The broken social boundaries in South Sudan

BY: ELHAG PAUL, South Sudan, JUL/04/2013, SSN;

The third Equatoria meeting in two years dubbed ‘Equatoria Consultative Conference’ with the theme “Fostering Equatoria Leadership in Building Cohesive Nation” held on 8th and 9th May 2013 at Nyakoruon Cultural Centre in Juba, rattled the presidency. It is reliably reported that both the president and his deputy were furious with the three governors of Equatoria for holding the conference although Bahr El Ghazal later followed suit. In the article ‘Machar warns against sliding into regional politics in the country’ (Sudan Tribune, 2nd June 2013) the vice president makes his views against Equatoria’s right to association clear confirming the report.

Surely, there is nothing wrong with regionalism but what we are seeing is a display of ignorance and unfounded fear from ill informed people and this is what is holding the country back from development.

Unlike the fanatic opponents of regionalism, Dr Machar is not ignorant, but he is an opportunist who wants to exploit every loophole available to get his paws on the presidency of Republic of South Sudan. Compare and contrast his stance against regionalism with his support for federalism in the article ‘Vice-president says federal system best for governing South Sudan’ (Sudan Tribune 4th June 3023)

In short, in all this hocus pocus of regionalism and federalism, deep inside Dr Machar lies feelings of insecurity masked by his flashing smile. He is basically afraid of SPLM Oyee losing power. He prefers to use the securely built-in tribalism in the Oyee machine to accede to the presidency.

It is understood that both president Kiir and Dr Machar ranted demanding to know why Equatorians were meeting at that particular time and what good would that bring to the country. Strange! Is it not? What is wrong with Equatorians meeting? Do they not have any right to meet? Of-course they do, but remember that this ridiculous questioning is part of a strategy used by the ruling ethnic groups to keep the whole region of Equatoria under their control within the SPLM Oyee machine.

After all, what is the point of trying to humiliate the governors when the whole event was transparent and more over the resolutions of the conference was submitted to them?

President Kiir and his deputy want to be the ones to tell Equatorians what they can do and what they can not do. This is important for them because they can only exercise unfettered power in the country (which they have done now for three decades) by keeping the Equatorians divided and in a state of confusion.

Just as Willie Lynch, the enslaver, controlled African slaves in America in 18th century, through, “fear, distrust and envy”, the duo is attempting to do the same in Equatoria. After all, Dr John Garang did it before them.

The biggest threat to the current system is the coming of Equatorians together because if the Equatorians unite, the other equally oppressed tribes in the whole country are likely to gravitate towards them and this would mean the end of the current abusive rule. So, although president Kiir and his deputy Dr Machar are at each other’s throat now, they are united in keeping Equatoria down.

Assured by their control of the various militia groups in the country and the sad history of Equatoria in the last three decades, both president Kiir and Dr Machar now want to guarantee that Equatoria remains cowed without any leaders for them to continue with their exploitation of the country.

The reported interaction between the governors and the presidency amounts to intimidation which constitutes violence on the part of the presidency in pursuance and maintenance of oppression.

Jieng oppression is crystal clear for everyone to see in the country. It does not need research to validate or digging into to convince people. It is there in your face. It saturates the entire space of South Sudan. The starkest evidence is illustrated by the problem of boundaries.

Since 1983 through the SPLM/A, the dominant ruling groups violated all the boundaries that existed between them and the other groups in South Sudan. The concept of boundary often is ignored by people. But in reality it is the most important aspect in relationship. Respect between individuals and communities are maintained by boundaries.

In a sense boundaries governs behaviours of people and through it problems are either solved, or exacerbated between individuals and communities. Therefore, without question it is a very important aspect in maintenance of peace and stability.

It is only in cases of oppressed groups that often one finds that their boundaries in terms of space, bodies, environment (land), interaction and traditional laws are violated by invaders at will.

Oppressors like president Kiir and his deputy believing in their illegitimate power find it easy to disrespect the Equatorians by carpeting their governors for exercising their right to free association. They intrude into spaces which under normal situation they should not. This intrusion is serious because it deprives the Equatorians of the ability to think freely and decide on their affairs without duress.

Whether the presidency appointed them or not, the fact that these governors now are accepted as leaders of Equatoria they must be given that respect of free association with their people. After all, the right to free association is enshrined in the interim constitution of South Sudan.

President Kiir in Yei in 1997 audaciously called Equatorians ‘cowards and women’ in public meeting. He repeated the same utterance in Yei in 2004. This abuse might not have been taken serious at the time, but it actually served to undermine self-worth and confidence of the Equatorians. It was an attack on their bodies. It injured their inner selves making them feel powerless.

The current inaction of Equatorians which is induced helplessness is down to the negative language that the Jieng use frequently to violate the boundaries of Equatorian bodies. Thus the language used to disarm an opponent is therefore the weapon that breaks the core of the self in relationship. It is also the tool that stratifies societies into classes, have and have-nots, empowered and dis-empowered and so on.

Another violation of boundaries relates to the manner in which Equatorian girls/women are treated by the Jieng. Unprotected, given the fact that their men have been divided and terrorised, in most cases, against their will, the women are violated and abused helplessly.

For instance, in 1990s Mangar, the SPLA commander in Kaya murdered a young beautiful girl named Maka by inserting a metal object into her private parts and twisting it round, because she refused to marry him. Such stories are plenty and wait to be told in details. It is unfortunate that the so called healing and reconciliation programme may not even touch such stories.

