The consequences of the South Sudan government’s violence

BY: ELHAJ Paul, JUL/20/2016, SSN;

The implosion of SPLM/A with its factions in Juba from 7th July 2016 to 11th July 2016, was not an unexpected thing. That it would happen was not a matter of if, but when, and indeed it happened much earlier than expected. South Sudanese warned the world and kept beating the alert drums consistently, but all these as usual fell on deaf ears.

The chairman of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission who should have heeded the warning certainly ignored the messages and now we have chaos in the South Sudan.

Now that things have slightly settled down following the cease fire, it is time to do some thinking on the whole thing. In this process it is important to acknowledge the pains inflicted on the country by actions of a grossly negligent government.

All of us the South Sudanese in one way or another are deeply hurt by loss of loved ones, and traumatised by witnessing the savagery in Juba that went on for those four days. For those of us who survived the Juba carnage of 1965, this brutality awakens a deeper and hidden pain in us.

What makes it worse is that the Juba Carnage happened on exactly the same day: Friday 8th July. Note everything is the same except for the year.

As a survivor of that grave crime against the people of South Sudan, I have sadly come to accept that extreme evil exists in all societies. The naive and racially biased judgement we doled out to the Arabs was full of ignorance. For the savagery of President Salva Kiir’s government far exceeds what the Arabs had done in South Sudan.

This piece attempts to examine the consequences of the South Sudanese government’s violence against its people that has thrown the country into chaos.

If President Kiir, the Jieng Council of Elders and their Chief of the army General Paul Malong Awan Anei thought that by attempting to assassinate Dr Riek Machar they would strengthen their political grip on the country, they no doubt must have miscalculated.

With or without Dr Machar their half baked plan would not bring peace. If anything it would lead to further destabilisation of the country.

It is not rocket science to work out that if Dr Machar disappears from the scene the Agreement for Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) would still have to be implemented. What then is the point in trying to assassinate Dr Machar, if this is not personal tribal hatred?

In the process of this evil plan, the government has plunged the country into a crisis inviting possible foreign intervention to the government’s dismay. The United Nations response to the crisis in questions appears to be heading in that direction.

Now there are three variant perspectives competing to shape the future of South Sudan. The first is made up of those who strongly recommend trusteeship as the only solution to address the chronic failure of leadership in Juba.

The second group is made up of those who advocate partial intervention to save ARCISS, and the third group is made up of supporters of the government who do not support intervention of any nature. If anything they want President Kiir to continue with violation of ARCISS to appoint a Machar replacement.

The advocates of trusteeship include Professor Mahmood Mamdani, Dr Remember Miamingi, Dr Lako Jada Kwajok and others. This group has made a compelling case that can not simply be brushed aside.

Mamdani in his YouTube video, ’South Sudan was not ready for Independence’, thinks that “politically this authority [South Sudan] should be led by somebody who has both the experience, and the vision, and the confidence of everybody concerned.

In my [Mamdani’s] view there is one party, which is the AU High Panel in the Sudan led by former president Thabo Mbeki.” (

Although Mamdani’s argument is powerful for the case of trusteeship, his conclusion quoted above falls short of acknowledging and accepting that there are capable South Sudanese who can actually competently with confidence lead South Sudan, for example, Fr Paride Taban.

Dr Miamingi in conversation with Ivan Okuda of the Monitor newspaper under the heading, ‘South Sudan as a state was still born’, equally makes a powerful case of intervention for a hybrid administration consisting of local and foreign people.

He sums it as follows: “This country has failed and won’t work unless the following happens: first, an international military intervention to secure the country and protect civilians.

