The Ever-changing Face of Dr. Lam Akol in the politics of South Sudan

BY: Taban Abel Aguek, State MP, RUMBEK, APR/18/2015, SSN;

In a press conference in Juba last week, the leader of South Sudan Opposition Party SPLM–DC, Dr Lam Akol, criticized the government of South Sudan on being against the West. The issue seems to weave around the involvement of TROIKA in the upcoming IGAD Plus talks in Addis Ababa. The Government has since made its position clear that TROIKA should only be involved in an observer role, and nothing else. And for that, the government spelled out its concerns which are convincing to the South Sudanese public.

I believe this position of the government on TROIKA’s role is what Dr Lam has perceived as being against the West. Those people who know Dr. Lam well are now left confused on seeing him swap his attitudes towards the West in 2015.

Dr. Lam, by the time he was National Minister for Foreign Affairs – was a hard critique of the West. Both Lam and Beshir had to depend on Russia and China to thwart the West’s effort for peace and civilians protection in Darfur in 2006.

Now that Dr Lam publicly condemns the government of South Sudan on being harsh to the same West that he used to scorn upon during our days of the ‘united Sudan’ is quite interesting. Perhaps, it does justify the long-held notion that in politics “there are no permanent enemies, but only permanent interests”.

That remains that. But what is trending now is the developing perception among the South Sudan’s public that Dr. Lam Akol might have developed the ‘strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde’.

This was coined from the novel by a Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson, “The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. And it is commonly associated with the rare mental condition often called “split personality”, referred to in psychiatry as dissociative identity disorder, where within the same body there exists more than one distinct personality.

Now this has been taken to describe a person who is vastly different in moral character from one situation to another.

In politics it becomes even much worse. If one cannot agree with himself, then how does he expect people to agree with him? I heard him speak over the Miraya FM the other day and there he made me think about how many faces he has changed over the period he has been in contact with our national issues.

As mentioned earlier, in the prime years of the CPA, when Dr Lam Akol was a powerful Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government of National Unity, he was a hard critic of the West.

I remember one of the hotly contested issues between the West and Sudan was whether the UN should deploy its forces in Darfur or not. President Beshir opted to term the UN civilian protection in Darfur as an invasion of a ‘sovereign’ state of Sudan. And Dr. Lam worked for him and agreed with him even when he said that he would ‘rather lead the war against a foreign invasion than allowing them abuse the sovereignty of the Sudan’.

The person that was doing all the shuttle diplomacy was none other than Dr. Lam Akol on behalf of President Beshir. Both Dr Lam and President Beshir lost faith in the West; and therefore, they inclined to go to the East and got sanctuary in China and Russia. Yet, in doing that, he was going contrary to the position of his then nominating party, SPLM and the then semi autonomous government in Juba.

In one of his diplomatic trips abroad, Dr. Lam claimed having achieved ‘victory’ on behalf of the Beshir’s NCP when he came back with a green light for the formation of dysfunctional hybrid force “UNAMID” for Darfur. Judged by current events, the deployment of UNAMID became a victory to Khartoum and a bad loss to the people of Darfur.

Working for Sudan Tribune Daily Newspaper in Khartoum, which some circles claimed was sponsored by Dr. Lam himself; I had no any other avenue to lodge my pleas than to take to the internet. I wrote an article titled, “South Sudan: dumped in the mouths of some Khartoum SPLM Traitors” and it was posted in Sudan Tribune.

The SPLM traitor was Dr. Lam Akol and his associates that benefitted from CPA but allowed themselves to be used as walking sticks by the same old foe – the NCP.

I thought Dr Lam would stick to his old hard criticism against the West. Or else he needs to tell us what made him change his mind now to be a sympathizer of the same West he stood against during the days he was serving as a minister of Foreign Affairs in a united Sudan.

That Dr. Lam has changed face to be a supporter of the same West he fought fiercely against is to me a surprise. That is Dr. Lam’s Change of face number two.

