The exile of Dr Machar: Did Pres. Obama repudiate Roosevelt’s anti-colonial doctrine?

By: Samuel Atabi, South Sudan, JUN/20/2017, SSN;

It is now confirmed: Riek Machar has been exiled and is under detention in South Africa. In a recent teleconference with the members of the UN Security Council, Machar himself cleared any doubt whether or not he has been exiled and detained in that beacon of self-determination and black freedom, the Republic of South Africa.

Exiling one on account of being a political or military leader was a tool extensively employed by the white colonial invaders of the African continent.

Even the Germans, who had the briefest presence in colonial Africa, forced into exile a number of leaders among who was the Paramount Chief of Kapando from Togo who was exiled to Cameroon, in 1913; the Germans had fear that he would lead an uprising against them.

The main practitioners of exiling leaders were the French and the British. This is not to disregard the roles of the other minor colonial powers such as the Portuguese, Belgians, Spanish, Italians, and the racist Afrikaner of South Africa.

The French operated mainly in parts of West Africa and the Maghreb. In one memorable episode, the French deposed Behazin, the King of Dahomey Kingdom and deported him as far as Martinique in 1894. The rest of the continent was under the domination of the British.

African traditional leaders, Chiefs and Kings in eastern Africa region were routinely exiled away from their homeland and followers.

An example of the British highhandedness, which resembles the present Machar’s predicament, was the exiling of the Buganda King to the UK in the 1950s.

The Governor in-charge of the then Uganda Protectorate, one named Cohen, demanded that Kabaka (King) Freddie of Buganda integrate his kingdom into the soon-to-be-born independent nation of Uganda. Kabaka Freddie refused. For this pain, he was removed and deported to London for a ‘comfortable’ exile.

Generally, these colonial exile cases did not achieve their main objectives. Some of the aims were directed at ending of dynasties, silencing defiant leaders, facilitation of wholesale seizure of land and forcible settlement of white settlers. The natives always fought back, some with extreme violence.

After the independence, a number of Africa heads of governments have behaved just like the colonialists. The case of the Angolan rebel leader, Jonas Savimbi will help to illustrate this view.

The path to independence of Angola from its colonial master, started in the 1960s, and was bedeviled by a vicious civil war among the anti-Portuguese and liberation movements.

The main protagonists were Jonas Savimbi of UNITA versus Agostinho Neto and Edwardo dos Santos of the MPLA. Independence was handed to the MPLA in 1975 but UNITA continued with armed struggle against the new government.

There were several attempts at negotiated end to the war between the two rival movements but all of them failed.

In 1989, during one of the attempts, a group of African leaders (an equivalent of IGAD?), from Angola (an interested party), Congo, Gabon, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Zaire, Zambia and Zimbabwe, met in Harare to get a peace agreement.

In an action similar to that meted out to Riek Machar in 2016, these leaders unanimously decided to exile Savimbi, also to South Africa.

They also recommended the integration of UNITA forces into the MPLA and its institutions in a similar manner to that being advocated for the absorption of the SPLA (IO) into the Kiir’s faction of the army.

As might be expected, Savimbi violently refused to go into exile and resumed fighting. Years later, Savimbi was killed in 2002 under suspicious circumstances.

We shudder at what might be the fate of Riek Machar. God forbid!

The African leaders at Harare imitated their past colonial masters in prescribing ‘exile’ as a solution to a complex and desperate political and military situation that existed in Angola at that time.

The secretive decision of the IGAD and its supporters to exile and detain Riek Machar in South Africa was a desperate attempt to imitate the Harare outcome; prescribing a palliative to cure a chronic and almost terminal disease ailing South Sudan body politics.

Most observers were not surprised by the decision of the IGAD et al to lure Machar into exile. After all, some of the key IGAD members have their own sinister interest in the current war in South Sudan.

What has really pained and surprised many in South Sudan and internationally, is the apparent acquiescence of the Troika countries, USA, UK and Norway in this unjust and devious scheme.

We in South Sudan continue to agonize over what might have been the aim of countries like USA in propping up the dictatorial regime in Juba. We are not alone in this agony.

In its report of April 28, 2017, an American think-tank, the Heritage Foundation, asserts that American government’s warnings and threats to the genocidal regime in Juba have been tepid.

It goes on to say that South Sudan armed forces targeted for physical abuse and tried to kill senior US diplomats without consequences.

Lastly, it recommends that the US Congress should set up a Commission to study what went wrong with US engagement in South Sudan.

While we must await any outcome from such a Commission (if it will ever materialize), we are wondering whether the Obama administration, in giving a tacit encouragement to this antiquated colonial tool of exiling leaders, has in effect repudiated decades-long Roosevelt’s anti-colonial doctrine first enunciated at the end of World War II.

Like the Africans in colonial time, South Sudanese have characteristically reacted even more violently after the exiling of their leader; exposing the vacuity of the action.

The sooner Machar’s exile and detention are reversed the better for the future of South Sudan.

Samuel Atabi is a concerned South Sudanese and can be reached at


  1. Gatdarwich says:


    Whoever conspired to have the father of the South Sudan nation, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon forced-exiled in South Africa have unknowingly committed the gravest mistake to the patriot tribes in South Sudan because the determined patriots’ blood will, and shall bleed for their inalienable rights—until Dr. Riek is unconstitutionally released from the detention period

    • Beek says:

      Nuer is a nightmare when they walked out in force,while Dr. Riek was a wrong and John Garang himself was a great mistake to stay on for bloody 22 years.

  2. Chulbaar says:

    Mr. Gatdarwich,

    Riek Machar is not, and has NEVER been the father of South Sudan. He’s (was) a failed foolish leader of a stupid tribe, Nuer. Had he been from my tribe, THE GREAT MONYJANG, he could have been executed longtime ago by us. We don’t allowed foolish leaders to head us. You Nuer tribe have been lying to yourselves that Riek was your ONLY greatest man while neglecting the grave mistakes he has been coming to you shamelessly. But now, the mighty JIENG is serving you instead of your useless Riek Machar. WE ARE DETERMINED TO CONTINUE SERVING TO NUER FOREVER, & Nothing will ever happen again since he is arrested in Pretoria, SA. JIENG EMPIRE OYEEEE! South Sudan Oyeee!.

