The facade of the International Community in South Sudan

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, JAN/25/2018, SSN;

At long last the SPLM/A in its different guises together with its off-shoots have called the bluff of the international community. For four years now the international community’s handling of the peace talks and implementation of ARCSS leaves a lot to be desired. During this period, they have left footprints of bias everywhere.

Just before the start of the revitalization talks, the international community issued strong letters sending a message that this time round they meant business. This raised the hopes of South Sudanese and for the first time the people appeared to give the international community the benefit of doubt about their conduct of the talks.

Ms Rebecca Nyandeng Garang, the widow of the late leader of SPLM/A, Dr John Garang, captured the positive feeling of the South Sudanese people in her interview with Mr John Tanza on Voice of America on 2nd January 2018.

Nyandeng expressed optimism about the revitalization talks based on the assurance she received from IGAD. This is what she said, “And I was happy to hear that IGAD said they were speaking in the same voice. Because IGAD in the other hand also have to unite their ranks and file.”

Asked by Tanza, why she was saying so, Nyandeng explained, “I say so because IGAD was divided. From 2013, even during the 2017 there are some leaders in IGAD who are supporting leaders instead of supporting people of South Sudan.”

Given the numerous violations of the Cessation of Hostilities agreement signed on 21st December 2017 by the government, the international community initially went mute only to issue the usual statement loaded with condemnation wrapped up with moral equivalence.

Many people have been asking what the international community is doing given their latest tough statement. Nobody has the answer and unfortunately the hopes of the people have once again been dashed. Nyandeng must be very disappointed.

The South Sudanese people have for over a year now lost faith in the international community following the naked violation of ARCSS by President Salva Kiir’s regime and its subsequent silence followed by their endorsement of General Taban Deng Gai as a replacement to Dr Riek Machar.

Why the international community as guarantors of the agreement chose to ignore Juba regime’s destruction of the agreement remains to be explained? It is something that makes many people to date to scratch their heads.

Worse still, they have gone on to isolate and confine the victim, Dr Riek Machar, the leader of SPLM/A-IO in South Africa. Machar has his own blemishes, but to put the blame of what happened in Juba in July 2016 on him to the extent of victimising him is as unfair and unethical as to reveal the internecine bias by international community against an innocent person exercising his birthright in his country’s affairs.

Machar’s isolation has proven one thing beyond doubt. His absence has not brought any peace. The war has continued unabated and this should be a reason enough to exonerate this innocent man and release him from the crude illegal confinement in South Africa.

Democracy demands that there must be a level field for all to compete for the highest office in the land. At the moment that is not the case in South Sudan. An innocent man is illegally held against his wishes in foreign land while the culprit is allowed to roam freely mismanaging the country.

This culprit, the trouble maker is in Juba. He is called President Salva Kiir, an extremely dangerous tribalist-psychopath who has already committed ethnic cleansing and continues to pose serious risk to himself, the people of South Sudan and South Sudan the country itself.

The facade of the international community in relation to peace in South Sudan dressed up in statements like, “We care for the people of South Sudan”, “There will be consequences”.. etc is unravelling before the eyes of the people of South Sudan and the world.

The revitalisation of ARCSS was meant to be a serious business. Though speeches were delivered by Troika, African Union and IGAD as mentioned above, only for the regime in Juba to instantly rubbish it by violating the CoH openly without any consequences as promised.

    The international community has lost credibility in South Sudan.

The majority of South Sudanese now wrongly or rightly believe that the international community including IGAD are conniving with the government of South Sudan against them. In a sense, the international community is viewed as part of the problem and as such they are perceived as allies of the Juba regime.

Conversations in South Sudanese circles nowaday is riddled with expressions like, “We are fighting the whole world.” This collective belief can be seen from the outcome of the National Dialogue consultations results held in Uganda and Kenya.

Please see, ’19 Things Uganda Refugees Want: An Official Summary by the National Dialogue of South Sudan’ ( and ‘Official summary of South Sudan National Dialogue in Kenya consultation in Nairobi, Kenya.’ (

Gatluke Reat in his letter to Troika titled, ‘What is the difference between Hitler’s Nazi regime and Troika today in South Sudan’ compares the activity of the International Community in South Sudan with the appeasement of the Nazi regime in Germany by some European countries in 1940s.

