The Chollo Defense Forces Betrayed by the President Kiir’s Administration

By: Jwothab Othow, APR/07/2015, SSN;

First and foremost, allow me to extend my deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the Chollo (Shilluk) fallen heroes including the late Major General James Bwogo Olew and 14 other Chollo officers who were killed in a barbaric act in ambush at Lul by Akoka Dinka militias. Akoka and Dongjol clans militia who recently killed Major General Bwogo Olew in an ambush along with 14 other officers at Lul are part of Padang Dinka in the context of their master plan.

To refreshed your memory about the background of Conflict between the Dinka-Chollo land conflicts in Upper Nile State. It could be recalled when the unprovoked attack on Chollo in Malakal town, the capital of Upper Nile State on January 9, 2009 during the celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the CPA.

The Padang Dinka in Upper Nile State claimed that the town belongs to them and, therefore, they should lead the procession. They attacked the Shilluk who were put before them in the procession. This incident happened in the presence of President Kiir and his former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar. Both Kiir –Machar did nothing about it until today. The same year in 2009 the Dinka attacked two Chollo villages of Abaniim and Anakdiar killing innocent Chollo citizens.

The current President of South Sudan Kiir gave Dinka a site called Pigi in the Chollo land which made it clear that President Kiir is supporting and behind the Padang Dinka claimed for Chollo ancestral land. Juba’s betrayal against Chollo Defense Forces would be a strategic failure of the President Kiir’s administration.

The recent attack on Chollo Defense forces which led to the killing of Major General James Bwogo, self-explanatory and maybe proof of the President Kiir’s administration betrayal against Chollo Defense Forces who made allies with Kiir’s government in 2013.

The giving of Chollo ancestral land to the Dinka by President Salva Kiir has continued to cause ongoing violence in Upper Nile between Dinka and Chollo land conflict unless Juba drops its support for Padang Dinka false claim and abandon their strategy to dislodge Chollo from the east bank.

The Dinka militias ambush at Lul are not an isolated incident but part of Padang Dinka elements within Kiir’s administration who are supplying the Dinka militias in Upper Nile state ammunition to terrorize the Chollo community.

There are reliable reports on the ground that some elements from Akoka Dinka elites and their collaborators from the Nuer of Upper Nile state within President Kiir’s administration are the ones arming the Dinka militia.

It is clear that there is a well coordinated plan to dislodge Chollo people from their ancestral land. The government in Juba is downplaying what happens at Lul recently as Dinka and Chollo youth clashes in Upper Nile state.

Juba is trying to misinform the public through their owned false media about what happened in Upper Nile State recently. According to the various sources, the Minister of Defense in Juba refused to meet the Minority Opposition leader in South Sudan legislative Assembly (SSLA) on the same subject playing down Dinka and Chollo youth clashes.

As part of Juba media propaganda on April 6, 2015, the well known Nuer opportunist Gordon Buay published statement on SPLM-DC forum and Juba smart forum where he claimed that General Johnson Olony issued the statement. This is totally false and fabricated.

These are elements of Akoka Dinka unfounded claims since in 2004. Thereafter, nothing was done despite Chollo’s legitimate demands that the President Kiir’s administration set up a committee to demarcate the border between the two tribes which is based on 1956 boundaries once and for all.

We are told by the various sources that President Salva Kiir made remarks to the Chollo who were trying to approach Kiir to resolve the matter that, “The Chollo–Padang Dinka boundary is in the middle of the Nile.”

The Padang Dinka elites who are supporting Dinka militias in Upper Nile with their strategy are aiming to occupy Chollo land on the East bank. They think the Chollo Defense forces have been weakened as a result of ongoing fighting in Upper Nile against the rebels.

Now Akoka Dinka militias are waging the war against Chollo Defense Forces. If the Padang Dinka think they can occupy the Chollo land on the East bank they are mistaken. The enemies of the Chollo nation will be defeated regardless how mighty they are.

There is evidence that the Padang Dinka elites and their militias are getting material support from Kiir’s government to implement their strategy and agenda to exterminate the Chollo nation from existence.

We condemned this criminal act by Akoka Dinka militias who carried out the ambush killing 15 Chollo officers including Major General Bwogo Olew.

