The first anniversary of Peter Sule’s indefinite imprisonment

BY: ELHAG PAUL, RSS, NOV. 02/2012, SSN; 3rd November 2012 marks the first anniversary of Peter Sules capture in Moruland. I am using the word anniversary here loosely to cover everything negative and positive. For those who are affected and those who are not, let them put it in their own context as they wish since the fact remains that he has been in detention for 12 months.

Peter was alleged to have rebelled against the government of South Sudan. At that time Sudan Tribune broke the news on 4th November 2011 by reporting that *SPLM spokesperson Philip Aguer said Peter Abdul Rahman Sule, the leader of opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) was arrested in Jambu payam, Mundri East County of Western Equatoria state, after a brief exchange of fire between his forces and the army*.

So far Peter remains in detention having reportedly been severely abused initially by the security forces. Presently there is no information about his health and general well being from credible independent sources.

At about this time last year the media was saturated with the story of Peters attempted rebellion. Most of the articles printed in newspapers, exchanges in the various internet discussion forums, exchanges in informal verbal discussions between friends and groups across the board had very unpleasant things to say about Peter. Peter basically became a punch bag for those who for one reason or another had something to vent their frustrations on. There was no rationality in relation to Peters case. It was believed that most of the vocal critics of Peter were people who grabbed the opportunity to pitch job application to GoSS by shredding him.

Peter was called a fool and stupid. He was not spared and assessed holistically as a human being with multifaceted personality. All of us have different sides to our characters and we are conditioned by the way we are brought up, by our cultures and the environment in which we live. Our different sides of character come out to play by events in our environment.

Against such a background, talking about Peter demands examination of all the factors that have led to him resorting to rebellion. That is another huge topic for another day and I will not delve into it. But to start with, we need to know (though I will not explain): who is Peter? What is his contribution to the liberation of South Sudan? What is Peters personality? What are his values in life? What is his political belief? What prompted him to take that route? Was he justified to take that action? Who would have been the losers and beneficiaries had he succeeded in his endeavors?

Such questions are important to ask in order to know something about the person and what motivates him. With such knowledge making comments can be within context and also fair rather than the spewing of venom we saw last year at the heat of the moment. Nobody is perfect and we are all fallible and thus we need to be considerate and fair of others in our assessments and comments.

Peter has now been in detention for twelve months allegedly for rebellion. During this period there have been many rebellions against the government of South Sudan. For example, David Yau Yau in Jonglei state declared war on the government of South Sudan. While violence is unacceptable, it seems many groups are gravitating towards that end.

Why? The fact that the government is controlled by one party, the SPLM serving interest of a specific group of people is not helping the situation, especially given that the SPLM is bent on enriching its members at the expense of the people of South Sudan.

Internally, agents of the state are taking a different non-democratic route in their attempt to change the system. Since July there have been a number of failed coups in Juba. Prominent among them was the one of 26th July 2012 allegedly spearheaded by the Bor group under the leadership of Maj. Gen. Paul Mach and the recent one allegedly led by Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwec. The former was very serious and it nearly brought the government down. Most of the coup plotters were arrested and detained in Yei garrison. However, due to tribal politics in the name of unity of the rulers, the culprits were swiftly released with some rewarded by being sent as representatives of the government to the talks in Addis Ababa.

This act is a blatant violation of the constitution of South Sudan.

The latter attempt which forced the president to return to Juba from a summit in Kampala/Uganda in the middle of October 2012 is reportedly not as serious as the earlier one but has the potential even now to snowball into something. It is still viewed as a smoldering gun. The alleged leader of the coup, Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwec, is now in detention in Juba.

Maj. Gen. Paul Mach and his group (unlike Peter Sule) and Maj. Gen. Gatwec appear to have received a lenient and favourable treatment from the government of South Sudan. For a group which is alleged to have attempted to overthrow the government violently to be rewarded is a new phenomenon in African politics and this can only be in RSS. The politics of tribalism in South Sudan may eventually destroy it.

