The Fight of the Beasts in the luak

BY: ElHag Paul, South Sudan, MAY/17/2013, SSN;

The hedonistic, unholy and belligerent three decades old sacred cow named Oyee has become haunted. Demons of divisions and greed have taken over its psyche and it has also infected the hearts of the two top shepherds. The cow’s behaviour has become erratic. It is confused and keeps wondering aimlessly. Things are no longer good. To save the animal and the Luak (cow shed), the shepherds have agreed to recruit the representatives of God on earth to exorcise the ghosts before the cow destroys itself.

The shepherds since the birth of this particular cow have not believed in modern methods of animal husbandry. The rules of good animal management were frowned at and despised. This cow was allowed to forage freely through people’s fields and whoever complained got the stick. As is the norm in life, living things get socialised to a certain way of doing things and once these habits take hold it is not easy to forsake them.

Little did the shepherds know that the unruly behaviour of their beloved cow one day will create a huge problem among them in the luak. So long as the cow grazed on other people’s fields and produced milk, they were content on reaping the benefits without thinking about the destruction that this cow caused on people’s fields and lives.

I remember way back at home when my mother used to tell us (my siblings and I) stories in the evening around the fire place (colourful stories about the ‘fox’, the ‘hare’ and the like). I always looked forward to evening time for these enjoyable funny stories. With hindsight now I know that my mother was doing a great job of educating us and preparing us for life as adults in the community.

These fire place stories serve a number of purposes, they equip the mind with essential knowledge necessary for survival, they build loyalty in relationship, they strengthen love between children and parents and shape lives making people to think in a responsible way towards the well-being of the community.

Those unfortunate ones in the community who did not benefit from such exercises lost important aspects of good upbringing. The reason why societies have delinquents may be traced to lack of appropriate socialisation.

Each culture has a way of imparting essential and desirable norms and values on its members from an early age. Some cultures are good and others are wanting. Those with wanting cultures often are the source of problems in some societies and it becomes necessary that the wider society must take responsibility to rescue such groups from themselves by re-educating them for the greater good lest the whole society self-destructs.

Which of course means animal breeding too involves a similar process to enable the cowboys and cowgirls to adequately manage them properly in their farms for better profits. In the advanced countries, even pets are reared in such a way as to inculcate acceptable norms in them. For instance, the owners of dogs and cats in advanced countries communicate with their animals and the latter in turn respond to the former to keep the peace.

Otherwise, without good rearing, dogs and cats would be causing havoc by biting people all the time. Rarely except in the wild, can one find an animal in the community behaving as it wants without control and here is where the cow named Oyee comes in. It is exactly, the prototype of the poorly bred and uncouth animal with inbuilt traits of self-destruction.

Soon after its birth three decades ago, the owners instead of imparting acceptable norms and values on it, they relentlessly conditioned it to be aggressive and thoughtless. It was taught not to respect rules. It was taught to be ruthless. “Inshalla abuk wadi talaga” translating into ‘shoot anything regardless including your own father’. It was only nurtured as a killing machine and indeed it has turned out to be exactly so.

It is very easy to talk or inculcate killing into things. Pulling a trigger or slaughtering a human being like the sad case of Banyjioth Matoat Tap may be an act of few minutes, but the consequence lasts with the dehumanised brute for life. A life that gets taken over with nightmares and mental disturbance often silently nursed by this dead soul living.

If bravery means foolery, self-destruction and dehumanisation (the return to the world of savagery), then perhaps the ‘cowards’ have won the battle of the day as the future looks certain to be bright for them.

Now, Oyee afflicted by this terrible disease is even unable to manage or care for itself. The concept of ‘care’ is totally alien to it. Since it achieves pleasure by hurting and destroying its own, it gets confused when told to be considerate of the sanctity of life. As far as it is concerned, pleasure is achieved from usurping power, robbing, looting, and killing.

At this crucial juncture, only weeks away from its thirtieth birthday, the shepherds have called in the men of God for help. The cow is going crazy and the two top shepherds are at each other’s throats. The blames are mounting with each shepherd lamenting the state of the cow. Even at this late stage, neither of the shepherds can see that approaching the vets may be the solution. They are convinced the cow is haunted and the panacea is with the men of God.

Approaching the vets is not a preferable option for the shepherds because the panacea may involve modern prescription involving unpalatable medications, restrictions on the cow and possible re-arrangement of the ‘Luak’ with change of the shepherds themselves. As the cow is now mentally affected, it would not be difficult for the vet to see that the shepherds themselves are contributors to its predicament and if so they should not be allowed to perpetuate the conditions that have driven this supposed sacred cow to this unfortunate situation.

The shepherds aware of such a possible diagnosis from the vets decided the best course of action is to let things as they are. Neither of them wants to lose the cow. For life without milk is unthinkable. So they resort to profusely blaming each other for the way the cow was brought up.

Both have become irrational in that they are incapable of seeing that they are actually responsible for the state of the cow and neither of them has any knowledge and skills of cow management. Yet, like 2 year olds self centred egotistical children oblivious of their environment, they just want to carry on inflicting more damage. Unbelievable but that is the reality in the Luak.

As the story about the cow’s health and the division between the shepherds spreads like wild fire in the Luak, and the inhabitants of the Luak get concerned, the shepherds have now approached the representatives of God on earth to intervene. As expected, the spiritual leaders being wise men and tactful knowing that both shepherds are hopeless and that the cow itself being old and ill, there is nothing to be salvaged here. They would have preferred to recommend ‘starting from scratch’ which would entail the humane putting down of this terminally ill cow.

Nevertheless, knowing the atrocious behaviour and the unpredictable temper of the shepherds and the importance of preserving life, they engage in philosophical talk praising both shepherds highly – calling them men of peace and referring to the cow as healthy and the Luak as calm, stable and prosperous. These praises are dished out with razzmatazz even when the shepherds are snarling at each other with frightening display of anger.

Wittily, the spiritual leaders steer clear of exorcising the cow. It is not important and it is unworthy given it’s old age and the nature of its possession by the demons. The economics of saving a possessed slow dying cow in spiritual terms is not worth the work involved. Therefore, it is silently and intriguingly with sweet praises left to perish alone as its days are numbered.