Similarly, the issue of land grabbing in Equatoria has at its core the fact that the boundaries of environment in Equatoria have been destroyed. The dominant ruling groups do not care or recognise that there are local rules and laws that govern the distribution of land in Equatoria. Knowing very well that they are the powers that be, they freely grab land wherever they feel like with impunity causing the local people immense pain.

These oppressors leave their villages and lands intact and deliberately come to destabilise settled communities in Equatoria because they control the SPLM/A Oyee machine and therefore the government of South Sudan. Take for example the case of Nimule where the Jieng are basically running riot as if they were the indigenous people.

The broken boundaries of Equatoria both tangible and intangible are things that the oppressors want to maintain at all cost if Equatoria is to remain nothing in the politics of South Sudan. If Equatoria is to ever rise again its relationship with the current dominant groups and the others need to be clearly re-defined. That definition must be underpinned by nothing but its interest only. Which means that Equatorians must first pay allegiance to Equatoria’s interest. This should be done regardless of their political beliefs and difference.

Equatoria must always come first no matter what because in adopting such a stance it will be and continue to be formidable in balancing out things for the greater good of the country. For instance, the dominant groups during the war with Arabs did not actually care whether South Sudan was liberated or not. They were relentlessly pursuing their tribal interest only.

This stance saw their prominent members frequently selling themselves out to the Arabs and then defecting back to the movement with impunity. The cause of South Sudan was more or less reduced to a business to be exploited. They shuttled between Khartoum, Nairobi and the bush like officials commuting between work and home daily. When the CPA came they became the winners of the day by default. Unlike the Equatorians who paid allegiance to the liberation of South Sudan and turned out to be the losers. This is a good lesson that Equatorians must learn.

What the current governors are doing now though their behaviour rightly is subject to harsh critique should be seen as the first steps towards recovery and rehabilitations of greater Equatoria.

Whether president Kiir will sack the governors or not should not be of any significance at this point. What is important is for Equatorians to stand up for the interest of Equatoria knowing that the whole region will be behind them and will protect them in any eventualities. If one governor is sacked who ever replaces him/her should do exactly what their predecessor had done to prove the point.

Now that both president Kiir and his deputy have rebuked Equatoria, this should be taken as a catalyst for Equatoria to fully flex its muscle by throwing down the gauntlet.

Col. Joseph Bakasoro did it when the SPLM deselected him in 2010 general elections. He ran for the governorship as an independent candidate and handsomely won. This was evidence that if a candidate is honourable and liked by his/her people he/she can easily win regardless of the odds. He, Bakasoro, or Luis Lobong or Clement Konga or Alfred Lado Gore etc should enter the fray now with that experience in mind.

Let them contest for the chairmanship of SPLM party itself with the intention to later contest for the presidency of Republic of South Sudan. If SPLM deselects them, let them then agree on one of them to stand for the presidency as an independent candidate. SPLM is already a soiled organisation and its current leaders are tainted beyond retrieval. Any none SPLM/A candidate nominating himself/herself for the presidency stands a better chance of winning.

Some people may ask as to why Equatoria should do this. The answer is simple. This is the first step in the road to full recovery from oppression and helplessness. It will signify that the people are beginning to regain their confidence and also value themselves. Thus they can take decisions for themselves and not be told by others of what they should expect and do.

The nonsense spoken about freely of Equatorians being nominated by the duo in the presidency as running mates should be seen an insult to the most capable section of the society. Why should someone else decide what is good for Equatoria? Is this not a concrete evidence of Equatoria’s subjugation? Is Equatoria not capable of making its own choice? Why can one of the others be a running mate to any of the mentioned Equatorians?

For example, Dr Riek being a running mate for Bakasoro or Lobong. Is this scenario not contemplated just because Equatoria does not have militia? Why should South Sudanese be held captive to warlords?

Mathematically using the results of the last census, an Equatorian candidate stands equal chances of winning the presidency of Republic of South Sudan. In fact such a candidate may by default even have an edge over the others for the following reasons.

SPLM Oyee poor governance has had a very negative impact on all the other 60 tribes or so of South Sudan. For certain, most of these tribes do not want anything to do with the current leaders for obvious reasons – violence, land grabbing, raping of young girls and women, abuse of power, looting, lack of foresight, massive corruption, lack of rule of law and you name it.

SPLM has totally failed to provide any kind of direction or service to the people. As it is now, they have outsourced service provision to the NGOs without incurring a dime. SPLM Oyee has neglected the organised forces which supposedly are its backbone. SPLM Oyee’s rule has tarnished the image of South Sudan internationally squandering the initial good will from the international community.

The majority of South Sudanese tacitly now accept that if South Sudan is to be saved from catastrophe it needs a leader from any of the smaller tribes.

If South Sudan manages to produce a leader from one of the smaller tribes in 2015 and that is if at all elections are held, it stands a better chance of stabilising the country which is what everyone would want. But this can only happen if the smaller tribes can put their act together for the general good of the country. The smaller tribes need to know that this is a duty to be performed by them at all cost for the stability of South Sudan.

The current ruling ethnic groups must accept that they have decimally failed in leading South Sudan. Their behaviour with state resources and abuse of security apparatus beggars believe. South Sudan today is a failed state because of their utter mismanagement.

Therefore, the people of South Sudan should not give the current rulers another term to plunder the country further. If South Sudanese want to dig out this country from the current mess, then the way forward is already suggested above.