The tension is getting high these days in Upper Nile State due to the deterioration of the situation in the last few days following the killing of Major General Bwogo and 14 other officers at Lul by Akoka Dinka militias.

To the adversaries who seek to dislodge Chollo nation from existence in Upper Nile state should know that our founding fathers have fought multitudes of enemies including the Dinka, Nuer, Funj, Mahdi, and Turko-Egyptian rule in Sudan etc. Yet we have survived and will continue to fight those who seek to dislodge us from existence.

The whole Chollo community is saddened and devastated for the loss of Chollo officers in cold blood. The killing of Major General Bwogo and 14 other officers is pure betrayal from President Kiir’s government.

There are serious concerns among the Chollo whether alliance between General Johnson Olony’s defense forces and the government will continue if the President Kiir continues to support Padang Dinka militias against Chollo forces.

The Padang Dinka agenda to remove the Chollo from their land on the East bank of the Nile from Nyijwado in the Southern kingdom to Detwok in the Northern Kingdom is clearly supported by Kiir’s administration.

There is no doubt that assassinations of Major General Major General James Bwogo who is a deputy of General Johnson Olony and 14 other Chollo officers killed in an ambush were an insider’s work of Padang Dinka elites within the President Kiir’s government.

This proven beyond doubt that the President Kiir’s betrayal against General Johnson Olony’s Chollo Defense Forces after General Olony’s force liberated most places in Upper Nile state.

Chollo all over the world are mourning the loss of their fallen heroes with bitterness. We pray that Almighty God rest their souls in peace but the Akoka Dinka perpetrators who murdered them in cold blood should know that their blood will not go in vain.

We pray that Almighty God gives comfort to their families at this difficult time and the Chollo community. The perpetrators who carried out this mindless and barbaric cowardly act will be held responsible for their death.

Major General James Bwogo was killed on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 on his way to Lul. The plight of Chollo people and the secret war being waged against Chollo nation by the Dinka militias’ with the support of President Kiir’s administration to dislodge Chollo people from ancestral land will not prevail.

This is a clear indication that the ambush was coordinated by pro-government militias from Padang Dinka mainly Akoka as part of their strategy to occupy Chollo land.

One thing Padang Dinka should know is that Shilluk would rather have Padang Dinka take their ancestral land over their dead bodies. This betrayal by President Kirr’s government will affect future relations between Kiir’s government and General Johnson Olony allies.

This unfaithfulness by the government of Kiir and their Padang Dinka militias could jeopardize the relationship between Gen. Jonson Olony’s forces and the government.

Major General Bwogo Olew was a “true hero” and he died for the cause of his people. The ambush was coordinated by Akoka Dinka militias and the President Kiir’s government to kill both Major General Bwogo and General Johnson Olony but General Johnson Olony was not with Major General Bwogo at the time of the ambush.

Major General Bwogo will be remembered and admired for his bravery and his blood will not be in vain. Late Major General Bwogo Olew will remain in the memories of many Chollo for generations to come.

The Dinka perpetrators who are plotting and fuelling violence in Upper Nile state are within the President Kiir’s administration. According to many sources those who are responsible for ongoing violence in Upper Nile State between Dinka and Chollo conflict over the land are: President Kiir himself, the current Governor Simon Kun Pouch, and Stephen Dieu, South Sudan minister of Petroleum, Joshua Dau, a member of Jieng Council of Elders, and Gen. Johnson Gony etc. Just to mention the few.

The ongoing war waged by Padang Dinka in Upper Nile state against the Chollo people have been “coordinated” by President Kiir’s government. If we could recall right after Chollo forces liberated Wadakona the perpetrators mentioned above plotted to assassinate Gen. Johnson Olony at Renk when the Dinka militias shot at Gen. Johnson Olony‘s vehicle but. thank God, he was not in the vehicle and no one was hurt.

The authorities in Juba did not say anything about that incident until Major General Bwogo was killed on April 1, 2015 along with 14 other Chollo officers at Lul. So it is very clear that Juba was behind the conspiracy and is involved in what happened recently in Lul.

