The decapitation of Equatoria by Pres. Salva Kiir & Jieeng Terror

From: Elhag Paul, DEC/30/2015, SSN;

The attack on Equatoria is evidenced by the series of abductions, detentions and killings of Equatorians in South Sudan and neighboring countries. The recent abduction and detention of Dr. Leonzio Angole Onek demonstrates this calculated attack to eliminate Equatoria leadership in South Sudan, as a means to render Equatoria leaderless, so as to be subject to control and abuse by the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE).

The objective of the JCE and The SPLM to destroy Equatoria is being recorded in contemporary history where a series of Equatorian leaders are presently unaccounted for, such as the elimination of Joseph Oduho, the elimination of Martin Kejivura, the elimination of Cecilia Oba Towongo, the elimination of John Nambu, the elimination of Equatorian police officers, the mysterious death of Dr. Wani Tombe, the unexplained disappearance of Justice Peter Sule and General Elias Lino Jada and many others.

Presently, this regime is actively terrorizing Joseph Bakasoro, the former Governor of Western Equatoria state. As I write he is being subjected to arbitrary detention afflicted with physical and emotional abuse.

If terror and death could extinguish the will for freedom and the ideas that go with it, South Sudan would not have been freed and born as a sovereign state; for the ideas and proclamations made by the pioneers of South Sudan liberation such as Emilio Tafeng, Paul Ali Gbatala, Joseph Oduho, Ezboni Mondiri, Fr. Santurlino Ohure, etc, would have atrophied with them.

However, their words and deeds became the fuel that ran the struggle against Khartoum for over half a century.

With the present oppression of Equatoria by the Jieng, the words of Peter Sule, Dr Wani Tombe etc.. will be the fuel that runs the emerging Equatoria resistance to the Jieng regime. Just listen to some of these words in this YouTube video

The abduction of Dr. Onek similar to the detention of Joseph Bakasoro further highlights the undeclared decapitation policy that the Jieng Council of Elders is promoting to destroy Equatoria. This Jieng’s policy eventually will intensify the resolve of the people of Equatoria to double their energies and efforts to assert their right.

The weakness pulling Equatoria down is the division that the SPLM has planted in its midst via vulnerable Equatorians, who are intimidated and bought with government posts. In addition to this the SPLM sets one tribe against the other.

Dr John Garang was the first to device the fragmentation of Equatoria by instituting a policy that any person wishing to join the SPLM must come as an individual. This policy that appeared simple and harmless on face value ensured that Equatorian leaders were stripped of their leadership and subsequently their following.

This was the initial process of decapitation of Equatoria. Please see, ‘The marginalisation of Equatoria’

The other SPLM factions similarly use the same intrigues to keep the Equatorians out of positions of power and influence; of all these techniques, the real problem lies in the pitting of one tribe against the other.

Presently, albeit the Equatorians are agreed that the current system in the country is their worst nightmare, they still operate as divided, with each tribe supporting their own in the ranks of the opposition.

For example, each tribe will collect material and monetary contributions to support the cause for their tribe. In this, the Equatorians have failed to see that without coming together under a clear objective and working as one there will be no headway.

Nimule, Wonduruba, Mundri, and Yambio will continue to burn and the other areas will follow too. This is the reality.

Politics, as Niccolo Machiavelli, the Italian thinker and author of the influential book “The Prince,” argues is about power, and getting power involves nasty things like those taking place in the mentioned towns in Equatoria. This is what is called realpolitik.

It is simply pragmatism and it has nothing to do with emotions and civility. Bari on their own means nothing, Moru on their own means nothing, Kuku on their own means nothing, Pojulu on their own means nothing, and Zande on their own means nothing etc.

Because Equatoria is fragmented the way it is, its enemies confidently find it easy to pick on them one by one.

For example, when President Kiir and the JCE abused Peter Sule, they did so, knowing that he did not have group support behind him. They are now abusing Dr Onek and Bakasoro knowing that there is a lack of regional group support.

The behaviour of President Kiir and the JCE is typical of predators preying on their quarry.

If Equatoria wants to regain its lost strength in order to be protective of its people, its people must discard short-sighted approaches and work as one, or Equatoria’s future in the jungle that is called South Sudan is bleak.

Simply put, if Equatorians cannot protect and sacrifice for their leaders, the future looks very bad.

This protection must start at home. First it is important for Equatorians to shun or distance themselves from Equatorian informers and lackeys of the “born to rule”. These informers should be shunned from the society in line with Equatorian cultures.

This is necessary for survival, as informers are used as tools by oppressors to aid in the subjugation and enslavement of a people(s). Addressing the issue of informers, allows for a group to begin addressing the oppressor; this is because the oppressor lacks leverage without informers.

The literature on conquest, social control and domination posits that for powerful groups to exercise their power over a target group that is to be dominated, the target group must not have leaders. Without this, it is next to impossible to succeed in colonising any people.

This is why the imperialists and colonialists in the past destroyed indigenous leaders and replaced them with handpicked leaders serving the masters.

In South Sudan, Equatoria’s handpicked lackeys include the Vice President, some of the national ministers, Equatorian apparatchiks of the SPLM, appointed governors, appointed members of parliament, and one or two appointed ambassadors who distinguish themselves by extreme subservience to the Jieng.

But why do the Jieng strive to colonise Equatoria? This is a big question that cannot be answered in one article. The genesis of this problem is explained in my previous article, ‘SPLM a pathological organisation’

In the mind of the Jieng, if they are to achieve their objective of establishing themselves as the elites in South Sudan, Equatoria must be destroyed. They believe that Equatorians hate the Jieng and as such it is the main obstacle to their project of ‘born to rule’.

This belief, though unfounded, is real to them.

In his book, ‘Sudan and South Sudan: from one to two’, Bona Malwal vividly conveys the feelings of the Jieng towards Equatorians. He argues that “Unfortunately, Equatoria, this rather unusual indeed non-existing constitutional being in South Sudan, has now got onto the bandwagon of Riek Machar Teny, hoping to defeat and overthrow the Dinka (Jieng) that Equatoria has always hated.”

The tone and sentiment expressed here speaks for itself. While the Jieng assume they are hated by Equatoria, what are the feelings of Equatorians?

In reality, the Equatorians do not hate the Jieng or any other social group in South Sudan for that matter. What they abhor is the uncalled for senseless violence of the Jieng. A good example is what is going on throughout Equatoria presently and the horrendous events of December 2013.

Equatoria, therefore, does not hate the Jieng people but certainly it hates their destructive and abusive behavior. If the Jieng could only discipline themselves and behave in a humane way, nobody in Equatoria would dislike their ways.

For example, the family of Gordon Ayom and the family of Khatir Jubara who hail from the Jieng, are integrated in Equatoria because they know how to interact with people with respect.

Now the United States has come to the same conclusion as the Equatorians about the behaviour of the Jieng and their government. Can President Kiir and the JCE really look the Americans in the eye and ask them as to why the US has a low opinion about their government?

If the Americans can not put up with the Juba nonsense, why should South Sudanese and Equatorians do so for that matter?

Please listen to the Senate Hearing titled, ‘Independent South Sudan: A Failure of Leadership’

The paradox in this bitter relationship between the Jieng and Equatoria is found in the Jieng Council of Elders whose actual leadership is not Jieng. The most vocal and hawkish ones who intensely execrate Equatoria are of Equatorian and Jur blood.

These non-Jieng leaders of the Jieng have their own issues rooted in their childhood which unfortunately they internalised and turned them into depraved persons. They strongly hate their Equatorian and Jur traits.

By riding on the back of the entire Jieng they have found a convenient outlet to release their vent-up hatred towards their own people in Equatoria and Bahr El Ghazal.

This may come as a shock to many people as it sounds unbelievable. But it is the truth. Here we have a lost Equatorian and a lost Jur conniving to disguise their true identities in order to destroy the source of their very existence in this world. These are not the only ones in the JCE, there are more.

The behaviour of concealment is associated with many things chiefly among them is the feeling of shame. Shame often makes people feel inadequate and worthless. In order to feel better, some people suffering from shame will resort to cover up traits considered negative in their lives. The hawkish members of JCE appear to be doing exactly that.

Let us have a brief look at their background.

The Equatorian Jieng is a product of colonial intervention in Jieng cultural life. When the British came to Bahr El Ghazal they were shocked by the nudity of the Jieng. They decided to acculturise them, and the plan they put in place was to import Equatorian tailors into Jieng land specifically to produce Chabong – a half robe or ‘Nus Jalabya’ in Arabic.

Initially the British thought the locals would embrace the robe but the Jieng resisted. After a struggle the Jieng showed interest in Chabong. The preference to Chabong may have something to do with the comforts of air fanning the lower parts of the body.

It must be remembered that these specific parts are conditioned to free flow of air since time immemorial and the robe in its usual form blocks the entire body from receiving normal aeration. So the Chabong was the solution provided to introduce clothing to the Jieng.

Like most expats, the imported Equatorian tailors those days did not come with their women and as mother nature does not allow a vacuum, interaction with the local women ensued and there we have our Equatorian Jieng leader in the JCE.

So, in essence a combination of British resourcefulness, Equatorian ingenuity and Jieng nudity produced an angry individual who hates Equatoria, part of his own identity. This person has devoted most of his life to erase Equatoria out of existence.

As for the Jur, his story is tragic. When he was a young child, he was vulnerable and uncared for, he roamed the streets and found his way to Babanousa and then Khartoum through the weekly train service between Khartoum and Wau. Once in Khartoum he became a water boy in a house of an influential political family in Omdurman.

He grew up there in the nooks of the Arab kitchen feeding on daily leftovers under the supervision of Haja (an old Arab house wife). It is said that Haja used to refer to him in Arabic as – da walad kwes kalish, meaning this is a good boy.

The above is the brief background to the most hawkish of the JCE leadership. Is it any wonder why the JCE is doing what it is doing? These are people who are angry with the world.

People who have had a troubled and challenging childhood, and or those who have had an identity crisis, can experience internal conflict, low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. While some children grow up to be responsible adults who work through these conflicts, trauma and challenges, others grow to become destructive to themselves, their community and their society.

In the case of South Sudan, President Salva Kiir, who is another one with dubious background, refers to the JCE as dogs because he knows their background very well. These are individuals who have no loyalty to anybody on this earth but themselves.

They have now hijacked the Jieng tribe and they are using it to the maximum to fill the void in their lives to make themselves feel good. They do not care about the well being of the Jieng tribe.

Look at the emotional and mental destruction they are inflicting on the young Jieng boys they recruit into the killing machine of the Jieng militia armies (Dootku Beny, Mathiang Anyoor and Gelweng).

Malek Cook-Dwach in his article published by The Sudan Tribune, ‘Tribal politics is what is destroying our social fabric,’ correctly points out that the damages inflicted by the JCE’s war will have long term impact for the recovery of the Jieng youth to return to normality due to the economies lost, lack of education, physical and psychological trauma.

As for the overall consequences of the JCE’s evil plans, please see, ‘The Jieeng Council of Elders, the erosion of Jieeng values and the Jieengization of South Sudan’

Therefore, the hatred of the JCE towards Equatoria is irrational and very dangerous as this group has set itself up to the task of destroying Equatoria. The destruction is being born out in two ways.