The demon initially manifesting itself as mental disturbance in the cow and now that the men of God are out of the way, it has comfortably taken full possession of the cow and fiendishly attached itself to the shepherds. As enemy of peace in the Luak it is speeding up the whole process of atrophy. Although this seems dire, for those who fear God this is the beginning of the good news because it signifies the coming of the saviour (the Messiah).

Knowing the dire situation prevailing in this difficult last days, the representatives of God on earth are now profusely on daily basis praying for the ‘Luak’ to ensure that when the end comes to this possessed unsalvageable cow the demons go along with it leaving the ‘Luak’ cleansed for coming of the Messiah with people of peace singing hallelujah loudly.

The shepherds now possessed like the cow itself are bickering with each other with their supporters fragmenting themselves with accusations and counter accusations of betrayal. Determined not to lose the milk in the interim period prior to death of the cow, each has resorted to consulting the powers of the dark to outwit the other for total control of the cow’s management (The very evil powers that has possessed them).

In the far corner of the Luak, another interesting development takes place. Three mini shepherds equally possessed assigned the responsibility of rearing three of the 10 goats in the Luak are agitated and like the three witches of Macbeth (Shakespeare) are meeting bemoaning the murky weather conditions. They warn the ‘Luakians’ forecasting horrendous weather in the days to come. They prophesy that their goats may be trampled-on in the big fight of the beasts unless something is done. The bickering shepherds each knowing that they through their cow had plundered the luak just like General Macbeth had done with the demise of Duncan the day of reckoning is about to come.

Perturbed, and besieged by the thoughts of the impending catastrophe, the shepherds reluctantly and desperately are courting the three mini shepherds of the three goats as the only hope. Without support of these midgets once considered useless beings in the Luak, neither of these competing shepherds can survive in the interim period. Whichever one of the shepherds that wins the support of these midgets will emerge as the victor in the meantime to manage the cow and also milk it without any accountability.

Ironically, the fortunes of these oppressed and supposedly coward mini shepherds of the three goats suddenly have become extremely important in the survival of anyone of the possessed ‘brave’ shepherds. One wonders whether these midgets are aware of this accidentally pivotal position of powers? If they are, will they extract maximum benefits for themselves before the death of the cow?

Since the cow has foraged freely in their pens with impunity depriving the goats of pasture, will they now trade their support for maximum benefit of the goats by strictly demanding for:
1) properly demarcated pens where they are the masters to ensure that the cow does not return to forage freely.
2) de-restriction of their abused brother.
3) equitable distribution of the milk in the Luak.

If the shepherds refuse to these demands, will the midgets withhold their support to both and instead vie for management of the cow itself in the interim period? After all, the three goats exactly make a third of the Luak. Mathematically they stand equal chances in a contest. Such an act will expose the fallacy of numbers but will the midgets detect this?

In the meantime, with the murky weather building up, let us together with the representatives of God on earth pray for coming of the Messiah. Oh! God save the Luak. Amen

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Eastern says:

    Dear Elhag, the incessant fight in the Luak is already taking its toll by the day. Today as I was driving from Nimule to Juba in private car, my car was stopped and searched for 5 times within 90km of Juba. The boys guarding these Luak owners seem to have shifted their attention from the real issues facing the country to the lifeline (the Juba-Nimule highway). The threats to South Sudan are not the road users but those bent on paralyzing this vital road. Let the infighting in the Luaks not be taken to the highway!!!

    • Dear Eastern:

      Seeing is believing! I’m glad that you have witnessed the presence of the very people whom you have been instigating war against them online. Aliens, the real Equatorians and the so called Beasts of the Luak, possibly, Nuer and Dinka are already on the ground in full forces and are patrolling their Highways and Borders in the Greater Equatoria States. In fact, the fight of the Beasts in the Luak is already looming in your own Backyard. It will just be a matter of time before the Fake Equatorians are rounded up and deported back to their homelands in shame and disgrace.

      The Boys of the Luak are now awaiting the presidential decrees or orders to apprehend and deport those Fake Equatorians and/or LRA deserters. I’m sick and tired of those Fake Equatorians who cross the Border to Uganda and claim to be Ugandans when there is a war in South Sudan and/or return to Equatoria and claim to be Equatorians when there is Peace and job opportunities in South Sudan.

      Those thugs and food lovers should not be allowed to fool South Sudanese all the times. I’m glad that the Luak Boys are getting rid of them in Equatoria because they are the masterminds of all hatred and animosity among the peace loving people of Greater Equatoria. Please spread the news to your next of kin before it is too late for them to grab their belongings. It is official. We are getting rid of you from the Republic of South Sudan otherwise unless you cease generating hatred and animosity among our people, stop claiming being Equatorians and behave just like any other foreigners in South Sudan.
      Did I make myself clear, Mr. Elhag Paul, Nyaputa, Umoja, South Mole etc…?

      • Eastern says:

        Gatkuoth, the writing is very clear on the wall!! It is not a Dinka or Nuer to decide who’s South Sudanese or not. Every South Sudanese knows their identity. We are sitting on a time bomb!!

      • nyaputa says:

        Gathkuoth Garang,

        You need to address your own problem in your area. why should you want to patrol the highway in greater Equatoria?
        is there no highway in your own state/county or village? i believe if there are any issues pop ups in any state or county and boma, the state authority should be able to handle it. what’s the point of shephard moving around as if there are no others who can take care of it?
        since you have singled out that you nuer and jienge are the only people who called yourselves south Sudanese, then be my guest.
        Gathkuoth, you need to to do a research and find out where both of you, dinka and nuer, originated. If you really understood your origin, am sure issues such as highway patrol and jonglei rebellion will start to cease.

        Gathkuoth, the patrol that you’re talking about is not because of insecurity. it happened because you’re worried of road closure and goodies you usually enjoy from uganda and kenya will now stop and you will have no means of supply.

