The End of Bullying, Harassment and Humiliation: Gen. Paul Malong Awan’s Sacking has changed the meaning of Mutiny & Rebellion in South Sudan

BY: Mayak Deng Aruei, USA, MAY/14/2017, SSN;

At a very young age, children are told to remember the Golden Rule: “Treat others how you want to be treated.” The headlines for the news outlets in South Sudan, and in the Region of East Africa was about the sacking of the SPLA (South Sudan) Army Chief of the General Staff.

For a country that celebrates nothing other than big names, the firing of General Paul Malong Awan caught millions South Sudanese by surprise. The actual facts as to what transpired on May 9, 2017 can be traced to fundamentals of security in the country.

Adding to the fading trust among the high-ranking members of the SPLM & the SPLA, the 32 federal states are proving something else.

It was a rumor until General Paul Malong Awan was relieved, his well guarded place couldn’t be infiltrated, all attempts thwarted and “he ran away to Yirol before handing over the office to the incoming Chief of the General Staff,” according to the President.

The loss of trust between the President and his former Army Chief of the General Staff has little to do with them as individuals, but rather with the inner circle which has a hidden agenda, and thirst for more recognition.

The term “scapegoat for the inefficiencies” was later authored to sugarcoat the rattling clearing of the thorny bushes. In South Sudan, the known facts and patterns make sudden change of command, and a rapid takeoff looked more than a preempted mutiny or rebellion.

For the records, not everyone can be bullied, harassed and humiliated without a price. The departure of the Elephant in the Room (Gen. Paul Malong) marked the end of political mockery in the Republic of South Sudan, and aspiring/young inexperienced politicians ought to re-examine their stances on national affairs.

First and foremost, General Paul Malong Awan should have been the last that President Salva Kiir could humiliate in the face of the struggling country, and the Government he helped stay in place.

Humiliation in the context of the sacking of the Army Chief has much to do with being relieved without prior consultations, and other options put on the table. Example, possible arrest as security assurances entailed.

In 2013, General Paul Malong Awan was quick to side with President Salva Kiir, at a time when political atmosphere was so cloudy, and when coalitions of political opponents posed a very serious threat to the President during the SPLM National Convention.

At the onset, General Paul Malong Awan, then the Governor for the defunct state of Northern Bahr El Ghazal organized a special session for the four states of Barh El Ghazal Region. The gathering of the Governors brought together leaders of Barh El Ghazal Region, and their citizens saw more years of President Salva Kiir in power.

In that meeting, Governor Nyandeng Malek showed little interest in such regional alliance, and Governor Paul Malong Awan called her out, pointing out that Governor Nyandeng Malek should have been the first to back President Salva Kiir since the two hailed from the same state (Warrap).

The gathering was a success, and the people of Barh El Ghazal stood shoulder to shoulder with the President, with some pledging unlimited support should South Sudan’s known patterns take their shapes.

Secondly, General Paul Malong Awan mobilized and trained the youths (Mathiang Anyoor) from his home state of Northern Barh El Ghazal, left Governorship at the dawn of rebelling forces, and became the Army Chief of the General Staff.

The fight was a tough race, and General Paul Malong Awan, nicknamed King Paul, kept on with the fight against Dr. Riek Machar of the SPLM-IO who declared Armed Resistance against the sitting president after his chances for running for presidency were demurred.

For more than three years, General Paul Malong Awan was the man of the people, Hero of all times, and the only General who had the guts to protect the territorial integrity of South Sudan.

As the dust settled down, the inner circle of President Salva Kiir closed their eyes, debunked everyone’s contributions, and put their own interests above that of the nation.

Thirdly, General Paul Malong Awan is a decorated General who has won the confidence of Jieng Council of Elders(JCE), an Advisory Committee made up of influential veteran politicians who served both in the old Sudan as well as in the Liberation Movement.

With all of that, the sacking of General Paul Malong Awan without proper consultations put President Salva Kiir in a very awkward position, and the Army became divided more than any time since the civil war erupted in 2013.

The challenges for the President intensified, and quite a number of active Generals reportedly left with General Paul Malong Awan when he reacted to his firing on South Sudan Television(SSBC).

The social media, a platform used by young literate South Sudanese and well established elites was jammed few minutes after the airing of the news.

Fortunately enough, the Army listened to the voices that called for calm, and General Paul Malong Awan took off with almost anything he wanted, and soldiers watched the convoys as they exited Juba.

