The Declaration of the National Salvation Front (NAF): Gen. Thomas Cirillo forms his Movement

MAR/06/2017, SSN;

Finally, weeks after abandoning the Kiir’s regime and going into the bush, the highly trained officer and veteran of the liberation war, General Thomas cirillo has announced the formation of a military front to depose President Kiir from power. Below is the entire press release by General Thomas Cirillo.

To the people of South Sudan – at home, in refugee camps, in the Diaspora:
Cordial greetings to the gallant revolutionary forces in the bushes as well as those still held hostage by the regime!

Special and heartfelt greetings to :-
*** Our mothers, wives and daughters who have led in bearing the brunt of our man-made tragedies!
*** Heartfelt greetings to all the martyrs, widows and families of all victims!
*** All the leaders and neighbours of the people of South Sudan who have borne the burden of hosting our people in these difficult times!
*** All the international friends of the people of South Sudan!
*** Special greetings to the governments, NGOs, the religious community and all agencies that are struggling to enable our people live in peace and in dignity!
Wherever you are – in the bush, towns and villages and in the barracks or offices of the regime – we empathize with you and yearn to come to your rescue!

Salva Kiir’s leadership has, without remorse, led the people of South Sudan down an abyss from which it is not easy to climb out. Worse still, the Kiir regime has prevented anything to be done by anybody (neighbours, IGAD, AU, UN and the Religious Community) to enable South Sudan to climb out of this abyss.

To add salt to injury, the Regime has embarked on treating the government-inflicted misery with placebos such as ‘a national dialogue’ and the ‘creation of more states,’ and now with a ‘National Day of Prayer.’

It is clear beyond reasonable doubt that the Regime has created a highly selfish class that ensures its continued existence for the singular purpose of illicitly amassing personal and family wealth and imposing tribal hegemony on the country.

It has created and promoted discord in the security sector beyond comedy! The tragedy is that different fighting groups in the war of liberation were never really merged into one national army.

Ethnicity, the basis of multicultural beauty is turned into something ugly, officially promoted by such creations as the tribal Jieng Council of Elders! Unfortunately, even the Jieng people, supposedly the beneficiaries of such monopoly of power schemes, have suffered along with everybody else, often even worse.

Among many of the highest ranking officers down to the least enlisted infantryman, there is the overwhelming conviction that they had been fighting for their personal rewards, rather than ‘national liberation.’

These altitudes have led to gross and rampant misbehavior evident in robberies, rapes, fraudulent acquisition of property (our time to eat attitude), and the adoption of an above-the-law culture and a mentality that has often led to gross abuses of human rights.

Perhaps most painful is the complete loss of respect for and recognition of many segments of the population who participated in the liberation of South Sudan.

Within the armed forces, habits of fraudulent promotions, attaching ranks to families including outright literal inheritance of ranks, creation of utterly false payrolls grossly inflated – have led to a total breakdown of law and order within that segment of society that holds a high reputation for being the most disciplined institution in the rest of the world.

South Sudan, a potential bread-basket for its fast-industrializing neighbours, has been rendered fallow land for years for many reasons including uncontrolled cattle-grazing.

Along with other factors, Kiir’s government has overseen the steady decline of the production and wealth creation part of the economy, in spite of the sizeable revenue from oil.

Corruption is on everyone’s lips; the President himself has been heard to declare zero-tolerance on corruption countless times.
In practice, even the President’s office has been the victim of thefts of large amounts of cash several times. Others in the kleptocracy are known to have stashed away millions abroad. Corruption has made the nation bleed to death, killing human initiative, destroying human and other resources.

Irrefutable evidence points to the indication that government has failed totally in the provision of basic services and in everything else!

Correcting the numerous mistakes of the Kiir Regime is an enormous task that requires the participation of all citizens, beginning minimally and simultaneously with development tasks along with the requisite humanitarian assistance to settle citizens in their homes and engage them in productive work.

The National Salvation Front (NAF) strongly believes that the Kiir regime has no political will, no capacity, and certainly has no plans to turn things around for the people of South Sudan.

In every country worth calling itself a nation-state, the constitution is enshrined as the basic law of the country. It is supreme and above all – citizens, institutions, and office holders, including the President.

The National Salvation Front fervently believes that South Sudan cannot solve its problems through an ethno-centric administration as is the case with the Kiir regime!

The National Salvation Front (NAF) is left with no choice other than to fight to eradicate the malady that has badly tarnished the image of South Sudan, caused our nation the loss of its sense of identity, it’s credibility and above all, the trust of its citizens.

The National Salvation Front will vigorously use all means at its disposal to restore law and order, the respect for human rights and dignity without regard to age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, and believes in the rightful path of national co-existence, embracing the ideals of free, sovereign, democratically governed nations.

The people of South Sudan have not waited for a signal for them to rise up and topple the Kiir regime. Those who could vote with their feet away from the control of the Kiir regime have done so.

Others, provoked without cause all over South Sudan, have taken it upon themselves to resist government forces in kind.

Thus, with a clear conscience and with determination, we declare the birth of a citizen-imposed change. We willingly respond to the call for unified resistance against the regime using all means that are available, feasible and effective.

The National Salvation Front (NAF) is convinced that to restore sanity and normalcy in our country, Kiir must go, he must vacate office without further bloodshed.

It’s therefore with immense pleasure, a sense of duty, unshaken dedication to the service of our people, and a singular focus to end their suffering, that we declare the establishment of the National Salvation Front, marking the rising of a New Day- a new beginning- for the people of the Republic of South Sudan.

It’s in this spirit of dedication to the cause of our people that I, General Thomas Cirillo Swaka, on behalf of the National Salvation Front, solemnly declare the launching of the National Salvation Front (NAS) on this 6th Day of March, 2017; so help me God.

Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, Chairman and Commander-in-Chief,
The National Salvation Front,
South Sudan
6th March 2017


  1. Bol says:

    Equatoria never stops amusing the people of RSS! New rebel movement every 6 months! They make Nuer look so bad in the rebellion business because Nuer tend to create a new rebel movement once in every 18 months in average. I wonder how this people be rescue from themselves? Imagine: Gen SWAKA chasing away Gen. Kenyi of IO and Dr Kwajok backing up Gen SWAKA to clear Bari land from Nuer’s predator gens, while Col Bakosoro is closing in on both to reclaim the lost kingdom of Azande! Equatoria is set on fire by its own sons who never heard of something called {TEAM WORK}.
    MTM hunting, as the starting point will continue, but Dinka hunting Equatorian and Equatorian hunting another Equatorian is on raise now.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      If you are old enough, you should recall that during the Anya nya war in the 60s, Equatorians never fought among themselves. Those of General Lagu, General Cirillo (Senior), General Tafeng, General James Loro, all from Equatoria NEVER fought against those of General Samuel Abu John and Habbakuk Soro, etc from Western Equatoria.
      If anything, all those generals mentioned above, fought a bitter war against Dinka generals like those of Daniel Awet and others specially from Bahr el Ghazel. You know what happened. By the way, this Salva Kiir was then an unknown quantity during the Anya nya, perhaps only known among his Warrap cousins.
      Gen. Cirillo’s new NSF encompasses all Equatorians from its different parts and let’s pray that the Jieng don’t make it a Regional war.