Second, the replacement of the failed government in Juba with a hybrid administration of South Sudanese technocrats supported by our brothers from the region and international community. This transitional arrangement will reconcile, heal, foster accountability, restore order, hand it a constitution and after that process organise elections with guaranteed sanity.” (

Dr Kwajok expressing the view of the majority of South Sudanese in his article titled, ‘United Nations Trusteeship is the best option to resolve the crisis in South Sudan’, points out that “There is a growing consensus among a significant number of South Sudanese that supports UN takeover of the country until it’s able to function as a viable state. A 5-year period under UN Trusteeship would give the country the chance to start afresh on sound foundations.” (

The second group wants to see the implementation of the peace agreement resume with both President Kiir and Dr Machar working together. The group consist of the United Nations, IGAD and the Troika.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki Moon advancing this view in his response to the crisis recommended to ‘the Council (UNSC) to take action on three fronts:
=== impose an immediate arms embargo on South Sudan,
=== enact additional targeted sanctions on leaders and commanders blocking the implementation of the peace agreement, and
=== fortify UNMISS with “desperately needed” attack helicopters and other material to fulfil the mandate to protect civilians.’ ( Equally both IGAD and the Troika called for the same. (

The third group is that of the government and its supporters who want the status quo to continue. The Jieng Council of Elders is already issuing out threats against any intervention. Please see, ‘Dinka Council of Elders warns war over additional UNMISS troops’, ( This group should be ignored. They have already failed spectacularly and they have nothing to offer the country.

Those arguing for trusteeship no doubt have made strong and valid points that South Sudan one way or other needs to be pulled out of the mud it is deeply stuck in.

Their recommendations however ignore a hidden reality in South Sudanese politics, which is that the country actually has knowledgeable and competent leaders to lead it, the reason these leaders have not surfaced is because of SPLM/A’s violence towards leaders from other ethnicities.

They have not asked the question: Is it true that South Sudan does not have the necessary leaders? If they did, they perhaps would have come up with the right answer.

Mamdani’s recommendation is outright contemptuous of South Sudan and its people. He parachutes Mr Mbeki as the qualified person to fix South Sudan without taking into consideration that leaders like his nominee, are currently failing South Sudan.

What have the foreigners with impeccable governance credentials appointed to manage the current agreement done? Are they any more of a success than the failed South Sudanese leadership? How has the implementation of ARCISS led to chaos under their watch?

All the signs for impending troubles were in their face, what did they do? Mamdani presents a paradox himself in his video where he acknowledges the failure of the international community.

On the other hand, placing hope on ARCISS and spending energy to salvage it is a dead end. It will not work. What is needed now is for the two perspectives of those supporting intervention to be merged to give birth to a totally new approach that breaks the backbone of the cancer – SPLM/A with its various factions once and for all, in order for peace to come to South Sudan.

Therefore, the international community as recommended should intervene to separate the SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO and demilitarise the capital. Once the capital is demilitarised and security is restored, the intervention force takes over the security of the capital for the entire duration of the interim period.

This should then be followed by the dissolution of the Transitional Government of National Unity of President Kiir and Dr Machar.

A national Unity conference should then be organised composed of all the registered parties, registered civil societies, faith based groups, and the Diaspora supported by one of ‘The Elders’ (, preferably Kofi Annan with the main objective to choose a new transitional government whose agenda includes the main provisions of ARCISS.

This new administration must be a product owned by the South Sudanese people, to dispel the propaganda of the JCE and their song of sovereignty aimed at elevating themselves fraudulently. It also should avoid the shenanigans and bias of IGAD Plus during their mediation of ARCISS.

South Sudan’s parliament should not play any role in this process because:

1) It is not a legitimate body. All the MPs like President Kiir himself were not voted in by the South Sudanese people in an independent South Sudan.
2) They failed to play their role in holding the executive to account since 2005.
3) A good number of the MPs are nominees of the already proven failed leaders that have plunged the country into the abyss. The people of South Sudan through the mentioned organisations should now make the decision of who should run the country on behalf of the people.

In conclusion, South Sudan has been hijacked by the SPLM/A, and it has been abused to an extent that the only way out now is partial intervention.