Digging the country out involves restoring the broken social boundaries and relationships between the various ethnic groups of South Sudan. So, if South Sudan is to be saved at all, Equatoria must rise up, carry the torch of governance and shatter the myth of majority waved in their faces day in and day out endlessly. Thus, it necessitates that a president from the minority groups comes to power to play the role of a unifier and a fair and just arbiter.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. Dan says:

    Not all Equatorians were on the side of the movement during the wars. Good examples would be professor Wani Tombe and the current governor of central Equatoria Wani Konga. They were benefiting from the Khartoum government like their fellow collaborators from the other regions of Upper Nile and Bargazal.

    • Dan:

      You forgot to mention General Alison Magaya, the current Minister of Interior and all the Kokora warlords including Dr.JAC Ramba. Most of the Equatorian politicians who are currently whining and bitching on the SSN about Dinka and Nuer had all collaborated and benefited from the Arabs during the liberation war. The list of those Equatorian traitors/collaborators is extremely long and annoying. Undoubtedly, it will be revealed and made public during the presidential election in 2015. Those politicians are tribalists, selfish and heartless people and they should be treated they way they are. They do not deserve to be elected president of South Sudan in 2015. Dinka and Nuer had liberated them from the slavery and abuse, forgiven their atrocities and treasons and yet they are still plotting to bury Jieng and Nuer alive in South Sudan. What kind of people are you my fellow Countrymen?

      I, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, have firmly declared that I would never kill myself nor immigrate to Gambella-Ethiopia in order to be a good Dinka or Nuer as you (the Equatorian politicians) believe that the Good Dinka or Nuer is the dead one or the ones who have immigrated to Gambella-Ethiopia for good.. Really Mr. Elhag Paul and Dr. Ramba? Do I really have to die in order to be a good Citizen of yours? Does Mr. GatCharwearbol and Mr.Dau-Network ,who have been campaigning,appealing and licking your feet politically and tirelessly on the SSN for your leadership, have to die or immigrate to Gambella-Ethiopia or USA in order to be good Citizens of yours? Oh my Lord,Ngundeng! What a pity ?

      Please take it from me, Gatkuoth Garang, I will never bow down nor pretend to be Mr.Right/Mr.Good for those who do not accept me the way I’m and/or recognize me as their fellow Countryman. Those who have no sympathy and regard for the Nuer and Dinka soldiers who had sacrificed their own precious lives to redeem them from the 50 plus years of the Arab slavery. Please go ahead and organize all those small tribes against Jieng and Nuer and we will decide the fate of the presidency and the future of the Republic of South Sudan either by Ballots or Bullets in 2015.

      • Gatkuoth Garang,

        I agree with you 100 percent. Not even some of them but all Equatorians men did not participate in liberations of South Sudan but instead they were against liberators. They were shooting SPLA soldiers randomly when the SPLA soldiers passed by their villages. The SPLA soldiers suffered too many casualties from Equatorians people. The SPLA soldiers bought their foods with ammunitions. Something like this never happened in UPPER NILE and Bar-EL-Gazel regions. In both Bar-El-Gazel and UPPER Nile regions, the SPLA soldiers did not buy food, instead the civilians in these areas gave their food to soldiers free of charge.

        To be honest with you, whether you believe it or not, all the names of the young women in the villages around Juba areas were registered by Sudan government soldiers. So every evening those young women would report themselves to the Sudan Government military base so they could have sex with soldiers all night. This is a true story I am not making it up, I had conversation with equatorian men whose daughters involved in such activities and I had a conversation with equatorian women who were affected by such terrible acts. Thus, these cowards equatorian men were unable to liberate themselves until Dinka and Nuer came from Bar-El-Gazel and UPPER Nile to liberate them from such dangerous situations. Dinka and Nuer did not do something terrible like that to Equatorian women, instead we rescued them the lions dents.

        My friends, now you keep saying you are small tribes, let me give you an example of one small tribe which contributed in SPLA in large number. Shulluk is one of the small tribes in South Sudan, but their contribution in the SPLA was far greater than all the 3 equatorian states. I wish you wicked Equatorians could be exchanged with Nubians who participated a lot in the SPLA so no one could talk about you at all any more. You equatorians are so goofy, idiotic, tribalists, and mindless human beings.

        The unity of Great of Equatoria is like the unity of 1 million birds which can be chased away by one person.

        Do whatever you want to do.

      • Ater Jieng says:

        Dear Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang.

        I’m very grateful indeed for your support and stance for Nuer and Jieng. It is true that Mr. Elhag Paul and his kith and kin are blood suckers who want to take advantage of Jieng and Nuer. Thank you for your support. Keep it up!

      • Dan says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
        I did not forget them. It is only that there are too many of them to be listed. So I just gave him the tip of the iceberg in case he was not aware as he seems to be clueless most of the times.

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Dan
          I really pity you. You have not given me any tips. The problem is that you have failed to understand what I am talking about. Let’s try to make you understand again. I am talking about people who were in SPLM/A who defected to Khartoum for financial reasons and then again re-defected to the movement for senior positions in the bush and so on. You can not compare such people to Wani Tombe, Clement Wani, Alison Magaya… etc because this group neither went to the bush nor joined the SPLM/A until after the CPA. They were with the Arabs throughout without shifting their positions. How can you then equate them? Can you not compare and contrast things?

      • South Mole says:

        Gatkuoth Garang, you’re nothing more than a snake whose time is coming. I’m surprise that now you’re acknowledging that Nuers are South Sudanese. Previously, you and your Dinka ilks made Nuers to be Ethiopians while Equatorians were Ugandans. Now you’re beginning to see the light and trying to ally yourselves with Nuers because you’re feeling the stirrings of rebellion in Equatoria. This time around Equatorians are going to decide the fate of South Sudan and nothing will prevent them from supporting Dr. Riak Machar. Jiengs will be bereft of allies because Equatorians and Nuers refuse to participate in the Kiir Kelptocracy and tribalistic government.