President Kiir’s government is trying to discredit and betray Chollo Defense Forces after they have liberated most places in Upper Nile state from the Rebels.

President Kiir’s administration refused to send a delegation to attend the burial of late Major General James Bwogo despite his high rank is an indication that Juba was behind the killing and has betrayed General Johnson Olony.

Sadly, after the Dinka militias killed Major General Bwogo according to the sources on the ground that his body was cut into pieces by the mindless cowardice of Dinka militia. This is pure senseless act and barbaric crime. The blood of Chollo martyrs will not go in vain.

Major General Bwogo Olew was a “true hero” and he died for the cause of his people. Such inhuman and barbaric acts will be met with tough action against the Dinka militia perpetrators. President Kiir’s administration and Padang Dinka is a threat to Chollo existence.

In conclusion, we are deeply concerned that President Kiir’s administration is not serious in resolving the issues of land conflict between the Dinka and Chollo because of his double standards.

It is time for Chollo to think carefully and collectively and to act. I strongly believe that the Chollo people will defeat the adversaries who want to dislodge the Chollo nation.

Major General Bwogo and other fallen heroes….. Chollo people will never forget your sacrifices and your blood will not go in vain.

We thank them for their service and courage. They died for the cause of their people. We salute you and May God rests your souls in eternal peace.

The author is a South Sudanese concerned citizen; he can be reached at


  1. My dear Chulluk People;

    Of two evils, you choose the smaller one to mitigate the overall negative impact.

    Why don’t you guys follow your wise Dr. Nyaba? This guru Dr maybe your last ticket through the gates to the next upcoming Dengkur Regime.

  2. Alier Gai says:

    The article is boring and disconected from the theme. A strong hateful word after another hateful word filled up the article. You have a deep aversion on the dinka and it will never bear unity at all. However, let wait for the investigation to be thorough before we run our loose mouths against each other. The facts are underway. I am so sorry for the guy’s death and I hope that he was not part of that operation which caused him dearly. But, you better stop instigating chaos when you don’t know where to turn to and find a solution. You stay calm and be cautious around the clock.

  3. Diplo Guest says:

    There is vision with Dr machar where all south sudanese should follow

    • AGUMUT says:

      Where Dr. Riek Machar is going to build his Presidential Palace? You should Prepared for his dead body because he is not our president whether you it or not.

  4. Thoman Lual Mading says:

    We all know the root cause of this problem which Dr. John Garang had avoided by not listening to those who do know the reality of tribes borders (go back to history and check all old tribal boundaries before war time). South Sudan is large and can accommodate all without any problem.

    When Akoka county was created it engulfed some Shilluk (Collo) villages around Binythiang which was in the past embraced true coexistence between the two communities, and as result they forced the Shilluk away from the area- Juba & Upper Nile governments kept quite.

    I have also seen this happening to other communities even within the Dinka clans and between Dinka and other tribes. We have to be fair and allow all to return to their original birth places before the civil war including the Shilluk.

    Another clear example was also the presence of the Nuer in Obel, Kaldak and Canal which were not their areas as most of them came from Akoba and Ayod area and other places during war time. They blocked the Shilluk from returning to their villages when they came back from the north and even demanded a payam be created for them in the area.

    My birth place is a swampy area, full of mosquitos and flies but I will never insist to go and settle in the Maadi or Shilluk villages and force them away, but I have full right as South Sudanese to buy a plot and settle in Malakal, Renk, Wau, Juba, Gogrial, Aweil or any other big towns without displacing the inhabitants by force.

    I have no bad intention by writing this, but I hope the big tribes would work to safeguard the rights of the minority groups without siding with their communities, especially when they are wrong. Politicians must not use the youth and students for achieving own agenda.

