The “Crucifixion’’ sentiments by Mabor Achol Kuer is blasphemy and provocation to Christian faithful across South Sudan

The ‘Crucifixion’ sentiments by Mabor Achol Kuer is nothing but blasphemous, Satirical and deliberate provocation to Christian faithful across South Sudan.

By: Solomon Yak, Rumbek, SOUTH SUDAN, APR/26/2013, SSN;

The recent crucifixion statement by the deputy governor of Lakes state (Titled Lakes State threatened to “Crucify” critical Journalists and Activists, Published by Sudan tribune April,23,2013) should not go un-condemned and as such, I must from the outset state that this is the worst and irresponsible statement being uttered by a ruthless and self-serving politician in the person of Mabor Achol Kuer.

My fellow Christians, here is what he said, “those who are writing negatively about this state government will be crucified like Jesus Christ if we capture them.” Adding that “we‘ll catch you and crucify you on wood.”

He made such obscene utterances on Sunday during a dinner attended by most of the State Ministers and Director Generals for a thanksgiving occasion and organized by one of the Director Generals appointed in Dhuol’s recent Cabinet reshuffle, is indeed seen as blasphemous, satirical and a deliberate provocation by many Christians across South Sudan based on the comments sparked by the news report on Sudan tribune website and other media outlets.

However, it’s absurd and an abuse to our Religion as Christians and inhuman to say that they will crucify human beings like Jesus Christ, who we believed was crucified for good cause to wash away our sins, in other words Jesus was not a sinner but a messiah and saviour of the world.

Mr. Achol’s statement has triggered anger among Christians community in South Sudan and is equated to 2005, Danish cartoon controversy depicting the Prophet Mohammed which reignited religious tensions between Muslims and Christians around the world.

People wondered why a cartoon can sometimes be enough to provoke violence, but a public sentiment expressed by Mr. Achol is largely enough for Christians in South Sudan and in the whole world to provoke violence in South Sudan and to take mass action against Mabor Achol for the depiction of our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, to demand the removal of this uncouth, hopeless and brutal creature, so-called Achol.

Another scenario in point Christian should emulate, is the Libya’s in Sept 2012 attack where Islamist militants armed with anti-aircraft weapons and rocket–propelled grenades stormed a lightly defended United States diplomatic Mission in Benghazi, Libya, killing the American ambassador (Christopher Stevens) and three members of his staff.

The fighters involved in the assault said in interviews during the battle that they were moved to attack the mission by anger over a 14-minute American-made video that depicted the Prophet Mohammed, Islam’s founder, as a villainous, homosexual and child-molesting buffoon. Their attack followed by just a few hours the storming of the compound surrounding the United States Embassy in Cairo by unarmed mob protesting the same video while new crowds of protesters gathered outside the United States Embassies in Tunis and Cairo.

Having eaten sumptuous lunch and inspired by his new appointment as Deputy Governor as well as Minister of Education, Mr.Achol was prompted to utter what just came in his mind without knowing the implications of such reckless statement can impact on his intended audience and the wider Christians world to say the least.

Mr. Achol is a known controversial figure who one time in his tenure as a Commissioner of Yirol East County issued a provocative statement in a meeting to Agar Community leaders who went to Yirol to recover the stolen cattle by youth of Yirol East County. He was quoted as saying that “how do we know these cows are for Agar community, since they have no marks on their-foreheads?”

He was cynically referring to Agar’s traditional marks on men’s foreheads. Which was widely condemned by Agar Community both at home in the Diaspora.

These Journalists and Activists who Mr. Achol want to Crucify, stood up for the bill of rights, freedom of expression as enshrined in the traditional Constitution of South Sudan and human dignity of the people of Lakes State who are being tortured, maimed, arbitrary arrested without trials by uncouth and ruthless Military junta of Matur Chut Dhuol who was sent by President Kiir on a mercenary mission to Lakes State as a revenge mechanisms due to Kiir flattery relations with people of Lakes State.

To end this orchestrated mass arrest, torture and under development in our State, our people must come back to their senses united as people of one state and to avoid killing themselves and work tirelessly with people of different States in South Sudan to vote Kiir out comes 2015 general elections, with all his corrupt and self-serving ministers or rather well known as cabinet of thieves who robbed South Sudanese citizens of the so-called Dura saga and $4 billion earmarked by donor Countries for dire needed infrastructure, Education, health services, among others to the people of South Sudan which ended up in individual pockets.