For the president to ignore the constitution and *Fi ainak ya tajir* (meaning deliberate deceit in your face or what can you do?), he rubbishes the constitution in order to preserve the interest of his social group is breathtaking. Sadly, the president appears to have no idea that he is representing something bigger than all the tribes of South Sudan combined and the behaviour he is exhibiting amounts to negligence of duty.

What is amazing is that no politician or member of the parliament has raised a finger on this unfortunate and unacceptable discriminatory and repressive act thereby making themselves complicit. It is clear, one group, the rulers and only the rulers, are above the law while the rest are subject to harsh treatment.

Maj. Gen. Gatwec unlike Peter has the weight and unconditional support of his people in the form of the Nuer Youth behind him. Right from the time of his arrest the Nuer Youth beat the drums of notice so loud that everybody heard their message. It is most likely that Maj. Gen. Gatwec case may now be handled sensitively because he comes from a community that can protect their own in a country that fails to protect all its citizens as per constitution. It is also possible that Maj. Gen. Gatwec could follow Peters fate for the simple fact that not all the Nuer political actors have been protected by their community. Something that is puzzling but a reality.

The reason for this anomaly may lie in internal politics of Nuer community. An example can be drawn from the case of George Tang and others. Since their arrest their cases have been of low profile. To date nothing has been heard about them in terms of justice.

Peter comes last in the pecking order of political things in RSS and with it his own personal worth. The manner in which the people of his own region went silent on his rights and security buoyed the rulers and ensured that Peter is thrown to the wolves. But it is important to note that whatever is happening to Peter is not the first and the last and it is not the end of the story.

Any emerging effective and popular leader from Peters region from now on can be a fair game in RSS politics. Such a leader can be entrapped, framed and trashed in similar manner as Peter and nobody will raise their head in his/her support. For Peters experience will always be the precedent and point of reference to go by in the eyes of the tribal victors.

Equatoria subjugation The leaders of SPLM/A from its inception in 1983 have always sought to pacify and subjugate parts of South Sudan, especially Equatoria. Leaders from that part of the country have been targeted in many ways. The techniques mostly applied to subjugate Equatoria and its leaders include *divide and rule*, *isolate and kill* with terrorisation of the population. Now, it seems they may have succeeded.

For the majority of those who stood out thumping their chests in condemnation of Peter (a jurist of wide experience in life) were mostly short sighted Equatorians conditioned psychologically by SPLM terror.

The humiliation of Peter through Machiavellian intrigues and machinations is not only Peters problem. Peter is only an individual and for that matter a drop in an ocean. The humiliation carries a big political picture spanning four decades of internal politics of South Sudan. It is about vicious control of an entire region and its people.

The symbolism of Peters forgotten detention tells a lot about his region and its people. It depicts the disempowerment of a once proud and stout people whose dignity has been lowered to nothing. It is a statement that what Peter represents in terms of his identity, culture and freedom can be trodden upon with impunity by the tribal victors.

The basic acts portraying this reality in South Sudan can be found in the illegal but condoned practice of land grab, assaults on innocent men and women by tribal security force, marginalisation in civil service, denial of passports etc.

In contrast to this appalling situation is the fact that the crimes of the victors are at worst ignored or at best legitimised. Take for example, Arthur Akuen Chol who stole hundreds of millions from the government. When he was arrested and detained, his people (armed thugs) went to the prison and violently released him from detention. What followed is stuff of Alice in Wonderland.

No investigation on a prisoner breaking out from prison with help of relatives. No inquiry on the attack on state institution. No action taken against the escapee and culprits who stormed state property although they are known. All these violations and crimes are shrugged off and capped by Arthur being rewarded by a parliamentary appointment by the president. Wow!

Any wonder why RSS is a failed state? Just compare and contrast the actions of this administration to get the jest of what I am trying to say here in terms of oppression, discrimination and abuse of state power by the so-called heroes or should I say villains.