        GATHKUOTH, if you want highway patrol, greater equatoria will do it by themselves. not you nuer and jienge cowards. by the way gathkuoth, tell me where is PETER GADET? the so-called lion of bush? why was he put in prison by jienge government in juba? is it because he made false promises that he was going to bring Daivd Yau Yau, dyy, alive or dead and he failed to do so, that is why he is now joining tang or what?

        • Nyaputa:

          Dear Alien: The SPLA is fighting two different kinds of enemies in the Republic of South Sudan. The first enemy are those who come with guns and willingly attempt to seize our land by force and that enemy is Jallaba (Arabs) from the North. The second enemy is you and your likes, the Aliens, possibly the Ugandans that enter into our Country as visitors and later they claim to be Equatorians and then commence planting hatred and animosity among the loving people of South Sudan.

          Thank you for your advice but we are already addressing the problem we have in our Country. Our gallant SPLA soldiers are frequently engaged in a furious fight with Jallaba in Northern/Western Bhar El Ghazal and Northern Upper Nile Regions. Some of those gallant forces are currently deployed to prevent the Ugandans from entering South Sudan illegally and are also mandated to apprehend and deport the Fake Equatorians such as you and your likes back to your respective Country of origin.

          In fact, We don’t mind having foreigners in our Country, however we are after those who enter into our Country and Falsely claim to be Equatorians and then start writing nonsense against Dinka and Nuer in their own Country, a Country that took the lives of their love ones in abundance during its’ liberation. Please be informed that Peter Gatdet and David Yau yau are true native of South Sudan, therefore their issues or grievances will be appropriately addressed by the leadership and/or by the people of South Sudan. Therefore I kindly advise you to keep your stinky nose out of it, Alien! .

          Please know that Our Main problem in South Sudan is not David Yau Yau nor Peter Gatdet. Our problem is the Corruption and the endless hatred,animosity and confusions caused by the Aliens such as you and your likes who are allowed by the corrupted politicians to enter into our Country without the proper documentations. Aliens, it is just a matter of time before we catch up with you in Equatoria, apprehend you and deport you back to Uganda where you belong. Do you know that South Sudanese don’t claim to be Kenyans or Ugandans when we live or visit those Countries? Do you know that the Kukiyu and Luo tribes of Kenya and Acholi of Uganda have similarity with Jieng and Nuer ,,yet we don’t claim to be Kenyans nor Ugandans? Folks, Something need to be done and it must be done promptly and appropriately and in a timely manners otherwise South Sudan is rapidly taking over by the Aliens who falsely claim themselves to be Equatorians.

          • nyaputa says:

            Gathkuoth Garang,

            You just failed to anwser my questions and shiffted your story to jalaba. how about nuer who are Gambellans in Ethiopia and jienge from abyei? are you not one of them? I just asked you to tell me your origin but you can;t say a word, does it make you more south sudanese than others? you coward nuer/ jienge. put your house in order then come and talk about equatorains. Equatorians know their origin and there is nothing to question about and without them nothing called south sudan today.
            get facts from your mental daily fiction.

          • Taban says:


            Any SPLM/A member who hates Ugandans and Kenyans lacks political analytical skill, he is therefore a super idiot.

            We all know that these two countries provided a backyard for us since the Anya nya 1 times.

            These two countries, including DR Congo and CAR, border Greater Equatoria, where all our shipments are ferried through. It’s of SPLA’s interest not to offend them because you will be forced to re-unite with the Arabs whether you like it or not.

      • South Mole says:

        Gathkout Garang, what are you yupping about, Mr Senior food-lover. You should kiss our feet because without us Nuer, Shilluks, Jo Chol and Murles would’ve finished you. However, your time is drawing to an end. Like Eastern was saying. Equatorians defeated the Arabs now onto the second enemy. Gathkout Garang, I know that you and your ilks are already quaking in your mutu kali even before we begin. Remember kokora era. Your ran barefooted to the luaks and bushes without a shot being fired. Just wait for the whistle.

  2. Dau-network says:

    Elhag Paul.
    We know the difference of cows and goats.
    Cows are humble and they graze together but goats don’t like any goat to come close even. when there is freedom of movement in the whole field because of goat jealousy as human beings know very well, goats full of WITCH and jealousy, that’s why the owner of the field keeps them in small number because if there are 10 kinds of this goat in field, then there will be instability, bitting of ears off, segregation and so forth of selfishness.
    2015 equatorians oooyeeee except the “BIG” goat.

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      Dear Friends.
      It’s good to intellectualize our debate to ignore the emotional or psychological significance of an action of feeling. I personally do appreciate the healthy debate in the forum which concentrates in the national interest not sectional interest or tribal basis.

      To my dear brothe, Dau, it seems that you are increasingly concentrating on Equatorians to come up with decisive move for nation leadership, so my question is do you like them? or do you hate them? I saying this because Equatorians they’re well organized and more intellectual people so they need not to be told for what to do.

      Secondly when we are talking about such contentious issue this so called regionalism really we are aware for the future consequence of this because to keep reminding ourselves with back history such as 1972 ideology. we have to bear in mind that this ideology will not yield any fruits to our nation. I don’t see the point why people of one nation confine to keep themselves within circumscribing limit in their own nation its unacceptable moved so for the sake of our children and our grand children we should avoid such evil ideology for those who make their usual comments based on tribal line are shaking the foundation of nation and the core value of democratic principle .

      If because of leadership of the Country that can not be heredity from that to this base on regional distribution so the Country Leadership it can be from Bahr El Ghazal or Upper Nile or Equatoria for 50 years. we are still as one nation and one people provided that the leader will be some one who’s having ability to lead and his/ her leadership should have guidance and direction. the leadership can not be distributed like food. it’s something determined by the ability of the person out of nation judgement. it needs someone having charisma and special quality conferring extraordinary power of leadership and the ability to inspire.
      I hope we will keep as a one people in one nation.

    • Dear Mr.Taban:

      It has become apparent that you are truly Taban in term of political and logical thinking. Please get your facts straight. Do you know Why we went to War against the Northern Sudanese Arabs for 50 years? Do you think we went to war because of Islamization and Arabization? Coward, we went to war because of the rightful ownership of our Ancestor’s land, South Sudan. We are ready and willing to defend our Country should any of the neighbouring Countries try to invade or annex it.