      • Bol says:

        Mr. editor,
        The (old dog) is learning and mastering new survival tricks since last year….Things like: deportations, disappearances and putting a penny in (sibling v sibling feud) with some awesome returns on investment. I don’t think the (old dog) will hesitate to do it again, if an opportunity shows up in (MTN hunting) sector. Is it not war after all?

    • King Logunu the Second says:


      Continue your wishful thinking and it will get you to nowhere. The divide and rule policy of Kiir and cohorts failed to draw the Equatorians into fighting each other. Rather than living in fantasy, why don’t you go to Rumbek or Warrap and help to stop the on-going intercommunal killings and rapings.

      • Bol says:

        King Logunu,
        It’s not a dream….Talk to my cousin Gatdarwich whose dreams of entering the sacred J1 vanished long time ago somewhere along Bortown and Gumba road….If you like to hear a lengthy explanation in Bari, then talk to Dr Gore who know more about the dynamics of power balance….Experience counts.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          For your information, this ‘Dr. Gore’ you are inferring to (whom I correctly assume to be Alfred Lado Gore), has never aspired for the top leadership of the SPLM/A during the war. Lado Gore was callously detained and incarcerated by Dr. John Garang for nearly ten years despite being a close personal friend of Garang who he knew since the 1962’s when South Sudanese students fled for refuge in Kenya and Uganda.
          Your so-called dynamics of power balance was something being manifested and competed for by mainly the Dinka and the Nuer. In Garang’s Dinka-dominated SPLM/A, no Equatorian was ever hoped to take over the movement.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      General Swaka, General Kenyi, Col Bakasoro, and Dr. Kwajok are on the same boat–their sole mission is to strictly to overthrow killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime. They are all commanders of freedom fighters who are determined to cremate killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils. They have common arch enemies—killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils. They will ,and shall collectively fight and defeat the arch enemies of the 63 tribes in South Sudan using all means necessary full stop

    • Gatdarwich says:


      General Swaka, General Kenyi, Col Bakasoro, and Dr. Kwajok are on the same boat–their sole mission is to strictly overthrow killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime from the throne. They are all commanders of freedom fighters who are determined to cremate killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils. They have common arch enemies—killer nyankiir and the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils. They will ,and shall collectively fight and defeat the arch enemies of the 63 tribes in South Sudan using all means necessary full stop

      • Deng Monymor says:

        Cousin Gatdarwich,

        If your generals: Gen. James Koang, Gen. Gatdet, Gen. Monytuil, Gen. Machar or even Changson could not make it “on the same boat” in your Ngundeng Movement, what makes you think these these Equatorian generals whose tribal propensity ranks high among themselves than people they think are their enemy? You should serve as their adviser rather their encouraging agent.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          To hell with unsubstantiated braggery bullshit. The Nuer Generals you mentioned actually defeated the traitorous Dinka-slaved hearted creatures in the battlefield in February 2014. Hadn’t you, the traitorous Jenges hurriedly invited the mercenaries for your safety–protection, this tribal war could had had been a done deal since February 2014 when the mightiest white army decisively crushed your last line of defense–killing your commanding officer, General Kongroor in thy terrified midst in Mangala. Nuer defeated you, the traitorous Dinka-slaved hearted creatures in the battlefield—on one on one fight. Two Four-star Jenges Generals–Yen and Kongroor were nailed in thy cowards’ watch. Killer nyankiir was captured at J1 battle(all his bodyguards inside J1 nailed). Less than 1300 mightiest Naath sons defeated you in July 2016 battle in Juba. Dr. Riek. With all his top Generals triumphantly marched out of Jebel in thy face–unscathed. Nearly hundred thousands of Malong’s cowards militias–heavily armed with war tanks, heavy artillery, and helicopter gunships were humiliatingly defeated by less than 1300 Naath sons–have been taught a tough war lesson in both hell battle at J1 and Jebel.
          Truth must be told. Mercenaries from Uganda, SPLA-N, JEM, Rwanda, and Darfur rebels are undeniably your lifesupport right now in South Sudan.

          • Deng Monymor says:


            You must be fooling yourself! The event of 2013 should have taught you something if you are a person with a brain to think with. With you as 75% of the national army then, you should be asking yourself as to why the so-called White Army is not mentioned anymore. It is sad you never learn anything every time your kinds do something stupid or reckless to your survival.
            The death of General Yen and General Kongroor is the cause of white army disappearance in your nyigatization history in South Sudan if you are not of that. I was there and I saw how they followed Ngundeng to the grave of no return.
            However, the way these Generals you mentioned were killed should not serve as pride for you: General Yen was killed by Peter Gatdet unarmed before Gatdet defected in Bor while General Kongroor was killed through tactical err; he was not killed in any military engagement with your primitive warlords.

            Cousin, you and me are in shit if you don’t understand what is going on right now. Equatorians are forming tribal Movements in order for them to be a separate nation from South Sudan but I don’t know about you. What are you aiming to achieve with your constant nyigatization tendencies?

    • J. Mena says:

      Those who always watered the tree of tyranny will continue to do so until they are hit on a head with the stick of freedom. As I always say “Do not behave like a mad cow marching to the throng of hungry lions.” Equatorians are always Equatorians.

      Brother Swaka
      To you, it is time to say “The beautiful ones are now born.” We are not behind you, we are side by side with you. It is our cause, we have visualized the NEW and we don’t want to live in the OLD. We who are in diaspora will do all our best to make sure the mission is accomplished.
      Long live the freemen and women of South Sudan (Equabania) The unity of the Greater three Regions
      Lemiyesua John Mena
      Minnesota USA

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Selected response to concrete facts is an indication that the statements in question are indisputably concrete facts, and cannot be possibly deny.
        As per General Yen and Kongroor, they both were nailed in combat- in battlefields. Don’t forget that the Whiteman video tapped their nailing process, and the video still available on youtube for everyone to see and validate that Gatdarwich never tells lies.
        You claimed Equatorians’ movements are aimed at achieving Independence for Equatoria region. Complete nonsense natural born liar. Every freedom fighters’ movement in South Sudan has one mission and aimed for one goal and mission only—defeat and cremate killer nyankiir’s regime using all means necessary. General Khalid Boro of SSDF has emerged with General Swaka’s movement. Very good news indeed! Very soon road to Kakumu refugee camp through Kapoeta shall be a No Go escape route to safety for the traitorous Jenges. General Faiz, the commanding General of SPLA-IO forces in Bhar El Ghazale region is rumoured to be joining with General Swaka—imminent blockage of escape routes from Juba to the traitorous Jenges’ abandoned villages in Warrap. General Swaka, Col Bakosro, and General Kenyi shall meticulously weed out MTNs from Equatoria region, General Oliny shall clear malakal area, Gatdarwich shall in charge of Unity State areas operations, and the white army shall take care of Bor.
        Patriots are united against one common arch enemy. Very good news indeed!