Maj. Gen. Paul Mach and group can violate the law and yet gain their freedom to move freely with rewards from the government while others like Peter are indefinitely incarcerated with the media unleashed to demonise them. President Kiir needs to be fair. During the independence of South Sudan he swore to uphold the constitution.

Now that he has broken it to free the *Machs* of this world, he needs to extend the same treatment to all the other political detainees. Granting amnesty to those languishing in the detention centres will help calm the political atmosphere. Bring fresh hope to the country and possibly lead to a new direction.

Things are not improving in our country. Everyday the sun rises and sets the situation gets worse. Corruption grows, insecurity spreads engulfing the cities, tribalism spreads like cancer, the leaders make blunders, no provision of services to the people etc. The rebellions we are facing and talking about here all started because of these very ills. The result now is that South Sudan has become a fertile ground for germination of rebels with coups popping up like mushrooms on wet ground. We can not go on like this. Some sense needs to prevail.

First and foremost, SPLM needs to reflect and accept that the country belongs to all the people of South Sudan and so the people have a stake in how it is managed. Currently, the direction the country is heading into is not good for anybody including the SPLM itself. Thus SPLM needs to take a proper democratic step by:

1) Granting general amnesty to all political prisoners, armed groups and opposition figures to equalise his release of the Machs so we start afresh.
2) arranging a conference where all the political parties, civil societies and independent stake holders are represented to deliberate on the issues afflicting the country.
3) forming a government of national unity to govern the country during an interim period and for that government to create a conducive atmosphere for general elections.

If president Kiir really wants to have a memorable legacy it will only have to be on his courage and confidence if he has any to pull back our country from the brink of disaster. He drove it to this dangerous position and he now needs to act like a real statesman to save what is left of it by initiating the proposed democratic actions. By acting he will end the unnecessary sufferings and divisions in the country and recover his name.

As stated, Peters humiliation symbolises something big. That something instead of it being destructive and divisive, it should bring us all together and here I want to end this article by quoting president Kiir himself.

*This is the time that we must cement the unity of South Sudan so that we are one country,* Gurtong 26th November 2011. Let us then cement the unity of South Sudan by treating every citizen equally as mandated in the constitution and preached by our church leaders.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

(Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and not of the website)
Elhag Paul


  1. Dear Elhag Paul,
    I am glad you brought this issue up forcefully. I wrote this in one of the concluding paragraphs of my article on Addis Ababa Deals: “Thus, let Ustaz Peter Abdelrahaman Sule be released from political detention together with other opposition figures and elements in South Sudan. Let President Kiir assign them some national duties so that they could contribute to the common good of the nascent Republic of South Sudan. Prisons and exiles do not and cannot benefit a new country like South Sudan. Instead, it is the freedom and nationalism that can save South Sudan from collapsing into a failed state.”

    If there are concrete legal evidences against Sule why should it take one year without his trial? Also under which section of the law is he charged and warranted an arrest? After all SPLM SG Pagan Amum and Arthur Akuein arranged their conflicts in Juba court in a very short period thought it looked like a Kangaroo one. Something is fishy somewhere and I agree with your analysis. Dr. Okuk.

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      Dear Dr James Okuk,
      Mr Elhag Paul brought this issue of Maulana Abdel Rahaman Sule detention, it forced us to comment even as most of us have no substantive evidences that Maulana Sule has been charged for but based on legal point of view there is some safeguards provided by laws to the arrested person and our Government must preserve
      1 The arrested person shall not be in custody without informing him the grounds he his arrested .
      2 Shall not be denied the right to consult and right to be defended by legal practitioner of his choice
      3 He has right to be produced before the nearest Magistrate within 24 hours
      4 He shall be informed as to why he has been arrested.
      5 Law provides that any person who is arrested or detained shall not be detained in custody beyond the prescribed period without authority sanction of Magistrate and he must not be detained for indefinite period. Also he has right to be given a opportunity to defend himself thereafter the law will take its own course. Peter Abdel Rahaman Sule shall be in Judicial custody today because the charge brought against him is a criminal charge of attempt to take Arms against the Government of South Sudan. He should appear before the Criminal Court; the Court of law will determine the case. If he be found guilty, will get what he deserved and if be found innocent will be acquitted in the fair trial if there is no political motivation behind his detention. Anyway I totally failed to understand why things are too complicated.
      Diu J.Kuek

