The Families of our Elites: Serving Two Masters at a go?

By: Simon Yel Yel, APR/19/2015, SSN;

Strange things are always happening in South Sudan that leave everyone flabbergasted what the hell is going on with the families of our elites? Some families have prominent members in both the government as well as within the rebel movement. Do they want to dominate South Sudan’s politics even in the rebellion?

The recent incredible defections left people in peculiar whether this is the beginning of an end or end of the beginning of the government. We are caught in disbelief that some family members of government heavy-weights are rebelling to fight against the government of their fathers, mothers, brothers and wives.

It was late March and early this month when we witnessed the defection of Mr. Agel Riing Machar, the former youth political parties leader and leader of national youth union who is the son of national MP Hon. Adhaar Arop; the defection of Capt. Joseph Clement Wani kong’a who was an officer in the national security, and the son of Governor Clement Wani of Central Equatoria State, and the defection of Brigadier General Gatwech Puoch, the brother of Upper Nile state Governor Simon Kun Puoch, joining the rebels.

People also wonder to see the wives of some leaders who are against the government holding big positions.

I will give few examples to my readers, Mrs. Angeth Acol De Dut, the undersecretary for the ministry of labour, public service and Human development is a wife of Majak Agot who is the member of G10 or (SPLM-Uhuru); Nadia Dudi Arop whose husband is with the rebels, and Rebecca Joshua Okwachi, the wife of Dr. Lam Akol.

Is it about serving two masters at ago or what? Why there is no single statement being released to tell the public that the families in question are not part of decision taken by their members to rebel? No press statement have been released by Simon Kun Puoch to distance his family away from the decision taken by his brother or press statement by Clement Wani nor Hon. Adhar Arop to disown their sons’ decision joining the rebels and tell public that they are not happy with the decision taken by their sons to fight the government that they part of.

No statement also released by Hon. Angeth Acol to tell the public that she is not part of her husband’s decision. Am afraid that the sons, wives, husbands and even fathers or mothers of the ministers, and advisors will also rebel and still no one will question them. What a great demoCRAZY in South Sudan!

The current war against the legitimate government of South Sudan has been given different version or definitions by the people from within and outside the government. It was on 8th January this year when the governor of Central Equatoria, Hon. Clement Wani Konga, defined the ongoing rebellion of Riek Machar in his own jurisprudence literacy, telling Equatorians: “who are you going to fight, are you going to fight Dinka or Riek Machar? Equatorians should remain neutral as to be able to bring peace. Equatorians should stand for peace” and he went further again, saying “It is only chance for the people of Equatoria coming together so as to bring to an end this war between Dinka and Nuer.”

Here we go and the question is, did the son of governor Clement Wani become Nuer for joining Riek Machar to fight Dinka? Or is he going to mediate the peace between Dinka and Nuer in Pagak? The dad will tell the readers and me.

Clement Wani also talked about the instability in Equatoria region being caused by the people who have joined Riek when he said “If Lado Gore wants to be vice president as he is now with Riek Machar, why shouldn’t he wait for elections or contest the election? If Riek Machar comes then he will be vice president without bloodshed.”

Here is the question that asks itself, what’s Konga’s advice to his ambitious son? What does he want to become? Let’s guess, he wants to become the head of internal security like Gen. Akol Kor Kuc or minister of national security in the office of the president, Gen. Obote Mamur because he is a captain in the national security and those are the highest offices in the national security.

What is your advice to your son captain Joseph Mr. Governor? Do you (Wani) know the main reason that led to defection of Alfred Lado Gore? Let me tell you because it is five (5) years from now and you might have forgotten what you did in 2010 elections. It is not his heave-ho as a Minister for Environment that made him rebel like Peter Adwok Nyaba and the rest but deeply rooted in 2010 elections.

The chief enemy of Alfred Gore is not Salva Kiir but you “Wani” for denying him his 2010 elections victory. He doesn’t want to become vice president as you think but he wants to become governor of Central Equatoria state by all means, be it presidential decree or elections if Riek becomes president.

What is your advice to your son for associating himself with your principal enemy wanting to unseat you?

The current rebellion is made up of many discontent elements wanting to achieve different goals and we have seen recently the defections of many rebels, high profile commanders and politicians to the government. Many rebels don’t have a single problem with the system of Kiir’s governance but they have problems with individuals within the government, be it national government, state, county and even Payam.

In conclusion, many top officials in the government have connection with the rebels and they always feed them with government’s plan of the day. The rebels always get news four days before SSTV announce it and it is through families who are holding big positions within the government.