    • Deng Monymor says:


      what is going on with Equatorian is a tribal movement forming err against their perceived threat (the MTN on the roads). Pretty soon Murle will be back in business of rebellion to reclaim their part in this profit of becoming general from nowhere. Before we know it, there is going to be 64 rebel movements in which Equatoria will have majority of them. Let’s keep Editor busy as his blood is boiling with excitement of myopic celebrations of his.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Deng Monymor,
        As editor, I have been giving abundant coverage of all so-called tribal movements, most of which were jieng and Nuer-led and you never said anything. Now, when the Lado’s, the Bakasoro’s and Swaka’s come up with their own, all of a sudden you are fearfully shocked and surprised. For how long did you expect the other ‘tribes’ to keep quiet and bear the oppression by the Kiir tyranny?
        Brother, there is always an end to everything.

        • Deng Monymor says:


          I am not being “fearfully shocked and surprised” at anything at all. I am just saying that if it takes many tribal movements against one tribe as their enemy, then there is something wrong with your logic of your perceived “tyranny.” What is going on is a rebellious business booming in the country. Don’t be misled into believing that you are being liberated by these generals of yours.

          For Deng Monymor, I am in Equatoria, well positioned in a way you cannot even imagined. Let the show go on and the result will tell who is liberating who…….there is no game play this time, my friend.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Deng Monymor,
            How funny and fatalistic that sometimes history just keep repeating itself.
            Back in Uganda in the late 80’s to the beginning of the 90’s, after the Luos of Obote retook power in Uganda, many of them, Luos, were boasting in the same and similar language you, jieng, are using. The Obote’s Luo had liberated Uganda from Idi Amin, of course with Tanzania’s Nyerere’s assistance.
            As they say, the rest is history…… The once undermined, abused, laughed upon and under-rated Bantus, who the war-like Luos falsely believed were mere cowards and just ‘talkers’ who would never survive in a guerrilla war, soon came marching victoriously into their own occupied Kampala.
            Good luck with your occupied Equatoria…… just have a plan B of how to speedily get beyond Kondokoro at that time.
            Good luck.

          • Hardball says:

            How geographically challenged would you be to say that South Sudanese occupied the same South Sudan! To use your own analogy of Uganda tribal leaders; which tribe in Uganda is occupying Kampala region and which one is occupying Gulu Region? You see how utterly senseless it sound to say there is a tribe occupying any region in the exact same country!
            You see editor; education is completely ridiculous in one’s hand if it lacked ability reasons!

          • info@southsudannation says:

            In my analogy, it was the Luos (Lango and Acholi) who had ‘invaded’ and occupied Kampala, their preponderance was also associated with and exaggerated by their utterly unacceptable aggressiveness and acts of human rights abuses on the dominant Baganda and other non-Luo in Kampala and surrounding. The military garrisons in Bombo, Makindye and Masaka were notoriously infamous for their aggravated aggression on the indigenous. Surely, they were all Ugandans but each had an ethnic (tribal) identification and roots.
            Does it ring a bell now?
            I will intentionally skip Juba for you, but in Yei, the citizens (obvious????) recently complained to the high-level UN delegation that the militia notoriously known as Mathiang Ayor must be transferred out on Yei because they were committing crimes like rapes and robberies.
            This is a hardball indeed (no pun intended), Mr. Hardball, kindly tell us who’re these Mathiang Ayor?? Please, the readers and myself badly need some ‘education’ on the identity of the Mathiang Ayor.

        • Hardball says:


          You’re the only one telling your readers that “particular citizens in the same country are occupiers to the same citizens they shared the country with”! This raised the question of whether or not you actually know what the words “Occupiers or Occupation actually means”?

          The Kikuyu in Kenya never called Kalenjin occupiers and so do Massai vs Luos. I am just wondering where you came from this highly uninformed! I am from Bor in the Upper Nile region and I am informed enough to not called any fellow Equatorian occupier in my region and if I do so; then that fellow Equatorian would be superior than I am!
          My guess is; you’re old enough to be this terribly uninformed; who would be teaching your grown children and your grandchildren if you’re in this state insanity? I didn’t mean to be this harsh to you but I couldn’t help it!

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Indeed, when the Equatorians were in Bor as government officials or in Rumbek or Wau and Malakal, they orderly get a piece of land from the Survey department like any law-abiding citizen.
            Land occupation, currently, is part of some tribalistic imperialism being perpetuated by the jieng SPLM/A ideologues as some sort of retribution against all non-jieng tribes supposedly for either cooperating with the jellaba or as perceived enemies who worked against or did not participate in the SPLM/A war.
            John Garang and his lieutenants like Kiir encouraged land grabbing and renaming places as part of this neo-colonialism. For example, the so-called ‘New Site’ in Kapoeta district. Surely, the indigenous have the right name not an English name like that!!
            For instance, I grew up and traveled the different parts of old Juba district in the sixty’s and there was never a place called ‘Jebel Dinka,’ which the natives would otherwise call ‘mere lo jenge,’ if they had rightly wanted and if there were jieng in it to deserve that new nomenclature. But no, there is a local native name that’s now being cynically obliterated by the new occupiers.
            All of a sudden, some so-called self-acclaimed jieng chief comes up asserting that there is a Jebel Dinka on Yei road which had been settled on by them since 1965. By that time no jieng cattle settlements extended beyond Tongping or rightly called ‘Juba na-Bari’ precincts, north of Juba town.
            This is utterly preposterous and clearly fitted exactly into this narrative of land occupation. This chief wasn’t probably born at that time or he was most likely still a baby on his mother’s back.
            At least I am communicating peacefully with you but many others whose lands have been so forcefully ‘occupied’ like your vice-president, Wani Igga’s Lobonok youth are now in the bushes fighting back to regain their lands in the new ‘liberation’ war.

          • Hardball says:

            You said “For instance, I grew up and traveled the different parts of old Juba district in the sixty’s and there was never a place called ‘Jebel Dinka,’ which the natives would otherwise call ‘mere lo jenge.’ All of a sudden, some jieng so-called chief comes up as asserts that there is a Jebel Dinka on Yei road which had been settled on by them since 1965”.

            Well; I will take you at your own words but haven’t you heard of places called “Hai-Jalaba and Thongpiny” or you didn’t know how to read? Even if you didn’t know how to read; didn’t you know how those places were pronounced? Did those places sounded like Bari or Azande? Or did you hear them Sounds like Arab and Dinka?

            How come we haven’t heard you complaining of Arabs and Dinka occupying your land in the 60s, 70s and 80s because of the names have just spelled out for you?

            The “Jebel-Dinka” you’re talking about is where you betrayed Dinka to Arab to slaughter during the war. It was crossbones for slaughtered Dinka that’s why your natives called it “Jebel Dinka”! No Dinka is taking pride over where they were being murdered!

            I was born in Terekeka in 1973 and we use to go to Juba to visit relative in Kabat and Thongpiny. Why should someone born in Terekeka know more than some who was born in or around Juba? Now Editor; what can you say about that?