        You cry about Equatoria participation but how come Malakal, Wau and Bor remained unliberated till the end of the war while Torit, Kapotea, Yei etc were liberated? If Dinkas were such good fighters how come they’re so cowards to liberate their own cities and instead took refugee in other places. You of all people, Gatkuoth Garang, should not even speak on this topic of liberation because at that time all you did was liberate food from UN tracks at Kakuma Camp.

        If we talk about food liberation, then, I’ll be happy to acknowledge that this all Dinkas are known for but if it is the liberation struggle. History showed that it was Equatoria that became the vanguard of the SPLM/A when the Nuers fed up with Dr. John Garang decided to rebel. If it weren’t for Equatorians, Nuers would’ve finished all the Dinkas. Equatorians sacrificed to ensure the safety of Dinkas who now turn around and claim that they liberated the country. I think that the Nuers are right when they say that Dinkas are only food lovers and liars. This time around there will be no Equatorians to save Dinkas and the road to Kakuma will be closed. Gatkouth Garang, perhaps it’s time to think about joining your brothers and sisters from Abeyi in Khartoum because I don’t think the Nuers will allow you to escape to Ethiopia!

    • Dan,
      Have u forgetten your uncles who were there with Arabs? During liberation only Equatoria towns were closed for free movement but Not Barh el gazel and Upper Nile.

      • Dan says:

        Kenyi lo Equatoria,
        If by my uncles you meant anyone from Bhar el gazel and Upper Nile, then I have not forgotten them . You just need to read my first comment again.

    • Malou says:

      You should also not forget the other phony name known as Paul Elhag with mega speakerphone on his mouth. They were benefiting from Arabs as traitors against the SPLM. Now that subsidy is no longer there from Arabs; they think they can just come back and get what they want! Elhag Paul telling us truth hurts, really! The truth has to start with true names and not the phony ones! What country or people did you Elhag Paul liberate with your own truth? We will be more than happy to hear from you.

  2. Eastern says:

    Dear Elhag,

    With due respect, your observations are valid: Equatorians are viewed as outsiders in a country they dearly contributed to realize. It is preposterous to label Equatorians cowards to say the least. Jieng hegemony is seen in its grand outlook in South Sudan now than was observed during the war. From Akoka up north to Nimule down south and from Wau in the west to Nadapal in the east, the Jieng want to lord it over others. The greed for money, land, leadership and shear arrogance and deceit has eaten many a Jieng people – the latest being Ahmed Deng Alor, though many pretend to know him by that name.

    Cry the beloved country! Equatorians will not take the ills meted out on them laying down. It will adopt the most civil manner to engage stakeholders in charting the way forward.

  3. Leader says:

    Dear Paul,
    No one from Dinka or Nuer objects to an Equatorian or person from any other small tribes to come to power at all. But your wish for other 60 tribes to unite against Jieng and Nuer will never materialise. It was tried during the war but never succeeded. In fact SPLM/A was labelled as a Dinka organisation in order to discourage International community from giving it support. I suggest the best way is not to unite against each other but to engage one another and for like-minded people to come together against bad leaders.

    I must also remind you that Dinka alone makes 40% and Nuer 20% of South Sudanese populace. Given the fact on the ground if Dinka unite for fear that people like you who bear hatred against them are out to harm them, then the situation will be worse.
    As for the presidency come 2015, why do you encourage other leaders from Equatoria to contest within SPLM or as Independent.
    I think you can as well do it since you know very well what is best for Equatoria.
    That is the truth (I don’t know whether it will liberate you).

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Leader
      I am afraid you are ignorant about the population of South Sudan and the reality about the percentages that make the entire population. Right from 1947 the Jieng and the Nuer combined make 32 percent of South Sudan and since then this figure has remained more or less the same until today. What this means is that the growth of both tribes has been proportional to all the others. The Jieng are 18 percent and the Nuer are 14 percent. In Equatoria alone the Azande make 12 percent, almost equal to the Nuer. So I do not know where you get your figures from. I suggest you check out your wild figures against the results of the last census.

      The sad thing is that the Jieng fraudulently want to claim a huge majority in order to lord it over the others. This is not going to work. The Jieng have demonstrated clearly that they have no skills in people management.

      As for contesting for leadership in the SPLM Oyee party, I want to inform you that I am not a member and I do not want to associate myself with a party that is known for all sorts of ills. However, I have a right to advise members of this party associated with me regionally and it is up to them to take or leave it.

      For your information, majority does not mean anything. In Rwanda the Hutu make up 87 percent of the country, yet the Tutsi who make 13 percent overthrew them and are ruling the country responsibly. The same goes for Burundi. In Uganda the majority are the Baganda, yet the Ankole are the ruling group and they are doing it in style. The evidence suggest people who claim majority in order to rule are the spoilers in most societies. I hope you have learnt something to liberate yourself.

      • Elhag Paul,

        No problem you can rule but you need to campaign peacefully. Do not the tribes but the system.

      • LL Reuben says:


        Same article different title year in and out, it starts with Jieng being really bad and ends with Jieng being really bad. You’re uniting the Dinka and even Nuer and Dinka without knowing. Few bad Jiengs and Nuer don’t amount to the whole tribes, but unfortunately this is how you see it, so proceed with your insanity until you crash -land. Feeding the forum with insinuations purported as facts or legitimate historical records will not “liberate” you and those you deem to liberate with such callous ambition.