First, through the SPLM/A, the JCE is systematically eliminating Equatoria leaders and disempowering the whole community.

Secondly, the name Equatoria is being erased from existence in South Sudan through use of presidential decrees like the Decree 36/2015 Establishment Order. This decree fragments Equatoria into smaller states and wipes out the name Equatoria. Equatoria has no option left but it must rise to the challenge.

Now the abduction of Dr. Onek has its root in what has been expressed in this article. As a professor and a very intelligent person, the tribal system perceives him to be a threat because should he decide to lead his people one day it would be difficult for the JCE and President Salva Kiir to push him aside.

So, in line with Jieng policy of keeping Equatoria leaderless, Dr. Onek has been preyed upon. His abduction like the ongoing detention of Bakasoro is not only humiliation to him personally but in reality it is the humiliation of the whole Equatoria region.

Previously the system did this to the Kakwa chiefs, it did it to Justice Peter Sule whose story now remains an enigma, it did it to the chairman of the Equatoria caucus in the parliament, it did it to the paramount chief of Didinga, it did it to the chiefs of Madi and Acholi, it is doing it now to the former Governor of Western Equatoria, Joseph Bakasoro.

The message in all this is clear. If you are an Equatorian with potential, then your own survival is at risk because the JCE has decided to destroy Equatoria through decapitation. Their practice to achieve this objective includes arbitrary detentions, abductions, killings and terror.

The crucial question is: For how long is Equatoria going to be humiliated? The cases of Dr. Onek and that of Bakasoro are Equatorian cases and they must not be allowed to go on like what has happened to Peter Sule.

If the system has a case against Dr. Onek and Bakasoro, they must be brought to open court and let them have their day in court. It is just unacceptable that people are abused and oppressed to satisfy the ego of the JCE, because they are Equatorians.

This challenge demands the so-called Equatorian Front in SPLM-IO to do something about it because of their unique position as partner of President Kiir in the peace agreement.

If General Alfred Ladu Gore is an Equatorian leader as is claimed, he needs to speak out and ensure that Professor Onek and Bakasoro are safe and released immediately.

This is very important for three reasons. Firstly, this is because it is an act of solidarity. Secondly, it is an act to protect Equatoria, and thirdly and crucially it is an act of self protection – ensuring he does not fall in the same trap.

Equatoria community need to realize that their unity is a must if this predatory politics of the JCE is to be stopped once and for all.

So the Equatoria community in the country needs to write to the trio (President Festos Mogae, President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar) demanding the release of Professor Onek and Bakasoro together with an inquiry on why Dr Onek was abducted and Bakasoro detained. This very piece should serve the same purpose.

Finally in the larger context, the survival of Equatoria depends on the extent to which the people of the region (a third of the population of South Sudan) are prepared to resist in self defence.

President Kiir and JCE’s terror directed to Equatoria leaders and the people must be brought to a halt through a concerted multi-prong action.

If Equatoria wants its sons and daughters to stand for it, it in turn has to protect them by whatever means available. Otherwise the future of Equatoria is bleak in a system run by people who hold deep unfounded grudges against it for no rational reason.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Eastern says:

    Dear brother Elhag Paul,

    True Equatorians will see it the way you see it!!! Louis Lobong with some Khartoum hangover doesn’t care what the Dinka cattle camp leader is doing because that’s almost akin to the lifestyle in Namurnyang in Kapoeta South County!

    Louis Lobong is comfortable with Turkanas from Kenya doing what his local ‘boys’ can’t do; he’s happy with the same Edward from Kiir for the unsustainable Namurnyang state; a state which will continue to ask for USAID help from the onset; the hospital constructed by Normeka in the midst of Namurnyang is falling apart!

    Mr Gore has been quiet for almost a year save for some of us!

    The Eastern Rock!

  2. M. Akulia says:

    Brilliant!!!!!! Nothing but the truth so help us God.

  3. Mading Lual says:

    Very funny; freedom is not something you order online like a loaf of bread or a box of pizza; it’s an extraordinary thing that takes lives; not just tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands but millions of lives! If you think it’s just going to happen online well good luck! We Dinka dare you to take armed against us; so that we can revenge millions of our fellow Dinka who dies for the freedom of South Sudan!
    Please Paul brain it on as soon as possible; this where you’ll migrate to your ancestral land in Uganda and Congo or else you’ll live free or die in South Sudan!

    • Toria says:

      The war has already started. Wake up.

      • Mading Lual says:

        Which war? Is it the war that you ambush innocent civilians on the road; segregate unarmed innocent Dinka and killed women and children just because their guilt is being a Dinka? Well; we know how to that insanity the best and let me tell you a story back in the 1990’s in the eastern part of Equatoria.

        There were those who were doing the killing the same way but when SPLA leaders go to the local and chiefs and ask them why SPLA and civilians were disappearing and later found dead! The chiefs tells the SPLA leaders that they had no idea why people where disappearing and end up dead in the area. But the killing of off duty SPLA soldiers keep happening and the denial by the local chief keep going on and and on!!

        One day the decision was made and the entire village was surrounded and every living thing on that village and area were killed and every SPLA soldier retreated to their respected locations with silent. When people from different village came to the village and saw everyone was dead; they rushed to SPLA leadership location and ask; the entire village is massacred what happened? They were told by the SPLA leadership that we don’t have and idea who killed everyone in the village.

        The next day the chiefs in that region came and begged for peace and offer to cooperate with SPLA leadership in that region. From that day on ward no one disappears and everybody had peace. Keep doing what you’re doing but one day the decision will be made and the consequences will reach everybody sooner or later!

        • Toria says:

          Lual Mading
          I guess you just don’t learn, from Kokora todate, have you eliminated every Equatorian? No, because you have no balls, you no confidence in yourselves and pretending to act like Equatorians. Why?
          You are just like those unproductive Syrian refugees running everywhere. An easy way to kill a frog is to put it in a cold water and light fire underneath until it boils to death. That incident you mention about there was during the war with Jallaba, a different scenario, this time you will pay dearly. You are hated for life and there is nothing you can do about it. YOU HOPELESS INSECTS WILL ALWAYS REMAIN ENEMIES UNTIL COMPLETELY UPROOTED NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.

          • Mading Lual says:

            So; you’re saying that Dinka are like Syrians refugees running everywhere and Equatorians would be the ones running South Sudan!? Then why are you crying like a baby daily; if you were in that privilege position? Did you see yourself looking highly irrational with your pointless copied phrases that you throw aimlessly anywhere in your paragraph?
            Talking tough is all you know and it’s the only thing you do! What did you do with that tough talk which proved that it’s anything other than empty bluster? Remember; to say I will, we will do this and that are all saying of cowards! The question is; do the inferiors ever reverse their roles against their superiors? And that would be your home-work!

            Have a good day Toria.

        • Southdn says:

          Dear Nading
          Your all Dibka leaderships are plagiarizer(one who stolen ideas without mentoring where he got it).your story mentioned that God of Dinka SPLA during 1990 had engulfed an equatorians village and killed all inhabitants. Question, why would SPLA had killed innocents people whom wanted to share food With Dinka SPLA?. For this reason, you Dinka are selfish, and don’t want to share With South Sudan, because of your coword behaviours, you started this senless war in South Sudan, named a fighting for power. First of all, Nuer don’t even believed on what Dinka called power struggles, instead Nuer want South Sudan be a democracy state. In business world thy, usually keep comunication record by saying. (This message will be recorded for training purposes) . Coming to my point of view. Dinka don’t know that the world had recorded them as history plagiarizers. Mr. Madig, why SPLA copied Syrian government of preident Hafes El Asaed action, which he had killed the whole entier people in one village 1976. OK, go ahead with Salva Kiir and Dr. John Garng Mabilur plagiarized, ideology. But you hav to know, america, Britain and Sudan are watching.

          • Toria says:

            Mading Lual
            No, you are not “running Equatoria” or any place. You ran to Equatoria as refugees. If you are talking of SPLA looters and savages presence in Equatoria, you are just there temporarily guarding our lands and properties just like a worthless watchmen. But time is coming you will have to go and start developing your mosquito infested swamps. You are wasting your time and the little resources you looted to develop our lands, we will take them away from you, even killer Kirr acknowledges that fact. The capital will relocate to Ramciel as per unanimity of SS citizens call for the real federal system, not the 28 bogus of JCE.

        • Eastern says:

          The Mading Luals of the world will be called to account for their action on the innocent villagers in didinga villages in Chukudum. The evidences are there; those responsible for the heinous act are around and serving Kiir.

          The day of atonement is just round the corner, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!!!!

          • Mading Lual says:

            And so do those who were responsible for the killing of innocent Dinka and SPLA personnel bring them first to face justice or else it’s a waste!

    • Southdn says:

      Nading ,
      I have read Elhag Paul article, he tired to people nothing wrong let’s understand the reality. Please do not mocking on people of South Sudan. you have to know even though, if people are few in number God will be on their help. The Western world is careful watching the (big dog Jieng Elders) since the war started all peace violations are being documented by same people who brought an independent to the South Sudan, so please stop saying dinka soldiers had died in millions.

    • For Mading Lual says:

      Has it ever occurred to you that you don’t always have to resort to violence to win BIG!! Your haughty attitudes will be the ones that bring about your collective ruin. Wake up and smell the coffee because people are beginning to sink to your depths to meet your collective thuggery with the same backwardness. How long do you think others are going to tolerate your chaotic lawlessness without returning fire with fire and increasing their fire a notch higher than yours?! I would behave myself if I were all of you because when you fall as you will, fellow South Sudanese, Ugandans, Congolese, Kenyans, Ethiopians, Sudanese and the myriad other surrounding countries will kick you real good in the teeth as they have started. What kind of buffoons provoke another country’s police force into a losing firefight?! Think and reflect very deeply before shooting from the mouth.

  4. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Elhag Paul,

    This is a great advice not only to Greater Equatoria, but also to non-Equatorians who love South Sudan as well. If you could find a courageous leader that may lead the rebellion wisely, Nuer will give you manpower. I also feel the pain the Equatorians are going through. Beside killing and mistreatment of Equatorians, President Kiir and JCE sold the South of Yei and Parjok part of Magwei County to Uganda. In addition, Nairus used to be in the center of South Sudan, but it is in the edge of South Sudan today.

    All the regions between Nairus and Kenya incuding Kibak have been sold to Kenya and now have been occupied by Kenyan troops. An additional development is that the South West and South East of Pochalla have been sold to Ethiopia. Today as we speak the Ethiopian government has occupied South West and South East of Pochalla town.

    President Kiir and JCE have been selling some parts of South Sudan to neighboring countries particularly East Africa since the war started in December 2013 to so the East African countries can support Kiir and JCE government.