          • info@southsudannation says:

            First, for you information, this Tongping was a mere cattle camp in an area under Juba na Bari jurisdiction, it was part of that village and the villagers’ generosity let it become a cattle camp. It later gained some notoriety for holding Dinka wrestling matches.

            No Arabs occupied areas in Juba. From the British colonial times, residential areas in Juba were classified and named accordingly, Hai jellaba was preserved for the Arab traders and the Southerners were resided in other areas. If you were a government official, then you reside in Hai Muasofin.

            During the SPLM/A war and specially after the defection of those of Gen. Thomas Cirillo to the SPLM/A, many Southerners, especially Equatorians were killed by the Sudanese army and their internment place or places still remain a mystery. So, it wasn’t ONLY the jieng who were slaughtered by the Arabs.

            You can’t teach me anything about Juba. Since my efforts to do the reverse are evidently futile, I would henceforth terminate this worthless dialogue. In the meantime, please enjoy your new generational age of enlightenment…

            Retiring Editor

      • Eastern says:

        Deng Monymor,

        Out of the 64 or so tribes in South Sudan, more than one third of them live in Equatoria. The others are found in another cluster in Western Bahr el Ghazal leaving the “majority” to bask in their own glory!!

        • Deng Monymor says:


          Here is the list of our beginning 64 Tribal Movements(TM) so far to see if your “cluster in Western Bahr el Ghazal” logic will hold water:

          Bari tribe: two Movements
          Azande tribe: one Movement
          Murle tribe: one Movement
          Chollo tribe: two Movements
          Maban tribe: one Movement
          Fertit tribe: one Movement, led by Ali Al F.

          With my cousins, the Naath people, I am not going to try to count their fraction of movements because they will be numerous to the extend that my simple arithmetic cannot handle their list, even Gatdarwich has one of his own. What does it mean? It means a lot if one has been in any liberation struggle but it is a simple confusion for simple man like you who might look at it in self-deceiving way. Let’s wait and see that glory.

  2. Gatdarwich says:

    Good, good, really very good news indeed! Any formation of armed resistance movement against killer nyankiir’s regime is very commendable. Establish your headquarters in Equatoria region and permanently CUT OFF killer nyankiir’s regime from its sole lifeline support__the Museveni’s UPDF.
    Killer nyankiir’s and the Jenges Council of Evils’ genocidal regime shall soon be cornered from all directions full stop

    Peace and may almighty Ngundeng blesses all the patriot forces abundantly.

  3. Davidica David Pitya says:

    We congratulat you for your party. May God bless you and give you wisdom to lead our. Nation to the goog

  4. M. Akulia says:

    Bravo General Cirillo!!! Bravo!!! You are a true hero and liberator. The people of South Sudan and the entire world are fully behind you as you march forward in full force and unequivocally assert “Let my people go”!!! Let the Lord lead and guide you and true freedom will be guaranteed!!! Free the people of South Sudan from the deranged so-called Government and National Army. Their train has already crashed and South Sudan will rise up like a beautiful phoenix from the ashes.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      M Akuila,
      He did not liberate anything yet and therefore, you should not give some credits yet. And When you are talking about people South Sudan and the world are behind general TC, you meant minus Dinka people right?

  5. Chulbaar says:

    Wrong choice, but lets see how it goes…

  6. Malouda says:

    it,seemed you recalled yourself back from your previous statement as” country is been dominated by Dinka tribe and the army has been turned to tribal militia and targets non-Dinka ethnicities”. that statement can not let your movement successes because you are inviting even the suffered Dinka man who even more suffer than you to defend Kiir, you are not new in SPLA GHQS you now everything going on day and night the fraudulent promotions you are talking about are done with your knowledge. yes I agreed with you that all south Sudanese citizens are suffering and most Dinka families are even worse as you mentioned. so try to address the ruling system not tribe for the reason the head of system is hail from that tribe. our late hero Dr. Garang advice us last time when we were fighting Khartoum regime that we are not fighting against Arab only system in Khartoum and that is why we got our independence.

  7. Hardball says:

    The movements that are formed in foreign countries often ends up dead in foreign countries! We will take them serious when they formed them within South Sudan and stay within South Sudan. Other than that; it’s all a load of horse-shits!

  8. False Millionaire says:

    He is a crocodile daddy who knows how to play the game in the league he has been in for life.
    See how the communique is heavily sugarcoated?
    It’s an appeal for jieng to join him and the first thing to do is liquidating those of Kenyi, Kwajok and Bakasoro to make of him a reborn general Lagu to lead an unrivaled version of Anya Anya one which would march on Juba without another Alier to spoil his fortunes.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False millionaire,
      It’s rare or hardly ever happened that Equatorians needlessly fight against each other. The closeness, the cultural ties and the inter-connected morals of most tribes in Equatoria severely sanction these tribes from killing each other.
      If you know the evolution of the first Anya nya war, there were hardly any wars, say between the Bari speakers and the Madi or between the Azande majority and the Mundu in Western Equatoria.
      So, just forget forever that Dr. Kwajok will ever fight his fellow tribesman, Gen. Cirillo or vice versa, same for Kenyi, Wani, Lado or Tombe to needlessly kill each other.
      It’s time Kiir gets the message, South Sudan is no longer the same anymore.

    • johnjerry says:

      What is salvation in essence?. Salvation is the act of preserving or a state of being preserved from harm and in christianityit is the means by deliverance by redeemption from the power of sin and from penalties ensuring from it.This is something that was missing and now is there to come to your rescue and salvation. This is your movement from the far North in Aweil and the far South in Nimule and from East to West.This is the the people’s movement it stands to foster for peace in the beloved Republic of South Sudan.A South Sudan that belongs to all of us. It is a movement that does not promote hate,discourages corruption which has graduated the RSS as the second most corrupt Country in the world .

      This is the reason why everyone of us including foreigners are asking?. Were you ready for your Independent?.This is the opportunity to for us to do our homework and get leaders that can lead to lead the nation forward be patriotic enough. I was surprised to hear and learn that some of our leaders were asked why they have another home and houses in countries like Uganda,Kenya, Canada ,Australia,USA, Middle East to mention but a few. And why they send even their Primary and secondary school children in the neighbouring Country?. Now is the time for you to decide who will be their for your children’s education,peace across the nation and not necessarily in Juba the Capital.This is a movement with an agenda for Development in all sectors of development both human and industrial. Is it not shameful to have a country that has no factory for making a simple thing like a needle?. Solar powers cannot run our industries and the street in juba with all the cheap Solar panels do not even light the street. National Salvation Front is there to solve your problem of education, development across the nation, educate the masses young or old. Create more jobs to stabilized the economy etc. It is up to you,if you want to remain in darkness when you can be in where you can see clearly because there is light. What is darkness, it is the absence of light so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      False Millionaire,

      The General was appealing to all level-headed South Sudanese to join his Movement in an effort to rescue the country. It’s not directed specifically to the Jieng tribe but to all the 64 tribes. If some Jieng are unwilling to join the rest of the South Sudanese people in this noble endeavor then be it. In fact, the rest of the South Sudanese people would be better off without them. In 1905, the Ngok Dinka opted to join the Jellaba in the North. Well, it didn’t work very well for them and at the same time they were not missed by the rest of the Southerners.