      • Diu J Kuek,
        It is a common practice in jurisprudence that if you don’t have sufficient and concrete evidence against an accused, you better hold him innocent until you get your proof ready. Prisons and detention cells are not places for innocent people but criminals. Up to now there is no proof that P.A Sule is a criminal apart from SSTV SPLA/M propaganda against him.

        If the law says what you have rightly quoted then serious injustice is being committed by the Government of the RSS against Sule. What is being done to him is politics of elimination of the opponent and not law. This is abuse of human rights.

        Where is Hilda Johnson of UNMISS? She can only move when dollars are cut from her staff as GoSS declare them persona non grata but not when opposition figures are arbitrary arrested, tortured and detained for months in prisons.

        • Morthon Akol says:

          Dr. James Okuk, what kind of proof you are talking about apart from Peter Sule’s forces exchanging fire with SPLA forces? Everywhere in the world when you take arms against the government, immediately you will get fired, no question.

          • Morthon Akol, Have you seen in reality apart from SSTV screen that P. A. Sule exchanged fire with SPLA forces? What of if it was a drama as it was acted on Gen. George Athor. If your belief is correct why should it take over a year now without him being taken to court for criminal trial? There should not be a middle way in the rule of law; either an accused is guilty or innocent. Let the law prove him guilty if he is found to be so without hesitation. Justice delayed is justice denied, and denying justice is itself an injustice.

            Let Sule be released with an apology from those who arrested him arbitrarily if they are afraid to take him to court. Perhaps they are fearing the flashback from his defense lawyers who are ready to reveal the whole truth about his ordeal and with shame on his opponents.

  2. Martin says:

    What a wonderful article you have written, that expressed the dark side of the RSS and their undemocratical and false politics that create unrest and fear among civilians, however I wish, if we have bright bloggers like you. And thank you Mr. Elhag Paul, it looks like you have read my thoughts towards our RSS government.

  3. Dear Elhag Paul, your article is clear but you would have advised Peter Sule before he has decided to revolt leading to the death of some people during his capture. The revolt he had attempted is not a minor case for such a person to be released simply. Forget only of one year he spent in prison, he is going to spend some other more years. When he’s freed from prison he will be the good adviser to those who want to attempt a revolt.

  4. Dr. Okuk. Phd holder, the pride of south Sudan. My observation to your article and comments, you keep opposing the ruling party and even you do criticizing president Kiir. I have some few questions for you: 1. Where were you during the time of struggling? 2. Why do you criticize your own president? As an educated person you are worthy enough to be Kiir’s adviser than to oppose him. Let us leave apart the criticism and work hard to build up our young nation.

    • DUKU says:

      Deng Ngor Akuei, if Dr. Okuk can’t consent with Kiir polices as you have said that “he is the pride of the nation”, meaning there are serious loopholes in the system he has identified out. So Nations are build when there are constructive criticism.

  5. David Debu says:

    Thanks for your outstanding information concerning Peter’s detention. I am really unhappy with the SPLM led government for playing unfair justice against Peter Sule. It’s been long time now after arresting him and we the public lack information about his well being. I wonder the kind of country that does not give information about political detainees. Peter to my opinion should be released much as his body – guards exchanged fire with the SPLA forces. His case to me does not carry much weight as many people might negatively think. Also, the people of Western Equatoria lack support to Peter because of fear of loosing favor from the SPLM or otherwise. Since civil war broke out, Greater Equatoria had suffered indiscriminately from the same forces of liberation focusing on silencing able individuals. However, gone are the days where same forces purposely put up their capabilities against innocent civilians. I call on Greater Equatoria to rise their voices against unfair justice being labeled by SPLM led government and to equally demand for the right of detained political leaders regardless of their political parties. Regional support is worth mentioning in the matters of South Sudan whose actions are justified against minorities. God bless RSS.