If the international community truly wants to support the people of South Sudan as it claims, then they need to provide the needed security and safe environment for South Sudanese to exercise their collective sovereignty. This surely is not much to ask for…

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. Bol Khan says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,

    This is well thought, written and well placed piece as usual. Thanks You Mr. Paul! This time, if International Community needs to help the downtrodden South Sudanese they should partially decide and bring civilians protection forces to Juba. Riek Machar has totally failed to transform a tribal President Kiir democratically using the SPLM means. The SPLM/A is an hooligan movement founded in a pool full of blood. The fact that its first Chairman was a Dinka as well as the second led about 85% of Jieng Community to think that the organization belongs to that Community. They used that as tool to kill Nuer. Now they turn its against Equatorians, other tribes in Bhar Elgazal and elsewhere in South Sudan. Salva Kiir, Malong and their tribal traditional Chiefs are still in Juba simply because South Sudanese choose peace over war against these some Jieng people who have now shown beyond doubt that they shan’t be given a chance in leadership comes what in the future. The killings which they are carrying out currently in Eqatoria will be the last, in the months to come all South Sudanese tribes will set to put to an end this tribal and genocidal regime of Slava Kiir and Malong.

  2. GatNor says:

    I been against trusteeship for quite a while now but Elhag has just articulately convinced me of other possible alternatives. Anything to rid Jaang of their tribal and fail leadership, that I will endorse.

  3. False Millionaire says:

    If Dr Riek got his taile cut off in the events of Juba 2,it doesn’t necessarily mean that he hadn’t played a role to provoke them.U are on a rampage in the depth of a lagoon and very partial for that matter to blame them one sidedly on Kiir,the JCE and Paul Malong.
    With Dr Riek beaten back and pushed out from the scene,american reaction didn’t delay for one single day.So such as of today,200 american sildiers are in Juba and too quickly,an african force was established in principle and is now bound to be on ground in RSS very soon.The big question is,who encouraged Dr Riak into playing a role on the events in question and hasn’t his set back anything to do with the swift reaction?
    Alhag,u will never appreciate your great sense of intellectual life if u ignore to anticipate events in a distant future long before they unfold.RSS was meant never to be in the hands of it’s elites long before the CPA leading to the independence.That’s why John Garang had to die to begin with.So let’s stop beating around the bush and accept the reality that,our future will be determined by foriegn actors lead by USA and the moment to do it is now and never later.

    • Bol Khan says:

      False Millionare,

      I will not talk on Foreign actors. But was you among those South Sudanese SPLM/A members who were calling on International Community to help Southern Sudan and pressurize Khartoum killers during the 21 years? Or you dislike USA today because you become killers of South Sudanese people? USA, EU, AU and all International actors always stand against killers and dictators. You people, you need to have a humane sense.Are you still in your rogue or false claim that the fight in J1 was started by Riek? Use common sense. How come Riek could start a fight with only one hundred (100) guards against thousands soldiers of Salva Kiir in Juba? If Riek went to Juba to start another war, would he accepted to go into Juba with only that small unit? Riek was a SPLA most successful Commander in 1980s with military experience, so military he would have not gone to Juba with only one thousands guards if he prepared for war.

  4. Dear Mr.Paul Alhag:

    You living now in England in London known as UK which is part of the western countries in the west. But, I prethought that you have been observing well the western countries DOUBLE STANDARD POLITICS incur in the west. But it astonishes me to death simply because you waggling a tail on UN to take care of the South Sudan government. But you flat forgotten,the UN is the BIG HYENA! How possible that you allow stranger to take care of your things but you have not known yet anything about him or her in the first place?

    Now, you saying you would like UN to intervene in the South Sudan government. The UN will put too much salt in the stew!!! What I need is that the peace that signed in 2015 on August should continue go forward! I need election to place in 2018. It is coming soon around the oclock.

    The good is to KNOCK OUT KIRR and RIAK INCLUDING OTHER CANDIDATES IN OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES! in peace! It will stop bickering always later in the government. The new president will come out with his plannings, programs and policies. President Kirr, right now, is one leg is crippled.
    Thank you!