Frankly speaking, there is no secret in the government that rebels don’t get and it is due to their relatives holding big positions in the high echelons of the government.

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  1. Tyson says:


    This is how we see things through different lenses.
    No family is born to rule forever! No family is supposed to do things the same even though they are aware that things are rotten and useless in that same family… this is contract to the Jienge way of doing things.
    If Jeoseph Konga is unhappy with Kiiroracy and dysfunctional Junta in Juba, why should he inform you of his decision to quit? Why do you want Clement Konga to degrade himself by making public statements of an adult who is quiting the dirty government in Juba. Konga has taken the right decision rather than those stooges and pappets with Kiir in crime. Don’t expect those mature people to behave like your cows!!!

    • simon Yel Yel says:

      dear Tyson

      tell me what your lens are seeing ? methinks, these people in question are suppose to make public statement to distance themselves from what their families members have opted for.. no two ways about it

  2. Nikalongo says:


    The rebel is the government and the government is the rebel. They are one and the same: a gang of thieves and murderers.

    • Nikalongo,

      Welcome back. Have you been campaigning for Eastern Equatoria gubernatorial position? Or You have been in detention?

      • Nikalongo says:


        I have been away engaged in backdoor negotiations to convince savage Kiir and brute Riak to put down arms and give peace a chance. I also met Dinka and Nuer elders and told them collectively to prioritise their communities than the welfare of the elites (Kiir, Riak, Taban, Manyang,….) among them. Ramaran, do you know the big losers of the current war? Ordinary Nuer and Dinka.

        Bentiuman, I am OK where I am. I am not a politician and have no intention of running for any seat for the moment.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Just wondering, what and why a backdoor negotiation with the ‘savage’ and the ‘brute?’
          Not funny, but if Jesus Christ himself came down today to attempt mediation in South Sudan between these supposedly devout every-Sunday-mass attendees led by their highly respectable Archbishops in their respective Christian denominations, it will surely end in utter futility.
          My own Archbishop who is also pres. Kiir’s, has repeatedly and unsuccessfully pleaded with Kiir and puppet Igga, for peace and conciliation, but Kiir has obviously blunted his hearing sensation as he falsely pretends to pray at the most holiest St. Teresa Catholic Cathedral at Kator. Kiir is on a satanic mission of genocide to exterminate not only the Nuer but, take it seriously, to exterminate all the other peoples. His evil goal of futility is to turn the entire land into his misconceived one-tribe suzerainty.
          Wishing you success in your back-door negotiations.

          • Nikalongo says:


            What alternative do we have? Backdoor negotiation is an essential part of the peace process if ever there is going to be peace between the “Savageman and Bruteman”. While we are unable to physically prevent the two communities from slaughtering each other, we can in words tell the grassroots through the elders why war is not serving their interest and the interest of the country they help liberate.

            Editor, seeds shown by farmer will encounter three situations. Those that fall on bare ground will be eaten by birds. The ones that fall in thorny areas will grow but encounter difficulties some of which may never be overcome. Only seeds that fall on fertile soil will blossom and feed the nation. Tremendous effort is being exerted (seeds of peace) and it is my hope that it leads to some kind of a Wunlit (fertile soil) thing. Some elders in the two communities are aware of the cost of war (seeds on bare ground and thorny areas). Forget about the chest thumping here on the net. I have met families that lost it all; sons, animals and properties. Ask Ramaran Bentui if I am lying.

            Editor, under the prevailing circumstance, the Dinka and Nuer nations have a choice to make. Fight for the interests of the elites or the one of the nation? Make no mistake, the interest of the elites is often different from that of the nation. While Suing for peace is in the interest of the nation, continuing the war is in the interest of the elites.

        • Nikalongo,

          It is nice to hear that you are ok where you are. I was really worried about you because you stopped making comments at the time businessmen in Nimule were arrested by military personnel over night and could not be found anywhere in Equatoria. So it is nice to see you back on this media although your comments have never make any sense.

          Second, I appreciate your effort for attempting a backdoor negotiation between Kiir and Riek. Could you update us please about the most things that obstruct peace? In your opinion, who is willing to compromise and who is not? Did you do focus group mediation or one on one consultation? Are you still mediating the backdoor talk or it is over?

          In the next round of your backdoor negotiation, please ask Kiir to order South Sudan’s soldiers that occupied schools in Pageri Payam to leave schools so children can go back to school. Is this sounds like plan?

          • Nikalongo says:


            I understand why my comments do not make sense to you and your cousins the Dinka. You know what, even Dinka supporters of Riak privately think Nuer are to blame for the current situation. The same is true for the Nuer who support Kiir. Partisan support for Savage Kiir and Brute Riak is the fuel behind the senseless killings on the front lines. Because I am not partial in my understanding of the conflict, I do not expect to be accepted in either of the camps. I am ok with that.