One may wonder why this should be change of face number two. Get it here again fast tracked! Dr. Lam was the architect of the document known to most literate South Sudanese as “Why Garang must Go!”.

Together with Riek Machar they decided to launch a ‘bush coup’ against Dr. John Garang. They proudly announced a coup which did not only end in shambles but, like the current war, caused skirmishes and reduced gains of SPLM/A and South Sudan.

Dr Lam, few months after accepting to work under Riek, opted to form his own party in complete betrayal to Riek. He failed to work with Dr Garang, chose Dr Riek and divorced him again in a very short time.

That represented swapping of faces in very short time by him but we can call it Dr. Lam’s Change of face number one that we came to know.

Shortly after the failed coup in Juba on December 2013, Dr Lam Akol appeared to condemn the actions of Dr Riek Machar. He got the public support to lead the team of opposition parties at the Addis Ababa talks.

But a few days into the talks Dr Lam changed immediately from standing with South Sudanese public position to confusingly spreading his legs over on the IGAD proposals and bilaterally chose also to hold ‘secret’ meetings with Dr. Riek Machar.

Maybe those people who argue that he was lured into an idea that both President Kiir and Dr Riek will not be allowed to participate in the transitional government impacted his decision.

But still he could have been advised but he took the decision. That might have prompted him to lodge himself into possibility of replacing Kiir as the President of South Sudan.

From condemning the coup to supporting Riek, Dr Lam left many of South Sudanese confused. That is Change of face number three!

It was all announced that South Sudan wanted to hold elections in June this year. But backed up by the International Community and Civil Society Organizations, Dr Lam led a campaign against the conduct of elections. Dr Lam even went further by leading a coalition of political parties to court to challenge the decision.

South Sudan, under that pressure, rescinded the decision to hold elections. But the decision not to hold elections also carried legal implications. There is no way elections can be called off and put nothing in the vacuum. That would lead to constitutional crisis.

The best way to accommodate the peace talks without a constitutional vacuum is seeking the parliamentary extension of the term of the Government and parliament to give room for Addis Ababa negotiations with a legitimate ruling system.

That there was one Dr Lam Akol who asked for postponement of elections and the same Dr Lam who again opposed the suspension of elections represents an amusing change of mind in the swiftest of time. Change of face number four!

Dr Lam Akol ought to know – and I believe he knows – that the South Sudanese he is dealing with are not the same South Sudanese of the last decades. If Britain were to colonize South Sudan today, they would have found it very difficult. There is no way we can allow any move to go uncalculated and people are so vigilant nowadays.

It is a fact that Dr. Lam has been relevant with the South Sudanese politics since the inception of SPLM. It is a big credit to South Sudan and Democracy that there has always been an opposing voice.

According to me, that is healthy politics. But it must be noted that criticism must rightfully be placed. And one should not oppose just for the sake of being in opposition.

The Opposition and all the groups that led a campaign against the holding of elections should not look at the extension of government as means for Kiir to earn extra years in power. Rather, it should be viewed as a concession by the government.

President Beshir of Sudan has been constantly extending his rule through bogus elections. South Sudan has tried to avoid such a case. Kiir would have contested elections and likely win a five year term in office.

But the decision to delay elections was taken to give time for peace negotiations. By God’s grace, if the final peace deal is signed, then its terms may take complete precedence to what was done by parliament.

Someone needs to tell me how we can pass peace documents without a functioning Assembly? We need the assembly to enact into law the agreed terms of the peace agreement.

South Sudan is not against the West as alleged by Dr Lam. It’s him who holds records for being so ardently against the West. For him to change sides now is simply foxing.

Nevertheless, Dr. Lam Akol is a role model for so many young people. He is indeed a capable leader. But the society we are in is one of the most difficult ones. Every act is placed under a scrutiny. Therefore, one needs to calculate his actions and take decisions that garner the public support and then stay by them.

To change is not bad, but to keep changing is not healthy. It’s high time that Dr. Lam tries to make up his mind and tell us one thing. South Sudanese should not be told to move to the sun and when they are there, someone again says come to the moon.