  5. Tyson says:

    El Hag

    The time has come for the Jieng to leak their wounds. They will reap what they have sown.
    I pity those who think change will happen without foreign interventions!!! Over 10 years, there are no social services and people are suffering beyond recognition. The Jieng are busy calculating to kill innocent people raping,looting the country and stealing the national resources. It is time for the Jieng to be buried!!!

  6. Ww says:

    Mr. Paul,

    How does someone of your caliber, highly educated and knows the evils of Riek Machar blindly arrived to the conclusion that the J1 incident was an assissination attempt on Riek? What about the other way around? all the evidents point to the fact that it was the opposition forces who started the mayhem to their detriment. Now they are obliterated militarily and politically. Their only hope and evidently yours too, to get rid of the “Dinka government” and to annihilate “Jenge” from South Sudan is to pray and hope that “international community invade South Sudan.

    If the goal of anyone or entity or group of people is to rid South Sudan of its Dinka population, that agenda won’t succeed now or ever. Arabs have tried that before with immeasurable failure. In the 1965 incident you cited most Dinka who were in Juba at that time were sold out by their equatorians brotheres and sisters to Arab and were all killed in that fateful night. My uncle and his colleagues were victims. Mr. Elhag, you, equatoria intellectuals, and the Nuer Militia of Riek Machar want power inorder to commit genocide against Dinka. This is your hidden agenda and for this I will hold on to my gun and die with it to protect myself and my family from the haters of Jieng like yourself.

    Sir, all of us want Kiir and his government to go not the Dinka to go. Where will I go if the Dinka have to Go? The best way to change Kiir and his government is through the Ballots not Bullets. The so-called international community can prepare the country for the Elections as soon as possible. No preparations to invade or prepare the country for war.

    Mr. Elhag, we want genuine, true, honest change not at the expense of Dinka.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      John Akuj aka Ww,
      Your sheer and shameless demonstration of utter ignorance can’t be allowed to go without some sensible enlightenment from some of us who were physically present and mature enough at the time of the 1965 Juba massacre by the Arabs.
      At that particular incident of callous killing of South Sudanese by the Arab dominated army in Juba, I can tell you and the whole world that your so-called Dinka were at that time an insignificant community in the town of Juba. The entire civil service in Juba was almost made up of Equatorians and the jellaba Arabs. The Dinka mostly around at that time were the cattle herders and the sellers of ‘faham’ or charcoal and milk which incidentally came from cows and “muras” which mostly belonged to our fathers and the Bari cattle owners. Then, these Dinkas worked for the Bari and other Equatorian cattle owners.
      To the best of my memory, there were barely more than three or four cattle owners, most prominent among them was a long time Juba trader called Abdel latif. There were three or four Dinka shopkeepers, a few policemen…..
      The massacre itself was targeted firstly on the educated South Sudanese, mainly Equatorians, one or two Shilluk politicians and hardly any known Dinka politicians. The houses targeted and burned were random although the Arab soldiers also targeted known politicians like Eliaba Surur, Daniel Jumi, Ernest Jubara from the fertit and other politicians who were mostly supporters of the Anya nya movement.
      For your information, William Deng Nhial, the father of Nhial Deng, had already betrayed the Anya-nya movement and had returned to joined the murderous government of prime minister Mohammed Mahgoub in Khartoum. It was Mahgoub and those of Sadiq el Mahdi, his successor, who actually planned and executed the infamous Juba Massacre in 1965.
      So, just be reminded that at that time in 1960’s, the South Sudan liberation movement (Anya-Nya) was predominantly Equatorian and those of us with Mr. Elhag Paul who luckily escaped the Juba massacre, very safely walked from Juba through the bushes to Uganda. On the long trek to Uganda, I can proudly state here that we were nicely received and assisted by our own gallant Equatorian Anya-nya soldiers throughout the long walk to Uganda.
      I proudly remember that my group of over a thousand Equatorians were given food by our own Anya-nya freedom fighters, nobody was robbed, no women were raped and we, the students were seriously encouraged to go and continue with our education in Uganda so that we can come back to help in the development of South Sudan that these patriotic fighters were dying to liberate.
      This contrast greatly with the experience of the SPLM/A in the 1983 on wards where students and young boys and girls were hindered from pursuing education, forcefully enlisted, many starved to death, the girls were forcefully raped by the jieng SPLA leadership of the 1980’s. I hope you might remember what Kuol Manyang infamously did to the young boys and girls in Palotaka during the SPLA occupation of that place. That was a clear case of war crime, time will come when now defence minister Kuol Manyang will account for it.
      So, please, speak about your generational events (the SPLA), as I seriously doubt if you belong to my generation who personally experienced the 1965 massacre of my people in Juba. Perhaps, you can talk about the Bor, Wau and Malakal massacres by the Arabs that subsequently followed where the jieng predominated in these towns.