  9. mading says:

    It looks like South Sudan bush is about to explode with many rebel leaders Lam Akol, Riek Machar, Martin Kenyi, Thomas Crillo, Joseph Bokosoro, Lako Jada, and others. Gatdarwich there is nothing to brag about these bunch of war lords who are making people of South Sudan suffer more for nothing. Trust me it will not take long, before some of them will start coming back to Juba when offer jobs here and there by the government they are calling names now.

    • King Logunu The Second says:


      The problem with you is that you think others have the same mentality as you – the insatiable love for food. We have seen those you call as heroes, starting from Kerubino Kuaniyen Bol through Arok Thon Arok and ending with George Athor – one by one they gave the Jellaba a bootlicking service. You will never find an analogy among the Equatorians.

  10. Gatdarwich says:


    None of the freedom fighters’ movements or leadership will ever make a fake peace deal with the traitorous Jenges again. Never ever period
    August 2015 Peace agreement was your last chance of your cunning deception victory—-but we’ve managed within short period of time successfully mined your tribal government from its very life support blood flow channels, and the mines are gradually exploding. So, expect more high profile defections from killer nyankiir’s genocidal regime to the freedom fighters’ movements. Just a hints: minytuil brothers are technically out–followed by General Swaka. Guess who are next in the list of the traitorous Jenges’ lifesupport channels?

    Peace and Ngundeng bless.

  11. Bismark says:

    God is behind Merenye General Swaka, He is an alternative just leader of South Sudan. The deeds of those in J1 urged him to rise above self interest to the salvation of South Sudanese. He deserves moral, material, financial and human support to effect a humane change in the country. No leader of his caliber has ever thought of getting rid of Kiir shackles from the legs and necks of South Sudanese. They only seek to form alliances to dominate the affairs of the country we belong to. Here now has come a true patriot, nationalist and statesman who needs support from peace loving people. His is a organisation that transcends tribe, religion and race.

  12. Lokosang says:

    General Cirillo You have elequently expressesd what went wrong and what need to be done. I know liberation process is not an easy task but the difficult one. It requires sucrifices in both man and materials. I know you are a very commited person for a change. With your dedication and support from all the suffering people of South Sudan, I believe our quest for change can be achieved.
    May God bless you and the people of South Sudan.

    David Lokosang

  13. Eli Wani says:

    Wisdom tells: “Any house divided within itself shall never stand strong”.
    We South Sudanese have never learn to respect each other even after fighting many wars, we still speak ill-fully disrespectful and hateful languages against each other.
    Unfortunately it’s too late to go back, hence the war must be fought to the end and hopefully those who survived it may one day come to our senses and learn to respect each other. I have said it long before that “this is the war of respect”.

  14. mindra says:

    Rebellion formation is good but do not kill civilians because this is the people who are going to support your movement tommorrow……………………

    mindra from loa local,pageri madi corridor

  15. taban lowani says:

    Equatorian peoples aren’t as Nuers or Dinkas who are running behind the positions in search for food back and forth. they have mission and vision to accomplish which is to unite the country. when they initiate something to do, they have to finish theirs objectives. Anyna nya one was a witness if it wasn’t Abel alier who got paled by Jaffer Niemari to destroyed Adis Ababa peace agreement.

  16. Dear all,
    Whether you are supporting the current Government or not, it is going to be ever there. Rebellious activities will never get rid of this government. Those rebels such as Thomas Cirrillo Swaka are looking for better positions in the unity government. The current government is kept in power by those who rebel against it. Please rebels and the like, allow us citizens to cast our votes in order to genuinely overthrow this government. Only casting ballots is the solution not shooting bullets. Those greedy and selfish politicians and generals who want power here and now are prolonging the suffering of South Sudanese. Be patient, allow citizens to transfer power Peacefully. I know the fear of many politicians is that peaceful transfer of power may not be in their favor, so they need to be installed by through agreements.
    Riek Machar talked of tribalism but his SPLMIO is 99% Nuer, Aguelek forces of Olony are 100% Cholo,Cobra Factions of David Yauyau were 100% Murle. I am sure the National Salvation Front of Swaka will also be 100% Bari. Why killing our people on what engulf the whole country? National dialogue is better than war declarations.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      James Kuek Lual,
      By your deduction, isn’t’your Kiir already a criminal for declaring and prosecuting a war that’s killing thousands of citizens?

  17. Deng Deng says:

    Sadly and unfortunately the current political, social, economic and security situation in South Sudan is just like Somalia, the failed states. We are soon going to have hundreds of warlords. The way things move, unless president Kiir brings urgently permanent peace, soon he will become former presidents Siad Barre of Somalia, Col. Ghadafi of Libya or Sadam Hussein of Iraq.
    God Bless South Sudan!

  18. Mading says:

    Editor and Lual. Even if you disagreed, you saying one thing, those who are dying in those stupid wars are South Sudanese. My heart with my people of South Sudan.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      All our hearts are deeply with our people of South Sudan but not with Kiirocratic regime of fellow tribesmen.
      It’s nice to see you NOW concerned about so-called ‘South Sudanese.’

  19. Dear: Brother Lt.General Mr.Thomas Cirillo.

    Listen to me very attentively as you may.You know,I do not want involve myself in South Sudan politics totally! What I want you to do is that do not treat other fighters from others tribes in the south Sudan bad.Treat them equally without doing tribalism.Even President Salva Kirr,his fellow tribespeople,treat them fairly,humanely,passionately,in comapssion. Again,keep your record clean in the bush.Do not allow the soldiers,to cause pogroms atrocies against civil local population. You must fight objectively in order to achieve your goal! I have seen the home village South Sudan,is going in bad way totally!

    As you know,Southerners came from war from deadfrom the bush home during peace talk agreement signed in 2005 with NCP in central in north in Khartoum.Now,dead,is coming towards Southerners themselves from their own independence 2011,on September. Our war with Sudan,in north,in central in Khartoum,is still unfinish! Why killing our ownselves again at this point! I knew,if President Salva Kirr,is a problem in the country,let us make peace settlement first! I knew,he will not be in power of his presidency forever! Let us give DEMOCRACY ACHANCE OUT FOREVER IN THE SOUTH SUDAN! Otherwise,the South Sudanese,will finish themselves for nothing! God cares less!




    • BILL KUCH says:

      Chief Abiko,
      You know I don’t know you personally, nor we met before, but it seems like you are one of those smart Equatorians and if I had a chance to work with you then I would. I am saying this because your ideas or advice you are genuine. But some Equatorians always here on the site have shown you disrespect when you are being honest on your points of view. However, most people on webesite are supporting conflicts as if they will all be going to fight. Anyway, thanks for your advice because whatever people claimed as national salvation could not be possible on tribal line. Also, you must know that you could be killed while trying to kill others. Therefore, for them those guys, you must beware that killing is two ways road and they should never celebrate rebellion of all kinds. Thanks.