    • Bismark says:

      The Romans ruled in Europe and had their time but they are no more. To every beginning there must be an end. Today is the mighty Monyjang and tomorrow will be some people. My fear is there might be pay back. So brother rejoice now but remember one your day for tears will come.

      • Agutraan says:


        Remember Roman empire didn’t just exist or ruled for 10 years; is it? Well; guess how many years did the empire exist or reigned most part of continental Europe before they were replaced?

        • Bismark says:

          Just get me right. I just want to say that however mightier the Monyjangs are, they will come to an end. Nothing is permanent under the sky. The inhumane things they are doing will pass. But unlike the Romans Dinkas will have to answer for their deeds to innocent people.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Riek, Kiir and the rest of the pack are war criminals and thieves. Thunder take them. Idiots.
      As for you Chulbaar, you should be ashamed talking nonsense with your mouth full of “lueth”. What is it to be proud of when Jieng on Jieng hooliganism is sweeping the Jieng heartland of Warrap clean of her inhabitants. There are more Jieng living in misery in refugee camps in Sudan than in Aweil and Gogrial put together. Hunger and diseases will consume your feebled buttocks like wild fire. Let us see where the next generation of Jieng will rise from now that you (Jieng) you even cannot live in the land you claim to have liberated.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Undoubtedly and inarguably, the much lauded ‘liberation’ of South Sudan has created more impoverished and depraved South Sudanese than perhaps, the centuries of Arab colonization of this South Sudan. It’s true that the jieng have come out worse than any other tribes in this unpredictable immiseration and calamity that have beset the nation. There is now a camp for displaced South Sudanese in the Sudan, cynically named as ‘Malish ya Bashir’ (English translation: Our apology, pres. Bashir, we regret for leaving the Sudan)
        One might correctly say that perhaps the jieng were never serious ‘nationalists’ who truly wanted an independent, united and prosperous nation of South Sudan but rather they maliciously aspired to fight against the then ‘kokora’ of 1983 and not the independence of South.
        John Garang de Mabior and associates just wanted the war to reverse Niemeri’s Redivision of the South but inevitably got messed up in the Ethiopian politics. Garang’s SPLA/M was used by Mengistu to counter Sudanese Niemery’s support for the anti-Mengistu rebel groups.
        Until his death, John Garang never publicly admitted his complete support for total independence of the South. Today, president Kiir and his jieng council of evil men have blatantly proven that they have no real conceptualization of a functional, peaceful and united country, they are simply and perilously pursuing a colonization policy that is very detrimental to the viability of the nation in the south.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Very commendable rebuttal remarks to the natural born traitorous Jenge-Dinka–pal named–Chulbaar.
        Keep it up bro or sis!

    • TOOLIT says:

      a powerful proverb says laughing with teethes full of blood, we are laughing today because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring to those we assumed they deserved suffering. For every Father or Mother MUST work hard and leave his or her legacy for his generation. we should be happy to see Uhuru Kenyatta leading Kenya today, it’s what his father Jombo Kenyatta invested for him. Go to Uganda find out where is any Son of Idi Amin Dada, is any one to come a president in future and why?. Not even from the region where Amin Dada came from. what do you learn from this, Be wise with your words my fellow Jieng, this world is a very small place to live in. Remember you will not be there forever, your children will reap what you as a father have shown. We all love peace, i know how much we fear physical war but we can cook war for others to fight. from 2013 to 2017 every body who is carrying brain in his or her head has known what cause all the suffering of our people. Dollars was at only 290 at central bank, 316 at commercial bank, if we are really what you said above why can’t we reverse this situation just by words without involving any body but only Jieng.

  3. Aleu Aduol says:

    I am so happy to see this greed man has been arrested in South Africa. I thank those who thoughts such wise Idea because he is the one who divided Southerners Sudanese just because of his own interest instead, of bringing two tribes togetherness and focus on none violence and the things which will keep all people as one for common good unfortunately, he had been repeated the rebellions for years and he never realizing his political greed has damaged the young nation and the people as a whole. I think this is a time for Riek Machar’s supporters to give up on Riek Machar political issue and started finding ways of begging forgiveness otherwise, you would be following the doom hopes which will not going to happen
    Aleu Aduol

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Aleu, the Dinka burden. Down with the treble’s regime government! Death to the Jaang council of Mafia!

  4. mading says:

    Atabi, and mad man Gatdarwich. You should be shame to yourself for calling trader of South Sudan Riek Machar a ” father of our nation” Shame on you Gardarwich. Find some thing to do, your evil uncle is not coming out of detention in South Africa. No more for get it.

    • The African says:

      Your sentences would make sense if you know the difference between “traitor” and “trader”. I am not a South Sudanese, but if this is how you guys debate issues that affect your whole country then there is no hope under the sun – may god help you lot! That a side it is country like mine that is picking up the tap of resettling poor South Sudanese people who do not have anything do with politics; they just want security to get on with their lives. While the like of Mading and Chulbaar gloat about this unfortunate situation that produced/producing untold human suffering, seriously you guys make me sick.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        The African,
        Truly and without any doubt, not only you that the Mading’s and Chulbaar’s have mortally sickened but each and every South Sudanese. There are more displaced persons and refugees being created than during the long era of attrition of the alien Arabs.
        Pray, God help South Sudan.

        • The African says:

          Yes editor some of these people need to be told off. I have had first experience of seeing the suffering people endure in Bidi Bidi camp in Yumbe district, northern Uganda few weeks ago – to said catastrophe is an understatement. Yet you have some people who spew nonsense from comfort of their caves and indeed celebrate human suffering, instead of talking about finding solutions you advocate for confrontation. I can assure Mading & Chulbaar as a local who has to put up with influx of massive number of people is not easy. by all means we want to help our brother from S.Sudan to feel home but patient is wearing thin because we have to compete with scare resources.

          • alex says:

            Dear Mr African, Thanks for your contribution in advising us. The problem what is going on this net is not a debate. It is us and they. If you can read the piece of the above writer .

            The African leaders at Harare imitated their past colonial masters in prescribing ‘exile’ as a solution to a complex and desperate political and military situation that existed in Angola at that time.