            Ramaran, compromise is not at the heart of back-door negotiations. That war must stop without conditions. The rest is politics and issues of governance that can only be resolve by the electorate in a free and fair elections and not around a table of thieves and murderers as it is now. This is what we are trying to sell to the Dinka and Nuer elders, politicians and the youths. It is not easy Ramaran. All of you are difficult buyers.

            There soldiers in Pageri were camped behind the Police station in an empty ground. They left that place around the middle of march for Moli/Kerepi area. Cross check your information before posting them. For reasons of confidentiality, I will not be making further comments on the back-door negotiations. It is enough to know that such a negotiation is actually taking place.

    • simon Yel Yel says:

      Dear Nikalongo,

      If indeed they are the same, then why they are killing the civilians instead they should come together and frame their policy on how they gonna loot south Sudan?

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Simon Yel Yel,

        These two camps are not by any measure the same. The yard-stick Nikalongo uses as his baseline is not known to anybody but himself. Salva Kiir is on the mission of exterminating the Nuer, that is evidently known to many. How could a beast whose objective is to extinct a tribe be the same with the defender who doesn’t want to be exterminated? Nikalongo is here to answer this question. If looting was the core mission, these looters are already billionaires. King Salva is a known billionaire whose wealth came from public resources and own by those who he is trying to wipe out. Perhaps, he feared the owners of the wealth will come to reclaim them back one day and thus, he got to do away with them before they reclaim their wealth.

  3. Mawien Magol says:

    Brother: Simon Yel Yel.

    Yes, the Southern Sudanese people are not feeling well, the way these Officials of South Sudan’s government have been running the Young nation. It is unusual behaviors that, you can not see in any country from around the world but only South Sudan. The majority of supporting rebels believes that, the government is the answers for their own problems this is why if individual got fried from his job for whatever reason behind then, he will immediately thinking about join rebels, because he has no others Ideas of surviving in his own struggle. For Dinkas families this is a big deal, the word Ngagat is some thing most of the Dinkas don’t wanted and if you asked Lawyer Tolary Riing Deng when he was interesting to run for governor in Lake State probably, he will tell you one word which is regrettable for joining former Nasir leader Dr. Riek Machar. The residences of Lake State were saying, the former ngagat wouldn’t rule us period. But for Nuers people I don’t think is a big deal any way.

    You have seen the Son of late general Paulino Mr. Nhial Matip Nhial had already joined rebels of former vice president. Also you have seen Dr. Dhiue Mathok Diing with his brother Lual Mathok Diing in the rebels. The Son of founder SPLA/SPLM decide to take side with the politician that fought with his father for about 7 years and if you adds all those which you already mentions and more others not state then, you will belief that each person is fighting for his own rewarding in kind of Military rank promotion looting million dollars through by begging the world. I think these people are telling president Salva Kiir Mayardit that, they did this way because they thinks the current president is not smarter to detected them. I think the SPLM leadership must come up and explains exactly why these people have been allow to serve in the rebels and on the other hand, their mothers, fathers,brothers wives as you already indicated on the above. It is absolutely stunning to see the Son of governor defected against his own father’s government. The bottom line is that, the SPLM leadership must come up in explaining to South Sudanese people why these relatives are serving two masters at the same time, why, why, why,

  4. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Yel-Yel & Nikalongo.
    your articles sound good in my own understanding, you mentioned the sensitive points exactly this is how our country is heading to. and you are back up by our brother Nikalongo they re thieves and at the same things the are rebel and so on. they caused the messed of this country.
    to Mr. Tyson you are the most dangerous animals in this country who can confused our people in south Sudan I know you re madi by tribe but if you compare your tribe with Dinka it will make difference because Dinka made a lot of contributions to the liberation and independent of this nation compare yours.
    whatever you are talking will not affects us as Dinka tribe at large it is going to be your choice if you want to join the rebellion take it easy with out complain on Dinka Name all the time. We are not going to tolerate the nonsense being posted by enemy of peace in this web, weather by embarrassing or by action it will be like that.