      In fact, the neighbouring Countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and the D.R.Congo had indeed assisted us during the liberation war. However, this does not mean that the Citizens of those Countries can enter South Sudan and falsely claim to be Equatorians or Naath/Nuer. They should enter South Sudan and behave like the way we behave when we are in their Countries. Any South Sudanese who condones or compromises the security, interest and rightful ownership of South Sudan would be regarded as a traitor and more than super idiot.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. But do not also beat around the bush. The writing on the wall is clear that you are talking about your usual people whom you regard as foreigners (Equatoria & Nuer). You need to get it into your head that there is no such thing as Nuer of Ethiopia as you always claim. I am not going to comment about Equatoria because I do not know much about your story that you keep raising about them from time to time.

        As far as I know, there are no Nuer of Ethiopian; all Nuer are southern Sudanese. Please get your facts correct.

        • Mr. GatCharwearbol:

          The Republic of South Sudan has 10 States and the State of Gambella is not one of them. Gambella is one of the Ethiopia’s States or Regions and it is inhabited by Nuer and Anyuak tribes. In fact, Gambella was originally a part of the Republic of South Sudan, however, it was traded in for Kasala during the British colonial Rule. The Nuer of Gamella are not similar to the Ngok Dinka of Abyei who were also transferred to North Sudan at the same time as Gambella.

          Unlike Nuer, the Ngok Dinka of Abyei had rejected their annexation to the North Sudan and have been fighting the Arabs for their return to South Sudan since then. Eventually, they will soon join their Dinka and South Sudanese family in October, 2013 if God willing. However, the Nuer of Gambella want to kill two Birds with one stone.They don’t want to return to South Sudan officially. They want to kill South Sudan and Ethiopia with one stone. They claim to be South Sudanese when there is peace and prosperity in South Sudan and/or claim to be Ethiopian when there is war and hardship in South Sudan. In reality, Gambella is the land of South Sudan but it was traded in for Kasala by the Arabs and British Colonial Rule in 1900’s. Therefore it will not return to South Sudan unless otherwise the Nuer have to request it.

          The Govenor of Gambella is Nuer and his Boss is the president of Ethiopia. All their taxes are collected and taken to Ethiopia. Therefore I call the Nuer and Anyuak of Gambella Ethiopians. Although they speak thong Naath and their Culture is the same as Naath of South Sudanese, they should know that they are Citizens of Ethiopia and therefore they should be treated as foreigners in South Sudan until they officially joined their Nuer/Anyuak and South Sudanese family. Kuormidit, GatCharwearbol, Are the people of Gamella Ethiopians or South Sudanese? Who is the Governor of Gamella? and Where does he/she get his orders or directives from? Is it from President Kiir or president of Ethiopia? If you are from Gambella, then you are an Alien and you should therefore keep your stinky nose out of our internal affairs.

          • South Mole says:

            This Gathkout Garang is nothing more than a lying food-loving Dinka who was liberating food from the UN in Kakuma when real southerners like Nuers and Equatorians were battling it out with the Arabs. Without Equatorians, Nuers would’ve finished the Dinkas but we took pity on them that is why we offered them shelter only for them to turn around and claim that they liberated the country when we knew very well that the only liberating they were doing was in the camps. It is therefore not a coincidence that majority of them became LOST BOYS and GIRLS because they’re truly lost and have no clue about South Sudan. This time around Equatoria isn’t going to make the same mistake it made in 1991. Let’s see where Gathkout Garang will escape. The only route to him will be to join his Arab cousins in Abyei.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

            Would you please provide me with proof of how Gambella was once South Sudan’s territory but was traded to Ethiopian for Kassala? It is news to me. None of Nuer people ever heard of this case of Gambella, which makes me think that you are making this up. But if you render me concrete proof, I will be satisfied.

            If Gambella was really traded for Kassala, there would be documentation for it and it should not be a verbal agreement between the two countries. I am asking for this documentation or where I can find it. Until then, I am not buying your claim; I am sticking to my guns. Sudan history’s has been recorded and it is available online for references and to those who are doing research. I know enough about Sudan’s history and I am sorry to tell you that I have never come across the case of Gambella being traded for Kassala. Please provide me with proofs; otherwise, you are lying again through your teeth, which is normal for people of your likes.

  3. bolabokdit says:

    you revised yourself this time by avoiding racial comment like before. There is no permenant friend or enemy in politics. Come up with concrete idea that may change politicians’ behaviours to build our nation. That is the way you will contribute to your country and your people alike. The messiah born in normal way humans are born is not less than our people governing us today.

  4. Tyson says:

    Indeed the battle in the luak is raging high. It is evident that the Jieng, Naath and Chollo will tustle it out. As usual whoever (among them) is defeated in a better way or through their own rigging, will run to the bush to kill innocent people. The same people will be pardoned and recycled with all their crimes.

    South Sudan will be burning from the sins of these warlords turned politicians. We hope for divine interventions from God Almighty.
    I don’t think any able minded Equatorian will knowingly or unknowingly dip his/her hands in this mess (the battle in the luak) except boot leakers who are appeasing the Jineg, Naath and Chollo. In reality these are opportunists!!!!!!!!

    • South Mole says:

      Equatorians are merely bidding their time to finish off the eventual winner….

      • South Mole and GatCharwearbol:
        South Mole: Are you not ashamed of making up lies on the National Website SSN? When and Where did you fight the Arabs? Was it in Uganda or Gambella? Coward, Why did you flee your hometown without a fight? It was Dinka who fought and protected your home when you fled to Khartoum or East Africa. Welcome back to the Republic of South Sudan, Alien. Dinka has brought you the freedom and the Country you hadn’t dreamed of when you were busy, reclaiming your Kakua/Nuer Citizenship in Uganada and/or Gambella-Ethiopia.

        GatCharwearbol: Kuormidit, You and your Nuer of Gajaak, the Nuer of Gambella ,you don’t really need the documentation or proof to start liberating or bringing Gambella back to South Sudan. Brother, All you need to do is that go to the Government of Ethiopia,look them deep in the eyes and tell them that you want to return the Gamella to its’ rightful place, South Sudan. The Ethiopians would either kill you, jail you or provide you with the proof of the trade for Gambella-Kasala.