            The secretive decision of the IGAD and its supporters to exile and detain Riek Machar in South Africa was a desperate attempt to imitate the Harare outcome; prescribing a palliative to cure a chronic and almost terminal disease ailing South Sudan body politics.

            Most observers were not surprised by the decision of the IGAD et al to lure Machar into exile. After all, some of the key IGAD members have their own sinister interest in the current war in South Sudan.

            What has really pained and surprised many in South Sudan and internationally, is the apparent acquiescence of the Troika countries, USA, UK and Norway in this unjust and devious scheme.
            This proves that, these individual does not believe at what other people are telling them. Why would IGAD and TROIKA turn against them. The problem is IO will not listen to any one. For example, now the whole world is calling for ceasefire, IO is pushing for war. The chasing of innocent people to camps is a policy of IO. For example, recently they are asking for the civilians in Yei to run away. In Kajokeji, they told the civilians to run away. See what happened in Wau and Raja, IO infiltrated to these town and begin killing people in name of unknown gun man after gaining upper hand they said they have captured these towns. When they were chased they begin to shoot indiscriminate.
            It is good you said you have been in Bidi Bidi see now they are recruiting innocent civilians. They are inter mediating the refugees who are opposed to their activities. What they are doing by recruiting refugees in a foreign country is wrong and if you tell them to stop they will say you are a Kiir supporter.
            If you are there , advise them to listen to other people or otherwise they risk further isolation.

  5. Abel Magok says:

    Mr. Atabi,

    You are wrong to compare Africans leaders exiled in the past with current Dr. Riek Machar exiles in South Africa, he never been a leader in South Sudan, rather a disastrous traitor who split the movement, ran to join Khartoum government and allowed himself to be used by Al Bashir as Militia fighting Southerners. He was forgiven by Dr. Garang to returned back and became a Vice president of South Sudan, but appeared not repentance, so no more forgiveness expected and people like you Atabi and some Nuer who are still dreaming of his leadership should forget about him and join Taban Deng who showed true leadership and possibly could govern South Sudan, or they can seek for another Nuer, why is Riek Machar alone since 1991, while there are thousands and thousands of well educated Nuer.

    Moreover, change will not come in South Sudan until those with small brain who can not distinguish between Dinka and government learn first to know that there is different between government and Jieng or Dinka, and all are suffering and change could come from all not Nuer alone as Riek Machar views it or Equatorian alone as they choose killing innocent civilians on roads attack.
    A non-Dinka nationalist person who would understand such simple equation in future will easily found himself in leadership and govern South Sudan.

    • Eastern says:

      Abel Magok,

      You should be coming here with success stories following replacement of Dr. Machar with El Tabani Deng who according to you “has showed true leadership”. If you read the ARCISS well, you will have noticed that its was crafted to clip off some of Kiir’s excessive powers – hence JCE opposition to the deal expressed through Kiir’s reservations.

      You talk of the events leading up to the splt of SPLA in 1991 as a novice or you are simply being economical with the truth. If the SPLA-Nasir faction didn’t jolt Dr. Garang from the course he had taken, trust me, SPLA would have gone into a state of oblivion or still fighting a pyrrhic war against Khartoum based regime. You should pity Malik Agar for threading that path!

      There’s no way Dinka as a tribe can be isolated from Kiir’s government when the JCE plays an active role in shaping policies and decisions in governance matters.

      Today most villages in Equatoria have less than 10% of their inhabitants remaining with the rest forced to refugee camps in the neighbouring countries. The displacement of inhabitants in Equatoria was done by Mathiang Anyoor, a predominantly dinka militia outfit. The vacated villages in Equatoria are now occupied by armed dinka cattle keepers. Don’t talk of innocent civilians.

      There is no sense in defending dinka innocence when all over South Sudan the non-Dinka South Sudanese are complaining of one thing: aggression.

      • Abel Magok says:


        What success stories Eastern could tell about abut Dr. Riek Machar, and pitching for him perhaps won’t be easily harvested if not a waste of energy. Dealing with the events of 1991, in such shallow manner simply illustrate inadequate political thinking and attempting to inject nectar into stools or pieces of solid waste passed out through human bowels won’t make it attractive.
        It is impossible for people like Eastern to get a birdie and arguing with a piqued or unwilling to deal with the truth is another. No one happy with the citizens of South Sudan roam in neighboring countries as refugees and not Equatorians alone fled the country as you clamed it, if you follow up news, there are thousands people from Bahr El Ghazal currently in Western Sudan.
        I don’t know what you mean by an occupied Dinka armed cattle keepers, this is an exaggerated of the things, the trust to the matter, Dinka Bor with their cattle, a small group of less than 5 % of the whole Dinka often stay in some areas of Equatoria, seasonally for grazing and they use to go there since 2005 after peace or even before, I don’t know why is an issue now. SPLA army are in every city across the country not what you called mathiang Anyor.
        Again there will be no change sooner in South Sudan until those with small brain learn to distinguish between Dinka and government and know that change need efforts of all not one group or through hatred and telling lies.

        • Eastern says:

          Abel Magok,

          When you don’t reason but write with raw emotion, this is the time of comment expected. When the dinka government colluded with El Tabani Deng in July 2016, did you folks envisage the blowback? I was expecting you as one of the mouthpieces of Kiir’s inept government to outlining the success stories emerging out of Dr. Machar’s ouster. You clearly didn’t understand me on that bit.

          You and like minded will continue to deny this, but it has been recorded in history. SPLA-Nasir faction gave a lease of life to what SPLA under Dr. Garang had envisaged. Whatever happened in Chukudum in 1994 and others are just follow up of the input from SPLA-Nasir faction and you can’t brush aside Dr. Machar, Dr. Lam, et al.

          I am concerned about the displacements of Equatorian by war which Kiir and cohorts started in Juba in July 2016. This war is responsible for the widespread attrocities and displacements in Equatoria. Kiir and cohorts claim that Bahr el Ghazal is unreacheable and a no-go area for “senseless war of Riek Machar”, so I am wondering as to what’s sending dinka people to Western Sudan. You may need to educate me on that if you wish.