  5. Oyet says:

    The author is a dinka who feel the Equatorians should remaining standing with Kiir. Mr Author, you called the current government as legitimate elected government, this support you have thrown to illegitimate government shown to me that you are close ally or perhaps a new to Kiir. you article also has singled out Konga Wani for his son joining the rebellious is view as pro jienge agenda. Let me answer you Mr author, Wani maybe an archenemy of Lado, but don’t forget it was kiir’s initiative to make Konga to become governor of CES to avoid Konga going back to fight the SPLA in order to appease Konga to laid down his arms, kiir has to balance between the heavy weight general whose Mundari will fight to date and General Lado who is military toothless, what do you do here if you want to succeed in implementing Dinka agenda in Equatoria? it was your uncle kiir who played around with the minds of the two gentlemen, but he failed to tamed Konga, Konga remains vocal and he speaks what he wants, and his son is of course the new generation who won’t like to see Dinka sitting on the heads of Equatorians, remember these are Konga’s words too, Konga realized he is old and sick, just want son Joseph to take his place, had Konga be fit and healthy he would have left Juba long, remember when he said till to date he is not an SPLA and he cannot join SPLA because of what SPLA has done to Equatorian women during the liberation. The man is a man, and don’t temper with him. you are just envied so much that the rebellious is not gaining momentum is at no return point. and the Equatorians are about the liberate our soils and lands

    • Oyet,

      You forget another patriotic quote from governor Konga. In January in this year, Governor Konga said, “I do not want to be used against my own people like Joseph Nguen Manytuiel of Unity State that is being used excessively against his Nuer people to satisfy the Dinka’s interest.” Mr. Konga said this while he was addressing his Equatorians supporters in Juba.

  6. Ojja says:

    Alier kon,
    what is your problem with the Ma’di? why do you think the dinka idiot have done more than what ma’di have done in the liberation? remember I think you are uncivilized Dinka on this planet, don’t you not known that Garang is the offspring of general Joseph Luga Yanga, a man who led the first war of liberation and SPLA is the continuation of his products, unlike John Garang and his predecessor the uncivilized Kiir who did not event finished senior III of Sudan, General Lagu was a national figure in his aspiration for the liberation of South Sudan. so please google more about the contribution of Ma’di for liberation of south Sudan. Ma’di have contributed greatly starting from 1947 google about Ciricio Irro (RIP) Severino Fuli, he wrote about about the liberation, Amb. Vugo Morgan, Joseph Lagu Yanga etc.
    Try to be decent and formal when you want to lay your argument, so that people can help you, why are you so much about ma’di? please refrain from using uncivilized language here,otherwise this demonstrate your inability to debate the really issues, and this shows you have law education attainment, or your IQ is lower than average a normal person.

  7. Jake says:

    “The current rebellion is made up of many discontent elements wanting to achieve different goals and we have seen recently the defections of many rebels, high profile commanders and politicians to the government. Many rebels don’t have a single problem with the system of Kiir’s governance but they have problems with individuals within the government, be it national government, state, county and even Payam.”
    This quote alone my brother, shows you are clearly living in denial. Please don’t forget some of the senior rebel commanders and political figures, we’re active members of the army, police, fire brigades even MPs representing their constituents. Some where even die hard Kiir’s supporters. Yet they left the government to fight it. Why? Let me answer that. Because Kiir commited ethnic cleansing in Juba. He violated our Constitution and placed himself above all southerners. Journalist are disappearing daily, priest are being assaulted, Militias are popping up everywhere, Citizens are dying of hunger and diseases. Insecurity is all around the nation. Kiir’s Militias have turned our beloved nation into a Police State. Where if you questions your leaders or exercise your God given human rights you disappear. Freedom of speech and information on applies when singing songs and praises to the tyrant.

    • Jake,

      If you are not lying, could you tell us the high profile of rebels commanders and politicians defected to the government recently, apart from Lul Ruai Koang? Instead I know only the high profile politicians from government who have been defecting to the rebellion led by former Vice President Dr. Machar

      • Jake says:

        Bentiu Ramadan
        Please read the above comment of mine again.
        I was trying to prove to the author that in the opposition there were senior government officials, who left the government to fight it (Kiir ) government. Misinterpretation on your part.

  8. Alier-kon says:

    Dear,Ojjia. & Oyet.
    The problem is the hatred that you are preaching around the media about Dinka, for your information if you re civilized what had you done in your life apart from me bastard ?
    You had contributed the negative points in this country for almost 50 years compare to what John Garang did in 20s year time. I told you Mr. Oyet who care weather you like it or not pick your gun and join the rebellion in the hotel and use the internets war if that will take you to the hell or heaven monkey.
    We don’t want to associated with evil people like you!!! and cowardice the doom Equatorian who Assumed to be civilized.