    • Toria says:

      All these places you mentioned above here were actually sold by John Garang to bribe those nations to fight on his behalf including Gambela and Ponyido. Eg. between 1994 and 96 , Pachala, Akobo, Pibor and some Murle areas were then in the hands of Jallaba, Garang ask Ethiopian military to liberate them, because all dinka soldiers deserted and ran to refugee camps in Ethiopia. During the fight the few SPLA army stayed behind until after the liberation. And so was most other places, the war was mostly fought by Nubians, Nuers and Equatorians. Dinkas used to run away when hujum is taking place, after the war in Pachala there were scores of wounded, none were dinkas, three of my best friends lost their lives in Pochala. After two weeks when Garang flew in with helicopter in Pochala then many Dinka cowards came back. I am an eye witness.
      The prove is exactly like what happened in 2013, if it wasn’t for UPDF Kirr was already history and so was JCE.

      • Lemiyesua John Mena says:

        Brother Toria
        Many of us believed that Dr. Garang created SPLM/SPLA. The movement was established before Dr. Garang stepped his feet into the bush. You are right following Akobo Mutiny in 1975, in 1976 the group finally regrouped a formed SPLM/SPLF, which later became to be known as SPLM/SPLA after its leaders were forced to accepted the newly formed leadership otherwise Those who refused were arrested, some killed and some were forced to leave Ethiopia to save their lives. SPLM was lead by Joseph Oriko an Equatoria from Eastren Equatoria and he is still alive today in Tori. The Military was lead by Benson Kwan a Nuer and James Kurr Shiluk as deputy, the man who fired the first bullet in Akobo in 1975. In 1996 after its formation (SPLM/SPLF) our brothers, the Nubians came in great number. In July 1976 the Nubians became the dominate force, 2,600 Nubians joined the movement, followed by Nuers, Shikul, Equatorians, few Anuka and Dinkas..After the split-ed in 1977-78 the Nuers became majority. The splited gave birth to two movements SPLM/SPLF and Anya-Nya 2

  5. BILL KUCH says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Supposedly your topic should be about peace other than anything encouraging division. You must know that a bad thing which might had happened to an individual Equatiorian has nothing to do with Dinka as a tribe. And Equatorians brothers or sisters should be aware that once you are deeply into politics then don’t longer undermine politics as it will be killing you. And at that point, it does not matter whether you are an Equatorians or not. You should advice Equatorians not follow Dr. Riek Machar for he could never save them as you can see Nuers are coming back to do their normal business with Dinka. And an Arrow Boys could never be integrated into anything. So, for you, a disappearance of one Equatorian politician has to be blamed on JCE. But you never raise your finger to condemn the killing of Dinkas on Lanya/Yei HWY and as a Dinka, there is no way we can blame it on all Equatorians for common sense. So, why can’t you do the same?

  6. Beek says:

    Bentiu Ramaran or a room rent is a Nuer who wanted to build Khartoum and gain nothing.

    • Southdn says:

      Beek that an insult, please visit don’t use an offensive language. I might understand what you mean but others don’t. That doesn’t mean you can say anything. Yes of course, majority of nuer works house builders in the old North Sudan, Dink work as houses, and equestrians as trailers.

  7. Itikwili says:

    Dear ElHag,

    Great insights into the future. You simply know too much about the intrigues of this quasi-nation state being eroded daily by this cattle mentality. This government is being driven into the abyss every passing moment. Emotions are rising in Uganda with South Sudanese mainly the followers of the JCE as key targets given they have been associated with violence wherever they are found. Alas! those who think they still have the state are blinded by pure innocence disguised as arrogance. Let them eat their cake and have it! the consciousness of Equatoria is rising and the connivers within the files of Equatoria have already been singled out! time will tell; but time is already telling!

  8. Gatdarwich says:


    This is a very informative article, but unfortunately dear, majority of Equatorians and the others marginalized tribes in South Sudan don’t vividly see Jenges as you and Gatdarwich do!
    They don’t see the proven fact that Jenges are the main sources of carnage in South Sudan. They all selves-detrimentally live in denial of this catastrophic reality.
    As per the fate of Dr. Onek and Col. Bakasoro, I believe Gen. Lado, Dr. Riek, and others prominent Equatorians/friends should pressure killer NyanKiir and the Jiengs council of evils to immediately set free these wrongfully detained patriots unharmed period!

    Wishing you a very happy and productive new year, 2016.


    Patriot, Gatdarwich.

  9. Eli says:

    Elhaj Paul;
    Yours is yet another brilliant piece. I would like to agree with everything you said but I must say that; Equatoria is starting to come together. From 1980s till recently we thought we must defeat the north for the sake of independence, and in the process we neglected to cleanup our backyards, while the enemy was crawling in, JCE were tirelessly working 24/7 for what’s transpired today. It’s called the politics of “divide and control”, an old colonial system copied by Arabs and now picked up by JCE. Only if a person is blind to see or insensitive to sense this naked truth is here.

    The wisest leaders of Equatorians are in the bush or in Opposition struggling for our people’s freedom. Yes, during the war with the north Dinkas were very busy planting the seeds of divisions amongst Equatorians, we remained silent to complete the mission which Hon. lt Rev. Fr. Saturnino Ohure started in Torit, (1955-72), and later on it became Anyanya 1 movement, which was lead by HE Hon. Joseph Lagu, who tried by every means to keep the war going. We could have gotten our independence our way and call the shots. Unfortunately we were betrayed by cowards, one of them is the co-founder of Jenge Council of Evils; Mr Abel Alier ran to Nimeri intentionally to destroy our dreams. For sometimes, we lost focus, and now there is a price to be paid and so what? “No pain , no gain”. But the most important thing is that today the dream is halfway materializing, although in a gloomy picture and not the way we wanted.
    We must admit that it is what it is, damages have been done in the past, but that doesn’t mean this is the end. We must not dwell on the past too much but now pick up arms and move forward from here.
    Don’t let yourselves be deceived; the new generations of Equatorians are rising, this time we are well aware of who we are and who is the real enemy. Not to forget urrently, we have a hostile regime in Uganda, who hate to see Equatorians rise above, because the rise of Equatoria is the demise of Museveni. We are going to fight un uphill battles. But who says; things must always come easy? Because “Easy come, easy go”. He M7ni just like SPLA took power by gun barrels, and by gun barrels they will also go. End of Story.

    Eli Wani

    • Southdn says:

      I believe the international community know who are dinka, Nuer, Arab and equestrians. please stop being an agent
      , the people who rules the world(Americans) don’t mixed their feelings like you are please forgive my kingly language. I observe when peace approach in south Sudan many equatorians comes with up lots of written articles and mixed responds.

  10. jok lual says:

    mr Bentiu you say Nuer will give Manpower to Equatorians which power you have Haaaa your lord Taban Deng in Juba and Riek macahr come soon

  11. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Beek and Jok Lual,

    Understand that Riek Machar and Taban Deng are Nuer men but Nuer people are not Riek Machar and Taban. Riek and Taban cannot exist without Nuer but Nuer have been around for centuries without Riek and Taban. Most importantly, Nuer will be around for the next one hundred million years or as long as the world is still existing but Riek and Taban will not be around by then. If the Dinka dictator and JCE were to target only Riek and Taban, Nuer would not have taken up arm against the Dinka’s Dictator leadership today.

    Basically, Nuer can stand up with any leader who want to change the tribal regime of Kiir and JCE regardless of his or her tribes. In fact, if we found someone from Equatoria who may be willing to lead and supply us with military equipment, Naath would stand firm with that leader. Surely, if Equatorians organize themselves and strongly opposed Kiir and JCE government, Naath would give them unflinching support they need both militarily and politically with Riek and Taban or without Riek and Taban consent.

    We had done this before. In 1903, Azande and Nuer fought together against Egyptian-Angelo in the interest of freedom of South Sudan. In 1945, Nuer supported South Sudan liberal party led by Equatorian man. Dinka- Deng Nhial opposed the liberal party led by an Equatorian man and betrayed the party. Between 1955 and 1972 Naath stood up with Equatorians during Anyanya one war where Dinka who were both in the government and in bush working together to bring down the Anyanya one moment leadership which resulted in the total collapsed of Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972.

    We Nuer we like to work with any leader who shows equity.

    • Bravo Bentiu Ramaran!! Bravo!! says:

      I have no doubt in my mind that South Sudan will be an egalitarian country one day. Let the Political Prostitutes among the Nuer and Equatorians continue inviting the Karmic Forces!! They will only have themselves to blame when they fall flat on their noses with their fellow thugs among the Jieng. If Riek and Taban practiced actual Nuer Egalitarianism, South Sudan would be free by now. You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink. Keep hope alive because we shall overcome!!
      M. Akulia

    • Eli says:

      Thank you so much. As always you are a voice of courage and future. As we speak there are now revolts all over Equatoria, in WE Mr Charles Barnaba Kisanga, my former instructor is leading the arrow boys, in EE a fellow officer is leading new rebellion. The two people holding Equatorians back are Dr Riek and Lado Gore. Riek and Lado need to let go of those Equatorians like Martin Kenyi to wage the war without limit, even in CE there is a revolt. Am sure you have heard about the road from Juba to Yei is no longer safe. Juba-Nimule is a prime target. If it weren’t for UPDF who came back after announcing that they withdrew. UPDF didn’t withdraw, they just moved in hidings all over Equatoria. I was in Juba and I could hear them speaking in Luganda in civilian clothes during day and in uniforms in the night.
      Bentiu; this is going to be a long struggle, until Museveni is out of power we in Equatoria don’t have a solid foreign base were we could unite all Equatorian factions, Congo and CAR are too remote, Kenya and Ethiopia are already doing the best they could to help us. But let us hang in there and never grow weary, because it took Anyanya 1 17 years, Dinka SPLA 22 years. As long as there is a will there is a way.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        Kiir and JCE government is near to collapse even with the help of Uganda. Although we don’t get militarily supply anywhere, hunger is doing a great job in Greater Bar El Gazal by killing a good number of Kiir’s supporters each day. Arrow Boys are doing exceptional job by closing some major roads to Western Bar El Gazal. Lastly, Gas and huger are doing extraordinary work in Juba. However, the speedily return of SPLA-OI teams would make JCE government strong again and become more bully than ever before to other tribes.

  12. Hey ya Elhag,
    It is high time to quit stitching your nonsensical and boring articles on social media so you better come down and join your team-mate in the field of action.
    Time for incitments and barkings is over as some of your likes ‘ve already tried and ‘ve tasted the bitterness of your useless campaign while enjoying your hot drinks in the West.
    Frog jumps according to its range and if it overjumps then it must to sprays some unexpected urine, your cheap campaign was bought by the absent-minded folks and they ‘ve truly seen and smelt its results as they ‘re now grinding their rotten teeth in the jungle because of you and the likes in the West.
    By the way, I ‘ve learned something where you shamelessly claims that your Equatorian tailors were sent to Greater Bahr el Ghazal Region by British in order to go and clothed Jieng and Jur with Chabong as you call it, however, I am requesting you to call your technicians back and starts to redeploy them in some part of Greater Equatoria coz I ‘ve just saw more nudes in your people on SSTV few weeks ago at this time of 21st century.
    I thanks them for bringing civilization in GBeGR and I condemn them for their failure to make their own people get civilized instead of focusing on others until now.

  13. Gatdarwich says:

    The Jenges’ state sponsor terrorism organization, SPLA, is already falling apart beyond repaired.