        In my opinion, you clearly lack professionalism in your writing that’s shown by your inadequate stipulation of true facts. Or do you just choose to ignore and distort facts? If so you’re a cataleptic hypocrite. If Salva has failed our country, he’d failed as Salva and those who work with him in his government including your tribes-men and women. Why do the entire Jieng automatically become replicas of Salva’s failed records (if this is the case) in your mind’s eye sight?

        To those mocking Greater Equatorian promiscuously because of Mr. Paul writing, please refrain from it completely. Keep pounding Elhag with true facts and reasonable analysis and in the end he’ll have nowhere to dodge or escape and consequently he’ll be forced to succumb to reality otherwise his ill writing will yield no significant effect. Paul is a mouth-piece of the opposition party (..s); he doesn’t speak for the entire population of the greater Equatoria. His simple brainless strategy of amassing all sorts of dirt and dumping it on SPLM and Dinka and sometimes Nuer fits well with my assessment of the man.

        • Dear LL Reuben:

          Thank you for this comment. I greatly appreciated it. I agreed with you that we should all refrain from attacking the people of Greater Equatoria because of Elhag Paul’s demeaning article. In fact, he does not speak for the greater Equatoria people, therefore they don’t deserve to be held accountable for one individual’s bad intention or behavours. Great comment!. Please keep it up!

      • Majongdit says:

        El Hag Paul,

        Quote the source where you got those figures. Do you think you are talking to illiterates? Leave all that and go get the results for 2008 census.

        I also want to give you a valuable advice: there is no Rwanda in South Sudan. We know very well the circumstances under which the Tutsis overthrew the Government. It was a foreign backed scheme and it was necessitated by the genocide.

        In Uganda, Museveni campaigns hard to get Buganda votes to clinch the Presidency. If you were really clever you could be using the same tactic. I know if Wani Igga, not you, contests elections he’ll get the Dinka and Nuer votes. You have decided to canvassing throughout the Dinka spraying abuses and planting hatred; from it what you will reap shall only be failure lest you change your political tactics.
        Thank you

      • Malou says:

        Elhag, the majority in South Sudan are neither the Hutu of Rwanda, nor are they the Bangada of Uganda or whatever majority in any country you want to compare to Dinka. Of course it’s easier said than done; your comparison would have made sense if you first practically proved it in South Sudan. I don’t think your own truths would liberate you let alone others!

  4. Choromke Jas says:

    I nominate Kosti Manibe for President!

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      Elhag Paul
      The title of your article sounds nice but in the content it looks as you are desperate from this on going political debate in our Country; so you are turning your political view from personal challenge into tribal instigating and fuelling the tribal hatred you can not mobilize Equatorian community against the Dinka or against Nuer. they are the people having their own judgement and individual ambition to lead what we know, the leadership is something that is projecting by personal ability with clear vision.

      For this ideology so called Regionalism can not be supported by a true nationalist it be support by weak hearted people who are seeking their personal interests rather than national interest.

      First of all try to consult the Equatoria community for giving them the top job. But for you Elhag Paul and your Dr Lam Akol, my friend, both of you miss the golden chance to send you both to Khartoum in order to fight for him.
      here in Juba will never yield any fruits to you, not to be jealous to Dr Riek Machar. I don’t think Dr Lam Akol will contest as leader in the Republic of South Sudan.
      Please try to elevate any one else except Dr Lam in case if you want your SPLM-DC to be survived as national political institution.

  5. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Thank you EP
    You said it ALL, bald and clear. Plus you have shed enough light on the mathematical aspect of what constitutes the real dynamics of ‘Power Game’ in South Sudan since the dawn of history. The ball is now in the Equatoria court again and not excluding the Fertit Groups of Greater Bahr Ghazal, and the Luos of Greater Upper Nile.
    If democracy is an absolute game of numbers, then the Political Coalition of unions of the minor tribes will easily become the ultimate game changer for the top office. And should it be that God has it, that this devastated country’s salvation will come through a leader from even the smallest of our 60 or so tribes then let it be.
    I personally don’t think that a president from a minor tribe risks being bullied, by either the Dinka or the Nuer. Institutions will be set in place to put every citizen in their rightful places. But should it all fail and people choose to go it the D.R.Congo’s way or Somali way, and then let it be. After all we all know the people reigning havoc over the DR. Congo. They are neither Dinka nor Nuer.

  6. Joseph Okello says:

    Der Elhag, this article is is spot on. only superior equatorians can act in that direction, that the likes of those of Nunu who is irate to the core are amateurs and a disgrace to the region.

  7. Leader says:

    Dr. Ramba
    Are you the same person who is secretary General of USSP here praising Elhag Paul for his unbecoming behaviour and calling for chaos in the country? How comes a person who leads a party which aspires to take over the reign of leadership buys into those ideas?

    • Dr JAC Ramba says:

      Dear Leader

      Don’t begin to panic, my dear compatriot. Understand it that South Sudan as an Independent country as it is now, is a home to of its over 60 tribes. And remember that I am not the one who staged the regional conferences in Juba and Wau. Nor am I the one going around planning to impose myself on South Sudanese through the status quo or otherwise. Nor do I belong to a tribe with a population that can make me a tribal politician.

      South Sudan has more than 60 tribes, while only two of them go around bragging about wanting to exclusively lead this country as if the remaining 58 plus tribes don’t even exist.

