The coin of power: Gen. Paul Malong aspires for president!!

BY: ELHAG Paul, OCT/17/2016, SSN;

As South Sudan sails in high turbulent social, economic and political seas, the tribally decorated head of the Jieng militia masquerading as the legitimate chief of South Sudan army, General Paul Malong Awan Anei, seems to engage in sinister activities.

In the second quarter of this year and prior to President Salva Kiir’s early July 2016 orchestrated violence, General Paul Malong Anei’s activities indicate an interesting development. His frequent appearance then in public was suggestive of a person carefully working to improve his image and also sell himself to the country as an experienced and capable leader in waiting.

His activities should certainly raise eyebrows if only because as a military man he should not under any circumstances be engaged is such behaviour.

Worldwide members of the armed forces do not combine military duties with political activities. The two do not mix. The rules are very clear. An army man is an army man and he must not be involved in political activities. He only waits for orders from political leaders. As a person General Malong Anei has the right to pursue his ambitions in any field but this has to be done within the ambit of his job’s role.

It is doubtless that the recent political activities of General Anei are in direct breach of military rules. Of all the political activities he has been involved in, three are glaringly acts of political campaign of huge proportions possibly pitched to win support of the public as an exemplary leader.

Within the already stated period, General Anei sequentially bombarded the country with the following activities: first, accompanied by a media team he went to Aweil to claim credit for funding a huge U-shaped three storied building for SPLM. The media portrayed the story thus: “The former governor of northern Bahr El Ghazal state (current SPLA Chief of General Staff) General Paul Malong Awan has constructed the only and largest SPLM building in the whole country of South Sudan, This will be remembered for generations and SPLM will never forget about what General Malong has done.”

The bright yellow and dark brown painted building indeed is large and somehow impressive by standards of that part of the world. Looking at this building and reading about the person behind it is most likely to positively influence the reader’s mind. But if one (reader) thinks deeper, it brings up more questions. Where did General Anei get the money to erect this building? Why should the largest SPLM office be built in Aweil and not Juba?

Something surely is not right here. The alarm bell of massive corruption should start to ring. Since when have army men become funders of political parties? The fact that this SPLM massive building stands in Aweil, and not Juba, the seat of the government clearly symbolises Jieng ownership of the party.

Just think about it and note the statement of General Anei’s media team. Does this not occur to you as a high pitch of personality sale?

Then secondly comes another interesting media exposure. The General’s media team reported, “General Paul Malong is greatly providing education in South Sudan.” “(He) is building a standard and modern school in Aweil.”

According to the General’s media, “General Paul Malong hired professional qualified and well trained teachers from outside and within the country who meet the professional standards” “required who are highly disciplined and able to maintain the school and to teach pupils or students with the right education background and the right education processes, so that every child, youth and adult in Aweil in particular or South Sudan in general should have a chance to get quality education regardless of whether they are male or female, rich or poor, disabled or not, living in remote areas or in urban centres.

This is the main aspiration of General Paul Malong Awan. “The presentation of General Anei here just does not come spontaneously. This is a result of a carefully calculated and measured media manipulation to sell General Anei to South Sudanese as the only other leader available in the country. Some of the questions asked earlier also apply here.

The third episode involves the most important section of the society which paradoxically is the most abused by the SPLM: women. The General’s media shamelessly declared, “SPLA Chief of General Staff, General Paul Malong Awan knows that women of South Sudan are capable of diligently serving their country.”

“Without the women, the bush would have been nothing. The women stayed home to take care of their children and run the home as their husbands were involved in the guerrilla war. Without women the peace would have not been signed in both CPA one and CPA two.” Really?!

Is this General not the person responsible for the department that has inflicted the most damage to women emotionally, mentally, socially, economically and culturally? Is General Anie not responsible for raping of women, beheading of women and children in Fertit land and Equatoria? How is it that he now pretends to value women? Mockingly, he invited the women to his house to offer them his donation of a vehicle.

Why was this event done in the General’s house? Why was it a personal affair? Why did the General not take the vehicle to the women’s office? I leave you to draw your own conclusions. The photographs of this event are very interesting. In them, General Anei wearing a blue blazer with black trouser looking like a widowbird surrounded by she-birds glides around portraying an air of importance while donating a white Toyota vehicle to the women.

