The G-10 (former detainees) & the fiasco of SPLM Unification

BY: YIEN LAM, JUN/28/2015, SSN;

As a concerned and heartbroken citizen of this great nation, I am deeply disappointed in part with what the so-called SPLM G-10 -whatsoever, and the word Party have been used as the reunification per se. This has no meaning in my view. G-10 and its interest is different with the viable peace and the interest of South Sudanese.

As many have seen the colors of the G-10 in recent visits to Juba, whereby its leader has been awarded with his original position as the SG (Secretary-General) of the party. If that is so as we all know, do you think this group really cares about well-being of people of South Sudan?

No! This is not unless you have mental disability. The group does not mean a true reunification of all SPLMers, what it means is to seek positions in the future government of Salva kiir. That is why it goes in so quickly.

It knows very well that the regime is going to reshuffle its government by the July of this year. This is the simple calculus that can be known by anyone in the country. The group has no ammunition to give peace a shot or a viable reason other than that when it comes to the peace in Addis Ababa, trust me.

Never will its return to Juba ever produce tangible peace in our country. This group is worse than the killer regime in my view because juggling as such with the lives of south Sudanese is not worth it.

As the matter of fact, let the group not bluff the public with the word ‘reunification’ that does not bear any fruit in the group’s heart. It uses this as the political ploy.

If that was really reunification for all, why did the group go in so soon by itself without waiting the other side?

Not only that, why was reunification happening in the city of evil than the original place of peace, namely Arusha?

People, believe it or not, this so-called reunification will not be like the 1987’s when the SPLM reunified with Anya Nya II in Kuanylow where by all Anya Nya II soldiers were integrated into SPLA without addressing the root cause of division that took place in Bilpam?

Because the mentioned reunification did not address the grievances of the Anya Nya II, the problem carried on and led to 1991 internal fighting because there is no reason to rush into agreement without sorting out what initially caused the problem.

Again, SPLM as the party reunified in January 2002 In Nairobi, Kenya that produced what we call South Sudan today. Many people were thinking we will be fine within our country. But again, the SPLM was not up to the task that it’s supposed to be.

This reunification miserably did not address again the principle of reforms and the meaning of being south Sudanese with the exception of self-determination. As a matter of reality, this problem did not stop there as most people expected.

It then led to the disagreement between current president and Dr. John Garang that was solved in Rumbek conference in 2004 that also failed to sort out the differences within the party. These were all about the SPLM inhumane treatment of itself or leadership struggle.

As the result of all cited incidences due to the lack of reforms, this took the very U turn on 15 December, 2013 catastrophe that killed only one ethnic group. This are supposed to be political issues as a group of this kind alluded to in its video address.

It indeed started as a political issue. The question is, if it was a political issue as the group acknowledged it, why were the victims of the political issue only Nuer while the group was a mixture of all people? Can anyone among the G-what so ever answer my question?

So, in my view, if those of SPLM-Juba members apologize and forgive each other as Pagan has alluded to in his speech, what would they be saying about the 20,000 innocent Nuer civilians who were slaughtered in broad daylight in the city of evil as well as the Shilluk people?

Should the SPLM-Juba be ready to once again tell us that it is ok to kill you and let us unite and ready to orchestrate another killing of you? Be the judge of this reunification.

I am done with the fake reunification to be honest with you the readers. I have no problem with anyone who is trashing the reunification of SPLM party ever as Juba SPLM is saying.

If the party leaders in Juba were thinking about the lives of South Sudanese, the 15 December 2013 catastrophe could have been prevented by the party. If they failed then, what would make a sound minded person to believe that it will not do it again after its leader killed 20,000 civilians and the root cause of the problem is not even resolved yet?

People, to be sincere in this case though, reunification with kiir in power is laughable if not impossible in my view. If some still naively think that it will be good while the reforms that are badly needed have not been addressed or implemented, the road to the recovery of our country must be in distant future.

Kiir and his sycophants must not get away with the death of 20,000 innocent lives and expect to be awarded with the leadership of the people to whom their relatives were killed by him.

How would that play in the minds of the soldiers that responded to the situation in defense of their remaining relatives?

Moreover, Mr. S G, if the SPLM leader namely kiir and you did not learn from all of the above, when are you going to learn? I thought you and kiir should have learned from the past if two of you have hearts for the country than the positions that you are holding because SPLM cannot repeat whatever happened as the political issue and only victimize few.

This has to be changed for good in order to prevent the next disaster within the people of South Sudan. Believe it or not, nation is better than the party not the other way around.

Finally, reunification without thinking behind the root cause that killed the people in the nation’s capital in the first place is a provision of a disastrous future. The positions seekers must not bluff the public with empty promise that does not hold any water in the war torn South Sudan.

In this case, the people of south Sudan must work hard to achieve the amicable peace through other means not reunification per se because reunification has no fruit of peace at all than the positions aim.

Therefore, bringing peace through fake reunification of the SPLM without resolving the root cause of current conflict will otherwise be the recipe of killings more innocent lives in future that we cannot afford to allow to happen in our country again. We need to act quickly as we can to dislodge this regime.

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  1. Deng Deng says:

    Dear Jien
    You raised valid points. However, do not loose hope.
    There are many actors to blame to the current war episode:
    1) The SPLM as the party who caused chaos to the total mess
    2) The SPLA the army of the party (SPLM). Otherwise, if they are national army, they should have involved at all in the party wrangles
    3) the politicians who always want confusion
    4) The Clergy men for not giving honest feed back to the leadership of SPLM and other political leaders
    5) The dishonorable members of parliament. Who stood akimbo watching and enjoying the country going in mess
    6) the civil society who have voice, but muted by the ruling party’s executive arm
    7) Foreign elements who have financial, economic and political interests in SS
    8) the Youth of SS by allowing themselves be used and manipulated by warring parties and
    9) the 30 years war trauma. many SS people recommended to go counselling

  2. Buoyar Apuk says:

    Dear Yien Lam,
    The G10 have pushed you to the brinks of a bottomless pit, because you don’t learn from your mistakes, and you and your doctor are not smart politically. You sided with Bashir and fought the SPLA for 12 good years till even 2005 and you were forgiven and awarded by Kiir with big ranks in the army while most of you are illiterate cattle camp thieves without training and civilization and you became fat in Juba to the extent that you conspire to unseat the government that brought you independence, you are still agents of the enemy of this nation and you are not aware that you are still under the payroll of Bashir.
    The G10 have come back to defend this nation which they fought for, not to allow Khartoum mercenaries to hijack South Sudan and take it back to the mouth of a lion. Try to repent and think of this nation and come back to Juba like G10 and you will be welcomed though you are prodigal sons.

  3. Albino Duop says:

    Sorry, Kiir should be resign as well as Chief of staff

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