    Killer NyanKiir’s hasty creation of 28 clans states and horrid ppointment of 28 pseudo governors is nothing more than an act of desperations and quivering resulting from the imminent demise of the Jenges’ killing machine, SPLA period.

  14. Kiir Kur says:

    Dear fellow south sudanese,
    The mentality of generalizing the whole tribe for the very few known individuals will not take us a head.
    you will never rewrite history, to neglect the genuine effort and prolonged suffering Dinka had experienced.
    Let be honest with truth.
    Otherwise, if it turn into tribal war, which united dinka against other tribes as you are now calling. believe m you will regret

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Kiir Kur,

      Jenges have been solidly united since the beginning of this tribal-genocidal war campaigns they’re cowardly waging on the patriots South Sudanese tribes. Not only that, they’ve hired mercenaries, Museveni, Malik Agar, and the Darfur rebels, but they’re evidently being crushed and miserably-embarrassingly failing in all fronts.

      Kiir, halt quivering and ceases the naivety of believing that all Jenges have magically and permanently gone up without you because they must all and shall all imminently come down period.

  15. Eli says:

    You left out the essentials, isn’t it fare to excercise media censorship even when you supposedly part of the marginalized group? How then is your site different from that of Juba regime? You could at least break it up if comments are too long. But happy new year.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I had to edit your response, it would have been an article by itself.
      Happy New Year to you.

      • Toria says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply to Eli. I believe the point Eli is making is; diplomacy with Dinkas is like turning our cheeks to be slapped again and again, they are not helping us so why should we. The more we are nice they take advantage of our naivety. It is about time to call oranges as oranges. Words won’t alter these folks barbarism. If we have to make alliances even with the devil so be it. We shall come back to the Alter afterwards. Equatoria need to look for a suitable foreign nation for a resistance base.
        Some radical shifts are needed in order to defuse the lies being told by Dinkas world wide that South Sudan belongs to Dinkas alone. Please use your utmost discretion and when necessary, prohibit publishing their lies and language of arrogance against our people. No more serving interests of enemies.
        The world is starting to see the picture. To defeat one’s enemy do the opposite. Look at BBC, CNN, VOA, RT, etc. They first promote their interests and then comes the others.
        In 2016 as of today, it’s time for new era. Equatoria must seek a different route, route to fight for Equatoria independence. We have all that we need, let Bahr Ghazal and Upper Nile GO. I don’t see any reason to remain with these lunatics. We will relocate them back to their mosquito infested swamps by every means necessary.

        • Deng Monymor says:

          “Please use your utmost discretion and when necessary, prohibit publishing their lies and language of arrogance against our people. No more serving interests of enemies.” Very interesting!

          As I recall, Jieng have not been writing hateful writings on this website contrary to the other side of your region. Interesting enough, those who are engaged in this thinking are well educated ones, which makes me that believe people like Toria could be animal in human shape. Nevertheless, prohibiting Jieng’s comments won’t liberate you from your ignorance and hateful thinking because those who approach national political issues with hatred never win.

          Although I do not agree with Editor’s political views, I think the man is a rare character in our society in such a divided political confusion of our time. His courage could be seen his determination to publish event comments that call him “stupid and coward.”

          When Riek Machar appoints his wife as chairperson of defense and security, it should give you clue that politics based hateful propaganda never work. He lied to Nuer people that the cause of war was the fact that Jieng wanted to elminate them as people, now Nuer found out that it was his hunger for leadership that was the cause and he is more afraid of his Nuer than anybody else. Go ahead if you want to repeat the same thing for yourselves.

          Jieng have been exploring their Philosophy of Kongkoc since the beginning of this war and we have come to our own conclusion, too. I have been saying that the sound of the drum of war most of you have been beating has been heard, so you don’t need to advise Editor for any discretion.


          • info@southsudannation says:

            To Deng Monymor,
            Thanks a lot for your frank appreciation to my work.
            Since setting up this first ever independent website of South Sudanese in 2003, I have received hundreds of insults and if these were ‘dollars’ I would be very rich now and perhaps retired to a peaceful Botswana to enjoy this money.
            The problem with us South Sudanese is that we are never sincere to ourselves or to our so-called country of South Sudan and that is perhaps the greatest problem with our so-called leaders. I have also reached the unfortunate conclusion that the only real dedicated revolutionary leaders or freedom fighters we ever had were the Anya-nya of 1955 and the leaders that came up to lead them, like Aggrey Jaden and Gordon Mourtat and a few others. These people were solidly nationalistic and unwavering.
            The worst and accursed group of leaders to take over after unfortunately were the Abel Aliers and the diabolical generation of John Garang and Riek Machar, Lam Akols, etc…… As we now realize, these so-called leaders have engineered the death of millions of our people only for their conceited pride and perhaps sheer stupidity of their claims to leadership. These people have the shameless character of a chameleon, who changes color according to where it is at that particular time. The nation is profusely bleeding and yet none of them feels the pain and agony of the people.
            Look at what is happening to these SPLM/SPLM political mutants John Garang engendered and left behind or Machar lately produced or gave birth to, only to perpetuate a messy reign of hopelessness in the country.
            Finally, is it any wonder that we, South Sudanese, are truly and shamefully the last nation to gain independence in the universe?
            Perhaps even God Almighty was himself seriously very hesitant to give us an independent nation even after sacrificing nearly two million souls. Any wonder that we are now and will continue losing more millions of our people as a punishment for disobeying the Almighty’s act of benevolence of granting us that independence too early!!
            Happy New Year.

  16. Gatdarwich says:

    Kiir kur,

    Jenges have been solidly United since the beginning of this genocidal war campaigns they’re cowardly waging on the patriots South Sudanese tribes. Not only that, Jenges have hired mercenaries-Museveni, Malik agar, and the Darfur rebels, but they’re evidently being crushed and miserably-embarrassingly failing in all fronts!

  17. Deng says:

    I said to you last time here that the Dinka community has nothing to do with all the messes/madness perceived to be carried out in their name Or the sufferings that the South Sudanese people have been facing either before/after the Independence as some would want us to believe but leaders/intellectuals from other 63 tribes are our problem!!! I hope you and I would agree on one thing here that our people have suffered for so long and so they deserve to live in peace & harmony once again. But sadly enough, we will never see that happening soon unless the leaders/intellectuals from other 63 tribes come to their senses to say enough is enough and begin to act like responsible citizens and leaders and not stooges, why? Well, I know some of you would be quick to disagree with me on this point but the reality is, he is continuing to do all these things simply because your leaders allowed/allow themselves to be use by him to stay in power to extend his rein of horror. Even a simple villager, say in the village in Equatoria, Upper or Bhar El Gazalle for that matter would tell you clearly this man is not a good leader no matter what let alone leaders/intellectuals. I shared the same view with you last time and whether any of you took note of it or not, I don’t really know what people like former Governor of WES, Joseph, former CES Governor, Konga, former Governor of UNS, Simon plus David Yau Yau among others would tell you now when you ask them that you were simply being used to keep him in power? Absolutely nothing but regrets when it is too late, make no mistake he will continue to do just that to every leader/intellectual from other 63 tribes and certainly some few crooks from his community to ruin this nation!!! The only way forward is for all South Sudanese people to unite against him and work together to force him out of office for the sake of peace & harmony in the country.

  18. abai okwahu says:

    folks, kiir and his buddies have triumphed over the opposition and he (kiir) is firmly in the driver’s seat. equatorians never rose up in juba to protest the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent nuer civilians and others, and upto now the survivors of the massacre are still in the protection of civilian sites in juba scared and obviously traumatized. what equatorian is going to stand up to kiir and friends? am afraid very few would dare pick up arms to depose kiir. look at the sad picture of the spla-io advance team members that are now literally hostages in juba after being duped into taking part in the implementation of the peace process when kiir went ahead to appoint friends for the news states. too bad kiir is going to be here for a very long time, just like most african dictators who seem to enjoy long periods in power.

  19. Simba says:

    The article is saying it loud and clear, that the unity of equatorians under an astute leadership, will mark the end of tyranny by the ignorants.

  20. False Millionaire says:

    Brother Elhag,
    First:I permit myself to wish u and your family a very Happy New Year.
    Secondly:I find it very irresponsible of u to blast Dr Garang for having deviced a strategy preconditioning every one who wished to join the SPLM/A to come,”as an individual”.
    Certain dinka citizens like judge Martin Magir and many others paid with their lives after getting suspected of insituting a clic regime within the SPLM/A.
    But nonetheless the SPLM/A under Garang’s harsh command survived with appearance of a national liberation movement up to the CPA and the independance.
    For me,things fell apart after the death of John Garang.
    If u pick up your rampage from there,I will be more than willing to agree with u.

    Thirdly:distorting history as a way of dramatizing your case can be counter productive as those who understand u to be lying can simply declare your great article rubbish.
    The truth is,the jieng as the equatorians with the rest of south sudanese masses before the influence of external contacts went naked without having any idea of shame to it.
    If u are really interested in history,please start with the fact that south sudanese traded with arab marchants coming from north sudan exchanging salt,clothes,razor blades,nidles and other goods with hens,goats,cows and other life stock.
    The turks conquered Sudan before the english and that the english only replaced the turks finding such clothes that u cite as,”Nus-JALABYA”,already used to cover,”Jieng nudity”,to quote u.
    The great points we should make about the english colonization in south sudan in particular are that,the english administrators were trying their best to mobilize local human resources for development.
    As tailoring was a private business activity,equatorians and fertit citizens were physically good in construction and carpentary and they were employed and sent to work in government posts in dinka lands like Tonj,Rumbek and Aweil as was also the case every where in South Sudan.
    But the english colonizers also wanted to develop agriculture and animal rearing activities for milk and meat.
    And what did they do?they sent dinka cattle keepers to such places like zandéland,Maridi and Yei with government cows with objectives to teach the equatorians in those places how to keep cattle,how to milk a cow and how to slaughter it.
    Before that the equatorians in the enire western equatoria down to Yei only ate bush meats and drank no cow milk at all.
    Please make a little research.Surviving descendants of those equatorians will confirm to u this story!!!

    • For Mon frère False Millionnaire (My brother False Millionnaire), says:

      I am a stickler for information so I have now made it my business to research and document everything South Sudanese. Before embarking on this meticulous journey though, I did know for a fact that before there was contact with the “outside world” most African tribes including the tribes of Equatoria and my own tribe covered their nakedness with either leaves or animal hide and there is plenty of collective knowledge to confirm this truth. I am a strong believer in the maxim “Don’t tell me what you believe. Show me.” That is the reason why I googled the internet using some of the assertions Elhag Paul makes in his article as search parameters. Your pseudonym presents as a learned person so I would love to hear from you about why Dinka nudity is still being flaunted and sold in this day and age if it is not confirmation that the assertions made by Elhag Paul’s in his article have threads of truth in them? While you are at it, show some evidence to back up ALL your dissensions my learned Brother.
      M. Akulia

      • Gatdarwich says:

        For Mon frere False Millionnaire,

        super-evidence, patriot.