It was one of the few recent times change of command where the Jieng Nation was asked to apply what make them unique among other communities.

The “wait a minute/let’s wait for more details” attitude, saved President Salva Kiir from being savaged by the most feared General of all times.

The term “Jieng Nation” does not refer to South Sudan as a Jieng’s nation, rather, it refers to Jieng’s society or society in the image of Jieng as a unique Group in South Sudan that has characteristics of a nation-state.

In their vast territories, Jieng have norms that are hard to be broken by their own people, they ask a lot of questions before starting a fight, and those compelled to go on their own become outcasts.

Three days into the military standoff, President Salva Kiir addressed news media, and had this to say: “So I am here to assure you, that the security situation remains normal and all citizens are urged to continue with their daily routine duties, because there is really nothing that people should worry about.”

With that being the rhetoric after the facts, there is a good reason to doubt the way and thoughts that led to the sacking of General Paul Malong Awan were put together and finalized into actual decision.

Some quarters, particularly the President’s inner circle, are illogically following the path not accustomed to by a politically fragile nation like South Sudan.

Like, seriously, why would people push the President to make such rushed decisions in the middle of the war that has taken unforgiving twists?

Those further attempts by the President to calm down the enraged General didn’t seem to help much: “Gen. Malong is now in Yirol, I didn’t talk to him this morning, I tried but I found that he was resting because yesterday his blood pressure shot up very high because yesterday when I talked to him, he was not in a good mood, he was in fighting mood.” This part explained something else in the mix of a murky military showdown.

On a final note, the sacking of General Paul Malong would have not made headlines had it been done logically and professionally, and without letting speculations move the desperate crowds.

The way it was done raised a lot of questions, and unearthed doubts that stemmed from behind the scene dealings.

The subsequent appointment of Gen. James Ajong’o Mawut was rushed, but nothing in the records to say something negative about the new SPLA Army Chief of General Staff. From the tone of the new Army Chief, the man is so logical, talked in a well organized manner, highlighted duties associated with his position, recognized the negative impacts of the ongoing war, aligned his tasks with those of other Army Chiefs elsewhere, and made important notes about the pending Peace Agreement.

The people of South Sudan should not be put into conflict for unknown reasons, and changes in the military, specially in wartime must be done professionally and ceremonies of outgoing officials must follow traditions expected in the military so as to avoid backlashes.

In ending this dreading piece, South Sudan’s ruling elites have lost integrity as the custodians of the new nation; they have tainted the founding principles, they have made it difficult for citizens to grow politically, they have derailed the smooth running of Government’s institutions, and they have impeded what should be normal transfer of servicemen from one branch to the other.

The sacking of General Paul Malong Awan is no different from cases where the political organizers/Ringleaders have been treated as Rebels, apprehended or pursued to the bushes.

Above all, those who are still in the game should be advised to avoid belittling, bullying, harassment and humiliation by surrounding themselves with trusted guys.

The coalition of community’s leaders, particularly Eastern Lakes state have saved the nation of South Sudan from irrational decision that would have ignited infighting within the ranks of the national army.

For another year, mutiny and rebellion would be meaningless to sycophants who have been mouthpieces for select groups. As a nation, South Sudanese need to deploy professionalism everywhere, approach political differences methodically, and free themselves from collusive partnerships.

©2017 Mayak Deng Aruei: He can be reached at


  1. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Deng,
    Please go back to the events of the redivision of the then south sudan region into three regions,the supsequent attempt to anexe the greater Bentiu to southern Kordofan owing to the discovery of oil reserves there,the imposition of the sharia islamic laws in the whole of sudan notwithsatnding southerners’ objections in the context of being non muslim and non arb africans,the narrow southerners’ reaction as symbolized by Anya Anya two and Garang’s decisive intervention founding the SPLM/A that navigated the hopes through difficult times down to the independence,god luck can only occassion a leader out of millions of chances from the midst of millions of citizens.It’s understood u are being polite in refusing to declare Kiir as a failure.But if it were Garang on the helm from the CPA to this very day,much would have been achieved even through difficulties for better and never for worst.What RSS has become under Kiir,it’s all written on the horizon for every sightful to see.It’s jieng now who run the risk of paying heavily for his lack of leadership.It’s irresponsible to misread oppositions’ intentions.They havn’t an illusion of a person with Garang’s brain among them to accommodate every citizen.Not only are they after Kiir’s stool based in Juba to satisfy pure thirst for power,they are anti jieng in general and would never hesitate to declench apoclypse on jieng if given opportunity.
    Now figure out what awaits jieng with the likes of Kiir misleading in the leaque of the giants while the golden brains of reasonable jieng community leaders like those of the great land of Yirol marginalized in oblivion.