Although South Sudanese understand that the reigning world ideology of globalisation has made everything to be seen in monetary terms including human life, they can not understand why lessons learnt from the holocaust are ignored. It is clear that the cost of appeasing totalitarian regimes eventually out ways the benefits.

Please see (

Boumkuoth Gatkouth writing a week after the signing of the Cessation of Hostilities agreement (CoH) questions whether the process would be fruitful. He highlighted the continuous silences of IGAD on the violation carried out by the government.

In his article, ‘The IGAD-led High Level Revitalisation Forum & Its Prospects’ (, Gatkouth concludes that IGAD is not neutral and can not be trusted.

Why is the international community losing credibility in South Sudan? Primarily there are three drivers. These are: direct intervention of IGAD member countries in support of the Juba regime; the application of policy of moral equivalence by Troika; and the failure of African Union to protect the “African person”.

When the conflict broke out on 15th December 2013 with President Kiir targeting and cleansing the Nuer people around Juba, Uganda joined the Juba regime on pretext of stopping genocide.

The reality on the ground was completely different. It was the government of President Kiir that was committing genocide on the Nuer people. How could Uganda then stop genocide by aiding the genocidaire? This is a question that Uganda needs to answer.

Uganda even sent its jet fighters to bomb the Nuer who were fighting to defend themselves from the Juba regime in Bor using internationally banned cluster bombs.

In addition to this President Yoweri Museveni visited Juba on 30th December 2013 and said, “We gave him [Machar] four days [agreed that] if he doesn’t [comply with the agreement], then we shall have to go after him. That is what we agreed on.”

Please see, ‘South Sudan – Uganda’s Museveni threatens Machar over ceasefire’ (

This declaration by President Museveni on behalf of the regional leaders clearly proves that the region sided with the Juba regime. This explains the fact that none of the countries in region condemned the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer by the Juba regime. The crime was hashed up.

The other country in the region openly siding with the Juba regime is Kenya. Both Uganda and Kenya to date often allow Juba regime’s security agents to kidnap South Sudanese exiles in their countries.

Now all these countries are members of IGAD and given their collusion with the Juba regime, is it any wonder why peace is difficult to achieve. We move on to the Troika.

When President Kiir unleashed his tribal militia known as Mathiang Anyoor on 15th December 2013 to cleanse the Nuer in Juba, everyone who was in Juba was horrifically shocked.

Hilda Johnson, former Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nation in Juba at the time records her observations of the grave crime in her book, ‘South Sudan The Untold Story: From independence to civil war’, on chapter 6 under the subtitle, The Nightmare. The Nuer cleansing in Juba was witnessed by the whole world.

When I talk about the world, I mean all the representatives of the foreign governments in Juba witnessed it. In spite of this fact, the world outside South Sudan was kept uninformed and as a result no country to date has condemned Juba for the grave crimes it committed. The UN and the Troika countries kept their mouths zipped up.

Following the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer and prior to April 2014, the international community did not condemn the grave crimes against humanity committed by the regime.

However in April 2014 when the Nuer wrongly and unacceptably retaliated by killing people in Bentiu, Akobo and Bor, the international community swiftly reacted by rightly condemning the opposition for these heinous acts.

Unfortunately from then on it embarked on a policy of moral equivalence. If the Juba regime commits a crime, the international community will wait until the opposition retaliates and thereafter it will condemn both sides equally.

A good example of their application of this policy is in the areas of sanctions and press releases. All the so called targeted sanctions in South Sudan have been equally applied on the warring parties.

Surely, this can not be right. In any conflict there must be a culprit and in the case of South Sudan the Juba regime without doubt is, yet it has never been held responsible.

Eric Reeves, senior fellow at Harvard University, elsewhere argues that the balancing of moral equities plays into the hands of the aggressors.

I agree with Reeves’ argument because in my view it psychologically distributes the guilt to all the actors which in a sense absolves the wrong doer from acknowledging the reality of his/her actions and the responsibility that accompanies it.

Further, this policy has the potential to fuel the conflict and keep it going endlessly as both sides get corrupted with time and believe that their position is right.

The problem with this policy is that it suggests those applying it do not have a moral position/responsibility on the issue at hand. But is this really true? What has happened to the values flowing from the instruments of the various resolutions of the United Nations?

