The future of South Sudan hangs in the balance, is Kiir a psychopath?

By: Gwado J. Ador, DEC/28/2015, SSN;

Things may not work well as we might have thought in 2016; nevertheless, there is little window of opportunity to restore our robbed liberty and to bind our wounds by God’s will!

After careful analysis and evaluation, I have found out that our future will still hang in the balance as long as Kiir is being recognized as legitimate president or considered for any leading role in the future Government of National Unity.

However, there will be no prospect for peace, and no hope for it even in the near future; because, Kiir has not yet settled whether peace could prevail in South Sudan or not. He thinks this could only happen unless under his own terms!

There was no any point for Kiir to proceed with the implementation of his controversial decree or unilaterally dividing the country in 28 states and appointing governors to them, which was obviously against the interest of the majority in various areas of South Sudan.

Although federalism has been popular demand, most of the people in South Sudan have rejected fragmentation on the bases of tribal affiliation as designed by Kiir and his fellow henchmen. I could remember he was hesitant to sign peace agreement in August, because of his heightened fear from unknown. But later he yielded under extreme pressure to sign the peace agreement in Juba.

Naming states’ governors of the “36” controversial order on Christmas Eve is yet another indictment of Kiir before the international public opinion. The peace mediators are still mounting pressure on him to respect his part of commitment.

But he is always as slippery as hard snow melting in shining sun. He says something and does the opposite. Doesn’t this alone mean something for us? Is he “mentally sound?”

Although I am not a psychiatrist or claims to know symptoms of a psychopath and how does a patient behave or react to situations, I believe Salva Kiir is suffering from “psychosis.” He is a dodgy character, unstable and unpredictable who keeps on saying something and negates it the following day!

Still fresh in mine, I could remember reports of Kiir having suffered from “hallucination” because he had nightmares. He saw late Dr. John Garang visiting him occasionally at night, showing sense of “denial and disapproval” as an accomplice in the plots which claimed his life!

So if this is true it will still haunt him even more for sometimes!

What was wrong is to have a bunch of idiots who were supposed to help console and advise him wisely, but instead they have been giving him misleading information so as to create irreparable rift among the people of one origin and past misfortune.

These self appointed opportunists (Jieng Council of Elders JCE) have caused a great damage in South Sudan for which they and their offspring will regret in the years to come.

Again, our politicians whom we have entrusted to represent us have turned their backs against us. They should have questioned the illegal JCE for having infringed into our affairs. No body mandated JCE to decide our fate, neither there any mention of them in the constitution.

Our politicians have been acting instead as patronages sponging off public funds, and their duty included, keeping president Kiir retain his seat and making him tyrant who’s promised to rule for life!

More often than not, they find themselves colluding with him against public interest. They don’t react to all sorts of humiliations and abuses being labeled against their people on daily basis and yet still they claim things are pretty fine in South Sudan.

I believe they have blindfolded themselves and don’t even feel how far things have deteriorated and affected the security of their loved ones at homes, because they reside in fortress-like houses and have racket businesses and stock exchanges all over places.

The recent attack on civilian targets in Shilluck (Collo) areas, which came as a “Christmas surprise” has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Kiir is bent to crush his opponents, including innocent civilians in Collo Kingdom and elsewhere!

Certainly, the future of South Sudan under Kiir will still witness no any departure from past blatant abuses of human rights, tribal squabbles, agonies, arbitrary arrests and looting of public funds including general unrest across South Sudan.

I have strong conviction that his scheme of “28 States” will not work immediately for now or even in the near future because of the following simple facts.

First and foremost, our state of economy is flatly zero. Remember last week, the Minister of Finance David Deng Athorbei and Governor of the Central bank Kornelio Koriom came out publicly auctioning the remaining Dollar notes in the public coffer.

Where on earth shall we get money to spend for all these states of which most of them have virtually no basic infrastructure or even skilled manpower?

Secondly, the magnitude of distrust in certain parts of Upper Nile, especially Collo Kingdom, and Unity State will remain festering for sometimes with innocent civilians being maimed on daily basis in Juba as a result of Kiir’s policy of divide and rule.

Western and Eastern Equatoria, and some spots in Jonglie State including certain parts of Western Bhar el-Gazal will continue witnessing latent hostilities. Juba city on the other hand will remain a centre to score political vendettas and untold rampages by criminal thugs.

Kiir and his “Jieng Council of Elders” have shown persistent drive towards implementation of 28 States, a situation carefully designed, which will certainly give Dinka the upper hand in more than (10) ten States.

Having proceeded with such controversial order “36”, president Kiir might have intended to send a clear message to peace lovers that he is not any longer interested in the peace deal. This has come as a blow to peace mediators and their international friends, especially after Dr. Riek Machar, leader of SPLM –(IO), has sent some of his senior members in good will to Juba.

Finally, as long as Kiir still defies public interest and the international good will to bring about a just peace in South Sudan. I must confess and bet on that, under no illusion, the future of South Sudan will still hang in the balance under uncertainty of Kiir’s attitude towards peace and stability in South Sudan. END


  1. Gatdarwich says:


    Killer NyanKiir is psychologically suffering from the severest form of psychosis because no sound minded, reasonable, and mentally stable individual could possibly-hastily create 28 states and appointed 28 governors in a nation that is financially bankrupt, and in a country where over million of its citizens depends-survives on humanitarian aids.
    Killer NyanKiir’s reckless actions are vivid manifestation of total madness and an uncontrollable quivering period

  2. Bol Khan says:

    Very, very, very well-articulated and well-thought article. Thank you so much Gwado for this piece of article. We have been saying the following as you said: “Salva Kiir is always as slippery as hard snow melting in shining sun. He says something and does the opposite. Doesn’t this alone mean something for us? Is he “mentally sound?” From very this sentence the world should decisively start a long time ago how to save the ordinary citizens of South Sudan.

  3. @Gatdawich and the writer of this article Mr.Gwado or whatever name you may deserved, You have to know very well that you are alone not the majority as you claimed. You and even Kiir are heading nowhere because there is no evidence that shows 28 states is a people demand since there is no referendum system allow for people to vote. All happening is just a claim from both sides and also how the politician will buy the people heard. Let this proceed and if you block Kiir decision, still years will be waste in the middle.

    Let them form the Transitional government of National unity so that the populace may choose who is for democracy among the duo or some body else because Kiir and Riek are NOT only South Sudanese with qualifications. Calling President Nyakiir and so forth will never reverse the situation nor neither correct the future but the solution is to allow the time to run fast into 2018 to bring another idiot to corrupts resources as much as possible. For me as an individual President would be better than the incoming president because the new one will corrupt country wealth so much since he will come as a dry (without Resources) human.

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