  2. Gatdarwich says:


    Murderer Malong is a “hero of all times” to only the traitorous Dinka tribe. Malong is a murderer of “all times” to the 63 tribes in South Sudan. Murderer Malong is an undeniably a Dinka nationalist. He is a tribal hero. He is absolutely not a South Sudanese national hero period

  3. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. If Gen Malong is not a hero ? what about nyagaats like you ,Peter Gatdet, Riek Machar, Simon Gatwich, James koang who are well known nyagaats of South Sudan.

  4. Gatdarwich says:


    For the record, I, Gatdarwich, General–mightiest–Gatdet Yaka, Gatwich Dual, Koang Chuol, plus the real father of the South Sudan nation, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon are indisputably national heroes. We have traceable records of patriotism and selfless services to all the people of the South Sudan.
    All the naturally born manipulatives and deceptives Dinkas—the likes of Abel Alier, Dr. John Garang, Killer Nyankiir, Murderer Malong, Murderer Kuol Manyany, and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils–have traceable records of treacherous deeds in South Sudan’s land. The 63 tribes in South Sudan, in exception of the traitorous Dinka tribe, would undeniably agree with patriot, Gatdarwich that Dinka have traceable records of treacherous deeds in South Sudan full stop

  5. Gatdarwich says:


    For the record, I, Gatdarwich, General–the indisputable military men mightiest–Gatdet Yaka, Gatwich Dual, Koang Chuol, plus the real father of the South Sudan nation, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon are indisputably national heroes. We have traceable records of patriotism and selfless services to all the people of the South Sudan.
    All the naturally born manipulatives and deceptives Dinkas—the likes of Abel Alier, Dr. John Garang, Killer Nyankiir, Murderer Malong, Murderer Kuol Manyany, and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils–have traceable records of treacherous deeds in South Sudan’s land. The 63 tribes in South Sudan, in exception of the traitorous Dinka tribe, would undeniably agree with patriot, Gatdarwich that Dinka have traceable records of treacherous deeds in South Sudan full stop

  6. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. You are too dumb to understand what your Riek Machar did in 1991, with Gatdet Yaka. Or may be you were in Khartoum where they later joined you after they betrayed people of South Sudan by siding with our enemy Arabs, so calling Riek a father of South Sudan is only not shameful to you, but to Riek himself. When Riek was in Khartoum in 90s’ Sudan army forces were massacring Dinkas, Nuer, and Chollo in Upper Nile for government of Sudan to cleared oil field. While your uncle Riek was smiling in Omer Bashier ‘s cabinet inside Sudan. Lack of knowing what you are talking about Gatdarwich made you the dumbest person on this web to debate with. Riek came back to SPLM/SPLA, in 2002 when peace was being negotiated, he did not do anything then betraying us.

  7. Gatdarwich says:


    Dr. Riek is the father of the South Sudan nation whether you admit it or not.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Seriously, there is no so-called ‘father’ of South Sudan. The choice is now highly subjective, depending on one’s personal or tribal preferences.
      The Bor jieng would definitely say John Garang, Nuer would choose Machar, Equatorians would say Aggrey Jaden, Father Saturlino, Joseph Oduho, etc…etc.
      Kiir is a murderer, no way he can qualify for father of the nation any more. He has done more harm than good.

  8. Dinka Enclave says:


    This is a rubbish talk from the General of your standard. How can you call a traitor and a sell out person like Dr. Riek Macher to be a father of South Sudan. You must be talking from the slave-master’ backyard. This is shameful and disgraceful. You must be out of your mind or otherwise you have a molested little brain. You need help. Give give me one good thing that Dr. Riek have done for South Sudan other then begging the slave-masters for the leftover food. You are probably now talking from Khartoum and that is why you do not want to upset your slave-master. You are the type of slave that would not let go from the slave master. You are grown up but you still want the slave-master to take care of your still little sorry self.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Dinka Enclave,