      The two so-called major tribes don’t represent the whole country, and although the task of bringing together the 58 plus so-called minor tribes is no simple task, but our country’s only chance to dilute the existing ethnically centered and tribally driven politics is to successfully undertake the political empowerment of each and every tribe.

      We have to genuinely offer members of each and every single tribe an equal opportunity to occupy the country’s top office, regardless of the tribe’s numerical size.

      There won’t arise any chaos in empowering the over 58 minor tribes. Chaos will only ensue if others from the so-called larger tribes hold on to the erroneous belief that they can never be led by a competent and democratically elected president who comes from any of the numerous small tribes of RSS.

      • Dr. JAC Ramba,

        Why only two tribes liberated the country? where were you hiding during the struggle?

      • Majongdit says:

        Just go unite the 58 tribes and get their votes. You can get 10 tribes in one county. Go on unite them and form a political base, you’ll win the elections come 2015.

    • Dau-network says:

      Dr Ramba is just a “quack secretary” of that party. Dr Ramba and Elhag Paul are among the EDITORS of
      South Sudan Nation. Those duo, their political views always baseD on tribes or regions instead of current regimes which consist of different tribes regardless who’s heading the regime.
      @ Dr Ramba in all democratic countries where l been, l never seen a true opposition leader who supports a strong leader from other party instead supporting a weak leader so that their party SHOULD WIN against ruling PARTY but if you support a strong leader then your Party will not gonna win against them.
      Bakosoro oooyeeee.
      Equatoria region oooyeeee except Dr Ramba and Elhag Paul who had won NOBLE PRIZE OF TRIBALISM in South Sudan.

    • kenyialex says:

      Tell me where in this article El Hag has called for chaos? You telling equatorians to pull up their shocks is inviting Chaos?
      Too much bending to tribal mentality is awkward.

    • Majongdit says:

      You are a leader. I am happy with your response. My brother, Leader, some of these guys like Dr Ramba have made by their own ambitions to appear more like those children in baby class. There is something they have never understood with the politics of South Sudan. It is never won through propaganda.

  8. Dau-network says:

    Paul change your behaviors.
    As a true nationalist, l’ve been campaigning for an equatorian SPLM candidate for long time but now you joined me despite the fact that you are tribalist, we have one thing in common that next president would come from equatoria regardless who, to prevent Anya -Anya 3 and to teach next generations that legacy first than leadership and wealth.
    Guys, make sure if Dr Riek became a president 2015 then 2020 president will be David Yau Yau because our people has encouraged being a traitor is being a president and will encourage more rebellions in future. I like Joseph Bakosoro because the way he captured Sultan former rebel when he was about to rebel again, long life Bakosoro .
    If equatorians missed this chance of SPLM then it would be their failure while big tribes are falling apart.
    I must not go for polling if Kiir vs Dr Hitler Riek because am not foolhardy to waste my energy, l has witnessed Dr Riek leadership for 11 Years from 1991-2002 and upto now as the second man in a country, the same to president from 2005- 2015,
    Joseph Bakosoro oooyeeee
    Any better person from equatorial oooyeeee.

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      To Dau Network
      yes, seems as you being happy for this so called Elhag Paul for joining your doomed campaign for Equatorian SPLM candidate for the top job.
      you and Elhag Paul/Dr James Okuk, both of you having same tribal hatred with so visible color which you will never hide.
      For you Dau you are well convinced that the chance for President Salva Kiir Mayardit for the another term is very rare while you don’t have alternative to the president Kiir from your tribe Dinka community, this is your main problem for Elhag Paul was been campaign for Dr Lam Akol which is impossible for him and the South Sudanese to be led by asylum self imposed exile leader like Dr Lam Akol.

      it’s so far from what we may be expecting for Elhag Paul in case of his tribe Shilluk, he has a problem with Mr Pagan Amum whom so many people see as a potential leader for his ambition to lead the nation and he can make it.

      What I know so far both of you in your reckless campaign for Equatorian tribes to take the top job that will make no success because you don’t have individual that you can campaign for within Equatorian tribe you should consult them and get potential one than come and kick off your campaign that may sound well for you, Dau. people look at you as crazy guy even those of Equatorians friends of mine when we sit and discuses such issues they are laughing at your ridiculous comments with no sense of logic.

      • Dan says:

        Diu J Kuek:
        I have a feeling that you have correctly unearthed the identity of this hater. I remember telling Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang not long ago that Elhag Paul or hater was not from Equatoria, but rather a Chollo man and most likely a DC member. You are spot on, brother.

  9. Tyson says:


    It is wonderful reading this piece of information from you. You have pointed out again for the wise Equatorians to digest.
    Firstly, your article has some message to all South Sudanese at this time of so called National Reconciliation.
    Peace and Reconciliation will not work in the kingdom of denial. The killing of innocent Equatorians like Maka has a lot to say. If the Jieng do not openly acknowledge their wickedness and seek genuine reconciliation, nothing will happen. Kirr appointed his fellow and good-for-nothing Jieng clergy man to champion this national reconciliation just for sake of buying time. From Kiir to his commanders and others who have switched from the army uniforms should come openly and confess their sins.

    Secondly, Kiir and his crony should tell the people of South Sudan why they massively looted the country.

    Thirdly, Equatorians should address themselves to the realities of leadership in South Sudan. There is no leadership in the SPLM. Among all those who want to contest under the SPLM ticket, they have nothing to offer but useless strategies to loot the country.

    Greater Equatoria has all the qualities to offer and rescue this country from sinking into abyss.