        The Ngok Dinka of Abyei did not receive the documentation of their annexation to the North when they started to fight for their right to return to South Sudan. With all the documentation you acquired during your research, Would you please tell me Who took Gambella to Ethiopia and Why? And Why are you Nuer of Gambella not asking the Government of Ethiopia to allow you to return to South Sudan officially just like the Ngok Dinka of Abyei?

        GatCharwearbol, Although I sometimes differ and fight with you politically online, I still consider you as a gentleman, respectful, reasonable, logical , smart and less severe than South Mole who is a destructive liar , tribalist and mentally retorted. Until next time, Gatmallen/Cousin!

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
          Obviously you are not so sure about Gambella case. The fact that you failed to provide proofs speak volume and you seem to have defended on hearsay. By pushing me to have Ethiopian provide me with evidence regarding Gambella-Kassala case insinuate that you are not sure of the case at best.

          Thus, you could be wrong or right too. But it is important for you to know that I am an Engineer by profession. Engineers like working with data and specifications; they are more details oriented. They are usually not so bright on the side of politic. It is the core reason why I request factual information rather than relying on the hearsay.

          Reading between the lines, you are more of politic oriented and seem to know how to evade giving straightforward answer. This is how politicians walk their way around when dealing with issues of political nature. They never give any frank and direct answer.

          But I am giving you the benefit of the doubt unless otherwise I learn something different from someone besides you. Take it easy Benydit.

          • Dear GatCharwearbol:

            Gambella was traded in for Kassala long time ago before the birth of my Parents, therefore there is no way I could obtain the trading documentations. In fact, the documentations could only be found in England, Khartoum and/or Ethiopia. Please do more research on the Gambella-Kassala’s issue before you have a second guess or call me a liar online. The truth of the matter is that Gambella and its’ residents are purely South Sudanese and Kassala and its’ residents are purely Ethiopians. Kuormidit, you should have investigated it thoroughly why the Nuer of Gajaak are not South Sudanese.

            The same British Colonial Rule confiscated the holy Dang of the Prophet Ngundeng, peace be upon him, and took it to London, England without leaving behind any documentations for the Dang. The Dang was returned to Juba, South Sudan from England in 2009. Do you know why the Ngundeng’s Dang was returned from England and nobody bothered to question the return of Gambella?

            The Government of South Sudan was obliged to hire a British professor to find Ngundeng’s Dang in England and return it to South Sudan because the Prophet Ngundeng prophesied that South Sudan would not achieve its’ independence unless otherwise his Dang is returned to the soil of South Sudan. Perhaps you would regard this information as hearsay and insignificant because I could not provide you with the documentations although the content of the article contains some elements of truth. You should know that some of the historical hearsays are based on factuality and that our ancestors were primitive and illiterate therefore they were unable to document some historic information. Until next time Amba/ Benydit!

  5. Dengdit says:


    You have taken the art of commentary on contemporary issues to a new level! The intricate analogies and use of metaphors & figurative symbols is impressive and deserves commendation. Keep up the good work and pressure. Change will come one day.

  6. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    The article may be good for some people and definitely to Mr. Alhag Paul. Methinks it is absolutely nonsensical to South Sudanese who do not want to fight among themselves. The Jieng Nation has nothing bad against Naath Nation nor the latter has any thing bad against the former. The aforementioned Nations do not have anything bad against the rest of our respective Nations. What is taking place right here in our country is the question of whether or not we choose a leader who is capable of leading South Sudanese of different walks of life in accordance with the democratic-federal constitution that embodies all needed ideals: in a democracy; notably; South Sudan, the rule of law, accountability are vital impetus to eliminate corruption.

    This is the bottom line so to speak. It is unspeakable and unthinkable to ignite war among our people the Jieng and Naath ( Dinka & Nuer). We do not want any war to occur among all South Sudanese either. The two principals: President Mayardit his Vice-president Dr. Machar enjoy supports from all corners of the country proportionately regardless of their supporters’ political affiliation, religious background, tribes or division so to say. Those of you who thirst for our peoples’ blood will not quench their thirst.

    Mr Paul, war is not fought in such a way you need it to be fought rather of necessity, which cannot be proclaimed by you as a war between Naath and Jieng, rather pervasive, with good reasons and siding with whoever one sees as a leader. It is my first time to have seen you writing such a nonsensical and absurd article as this, otherwise your writings have been a typical correction to our beloved country. Take it both rational and empirical.

    • South Mole says:

      Gathkout Lok, your head must be buried in the sands because Dinkas are not going to want Dr. Machar to run for president. That is why Dr. Machar is at pain to appease Dinka Bor for the allegations of the Bor massacre.

  7. Dr. JAC Ramba says:

    Dear ElHag Paul

    Reading your article I can see that the sacred cow called “OYEE” is suffering from this well documented disease – the Mad Cow Disease. This is a progressive neurological disorder of cattle which can be transmitted to other species, including humans. In humans, it is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), after the two doctors who first described the symptoms of the disease.

    In animals the disease is characterized by excitable or nervous temperament to external stimuli such as touch to the skin, a progressive unsteadiness of gait resulting eventually in the inability to stand up. The disease is virtually 100% fatal. While in humans, CJD leads to memory loss, emotional instability including inappropriate outbursts, an unsteady gait, progressing to marked weakness, severe rapidly progressive dementia and death, often within a year of the onset of symptoms. Are these not some of the symptoms you just mentioned??

    MCD is results from feeding animals on – ground-up dead animals, – animals that have died of disease – as well as humane society animals, cats and dogs that have been euthanized. Then when the cows get sick and die from this horrible practice, they grind them up and feed THEM to OTHER cows and other types of animals being raised for human consumption. Is this not a common behavior in the “Oyee Luak”?