      • Force_1 says:

        You just contradicted your complete ignorance; just to borrow your exact word you used against the person you called “John Akuj aka Ww,” You said “I can tell you and the whole world that your so-called Dinka were at that time an insignificant community in the town of Juba. The entire civil service in Juba was almost made up of Equatorians and the jellaba Arabs.” And at the same you also said ” Dinka lead by Deng Nhial the father of Nhial Deng Nhial mastermind, planned and executed the infamous Juba Massacre in 1965 with Arabs. You see; that’s enough to conclude that everything you said against Dinka is a “load of cow-dung”!

        Let me talk about 1981 in Juba in Kabat; I was 8 years old; you remember “Suk-kabat near soccer field at that time. All the shops there were own by Dinka and all Equatorians were on the open markets on the floor selling vegetables and fruits. And now you’re trying to tell everyone here that you were anything against Dinka?

        Second of all; let me give you the benefit of doubt with this next statement; If you said; you and Arabs were the ones in control of all civil services in Juba and only Dinka work for you; well if that was the case; then why did you proposed “Kokora” meaning Dinka must leave to their respective places in Dinkaland because Dinka were occupying all the jobs in Juba? Why would you want Dinka to leave if in fact you were superior than Dinka? Why would the Equatorian masters be chasing their Dinka slaves who work for them? That wouldn’t make any sense isn’t it!
        Here is what you need to know; if what you say make sense; then it’s the truths but if it doesn’t make any sense.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Please read my comment again. I never said Dinka led by William Deng Nhial planned the 1965 Juba massacre. Read and try to understand my comment. My reference to William Deng Nhial was that he was a traitor who left the Anya-nya and came to join the Arab Khartoum government of Mohamed Ahmed Mahjoub who ordered the 1965 Juba Massacre.
          Of course, Abel Alier took over the Southern Sudan leadership in 1972 after the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972 and as typical of jieng imperialism, Juba became flooded with jieng and that’s why all the kiosks (tabaliyat) were being run by your people. Not unexpected, of course.
          We are just too many generations apart to see and analyse things in the same level, if you were only 8 years old in 1981.
          Please, just enjoy your new country and your political super power……in the New South Sudan.

  7. Gatdarwich says:


    The traitorous jenges have unknowingly invited the international community to take charge in south Sudan, because of greed for power, extreme hatred towards the patriots, and insatiable gluttonous nature. South Sudan will and shall be put under the United Nations trusteeship, unless if a patriot—
    preferably Dr. Riek becomes the president period
    To hell with the traitorous Dinka.

  8. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Ww
    In addition to what the editor said, the few Jieng in Juba were water boys selling water in the various residential area. Now crucially the Juba massacre was carried out by the deputy commanding officer because the commander was on leave in north Sudan. Guess who was the second in command who massacred the South Sudanese. It was one Jieng Muslim lieutenant colonel called Doka. This important fact now needs to be amplified for the truth to come out and for the South Sudanese to know who collaborated with the Arabs against our people. Even in the current body called JCE, there are a good number who were selling southerners until the last moment in 2005. Make your own research to learn of your darker side of your people.