    Fourthly, for all the horrendous crimes like innocent killing of Equatorians, justice can be delayed but not denied forever. People like Mangar and other criminals should be brought to justice either in the country or to the ICC.

  10. Majongdit says:

    El Hag,

    This all fabrication! Why can’t you quote the functions in 1997 and 2004 in which Salva Kiir called Equatorians cowards and women? We know that you are desperately trying to pit the Equatorians against the Dinkas, but it is all destined to fail.
    El Hag Paul, you are a woman. El Hag Paul you are a coward. I called you both a coward and a woman. Now what do you say? If you want to meet me tell where we meet here in Juba.


    • Majongdit says:

      Mr. Editor,
      Do you know that you encouraging tribalism by publishing El Hag’s shit against the Dinka? If this is website is for tribes contest then let us know. There’s no authenticity in anything El Hag writes, no references, no quoting any source and he gets a very ready arena to display his shit that are quite poignant to the feeling of others. Please tell your El Hag that by blanketing all the Dinkas, he unites them all. Because of utterances from the likes of El Hag will make the Dinka another Kikuyu in South Sudan. Remember, kikuyu have never voted for a non-kikuyu in history. Similarly, if such ill talks against the Dinkas in general continue, then the Dinka will have no alternative but to unite and fight back.
      My dear Editor, why does it matter so much when I released a statement then it irritates so much when someone is allowed to release a bunch of threats everyday, every week, every month about other people? Or don’t you know some of the articles by Mr El Hag Paul contain more threats, incitement, hatred and abuses?
      I think you need to be at least fair, Mr Editor! Thank you.


      • Majongdit says:

        Dear Editor,

        First and foremost, I acknowledge your last conclusion. I will wait to see how disagreements bring unity and survival to our nation. I have no argument on that.

        That this website has delivered to its standard is something that I accept. In all its 11 years of existence I have been going to this site. I did have some articles posted here. I only witness a single case in which my article was posted and later removed completely after two days maybe because the article sought to advance an issue or issues that didn’t meet the ‘wants’ of the website. Or perhaps one or two of the policies, terms or conditions of the website were not met by me. I definitely know that there’s one El Hag Paul who meets all the conditions, terms and policies of this website and you can click ‘post’ for every of his article even in your sleep. If you cared for the unity and survival of the nation, you would sincerely have directed more than half the articles of El Hag Paul to a rubbish bin. El Hag Paul writes to tear the country right in the middle. His articles do not only single out Dinkas, but they carry out abuses, incorrect information and a whole lot of black propaganda. South Sudanese are either very good people or perhaps they don’t read, otherwise, things that have been ushered by brother Paul are enough to trigger tribal feuds among our people.
        I very much agree with you on the story of Kenya. Moi was handpicked and crowned by Kikuyus and they protected his Presidency for 24 years. By 2002, Moi had properly organized and put together the many clans of Kalenjin.His anointment of Uhuru, a Kikuyu, pave way for members of opposition building one block and anointed Kibaki, another Kikuyu, so as to divide the Kikuyu votes. That’s how Kibaki won by a landslide. If anybody who knows Kenya’s politics had looked at the number of registered voters prior to the 2013 elections, he/she would have evidently predicted a Jubilee win.
        I don’t pray that South Sudan goes the same direction of have having issues dictated by one or two tribes. But it can happen and it can happen through the hands of the people like el Hag Paul. Leadership contest is taken simply for a tribe to thumb its chest then it will take a little longer in the Dinkaland. If bad language and propaganda is used to single out a tribe just because the President that was voted in by all tribes is their tribe member, then no community would accept presidency in exchange for bad treatment.
        As an Editor, you have not involved in what anybody writes. So, I don’t blame you for el Hag Paul opinions. You may have posted them, fine, but my problem is that THE EDITOR AND EL HAG PAUL SHOULD BE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE DOING TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. If not, then I will be forced by my own conscience to believe that El Hag Paul is equally the Editor of If that happens to be the case, God forbid, then this site’s discussion forum runs without a fair referee.


        • Malou says:

          Your attack against the editors is unfair and it’s uncalled-for; here you’re saying anything you want to say and the editor allows it. What make you think; the editors are going to prevent Mr. Elhag Paul from saying whatever he wants to say? I believe your attack against editors would be accepted if they deny posting your opinion on the site.

  11. Manyok R. says:

    Folks, you got to consider this hate-driven man as a master of mere conspiracies. Do not let him feeds you with this textbook’s hatreds tactics. He thinks, by fabricating none existence Dinka’s oppressions against Equatorians, you would have a just cause to hate dinka and fight them to achieve your political interests. He badly wants to establish Dinka in your minds as enemies. But that’s wrong way to go about it. We not should allow Elhag Paul sets us against each other. There is a better way we can choose someone from Equatoria to rule our country without divisions.

    Nothing is wrong for Equatorians to seek their political interest as united regional or tribal blocs. But they can pursue that goal without identifying their political opponents as oppressive enemies. Going it according to Paul’s view could result into conflict of ethnic cleansings. And this is what Paul unintentionally doesn’t realize.

    • Majongdit says:

      Manyok R.
      I am really tired of the things this man writes all the time against Dinkas. We don’t have to suffer as a whole tribe because of Salva Kiir’s presidency. This Presidency can go anywhere and Dinka will always remain a Dinka.