What has happened to the Western values of justice and fairness? Perhaps South Sudanese are not perceived as humans enough and thus do not deserve to be treated as such.

The history of European interaction with Africa speaks for itself. Its vestiges may be what are in the policy of moral equivalence applied to South Sudan. Here is where African Union should have been of help, but perhaps it may have moved on and forgotten about the value of the “African person”.

The report of African Union Commission of enquiry in South Sudan ( which went through sieving many times before its release clearly captures what happened in Juba in December 2013.

African Union as the body with power over IGAD has been expected to play supervisory role to make sure that the issues presented in the report are addressed adequately to provide lessons for the future in relation to the continent.

Thus for the sake of the “African person” (the civilians, women, children and old persons being raped and killed) it should have exercised maximum supervision on the conduct of the peace talks and the implementation of August 2015 Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS).

So far the indication is that it did nothing. So, when the Juba regime violently destroyed the peace agreement by turning the city into a battle field in July 2016 forcing the former Vice President Dr Riek Machar out of the country into the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudanese expected the guarantors of the deal and the international community including African Union to hold the regime to account.

Surprisingly, like in 2013 they did not condemn the regime but went on to reward it for violating the agreement. Without exception they endorsed President Kiir’s blatant decision to install Mr Taban Deng Gai as vice president.

All these were done in a lightning speed without any enquiries on the fact that the population of Juba were criminally exposed to serious danger by the government.

Unlike IGAD, the West African regional body ECOWAS regardless of the interest of the member states seems more competent in handling political conflicts efficiently in that part of Africa. When former President of Gambia Yahya Jammeh was voted out in December 2016, he attempted to stick to power by depriving the winner Adama Barrow.

ECOWAS acted swiftly to protect democracy. It mobilised a regional force within a short time which saw Jammeh off with no violence, and the winner Adama Barrow installed in power. Well done ECOWAS for standing up for democracy in Africa. You make the average African person proud.

So South Sudanese for the last four years have been watching some of the regional countries openly supporting the regime that is tormenting them; Troika’s application of equal moral equities and the failure of the African Union to protect them helplessly while their suffering continues.

Now they are making sense of their experiences and translating that into a belief that they are on their own. Are they not right?

Whether the talks in IGAD succeed or not, it does not matter. South Sudanese are beginning to discuss ways of finding their own solution to their problem. That by default is empowerment.
[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Samuel Atabi says:

    Nobody articulates the role of the complicit international community in our affairs better than you. I hope in addition to SSN, this piece is published widely. In Britain I suggest you share it with the MPs in the Commons and the Lords. There are some good people among them, including the Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition, Labour Party. I have lost my belief in a fair world.

  2. deng hanbol says:

    Dear Elhaq,
    I would to like offer my very warmest congratulations to you on your phenomenal article. Fellow citizen, I have read your article with keen interest and find the unabridged presentation persuasive.

  3. False Millionnaire says:

    Nyandeng unseating Kiir means jiengei replacing another jiengei for the benefit of the same jieng for life.
    What’s the cause of optimism for you here about that interview?
    Why don’t u go hide yourself like your shamed cousin Dr kwajok who miscalculated jieng’s doom with sheer road targeting of unarmed jieng instead of wasting time barking about a Mountain that will not move an inch?

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Hi former detainee
      Who has said replacing one Jieng with another Jieng is a good thing now? For the benefit of your ignorance, South Sudanese will not accept another Jieng as a president. You have proven that the Jieng is the most ruinous person without any ability to manage people. No wonder your villages across the country are mini battle fields with Agouk against Apuk, Lueth against Majuk, tett against Nyatot etc. It’s this mess that you have brought to the government in Juba. No more!!!