Taban Abel Aguek works in Rumbek – South Sudan as a member of State Legislative Assembly. He can be reached at


  1. Defender says:

    Dear Taban Abel,

    What happened to conviction, moral standing and leadership? Isn’t important to be right than to be liked? Great leaders the world over do not just go by what people want, they lead people by ideas that they are convinced will improve their wellbeing. Great nations are not lead by leaders who follow but by leaders who lead. Let us take for example South Sudan. Why are people so nostalgic about the late hero, Dr. Garang? They were, because he lead and had a vision for the country. Compare the same with the current president and see for yourself the difference. Instead of leading, he has resorted to follow what his Jieng Council of Elders want, not for South Sudan, but for some few connected Jieng, milk the country dry for their self interest. Is this leadership or disaster? This is the type of comparison that one needs to make instead of the other way around.

    Another example, you seem to be very eloquent in articulating your views even though the are skewed, it tells that you are also dealing with moral trepidation about where you stand on the crisis in South Sudan. Are you really sure that we have leadership in South Sudan or Lakes States or other parts of the country where there are complete failures? By examples you have given about split personality syndromes, who among our political leaders today that exhibit this same traits? Many in the government can be truly identified with the diagnosis that you have prescribed here, if you are diagnosis could really be pined on anyone.

    Thus fighting the battle of conscience is not an easy one. You as an analyst must put yourself in the same place, because you are exhibiting the same traits, by looking outside yourself to others. As an eloquent analyst, you have not abdicated your responsibility to the rest of South Sudanese and opted on siding with forces that ascribe to violence instead of ideas as Dr. Lam.

    Dr. Lam, as a foreign minister, and if due was to be given to its rightful owners, he was implementing foreign policy of Sudan as an appointee of the government. He could have done it differently. And this is where your analysis fell flat. You seem to associate government policies with personalities and personalities with government polices. When you differentiate these two premise, you will for sure be able to make sense.

    For example, do you, in your right mind, believe that our current Foreign Minister, Dr. Marial Benjamin, is able to go and speak his mind and consciousness to the world about what is happening in South Sudan, or follow what the president wants him to do? This should be the barometer on which you could have built your critique. But, you opted to forego analysis in some of your reasoning and went political.

    You seem also in your analysis to blame every other “leader” but not the sacred cow, Kiir Mayardit, for the failure in our system. Blame does not start at the bottom, specially when all the power of the state is in one hand. It starts at the top. As in the case of Marial Benjamin, at the end of the day, when the blame is apportioned, no one will look at him as anything but a mouthpiece of government, implementing government policies. He has been very capable at it as was Dr. Lam during his tenure as the Foreign Minister of Sudan, implementing Bashir’s and SPLM Policies (as partners in the government of National Unity). So, one can fool people sometime but that same person cannot fool people all of the time, to paraphrase the great Bob Marley.

    • Taban Abel Aguek says:

      Dear Defender
      I appreciate your response, but I would be cheating myself and you if I don’t tell you where I choose not to disagree with you. Dr Lam must have been himself , not go by what the Sudan govt wanted him do. He was appointed into that cabinet courtesy of SPLM, not NCP. You are only naive. You are playing around with facts. Next time don’t try to defend what is defenceless. You simply get yourself exposed.

      • Defender says:

        Taban Abel, I appreciated your response. However, you are playing with facts as well. Since you are a parliamentarian in Lakes States and understand the power of representation, why are you not interested in arresting the situation there? Would it be reasonable to associate you with the failure at the top? if yes. Why have you opted to abdicate your responsibility to the people of Lakes, leaving people exposed to the harsh reality of the law of jungle? Going by your dictates, your moral stance should guide you to either speak out of resign from your position. This will give me some semblance of truth that you are able to do what you preach. Conscience is something that is not borrowed or loaned; it is something that you apply. So, Dr. Lam has his cross to carry and you have yours to carry but have failed.

