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona. Hopefully this message will wake up the Seeds of the Nation. Even though our Nation is in turmoil, the children and their still have a little hope and dream that one day, courageous and humble leader will emerge within the South Sudanese communities to lead this Nation by a good example! Let us remain hopeful that one day, this will happen in our time or after our time.

    On July 30, 2012, thousands of South Sudanese sang traditional songs, danced, and waved small flags as a military parade passed by in downtown Juba. It was a great celebration! However, today, millions of South Sudanese are sufferings inside South Sudan or in their refuge areas outside the country. They all pray that God will bring peace!

  2. the current situation has reminded us of those painful memories of 22 years of liberation struggle. we are held hostage by the same seeds that were foretold to be tomorrow’s leaders, the responsibility that was given to them has become the whip to punish us with it. The agony has gone beyond our coping range as citizens. They installed a lethal system to deal with us seriously like what’s happening today. u see a soldier, u wish u see a monster or lion. people lost trust in SPLM led govt. Indisputably, the status quo will remain unless we take the bull by its horn and call a spade a spade.

    South Sudanese are still dying in the hands of elites we entrusted we power to rule us . voices that are calling for reforms are being frustrated by the govt agents and label them to be fifth column in the country…. those golden days when South Sudanese fought with common purpose/goal, there was unity of purpose. currently, division on ethnic line has taken over and our country practically has collapsed and system is rotten to the core. the dark forces in the name of unknown gunmen are eliminating the voices calling for change.
    This is the country we are in.
    the legacies of Dr. John were humiliatingly turned behind and no one cares to revisit what the late had done.
    we are downtrodden.

    Our current leaders embarked on inglorious mission of killing and destruction of villages in order to cling to power. it will take enormous time and generation if we don’t swallow our the bitterness of this carnage and face the reality

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Nhial Gatkuoth,
      Sadly, I would disagree with your statement that “the legacies of Dr. John Garang were humiliatingly turned behind and no one cares to revisit what the late had done.”
      In actuality, those of Kiir, Malong, Makuei…and others, are progenies of the diabolical policies of Garang. Remember, it was Garang himself who started this murderous reign of terror when he slaughtered those of Guy Tut, Akot Atem (his uncle from Bor), the Equatorians and others across the land of South Sudan.
      Garang died and never apologized for the horrendous reign of terror he instituted and carried out by his surrogates like Kiir, Pagan, Kuol Manyang, Majak Agoot, who was being groomed to be his intelligence chief.
      This “inglorious mission of killing….” that you referred to above was started and instituted into the SPLM/A by none other than John Garang and Kiir long ago. It will continue until you get rid of Kiir and his batch of kiirlers, whether in the SPLM/A-in-government or SPLM/A-In-Opposition.
      They’re all ‘murderers of the same disposition.’

      • Dear Editor;

        the legacies i underscored in the comment are solely for the greatness and prosperity of our beloved independence nation. In a nutshell, all our leaders have their shortcomings, the reign of terror instituted by the SPLA/SPLM leaders whether in opposition or in Kiir’s camp are properly documented, they may be powerful today with artificial immunity they instilled into themselves that cover them them from facing justice will be over, justice will prevail and the perpetrators will held accountable . The heinous crimes they have committed against the people of South Sudan are indescribable. Garang was a leader, regrettably, he met his fate mysteriously and died without public apology. you are absolutely correct in that point but it was unfortunate. his surrogates in person of Maryardit, Kuol, Makuei and the rest make South Sudan to be ungovernable due to the malicious system they have outlined, they underpin the idea of tribal supremacy with help of JCE which makes our country to be in the current status……….lets hope that God will turn things around soon

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