  20. Alex says:

    Why waste words, action speaks louder than words. The Shilliuk are now reaping the fruits of Olonyi and the equatorians want to force the evil times to hit their people. It is sad for blind followers with all them masters degree behaving like primitive people. General Cirillo is welcome to the field to play the football but later let there be no cry.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      Thomas Cirill,
      This is a step in the right direction. it will add a significant value to the opposition forces. The issues you raised in your news release are serious. I do not think coward Kiir is capable of resolving these problems. He created all these problems and he can not walk them back. Kiir intentionally has destroyed South Sudan because he wanted to be a president for life just like the old man from Banyankole clan of Uganda. The country has been reduced to hashes and it will be extremely difficult to put it back again as it was. Even many members of Kiir’s ethnic group are suffering, he still turns a blind eye. Let us be honest. Sudan was not the same after the civil war. Also, South Sudan will not never be the same after the current ware is over.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  21. BILL KUCH says:

    Equatorians brothers,
    You should have already learnt that it is easy to form a movement, but it would not be as easy always for an action. Man-power is the factor in doing all things. Go on and do it brothers. All I know it is impossible since you single Dinka people out by the name of regime change. How could it be without Dinka involvement?

    • Steve John says:

      Bill Kuch,
      Your reaction here is reminiscent of some bitter “harlot” who apparently after spending some “quality time” with her Lover turns around and despises him by scornfully hurling insults at him in a desperate attempt to have him back. You are bragging about numbers, which necessarily doesnt lead to military victory.

      Military stategists will contend with me that it requires clear objectives, determination and strategies (tactics) and material to attain one´s military goals and not exclusively numbers. What value does it have countless “ill-trained, ill-motivated” foot soldiers who have no clear objectives other than rape, kill and loot?

      Jaangs are not the only “natural” soldiers and therefore the fighting and war mentality is not exclusive to jaangs. Jaangs do not manufacture their own weapons either and so much have to be procured from third parties as well. If your Argument tends to protray this is an Equatorian Movement devoid of any jaangs, then so be it. After all, the SPLA is nothing other than a jaang tool of suppression that is managed by state resources.

      Gen. Cirillo and the rest have just to do their “work” irrespective of jaangs reactions and Kuch cant allude either, that unless jaangs joined NAS, things wont work. Perhaps it is even a good idea NOT to have any jaangs involved as this will only spoil and complicate matters.

      Events on the ground especially in the liberated and “jaang-free zones” indicate an entirely new trend. The jaang may have displaced thousands or millions of Equatorians or non-jaangs from their ancestral lands, but no jaangs will EVER think they are there to permamently stay. All jaangs understand that they are living on borrowed time and will and must go or be driven back to their jaang regions, if real peace is to be attained.

      It is against this background that Gen. Cirillo should galvanize support from the non-jaang communities; the jaang must and should be treated as “occupiers” just like their cousins or masters the jellaba/mundukurus and there can never be any middle solution except complete dislodging of jaangs especially in Equatoria. It is possible and will happen.

      The question here therefore is how do we reach this goal? Simple; treat the jaang as an enemy and NOT as a fellow countryman/woman. by mentally and emotionally dissociating oneself from “them”, and so draw clear lines of interactions and operations. It becomes “we against them”. It must be seen as a fight against “evil” that is embodied or personified through the jaang against which Equatorians and non-jaangs must rise.

      Gen. Cirillo must completely change the dynamics of the war by transfering it to the centre of power and corruption in Juba. Currently, the war is “asymmetrical” and merely prosecuting a conventional war against such a regime that gets direct or tacit support from such jaang-friendly countries.

      The message must be clear, not only to get rid off the jaang system and Kiir, but expulsion of all jaangs back to their regions. That is the goal and is the naked truth. Equatorians are better off without jaangs and can do without them. After all, their presence in Equatoria has only brought us “bad blood”.

  22. John yugu modi says:

    Bill Kuch,
    How dare you call Equatorians brothers! If you guys have that spirit of brotherhood.. South sudan won’t be in this current people think you can fool people all the time! nonesense…. With or without the Dinka the war will be worn!
    By the way what is the logic here! The Dinka led government is destroying our villages raping our mothers, sisters and daughters and you want us just to fold our hands and praise Kirr…
    Not one should think that they are the only people who can hold guns and killed..?? No gun is made in South sudan.. We all go an acquire them… Equatoria.. Let us get into business they understand…Long leave.General Cirrilo……

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Steve John & John Yugu Modi,
      There is no an argument here and I just want guys to mark my words and you must prove me wrong later whenever you are going to win without Dinka. I were not trying to convince you that we got best Govermment in South Sudan, but it was a common sense of what to do when one tries to change the government system and not tribe. If you were smart enough to run a government then you would have known that already, it is not whole Dinka people who are in the government posts. You never turned up for big numbers before and maybe this time they will. Good luck!

  23. False Millionaire says:

    King Logunu,
    If u are King Kong and also the second,by the merit of which King the 1st and of which kingdom are u presiding as King the second?
    No surprise why general TC’s republican strategy is a cause of torment to u.Start crying big man the king.U will be dethroned,stripped of your kingship and the kingdom and TC will take your head for a trophy long before the fall of Juba.

    To be sincere with u Mr lord the king,international conspiracy lead by British,French and Belgium was the cause that fractionated the great Zandi’s kingdom so that one part is centeral African Republic,another part,an RDC’s entity and the rest being the present RSS’ greater western equatoria.
    Do yourself an honour as an intellectual and also a king and accept the fact that it was the same international conspiracy theory that landed Abeyi as a Kordofan’s administrative entity.

    But Abeyi’s citizens’ sacrifices in the two wars don’t permit any ignorant conclusion that they don’t have their ass well entrenched in RSS’ center of the gravity.So take the bitter pill for all it’s worth.Nothing can move without them let alone the rest of the jieng.

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      False Millionaire,

      Your ignorance is evident. Credible history books and elders among the locals in Central Equatoria State, would tell you that King Logunu did exist. His followers were among the first in East Africa to produce metals and to some extent produced textile from cotton.

      Obviously, colonialism was to blame for the demise of the Azande Kingdom and Logunu’s Kingdom as well. However, it’s dishonest to fabricate and distort historical facts. We do have many intellectuals on this forum who know our history very well. The Ngok Dinka Chief, Deng Kuol Arop aka Deng Majok refused to sign the Wathalel Constitution saying that he has his Constitution with Babo Nimir, the Nazir (Paramount Chief) of the Misseiriya tribe. He preferred the Jellaba over his kins and hence, joined the North. You can call yourself “False” which is your prerogative but you cannot falsify historical facts.

  24. Mading says:

    Brother Editor.
    It is really sad, to see the situation our people are living in today. Because those with guns have blocked our citizens to have a say in the way their country should be run.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Truly, those with guns are problematic, although, of course, the government is the biggest culprit since it has the monopoly of the gun-power.
      In retrospect, if pres. kiir had peacefully utilized his gun power diligently for national security and not a means of extenuating a parochial tribal program of domination, peace and unity would have germinated easily and smoothly among all South Sudan.
      I vividly recall that in 2005 after CPA was initialed, many in the world had hopefully predicted that South Sudan would be the new Dubai in Eastern Africa, all the Kenyans, Ugandans and Ethiopians would be coming to work in our ‘Eldorado’ country as our cooks, house-servants, sanitation workers…etc. Not now, ever!!