  6. Alfred Atem says:

    Molana Peter Sule, chairman of the United Democratic Front (UDF) is a very committed man who does not tolerate anything that is unjust, undemocratic and unfair. The reason posted by our leadership in Juba is totally unconvincing. During the Constitutional Conference on our RSS Transitional Constitution, Molana contributed so effectively and raised questions pertaining to the powers of the executives. A leader of his own right should be accorded with respect by those in the seat as we speak, but ended up in jail and accused of a rebellion. We need the government to come up open and give us reason for his detention. No matter how long the night is, the day will definitely come! We need to involve UN Human Rights groups in this so that Molana is either released or taken to court.

  7. WANI says:

    My massage goes directly to Mr Deng Ngor – for how long will you people be bias in you judgment? Always compare and contrast. Always search reckless words like what you commented are common in people of your character, most people across the world know that most of your people are irresponsible.

    • Mr. Wani, you would have to say the ruling party is irresponsible than to say my people. Kiir’s leadership doesn’t mean that the government only belongs to Dinka. It seems most of you keep blaming president Kiir while the government he leads comprises of many people from the whole state of south Sudan. Instead of blaming Kiir, why don’t you blame the MPs, those who are responsible for the laws? Coming back to my comments on Peter Sule, it seems that he has committed a crime. Taking arms against the government is not a simple case. Look the government is keen enough to keep him alive while he has been captured in the battle field. Where is Gen. Athor when he decided to destabilize the young nation? Peter also tried to destabilize the young nation and he’s supposed to be killed in the battlefield. If you were to be president Wani, will you be compromising those who want to destabilize your nation? Peter Sule is not under detention for political issue, he is under detention because he was captured fighting the government. He is under arrest as prisoner of war till his case is referred to criminal court.

      • martin L says:

        “He is under detention because he was captured fighting the government.” Brother Deng Ngor, you seem to repeat what the government of RSS is claiming. There are not facts out there that confirm Peter Sule rebelled against the Government. Unfortunately this is a lie and will remain so until someone gives us the proof otherwise…

  8. Peter Madual says:

    Dear ELHAG, releasing Honorable Peter Sule and Gen. Simon Gatwich unconditionally, is our fist priority. As I said, let the greater Upper Nile and greater Equatoria unite to overcome the tribal regime in Juba. As you well know, president Kiir and Abyei thugs allegedly tried on multiple occasions to oust or assassinate Dr. Riek Machar most ignominiously at 2008 convention; however, they utterly failed so long as the Nuer youth remain wide alert to the danger on the Dinka terrorists. Anyway, my only appeal on these two regions is to work side by side and prepare for creeping revolution or popular uprising rather than a velvet revolution. Further, we need to isolate those who stab our backs or those who been allegedly bribed by Dinka such as Luk Kuth Dak from Nuer tribe or Stephen Peterino from Latuka tribe and many more. There is no peace or nation building in south Sudan if Kiir’s still in power.

  9. Tongun says:

    My massage goes to Mr Deng Ngor – It is people with small brains like yours who are running the country backward.

  10. Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

    As usual, you continue to lead us by example in courage and patriotism by bravely and eloquently telling the truth to an unjust power and hitting the nail on the head of the shambolic performance of our myopic president and government of South Sudan. Reliable sources confirm that despite ailing body, Peter Sule is doing well in his cell, with a resolute and unbent will, and a high spirit, morale and optimism. He only bemoans lack of visitations even by those close to him, and the local and international silence of the so-called human rights organizations and activists. And as Dr. Okuk mentioned above, the sources reiterated the view that the Hilda Johnsons and the purported symbols of human rights and dignity, are standing idly by while our president continue his gross human rights violation of Sule’s freedom, and his continued arbitrary detention entering a second year without due process. However, one way we can assist in Sule’s immediate release, which is the very step you have taken in this article is by naming and shaming to the general public and the international community both the president’s abhorrent actions and the impunity cover provided him by the so-called human rights organizations. Thank you for leading the way.
    Lo Loyuong.