  4. Bismark says:

    As usual Elhaq has eloquently put the picture of the nasty drama that is going on in our country and her people across the world. I can agree that we can look east or west, north or south our catastrophe will continue to unfold just because other people see our country and people as source of wealth and cheap labor respectively. To them continual war in our country is good for them because refugees get them that cheap labor and lawlessness due to war enable them to enter our country to plunder whatever of value can be got. To me I believe genuine peace in our country can come when we realize that we are the losers in this nasty game. We should be able to identify who is the cause of all this, then unite to get him out. Of course here it is clear who is the cause of this calamity. What we need is a unity of purpose to do that job. We need honesty, sacrifice and determination to pool up resources to implement to rid this satan from our midst and set the people free. But how can we do that in a country that is tribally polarised? This is a hard question to answer. However it can be answered. As a little boy during Anya nya 1 our people contributed clothes, money for liberation of our people and it did some work. I do not know why it can not be done now. Our freedom and peace can not come from else where. It will emphatically come from we the people of that land with support of our international friends. We can do that while knowing that we are doing this in the world in which jealousy, envy by people close to us exist for what our country and people have..

    • Mor-amook says:

      Bismark, your first paragraphs indicate that you have now known why war cannot end in our country. The same whites or westerners you believe to solve our problem are the ones pushing you (the rebels or anti- Jieng) to fight for the cause as you call it and claim to solve it. Again, your last paragraphs although there are no paragraphs in your comments, indicate that you are still anti- tribe/jieng not thinking rationally for national interest.

      The simple way we should be changing any government in our country is through elections. If you continue to think through guns, my friend the war and suffering of our people will never end. For example, topple Kiir by force today, he will go to bush and will fight back. He will get supporters from his tribe and even other tribes including Equatoria and the same suffering continue. Look, he has equatorians and Nuers in his administration, that would be the same thing.

      The only way is to surprise world to put down arms, come back to Juba and wait for election, which I think you and the other idiots will not accept. But, that is reality like it or not, you will not succeed toppling Kiir by force, marked my words! The international community you always rely on, work on interest. Look at Syria crisis, Libya, Palestine….etc.

      • Bismark says:


        If you do not know that you are an idiot of first order then that is the problem our country is having because people of your like went to the bush with a mindset to come and torment innocent South Sudanese on their ancestral land. The people of South Sudan is going through this hardship because you idiots who believe in Jieng supremacy in the country. None of you has ever criticised the bad governance one of your own has imposed on the people of this great nation. You used the vast ignorance of your tribesmen to disseminate terror all over South Sudan. Name anything evil in South Sudan, you will find your tribe is associated with. You do not need to open your foul mouth to condone the rape of innocent womenfolk, land grabbing, and mass murder of innocent citizens and think you are wise. You are a complete disgrace to humankind.

      • Eastern says:


        The situation in South Sudan is not comparable with that in Syria (Russia fighting the imperialists, etc) and Libya. The situation here at home is that of an inept regime led by a lacklustre former rebel officer using the scarce country’s resources to wage a futile war and rent support from neighbouring “allies”.

        Equatorians are very smart here on dealing with anyone of their own renting their lives to Kiir: such people are killed and many have already been killed!

        Calling for elections in South Sudan is like inviting for tenders for the supply of more future war ingredients. South Sudanese may “come together” in future after Confederation (I call it Kokora) or International UN Trusteeship than continuing to impose the regime of Kiir on the masses. The cost of that imposition has already been felt between July 2016 and January 2018. Please take the stocks and make your choice!

        The discussions and agreements are done in Addis Ababa but the actual peace is to be implemented in South Sudan. Remember, those in Ethiopia don’t have the leverage on the disgruntled people in their villages being pillaged by dinka militias. Those in Ethiopia don’t have the leverage on those who would want to vent their anger on some dinka folks traversing through their part of the enclave aka South Sudan. It will get nastier if you don’t hurry to yank off Kiir from that seat for there shall continue to be a stalemate of non-dinkas seeing him as tribal leader and dinka zealots continuing to die for him just to save the face of the tribe!

    • loberito says:


      Well said about source of wealth, cheap labor and lawlessness. I agree with you that other people are coming to South Sudan to take advantages while the war continues. There is no law to protect our resources, because those who are holding positions in this current government in South Sudan are the first thugs who looted the country. They attract other thugs from other countries and they are looting together. They both invest our national resources into gold and oil companies.

      Furthermore, there is no law in the country to protect the citizens and property so these thugs are looting in open daylights. In eastern Equatoria region, the government of South Sudan employs the foreigners to mind gold. Most of the foreigners are the Chinese.