Certainly he felt great and very important. Such feelings are stuff cherished by egomaniacs. Now, hold your horses.

For better understanding let us first briefly discuss the man named Paul Malong Awan Anei for this piece to make full sense after which we will come back to continue.

Like President Salva Kiir, General Anei’s background remains an enigma. Stories have it that at around the age of 14 years or so, he was a street kid regularly travelling illegally on the train between Aweil and Babanousa on the Khartoum Wau-weekly train service. In these travels which involved dodging the train conductors, he perched on the roof of the train cars as a hawker selling cigarettes and a local drug called “Sauot”.

While hawking and sniffing substances the young Anei became a hardened petty criminal and a hustler feared by his age mates.

In his early twenties he is said to have traveled to Khartoum where he honed his criminal practise until he got arrested in the early 1980s for a serious crime. At the time Anyanya 2 was already active fighting the Sudan government. Anei through corruption gained bail and as a true criminal he could not stand to face justice he jumped bail and ran to join Anyanya 2 and later on the SPLM/A through merger of the two.

However, it is important to note that the criminal nature of the SPLM/A is greatly attributed to its membership being made up at its inception of professional criminals like Anei.

Peter Adwok Nyaba in his book ‘The Politics of Liberation in South Sudan: An Insider View’ second edition 2000, reveals that “social background was not made a criterion for the selection of the combatants and, accordingly, people of all walks of life flocked into the SPLM/A.

Thieves, murders, rapists and fugitives from Sudanese justice system found a safe heaven in the SPLA and, when opportunity was there, they easily relapsed into their old practices. Many of the criminals and horrendous crimes committed against the civil population were attributed to some of these social misfits masquerading as ‘revolutionaries’.”

In SPLM/A, Anei quickly rose through the ranks using his street knowledge and skills to prove his fighting skills in his home province of Bahr El Ghazal. In recognition of his service Dr John Garang promoted him to a commander (knowing very well that he had not seen the inside of a class room) and despatched him to Uganda to enrol in a basic English course. This is the only formal education the man has had in his life.

While as a commander in his home area, Anei set up courts and amassed cattle for himself through fines imposed on the locals. He also appropriated to himself a local market called Warawara which up to this date he collects all the revenue to himself depriving the local authorities of legitimate income.

General Anei according to reports always sees himself as the protector of President Salva Kiir. In 2004 when Salva Kiir fell out with Dr Garang and went into hiding in Yei, it was him who guaranteed the safety of the former to come to the famous Rumbek meeting of 2004 that reconciled them (Kiir and Garang) prior to the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 with Khartoum.

Again in mid December 2013, General Anei jumped into protection of President Kiir based on delusions expressed by the latter in September of that year. According to Peter Adwok Nyaba in his article titled ‘It wasn’t a coup – Salva Kiir shot himself in the foot.’

President Kiir “in Akon his home town, speaking to Dinka (Jieng), which SSTV aired, Salva had this to say ‘………….look this power which I have belongs to you. You fought and died for it ……….. Now some people want to snatch it from me ……….. we (will) you accept it?

“Aci bag am” meaning we will not accept, shouted the people back. It was in this context of retaining power that he ordered Paul Malong Awan to recruit and bring to Juba three thousand young men which now constitute his presidential guards.’

The above quote is very important because it situates General Anei in the centre of the grave crimes against humanity committed in December 2013. Unfortunately, hitherto General Anei continues with his project of crimes against humanity. No wonder the international community describes him as, ‘the architect of immense human suffering.’

The latest atrocities are now taking place in Bahr El Ghazal against the Fertit people and in Equatoria against the Bari speakers respectively. However, all the signs now indicate that he is slowly shifting his allegiance away from President Kiir to himself.

This can be deduced from three crucial things. First he wants to escape accountability for his role in the December 2013 crimes; secondly he wants to pre-empt President Kiir’s plan to replace him in the army; and thirdly he wants to satisfy his ego.