  9. abai okwahu says:

    the junta and it’s dinka militia will not relinquish power very easily, and it is clear that they have vehemently rejected any foreign troop deployment to act as a buffer between their forces (splm/a-ig and io). perhaps citizens should pick up arms and fight these two (splm/a-ig, splm/a-io) and break their monopoly on power or at the least make the place (country) ungovernable. joseph kony terrorised northern uganda for more than a decade with less than a thousand guerillas most of them kids, he is still out and about.

  10. ww says:

    Mr. Editor,

    The way you angrily responded only to the part about the incident in 1965 is telling. You like to say “truth hurts but it’s worth telling”, how is it now? To deny that there were no Dinka at that time in Juba is self deceiving and your memory is cheating you.

    Arabs were your masters and to please them you sold out Dinka. Even some Arabs and white men who were around at the time can tell you openly how they had to hide some of their Dinka colleagues under the beds to save their lives. The events and evidents are also in books written by None South Sudanese. Check them out.

    Mr. Editor let’s have a debate about the issues affecting the country. History will judge that you are no angel yourself. Your extreme HATE for Dinka will not serve you well my friend.
    And for your information SPLA destroyed many Dinka communities and looted many of their properties. It’s what guerrilla movements fighting to free your enslaved mind and body do. We all lost some but gain some. The order lies in what important to you. I urge objectivity at your end so to have a fair debate.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      To put the issue to an end, let us be truthful about our history.
      First, I don’t know about your so-called “Arabs and White men” in Juba in 1965 who had to hide those alleged Dinka “colleagues” under their beds. This is either a figment of your imagination or a concoction typical of the political lies perpetuated by your people.
      I can loudly tell our readers that by 1965, Juba didn’t have to worry about Dinka preponderance in any aspect or sector or realm of their political or social lives except those who’re selling adulterated milk (milk diluted with Nile river war) or those trying to sell charcoal from wood that don’t burn properly or those who would hid or steal the baby ‘nyantaya (calves) in the muraas which were predominantly own by those of our fathers and others.
      I would be very interested to have a reference of those so-called books you alleged were written by non-South Sudanese writers. Just give me one title to check out the allegations you alluded to.
      Your allegation of my so-called ‘extreme hate for Dinka’ is just preposterous. When I set up this website is 2003, it was perhaps the first and most prominent South Sudanese website that loudly praised the liberation movement and we predominantly stood with the SPLM/A in the struggle for South Sudan. I will proudly state here that at that particular time when Kiir stood up against Garang and exiled himself in Yei, we greatly focused on Kiir objections. The website also greatly exalted Arthur Akuein’s famous statement in Rumbek when he boldly told Garang that the “SPLM is too deformed to be reformed,” and accused Garang of travelling around with all the money in his suitcase. Sadly, Arthur turned out to be the greatest thief, typically!!!
      Finally, it’s completely unprofessional of you to distort the facts pertaining to the Juba massacre in 1965 when you were nowhere near, just to suit those jieng neo-colonists who want some justification to occupy other people’s land on the falsified reason that they were also killed at that time or that they died in the liberation of those lands (the current political justification sweeping Juba nowadays).
      On a personal note, my own eldest brother, who was then a civil servant posted in Wau, he was among those who survived the Arab massacre of South Sudanese there in 1965, however, I have never heard him till today claiming any rights in Wau or making such incredible utterances as you did. He only speaks the truth without any falsification.
      End of debate.

  11. Hoiloom says:


    There is no point to explain yourself or the events that occurred in1960s to these bunch of liars. Can’t you even notice how he tried to twist facts about the recent Juba clashes by blaming it all on Riek Machar?

    Folks our problems will not end even with the intervention of foreign troops. We must have the guts ourselves as citizens of this country to confront the evil. The proposed IGAD troops that are supposed to intervene are not coming to fight or to dispose Dinka from leadership but to protect the innocents who are being killed, robbed and raped on daily bases. This would be welcoming news. In the long run though it’s up to the South Sudanese to sort out their own mess.