        Jenges can do anything for food, including the auctions/sells of the nudes photos of their poor herdsmen, women, young girls, and boys.

        Now, that is exactly what the Jenges Council of Evils called, valuable Jiengs culture that must be preserved and protected by all means possible !

        What a treacherous culture !

  21. Paul El-Hag,
    Our society in south Sudan has too many illiterate people who do not see beyond their shadow. Whatever the president say or do for them is good, they just celebrate, even when their life is at stake, they celebrate. It is pure ignorance and destruction of people’s goal. Honestly, there is no equatorial leader that can stand up against the Jieng obnoxious behavior. Our so- call leaders wants just to eat at the expense of their people. Clement Konga was probably the only Equatoria who stood up against the Dinka. But he had no support from opportunist Equatorian. People like Louis Lobong, VP Wanni Igga, Lomoreo, Anna Itto etc are all opportunists. They tell us that “they are people of peace,” peace, what peace? But they are ready to fight their own Equatorian than to stand up against the Jieng leadership.

    The arrest of Dr. Lens Onek of Juba University is very unfortunate behavior. Arresting a Dean of the University in from of his students at broad day light is typical a terrorist act. It reminds us of Idi Amin Dada days when Chief justice, ministers, professors, doctors, students etc were arrested and killed without impunity. Professors Laku, and Dr. Luka Biong were previously beaten up and sent. It a shame to see University professors mishandled by security while our students are in dire needs of knowledge. Our country must change course in the way of treating the citizen. If not, I’m sure Somali Republic will be better than South Sudan.

    Governor Joseph Bakosoro has been intimidated by arrest and unnecessary detention. Why humiliate a citizen, a loyal citizen, a governor to such extend? Why arrest independent thinkers, where is democracy, where is freedom of speech? Our Government wants war with everybody, the war that they will never win, and the war that they expect NRA to fight for them. Equatoria leaders need to rise up, they should not celebrate appointment of any puppet as they do. They must protest the destruction of their land, silence of their opinion, arbitrary arrest of their intellectual, and they must stand together against the onslaught of the jieng leadership.

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      JB Lkilachong,

      You had made good suggestion yet well thought out comments. I hope Equatorians puppets such as “Nikalongo” would have a chance to read your intelligence thoughts and suggestions.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Hi Eastern,
      The word Eastern u used as yr name is not a name of a human but for coward Equatorian. Why not you write yr real name? When we were in the bush one Nuer general told me when you are planning for a war and Equatorians are there do not think that you are with men. There is no difference between a wife one marries and with them, but you will find many of them complaining but yet claiming the sweat of others.
      Mr Eastern or whatever coward name you have, stop making noises. Yr senior equatorian Lado Gore who claims to be representing you in Addis hotel, in Ethiopia is now hoping to come and occupy a big post for you. What a shame getting it without sweat!!!!
      Comrade Yien

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Yien Mathew,
        Please be fair to the Equatorians who have steadfastly supported the Nuer, a palpable support that has given an immense national character to the Dec. 15, 2013 so-called Nuer Massacre and subsequent military struggle.
        Also, remember that Alfred Lado Gore was one of those prominent SPLM politicians along with Dr. Riek Machar who stood up in August 2013 against president Kiir.
        Lado Gore was unsuccessfully targeted by Kiir’s killers on Dec. 15, 2013 and had to narrowly escape along with the other Nuers, who along the way to Ethiopia helped him. He, Lado, went on to represent Machar all over Africa and perhaps he alone helped so much as the most important political magnet to induce many non-Nuer to join the SPLM-IO.
        In short, brother, now you Nuers want to eat the cake all alone, forgetting the valuable and significant role the ‘others’ availed to the SPLM-IO.
        With your so palpably negative attitude, no wonder, many Equatorians will be sooner accusing you of being no different from your “cousins” the jieng whom the Equatorians immensely detest and abhor.
        Just an advice,

        • Bentiu Ramaran says:


          Please calm down. Yien Mathew is a Dinka man who is using Nuer name. If he is a Nuer, then he must be one of Nuer ke wew who have been fighting in the side of Kiir. As you know Nuer in the government are the very one who burned Nuer towns so that they can get good credit in Kiir government. They looted cattle from Unity State and took them to Warrap to appease Kiir and his relatives. With the return of many Equatorians and Nuer in SPLM-OI, the Nuer in government are afraid more than ever before because they will lost their jobs. The Nuer ke wew like Yien Mathew have and will continue lost support from Nuer communities completely.

          When the Dinka Dictator massacred Nuer civilians in Juba, the following Equatorians condemned the Nuer genocide in Juba: Gen and Dr. Lado Gore, Gen. Kenyi, Dr. Wani Tombe, and Dr. Mulla. In addition, the following Equatorians participants of condemned the Nuer genocide as well: Editor, Eastern, Elhag Paul, Eli, Jas, Joan Adam, Sister of Equatoria, and Margret Akulia in Canada etc. Whereas Nuer such as Benjamine Marial, Nguen Manytuel, Governor of Unity, Kun Pouch, Governor of Upper Nile, Dr. Riek Gai etc denied Nuer massacred and strongly support the killers of Nuer in massacring more Nuer.

          Since the SPLM-IO was formed, there is a slow growing of trust between Equatorians and Nuer. Countless number of Equatorians joined the SPLM-IO. On the other hand, many Nuer joined the Arrow Boys in Western Equatoria and many other Equatorians fronts.

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


          I would think an able and well educated man who is able to discern things can’t be outsmarted by some shallow minded person who is out in hope of placing a wedge between Nuer and Equatoria. According to this comment, there is no Nuer characters or talks in it. Salva Kiir is out to get the best of us all. Let us understand the art of this game being utilized by Dinka. It is the same things they did to Nuer themselves. Yien Mathew is a pure Dinka pretending to be Nuer. Look at his opening statement… that attacks on Eastern speaks for itself. Be vigilant, Mr. Editor. Equatoria and Nuer are winning this, and it is for them to do all they can to disconnect our unity.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Why extreme hatred towards to the indisputable patriot, Gen. Lado ?
        Why hates the man who legitimately and rightly earned seniority and unquestionable rank of
        Military General through combats and time in military service ?
        Yien, please reminds Gatdarwich of any Military General in the SPLA-IO who is senior to Gen. Lado, besides, Gen. Riek?
        why labels the peace loving gallant Equatorian sons, cowards and women, the very people who initiated the first revolutionary movement against the Arabs?
        Yien, do I need to remind you with the historical fact that it were Equatorians in coalition with the patriots Nuer who successfully championed the creation of three regions in southern Sudan-autonomous South Sudan. These three regions were functioning perfectly and in complete harmony, until a son from the traitorous tribe, Abel Alier, was appointed people president of these regions by the Arabs, who don’t want South Sudan to be managed and run by the patriots, but by the well known faithful traitors who were hell bent to totally destroyed the Junibiin’ demands for self-governance.
        Yien, do you have any minutiae knowledge of the Equatorians’ gallantry and patriotism records, besides the one you were reportedly taught-told by an unnamed General?

        Happy confusing new year, 2016, bro!

        • Bentiu Ramaran says:


          Yen is one of Nuer ke wew that help Kiir kill Nuer.

          • Gatdarwich says:

            Bentiu Ramaran,

            You might be correct, I think someone is maliciously using Yien’s name, but Yien needs to take appropriate action of confirming it. Otherwise, he will not and shall never be allowed to getaway with rubbish and foolish comments on this forum period

  22. Jerad says:

    Paul El Hack as you call yourself, it is not a Jeng that terrorized Equatoria, it is Equatoria by themselves. In an addition, people should learn from the previous mistake, but the problem Equestrian don’t learn. How many time did Equestrian follow Nuer and then later Nuer left them outside? If you bring back those of Odu and Gelario they will regret. Nuer can fight but the only thing make us different is only fluctuation because we Dinka don’t turn back easily. If Dinkas hate everyone in South Sudan we could have kick everybody out before UN came in, or made genocide and back to old Sudan because that time we have guns more than anyone. you can hate Dinkas but it will not help you anything. We Dinkas also, we fed up with others and for that reasons we need our own state so that we will not bother anyone. That doesn’t mean that if you wage a war against us we will stay quiet. Some Nuer thought that they will wage a war against the small Dinka states but they didn’t even thought about the national army were majority are Dinkas. Now you are preaching war, but if Nuer with many divisions felt to capture South Sudan in last two years, how is it possible for Equatorian to win a war where thousands of Dinkas have back to the army recently? I think we are lucky to have president Kiir because he is the mercy person, if he was another Dinka I think it could have been a miserable situation in South Sudan. Riek is not a lucky person because what he always plan to do good those of Nuer advisors destroyed it. He doesn’t learn either from the first mistake so he repeats exactly the same mistake. So the big blow has already gone, but let us love each other and also be cautious because everyone will be alert, and any small mistake will take us back to the destruction.

    • Itikwili says:


      Be honest to yourself. you know too well Uganda has been the one fighting this war on your behalf and has been occupying Juba airport constructing those filthy rocubas at the airport for everybody to see all along and you talk of kicking everybody out before UN comes. remember the day when Lou Nuer were approaching Juba like rainstorm and had to take Uganda air power to halt such a move! BBC reporter even reported of soldiers running like school children along Juba-Bor road. this dinka dinka dinka thing will not help you! your militias, to be exact cattle rustlers, are not fighters dude! you are not even worried a lot are still dying like flies when your politicians who incite them are having good times with their wives and concubines! Uganda has been doing this not because they love you; simply they have found a president to manipulate to their own benefit. the years ahead will be too bad for your people with your kind of mindset! take note that having a lot of guns does not means you can win a war; guns don’t kill people; people kill people! watch that movie to learn more! let us learn to keep our tongue to ourselves and this nation will grow!

  23. Hoiloom says:

    I think somebody is using the name of Yien Mathew. Yien cannot write such comments on social media.


    • Bol says:

      Please do us a favour…..Call Yien Methhew up and confirm that no else is using his name …I read something similar before and another more serious. Please be sincere with your findings… Here I quote (Hi my Nuer brother Rambang Deng gach I pass over yr article you posted in S born to rule ideology.I admire yr wring but what can we do brother since we Nuers are not organized.Those who have that ideology like the Dinkas are more organized and that is why they always take the lead.If u look at Dec 15 incident 2013.You wil realized our senior guys are fool including our big man Dr. Machar.Do u know what happen it was Taban Deng Gai who gave him fake assessment that we have 75 % of Nuers in the Army, when the mission was carried out it fail so Taban and Riek find themselves running away from Juba to the bush, so Riek ask Taban where is 75% of our Nuers in the army? Taban answer by keeping quiet three times.When Machar blame Taban about incident Taban was angry and ask Riek why you didn,t sucess since 1991 coup these are all yr mess up it was u who want to be President.When i ask Dr. Riek in one of our evening conversation i ask him is sit true that there was a coup it took him 2 mins to answer me lastly he said yes there was coup attempt but it failure was blame on Taban and the G10 who engineered it.The following on the g10 said they have enough army who can topple president Kiir.The names are as followers,
      Dr.Majak Agoot,Oyai Deng,Gir Chuang,Pagan,John Luke,Deng Alor these p,ple were very sure of themselves,he did n,t know these were weak guys who don,t have any single support even from the grassroots.So it is true z there was coup.So z is sit my bro,let us not blame any body ab,t born to rule ideology.Thk,….. Comrade Yien Mathew,The former active Splm member in gov,t…..Pres. Kiir should dismiss many Ministers for sake of Peace Agreement……..Nov. 13 Politics, Uncategorized 29 comments …..By James Okuk, PhD., JUBA, NOV/13/2015, SSN;)

  24. Jim Monyekak says:

    Paul Elhag,

    Whereas your article indeed tries shake-up Equatorians, much more efforts should be done to organize, consolidate and support armed and political opposition in Greater Equatoria. Your article addresses the need to initiate the “Third Force of 3rd Front”. Equatorians must now start to dissociate themselves from this intricate and entangled political chaos characteristic of both the Jienges and Nyagats. Equatoria can do without both of them. Period! What we Equatorians urgently need is self-identification, mobilization and action. Stop talking about the South but more of a free, civilized and development-oriented Equatoria that is at peace with itself. These jienges and Nuers can keep to themselves. The long term goal is an Independent Equatoria. The jienges want their own states, so they can form their own Country.