          You know the issue of dinka cattle keepers roaming in Equatoria has been a bone of contention since 2005. Now following the displacements of Equatorians from their villages, for instance, as you drive from Juba to Nimule, you see a number of dinka cattle camps in deserted villages along the said road. These cattle camps are run by armed cattle keepers. I am yet to ascertain if they are civilians.

          Don’t lecture me on SPLA. The SPLA as you see it is not cohesive force. Men in uniform in this force pay their allegence to various “head quarters” under the commands of the various “generals. Mathiang Anyors is not an enigma. This force originally comprising of dinka malual and a few dinka rek people was raised by Paul Malong in Aweil county, Northern Bahr el Ghazal. If you are not satisfied with this, I will write a more detailed dossier.

          The Eastern Rock

          • Abel Magok says:


            I don’t know how emotion look like in your thinking if you read or understand my commentary, let us see whether your zealous and fond to Riek Machar’s political rein will be harvested. It won’t be easy for Eastern to mop up Machar’s mess if not impossible.
            If Eastern needs to be educated about what send citizens of Bahr El Ghazal to Western Sudan, then what logic or understanding of issues expected from her or him and arguing with seem a waste.

          • Eastern says:

            Abel Magok,

            To begin with, I am not a zealot of any shade. Those who have been following my comments across various social medias will attest to this. It’s now beyond Dr. Machar. Has his forced confinement in South Africa done any good one year after his violent ouster from Juba?

            The Equatorian factor to the equation has not been properly factored in. Dr. Machar still has an upper hand in solving the complex equation if he keenly looks into the Equatorian factor.

            SPLA-Kiir has a lot of bitter after taste of the Kokora ouster of the non-Equatorians from JUBA – yes, Juba, everything was about being in Juba so as to have FREE food!

            Why cant’t you folks forget about SPLA-IO of Dr. Machar and focus on bringing peace and prosperity in JUBA?

  6. Beek says:

    Riek Machar is the one who had destroyed his own future and Kiir shouldn’t be blamed for sacking him. Play us again thought Networks if you could.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    Mr The African,
    Please be an open minded enough person not to believe in sugarated sugar coated sentences.Their bearers are also part and parcel of the problem.That of course is a way too far from being apologist to the positions of those who have sickened you.
    But in the name of God,long live Uganda and Rwanda,their masses and leaderships for having managed to rise from the depth of hell to become most african progressing states.We have a dream to rise up in a likewise way but only against terrible difficult odds to overcome.

  8. mading says:

    Africa. I know why I used word trader, Riek traded our people’s caused with fake president of South Sudan coordinated council, Omer Al Bashier gave him in exchanged for peace. The other thing I want to let you know is that, if you think that people like me who talk to back to liars like Gatdarwich, Toria, Steve John, and many others who say really mean things about Dinkas as the problem. When Equatorians are doing worse things to Dinkas like calling Dinkas MTNS, ILLEGAL GOODS, and even Dinkas are pick out in the buses traveling between towns, and executed by Euatorians youths, and you finds that level of hatred not bad enough for you to say something about it, if you are really a foreigner as you claimed ? Then you are a stupid rebel supporter foreigner. And I want you to stay a way in our problem, because you have nothing positive to contribute in our situation.

    • The African says:

      Hi Mading, thank you for your reply and the insult as well but at this stage i am going to pretend it never happened. This is public forum, surly if you are going to write make sure it does not only make sense to you but other readers as well. Firstly, i am nether rebel supporter nor do i want to be one now or in future at the end of the day it is you South Sudanese killing yourselves – i don’t give a rat ass for that matter, what a pity! Secondly no where in my thread did i mentioned Equatorians or Dinka to me you guys are all Sudanese first and Africans second, unfortunately your reply didn’t surprise me and that is what i fear for poor Sudanese people. And lastly, this stupid foreigner’s army rescued your current government, if it weren’t for UPDF and my tax money that helped paid for that operation in your country, your current government would have been toasted. Bye for now.

      • Agutraan says:

        The African;
        Are you saying Riek Machar would be president by now if it wasn’t for Uganda troops helping President Kirr! Really! First; president Kiir didn’t need any help from Uganda troops in Juba where he was and if he were; Riek Machar would have taken over Juba at that night of fighting.

        President Kiir had “Tiger, Mathiang_Anyoor, Gel_Beny and let me say it loud and clear: president Kiir didn’t need any help from anyone anywhere. Guess who needed help at that time; poor innocent civilian in Bortown in Jonglei State who were being slaughter for the created lies that civilians were killed in Juba.

        Here is the history of the people you think you rescue president Kiir from; in 1991 Riek Machar combine force with Omar Al Bashir against John Garang’s SPLA but they failed and couldn’t do anything against SPLA to take over South Sudan from John Garang and this Kiir today! What make you think today Riek can do anything to President Kiir without Bashir behind Riek Machar when Machar couldn’t do it with Bashir together?

        Who are you anyway? Aren’t you the same Achol tribe who pretend to be South Sudanese when there is something ready to eat in South Sudan and pretend to be Ugandan if there are troubles in South Sudan and benefits in Uganda! Do you have any moral in your being to preach morality to anyone in South Sudan?

        Guess how many today claimed to be Ugandans? Probably all of you without any shame/disgrace/indignity to true patriots Ugandans! Prostitutes have dignity compared to you people in both countries!

  9. Beek says:

    Attractive guy eyes are swelling. I remembered Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

  10. alex says:

    The problem with S . Sudanese is that, we allowed the jobseekers to manipulate the incident of 2013 to be a tribal war. We know this problem started when Riack and many others were dismissed in the government, The group was angered and they form a group to challenge the president in the position of the chairmanship of SPLAM party. The 4 billion dura saga was handled by Riack Machar, The 30 million dollars to mordanise the SPLM was handled by Pagan, The fire safety cabin saga was handled by Kosti Manibe, the renovation of the roads in Juba by Rebecca Nyandeng and many other stories linking these brothers. These group of politicians were purely fighting for their positions. I thing our people need to be educated. Following people blindly has a greatest consequences on innocent lives, We the people should distance ourselves from such people. The unfortunate incident of 2013 would have been solved in a peaceful brotherly way but the whole issue become a rallying point for the jobseekers in the diaspora to support Riack Machar. When the war become tough the diaspora who have access to the social media pushed the whole war to tribal issue. There was talking of Dinkas and Nuers and the last stage was when the neutral Equatorian were dragged into the war when the equatorians jobseekers including hooligans start preaching hate speeches, Land grabbing, domination and cattle. So Machar in eye for the top job mislead the Nuers and Machars alleys mislead the neutral equatorians. There was a problems before but the opportunistic took advantages of the problems. Now you can see for the Jobseekers , they are ready to fight to the last drop of their blood but for people who believe in peaceful coexistence they are coming back and want the matter to be solved through non violence way.
    So we the innocent should be very careful of following politicians. If peace comes we should deny our votes for those jobseekers and tribalism politicians.