    Unfortunately the shepherds who themselves are more likely to have contracted CJD are largely doing nothing to correct the situation. First, they deny that there is ANY problem. When the evidence becomes overwhelming that there is a BIG problem, they admit that there “might” be a problem, but they say they’re not sure, they are studying it and if there is a problem, it’s not a serious problem and there is no reason for alarm. Keep eating what you’re eating, they advise.

    When people start catching on that there really is a problem, the shepherds will admit that at first they weren’t as vigilant as they should have been, but the people who were then responsible for investigating the problem are no longer with the shepherds (blame those guys – they’re gone) and now the problem is “under control.” And there is no cause for alarm. Keep eating the stuff, they advise you.
    A number of years later they say, “Oh, we’ve found out that there really has been a pretty big problem all along, but NOW we’ve got it under control. So there is NO cause for alarm.” Keep eating the stuff, they advise you. Then a year or two later they admit that it’s in ALL the different breeds of animals, but its “low risk” and you probably won’t get it so NO cause for alarm.” Keep eating the stuff, they advise you.

    When the problem becomes outrageous, they admit there’s a small, but controllable problem, and then they start covering up the true statistics – the REAL number of people who have the disease or who have already died from the disease. Their plan ALWAYS is to keep the public calm as they die!

    This “Oyee luaK” is now infested with the Mad Cow Disease and the shepherds too are suffering from CJD. The Post Traumatic Disorder Syndrome (PTDS) suggested earlier this year to explain these strange behaviors within the “Oyee Luak” was in fact a misdiagnosis. The best treatment in this case is to quarantine all the infected animals and shepherds alike –but the definitive management would be to a wholesale cremation and getting rid of the ashes!

  8. Okeny Lojuron says:

    Hi Alhaj Paul,
    The calling of God’s representative on earth to solve the problem of the luak is unholistic approach. the two shepherds should have looked into the root cause of the problem. I belIeve the problem of the luak started way back in 2006 by generals who began the recruitment of kinsmen into the SPLA to make money for themselves. Little did the generals perceive that it would have damaging effect in the future. Since 2005, many local SPLA commanders took upon themselves to recruit their kinsmen into the SPLA, the police and other organized forces, even children and old women were enlisted to make ill gains in the form of salaries, with weak institutions and non existence of financial management programs, corruption took precedence. Each commander was said to have over 500 listed under him to which he signs for all their salaries. In reality between 50-100 people were paid, and the rest disappeared into individual pockets. With no accountability process, most of these leaders were neither investigated, nor was anyone ever prosecuted.

    This corruption led to a change in lifestyle of the youth who once were just cattle keepers, had their lives transformed in a short period. This change brought about discontent among other ethnic groups such as the Nuer and Murle who had no one to offer the ill gains. These youth felt that they have been left out because if the inequality in SPLA observation, disparity in resource allocation, and other opportunities. In the wider spectrum this was perceived as domination of government jobs by Dinka ethnic groups.

    The imbalance led to tribal conflict in form of cattle rustling. Cattle rustling was a response to bridge the difference living life style. To get married one need money, therefore cattle rustling was a solution. At the same time there appeared other crimes such as robberies, shoplifting, road block gangs, you name it. All these crimes were alien to the area before 2005, except cattle rustling and child abduction by the Murle which is a century old fued.

    Cattle rustling conflict were settled amicably among the tribes, but today’s conflict cannot be solved on same level as you did over 25 years ago. You need new conflict resolution and conflict management program to stop the conflict such as equal job opportunity for all, equal resource allocation, and development in the area.

  9. Dau-network says:

    To Diu J Kuek.
    You asked me either l like equatorians or not, the answer is big YES because they are people of peace and development as you see in their areas.
    My friend, the problem of 1970s in Juba is not compared with 1990s to me as a mature person who witnessed all them.
    Some people have a concept that equatorians are (matiel) jealous people including me but jealousy is better than hostility, volatility , because jealousy is an emotion felt but hostility is hurt.
    Question is which one better to south Sudanese ? We already experienced them 1990s and 1970s.

    Anyway some young supporters of that are MOST position seekers when the regime changed but not democracy is democrazy .
    So called Diu. To give leadership to any best person from equatoria makes us to be fair people unlike north Sudan who used to say that leadership should not go to south Sudan which resulted in separation, so we have to avoid that mistake. And is other way to prevent war between big rivals in 2015 if we love our country but not position seekers !!!

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      To Dau Network
      Your answer to question is absolutely wrong, even those Equatorian readers whom you are in favor they are totally in different path with you. they’ll be laughing at your comments because your colour is so visible.
      I can say there is no reasons here that can make your point so solid just your heart been occupied by resent and envious for this on going political debate, don’t pretend that as you are true nationalist .
      Let me tell you dear brother for 2015 election that you are talking about, it’s so open to all contestants, no specific tribe no specific region, provided that the person is South Sudanese by domicile that’s recognized by law. thereafter will be decided by his/her popularity with national agenda not tribal agenda. bear in mind let us not wish for the destruction of our nation. it’s important that democratically elected government gets authority from the people, let the political leaders test their abilities. we the people we are the king makers.

      We just need to be vigilant about some illiterate Governors who are demonstrating little education who can never understand the interpretation of constitution, who have no vision for the nation rather than intimidation may cause violence during election time but people are well prepared from International level up to the ground level. this time we have to make sure free and fair election is conducted through transparent manner. no room for destructive wishes, the future is bright.

      • South Mole says:

        Dau-network has got it on the money and no no Equatorian is laughing at him for stating the truth. Diu J.Kuek, it’s time you fall in line too.

  10. All of you guys have taken some beer and lost the direction, south Sudan is for south Sudanese who do not drink and insult people or tribe. what you are doing on this web could not even develop the county, states, counties and villages. you are nothing to us in this country.

    • Chiengkueth Kong:

      Please treat your compatriots with respect and fairness. Why is it okay for you to insult us when you got drunk with some Beer or local Kechmoro/Marrisa and it is not okay for us to insult you when we are drunk? Are you really being logical and fair to us on the SSN Website? or Are you just attempting to dictate us as your Uncles Riek and Kiir are doing to us in South Sudan? Your Uncles may get away with their Bullying and brutal Dictatorship in South Sudan,but we would not allow you to get away with it from the SSN unless you change your attitude and behave like a human.