  11. Manut Michael Lual says:

    Dear Readers, allow me to advice all of you. What you are negotiating through internet is not a solution, you are now abusing each other and others are saying that the country is for Dinka that a lot of problems rise. My advice is to Dr Okuk and Elhag Paul; the government is not a Dinka, is okay president is Dinka! The vice president isn’t Dinka? Or speaker of the parliament isn’t a Dinka? Are all ministers from Dinka? This what we call the promised land south Sudan isn’t for Dinka, it is for all citizens of south Sudan including yourself not for Kiir or whoever. The detention of UDF leader is not Kiir’s problem, it’s for the government especially Wani Igga. he have to send him to the court, and the court will see the case. Thanks, Manut Michael Lual. Bachelor of medicine at Upper Nile university in Khartoum

  12. Viper says:

    El Hag Paul is a confused foreign oriented little boy who does not know the danger of revolutions. Mr Sule got what he deserved and releasing him means nothing. He took up arms against the RSS amd was supposed to be killed by our army like Athor. Those of Okuk are also confused like this El Hag

  13. Thanks, Manut Michael Lual, for your good advice you wrote in your comments. Those people will not take it as an advice but turn it to be the defence you want to defend kiir. Let them appeal to whom they like or to go and free him. Those who are always supporting the criminals are criminals, and they usually never take another advice.

  14. Viper, From your comment, it could be seen that you are really a viper if not son of a viper. You enjoy the blood of the innocent. Shame on you!

  15. Smith says:

    Mr. Paul, Okuk and the likes are moaning their de-registration of the SPLM-DC where they belong, so it won’t be a surprise to those who know them perfectly. The fact that SPLM-DC has become a rebel outfit of which those of Sule, Yauyau and Gatwech are implicated makes them irritative and forget that they are being pardoned by the government to allow them in Juba even when they are the so-called militia operatives.
    Kiir should sack them from the public service, you can never represent a rebellion against the state and you work in the government you oppose.
    Mr. Okuk is a mad dog who can shit in his own place of sleeping no wonder the way he is.
    The masters of tribalism start from Paul El Hag (an NCP agent in Juba) and Okuk, the member of rebels outfit and offshots of SPLM-DC within the government of South Sudan.
    Thank God that Kiir’s mercy on such idiots would one day hunt him if he does not correct his policies to weed out those cancers in his government starting it with Okuk and Paul. How better are these two elements from other South Sudanese who would do good job to their country?

  16. Diu J.Kuek says:

    Dear friends,
    Now I can see most of you guys are out of the proposition and the content of article began attacking each other in tribal manner which can not take us anywhere. My dear fellow citizens, no Nation can be built and rise to move from a lower to a higher position without unity. I think no one can give me an example of tribal Nation that became successful and prosperous Nation on this earth I never hard. We as intellectual people, when it comes to such a debate we should make our argument through logical reasoning and legal point of view to let our Nation to move forward.
    When this issue of Peter Abdel Rahaman Sule is brought to debate by Mr Elhag Paul, it’s a case of justice and injustice. There is some safeguards provided by law to the arrested person. He/she shall not be detained in custody beyond the prescribed period without authority sanction of Magistrate and our Government should preserve this. To those who just blindly support the Government action without having substantive evidences that can justify Abdel Rahaman Sule not being charged.
    If Peter Abdel Rahaman was captured in the battle field as said by most of you, did you hear any single life being lost on that battle and if Abdel Rahaman Sule has been accused of taking arms against the Government of South Sudan which is very serious offence, why he is not brought to justice and face the criminal trial?
    If he is guilty or innocent, the law will take its own course without mercy, so detention of Abdel Rahaman Sule is against the principle of natural justice.