    • Bismark says:

      Mr Alex,

      It would have been logical and wise to point out as to why those of Riek Machar and the rest were purged out of their work by the president. Note that their call for political reformation of their party was the cause. Salva believes South Sudan and her people are his property and for that he should not be questioned on how he runs the affairs of the country in any way. This is where I totally disagree with him. The people of South Sudan should not be politically disfranchised. Federal governance and liberal democracy must be instituted in the constitution of South Sudan.

      • alex says:

        Bismark if you live in S. Sudan you will know that, these guys start calling political reforms after they lost their positions. When the president send members to different parts of the country to hear the views of the citizens, after some time there was no problems. It was only when the president dismissed the entire cabinet when Riack and group start to make noises. The question to be asked here are. What did Riack as a vice president do in development terms during his period. Did Riack knows where the 4 billion money of dura gone? Did Machar knows the 75 people listed as corrupt officials. If he knows why did he not disclose these corrupt officials if he thinks the president was protecting the officials. When he ran away in Juba why did Machar fail to expose the bad practice of the government. To me this was was fueled by Jobseekers who thought Machar would provide jobs to them. One big mistake with S.Sudanese is that we do not like to try to be job creators. Everyone is eyeing for the few job in the ministries and NGOs.
        Now coming to reforms, I do not think Riack is a reformer, look at his movement high-racy it is purely a family business.
        So Bismark I do not think it was wise to keep someone like Riack who was involved in the 4 billion dura saga money to remain in cabinet. It is wrong to keep people like madam Grang Nyadeng in cabinet given the states of the roads in Juba. Kosti and Pagan even could not qualify so the reasons why they were dismissed is clearly open unless a corrupt person will question why they were dismissed. .

  11. Samuel Atabi says:

    Mr Editor,
    It is interesting that you brought up the issue of Kokora as a motivation behind the original rebellion by Garang. It appears to me that some Jieng groups have a primeval fear of living by themselves in their own land. I have not been to Dinkaland, but there must be something which tends to drive the Jieng population away from their homes. After the Kokora, instead of embarking on developing their regions, most of the Jieng administrators chose to relocate their offices to Khartoum. The so-called coordination offices from their regions in that city were actually the headquarters of their local administration. The administrators themselves lived in expensive hotel as their permanent residences.

    Fast forward to the present. After looting the public funds, the new Jieng nouveau rich have chosen to live in Kampala, Nairobi and Khartoum instead of Aweil, Bor, Kourjok etc. In these cities, Jieng kleptocrats live in expensive 5-star hotels, wasting the stolen loots on junk food, drinks and prostitutes. The lesser Jieng thieves live in the suburbs of these cities where they rent expensive houses, buy expensive furniture and send their children to expensive and exclusive boarding schools. This has been going on long before the start of the present war in 2013; they are there not because they are refugees.

    As I write, there are hundreds of thousands of Jieng refugees in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan. Citizens in these countries are perplexed to discover that these refugees are of the same ethnicity as the ruling clique in Juba and that there is actually no war in their region and nobody is threatening them with death. And yet, these Jieng are ready to abandon their homes at the slightest or no excuse at all.

    It seems it is this desire to live, aggressively, among non-Jieng communities that is generating the ‘hatred’ against them. The supporters of JCE in this forum do not seem to realize that being invaded by an aggressive people, like the Jieng are doing in Equatoria, is an extreme provocation. The constant whining about Jieng being selectively killed on the high-way in Equatoria does not stand up to a close scrutiny. Those laying ambushes in Equatoria do not have the time and luxury to pick those they want to kill; if anything, a lot more Dinka people are being killed by their own kin than by these ambushes. The ambushes have killed all types of people: Ugandans, Kenyans, Ethiopians and even Equatorians. This of course is unacceptable. Furthermore, an investigation by a foreign journalist recently found that the accusation of selective killing of Jieng is not wholly true. If these whiners want us to sympathize with what they say, they must first acknowledge the fact that the selective killing of the Nuer in their houses in Juba in 2013 and the killings, rape and pillage against the Equatorians by the Jieng militias and army are more sinister than the random killings on the roads. Otherwise, they are wasting their time sounding like an old vinyl record stuck in a groove.

    Apologies for a long comment.

  12. False Millionnaire says:

    Mr Atabi,
    U would have desrved c,h,e and e to replace t,a and i in a due homage to Achebe if u weren’t more than disposed to show an undisguised sense of déficient logic.
    Isaiah Abraham and George Athor got murdered,were they non jieng but who kilt them than the elites in power in Juba?
    King Malong got exploited,dumped off and almost got murdered,but Who could do that than the elites in Juba?
    The jieng homelands falling victims of neglect and lack of developments,that’s the very basis for the famine and insecurity that has forced many jieng to flee into exile in such places as u have well narrated in your comments. They haven’t abandoned their homes for the pleasure of seeking to disturb others as u falsely intend to make believe.They are genuinely in searh of security and places of refuge so far as the government in Juba isn’t for ordinary jieng’s interests than for the interests of jieng among the elites who run it.
    Considering the context of justice and sincérity,there is a need to condemn the events of 2013 in much the same way as those of the 1991 without shortening to denounce the acts u discribe as Mathiang Anyoor malitia’s conducts.But being apart from the forces with the powers to put such horrors into practical play,that’s the only limit one can go.
    Stretching along the edges of the three main RSS’ régions,ieng homeland is vast and not lacking in economic resources to develop if there was ever a government of visionary elites to assure security,economic and infra structural structures.If the government in place is a cause of injustice to u,it isn’t a cause of justice to ordinary jieng.
    But u being à blind blood thirsty fellow,your usual mind set is well bent on target killings of unarmed jieng. But did u know that regardless of the unfortunate events,many nuers,equatorians and masses of non jieng origin are sheltering among jieng without running any risk of getting harmed?what’s that if it isn’t a sense of civilisation?
    It’s said that,”bad habit dies hard”.freedom of expression dictates the need to go to the end of your thaughts and I concede that’s your very personal right.
    The True truth is,the jieng have been here among our masses since the begining of time. So go bring the sky crushing against earth and see if that will undo them before the end of time.
    U ignore Mr The African sympathetic comments,but u will still never miss to cherish them as great principles to apply after u should have survived the head on collision against the brick WAll that u are diligently working on to matérialize.