  25. Kim Lony Gatluak says:

    We 63 tribes Let us stand very firm to response Dinka.

  26. Abuchook says:

    Ooh yes Mr. RIEK MACHAR EBOLA should have learned from his old mistakes… huuum okay he is Riek Machar Ebola anyway.

  27. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    Happy New Year to u cousin!
    But don’t u have a shame to begin the new year with lies?
    “In 1903,Azandé and nuer fought togather against Egyption-Angelo”,how was that possible when in those days,the nuers only knew in child sleeping tales of a certain human race named Nyam Nyam,which lived in a dense jungle,which members captured uncircumcised adventurers like nuers who ever dared to roam there,that they took them to the headquarters of their chief who ordered the captives to be slaughtered in a feast,had them cut in pieces,cooked in a giant pot and eaten to glorify the greatness of their God?!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      Despite your falsification of the great Azande people, there was never any cannibalism in practice by 1903, and secondly the fear prevailing among neighboring tribes about the Azande kingdom of the Great Chief Budwe was more due to his great warrior-ship in defeating the invading colonialists like the Belgians and the Arabs.
      Secondly, Nyam-Nyam was a myth erroneously attributed to the Azande but in fact it was in reference to the Belgian agents who were reputed to be eating the people being captured. But in fact the people captured in those areas of South Sudan then only known as the Lado Enclave, were taken to the mines run by the Belgians.
      Finally, those great Azande Chiefs were notoriously known for having young girls being buried alive with them in the same graves due to those chiefs’ beliefs that they will continue some concubinage relations with those pretty young girls. This again was a popular rumor being circulated about those mighty Azande chiefs.
      May be our historians will make a better clarification other the above.

  28. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    False Millionaire,

    I am glad the editor proofed you wrong beyond doubt. Now you are the one who starts the new year with liars and denials. You are an enormous liars like your uncle, Salva Kiir whose liars lost over one hundred thousands lives since 2013. Happy New Year Mr. Liar.

  29. Hoiloom says:


    Give me some time to look for Yien Mathew and confirm if it’s him.


  30. False Millionaire says:

    I am glad we don’t disagree on the backround.
    But thank u so much for the good work with SSN.
    You are among rare few masses who are doing something to our society.
    How one wishes we were still in those days when the digniterie who did great things to their societies like chief Budwe got buried with awesome living virgines just to be sure they continued happy life in death.
    Trust us big brother.We would have been more than disposed to do it to u the day God takes u to join your great forefathers.
    But coming back down to Earth,happy New Year to u and your family sir!!!

  31. Abuchook says:

    Dear Readers:

    I have noticed one thing on this website and others that most comments are very negative and hatred towards the loyalists and Nationalist citizens of the Lion King( the Great Jieng Nation of The Beloved Nation of South Sudan).
    Some brothers and sisters on this website and others have no better teeth to bite no matter matter how loud or hatred their comments are.

    Note: it is very easily to preached the songs of war but never be win. South Sudan History is my witness and judge.

    It has become very clear since day one the birth of our Revolution in May, 1983: No matter what they say or hated toward the Great Jieng Nation the mission must and will continue as always.

    History is repeated itself: Riek Machar Ebola viruse is coming back to Juba and The Great Jieng Nation knows that this will happen since the beginning of this War.

    May the God Bless the Jieng Nation and the people of South Sudan!

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    I have spoken my mind and may the God Bless the Great Jieng Nation and the people of South Sudan.

  32. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    Please don’t move an inch from the net.
    Just have the courage to prove to this forum under which geographical,social and political circumstances,”in 1903″,did,”Azandé and nuer fought togather against Egyption-Angelo”?
    But Kiir and Taban Deng Gai are dining in Juba after laying waste many innocent lives and ngundeng’s anointed Naath Nation’s Moses Dr Riak Machar is joining them soon,is that a lie?!!!

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      False Millionaire,

      Leave what the Azande and Nuer had done in 1903 and 1945. I think you are currently learning unpredictable lesson from Azonde and Nuer. As you we speak today, the Azande closed most major roads leading to Greater Bar el gazal from Juba. People from Greater Bar el Gazal are dying of hunger everyday because the Azande closed their supply routes from Juba. On the other hand, Nuer shutdown most of the oil refineries in Greater Upper Nile. Even with the help from Uganda, Rwanda, Bruidy, Congo, and SPLA-N, and JEM mercenaries, the tribal regime of Kiir has not been able to gain control of the oils. These developments are happening now during your life time so there is no denial.

  33. Kur says:

    You’ve mental issues that need to be addressed. Nobody is going to consider insanity as anything of value. Please stop. Join al Shabab in Somalia if you want practice what you[re preaching.

  34. Beek says:

    I might be wrong,but it seems to me like the Far Right leader in this country has stood on a Quake or Earthquake for a minute.

    • Hi you people need to seek prayers. Hate is a work of devil.
      I declare our war has come to an end. God has time for everything. Those dreaming of another war or those who want to incite another war can not defeat God. This is time for us now to think about peace, reconciliation unity and development. The war monger should change or they face God’s rant against them. Southners have suffered alot and God is on the side of the majority peace lovers

    • Yien Mathew says:

      To All Commentators,
      To many of u who are doubting me iam Yien Mathew the one whom my brother does not believe.I do not hatred Equatorians as some of u claims but i hatred the way the make noises all the time.The talk much about Dinka hatred and when we took up arms against the Dinka gov,t they fear to follow us.And now when we are making peace people like paul continue to write very long articles of hatred.With this that is why i look at them as if they are curse by God.They don,t confront and speak to people like men one of the best example many of them don,t write their really names,e.g Eastern,@information those are cowardice names.End
      Comrade Yien Mathew.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        It is now very clear and indubitable from this clumsily written-alias Yien’s comment that a Jenge is devilishly-tactfully using brother Yien’s name to cause disunity among the patriots, Nuer & Equatorians.

        Gatdarwich know very well that, The real comrade, Yien Mathew is too educated and matured enough to write rubbish, foolish, and self-degrading-embarrassing-divisive comments on social media period

      • Gatdarwich says:

        It is now very clear and indubitable from this clumsily written-alias Yien’s comment that a Jenge is devilishly and tactfully using brother Yien’s name to cause mistrust and disunity among the patriots, Nuer & Equatorians.

        Gatdarwich know very well that, The real comrade, Yien Mathew, is too educated and politically matured enough to write rubbish, foolish, self-degrading, embarrassing, and divisive comments on social media period

      • Eastern says:


        You sound stale here. What’s the difference between Eastern and Mathew, Salva, Paul, John, Alex, etc?

        To you a name must have a Nuer touch to it; what a rubbish!

        The Eastern Rock

      • Bol says:

        Yien Mathew,
        Thanks for clearing the air…thanks for calling the spade spade…thanks for NOT calling the spade spade……thanks for being nice to ” the borne to hate” …..thanks for rejecting “crocodile tears” which have been shed a lot by “professional mourners” whose intentions are to keep the fire burning…Welcome home.

      • Brother Yien hit them properly. This people hide their children and families abroad and they want to
        use other people’s children. They themselves fear to die and they want others to die. I am happy you ate an independent thinker. Some of them want to deny that it is not you or no Nuer can say such words. You have exposed the lies of this net and the hate they want to intro doctorate in the minds of S.Sudanse. I had wanted Paul El Hag, Eli and Mr info to reply you. They shouldn’t be quite. The war is benefiting other people that is why they do not want peace to return to the country. They go to offices in the West to solicit money and lie they are the honest people. They are feeding their families with blood money. Mr info with his media of lairs should not be accepted to operate in S.Sudan. Until he is ready to uphold professionalism and media ethical codes of reporting. It’s time for peace loving S. Sudanese to deny war mongers and hate speeches. What these people are doing is the abuse of freedom of speech and media to in plant hatred among our selves more over some of them have started clearly they have better jobs in West and they don’t hsve plans to return to S.Sudan

  35. motapthiodit says:

    It is very unfortunate to preach war instead to preach peace among South Sudanese community, Nuer can not live with out Jieng and Equatoria can not live with out Nuer , all of us are equal before law, the war you are preaching will not take you to the level you wanted, Yien Mathew was SPLM information officer what he does in his life to help South Sudanese citizen

  36. Ww says:

    Mr. Paul Elhage,

    South Sudan need Peace. The Dinka community is not terrorizing equatorians as you falsely claims. I suggest you bring your fat ass to South Sudan and lead rebellion to taste war and chaos. writing somewhere in America with Mcdonald loaded belly would not and will never help.

    Quoting oneself from previous articles written to support one consistent lies won’t do you any good. The Dinka community will reach its limit and war being

  37. False Millionaire says:

    “Between 1994 and 1996,Pachala,Akobo,Pibor and some of Murlé areas were then in the hands of Jalaba.
    “Garang than ask Ethiopian military to liberate them.
    “After two weeks…Garang flew in with helicopter in Pachala.
    “I am an eye witness”.
    Just see yourself in the mirror how so foolish u look.
    U are just too lucky that the editor doesn’t give a damn about the value of the history and that’s why he published your rubbish.
    It’s needless to waste my time any more.But I encourage u to ask yourself which year did the ethiopian government under Magistu fell and in which year was the split of the SPLM/A into Nasir and Torit factions!!!