  17. Joseph says:

    SPLM led-government is preparing a good ground for another Revolution to happen in South Sudan. Detention of Moulana Peter, Maj. Gen Gatwec, grabbing of peoples lands and killing of the people like George Athor in Uganda-Kampala while he’s seeking peace initiative with South Sudan and bringing his body and claiming they killed him in Morobo country, central Equatoria state, for me, let it happen to enable the pain to touch every person, family, communities in order to accelerate the revolution.

  18. Peter Madual says:

    Viper, I would like to make a couple of suggestions to add a little to the debate. The first is that Dinka leaders should recognize that there is hatred of Dinka or Dinnkophobia, stretching from greater Upper Nile to grater Equateria’s more Kokora one. Although Kiir and Abyei terrorists namely Edward Lino and Pieng Deng Majok have been making a strenuous effort to bribe backstabbers or rid non-Dinka officers whom they think are threats to them. The second, it’s crystal clear that Kiir and Abyei black Arabs offered James Wani, John Lok, Pagan Amum, James Hoth Mai a bribe for finishing their tribal leaders.
    Lastly, Dinka leaders face unexpected hurdles to initiating Dinka domination in South Sudan. And let me make clear to our brothers Jieng that the two regions are determined to dislodge Kiir from Power. I think there is legal justification for us to do everything they could to dislodge the new Jallaba in our country. 72% of south Sudan people think that Dinka rule is really tragic.

    • Madual! Have you ever tried to fight or to dislodge someone who is in power? Never try to do. Mobilize those regions only not to vote him in up coming elections than to dislodge him. Fighting is not a joke where you come back home happily, there is killing and whom do you want to die again? Instead enjoy our freedom. Distance yourself away from such political young man! Otherwise you will risk your life.

      • Sosa Mole says:

        Deng Ngor, A time shall come when you’ll eat your own words!!!! Look at Mubarak, Qaddafi, Saddam. One day Upper Nile and Equatoria will rise up!

  19. Well, my advice to all, is that when you are old enough like Mr. Sule, then stay away from politics and don’t rebel because it is bad for an old man to be imprisoned. Your body is not strong enough to deal with rebels activities.

  20. Keny1 Alex says:

    It is possible to demand the release of political detainees including every South Sudanese regardless of whether he’s Dinka or non-Dinka. But asking it from national point of view otherwise, the regional and tribal bacteria that destroyed our nation since Adam will continue with its mission unnoticed to finish Dinka or non Dinka alike. So just as a political pardon was granted to some political sinners, let P.A. Sule receive his due in that regard. But if a deaf ear is exchanged in hinder to this advice then a time is coming when no any power can repel the demand to release those Comrades whose contribution to our Independence is forfeited for their political mistakes.

  21. GatNor says:

    99% of South Sudanese make problems worse by supporting undemocratic practices from their governments at the National and as well as at the Local levels of the Governments to cover up their personal and their preferred group’s dirty deeds and tribal taboos. Most of South Sudanese keep silent when their parties of choice do evil in their present but object defensively when bad practices are brought to light against them all.
    But as soon as evidence based on facts are revealed against them regardless of if they are innocent or not, and since there is no process of a fair judicial system, they quickly cry bloody murder against the governments or one specific tribe and go as far as character misrepresentations of certain personalities without fact and distorted information in attempt to scapegoat and make themselves look as if they are the only angels on this great land of Nilotic South Sudan.
    How do people obsessed and disease-stricken with tribal retardation overcome this dark subconscious karmic cycle of evil state of existence in order to be able to co-exist prosperously as a sovereign nation amongst many in which they are the last to be call a nation? How, just how..?
    News Flash for all people of Nilotic South Sudan: You are the last nation to be given a chance by world communities to join the progressing civilized sons and daughters of Man on this planet Earth and moving backwards will not do you any in this fast and evolving planet.
    Your chronic tribal retardation is no excuse, it’s time you move forwards with South Sudan as a conscious nation with unity and love for all and not these insignificant tribal mentalities that do not serve you any greater purpose.

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