The African Union Commission of Inquiry into South Sudan indentifies the culprits responsible for the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in December 2013. These are the Jieng security officials among whom are General Anie, President Kiir and the leadership of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). The only way for General Anie and the Jieng leadership to escape accountability is for them to remain in power.

The unforeseen consequence of President Kiir’s July 2016 violence has been the spread of rebellion throughout the entire country. Unexpectedly, President Kiir has found himself in a bind and he is faced with either sacrificing General Anie in the hope of dividing the growing opposition to Jieng rule or stare defeat in the eye from the fast building opposition of all the people of South Sudan.

Last week information leaking out from J1 has it that President Kiir wants to replace Vice President Wani Igga with General Oboto Mamur and General Anie with General Agustino Jadallah respectively in order to defuse the growing rebellion in greater Equatoria.

This is an interesting new developing scenario. The Jieng are now faced with reality. Out of this they have no options except to make sacrifices in the hope that they can hold on to power. General Anie appears to have been chosen as the sacrificial lamb. How General Anie is going to respond remains to be seen, but the probability is that he may respond with a violent coup since he has already been preparing for it.

As for President Kiir’s plans to try to bribe Equatorians the answer is: it is too late because it seems now as though nobody wants Jieng rule in Equatoria anymore.

General Anei no doubt is a control freak. His obsession with power borders on mental illness. This can be observed from his activities in the last two years. While he was a governor he felt insecure and made himself the leader of SPLM in Bahr El Ghazal.

When he was made the Chief of Staff of SPLA, he continued to hog the governorship and SPLM leadership leading into numerous conflicts within the party. Because he is violent he gets his way with President Kiir at the top. This part of his character can also be observed from his private life. General Anei is said to have between 70 to 86 wives most of whom he violently brought in to his life.

In his mind, General Anei appears to consider women as properties or possessions. There is no love here. It is purely an issue of possession and domination for him to exercise power. He views women as factories of making babies.

It is possible that womanising plays a big role in his criminal character because to have that number of wives and God knows how many children, one would need to feed them and then cloth them. With this harem, is it any wonder why General Anei appropriated Warawara market and frequently starves his department of salaries?

General Anei’s possession of women symbolises his activities in relation to possession of institutions of power, governorship, army, SPLM etc. Simply put, the man is an egomaniac.

Now the coin of power is tossed up in the air. Will it be heads for President Kiir’s plan or tails for General Anie’s violent ascendance to power? General Anei’s earlier campaign of self promotion in the media should be taken as a sign of his wish to lay claim to the presidency.

The question is: has he got what it takes to be a president? Of-course not, he is naked. Even his media promotion unknowingly exposes his tribalism. For example, all the things used by his media team to promote him are done in Aweil.

The only exception is the donation of a vehicle to the women’s organisation. Now, is Aweil South Sudan? If he were a patriot why did he not build in other parts of the country? A further crucial question: where did he get all the money to do those projects?

Building self image fitting the characteristic of a president is not enough to qualify General Anei for the presidency. He should not look at President Kiir and begin to think that he can also be. President Kiir is a real fluke created by extra ordinary circumstances of lottery nature.

South Sudanese people have had enough of this lot. Whether it is President Kiir with his new Machiavelin plans or General Anei with his egotistic plan for power grab, they should know that they have lost the trust of the people.

They can exercise power negatively as they do now using their militia but they will continue to face resistance until they are brought down to face the music. South Sudanese want their future president to have the attributes Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie describes in her book ‘We should all be feminists’ as a person “more intelligent, the more knowledgeable, the more creative, [and] more innovative.”

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Deng Gatloak says:

    Excellent analysis. There are a few instigators of the trouble in South Soudan. Hitherto they have hid by attacking aggressively those who wish peace. Perverting the truth at every angle, scheming to justify atrocities.
    Acting surprised and outraged when victims strike back. As if the victims of the horrendous acts raped themselves, cut their own heads of or massacred and mutilated their own children. So is evil, we recognize it when we see it, but most decent people can’t begin to image what these psychopathic individuals are like. It is in the book about Rwanda by the then military commander for the UN forces. Shaking hands with the devil”, Malong is one of these figures.
    Assisted by Lueth and Ateny to stir up hatred and conflict. Sadly making young men loose their life in a conflict they neither understand nor ever will profit from. Kiir sees it all happen but dos nothing about it so we must assume it all happens with his blessings. So far removed is Kiir that he never sees the survivers of his state violence, the orphaned children, the mutilated women, the castrated boys or the crying grandparents. Not for him to suffer hunger and disease. Not for him and his ilk to see their children crying for food and security.