      Dinka in general are thieves, deceptive, manipulative, and traitors by nature. Every single Dinka alive have these traits naturally wired into his or her blood circulation system. Dr.Riek challenged Dr. Garang’s dictatorial leadership, and lack clear vision within SPLA movement. Dr. Garang’s manipulative and deceptive concept of liberating the whole Sudan was abolished in 1991. In 1997, the SPLA adopted Dr. Riek’s clear and easily achievable concept of self-determination. Dr. Riek meticulously designed the concept of self-determination (Khartoum Peace Agreement 1997). This concept documents were ultimately the key negotiation guidelines in CPA, which eventually resulted into South Sudan referendum–secession in 2010. Dr. Riek negotiated with Al Bashir all the elements of the CPA, and lobbied the international community for financial support. Dr. Riek negotiated the current status of Abyei in Hague with Khartoum.
      Dr. Riek has indisputable and traceable records of patriotism and selflessness to the people of the South Sudan(all the 64 tribes).

  9. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. You see how hard it is to defend Riek ? then just saying that he is the father of our country. Because there is nothing good that you can say, for the fact that he betrayed us during the war by siding with Arabs. To Editor, I don’t have problem with any of the people you mentioned accept trader Riek Machar who joined enemy in 1991. It is not right to give him other peoples’ credit.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You are absolutely right, Machar, like Lam Akol and others who were dangerously jumping to the enemy and back might not rightly deserve any mention as ‘fathers of the nation.’
      However, given the convoluted politics of the SPLM/A, I would frankly quadruple the number of those who ‘betrayed’ South Sudan, that would include all those who once crossed sides, from the bush to Khartoum and back again. Frankly the list is a long one.
      But more seriously, what Kiir and his jieng gangsters like Malong, Makuei, Manyang, Malwal etc..have done from CPA to independence in 2005, is more of a greater crime against our nation and people that is comparable on the same scale to the supposed crimes Machar and gang committed back then.
      Will South Sudan ever be the same again….. this is the biggest problem now.

  10. Gatdarwich says:

    Editor and Mading,

    Mading and Editor,

    Dr. Riek is the father of the South Sudan nation whether you admit it or not. CPA was designed by Dr. Riek, and the implementation processes were completed by Dr. Riek and President Omar Al Bashir.
    For your information, both Dr. Garang and killer Nyankiir were President Nimeri’s agents, they both were helping Arabs fighting Anya anya 2 freedom fighters since earlier 1970s untill they were purposely tasked in 1983 to go to infiltrate and destroy Anya anya 2 movement in Bilpam(any anya 2 headquarters in Sudan-Ethiopia border. Killer Nyankiir and Dr. Garang (killer Nyankiir and Dr. Garang) failed to accomplished their assigned mission. After realizing the impossibility of accomplishing their assigned task, the traitorous bloods–Arab agents(Killer Nyankiir and Garang) decided to joined the freedom fighters’ movement in May 16, 1983.

  11. Okuc says:


    Let quote you. The term ” Jieng Nation” does not refer to South Sudan as a Jieng’s society or society in the image of Jieng as a unique Group in South Sudan that has characteristics of a nation- state”.
    Do Jieng have a nation -state characteristics in South Sudan?
    I doubt they do have a notion of a state what so ever because they are still live in semi state of Nature that is to say, there is no organised system or hierarchy of sort for example, a king or an authority they can pay allegiance to or deference. Jieng’s lack of experience to draw upon in the running of a state affairs is manifested by Kirr’s regime which embarked on destruction of South Sudan on false claim of coup which didn’t take place in Dec 20013.
    South Sudan wouldn’t has been in merda- shit if the leader would had hailed from a different ethnic with a long tradition in leadership skills.
    The people of South Sudan are victim of poor leadership ( Jieng are excused as I said they don’t have experience to draw upon) and greed by your fellow Jieng who want to turn South Sudan into Jieng’e Society image you have alluded to in your article and the result is the chaos and death South Sudanese haven’t experienced in modern Sudan during war with the North.

  12. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. South Sudan will not live in peace as long very stupid like you are a round. Because you do not know what is called honesty and shame.

  13. False Millionnaire says:

    Why don’t u go jump into an acide lake to wash off he ever clinking rubbish on u?
    How so blind are u to dare to defend a traitor who is still dépending on Khartoum for a power ambition drive in RSS?!!!

  14. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    There’s no one more traitorous than killer nyankier who defends on Ugandan soldiers, SPLM-N, JEM, and Darfur rebels to cling on power. All the Dinka are traitors by nature, and only survive by deceptions and manipulations in dealings.
    All the traitorous Jenges hates Dr. Riek because he(Dr. RieK) is determined to put to an end your traitorous’ nature in South Sudan period

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