        With regard to Dr. Lam doing what he should have done: unless you are new to the politics of South Sudan you ask posit this remark. When he was unceremoniously pushed out of the SPLM, he started his own party to push through his own political ideas that the SPLM failed in attaining. So, to prove you wrong, this is a clear demonstration of his political maturity. This is the reality that those who espouse false understanding of politics and political ideation want everyone to believe. It is a sorry state of thinking!

        As a politician or legislator, you must be very aware of this reality but opted to ignore in order to advance your vacuous argument. This is dishonesty at best. The problem with people who trumpet the vices of others and want to look like angels would always leave their positions exposed.

        With regard to the records of Dr. Lam, you have not answered my questions. Why ac

        • Taban Abel Aguek says:

          You only appear to be caring about Lakes State. If you have solutions for the problems of Lakes State, then come avail them. Lakes State is part of South Sudan. So, it’s problems should not be confined to its citizens alone or the government. Bishop Daniel Deng Bul who hails from Jonglei came here two times to pray for peace in Lakes State. You Mr Defender can also come here and contribute to peace in Lakes State.
          As for me, I want to tell you that I have been doing my part in working for peace in Lakes State. Seriously, why do you want to confine me to Lakes State issues when there are heaps of national issues that we want to discuss and suggest solutions together.
          In the case of Dr. Lam I think there is nothing we need to discuss there. Don’t try to defend the indefensible. Lam has not been himself, split personality all through…

          • Defender says:

            Taban Abel,

            First, charity begins at home! If you cannot solve problem in your own house, you cannot solve problems outside. As such, people who live in glass houses do not throw stones.

            With regard to national issues, you cannot play the angel card but not willing to accept that national issues cannot be discussed within a single prism–SPLM. Dr. Lam today is presenting a compelling alternative to the current malaise in the country. That is why you are digging past examples that is irrelevant, disputable, given the fact that he was representing SPLM Ticket. The blame fall in part and whole within the SPLM calculus. So, to argue that he is responsible and his actions are indefensible is laughable at worst and comical at best.

            Solving our national issues cannot be looked from the point of view that you have advanced here. You seem to focus on the frivolous argument that he was a supporter of the regime in Khartoum. What makes him different than the current slew of NCP politicians who are currently serving the government of SPLM. Are they different political animals that you ascribe different definition to their histories when compared to Dr. Lam? I guest, according to you, it is fine. But why should make this assumption? And if you did not think about it: what would your response be. I hope you are not going to argue that because this people joined the SPLM, their past mistakes are forgiven.

            Because by the argument you have presented, national issues cannot be solved by praying alone. You need to work hard to make choices that support peace. If praying would have saved us, we would not have fought for over five decades to attain our independence. People worked for it, show commitment, honesty, regard for others and their opinions. If this has not been accepted or you are unwilling to accept, would it be possible to see peace in Lakes States and by extension South Sudan? I doubt. However, in your assessment, it does not matter.

    • Bol says:

      Well put.Dr Lam was unfairly treated for doing what he was assign for…a government official has to do his duty faithfully or resign….what did Deng Alor did differently from Dr Lam apart from being side lined during his term?

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Of course Deng Alor did something differently. He did faithfully what Salva Kiir and his Jieeng council of Elders demanded. He shelved his independent thinking ability and took on the role of yes-man or sycophancy. This makes him perfect than Dr. Lam Akol. How could you fail to see this clear distinction?

  2. Tombe Gboro says:


    John Garang was one of the greatest curse and cancer South Sudan has ever had!!

    Tombe Gboro

  3. Paul says:

    One directly for those who work together have the same aim, to achieve something, in the systems team should head together, sometimes if you work as a group and not a team this is where you find one minister is saying different thing than other.
    Please take it from here

  4. Aluong Deng Bul says:

    Mr. Taban Abel Aguek still failed even in his response to Defender. Dr. Akol by then was an employee of the Government of National Unity of which SPLM and NCP were partners in peace-name national unity. You can now correctly say Dr. Lam spoke his mind which is exactly what majority of South Sudanese want-not what Michael Makuei or Marial Benjamin and Salva Kiir wishes. When did Troika and the West become the enemy of people of South Sudan if not the wish of chicken brain-like thug-cum politicians in Juba?