  11. Choromke Jas says:

    I had thought that Dr Riek was saved of the duties that the Prez had quietly given him. But lo, Riek appears to have gained another lease of life; he chastises the army and warns the Oyee cow of its imminent demise without a care in the world. Is the Prez now scared of appearing in public gathering? Riek one time said that he is not a coward. Is he now flouting his bravery?

    This does not help the image of the Prez as the man in-charge. The warning by Dr Ramba is real. Unless the Oyee cow is cremated, plus its shepherd, the cow population in this new Luak will all catch the disease and the Biblical prediction that “the tall black and smooth skinned people of Sudan will suffer” shall come to pass.

    Oh prophets, like El Hag, why are you not welcomed in your own Luak?!!

  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Choromke Jas,

    Dr. Machar is a man of peace. He does not want our nation to plunge into war that neither of us want to happen. His advice to the Army does not mean he is scared or coward. It is what national leaders do; trying to avoid war if possible.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      Now I know some people in this site approach issues with open mouth without understanding what others are talking about. My advice to GatC is that keep quite or seek clarification if you cannot wrap your mind around a subject (whoops!, am I creating more misunderstanding?)

  13. Domac says:

    Mr GatChearbol, Mr Riek is not national leader, stop claiming, is nuer tribal leader. do you know why he pretend to be a man of peace? he knows that if he wages war against spla/m again, he might end up in Khartoum and Mr Omar Basher cannot spare his life this time. and if he run to the west, he will end up in ICC for the genocide he committed in 1991. Riek himself knows our Motto, never forget. that’s why he made an apology, but nothing can change that. just wait, you will see what will happen after splm convention.

    • Mi Goa says:

      Hi Domac,

      I thought you (Dinka or whatever tribe you are) might have thanked Dr. Machar and his government mate (Samuel Gai Tut) for creating this self determination which Dinka are ruthlessly and improperly enjoying in Juba. If am not wrong, the Dinka (Dr. Garang) ideology was to liberate Sudan and change the regime with a new inclusive regime for the marginalized and the marginalizers which from the time of SPLM/A creation did not work out. Dr. Riek’s is now what is working. Moreover it has been wrongly spread that Dinka were the ones liberating South Sudan from the hands of the oppressors, how did it become true? Is it because the leader was from a Dinka? If answer is big “YES”‘ what about the 1955 or 1970s war when Equatoria and Nuer were leading them respectively?

      I think we need not to deliberately talk of what one did because it is his/her duty to do it but to talk about what future holds for our country. It is our duty to correct the wrongs than to support it coz one is benefiting from it. If Dinka fought the war as many has been proclaiming than let it be a blessing but not a song that is sung every now and than. 2015 is a year whereby this sickly cow will be treated from all sorts of sickness including the hangover our brothers Dinka have.

      In fact, the cow has been ruthlessly stamping everyone’s garden without due costs but now it is time for the cow called ”oyeee” to refrain from its wrongdoing to the very principle it had fight for or else some one will treat it and get the milk. As a grown up and intellectual person which you appear to be, I thought it would have been easy for you to look at the capacity one has than where one comes from.

      Mr. President has been driving us from 2005, immediately after the death of our beloved leader. what have we got, clan fighting (Khorflus/Atar Clan fighting, Dinka Rumbek Clan fighting), tribal fighting (Shilluk & Dinka in Upper Nile, Nuer Lou and Murle …etc), insecurity in Juba and in the other nine states (too much killing of innocent soul), corruption (both monies and employments)…etc to mention a few. Then if such things happen in your Godfather’s regime, why don’t you think the opposite way on how to solve it or you are fearing to lose your food position?

      To be frank, Dr. Machar will be your 2015 president whether you like it or not. We are sick and tried from corrupt leader with a hat on his head.

      • Domac says:

        Mi Goa, Nuer people are not part of the history of liberation. They are been known as the people who stabbed the movement at the back when the SPLA/M was about to win the war against Khartoum government. I quoted, “Riek said in 1991 that SPLA/M is not going to capture Juba”.
        Mr Goa, if Mr Riek defected to liberate South Sudan why he was against capturing of Juba in early 1990s? addition to that, since he defected, he never attacked Khartoum forces. his target was to weaken the SPLA/M. Mr Riek will never, never, never rule South Sudan.

        We brought the freedom we all enjoying in Juba. My friend, let me assure you that, 1997 peace agreement didn’t work. stop claiming.
        Dinka brought the CPA that emerged into independent of South Sudan. Mr Goa, CPA was signed by six Liberators, 1 Salva Kiir 2 Nhial Deng Nhial 3 Deng Alor Kuol 4 Pagan Amum 5 Malik Agar 6 overall by the SPLM/A chairman John Garang De Mabior.
        No Nuer was allowed to sign simply because the are betrayers. they don’t deserved it.

  14. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Domac,

    I do not think there will be SPLM convention. It was supposed to take place early this year, but was postponed for political reason. Everyone is trying to avoid this convention from taking place because they think that Dr. Riek will probably emerge as the SPLM contender, which they do not want.

    But if it does take place, it will not be any time soon.

    For your information, Dr. Machar is a national leader. Do not try to deny that due to your implanted hatred against him. He is not Nuer leader as you claim.

    • Dear GatCharwearbol:

      You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure it out why Mr. Domac and his likes loathe the so called National leader and/or political prophet of Naath people, Dr. Riek Machar Teny. The truth of the matter is that the cowardly massacre of Mr. Domac’s Parents and extended family in Mading Bor has indeed implanted a lot of mistrust, animosity and/or hatred against your political Boss, Gatmachar Teny. I wonder, Why do you Naath people expect the orphans or the victims of Dr.Riek’s insanity to support him or call him a national leader while they are still grieving for the loss of their love ones. Are you really asking for a political support or forgiveness?