  5. mindra says:

    Hey Mr Alier Gai,

    The true is always bitter for the Dinkas but it is worth liberating
    the article is full of points and wisdom, and messages to all the southsudanese people,i have only one message for the chollo people,let us all rise up in support of Rieck machar,that is the only movement that can bring hopes
    kirr’s dominated the dinkas government is everywhere claiming people’s land eg,WES,EES,CES,Upper nile state &WBG,
    Your situation is quite the same of what is happening in madi land in Eastern equatoria,alot of people are now crying in the hand of Kirr’s government,his motives is to installed the Dinkas kingdom everywhere in southsudan,
    check and act now before too late .
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam,madi corridor EE

  6. mindra says:

    Dear all,
    Kirr is behind every dirty games in southsudan.he will one day accounts for his action
    Mindra from loa local pageri payam madi corridor,EES

  7. Arow says:

    History can prove to all sudanese and South Sudan that Jieng Padang is the most peaceful people in whole the country whether before independence or after Independence , that is why our counties are full of different nations .As somebody mentioned above being born in Renk , Maluth(Melut), Akoka ,and all the way to Pigi does not give right to own the county of those mentioned above , if so ,did Chollo Claim Khartoum , Kosti ,Jablien and so on, why are they claiming our areas , is it we do not tell to back to their counties when they come to ours.Did Jieng Padang claim or migrate to Chollo counties, never , Chollo , see South Sudan map,Chollo has left most of it land to Arab and Nuer ,Jieng Padang does not encourage war ,because they know what is war , South Sudan map can prove to all Southners. Chollo never come to padang land by war , they only come as brothers-in-law , and our land has less trees which makes it easier to farm , while Chollo has heavy trees that had made difficult for them to make larges farms.By force , non of south sudanese tribe will stay or occupy and piece of our land . overall , check the old map of sudan before english man come to sudan , then make your claim , Chollo always say loo jang and loo chill , white nile , or Nile is our border with Chollo, or they have to come in peaceful way.Why Chollo , does not like what Nuer for their land , if they believed Nuer is taken some of their land , that is what they doing to Jieng Padang , and as Knew , Nuer is taken Chollo land , also Chollo have to recognize what they are doing is what Nuer did to them.That fighting is a lesson to whoever plan to take other people land by power, you can not win , but you loss more and more , Akoka proved it to Chollo , why , Olony is leading the army as you all see on SSTV, but Akoka has no much than a k47. and see what had happen.Iam so glad some of wise Chollo who were in Akoka Land are saying , the land is belong to Dongjiol , we just come , let stay w

    • Thoman Lual Mading says:

      They killed 37 of your soldiers in retaliation and yet they are still mourning their dead. That means one Collo man is equal to 10 Dinka men or even more. If this fighting go on for two weeks Akoka will be empty. Stop war propaganda and work for peace.

      If I am wrong, please attack them again and you will reach Bahr El Ghazal in just one day. And we will not support you.

  8. tab chuol says:

    you said Maj. Gen. Bwogo was from the Cholo defense forces in the Upper Nile area while others are talking about SPLA officer killed by Dinka malitias, then people should not blame the Dinka Malitia for killing Cholo defense officer who crossed the border to the enemy territory, you fear Dinka and try to blame other tribes including Nuer, what their connection to your problem with the Dinka. what was the purpose of having Cholo defense forces, defense from Dinka?

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Thoman,
    Your comments are the most honest republican’s principles and I response in great appreciation.The concept of a republic is a country that belongs to multi religious,multi cultural and multi ethnic groups that corresponds exactly to our case.But a country needs a government that must administer justice and the rule of law among citizens.There is no single citizen in a well governed republic on earth that has the right to take the law into his own hand.For that is the responsibility of the government.But what is happening in our country is the bitter facts that there are citizens with many differences that require judicial attention from the part of the government but there is no government in reality.If I was ever given the chance to express my opinion,I would advise our fellow citizens to stay calm and choose to struggle to gather for a change that will bring to power a better government that should be ready to administer law and justice equally among citizens!!!