    South Sudan under Kiir has reverted back in time, back to the evil ages it had so fought to escape. Under Kiir, progress is not possible. Malong and his likes have robbed the country clean of anything except its people. Investing in things to glorify themselves (did anyone see the “throne” the Minsiter of Finance has in his office? And Kiir wasting millions on (hats) and other useless paraphernalia to build the charade, the look of government. But the sad reality is that there is a government in form only, certainly not in function. The Ministry of transport cant even fix potholes in the measly few kilometers of bitumen roads in the capital.

    These people are not nation builders, they rob what is not nailed down (and sometimes they take that also).

    South Sudan needs a break from these individuals.

    Now, before the anniversary of the 2013 genocide. for the sake of the children, for the sake of those who want to build happy and safe communities. The gangsters have had their day. The world knows who they are and so do we.

    Urgently. Put a stop to the madness

  2. info@southsudannation says:

    Whilst your exposition is very excellent, the sad reality is that this criminal is already wrecking chaos in the nation.
    Literally, the illiterate Malong is posited above the vice president, he’s now almost the pseudo-president in Juba, always you see him sitting nearest to the buffoon, Mayardit .
    In comparison, those of Idi Amin and Bokassa, although illiterate, were well disciplined colonial soldiers who rose to higher ranks on their own merits, Malong is a spineless gangster who rose to what and where he is now by murdering thousands to appease both Garang and Kiir.
    Already, Malong has been involved in two massacres of grand scale and he is still killing the women and disabled in Equatoria and the Naath and Collo nations.
    South Sudan will possibly become another Cambodia or Laos in the nearest future.
    God help the nation.

  3. mading says:

    Paul. You should be thankful to Malong that he is spending that money at home I regardless where he got it, not like billion of dollars other politicians put in foreign banks who have no use in South Sudan.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Mading
      Sorry! I can not be grateful to thieves and murderers. Not in our character. This is where our values differ widely Sir.

  4. Gatdarwich says:


    Your statement that, “Worldwide members of the armed forces do not combine military duties with political activities–The two do not mix” is very correct”(it is only true in a well organized–patriotic armed forces). Leaders of real armed forces do not engage nor have any slightest influence in political activities–there are absolutely restricted to involve in it because doing so do compromised national security standards. Frankly Elhag, you, I-Gatdarwich, and all the readers or the commentators on this forum knows very well that there is zero established national armed forces in South Sudan. The supposedly South Sudan’s army –SPLA is a collection of tribal militias that are hell bent to loots national resources, destroy national infrastructures in (Malakal, Bentiu, Yei, Wau, Pibor), and rape women, young girls, castrate young boys, and kills civilians mercilessly. So, the traitorous Jenges’ warlord, Malong Awan Anei is not a leader of a well-organized-established South Sudan’s National Armed Forces. In reality, Malong is a tribal militias commander who can mixed politics and his militia’s activities together. Unless, you, Mr. Elhag, really do believe that there is a national military wing in South Sudan that DOES or KNOWS its sole duties—protection of national interests against foreign aggressions or civil population protection, and its leader IS THE TREASONOUS JENGE– MALONG AWAN ANEI!