      Guondit/Benydit, Do you call a lunatic and Killer of your parents a hero and national leader? Is Dr. Riek Machar a national leader or a killer and national criminal? Please advise GatMachar Teny to either surrender himself to the ICC in the Hague for the Bor Massacre or move to Gambella and be the Governor of Gajaak Nuer of Ethiopia. The moron is not fit to be a president of South Sudan in 2015 whether by Ballots or Bullets. Take care of yourself and take my word or advice to heart, Gatmallen/Cousin!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

        Dr. Machar might not be president by ballots, but by bullets there is no question. If you do not know, Nuers look down at Dinkas as cowardly creatures South Sudanese community ever produced. They are more coward than fish.

        If Presidential palace has to be acquired by mean of Guns, there would be more Nuers Presidents than any combined. But because it is not like that, whether Dr. Machar is going to be President in 2015 or not is in the ballot boxes. Ballots are the determining factor so there is still good chance that Dr. Machar will be our next president.

        Remember, in 1991 Dinkas land were under Nuer control. Think twice.

  15. Domac# Not a vestige of truth in your comment, stop your slum accusation against Dr Riek. @Nyaputa. To remind you Gambella is Nuer (Gajaak) land and was given to Ethiopians by North Sudanese in exchange of Kassala state.

    • Domac says:

      Dinka Nuer. Bentiu Captain, I never talked about Gambella nor Kassala. I don’t have interest regarding Gajaak land. they belong to Ethiopia. if you want to fight against Ethiopia’s government in order to bring Gambella back to South Sudan, you can do so, but I don’t think you can win because nothing good can come from Nuer. better leave them alone.

      • Domac:

        Although I considered you my political foe, I have to admit the fact that your comment to Bentiu Captain is very amusing indeed. You made me laugh so uncontrollably. You have hit the nail on the right spot, foe. It was really funny.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. Domac,

      What does Dinka Nuer mean to you? In Nuer and Dinka lineage practices, the format you put these two names mean that Nuer is the father of Dinka. For example, if your name is Deng Garang. In this case, Deng is your given name and Garang is your father’s name
      Therefore, Nuers are Dinkas’ fathers (Your father) and you need to respect your elders.
      You said nothing good can come from Nuer. I think that you do not know what you are talking about. You always brag about James Hoth Mai being the only good person in Nuer. If we go according to your definition of what is good, doesn’t this mean something good has come from Nuer in the name of James Hoth Mai whom you revere? What about the good things that William Nyuon did to you? You used to nail and worship him when he was alive?

      • Domac says:

        Mr GatCharwearbol, Dinka Nuer is like Dinka Ngok, Dinka Bor etc… to put name Dinka first and then Ngok after, it doesn’t mean that Ngok is the father of Dinka, no it doesn’t mean that at all. but it mean Ngok is a section within Dinka.
        Dinka Nuer is common name, I wonder why you seem unfamiliar with that name. boy you are still an interdependent, accept that. Hoth Mai and John Kong are good Dinka Nuer but Nyoun Bany and Riek Machar not good Dinka Nuer. GatCharwearbol is from Dinka Nuer. that is your really identity. or if you use your Nuer name that find. but don’t forget your ancestral identity.
        what I mean by nothing good can come from Nuer, is that Nuer people can do nothing for example 1991-6 then from 1997-2001, they have attained nothing in these periods simply because they were pure Nuer. that why Mr Riek came back to joined the SPLA/M he was against it. he realised that Pure Nuer can achieve nothing.

        • Domac:

          You have scored another point there, Foe. It is true that pure Nuer such as Eastern, South Mole, Gatcharwearbol and Riek Machar Dhur-Jang can not function or achieve anything good without Jieng in South Sudan. Do you know how many Liberation movement Nuer created since they left SPLA? Why are they not liberating themselves from Gambella-Ethiopia like Ngok Dinka? Please leave the Cowards and food lovers alone because they don’t comprehend anything. They went to school, stayed in there for many years, obtained the PHD and came out from school empty minded as they went. Prophet Ngundeng had a valid reason to Curse those thugs. They are surely good for nothing and very unteachable.

  16. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Domac,

    Why do you want Nuers to be called Dinka Nuers? Are you jealous to the point where you want Nuers to be Dinka? Thank you for wanting Nuers to be Dinka but we are not interested in being Dinka. We are proud of our Nuers identity and it will be there until the creator dissolves the whole world.

    We might be cousins but we do not have Dinka background. There are Nuers adopted from Dinkas and there are truly pure Nuers and we call these Pure Nuers (“Tut”). These pure Nuers do not have intermarriage because we considered them brothers and sisters and it is not in our tradition to marriage someone related to you.

    Mr. Domac, go ahead and believe what you want to believe. If you want to believe that Dinka Nuers exist, it is totally up to you. But as far as I know, there is no such thing as Dinka Nuers. If anything, this term was invented by Turkana of Kenya when they couldn’t tell the different between Nuers and Dinkas. But no pure Dinka ever call Nuer as Dinka Nuer. Never heard of it.

  17. Lokeri says:

    Let Lokudu Garang Know that Dinka did not liberate any body in South Sudan. The Kakuma camp boys will not liberate any body. May be Dinka liberated themselves from UN food and Jalaba bread. Equatorians are the freedom fighters of South Sudan may be including other tribes minus Dinka. Dinka are nothing except belly worshippers. V8, GXR cars will not make you liberators. As Dinkas you need to know your history of origin because you are suffering from psychological problem of origin.

    • Malondit says:

      You, my people, all of you who’re always insulting each other on Internet I want to tell you honestly that am sure enough that there isn’t any one of you that has been in the field one day during the struggle/ you had all run abroad to have that good English you are all writing now. why am saying so, when we were in the bush, if we would’ve been talking the way
      you are doing we would have never reached the promised land, that’s why I’ve the broken English language that am writing.

      I got it under the trees hence, my advice to you all is that all of you were supposed to come and build your nation after we brought it to you, our mission is completed, instead of you issuing a language of division among ourselves. for each and every one of you who consider his/her self an educated person, come and convince us including the top leadership of our country so that we can give you a chance to do the best to our people such as those of Mr. El haj Paul has choice to make people of south Sudan enemies to themselves based on differentiating tribe while our late leader Dr. Garang had already announced in Naivasha Kenya that all our people in diaspora must come home so that we’ll build our country together.

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