  12. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Khan,
    Please consider the following facts:
    1 It was circulated in the media that the SPLA-IO’s spokesman issued a statement indicating that Kiir had detained Dr Riek inside the presidential palace;
    2 An insider reported that Dr Riek was armed inside the palace when it was undue under normal circumstances.
    In regards to the two facts,feel free to say that the two facts weren’t too suspicious as elements meant to declunch a pre-planned event so far if that goes well with what u call,”common sense”.
    I am free to say that I am neither a killer of,” south sudaneses people”,nor one who,”dislikes USA”.But I am only an observer if that doesn’t disturb u.
    But talking of killers,nuers aren’t second to any one in the context of killing innocent people in RSS.We are now on a different height with Dr Riek using u on a desperate attempt to ascend into power.But as the last events have proven,even Riek Machar himself ought to have been shaken by the fat weight of the human cost to pay giving the fact that he has also lost his relatives among the casualties.Under such wretched context,if the problem was Riek’s hunger for power alone,one would think that he had enough doses of the tragedy and that could have forced him to think of none violent means to achieve it.But God no!!!
    I like reading your phrase of,”all international actors always stand against killers and dictators”.But the problem is,they have been the same ones which are suspected to be behind Dr Riek’s actions begining from the events of 2013 to this very moment.
    Dr Riek will tell u as always that u are fighting jieng to revenge the kins whom u have lost in the past battles and as always u will believe him so blindly and take casualties no matter how heavy they could be.But he will never tell u that u are sacrificed merciless inorder to put him into power to achieve the objective that has been set by the same foreign actors in your comments.That’s the dark side of the events that u seem never disposed to make an effort to see.

  13. Hoiloom says:


    Shut the hell up with your lies, you become another Makuei Lueth and Ateny Wek.
    Who would believe in Jaang’s falsifications? You live up to your name .


  14. alex says:

    The leadership of splm in opposition have now spoken would you respect their decision.
    Machar want to sell our country . He refuses any kind of peaceful settlement but hid party had now realised he is taking
    the movement in a wrong direction. A house build in a sand will crumble. Machar should now give peace a chance and if he is a democrat, he should now respect the will of his party as they have now spoken

  15. Dear Editor

    if I can quote your statement that “I can tell you and the whole world that the so-called Dinka were at that time an insignificant community in the town of Juba. The entire civil service in Juba was almost made up of equatorians and the Jellaba Arabs”. My question is If you are accusing William Deng Nhial as a traitor for joining Arabs whom you and your fellow Equatorian were already working with at that time, then what will you be called?. That simply implies you were more traitors and betrayers as well. In fact William Deng was a hero because he did his best when in was in the anyanya movement but when he was betrayed by people like yourself who want to enjoy working in towns while patriotic people like William Deng was left to suffer in the bush he had to make a right choice by joining the very Jellaba you embraced and see who will be the loser. Today you are crying foul yet the Dinka are doing exactly what you equatorians did at that time, but only that there is no Jellaba this time. therefore, what happened in thet past and what is happening today should serve as lessons to all of us south Sudanese to learn from. these scenarios have taught us one thing “to avoid doing bad things to others when your community is in power” because those that were underdogs yesterday can become the masters of today, and the masters of today can become the underdogs of tomorrow.

    the Voice of south sudan

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Voice of south sudan,
      Whilst appreciating your comment, I think you completely misunderstood my reaction to Ww comments. I was trying to correct some of the misconceptions he presented at a time and place where I was already matured enough and physically present there.
      Quite controversially, William Deng was an over ambitious politician who wanted to be the leader but didn’t have neither the support or the capabilities to lead the liberation then. No wonder, he abandoned his people and joined the jellaba Arabs who subsequently killed him at Tonj. His own Dinka peers like Akot Atem, Dr. Lawrence Wol Wol persisted with the Anya-nya movement and they successfully returned to rule in Juba in 1972.
      Finally, brother, if I may still call you so, there are no masters or underdogs in the same country. If that is however what your current ruling SPLM jieng leaders have inculcated and indoctrinated you about such a dangerous tribal ideology, then truly as you yourself wrote, the “masters of today can become the underdogs of tomorrow.”
      Pray that your own words want become a reality some day in the future.