    Peace and Ngundeng bless,

    Patriot Gatdarwich

  5. Gatdarwich says:


    Your statement that, “Worldwide members of the armed forces do not combine military duties with political activities–The two do not mix” is very correct”(it is only true in a well organized–patriotic armed forces). Leaders of real armed forces do not engage nor have any slightest influence in political activities–there are absolutely restricted to involve in it because doing so do compromises national security standards. Frankly Elhag, you, I-Gatdarwich, and all the readers or the commentators on this forum knows very well that there is zero established national armed forces in South Sudan. The supposedly South Sudan’s army –SPLA is a collection of tribal militias that are hell bent to loots national resources, destroy national infrastructures in (Malakal, Bentiu, Yei, Wau, Pibor), and rape women, young girls, castrate young boys, and kills civilians mercilessly. So, the traitorous Jenges’ warlord, Malong Awan Anei is not a leader of a well-organized-established South Sudan’s National Armed Forces. In reality, Malong is a tribal militias commander who can mixed politics and his militia’s activities together. Unless, you, Mr. Elhag, really do believe that there is a national military wing in South Sudan that DOES or KNOWS its sole duties—protection of national interests against foreign aggressions or civil population protection, and its leader IS THE TREASONOUS JENGE– MALONG AWAN ANEI!

    Peace and Ngundeng bless,

    Patriot Gatdarwich

  6. Eastern says:

    Excellent piece Elhag Paul! Unfortunately, some uninformed MPs in the parliament of Kenya chose to view and hold Malong and Kiir in high regards – aren’t they beneficiaries of these “Lords of Money?”

    Malong was heard recently boasting that they children shuttle between Nairobi and Kampala only visiting South Sudan occasionally. This just lends credence to the recently released Sentry report on corruption in South Sudan. Malong is not known to own any multi-million business empire but his lavish lifestyle belies that.

    With trade between South Sudan and Sudan having ground to a halt, the previously lucrative cash cow, the Warawar market, through his agent Manut, no longer rakes in enough money to quench the insatiable appetite of Malong for cash and women who are spread between Aweil, Juba, Kampala and Nairobi. I have the information from a credible source that Malong has now resorted to a virtual enslavement of his dinka people under the guise of training them as soldiers for which he misappropriates money meant for the salaries and rations. Malong has recently overseen the graduation of about 5,000 militiamen in his home state; shortly after their graduation, some of the recruits decamped citing a number of reasons.

    Malong assured a journalist from a media house from a neighboring country that if the journalist stood with Dr. Machar in a presidential election in South Sudan, he would vote for the former!

    So dear South Sudanese we are in trouble because we have very dangerous men high up in the echelon of power in South Sudan with no regards to the general population especially the women. Kiir is not known to appear in public to address the citizenry but last week when rumors went viral that he had died, sensing that such rumors would play in the hands of Malong, Kiir was forced to embarrassingly parade himself in the streets of Juba in the sweltering afternoon heat.

    Malong et al belong in The Hague sooner than later!!

  7. Monye Jur says:

    Dear Prof. Elhag and the Editor,

    Thank you so much for writing and publishing this excellent educative piece. My only humble request is that someone should send this article to the Rwandan Chief of General Staff so that he fully understand the Monster he is dealing with right now !!

    Best rgds,

    NB/ Please Editor don’t publish my email address, greatly appreciate your understanding.

  8. Santos says:

    Thank you for exposing the hidden character of this dangerous warlord who is killing and displacing our people. Malong’s behaviour since 2013 showed a huge element of criminality nature.He behaves like a gangster .How can a national leader organise mass murder, raping women and stealing public money ? South Sudan is run by professional thieves .Every policy is a deception to cover up looting for example so-called 28 states ; it is a notorious theft of non- Dinka lands and they called it a federal system.This warlord is not a liberator but a professional criminal and a burglar. Never stop working toward the true liberation of our oppressed people by Kiir regime his Jieng council of elders.Keep inform our people.