  25. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Eli Wani,

    Stop lying! Lying will make matters worst in the South Sudan! The war,you creating now,in the South Sudan,it has nothing to do with respect! If you fight for respect,tell me,who is now disrespecting you??!!!! You and your friend John Jerry,you are living inside the cave! Both of you do not have a bright light at all! Wait! I will come give to you a TORCH! I will assign both of you governors in old Sudan one in Suakin,and other in Abyei! Good bye! Enemies of Peace!

    Sincere Healing Anger!

    • johnjerry says:

      Chief Abiko,whatever the name is. Do you really read history or can someone read for you the history of south Sudan or even that of the USA where you live like a blind person. Ask a blind person and they will tell you what blindness mean to them.If you talk of light to such a blind person see how they will come running to you. I do not need your “TORCH/FLASHLIGHT” as I have 20/20 vision. Get out of the darkeness and come out to see the light that will light your happiness for years in a light year.

  26. Abel Magok says:

    The first letter of resignation from General Thomas Cirillo, published on this website where he explained his tribal reasons for the resignation was the beginning of his leadership failure. He couldn’t distinguish in the letter between Dinka in Government, and other millions of Dinka who do not know what is going on in government with president Kiir in Juba.

    Dr. Riek Machar, when attempted his coup, he said has 75% Nuer in the army and will easily take over through his Nuer tribe and his failure came in such short sighted of seeking leadership though your clan or tribe, even Dinka seeking leadership though Dinka alone can not be a leader in South Sudan.
    General Thomas in declaration of his movement, he asked for joining hands with other rebels group in the bush perhaps including Dr. Lako Jada who is now leading targeted innocent civilians roads attacks in Equatoria region base on their ethnicity.
    General Thomas may need to clarify himself from this tribal group fighting for independent of Equatoria and has to be clear about roads attacks going on in Equatoria since he himself with his movement are now operating in Equatoria region too.

    • Roberto Kasongo says:

      Abel Magok,
      It has been proven over and over that there was not an attempted coup in South Sudan. It was your brother Kiir who refused reforms and ordered the killings of innocent Nuer. In a couple of days, your Dinka militias have killed over 20 thousands unarmed civilians in Juba. How many innocent Dinka civilians died on Equatoria roads? You stop lying. Your are just a liar.

      Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      Abel Magok,

      Your unfounded accusations are being decimated one after another.
      You continue to sing the coup song which Kiir has long stopped singing as his friend Museveni declared there was no coup – meaning a big and costly lie in terms of loss in human lives and material.

      Your desperate attempts to brand Cirillo’s Movement as tribal ended up in failure as how could you explain the Murle Cobra Faction, the Western Bahr Elghazal Front and others joining it?

      You are wasting your time accusing Dr Lako of orchestrating the road attacks. It will never stick on him as people know they were the work of the Matiang Anyoor like what they did in Quli Papa in Qwerijik Bungu area few months ago where 11 innocent civilians lost their lives.
      Again, why are you mute about the massacre of the Nuer civilians in Juba in December 2013? You are a pitiful hypocrite.

  27. abai okwahu says:

    What made Swaka wait this long to oppose the junta in Juba? He was in Juba during the 2013 massacre, as well as the 2016 killings and rapes. Am afraid this is just another futile exercise to depose tyrant Kiir by forming another front instead of joining forces with those already fighting the junta.

    • Steven John says:

      Abai Okwahu,
      Ask Gen. Cirillo why it took him so long to resign from the SPLA. Perhaps you should also ask yourself, why dont you join Kiir’s peace caravan in Juba or just join Cirillo. Waiting for opportune time?

  28. Toria says:

    Chief Abiko
    It’s better to speak the truth. In South Sudan yes we fail to respect each other in many aspects and that starts with people like you. You said, and I quote;
    “You and your friend John Jerry,you are living inside the cave! Both of you do not have a bright light at all! Wait! I will come give to you a TORCH! I will assign both of you governors in old Sudan one in Suakin,and other in Abyei! Good bye! Enemies of Peace! ” This is a disrespectful language Eli is implying to.
    It looks like you are still dreaming about Old Sudan, after all who are you to give posts to anyone? South Sudanese in diaspora don’t get along and according to reports many of you in America are surviving on welfare, that too is disrespectful. In SS people don’t have respect for the rule of law, no respect for constitutions, the president appoints his puppets to avoid being challenged etc.
    And based on tribal affiliations tell us why in EE your tribe don’t respect the Lopit, the Lokoya, the Toposa and Didinga and Buya don’t get along? In Upper Nile the Murle and Dinka Bor always kidnaping each other’s children and rustling cows. For the Nuer and Dinka are natural enemies and they both don’t respect the Chollo, the Anyuaks, etc. In Wau Dinka causing troubles to Fertit, Balanda etc. In CE Bari and Mundari don’t work well together, etc, etc ……….But the most disrespectful people are the Dinkas. They cause troubles everywhere they go. Stealing, cheating, looting, creating havoc, nepotism etc. How can there be any stability if we act like barbarians?
    Chief I disagree with you but still respect your views, it’s better for you to leave the heavy lifting to the giants. I think Eli has a point.

  29. survivor says:

    Off the bet, many are going to be highly critical of a the new rebel group! rightly so, however, rebellion isn’t necessarily a bad thing, with a clear agenda, couple with the right personality to manage the ever complex endeavor of bringing together differing personalities and orienting them towards a singular goal. obviously, in text, NSF manifesto is clear and concise. however, it remains to be seen how they are going to go about with their endeavor of toppling Kiir’s regime. chiefly, the question of whether they are going to target civilians based on ethnicity versus are they going to only attack military basis? is what remains to be seen.
    it needs to be noted, that if NSF is going to follow their articulated manifesto, while also avoiding civilian casualties; they would surely garner wider following, thus increasing their chances of success exponentially.

  30. False Millionaire says:

    King Longunu,
    Yes yes I see u clearly.Yet nonetheless if the kingdom of Longunu ever existed along side the Zandi’s,then both have been lost forever.
    But contrary to the two kindoms and in the context of biology,Abeyi is like a hydra.If it’s tenticles are stritched on Kordofan,it’s body and masses are deep in RSS.
    Go hang yourself if the prospects of Abeyi coming back to RSS pains u.

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      False Millionaire,

      The rise and fall of kingdoms is a well known phenomenon in history. Logunu’s Kingdom and the Azande Kingdom were no exception. The difference though between them and the Abyei case which is by no means a kingdom, is that their descendants enjoyed no territorial claims against them from other entities.

      The Abyei Informal Vote on 27 – 29/10/2013 was deemed illegal by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma the Head of the African Union mission. Both President El Bashir and President Kiir declined to recognise the Vote. Recently, President El Bashir said that Abyei belongs to Sudan. Salva Kiir remained tight-lipped which could be implied as admission. The fact of the matter is that the Abyei issue is not under the RADAR of the majority of the South Sudanese people. The future of South Sudan as one entity is at stake, let alone the Abyei final status.