    If we want truth and not something bordering it, then Dr. Lam was 100% plus right. The employed wishful thinking is that anybody who differs with what Salva Kiir wants is either foolish or a traitor but what about all the political blunders that Salva Kiir has and is driving us through. The like of Taban wants us to celebrate those.Pathetic.

  5. John Baptist says:

    Taban, it would be interesting if you could shed some light as to why there is a lot of bloodshed in Lakes’ State. Could this be due to failure of governance in a government of which you are part and parcel of? Many thanks.
    John Baptist

  6. Charles says:

    This article is a total waste of space. What exactly is Taban doing about the killings going on in the Lakes state where he is a legislative assembly member? I suppose he will be blaming Dr. Lam or the TRIOKA for that too. Who is in charge of governing the country right now when we are all depending on these same TRIOKA for handouts and feeding the IDPs? How can one blame Dr. Lam for the mess we are in currently when he is not even allowed to contribute to resolving the problem?

    The writer demonstrates complete ignorance about the working of a government. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is there to carry out the agreed policies of the government of the day, and not his own. I guess Taban wanted Dr. Lam to behave like Michael Makuei Lueth, who often than not embarrasses the government with his crude utterances, which later the government has to step in to correct and make apologies for. In any properly run administration, Makuei would have been fired a long time ago. But I suppose he is one of the sacred cows. If Dr. Lam was seen to be followinh NCP policies during his tenure as Sudan’s foreign minister, it was because the SPLM,as partner in government, was not working well enough to also impact the country’s foreign policy, and Dr Lam alone cannot be blamed for that. it was the failure of the entire SPLM party to impact the foreign policy of Sudan at the time, for reasons known only to the SPLM party. .

    Should we really be talking about Dr. Lam at this time or about those who have brought South Sudan to this mess in the first place, and on how to get out of it? All he is trying to do, is to help resolve the problem, something every level-minded and concerned South Sudanese citizen must do.

    • Majongdit says:

      Indeed there are those who brought mess in this country. The chief among them is none other than Dr Riek Machar. And another Dr Lam inclines to support his rebellion. I am happy that his many faces have been exposed here.

  7. Abiel says:

    The plan against the west like someone tried to plan to shoot down the Antonov with stick. South Sudan government think twice everything is a politics some against the government and they need wast to be against the government and some with the government and they need the government to be against west and civilian are most suffering . God bless South Sudan.

  8. Dear: Author Taban Abel Aguek

    I read your written article in the forum very well and I understood your issues in your stance. You chastise Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin on according to what he had said to the government in the South Sudan on west issue. He Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin, he knows better the so called THE WEST DOUBLE STANDARD POLITICS! Talking against the west,it will augument more problems to the country to people! Mr.Michael Makui Lueth,Dr.Barnaba Benjamin Marial,President Salva Kirr,and others,they should,stop blaming the west countries in the mass media.They should treasure things for themselves!

    The west countries, are the one who made the peace agreement CPA in the war in the bush SPLM/SPLA and Sudan government in central in north in Khartoum went very through! Otherwise,the South Sudanese,won,t got the independence! I knew the politics of the western countries in the west! They have a common good in one clear objective! They have one idea including China,Russia, Germany,Australia,Asia, and Africa whereever they are!

    Remember that they are now donating reliefs to the needy ones in the country in the South for those who are affecting on food from World Food Program medicines,and many things.The South Sudan government,has not donated things to people.They will intermit in assisting in the country in the South? Where will the South Sudan government will find food assistance to people, medicines,guns and many more???!! Even South Sudan government money,they will devalue! The country is now in GREAT POVERTY ECONOMICALLY!!!!! He Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin,he warns of those Micheal Makuai Lueth,not make a noise in wrong direction direction for talking against the west! It is a suicide!!! Thank you.
    I am obligating in my democracy in my own opinions in my freedom of expression in my First Amendment Right! Back to you to the audience!