  9. Peter Adwok Nyaba says:

    Thanks El Hag Paul for exposing the character of Gen. Paul Malong at close proximity, which hinges on the politics of friendship between the general himself and President Salva Kiir.. Without that kind of relationship, it wouldn’t have been possible for Paul Malong Awan to traverse the corridors of power from a wildlife officer to which Dr. John Garang consigned him in 2005, to become one of the deputies of the Chief of General Staff, then to become Governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal doubling as the Chairman of the SPLM therein, then catapulted to the Chief of General Staff while maintaining the SPLM Chairmanship and Governorship by proxy. President Salva Kiir while exercising the politics of friendship and reciprocity inadvertently whetted Malong’s appetite for power. This may become another dramatic political tragicomedy soon as the president’s health is failing. True to Jieng egalitarianism, Gen. Malong believes Salva Kiir does not surpass him in anything and he made this known to both Presidents Museveni and Uhuru trying to win their approval and recognition when time came. Malong, therefore, does not need anybody to sell him.
    The evolving political tragicomedy is the ‘tug of power’ succession between Nhial Deng Nhial (favoured by JCE) Paul Malong Awan (sui moto) and Kuol Manyang Juuk ( Bor lobby) on the one hand and struggle for the first vice president between Joseph Nguen Monytuil and General Taban Deng Gai and how this will play out in the general situation of the civil war in South Sudan. Wonders will not cease.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Dr Nyaba,
    What u say is the exact tragedy that will superpass what we have already gone through.
    But it’s needless to say that that tragedy is a product that has it’s roots in the general political conducts of elites like u.Why don’t u admit that the point where things went wrong was during the events of 1991 to which u were a co-author?

    The best judgment to any sensible brain is,the jieng after getting targeted as testified by execution of SPLM/A soldiers of jieng origin by the Nasir Faction right from the first hour of the coup and the white army’s march on Bor that witnessed destruction and murder of every jaang caught alive there,found themselves obliged to stand behind jieng’s elites without any question with regard to leadership or lack of it in them.
    Jieng are suffering so gravely today not only from the lack of development but also from the lack of any positive prospects giving a possibility of changes for better.
    For example,I would never mind giving u a second chance to proof yourself.But others will call me a mad man becouse u have never tried to hide the stigma on u from the events of 1991.
    It’s a big surprise dear great uncle what fails u from distinguishing between jieng ordinary masses who are suffering from Kiir’s government and the bad government that is lead by Kiir which is also the cause of your suffering.Until u have done that,the majority of jieng will never stop seeing u as a witch doctor manouvering to get power and in order to murder them after.That’s why they have accepted to be hostages to Malong and company.It’s only a choice for worst and never for any better future.
    Politics is a game of ideas and the most civilized universality of it is ability to bring people into unity and never to disunite them.
    Of course it isn’t me who is decades your junior who should give myself the right to tell u that.
    Pardon me for disturbing u sir!!!

  11. abai okwahu says:

    folks, i think malong awan is just happy being chief of staff, protected by a private militia and his buddy kiir. isn’t this the guy who raised a tribal militia to protect kiir as well as bears some respnsibility in the killing of tens of thousands of nuer civilians and others in juba in 2013? he doesn’t think of himself as presidential material but rather an enforcer for the junta.

  12. Peter Adwok Nyaba says:

    Miss/Mr/Dr/Prof/Rev False Millionaire
    Thank you very much for your intervention. You can not hide yourself behind a facade and expect people to respect whatever you writing even though it makes sense. Yes, I agree with you that 1991 Nasir Declaration remains a reference point in our history but 1991 does not stand in isolation of other dates and events in South Sudan linked to the SPLM/SPLA. I resent selective memory for nearly all the communities of South Sudan were affected and afflicted by the SPLM/SPLA. We will not run away from that responsibility but we must move forward to catch up with the rest of the world.
    There is nothing in all my writings, including the three books I have authored, to indicate that I am Dinka-phobic, I am harsh on, and ready at anytime to combat JCE and Jieng or Chollo, Bari, Naadh, Azandi, etc., chauvinism and bigotry exhibited by some compatriots. I am and will remain a revolutionary struggling for change, not power or wealth, that will transform for the better the lives of our people in their social formations.
    I beg you to be courageous and drop the false name by which you want yourself to be called.
    Kind regards