      Also, in South Sudan, NGOs are hiring South Sudanese from the camps to go and work in South Sudan because it is very cheap to hire venerable populations. Life in the camps are very stressful because there are no job opportunities. The idleness can create mental health problem. However, we do need peace in our country so that the citizens will eventually go home.

      To end this civil war in South Sudan, we do need a unity of purpose as Bismark eloquently elaborated it. A unity of purpose can be created when we all say enough is enough to the war. We South Sudanese people are oppressed by our government. Most people are very fearful to speak openly in South Sudan. For example, Paul Malong who was once the Chief of General Staff who also contributed in one way or other to harm our people is crying owl now. It is not simple to think that we can all come together for a unity of purpose to fight for what is good for all of us, because most people are afraid of consequences.

      If our military soldiers are smart like Zimbabwe’s military who has placed Robert Mugabe, the country’s only leader since gaining independence in 1980, under house arrest in a move that has the trappings of a coup that will save the lives of our people.

  5. Elhag Paul says:

    What are the Jieng saying about this letter from “King Paul”:
    Press Statement
    Condemning the Prevalent Killing of Innocents in the country

    : January 25th, 2018

    It is when one of them occupied a prestigious position in the decision-making kitchen within the Khartoum regime, the killing of unarmed citizens occurred. While he was in the government, the massacre of Malual Dinka known as Al-Dain massacre took place and he, did not protest the incident. The conviction to represent and served your people diligently was not in his dictionary.
    Today the same scenario is repeated before these political elites in the governing bodies, and in the same manner, they could not even come out to condemn the killing of three young people mercilessly killed in Juba a few days ago. The victims did not post any threat to the government in Juba. They were simply targeted and killed in Juba because of who they were. This happened in a city where these MPs stood up three days ago to condemn a rebellion that has never been declared. The manner in which these young men were killed was inhumane. Yet the MPs’ reaction was absent and merciful feeling was not within their political literatures. They know how to denounce and condemn the historical leaders, who contributed significantly in the realization of an independent South Sudan we all know today. Their aim is to tarnish the credibility of some military and political leaders that South Sudan has ever known. Their work is to deny tribute accorded to those liberators, risked all and fought for justice and freedom of citizens. The MPs along with others in Juba are against those who participated in the liberation struggle which was triggered by the bondage of injustice of the Old Sudan. They are doing so by shifting public attention from the reality of the collapsing economy, insecurity and misery of life that citizens are living. Some of those MPs are mobilized to go after people like me, the very man who was once the safeguard to their political success. I wouldn’t have kept quiet but to speak against the killings if I were still in government.
    Truly, it is crystal clear that the measure of thinking for those who called themselves former NBGS MPs in the National Parliament and council of the States is to appease the current leadership, they are giving a green light to Head of National Security to continue exercising brutality on innocent citizens. However, if the MPs were truly representatives of the people they claimed to represent, they should have come out denouncing and condemning the killing of three young but innocent men from the family of Muor Kuac in Juba. Furthermore, the targeting and the discriminate killing of certain groups within the nation is ongoing. It is an act of terror and shall never be condoned. Even today, it’s confirmed that there have been a pending assassinations plans against the sons of Aweil inside and outside the country. While many of them are being tortured daily by the security apparatus, the inhumane treatment of private citizens and the discriminate attacks against them, simply because of who they relate to or where they come from raise urgent question on what and how responsibly is the head of security organs in dealing with these critical matters. A simple answer is, it is deliberate and well-established operation, meant to harm the citizens. The group is specialized and trained to operate as actors of poor theatres, which are measured to function on the scale of their political conscience.
    I strongly condemn the killing and the targeting of innocent people based on their family background or geographical location. It is illegal and equally unconstitutional to target and kill the very people you supposed to protect. This criminal and terrorist activity must stop if we are to prevail as nation-state. My deepest sympathy to the family of Mour Kuac and to those families whom their loved-ones have been killed since May 11, 2017 up-to date such as Cde, Bol Deng Miyen, Akech Piol Makuei and Peter Pal Garkuath among others. Our country is experiencing lawlessness and the terror is gaining ground daily and victims are set to die every day. I know how hard and difficult it is at this tragic time to the family and the nation as a whole for what is taking place. , my thoughts and prayers are with the families of these three sons and to those whom lives have been cut short unjustly and for no reason.