  13. waunar says:

    madding, alex, False Millionaire
    “investigation by a foreign journalist recently found that the accusation of selective killing of Jieng is wholly true.”

    • TOOLIT says:

      the truth shall last for ever and will always set you free, however much we try to create things that have never existed in the history of south Sudan,or cover up things that the whole world have always known about south Sudan politics, we the citizens are the grass to suffer when the two Elephants fights. evidently we have seen the level of the suffering our citizens are going through both in internally displace and in refugees camp.

  14. waunar says:

    madding, alex, False Millionaire

    the statement above should have read; “investigation by a foreign journalist recently found that the accusation of selective killing of Jieng is wholly UNtrue.” You dinkas are killing each other more than anyone does, you made the job easy for us. check it out below:

  15. mading says:

    Waunar. We all know it, may want tell liars like mad gardarwich, Eastern, Toria, and many liars out there.

  16. TOOLIT says:

    the truth shall last for ever and will always set you free, however much we try to create things that have never existed in the history of south Sudan,or cover up things that the whole world have always known about south Sudan politics, we the citizens are the grass to suffer when the two Elephants fights. evidently we have seen the level of the suffering our citizens are going through both in internally displace and in refugees camp.

  17. waunar says:


    madding, alex, False Millionaire
    “investigation by a foreign journalist recently found that the accusation of selective killing of Jieng is wholly UNtrue.”

    • Beek says:

      I had lived in Wau or in the past I had live there, but you are still the big city boys. The GOVERNMENT of South Sudan is for all big cities only, but Bare footed are still Modern life.

  18. False Millionnaire says:

    OK. But go have yourself taught english by Atabi.
    Who knows,he could be a generous fellow in a hiden way.

  19. Lokosang says:

    Fellow South Sudanese why don’t we grow up and stop this tribal politics which does not take us any where.
    Why don’t we accept criticisms as a way to move us forward. It is through criticism that you would know what went wrong then you address it successfully.
    In a democratic society any one is free to express his/her opinion that is why the writer of the above article in his own right tried to analyse what went wrong in South Sudan and how Dr Riek Machar was ousted and forced to exile. He tried to connect it with what was happening in Africa during colonial era. If you want to refute him, you can put your argument in a logical manner as a mature and intellectual minded person. There is a saying big brains speak big ideas while shallow minds speak about people and divisive wards. This is exactly what is going on here.
    Everybody know this is the worst government ever in South Sudan. Even worst than the autonomous government of high executive Council during the time of Lagu and Abel. There is Arabic saying whoever dig a whole to his brother will eventually fall in it. This is exactly what is happening in the Kiir created tribal states. In Kiirs own states people are killing themselves over water and grazing land some thing that has never happened before. He created states on tribal bases without services that is why the very people he tried to please them are running to Khartoum, Uganda and Juba.
    The only way to over come this syndrome, we must accept our mistakes and find amicable way how to govern ourselves. God created us equal nobody is better than any body. These tribal ideas of dominating others has not worked and will not work under any pretext. If any one has run out of ideas or is unable to make logical argument as an intellectual minded person, it is better to zip your mouth rather than showing ignorance on this website.

    • alex says:

      Dear Lokosang it is now okay you have realised the danger of tribal politics and hate speeches. It is for the first time you speak as a nationalist. The questions to be asked to you the core supporters of Riack Machar now are.

      Rieck Machar said, he survived assassination attempt in Juba and now peace is dead will you accept to denounce violence to settle the differences or you still want resistance.
      Will you the supporters accept the national ND or still you want our people to continue running to the camps.
      Will SPLO in OP take responsibility of forcing people to run away from S. Sudan because even up to recently you rebels have been asking civilians to leave Yei and it has been a policy in Kajokeji, Wau shilluik and in Unity state encouraging civilians to run to United Nation Camps.
      Will not advise your unknown gun men to stop killing innocent civilians along Yei Juba road, Juba Nimule and Juba Bor and Pibor roads.
      Will you the diaspora now accept to what IGAD is saying or you are still running after TORIKA.
      Do you people now realise that, the only way to peace is through negotiated peace and it is the implementation of 2015 Addis Ababa Agreement.
      Do you agree to declare a ceasefire through out the country as the president deed or still you are up to the arm resistance.
      Do you now acknowledged that, you people are the cause for the suffering of the people in Kajokeji. Positions in government can be got by deceiving innocent people to perish.
      Will the diaspora stop sending money to fuel the war in S. Sudan and will you now use the social media to send peace messages.
      The government has been calling for peace since when the war start but you rebels want to flex your muscles but still the government is ready to talk peace with whoever want peace. I hope God has given IO now new dreams.

  20. mading says:

    Waunar. Your lies are known even computers know them. You just said it all in the first place.

  21. Toria says:

    Fake Million air
    No problem, now we are talking about English instead of MTN hunts on Juba-Nimule road, Alright? See Waunar have proven that your claims about MTN hunts were all bogus, shedding of crocodile tears. What a shame?

    Next; let us examine the following sentence:
    “But go have yourself taught english by Atabi”.
    Wow, you have roasted English language, Mr. Jenge.
    Instead you should have said: (But go and have youself be taught English by Atabi); that might sound grammatically better English. After all if you really have brain you shouldn’t bring in language challenge here, because you are poor in both English and reasoning anyway.