    Peter Adwok Nyaba

    • Dear Peter Adwok Nyaba,
      I don’t know whether you are sure of your tricky words that you are not struggling for power but for change while the big question is; which change are you trying to insinuate here? Is it the change where you accept Salva Kiir as your President, reinstating Dr. Riek Machar as your FVP, your former colleagues, the like of Deng Alor Kuol as Foreign Affairs Minister, John Luk Jok, and you Dr. Adwok had shamelessly allow yourself to be reinstate back to the position you ‘ve been occupying for good eight years without better or quality education but all i can see and hear is practising and promotion of tribalism in the Universities.
      We the youth or let me say young generation are tired of your lame excuses and tricky ways of sticking to power in the cover of Change, Reform, Loss of direction, Democracy, good services delivery but in real sense, you won’t do anything even if you are allowed to occupies those positions for the rest of your lives because you believe in yourselves than common man, woman and child in South Sudan.
      FYI, you people need to style up and shift to other words in English rather those ones I ‘ve mentioned above coz you ‘ve force majority of people both young and old, literate, semi illiterate and illiterate to make good research about your usual claims of those terms but what ‘ve got vs what you always sang in your daily songs.
      Shameless and outdated PhD holders.

  13. Abel Magok says:

    Peter Adwok Nyaba,

    I think you have made a valid point on this issue of fake names on this website and I believe you read a lot here and might have seen not only False Millionaire using fake name, they are so many and bellow are few of them.
    1- info@Southsuannation or Editor
    2- New Dawn Equatoria
    3- Kokora 11
    4- Anonymous
    6- Toria
    7- Simba
    8- Monye Jur and many more
    Your request of dropping such fake names should start from Editor or info@southsudannation , editors revealed their names when writing their pieces to the public and I think this is where chaos started in this website plus weak administration that allowed people in first place posted their ideas on the website using fake names.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      From our records, you are apparently a longstanding visitor and commentator on this website but you failed to check the name and address of the website editor clearly published on this website. Just look at the FEEDBACK page and the info is there.
      Secondly, all those published names you mentioned are with the permission of the Editor and for security reason to safeguard those people from being arrested by the Kiir regime.
      Finally, long articles usually have the writers’ names attached otherwise the article is not publish.
      I wish to sincerely thank you for your continued interest with this website.

      • Abel Magok says:


        I am surprise by your policy in this website to give permission of using false names in the pretext of security. When a person decide to engage in politic or want to correct what he/she think not for the benefit of people or the country, you need to take charge of your own words or principle rather than working in shadow like criminals.
        Most writings come from those using fake names are indeed irresponsible and criminals in nature, they are citing violence and stirring up tribalism which will not benefit anyone in South Sudan. The recent civilians roads attack started in Equatoria has been advocated indirectly in articles written in this website for along.
        Moreover, I know FEEDBACK you talking but I am not here to consider names owners shy-away to write or hide somewhere and expect people to search for it, editors mention their names and tittles when writing their pieces to the public.

    • Eastern says:

      Abel Magok,

      Many journalists including my friend and colleague Isaiah Abraham were killed in South Sudan because the tribal government looks for the messenger not content of the message.

      What guarantees do people on the webpage, including the editor, have that the name Abel Magok does indeed belong to you. I don’t know you and I think the editor even doesn’t know you! Any Google search doesn’t return a known Abel Magok!

      The name Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba belongs to a man who is a public figure that is known to very many people; he has published books, authored many articles. A Google search will lead you to the same Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, the principled man.

      So the editor in his wisdom decided to publish the articles (to send the message across) rather than dwelling on the messengers.

      As far as I am concerned,Abel Magok, Eastern in addition to those listed by you and many more are all nom de guerre. I am not a policy maker what’s the importance of knowing the real Eastern, Kokora II, etc if your intention are not to stifle dessenting opinions to what Kiir’s tribal cabal in Juba thinks?

      • Abel Magok says:


        Quoted from Dr. Adwok, you can not hide yourself behind a façade and expect people to respect whatever you writing even though it makes sense. I have read for years until last article written by late Isaiah Abraham, he was a principled responsible man wanted to see things changing in South Sudan, and died for what he believes and I respect him even in his tomb.
        If you want to correct or change something in your country or to the people, you need to take charge of your own words or principles like Isaiah Abraham did, not in the shadow like criminals and indeed your writings I have read are irresponsible.
        What guarantees do people on the webpage including editor have that the name Abel Magok dose belong to me is not my problem if you do not believe it but one party, God knows the name belong to me, what about your name Eastern? moreover, my name has no comparison with those Eastern, Kokora 11 and many more i have mentioned, because it looks very much as name of a person before we talk about who to belong to, what about your name Eastern, Kokora 11 and many more i have mentioned, are ridicules.