  31. Dear Guys: Toria and John Jerry

    Thank you so much indeed! Many nostalgia for you at home! I hear your responses very well! Do not worry much! You may be happy sometime soon! Action will tell you! I HAVE A TORCH( FLASH LIGHT) FOR YOU! It is going giving to a clear light inside the caves wherever you are!

    For you,I knew very much how the tribes are not getting along! This is coming from politics!There is nothing else at all! Politics has no color totally!

    Today,you blame President Salva Kirr,yet tomorrow,you will do the same thing to his take over! Therefore,self-destruction will in continue! Unless if the POLITICAL SYSTEM IS WELL WRITTEN IN THE SOUTH SUDAN GOVERNMENT!

    The so called INTERIM NATIONAL CONSTUTITION IN THE SOUTH SUDAN,it needs a good revision to avoid giving all powers to one hand! The Interim National Constitution in the South Sudan,it was written by one man John Luk who is belong in the ruling party in the movement SPLM/SPLA. He accorded all powers to President Salva Kirr.

    During the late Dr.John Garang De Mabior,he was not having all powers alone for himself! He was the vice president of Sudan and President of GOSS in the South Sudan.

    Thank you guys! Join the President Salva Kirr for Dialogue PRAYER FOR PEACE IN THE COUNTRY!

    Sincere Healing Anger!


  32. Peacemaker says:

    Alex, You are a a liar. The Shilluk villagers and the 30,000 civil populations who were settled in Wau were safely evacuated by Agwelek gallant Forces following Arial bombardment by the Egyptian Air Force brought in by Kiir Govt. Just wait and see what will happen next. The Shilluk Kingdom is a civilized Nation and their reaction will be in a decisive and civilized way.

  33. Toria says:

    Dear brother Abai Okwahu and ALL FELLOW EQUAs
    I used to think ill about our leaders who made judgemental minor errors in the past, now I realized everybody do make such mistakes and I have a change of heart when it comes to our Equatorian leaderships. In fact our leaders always do the right things to help and protect us. But due to the smear tactics of our enemies they would like to see us hate each other and get weakened, that makes it easy for them to controlling us on our own ancestral land.
    We should never fall for that cheap old politics of “divide and conquer” copied from the British and the Arabs.
    I URGE ALL OF US and especially our gallant patriotic LEADERS TO UNITE our ranks for the sake and in the name of Equatoria. The timing couldn’t be better to call for our ULTIMATE UNITY, especially when our chief enemy is at our backyards. I am sure you ALL have heard about the old saying that goes; “ALL roads lead to Jerusalem”, well, we need to look at the interests of Equatoria and Equatorians first thing. IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW AND WHEN WE GET OUT OF JUBA, but once we are out let us work for the common objectives.
    No matter what happens and as far as these winding roads leading us, let us march towards the number one objective and that is: TO FREE THE MIGHTY EQUATORIANLAND FROM ALL INTRUDERS, and then we can form a system in which we are on the driving seat and steering our nation to the prosperous future for the next generations of PROUD EUQATORIANS once and forever. Our heroic forefathers didn’t let us down and we need not to let down our children.
    May God bless all of you.
    Free Equatoria Armed Resistance
    Equa Toria

    • Steve John says:

      I like your clear goals. Keep the “Equatoria Fire” burning. I am with you. These “intruders” only understand the language of “toria” on their thick heads. If a toria wont work, we go for “shakush”

  34. taban lowani says:

    Thomas sirilo is capable leader who can lead this country to prosperity. His is known to many southerners for his straight forward and loyalty to the country including his opponent in the government. Even John Garang knew his talents in the fields of battle as patriotic person. He is not a tribalistic general but the way president kiir lead this country made him angry that led him to rebel. I wish people of south Sudan can stand behind him and give him a chance. We tasted the police’s of elimination which can not help us.

    Even those in the government know they have failed in their leadership but they don’t want to accept it. there is no country in the world that one tribe leads government prestigious positions such as we have witnessed it in south Sudan.

    This means, we have inherited the same policies that we have been fighting for against the Arabs in north for fifty years. I believe he can abolish corruption and enforce the rule of law according to the constitution agreed on by south Sudanese people. Not the parliament that we have seen for the last twelve years and have done nothing to people of this great country.

  35. False Millionaire says:

    Go take a shower.You are too stupid and outdated to comprehend the new game in the play.
    Who are the,”intruders”,when TC is appealing for every one including jieng to join him?!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Mllionaire,

      Don’t waste your “valuable” on anything Equatorians since they are foreigners in South Sudan, monkey eaters, cowards, etc. Concentrate on the TGoNU implemementing peace on Juba!

      Why should a millionaire of your caliber spare sone of their valuable time to indulge with the meek and the worthless? Thomas Cirilo is just an Equatorian, please write him off and focus on the main things: the national prayers and the national dialogue. As a Millionare, don’t be distracted by cheap things and none issues!!!! Thomas Cirilo will remain NAS Gaba (bush people) and Kiir will reign supreme. That’s how things stand now!!!!

  36. Toria says:

    False M
    It is up to Gen. Cirillo how he wants to handle his leadership style. But for sure he needs not make a mistake to invite betrayers, or else he is inviting SNAKES to bite his heels. I may be “too stupid and outdated to comprehend the new game in the play”. Do you mean the so-called National day of Prayer is the new game?” Hahahahahahaha;, you are laughing stocks making mockery of yourselves. Since when have you come up with a working plan? NEVER.
    But you and I know very well that it isn’t the first time the INTRUDERS have been kicked out of our lands, that calls started small and then gained momentum and so shall this be. Equatoria is no longer safe for you compared to 2005 at the dawn of CPA. Keep dreaming like frogs in cold water on stove, the true stupidity is not learning from the history. For sure the New Game is the repeat of the Old Game by itself.

  37. Toria says:

    Chief Abiko
    You are in exile and you have no flocks, you have lost touch with your own people. I still disagree with you and I don’t even understand most of your writings. Seriously; you need to consider taking some ESL but still respect your views. Again it’s better for you to leave the heavy lifting to the giants like Eli. Good luck to you.

  38. False Millionnaire says:

    King Lo,
    Don’t worry.An eventuality of RSS disintegrating will still creat new opportunites.One possibilty could be an independent Abyei or assuming a provancial status of a would be what became RSS or ending up laying as it Is forever with tenticles clawed on Kordofan.That wouldn’t mean being lost like the two Kingdoms.

    King Eastern,
    I am sorry to say u are sinking deeper to the bottom of the earth with your great intellectual brain.
    The current equatorian revolt has only revolved around MTN targeting innocent jieng on the roads.But instead of asking yourselves where has it taken u,u come up with such childish vocabularies as monkey eating.I am sorry to see u so disappointing if u don’t see any window of light in TC’s National Salvation concept which is the subject of reflection of the hour.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      We have identified our points of departure eons ago; I can’t waste my time belabouring to explain any thing from henceforth. The bus has long left the station!

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