  38. Toria says:

    False M
    Why don’t you research SPLA in 1996? or maybe 97? When was Nasir split? Wasn’t it in 1991? Torit faction in 1994 maybe? But the motion isn’t about Nasir or Torit, it was about Pachala, Akobo, Pibor etc, and just for your info. that wasn’t under Mangisto. Mangesto Haile Miriam was already in exile in Zimbabwe. It was under the current Ethiopian regime but the former late Prime minister Mallis Zenawe, yes it was Ethiopian troops who pushed out Jallabas from Pachola. Maybe if you have the means go and ask your cousin aka murderer Kuol Manyang, who was the governor of Upper Nile in liberated areas, he too arrived in Pachala about a week after it fell. It was the Anyuak king Sultan Agada who raised the SPLA flag in the presence of Dr. John. And yes there were couple hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers and some armored Ethiopian vehicles. Most of the Sudanese soldiers aka Jalabas who died there were Darfurians, we could tell from their dark faces and wearing of voodoo or hijab all over their bodies suppose to protect them from bullets, but apparently if didn’t work. Around that same period was NDA activities in Eastern Sudan. Yes, I was an eye witness, and even the editor can’t deny that fact. You assume the editor to serve Dinka interests as he always publishes many of your lies here. You’re just a mouth piece for JCE trying to forge and counter every historical facts including the recent motion by Bentiu about the alliances of Nuer and Azande in late 1800s or early 1900s. Where did you go to school? If you were one of the lost boys then that explains everything, because they don’t teach our history in refugee camps or Cuba. No wonder, you call yourself false, you are truly a falsifier. Fyi, there was no Dinka civilians killed in Western Equatoria as you previously claimed, all those killed were carrying arms in SPLA uniforms. Stop lying.

  39. Hoiloom says:

    Dear all,

    This is not Yien Mathew whom I personally met in Pagak in late 2015. My source of information tells me that he’s in the field. Whatever this Yien claims should be disregarded.


    • Hi brother it id laughable . You people always want to put
      words to people’s mouths. Yein id an independent thinker. Your lairs in this net has been exposed
      .You have to start preaching peace. You people are hypocrites. . You love your own lives while you want to play with others people’s lives. It is good if people like Yein can discover the truth that there are people who just ring the bells of war but when it comes to action, they are the cowards. They want to use others to do the job for them. Read Animal farm book by George Owen

  40. False Millionaire says:

    Stop the rampage for a minute and explain under which geographical,social and political circumstances did,”the alliances of Nuer and Azandé in late 1800s or early 1900s”,as u say come to exist?
    U want to give the impression that nuer and Zandé were neighbouring tribes before don’t u?!!

  41. Toria says:

    False M;
    Personally I am not interested in such debates. I just wanted to comment that in ancient African kingdoms, there were alliances formed when invaders are proven to be threats to the indignant parties, like in our situation, when the enemy was Northern Sudan the whole nation united to face them, same could have happened with Azande and Nuer. But the fact is that no one can dispute that there were African sub clan kingdoms that rival each other but when invaders like the Turks, Egyptians and Europeans came all those tribal kingdoms united to fight them, and that was how Africans got their independences. But the most damages European did was dividing our continent in their own way, to this day no African leader is talking about reversing the imaginary boundaries which is keeping us divided and backward. The other fact is that; there are no written historical narratives written by Africans. Almost all of our history were written by Europeans, the accuracy of the facts are still disputable as we all know that writers only include details that suits them and their readers, in this case those European writers only wrote what the Europeans in Europe wanted to hear. On the other note, in Africa every culture has their folklores or mouth to mouth narration that are passed from one generation to another. And perhaps, that’s why some of the facts could only be found within that particular groups and not in European texts. Eg; it’s my first time to learn about dead kings were buried with beautiful young girls. But everyday is another to learn something new. The Azande people were one of the greatest people and their kingdom was well established. Here is a site you too could learn something about them;
    ttp:// of
    But I got to be honest looking through those webpages Akulia posted above here chills my blood. I hope you are not among those innocent young boys being mutilated. Even John Garang once said; that maybe the reason why mongjiangs don’t think well is because they lose all the good blood from their foreheads.

  42. Mr Yien do not let mr info to think the issue about sharing of bread
    as he has put it in his writing. The issue is about peace among our people.
    I can not believe educate people like those of Paul el hag,, Bentue, Eastern, Eli, Hoiloom and many others are writing day and night to push the country to chaos because of issue of just sharing cake. Does these people have our country in their hearts. This is madness and the peace loving S . Sudanese should not allow the to prosper. These people are great threat to our children, society, civilisation , unity of our people and territorial integrity of our country. If we are not careful Arabs agents are still at work. They are the people advocating for UN to take our country. They do not want Riack or Kirr and yet they new without the two principles getting involve there will be no peace. Should we S.Sudanse allow these people to continue break as apart. No no no these are enemies of S.Sudanse people. We should follow Yien to defeat these devils. Now they found it hard to respond to Yien even some like those of Bentue could not believe it is Yien. The whole day and night talking about there useless education. They have forgotten how Lodu Gore insulted our un educated people and again they are repeating it in these net that Yien is Educated they can not believe it is him who wrote. They think it is only the uneducated people who can write such things . We should ask ourselves whether these are out own sons brothers sisters or elians . Can such people really care about out vulnerable society?

    • Eastern says:

      Certainly what walks and quacks like Alex must be Alex.

      Even the vitriolic minister of Information and Broadcasting aka the Chief Hatespeaker was also asking for what this shadowy man is asking here. The Chief Hatespeaker in and way emboldened the president and the army to move the war agenda forward bleeding the national coffer dry sending the national economy into the cauldron just within lest than a year!

      We can’t just simply say malesh and move on without folks at the thick of it not being brought to atone for their deeds lest there be recurrence of the same evil in South Sudan. Here comes the Hybride Court!

      From the onset of the conflict the writing was on the wall for the belligerent to be mindful that Pyrrhic victory awaits those who are hell bent on pursuing the war option. I noted Dr Riek realised the futility of war. Museveni realised the cost of war was going to be prohibitive to pursue with him fighting for presidency in Uganda – he quit the South Sudan mission. Kiir only realised that pursuing war with SPLA-io as a futile attempt when the national coffer ran dry! Heavily indebted due to advance sales of oil (mortgaging real), he reluctantly signed the ARCISS. Some of his stubborn supporters still pushed under his office door a list of some twenty-something states. I hope Kiir and supporters see their futile attempts at scuttling the ARCISS.

      Do South Sudanese not feel the bitterness of war? Why should some individual or group of people want to wage a war they do not feel?

      Let’s work with Festus Mogae to make the realisation of the Second Republic of South Sudan a reality.

      • Eastern
        You will only be remembered in history as people who want to sold the country to UN after
        all the blood shed that have been pored. In addition, you will be remembered as people who want to erase the history made by our brothers in the struggle against the Arabs because of issue of mere sharing of the cake. Further, you will be remembered as betrayers. You named innocent business man who are your own brothers to be the economic adviser to Riack. You named your own brothers that they a planning to remove Lodu Gore. You accused your own brothers the three governors to be working for Kirr. You betrayed your fellow Equtorians working in the government that they are bought by Kirr while these people are working to develop the country. You accused your own brothers like James Wani Igg of being a puppet of the government while this man sacrificed the whole of his life for the liberation of our country. You accused politicians like Lomor of being bought. You will enter into history as the only educated people in the world who are insulting their own sisters, brothers, and their parents of being illiterate after having educate you and made you what you are today. History will never forgive and forget you people.
        Who is ready to join a group who decide for other people without their knowledge. Equtorians open up your eyes about these people. They have mentioned it clearly they want to promote their interest. Did you know what is the interest of these group. Are you aware or are you part of this group. Did you discuss the interest together? If you are not careful you will sell your selves. Things done in hiding are dangerous. You should be able to know where you’re going but not to be told where to go
        History will remember these group as the only one who are against peace when our people desperately need peace and reconciliation. They will be remembered as hate preachers while their people desperately needs unity. They will be remembered as people who are against independence even they mentioned it that God was hast in giving us independence


  43. False Millionaire says:

    After surviving the muddiest moments of the SPLM/A’s war under Dr Garang,I am neither among those who get mutilated nor one of the elites who give orders to mutilate.
    Good luck to u with the new dimension of rampage if u think it’s a general tendency,”why mongjiing don’t think well is becouse they lose all the good blood from their foreheads”.
    But it will still be fine for u if u get a generalized sense of stisfaction from dealing with unscared forehead mongjiing who didn’t lose,”all the good blood from their foreheads”.

  44. Toria says:

    False M,
    So, are you done with all the questions? No worries, if you need knowledge all you have to do is just ask, but not trying to falsify the history or counter every motion. Most of you kids born during the war times have a lot to learn. History isn’t made in 22 years in the bush. Don’t forget before SPLA there was the original war of liberation that was betrayed by your own kin. Well then, from now on you should act like every normal human beings, if; as you said; “I am neither among those who get mutilated nor one of the elites who give orders to mutilate”. However; it looks like even those of you who claim to be “unscarred forehead mongjiing” are not much different from the bunch. It is your retarded mentality that is keeping everyone behind and holding the country hostage. For example; in Juba City when citizens are celebrating birthdays or just a normal get together in their own homes and trying to forget all the hassles on the streets caused by the undisciplined so-called SPLA security crooks, citizens are being harassed just for having fun, and most of those roaming the nights as government security personnels happens to be Dinkas. So now tell me who are misbehaving like mad dogs all over South Sudan?

  45. False Millionaire says:

    Why did u beat around the bush to give the false impression as,”why mongjiing don’t think well is becouse they lose all the good blood from their forehhead”,when in reality your true intention is the assertion of mongjiing,”retaded mentality”?
    This isn’t the first time such bitter feeling is surfacing of course.I agree with u that history,”isn’t made in 22 years”.
    So let’s stick to give value to history then and to agree that in history,the same feeling was the cuase that provoked KOKRAK.As such,if u could agree that KOKORA was the solution to anti mongjiing bitter feelings of those days,there is no need why u shouldn’t agree to Dr Riak’s 21 states and Kiir’s 28 states federal propositions.
    That will confine every one to his state without the need to roam into others’ states to cause such unnecessary ill feelings.
    In fact politics is a game of ideas and the end is always a solution to given problems.
    Good ideas can come from masses of all ages.So to estimate that some body is younger than u doesn’t necessarily mean that u are superior to him in thinking as u falsely indicate with your phrase,”most of u kids”.
    That’s another good lesson to learn sir if u still don’t know!!!

  46. Hoiloom says:


    The best quote of the week, “So now tell me who are misbehaving like mad dogs all over South Sudan”?
    The answer is; my Monyjang cousins! Good weekend…


  47. False Millionaire says:

    …As for the country that’s a shame to u to share with,”mentaly retarded”,mongjiing,curb your state and declare it a country!!!

    • Toria says:

      False M;
      I rest my case by saying; SPLA was not the beginning and will definitely be the end of rebellion in South Sudan. As long as there are enough people like me who see there are lots of discrepancies that need attitude adjustments there will always continue the zeal to resist oppression, especially when it’s blacks to blacks monopolization. Once again, the issue here is not just about hatred of people as per say, but it’s been and will still remain about your rotten lawlessness. Why do you think Dinkas are always perceived to be ignorant and act like animals wherever they go? Just look around, in every gathering it’s Dinkas who’re the spoilers. And, it’s not like you people have bright ideas, but rather dumbest ones. Your people are greedy and jealous to see others are happy and own things. Dinkas would like to own everythings, every power, every cows, every land, every cow dungs, but still making no tangible progress year after year. And don’t try to claim that all the developments or the little achievements in Equatoria was brought about as a result of SPLA presence in Equatoria. Instead the opposite is true. There is nothing wrong with sharing nations but there has to be mutual coexistence and respect of others or else forget about peace. You seems to be spearheading the JCE agenda on this website, blaming Equatorians for deaths of some Dinkas, mind you this is nothing compared to what John Garang did in Equatoria. Soon or later rest assured justice will prevail.