        • Eastern says:

          Abel Magok,

          Ok, tomorrow, I will choose a new name Agel Malith or Wilson Tong. Those two names to people like you sound genuine and not ridiculous!

          Please take note of the message and not the messenger is my advice to you and like-minded.

          • Abel Magok says:


            When you talked about choosing a new name tomorrow and is going to be either Agel Malith or Wilson Tong, it tells me something i wasn’t know, you are a man, which wasn’t clear with the name Eastern.
            Second, your decision of choosing new name is absolutely yours with info@southsudanantion who admitted have fakes or forgeries names deals with people in his website on the pretext of security.
            Message become sweet when owner takes charge of it like your friend and colleague late Isaiah Abraham did.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Abel Magok,
            It’s utterly shocking though not surprising, that you can remorselessly bring the name of late hero, Isaiah Abraham here. You seemingly appear happy about his brutal murder by your genocidal president kiir mayardit. I think you are fully aware that the name of the late hero was an alias but some weak-hearted mounjang betrayed him to Kiir’s murder squad who eventually terminated his life. If you are aware, Isaiah was shot point blank in his home in Gudele, Juba, after courteously opening the gate to jieng soldiers-security personnel he mistakenly thought would not turn out to be vicious murderers.
            Regardless of your evil intentions, the editor will always do his utmost to protect the anonymity of the contributors to this website.

  14. Juma says:

    Dear Alphag ,

    Do you know that your writings played the negative role in fueling South Sudan war ? I started reading your articles on this website since 2010 , of all those I had read, none of them is was constructive, if your aim is to power, come , register your party and sell your ideas, if they are good to the citizens of South Sudan, then you can sit on the high seat. Otherwise , no one will take the current seat by force unless it is by elections. Why do not you conderm killing of innocent women and children on Yei road if you were for Justice ? or do you think the relatives cannot revenge them ? Your hypocritical politics is taking you nowhere , join the conventional politics than being an online politician

  15. Kokora II says:

    Abel Magok
    Trust me you will never measure up to the Editor nor Isaiah Abraham. Because your writings are not patriotic, you sided with the regime in Juba for bread and looting the poorest nation on the earth. You talked about fake names, since when did you come with the name Abel, is that a real Dinka name? Most South Sudanese adopted names given by Europeans or brought by them. Isn’t that the real liberation to come? So that everyone call themselves by the names that actually identifies them rather than the European. That is what’s call “mental slavery”.
    Apart from that you claimed that those people who use fake names should come out in open to shout out their names and then criticize the Dinka regime, that is call stupidity to see a house burning and then get a bucket full of water and run into the fire expecting to put off the fire? Nonsense, I will keep my war time name until I win,then you will be surprise to find out that you may even known me.

  16. Abel Magok says:


    I don’t know what you talking about Mr. Editor, it seems you are confused and do not even read things you yourself edited on your website, I wrote my personal perception in few words earlier about late Isaiah Abraham, in commentary there and I am not seeing anything wrong with mentioning the name in second commentary with good description of being a principled man who was taking charge of his own words unlike others you having fakes or forgeries names deals with on your website in the pretext of security to cover up irresponsible writers citing violence and stirring up tribalism in South Sudan which will not benefit anyone there.
    Your website is already become a laughing-stock by wrong policy of dealing with people using fake names and is landing into a criminal network people should have to watch at. The death of civilians in roads attacks started in Equatoria, has been indirectly advocated for along in articles written on this website.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Abel Magok,
      Now I really feel that I don’t know whom I am dealing with, anyway, it has been my policy as editor not to go into a needless and unproductive warfare with anyone on my website which, for your personal information, has been running successfully since 2003 (thirteen years).
      I will henceforth pass the baton on to others might have the interest to keep the dialogue ongoing with you. You are always welcome to the South Sudan website.

  17. Walter deng says:

    Malong is playing with fire!

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