President Kiir’s war on corruption isn’t bearing any meaningful fruits since he himself is implicated in corrupt practices and instead of leaving the South Sudanese alone, Kiir’s failed officials still release such vexing sentiments on the silent majority of South Sudanese masses.

Due to Kiir’s poor policies in his government, he is greatly losing popularity and wider speculations are that, despite the split of 1991 which killed scores of South Sudanese and displaced many others, still there is room to forgive each other and try Dr. Riek and other potential candidates of SPLM in 2015.

If our party makes a mistake of declaring Kiir as its Chairman and flag bearer in the upcoming SPLM Convention and in 2015, believe me or not, South Sudanese will opt for a non-SPLM candidate and that will mark the last nail on SPLM’s coffin.

Last but not least, I would like to categorically inform Military junta Matur Chut and his Deputy Mabor Achol that no amount of threat, intimidation, and torture will make Journalists and Activists who you want to “Crucify” to stop writing and watch helplessly while heinous human rights violations are being carried out by you and your Deputy whose tenure has expired since March 21, 2013.

You are still being imposed on the Citizens of Lakes State by President Kiir when elections should have been conducted as per article 101(r) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan.

Instead of Journalist and Activists being crucified, it will be South Sudanese who your failed president have denied Freedom, right to life, justice and development, that will surely crucify you and president Kiir in 2015 elections for depicting our Lord Jesus Christ, in your ugly and stammered throats.

Solomon Yak, is a South Sudanese Citizen living in Lakes State and could be reached on


  1. James Lual Garang says:

    We can not vote in SPLM if the only option is President Kiir.

  2. Dau-network says:

    How come the president should not call for elections in Lakes State if article 101 exists? that is a violation of constitution of republica of S. Sudan; or amend the constitution so that ordinary citizens should respect laws or otherwise your junior officers, Mr president, can disobey the constitution as you did.

  3. majok says:

    I think drawing attention of southern Sudanese people to react due to Governor’s crucification statement is not logic. Jesus has spiritual powers and he will judge us all including the deputy Governor himself who made that statement. Politics and religion don’t go together, that is the reason we chose to separate from old Sudan. I myself I have right to vote or not to vote according to the issues of common interest.

  4. Wunditda says:

    Mr Yak—–
    I can call you a hero for your piece. Mabor Achol is spoiled disabled. He doesn’t know God. He is cursed. His natural voice is taken away by God for his mischief and arrogance. He is like of Matur Chut. They’re now corrupting to the last degree. They have withdrawn administrative powers from Ministry of Finance and Industry. They have opened a revenue account supervised by Mabor Achol and the Governor himself. All the markets, auctions and bus stations taxes are directly supervised by them. The taxes are deposited to this account directly.

    It’s corruption associated with dictatorship and illiteracy.

  5. malith Alier says:

    They’re a group of unconstitutional bandits nothing less than that.

  6. Okeny Lojuron says:

    Jesus Christ was cruxified to save men but not to destroy life,

  7. maker says:

    You’re totally wrong! Or you have your own political hidden agenda to the current care-taker Governor of Lakes State with his deputy, if you are not greedy for position or money. it was not state it by the deputy Governor’s Mr. Mabor Achol, like what you called “crucifixion statement of the journalists.” he has stated that when Jesus came to this world, he healed the dead and blind but they still crucified him on the across. The same when Matur was not elected, people were dying simply in the State and so many crimes. Now he healed these wounds and peoples do sleep outside but no appreciation. there is lots of rumours concerning his rule like (what they called torturing of civilians). all in all we will not accept crucifixion as people did it to Jesus.

  8. @Solomon Yak,
    Matur Chut is only governor of Lakes state who people are getting light of life, no random killing from our state citizen on innocent civilian across eight counties. Only D/governor behaves barbarically but not General Matur, Matur is protecting life of state citizen.

  9. What a very drastic comment by deputy governor Mabor Achol Kuer. This is pending on his life and his future leadership whether it will destroy him or not Oh let us see.

  10. maker says:

    At yak, many of you re running after money and you will never know good lakes state, compares what had in lakes, started from awet Akot to matur chut, Rumbek is quite different from those days to currents days, Matur and his government’s have try is best to built our state,… It’s was the last state in terms of development, that’s why Mr Mabor Achol said that point, otherwise they didn’t even have store for money.

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