    Gen. Paul Malong Awan
    Former SPLA Chief of General Staff
    Kenya – Nairobi

    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Bismark and Eastern,
      What you are dreaming for, will take you decades to achieve. By force, you will never achieve it and South Sudan will never be stable if you continue arm struggle as you advocate. Remember, it took South Sudanese from 1955 when we were not born to 2005 to achieve what we had wanted. That is the same thing, some of you will die in exile.

      Look, any regime changed by force, a country will never be stable, just two example, Somalia when President was killed in 1991 and Libya when Libyans were incited by the same westerners in the name of democracy to kill their president in 2011. Are ordinary Libyan citizens now enjoying privileges and security they used to enjoy during dictator Gadafi? the answer from the honest man not idiots like you or ordinary Libyan is “No” Those who removed Gadaafi do not bother of what is happening in Libya after Gadaafi. They say let them kill themselves. Did they come with solution? Is democracy that was imposed by arm struggle working in Libya?

      I am not defending Kiir because of being tribesman, I am thinking beyond box. It is proved globally at modern time that fighting does not bring solution, but it is unfortunate that some people like you and the rest still do not understand that. Even after decades of fighting with so many regimes in Khartoum, we sat down and negotiate to reach solution. Most of you negotiate positions with government, that mean you don’t have reasons.

      When a person is appointed by Kiir, he can’t refuse or criticize. But when remove, he criticizes and rebel. Even now one of you is appointed he will accept. Give me list of those who declined appointment of Kiir since 2005 due to bad governance. They accept to work to scoop resources and when remove, it becomes a problem. Did Garang and rest of southerners rebelled because they were removed from positions? of Course not.

      • Eastern says:


        I begin by quoting you..”When a person is appointed by Kiir, he can’t refuse or criticise. But when remove, he criticizes and rebel. Even now one of you is appointed he will accept. Give me list of those who declined appointment of Kiir since 2005 due to bad governance. They accept to work to scoop resources and when remove, it becomes a problem”.

        Please redirect your tirade to the people in the calibre of Elia Lumoro, Taban Deng and others not The Eastern Rock! I don’t need a job from the inept Kiir and his tribal regime.

        The sooner Kiir cedes power the better for South Sudan. I don’t want to see a South Sudan led by a powerful inept man followed by multitude of morons and hungry men like you are dying to maintain the status quo because they are not sure where food will come from once Kiir is not at the helm!

        With Kiir being declared a leader of an UNFIT PARTNERSHIP with the US, be afraid of what follows next! Somalia and Libya are where they are because some psychopaths think they can just wish away America without any blow backs. You morons think you can fire on a clearly marked US Embassy vehicle and get away with it. You think you can rape American women and get away with it. You hopelessly think by embracing the Chinese and their rice and medical assistance, you can come off that heavy weight of the American York that cost them 11 billion USD to provide food, medicine, pay UN to provide security, education, etc for the common masses while Kiir uses the petro-dollar to rent support from people like you. This is the same mindsets that drove down Somalia, Libya, Iraq and other countries led by psychopaths you morons like to refer and compare the South Sudanese governance malfeasance.

        Yes Libya is in shambles but that won’t deter any change-seeking South Sudanese to act rent-seeking. Qaddafi failed to buy support when the masses prevailed on at the end. He ended badly – HE WAS SODOMISED USING A BAYONET. I don’t care what happens to Kiir when his time comes!

        Kiir now has two options: (1) Cede power; (2) Vamous the J-One. Short of that, Kiir will continue to remain a heavy baggage to both followers and opponents.

  6. Hoiloom says:


    Thanks for the well articulated article. We are on our own indeed. I am also glad Dr. Machar stays in RSA to allow the generals on the ground do their work without any interference from him. Let us not lose hope, we will surely overcome these hurdles. As for Fake Millionaire, you’ve not won the war yet my cousin. You don’t have any reason to celebrate yet!
    Kiir will be removed by force…no amount of any external pressure will yield fruit on this dictator. Make no mistake when the unwanted alcoholic president is gone it may take generations for South Sudanese to allow any Jang to rule again. Jaang leadership has been tested and failed since 1983…


    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Hoiloom
      Thank you very much for assuring our people not to lose hope. I commend you for this statement, “Let us not lose hope, we will surely overcome these hurdles.” Yes, I totally agree we will overcome these hurdles. It is just a matter of time before these morons are paraded in a court of law to answer for their abuses.