    • Nikalongo says:


      South Sudan will cease to be a nation on the day the people you call cowards in Equatoria become barbarians like you Dinka and Nuer. Why seek protection in UN camps or peaceful settlements in Equatoria if you want to fight to the end? The myth that you are braver than the bravest is all but cow dung. Truth be told, more than half of the casualties during the liberation wars resulted from communal violence between the Nuer and Dinka over nonsense. Villages in Greater Upper Nile were emptied not by Arabs but by actions of brutes like the Gadets, Santininos, Dengs, Kuols, Manyangs and Magots.

      Peace and tranquility is what we want for every citizen of this nation. Unknown to the Dinka and Nuer elites in South Sudan and the diaspora, those suffering most from the 15m old political/military turmoil are the ordinary Nuer and Dinka. Dinka Kiirs in all his splendor is unable to provide security for the thousands of Dinka men, women and children in the Un camps. What about Nuer Riak? The only thing the gentlemen do is securing wealth and prosperity for the elites. The rebel is the government and the government is the rebel. The rest of the Dinka fools and the Nuer sheep are all dispensable. For Equatoria Cowards Alier-kon, it is like a Tom and Jerry show. It is their oil money and by extension their war. In Equatoria, we eat bananas and grow cassava.

    • Tyson says:

      Your argument is baseless. Every learned person has the RIGHT to fight the rotten government of Kiir and Jieng hegemony. S/he does not require permission from you!
      Stop your madness of liberation! You failed mierably and without excuse. Managing a nation has failed the Jineg collectively. They thought managing a nation is like milking the hungry and sick cows in the luaks. These dirty actions ended up with Jieng committing worse crimes against humanity. Jieng is associated with the worst crimes of the 21st century. You can be the majortiy, yes majority in crimes, majority in raping, looting and land grabbing…. You claim to have liberated South Sudan but Equatorians led the war and liberated most areas in Equatoria. You came as IDPs to Equatoria land as well as enjoy the hardwork of Equatorians. If you were real men, then you should have pitched your camp in Kosti to show that you were the victors.
      What a shame and stop your madness!!!!1Go and liberate your villages from mosquitoes, hunger, criminalty, theft, etc.

  9. Alier Gai says:

    It is like changing a cloth when it is too dirty by putting on a new one and so forth. Rebels and government officials are one people although they are contradicting themselves from the two angles of their dominance. Macher is recuiting those guys to join him and bring him to the thorne, as his promise to give all of them ministrial positions when he is later crown. He is showing igad and the world that they ran away from kiir to him, and he is a better leader now than his juba foe. However, the warring parties have to accede to the term and condition of the suffering citizens than showing up at any given day for their unhealthy needs. They must come down to accept that reality and stop toing and froing between bush and town. This is too much of a game without end. The coming peace is very harsh to macher and kiir. It would be fair enough if the two leaders compromise their unachieveable demands and find a common ground that will bring peace.

  10. Alier-kon says:

    Can you check the comments of those Oyet & Ojjiao what sheets they are talking against Dinka on the web?
    Where they in protection camp of Equatorians? who is protected them? are they Equatorians or UN?
    If am not intended any one of you by name please don’t attempt to reply any comments that is not yours.
    Shamed on you Equatorians for being the standing on three legs.

    • Nikalongo says:


      You have no editorial rights to impose sanction on what can be commented upon and by who. Articles and comments posted on SSN is open to all. Am I right Mr. Editor?

      For your information Alier-kon, people in Equatoria are proud of the stand taken regardless of whether that now include standing on three legs. There is shame in refusing to sweep South Sudan clean of her Dinka and Nuer citizens. We want peace and prosperity for all.

  11. False Millionaire says:

    As I assume you are a good catholic,take your Bible and some believers with you,go to a church near you and pray so that God should drive the dinka and nuer elites in RSS to hell for not seeing the suffering of nuer and dinka ordinary citizens becouse of the violence,destruction and insecurity they have imposed on them.But there is only a certain small fraction of the elites of the two tribes among those in diaspora who are as foolish as their fellow kins in RSS.The rest are those who survive in the same manners of subsistence as the equatorians.They toil hard for their bread.In fact harshness of their stone cutting efforts is such that,if you ever see their hands and you compare them to those of a monkey,you will never miss to observe that their hands and the monkey’s are just one and the same.They are citizens of reason but not stupidity.They are for dialogue,understanding,peace and reconciliation.But they are victims of dislike by the elites in RSS and their likes who don’t work but kill and loot for their living!!!

  12. Simon you have put it right in that sense there is no real rebellion in South Sudan only the interested and greedy power hunger based on your article many families as you mention one leg on the rebel side,one leg on government side.In that regard you will find no good reasons for rebellion while one of the family member received government money.They supported their family and the still saying there is no legitimate government this is very confusing situation in our country.

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