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Please calm down,look in the mirror and see how naked u are.
    Prior to the events in J1,the SPLA-IO Mr Dak circulated a statement in the social media announcing that Kiir had arrested Dr Riak inside the palace.The implication was for Dr Riak’s body guards to storm the palace,a pretext to get in and assassinate Kiir.That’s the crucial point to the begining of the events:Dr Riek’s body guards seeking to storm the palace and Kiir’s guards blocking them.It was a typical nuer cattle camp war plan.But saddly for u,u forgot that Kiir and his entourage are also issue of cattle camps.Now that your taile has been cut,what’s the falsification in this story?!!!

  17. Hoiloom says:


    Lies as usual again. Gatdet’s report was issued after clashes in J1 ensured therefore he couldn’t have been the cause of fighting. Dr. Machar also seconded Gatdet’s press statement that the events in J1 was indeed an attempt on his life. Look for someone else to implicate in Juba fighting but certainly not Gatdet Dak.


  18. Gatdarwich says:


    Why waste your precious time trying to educate the traitorous jenges, false millionaire, Whore warrior, and the likes. These individuals are natural born pathetic liars who unashamedly twist and concoct histories to fit their psychopathic feelings.

  19. BILL KUCH says:

    Attention here people,
    You all fools who are supporting international community in taking over South Sudan is not going to do you a favor either. If you morons believe that, the coming of third force will eliminate Dinka then that is just a mere dream. There would be no South Sudan without Dinka. It has been like that and that is always going to be. It is a fact and you got no choice whether you like it or not. Well, you go ahead, let them come and we will share what we got equally regardless of outcome of what that might be.

    • Eastern says:

      Bill Kuch,

      Do you still continue chest thumping that you can stand the heat of a third force? Kiir was posturing recently that he can’t allow even “a single soldier” from outside South Sudan setting foot on his home turf. Following hours of lectures by his mentor Museveni, he’s now buckling down under international and regional pressure to swallow his poorly thought out statement.

      Bill Kuch, dinkas won’t Lord it over other South Sudanese and expect to remain in peace. What is demanded, not requested by the other South Sudanese, is for the few dinkas drank with power to be orderly. It’s a demand but not a request.

      You may have noticed, with the recent happenings in Juba, the ARCISS has largely been trashed thanks to Dinka machinations. Why should sane South Sudanese want to have Kiir at the helm when that can’t usher peace and stability. You can’t expect Kiir-Taban alliance to usher in peace into South Sudan. Dr Machar and his handlers definitely cheated here and trust me, there will continue to be fighting and bickering between the Kiir-Taban alliance on one hand and Dr Machar group on the other leading to widespread insecurity and instability in South Sudan and this will call for a third deterrent force to sidestep the warring parties. This will humiliate Kiir and cohorts the most!

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Thanks for your time. Also, let me tell you this, the third forces would never be on nobody side, they just want to take advantage this situation. They have been looking for jobs in South Sudan, but there was no way of getting South Sudan resources and now it is an opportunity for them. It is obvious, and only an idiot could not know this. Do rest of world maintain their peace except South Sudan? Of course, not! If anyone could save lives, then why are they not doing it in Darfur and Blue Nile?

  20. Kajokeji Lokuron says:

    Dear South Sudanese,
    Regime change is within our reach as the events of J1 had demonstrated and the subsequent battle in Jebel Kujur. Now that the frontline is near the seat of government, let the 43 tribes join hands for the final push of monkeys.we have chosen independence; so it is up to us to preserve it, not the outside world!!!

  21. Rudolph Kwit says:

    Since the current conflict was sparked by a power struggle within the SPLM, political party reform will be a primary task for the transitional government. Without any way to resolve political differences through peaceful democratic means, political elites will continue to resort to violence. Another challenge is violence between communities. South Sudan has struggled with inter and intra communal violence for decades over access to water and grazing land between pastoralist communities. Easy access to weapons and ammunition is responsible for much of the violence. State security have not had capacity to provide protection to civilians or control the illicit flow of these armaments.

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