  7. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear editor
    The date in the below quote which is the tenth paragraph in the article is incorrect. Grateful amend it to read “July 2016”.
    Thank you in advance for amending the error.

    “Worse still, they have gone on to isolate and confine the victim, Dr Riek Machar, the leader of SPLM/A-IO in South Africa. Machar has his own blemishes, but to put the blame of what happened in Juba in July 2016 on him to the extent of victimising him is as unfair and unethical as to reveal the internecine bias by international community against an innocent person exercising his birthright in his country’s affairs.

    • Mor-amook says:

      By force, you will never achieve it, and South Sudan will never be stable, I repeat. The problem is that you are sitting in Nairobi, Addis, Kampala and probably in western cities to advocate for war, when you never tested war. For those of us who had tested it, we know what is war, and that is why we call for you to lay down arms and let’s come together as Southerners to build our country the better. Stop calling for war outside bushes of South Sudan. You are not true southerners, you may be whites or from other neighboring countries in disguise in the name of Bismark, Elhag Paul, Hoiloom….etc

      A leader stay with his people he represents, come to the bush to feel the consequences of war you are calling for. Don’t push innocent citizens into senseless war and hardship as you are always writing in social media under ACs. If you had really revealed your correct names and identity, you will be charge for incitement in the ICC. I think you are aware of that, and this is why you disguise you really names. Reveal your names and identities, if you are ready for ICC in future. Incitement in social media is also a crime and ICC is an International Criminal Court.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Jaang will pay for persecution of Naath people. They (Jaang)will also pay for their spoiled politics and for M7 Meddling.

  8. Samuel Atabi says:

    Something might be moving. Read this from the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guteres (Voice of America, 28.1.2018):

    He called on the South Sudanese leaders to show leadership by ending the violence in their country.

    “First of all, it is clear to me, and I’m sorry to say so, but I’ve never seen a political elite with so little interest in the well-being of its own people,” said Guterres.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Sam Atabi,
      In the simplest and basic sense, an elite is defined as a group or class of persons considered to be superior to others because of their intelligence, either socially, intellectually or economically…(Wiktionary).
      In South Sudan today, the word ‘elite’ has been abused by South Sudanese in the three categories mentioned above as all those supposedly deemed or qualified as ‘elites’ have unethically fused into the criminal SPLM/A leadership to create this diabolical irresponsible leadership today in the nation.
      Dr. John Garang, the SPLM/A founder was the man who actually molded and gave life to this submissive political elite class during his leadership of the SPLM/A. South Sudanese intellectuals, well-educated people, all fell victims to Garang’s indoctrination if they wanted to survive the terror of Garang. They either slavishly acquiesced or they are dead meat! Late Benjamin Bol was one of the first victims of Garang’s terror on intellectuals or ‘elites’ who looked or suspected as his potential political leadership rivals.
      In theory, there might be some dormant so-called ‘political elites’ with Kiir today in the country but, sorrily, they are neutered and as such, they no longer qualify as the so=called ‘political elites’ and don’t give a damn about the well=being of their people except the few dollars Kiir is tossing to them.
      Some one needs to inform Mr. Guteres about that.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Brother Atabi
      Thank you for the feedback. Let us hope that they listen. We will do what we have to do for our people. This struggle may be long and nasty but at the end it will be worse it. Eventually the Jieng will have learnt a lesson to co-exist peacefully with the rest of the people of South Sudan. The nonsense of “born to rule” when they are actually born to ruin will be clear to them.

      • Mor-amook says:

        Dear Brothers and maybe sisters in disguise, no tribe declared that they were born to rule. These are nonsense of disgruntle people like my brother Elhang and the coward Eastern. I have no doubt that you are educated, but the problem is that some of you have Degrees, Masters, PhDs, but immature to think rationally. Please open your mind and analyze others comments. Such people like you cannot be defined as educated. Because education is not only to have Masters & PhDs, but to think outside the box.