  10. Abiel says:

    I don’t know if South Sudanese are confusing or they don’t want to tell the true.for those who keep talking about the grabbing land please go back first to Sudan geographic and learn about the peoples geographic where the Chollo land? Secondly if you wanted to talk about Malakal belonged to who go back to Malakal Adminstration until 1996 Chollo kingdom headquarter was Pachoda or Kodok and Malakal was a greater Baliet headquarter which is currently ( Baleit and Akoka) than the greater Baleit moved their headquarter outside Malakal but doesn’t meant that they lift it to Chollo.if Bari moved out now from Juba to Yei and leave Juba South Sudan Administration doesn’t meant that Juba is belonged to any tribe still belonged to Bari is what happened between Dinka and Chollo.then if we go back little bit to taxes colectors you will find Chollo taxes always goes to Pachoda and greater Baleit taxes goes to Malakal headquarter. the question who malakal belong to are those pay their taxes to Pachoda or those pay their taxes to Malakal town. Chollo when so far and Dinka keep silent Chollo made mistake when they changed Malakal name to makal and they steblished their Adminstration without permission and Dinka didn’t ask Chollo why they Changes the name but not becuase Dinka fear Chollo it became Dinka know the true and they know what is a meaning of the land and author you blamed Dinka for killing the Chollo general but why your malitia general when out from Malakal towards Akoka without permission in Malakal town that isn’t a war against Akoka people like what he did before when he attacked Binythain and killed the Binythain Chief Thon De Waiy.that will not happen again.

  11. Dear Othow:

    Shilluk Defense Force was created and by supported Kiir to use them against Nuer. Now Shilluk Defense Force push rebels out of Upper Nile with the help of Uganda military, SPLA-N, and SPLA-Juba. Now Kiir turn against Shilluk Defense Force, so what? Chollo community should blame no one in South Sudan government for the killing of Shilluk Defense Force’s general, not event Dinka Padang, but they should blame only US dollars and South Sudanese Pound given to their frontline commanders such as Johnson Olony and his deputy Bwogo Olew who command Shilluk Defense Forces.

    Shilluk community involved deep in the war against the rebels who have nothing to do with them, but just because their frontlines commanders have been bribed while their politicians in Juba are serving detention sentences. What a confuse and money hungry community? These confuse Shilluk think that Kiir should arm them and pay them at the same time so they can continue their barbaric against Dinka Padang. Where in the world a person can claim the land militarily from someone who arm him and feed him? The Dinka is arming and feeding Shilluk Defense Force, yet Shilluk is claiming the land from Dinka militarily.

    Is Dinka stupid enough to give land to someone he arms and feed? When Johnson Olony returned to South Sudan, he was responding to the presidential amnesty given to war criminals. There was not legitimate written agreement between Kiir and Olony. Shilluk should stop talking like blind woman left in the abandon village because you choose to fight for money.

    A reliable source indicate Johnson Olony was given $1.5 million last week to keep him stay with the government that is why Johnson Olony said the killing of his deputy was an accidental, but not intentional. If the killing of Shilluk Defense Force’s general was really an accident, the Dinka should apologize to Shilluk, but the Dinka Padang are not apologizing to Shilluk, then they mean it.

  12. Chul Mi Bor says:


    Please do not cry over spilled milk. Just take your gun and face those who against the Chollo people. Go join Chollo Defense Forces to liberate your occupied land by Jieng. Bring it on! Come on! Let’s fight dictator Kiir togather! I am glad that the Chollo people have realized the danger of being used by Kiir.

  13. Gabriel says:

    This is not a new thing happen in upper Nile state.the ethnic Dinka Dogual is being armed by regime to kill their neighbors in connection to false land is only chollo people who are the primary target in this case.they also have issue with ethnic Burun in Adar area where they claim that it is their land. The current security advisor who was a former deputy of the govermer Mr john Ivo was ambushed on his way from mabaan county to Malut county eight years ago,but destroyed the ambush. It is now clear this people don’t want co existence with their neighbors at their big brother in the DInkan government is arming them to kill non Dinka.

  14. Dear Jwothab Othow, my condolences to the family of Major General James Bwogo Olew and the entire Chollo people. It is unfortunate for as a country to loose a brave man like Bwogo in a protracted war. The unprecedented war in the south Sudan has claimed already dozen of officers whose goals are solely to protect our country. But because of selfishness these men are forced to protect the wishes of indecent and classified individuals. The dead of Bwogo is inscription or war among the Chollo and the Dinka people in fragile slate. These act must be contain sooner than later aqnd not impact more unnecessary bloodshed among the innocent people in the state.