  22. tit4tat says:

    Chulbaar,madding, alex, False Millionaire and rest of Dinka diehards
    Jieng killing Jenge, Dinka killing Monygiang, Mathiang Anyoor killing Nyor and all of them killing MTNs. And it is not happening on the roads of Equatoria. What is going on? None of you is speaking against the killings in your own backyards?
    Elhag Paul was right, the evils you plot against others have now turned against you. How does it feel now fools?
    It’s time for tit4tat

  23. mading says:

    tit4tat, Toria. There is nothing not true about Equatorians youth hunting and killing Dinkas or “MTNS’ Even waunar, one of your liars said it by himself. Maybe he was well drunk or high when truth jumped out of him few days early.

  24. False Millionaire says:

    Mr or Madam Toto,
    Why don’t u sell a kidney and go have Dr Nyaba teach u an english lesson if Atabi isn’t enough?
    That’s the most plausible logic(under the cicumstances)to handle and not the rest of the others which u have already lost shamefuly without knowing.

  25. Lokosang says:

    Alex! I strongly believe that it is impossible for people like you to understand the reality of the current rotten government in Juba what so ever the facts are.
    First of all I am not a supporter of Dr Riek Machar. I am an independent South Sudanese intellectual. Before I make any comment I have to analyse the situation or the matter objectively then make the comment.
    When I say some thing, I know precisely what I am talking about. I was one of the dedicated member of SPLM who serve it diligently to achieve a just peace in which all are equal regardless of their tribes, religion, ethnicity and race contrary to people like you who blindly support the current rotten regime simply because you either don’t understand the vision of SPLM or just a bunch of criminals who just want to kill innocent people and steal their property.
    To your question about denunciation of violence I thing you should be ashamed of your self to say that Alex. Before ask others who were forced to depend themselves, you should ask yourself who kill innocent people in and around Juba in 2013? Who is responsible for killing innocent civilians in Juba since independent up to now? Who forced the civilians to refugee camps and other countries? Who are the people responsible for rape and killing of innocent girls and women?
    Who are the people responsible for misuse of government funds and property that is meant for development?
    Is it not the current regime and its militias and beneficiaries like you?
    Who dismantle the peace agreement that was signed in 2015? Who planned the assassination attempt of the first vice president in J1 in July 2016? You should answer this questions objectively and find out what went wrong and who is the real culprit rather than blaming us in diaspora.
    People who took refuge in Uganda, Congo were not forced by the opposition as you claimed but they were running to safe their lives from government militias who were terrorising them, killing them, raping women and no accountability. These are the facts that international community know and the refugees themselves know.

    You talk about National Dialogue, my friend there is no ND. This is just a dirty political game. You may believe it because you don’t understand the essence of the dialogue. To engage a genuine dialogue, first you must attained peace to create a conducive atmosphere in which the participants can express their views, ideas and opinions til they reach consensus at the end of the dialogue. The ND announced by Kiir is just to blindfold people like you.
    Wise people told Kiir not to divide the country into tribal enclaves but he wasn’t listening and beneficiaries like you were just applauding him blindly not knowing the end result.
    Alex! could you tell the readers of this website why your people are fighting over grazing land and water over these created enclaves? some thing that has never happened before. Why are your people leaving this created states of yours and heading to Khartoum in thousands? What went wrong with you and your government? Alex what do you thing and see in this picture! you are the ruling bunch and you allow your own people to flee to Khartoum to do voluntary slavery to earn a living does it make sense to you?
    I thing you should be ashamed of yourselves. Kiir should relinquished leadership and give it to an able person.
    You can deny the truth but I sincerely believe that sooner than later you will say sorry to the voices of wisdom that were echoing the truth about the situation in our country.

    • Alex says:

      Dear Lokosang Thanks for your reply.
      I think you are a person who lacks understanding of S. Sudan politics. To be sincere, the war in Juba in 2013 was a war of people who lost their jobs and sadly, as usual the Nuers were following Riek Machar blindly and started firing. Although later on they claim, they were told to disarm. You can not start firing your comrades when you are told to disarm unless you have a hidden agenda. Reik was involved in the 4 billion dura saga money. The group of Kostie Monibe have issues with the 8 million dollars which was spend on fire safety equipment and Pagan has problem of 30 million dollar given to him to reform SPLM. There was plan by Machar to do something and its only simple minded people like you who claim to be intellectual who does not know anything.
      Why was the army division in Jongole Bor commanded by Peter Gadet all Nuers does it represent the national spirit
      Why was the army division in Bentue all Nuers could you explain this to this forum. I am not a blind follower like you, though now you are trying to distance your self. Try to reflect all your articles you wrote in the website if it did not show you are a follower of a vision less rebellion of Machar. I know you are now trying to distance your self because you know where Machar’s rebellion is now heading.

      Coming to 2016 J! incident, the thing was clearly open Machar followers started the war in J1 and sadly it was Kiir who have to protect your rebel leader. Machar went with 21 cars full of army including an ambulance. When you watch the time Machar was inside in meeting with president and James Wani Igga Machar was sent message in the phone telling him what they are going to do. Machar was got with a pistol.
      Lokosang you do not know more about Riek Machar more than Taban Gai Deng or Ladu Gore. These individuals testified about the evil Riek Machar was doing in Juba and you are still following Machar despite the fact that, his close allies are telling this man is a violent man. It is a shame to a follow like you who has become like the Thomas in the Bible.
      Lokosang, your stay in exile has made you to depend on rumors. Ask your Kuku people, how many people were picked at night and got killed in Kajokeji by SPLA IO? Secondly, could you tell us why was Riek Machar recruiting in Kajokeji when he was in Juba to implement the 2015 agreement. It there any article in the agreement that provide that close?
      Lokosang less than a month ago when SPLA IO went and attack Yei, they issued a strong warning for the civilians to vacate Yei. In Kajokeji, SPLA IO told the people to run away. They went and killed two student in the medical clinical institute in Kajokeji unprovoked. Coming to rape in Kajokeji, unless you are trying to deny the truth, the SPLA IO raped the women in Kajokeji and a file has been created by concern individuals and organisations.. You talk loud but you are an empty bottle. You are ignorant of what your rebels are doing.
      Your claim that, you were an SPLA supporter is nonsense, what time have you been an SPLM supporters. It is fool that can believe you are an intellectual. May be alcohol intellectual in Australia..