    Missouri Kansas USA

  9. Taban Abel Aguek says:

    Chief Abiko,
    This is the type of reaction that I want. You have pointed out an issue in the article and you based your concern on it. That is good. Now I know that your fear is that if South Sudan goes against the West then no one will help our suffering people get humanitarian assistance. In deed that can be a suicide. But it is Lam who claims that the government is against the West….yet the govt is not against anyone. That is simply a claim by those of Lam whose records are clear for being anti west in their pursuit of political support from the West.

    • J A C Ramba says:

      Mr Taban Abel Aguek

      This one is obviously NOT the type of reaction that you want. But let me begin by asking you this, ” Why you are pouring all your blames on Dr Lam Akol for suggesting that you and your rotten to core government better stop this good for nothing “scapegoating”.?
      There is nothing worse than the total collapse that South Sudan is currently heading for. The root cause squarely lies with your SPLM/SPLA – Jeing “Dinka” Council of Elders.
      Your knowledge is my knowledge that Dr Lam Akol is neither a party to those crazy politicians who set the entire country ablaze on the December 15, 2015, nor is he the one holding this country hostage to satisfy a tribal hegemony by blocking the peace talks.
      If Dr Lam Akol advised you guys against opening a war front with the West, obviously he is doing it for your own good. Short sighted politicians like Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Daniel Noriega and many others got carried away with stupidity and they paid the price.
      Even this very IGAD-Plus Initiative, like the CPA before it, is being fully paid for by taxpayers’ money from the West. Who are you to tell the West what to do after they have practically made you into what you are today and are still expected to do more if South Sudan is ever to come out of the mess you have got it into now?
      What was that SPLM/SPLA’s foreign policy during the CPA period that you are so much crossed that Dr Lam Akol failed to carry out in his capacity as the Foreign Minister of the then United Sudan?
      You guys just wanted a Jieng “Dinka” to be the foreign minister and you got it, even when the choice of Deng Alor Kuol was a pathetic one. Since then Dr Lam ceased to be what you want to bring up here! The man is now a leader of a political party with members in the country’s parliament. Why not limit your argument to what he is now, and what he is doing in his new role as the leader of the SPLM-DC?
      Maybe only by making the African Union investigation on South Sudan report public, can the much needed sanity be instilled into the mind-set that is now desperately trying to falsify situations on the ground with the hope of distracting the international community from carrying out its moral duty on behalf of the poor South Sudanese are now suffering in their millions.

    • Eastern says:


      Don’t shoot in the dark. The point Dr. Lam was showing Kiir and cohorts to see the righting on the wall: those who attempted to play with the West have been humiliated and you and I know such leaders.

      The West cannot visit the sins of Kiir and his cohorts on all South Sudanese as you try to explain out of Abiko’s comment. The mistakes of Kiir and his colleagues will catch up with them as individuals hence the proposed individually directed sanctions which will not affect aide assistance to the innocent poor South Sudanese in the villages and IDP camps. Bashir of Sudan has been an indicted and his country is sanctioned by aide continues to flow to the poor innocent Sudanese.

      Those who continue to believe that sanctions on Kiir and his colleagues is impossible since to them Kiir is South Sudan and South is Kiir, will be shocked when the truth begin to rear its ugly head!

      Museveni, Kiir’s greatest ally in the region picks on the West calculatingly because he knows that he stands to benefit more from them by being their ally in the region and in return he gets support from them

      Kiir and his village colleagues on the other hand want to begin criticizing the observation of an accomplished leader in the person of Dr. Lam, one of South Sudan’s savvy politician at the moment. The Juba regime is full of folks who shouldn’t be in leadership positions at all.