        You are used to Kiir is a problem, Jieng tribe is a problem. These should be statements of ordinary citizen who never go to school. They rate people by tribes, but I didn’t expect educated people like you to also think that way. What was the point of going to school? This nasty and narrow mind tells me that whoever becomes president of South Sudan in future in your caliber if you will be luck will definitely become a tribalist to revenge since you keep saying the Jieng, Jieng……etc it is now clear you want power to clear Jieng on earth. The consequences would be protracted instability.

        When I say Kiir is not a problem, and when I say you will not topple him by force, you all sum up that so and so is defending his tribesman. Being opposition does not mean to close up your mind in expense of intellectual thinking.
        I encourage you to think holistically,intellectually and nationally, so that we find solution to our problem and to fix it ones and for all. But when you target a tribe, that tribe will defend itself if targeted no matter small they are. Remember, even two people armed in the bush against government, that part will be declared insecure. So don’t assume that all 63 tribes will unite against Jieng and expect South Sudan stability. It is nonsense!

        Don’t tell us America, who are Americans? they are people like us not God. Please tell them as your fathers or husbands that who is America?

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Mor-Amook
          “Dear Brothers and maybe sisters in disguise, no tribe declared that they were born to rule. These are nonsense of disgruntle people like my brother Elhang and the coward Eastern.” Oh!! Really? I suggest that you enquire from the chairman of JCE. He and the late Dr Justin Yac with others said it in 1970s and every Jieng possibly including you began to sing it everywhere in schools, markets etc. Do you know that it was this song that contributed to Kokora? May be you are ignorant and so you are forgiven. However, if you are now disassociating yourselves from your foolery, then that is a good sign. It means your are learning fast.

      • loberito says:

        Dear Elhag Paul,

        First off, I admire how you address issues that affect our country, South Sudan. South Sudan needs people like you who speak out openly. Let me add my voice here. I strongly believe that there is still “Hope” within us in South Sudan,because we still have abundance natural resources. Therefore, when we get the right people in place, who run the country, South Sudan will regain its strength.

        Born to rule is a long gone claimed from some of Jieng. Some of these Jieng who claimed they were born to rule can only regret to see how they fail to deliver in South Sudan. They ruin the country completely. I met some Jieng who suddenly claim that they are from North Sudan, not South Sudan. They are the same people who were saying this is our government, we have to eat because we fought for it. They try to distance themselves from South Sudan because their government is failing miserably.

  9. mading says:

    Elhag Paul. Keep fighting internet war, but you will go a way like Gatdarwich, Toria, Gatker Machar, Steve John, and many other rebels.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      The man has been here since creation of this site. If you would like, feel free to bribe Uhuru Kenyatta to kidnap him for you. Nonetheless, the rest shall stay the course. Keep your undergarment dry.

  10. Hoiloom says:


    Elhag Paul is doing a tremendous job on the Internet frontier. Who said war is only fought in the battle fields? Paul is doing a fine job in diaspora just as Lam Paul Gabriel is doing his part in the jungles of Equatoria.


  11. Deng Hanbol says:

    it seems that most of Jaang elites have a siege mentality, for they believe that 63 ethnic groups specifically, Naath and Equatorians are a threat to them. For example, if anyone looks at Makei Laeith’s face he/she would realize the old man has an abnormal behavior for whatever reasons only known by him. I think because of M7’S military intervention against Naath white army but failed to accomplish the mission is the reason that causing most of Dinka elites panic and indeed, the Ugandan army’s used Cluster bombs in Bor-Juba road against Naath white army. The fact is, Cluster bombs scatter a lot of small bomblets many of which failed to explode, over a wide area. According UN reports. Let me ask another question, why Mr. Laeith is always so obsessed with the Media? I think he’s so preoccupied for being unable to destroy the Nuer white army. As a consequence, the future of his Bor Dinka in particular and the future of Jaang at large is at stake. On top of that the liquidation war between Naath White army, Chollo,as well as Murle fighters on one hand and Bor Dinak and their SPLA-N in Greater Upper Nile on the other, is approaching. Also, the Greater Equatoria has taken arms against “Aryan” Jenige in retaliation for the Equatorians victims and the Equatorians lands that are occupied by Dinka. All of this has hit Dinka in panic. Mr. Manding, certainly you will end up very disappointed if you think M7’S military and politically support plus JEM support to your Jaang is enough.

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