    The issue of land is none of the issues that the government needs to tackle more urgently than urge for oil.I wished the president’s decree to repatriate Dinka cattles from Eastern, Central, and Western Equatoria was a decree to repatriate the nomadic Dinka themselves ot just cows. We have problem of land grabbing by the Dinka everywhere: East, south, west and even now in the north just by the same people. Few weeks ago, Bona Malual told the Dinka here in the USA that “South Sudan belong to the Dinka.” Although this is not something new, I think south Sudanese needs to gather courage to reject unnecessary claim by the Dinka of people’s ancestral land. It is insane to let innocent people die because of ignorance and wild claime by some people. I hope the blood of Major General Bwogo will bring peace among the Chollo and Akoka Dinka and not war.

  15. dinka man says:

    whether you like it or not, the dinka kingdom is on it’s way coming all means
    warrap state oyeeeeeee

  16. Charles Placido Wani Lako says:

    Dear Bentiu Ramaran,
    If what you say is true, then that is really a very unfortunate scenario for us South Sudan and SPLM in general. What some of us are made to know by occurrence of some events and circumstances in some states capitals such as Wau, Juba and Malakal indicates a plan and a systematic land grabbing and consolidation of the Dinka presence in these states capitals and to gradually change history as well as the geography of those places. The Nuer on one side had that in mind, but they fond themselves behind the Dinka in the lead of the Government. These scenarios will one day end only through two options of implementing FEDERAL System of governance and the last option is Create a State that is Exclusive of Dinka and Nuer, although the Nuers to some degree can be tolerated with high caution. Now we are in dilemma, whether SPLM in general is fighting TRIBAL FIGHTS or POLITICAL/POWER fights., this is what some of us would need to know.

    • Mr. Charles Placido Wani Lako,

      I totally respect your comments although you did not indicate which part of my comments you did not agree with or have doubt. I like your comment because it is constructive. The part that I would like to refute is that creating a state that is exclusive of Dinka and Nuer is a wishful demand that will never take effect. What we need to do collectively as citizens of one nation is to strongly support federalism as you mentioned on your comments. In my opinion, without implementation of federalism we will never be out of war in South Sudan, and we will never enjoy our citizenship while on earth as South Sudan either.

      Lastly, I do not have a comment on whether this war is tribally motivated or politically/power motivated it depends on how you see it. Bystanders usually call this war tribal war so they can continue be bystanders through out struggle. However, when things turn positive latter on these bystanders would say they were part of change although they did not contribute any thing that make things return around.

  17. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Tab chuol
    thanks for your comments. to Mr. othaw you have your defense force who are fighting against Dinka Padang and when your General killed on front line he was fought on your side and nobody send him there to command his forces.
    one things you need to known people is that you armed your militias locally and nobody asked you where did you get the weapon? second to that you might be thinking that you are going to chase away Dinka from their land which is impossible .
    now this is war and don’t crying my dear, if your were told by the wrong elements that Dinka will go away from South Sudan go to him again and tell him it is difficult to moved away the stone called Dinka.

  18. Insider Breaking Newwwwsss!!!!:


    The count-down for expiration of the “Jieng Elders Regime” has begun tick-toking towards the end of June 2015!

    Brace yourselves and welcome the New Regime of DengKoor – the much awaited regime of all regimes worldwide. The regime ” in bi bel le tang toll ” that will start growing abundant natural food for the hungry world!

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Brother ngundeng,
    “The end of June 2015″,is just one foot step away.I am impatient to see what will transpire and the,”…abundant food for the hungry world!”.

  20. Abraham says:

    Dear Othow,
    Your article is full of hatred a against as whole Dinkas. Why would you cry? When Johnson killed Paramount chief of Dinka Dongjol, nobody has said anything.Olany is being illusive folks! Never trust him anymore. His secretive is to target those Dinka leaders around Malakal and their civilians. Jieeng of Padang will deal with you until he gives up, for sake of their security. Dinka Padang is one of the peaceful community in Upper Nile State.It’s time to say No.Enough is enough for cowardice shilluk to kill Dinka Padang..

  21. predetermine says:

    Hi there mates, how is the whole thing, and what you would like to say on the topic
    of this paragraph, in my view its truly remarkable in support
    of me.

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