      Listen to what Makuei was taunting Dr. Lam when the latter tried advising Kiir and colleagues in dealing with the West:

  10. False Millionaire says:

    “…the SPLM party,as a partner in government,was not working well enough to also impact the country’s foreign policy”,that’s also my personal point of view.Or else I am tempted to believe that SPLM/A was Dr Garang And Dr Garang was SPLM/A.So with his untimely tragic death,the SPLM/A has also died.That’s what I percieve to be a plausible explaination to the immediate deterrioriation of things after his disappearance and there is a need for courage to admit it!!!

  11. Jake says:

    “Shortly after the failed coup in Juba on December 2013, Dr Lam Akol appeared to condemn the actions of Dr Riek Machar. He got the public support to lead the team of opposition parties at the Addis Ababa talks”.
    Mr. Taban
    Can you please back this part of your article with evidence.
    Just this statement first before I get to your other concocted fabrications.
    When? Where? Source and evidence

  12. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    Fabrication is the business known better by those supporting Kiir’s regime. They will not back up their claims, if they do, it will be backed up with another lie. Can two lies ever become truth? Perhaps in another world.

    • Majongdit says:

      Nuer not another Israel,
      It is you who are living a whole fabricated life. You are living in imagination. That is why you tend to imagine to be Israel. What Taban said in this article is all correct. Just point at something you disagree with and tell me. Otherwise, there are two types of lies:
      1. The lies according to perception of others
      2. The lies that have rightful substantiation

      • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:


        If I am the one seeing this plain truth about your lies, please scan through all these comments and draw your conclusion from them. Tell me if I’m the liar or you are.

  13. Isaac Deng says:

    Brother, Hon. Taban Abel Aguek from the great Lake State, your opinionated article is misleading and you’re trying hard to suppress political opposition voices in the country. Need not to remind you that the importance of a political opposition, whether in the mother continent or elsewhere, can hardly be overstated. Seemingly, you blamed the King’s chief advisor the then GNU foreign minister, Dr. Lam Akol and not the “great” King himself. It shows that you lacked the courage to confront the truth and this is a highest hypocrisy you displayed in your biased article.
    I know many urbanizing MPs like you tend to underscore the tradition of their ethnic ties in order to advance their position as lawful claimants to benefits of political office. This is no longer about principle politics and am not surprising that Hon. Taban Abel Aguek found it useful to present himself as a representative of ethnic collectivities. It is only in such a dysfunctional political climate that incompetence MPs can shine and thrive to South Sudan.
    I urge you to answer the following questions: why is the ruling SPLM party including its supporters are constantly allergic and disturbed by/dissenting views? Why that room for political opposition in South Sudan is ferociously limited where the Dr. Lam Akol’s party activities are not tolerated, yet we claimed to be a “democratic” country?
    I thought Dr. Lam Akol was trying to do what an opposition supposed to do by cautioning Kiir’s rogue ministers (Martin Elia and Michael Makuei) the two attack dogs not to bite the same hands the feed their ever hungry population a move which you should have appreciated.
    For your information, any successful democratic transformation in South Sudan depends on those honest and open-minded MPs who will put the national agenda and interest first than protecting their fat pot bellies.
    Therefore, an MP like you is to play a key role in developing or enacting laws not just rubber-stamping President Kiir disastrous policies that have plunged the new country into abyss.
    As a representative of the Lake State in the National Legislative Assembly, you should be an agent of good governance that links between the government and the constituency on the ground. It very sad, that the great Lake State is becoming chaotic and lawless place every second and minute, in which the rule of gangs and guns is the order of the day.
    The honorable thing you should have done to resign your seat position as an MP from this failing state where a governor’s daughter can kill innocent pregnant woman and still walk free.

  14. Toria says:

    Taban Abel
    Based on the replies to your article above here, I think you lost the argument, maybe next time before you post another article please try to support your arguments by facts. You see brother, it is this very confusion that you so-called elected officials or dinkas council of evil doers keep twisting and denying the truth that South Sudan is already a failed state and it needs a new rescue plan, and not by SPLA/M regimes nor by Museveni but by ordinary voices of many commenters in reply to your biased article. Please cleanup your backyard before you start poking your head over the fence to look at other’s mess.

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