  48. False Millionaire says:

    Chére Madame Akulia,
    I am a victim of lack of time at this very hour but must not shorten to acknoledge your dispatch with great appreciation.
    I am pleased to inform u that I am an adventurer from an early age up to this moment.
    Standing near a shiraton hotel in Niagara fall on a tourism pastime never gave me an ill idea to distort the historical facts about the nature of our society.
    The small tribe named jur chol in Bahr el Ghazal is an example of our citizens who strive to cover nudity involving all ages and sex.That in my life time,I am a witness of the majority of them wearing something called abunga which is a piece of textile cloth that is passed between buttock crack to the groin to cover sexual organs.
    The front end of abunga is passed through a threat in the form of a belt tied around the waste and then let loose to hang along the theighs half way to the knees.The same arrangement is also made behind.
    My travels in Zandé land also permitted me to observe the same tendency in most rural areas like the territories between Ezo and Nzara.But the Zendé use tree leaves.
    That gives the impression that such manner of dressing was the most popular way of covering nudity for the majority of africans as one may be tempted to believe as a confirmation in viewing the national geographic TV films featuring pigmies and bushmen.

    On the other hand nuer and dinka in particular share the same manners with regards to dress and nudity.
    Before external contacts dinka citizens in particular,particularly young boys and girls who hadn’t reach the age of period walked naked with out any shame attached to it.
    For femals in particular,it were married women and grown up girls who worn goat skin clothing as protection against indiscrete public regards.
    Elderly men and men of high social elites worn leopard skins during ceremony occassions.
    The external influence was lead by arab marchants who came to do business with the dinka in particular bringing salt,nidles,clothes,alluminium cooking materials from north sudan and of course clothes as brother el Hag names one in his article as,”Nus Jalabya”.
    But that was long before the english took over to administer South sudan.This is the point of contradiction that puts me in argument with brother El Hag.

    The truth is,the english administration gave value to the work of tribal paramount chiefs through out south sudan.
    Those chiefs were summoned regularly for consultations on administrative matters particularly with regards to the issues of peace and tranquility among citizens.
    May be it was to give them an english authority out look,the administrators dressed them with trusers,shirts,huts shoes and gave them walking sticks.Every chief came to town with a wife and a body guard and were accommodated by the government during the period of the meetings.
    That’s all what the english administraters did but never the white lie of commissioning equatorians to go to tailor clothes to cover the nudity of jieng masses whom were then as now in their millions.


      I will be cross referencing this. Watch this space as I and others uncover irrefutable evidence about everything South Sudanese including the good, the bad, the ugly and the evil. Your pseudonym will undoubtedly be interested in the implications.
      M. Akulia

  49. Deng Monymor says:

    False Millionaire,

    South Sudan is a very strange country, indeed. In this country, only people whose background as citizens of this country is questionable always have the tendency to be historians of other people whose cultures and customs they do not know, or have no any understanding of. Of such people is Margaret Akulia. The first time I met Margaret Akulia in Ottawa, Canada, she was introduced to me as a widow of Ida Amin, the former leader of Uganda. For some unknown reasons, Mrs. Akulia or Mrs. Amin as they used it in Ugandan community in Canada, has become a historian who doesn’t know her own self but of other people she knows not in the first place. However, she forgot that we live in a world where history is good as well as bad when it comes to figure out who is who and where they come from– she is well known to begin with.

    What they called Nudity is not nudity at all. I have tendency to believe their definition has nothing to do with our historical facts, but something to do with Internet world and what goes on in it. Of course too much watching youtube nowadays causes a twist in realities. But if they think our historical facts was nudity, then God must have been a creator of Nudity. As far as I can read from old books, I realized God created man and his wife naked. If that was nudity, was God uncivilized to see it? Indeed, that’s why being Afrocentric nowadays is not a bad thing but a liberation from self-ignorant, Mrs. Akulia and Alhaj Paul suffer of this disease.

    As regards to scared head as “retard mentality,” this also shows their lack of clear thinking and analysis. If a person who has a retard mentality has managed to liberate them, gets them a country, and now running the country as a president, what does this say about them? The only answer these people need is the one Jesus gave to those who tried to stone a woman whom they thought had committed adultery, that “let one who has not committed adultery throw the first stone.” Likewise, those who call others retarded are the ones who are most retarded for being liberated by the Retarded.


    • Bol says:

      {The first time I met Margaret Akulia in Ottawa, Canada, she was introduced to me as a widow of Ida Amin, the former leader of Uganda}……I was wondering …….Would marrying her off to “Kiir” be a good incentive to let her write another book in the near future under the name of { The Undeniable Role of JCE in RSS Foundation}! This project is worth trying…What do think?

      • Deng Monymor says:


        The project worth 200 cows!! Things will turn around favorable because she will readily convince the world, particularly Equatoria, about the glorious contributions Jieng Council of Elders has made for this nation, especially of their tireless exhortation to Jieng youth to observe the Philosophy of Kongkoc first when things go wrong, unlike our cousins’ youth.


    • Deng Monymor or whatever your actual name is says:

      You just failed flat in conjecturing my background. I have never met you or Idi Amin so your outlandish rant is irresponsible at best. If I lived in Ottawa as you claim, I would NEVER go to the places you frequent so stop fibbing and learn some etiquette.
      M. Akulia

      • Deng Monymor says:


        By saying “If I lived in Ottawa as you claim, I would NEVER go to the places you frequent so stop fibbing and learn some etiquette,” you miserably failed to understand the point I am getting across. It is true that you and me have a huge gap in terms of age because Idi Amin Dada was older by generations as his birthday indicates. However, as a generation of liberation struggle, I usually engage in things beyond my age and that was where we came across each other. You will be surprised to learn how much I know about you,so don’t ask me learn because there is nothing I haven’t learned of your background.

        Your capitalizing the word never shows the attitude of denial been learned through running betweens. We are not fool to let Chameleon go undetected within our border.



          This is my last salvo in your dim-witted game because I must focus on the more worthwhile business of rescuing South Sudan from the likes of you!! Stop abusing the editor’s liberality with a useless game of ping pong. What makes you think other people give a hoot about your ugly cows? Have you ever asked Dinka girls how they feel about being sold to obnoxious lunatics? So what if people have multiple citizenships in this day and age? Grow up.
          M. Akulia

          • Deng Monymor says:

            Margaret Akulia,

            “So what if people have multiple citizenships in this day and age? Grow up.” Finally, you confirmed what I was saying and your big “NEVER” was nothing but a confession of multiple denials that running between Uganda and South Sudan has generated.

            “Rescuing South Sudan!” Do you really know what rescuing means or do you take it from Non-governmental organization use? Shouting in the basement of Ottawa Public Library meeting areas or funeral places is not called rescuing the nation. Moreover, sitting in front of computer with a big Chinese bowl of Noodle or Tim Hortons’ double-double is not either. You see, using big words with no understanding of their implication is a typical behavior of all Internet warriors, and you are one of them.

            It didn’t dawn on me that I was exchanging thoughts with a woman. I thought I was dealing with an individual who thinks has opinions to make regardless of her gender. And all of sudden, after having ran out of what to say, you run around with skirt flying in the air into womanhood, calling for an Equatorian man for protection or for rescue, forgetting that you mentioned rescuing South Sudan yourself. This is a shameful contradiction!

            You see, that’s the problem we have. You naively jumped into ring with me and when I showed my Muhammad Ali’s style, you hopelessly stopped and cry: me woman, me woman, me woman! I thought you were George Foreman and I gave you what I got. Pretty sad Toria won’t rescue you since he doesn’t know what a “man to man” means. I seen men like him run ahead of their wives and children, leaving them before and he is one of those from my judgment. So stay in Canada and shut your mouth up, even your age mate, Elhaj Paul in UK, won’t do anything either.

            I will deal with you as an individual who jumps into national affair she doesn’t even have a clue about, and if you want me to deal with you as a woman let me, because right now I am not prepared for it. And tell your friend, Toria, to come down here on ground and we will see what “man to man” looks like. He ran away before and I’m sure he will run away again.


  50. False Millionaire says:

    If u aren’t an official spokesman for equatorian masses, what gives you the right to take me for somebody “spearheading the JCE agenda”?
    But as a matter of the merit of freedom of expression, I am not too disturbed to see u vomiting such vile sense of arrogance.
    It’s named bankruptcy in debates. But keep up with it if it wouldn’t bury u and your likes deep in the mud!!!

    • Toria says:

      False M
      What makes you think you won’t be buried in deep mud, just as you think I would. You are neither bullet proof nor invincible. Take you rubbish empty threats and shovel them deep into your rear black end. Exactly that proves the point, that you who claimed not being “scarred”, behave even more stupider.
      You and your culprits like Deng Monymor and Bol are empty headed retarded women haters. Why do you gang up on nice people like Margerret Akulia, as usual your coward attacks on the women of South Sudan are fatal mistakes that you will come to regret is due time. All you Dinka so-called men starting from Salva Kirr down are women-fobic.
      Leave the ladies out of your mess, if you have balls pick a place and let’s set a date to face each other man to man. I will whip you black skinny arses back to your mosquito infested wasted swamps. Come on, bring your best and let’s keep it on.


        You are a true son of Equatoria because our men are fiercely protective of women. One day soon, the women of South Sudan will be free of the predators currently wreaking havoc on them. The gathering karmic forces will soon prevail. Just watch.
        M. Akulia

        • Toria says:

          M Akulia
          My pleasure. Yes, true freedom shall reign. We will never give up until every human beings’ rights are respected in South Sudan.

  51. Bol says:

    We need you for more important work……Urging with NOBODIES not among the priorities…..Save your time and energy……Enjoy life and other pressing issues ……This man is a dead in the wood.

  52. Bol says:

    Mr Editor,
    {God Almighty was himself seriously very hesitant to give us an independent nation even after sacrificing nearly two million souls. Any wonder that we are now and will continue losing more millions of our people as a punishment for disobeying the Almighty’s act of benevolence of granting us that independence too early!!}
    Can I assure you that Kiir, Reik, you, me and the rest of tribal thinkers will not be politically influential in next ten years?
    I am a living example….I tried to convince my little sister {Not} to have any relation with her Bari boyfriend…. She never listened…I am now a maternal uncle to this Bari nephew! Believe me …..more will be caught unaware of these changes…Elhag Paul, the Editor, Daughters of Equatoria, Juana ADAMS..All this guys could find themselves in my shoes in a blink of an eye!

  53. False Millionaire says:

    Do confirm universal intellectuals like madame Akuila need to be defended by inferior human idiots like u?
    U are so unbeliveable. But go hang yourself. U are a shame to earth!!!

  54. Toria says:

    False M
    Are you chicken to face me? Running your mouth in hiding is all you can do. Go and burry yourself in cow dung before you lose your mind. Useless animals.

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