      It is people like you who does not believe in the ND and S. Sudan can not be let down by useless people like you who has no influence even in a single community. The ND is going ahead and it will isolate the war mongers. The ND is handled by competent people not drunkards brothers.
      Coming to the fighting over grazing land is a common factor with all the portraitist in the world and it will be settled. Brave men are now working on it and they will put everything right for vision less people like you to come and stay in S. Sudan. We fought for independence and now the second war is of illiteracy and secondary illiteracy from the so called intellectuals like you who are still stick to tribal politics. You need to be reeducated to know what nationalism means and the principals of democracy. Do you think Riek is locked in S. South Africa by mistake.? It is the wrong intellectual ship like yours that have landed him to such situation. Do you think the international community will buy your lies. We accept there are some individuals in the SPLA that have committed rape and murder but they did not represent SPLA. We are not like you who tries to hide their criminality. We are open to any investigation and questions.

      So to conclude our policy is not to prevent someone from leaving the country. Those who have gone back to Sudan, have genuine reasons to go back. It is because of Riek Machar’s war that forced them to run. The same applies to you. You went to Australia to escape the war and it is the same thing. Some of you are doing dirty jobs to survive and it is better than being idol. We are fighting to bring peace so that, people like you can return home and get a dissent Jobs but you must come with skills. Home is always best where ever you go and whatever qualifications you have, you will not get a job like when you are in your country but blind people like you chose to be in exile for ever. If you are really a peace lover, I do not find a reason why you would oppose the ND. You are reasoning the same like your commander in chief in detention brother.


  26. Uncle Reng says:

    It is now remaining Onedevils, whicch is killerKiir .I wish He should be in exile too.

  27. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Lokosang

    You going too far in your comment to Alex!Anyway you maybe entitle to your own political opinion and political views! Let us talk for peace! Let us bring unity to our people in the country South Sudan Republic!President Kirr,will go! But,the country and people,will stay including President Salva Kirr by himself! He is part of the country! I like every one a president he and her as long as they do well for the country! Do have a nice weekend!

    Sincere Healing Enemy!



  28. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear:Guys Lokasang and Alex

    Peace be with you! Your Ceasefire! Your war words of mouth, of fight,has become a draw! Love one and other! This is enough wrestle! Move on with as usual with a love! Politics,has NO LIMIT! If President Salva Kirr,is away from office of his presidency,well,whoever succeed his place,he or her,will face criticism,attack,gossip, slander, defame,and many unsay like what is going on with President Salva by himself!

    I AM A TEACHER POLITICS BY NATURE! Politics needsTOLERANCE! POLITICS needs!DIALOGUE! POLITICS need,PROBITY! POLITICS needs,INTEGRITY! POLITICS needs PRAGMATICISM! Politics needs,GENUINE DEMOCRACRY Politics does not associating with INTOLERANCE,INPROBITY, INIGUITY,AUTHOTARIAN REGIME,MILITARY JUNTA REGIME And many more! Thank you! Do have a nice one! Peace will come to our fellow countryfolks at last! No matter remain for people forever without peace settlement!

    Sincere Saving ENEMIES!


    KC,MO. USA

  29. Lokosang says:

    Alex, I think you should seek a doctor for mental treatment because people like Riek Machar have become a nightmare to you and those of your category. We speak about issues and what went wrong in our country and how to fixed it and you still beats the drum about Dr Riek Machar and the Nuer. All the rubbish story you narrated above about others involvement in corruption remind me of small children who repeat what has been told to them.
    The same claim that was made by JCE against others you keep repeating it over and over. If we talk about corruption, all of the SPLM leadership without exception have involve in an immense corruption in our country therefore if you a genuine nationalist you should not only mention the few non Dinkas and forget the masters of corruption.

    For your information I was not a supporter of SPLM but a senior member of SPLM. And if you don’t know ask your semi illiterate president he will tell you. the reason why I fundamentally disagree with him and those war lords is because they have deviated away from the co-principles that we have been struggling for the last 21 years prior to independence. the government in Juba is implementing tribal agenda and nothing to do with SPLM vision.
    I am quite sure if Dr John was to be alive some of you including your semi illiterate president would not be in a government. I believe if there is a genuine peace we shall meet and may be I will be able to give some of you a lecture about the vision of SPLM. For now enjoy your corruption.

  30. Alex says:

    Mr Lokosang you look to be confused and depressed because who asked me who were the people who were forced to depend themselves. I was explaining to you the war of 2013 was caused by those people who were corrupt and who were dismissed. Yes group were depending their jobs and people with very low reasoning like you just jump to follow them without knowing the truth.
    Lokosang you are big lair who just collect your news and information from rumors remember you once in this forum shamelessly announced Moroba was captured by SPLA IO. What a great lair you are. You a senior member of Alcohol but not SPLM.. Even me I will not woke with a useless guy like you who is a lair because you can damage people’s reputation. You will have to lecture drunkards or people who do not know SPLM and the politics of S. Sudan. It is clearly from your writings, you are ignorant about SPLM. For your information, Kiir has done much for this country compared to a to you who has just reduced yourself to a street lair. Kiir has a history in Sudan and S. Sudan man.
    I can’t wast my time with such a hopeless people like you. Take your time in Australia bro.


  31. Loikosang says:

    Alex I petty your state of mind because it seemed like the facts and the truth about your semi illiterate president and the criminal organisation called JCE has confused and depressed you to the extend that you don’t even know what you are writing about. You should think twice before you state your rubbish statement that I am a senior member of Alcohol.
    Every person in South Sudan know that president Kiir is the one who is Alcoholic that is why the people around him exploit his state of alcoholism to sign cheques and contracts when he is drank.
    About Kiir achievements, tell the readers of this website what single project Kiir has achieved. Billions of oil money is being misused by Kiir and beneficiaries like you.
    Imagine in our own country our people are being fed, treated by humanitarian organisations while billions of oil money go to individuals pockets is it not a shame?
    If you really know and understand the SPLM constitution, tell me where did the Chairman got his powers to dissolve the SPLM structures? The power to dissolve the SPLM structures is only bested upon the National Convention as the supreme power. You should know this if you are really a true member of SPLM who believed in its vision.
    Alex the current regime lacks direction and policies that is why we are criticising.

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