  12. Peter says:

    We all waiting for that day when one of non Nilotic tribe will take our country to the right direction. Imagine if the majority in the country were Bari, Balanda, or any non Nilotic tribes, South Sudan would have been a peaceful place on earth. We in Wau will support our brothers Equatorians in case one of them decided to be the next president of South Sudan, if not we will support anyone who wants to change the current GOSS. Go ahead we are behind you Mr Bakosoro, you are best governor in the country and you can be a best president too…..

    • Majongdit says:


      Do you think the problem of South Sudan is the Presidency? Who told you Salva Kiir is going to be President forever?
      what does Salva Kiir’s presidency do to all Dinkas? What does it do a Dinka like me? Why should you hate all Dinkas because of Salva Kiir? Please grow up!

      • Peter says:

        Brother Majongdit, i am sorry that you understood me wrong, you are very right and i am absolutely one hundred percent with you, all Dinka should not and will not suffer from Salva Kiir, in fact the most poor people in South Sudan are Dinka. what has the Dinka president has done for them? nothing. But the problem is some Dinka will defend the guy what so ever the argument, and it’s clear that the president support and arm his people against other tribes in the country.
        It’s not late for me and you, to work together for the best of our country. If you check my face book, you will find that my best friends are Dinka, so i do not hate Dinka, but I hate what some Dinka are doing, I hate the dominant culture they practice in the country, I hate when they defend the president only because he is from Dinka….

        • Manyok R. says:

          Most of us dinka don’t like this president even if he is one of our own. We’re also powerless to change him. And this is why it is important for all of us to join hands to change him. What left is to do it Egyptians’ style. we should come out in millions in protest. let’s send him home with every senior govt officials who had served under him.

      • Nyesi Ta says:

        Brother Majongdit,
        My advise to you is watch your high blood pressure as you continue to argue with those selfish guys. Stay well.

  13. Peter,

    No, problem, Nilotic has liberated the country for you, therefore, go ahead and make the laws without Nilotic.

  14. Manyok R. says:

    Exactly man! I feel the same way too. The man seemed like suffering from something we never know. Sad thing is that intellectual Equatorians are fatally attracted to him. They believe in his conspiracies and hatred toward Dinka. The unity they wanted to achieve in opposition to Dinka will backfire. Adolf Hitler’s style politics will never work against Dinka. And the sooner they realize this, the better for them. We are dangerous people and they got to know that. Let’s keep an eye on him for he is too dangerous to sleep on his hate-driven campaign.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Manyok
      You have now confessed that: “We (Jieng) are dangerous people and they (others) got to know that”. Why are you then blaming me for informing the 60 or so tribes of South Sudan of the danger you pose to them? The Jieng have plundered the country and terrorised the people and yet you expect the people to just take it laying down.
      Who is the tribalist here? Is it me or you? Do you think the people of South Sudan are brainless? Wake up and live in the real world.

      • Manyok R. says:

        Yes, I said we’re dangerous people. Because you’re calling for our total destruction, we won’t be caught off guard. We ‘ll fight back tooth and nail. In fact, you’re the most dangerous tribalist. I’m not! You fabricated white lies to give other tribes reason to hate and fight Dinka. SPLA/M belongs to all people of South. Ironically given that fact, you lied and twisted it that it belongs to Jieng. Just because the president comes from Dinka, does not make it totally Dinka’s Party. Majority of Junubiins across all tribes agreed that SPLM party had failed. And it must be changed. But you have become a detractor for all people across many tribes to come together to change this failed party. You want to make it a tribal blood feud which is not the case.

      • Majongdit says:

        El Hag Paul,
        Everybody will wake up after you have woken up. In fact, you don’t only need to wake up, you need to wake up and grow up as well.

    • Manyok R.
      I regret on your behave for this statement;”We are dangerous people and they got to know that” because even your own brothers will not accept that. Do you know all causes Revolutions and separations everywhere on planet earth have already arrived here in South Sudan? Are you aware of arrogance as one of Rwanda Genocide factor? Just announce it anywhere and if we tolerate, our future generation will not. El Hag Paul is the only truth teller at the moment so I do not mind if you hate him as truth teller but not as Equatorian. If you people could change, For sure you would make him redundant.

      • Manyok R. says:

        Kenyi Lo Equatoria
        I will never ever regret that statement. As long as Mr. propaganda hate-driven machine is ranting daily to trash our community and causing others to hate and fight us, we will not standby hands-folded. Who is among us jieng has dedicated his lifelong commitment to preach hate-driven articles envisioned to destroy Equatorians or other tribe? None right? Don’t panic! We are not the ones To offend. We will be dangerous in our self-defense to fight back misled aggressors led by Elhag Paul. What truth teller is Elhag? He is nothing but a master of controversies and conspiracies.

        • Manyok R.
          Haaaa…. Who is panicking now is it me or you? Just wait for the time to come. El Hag is a truth Teller. How can you speak on behalf of vast majority Jenge who are misbehaving day and night in the major cities of South Sudan? Are you rely in South Sudan? Elhag Must continue to tell the truth … sala kan Ita dero fejir.

        • Manyok R.
          Did you wake up today forgetting that you, Manjongdit, Gatkouth Garang and Ateny Wek Ateng are sellers of Equatoria ha-trade to South Sudanese who have failed to buy? Why does Elhag’s articles envy you if they are not the truth?

  15. Dear Mr. Elhag Paul and Dr. JAC Ramba:

    Thank you for your great article and comment. Although I don’t really agree with your political views and stance, I strongly admire your honesty, courage and willingness to tell the truth and share your political views and ideologies with your supporters and opponents alike. Your articles and comments has revealed your true political colours and beliefs to my Nuer Cousins who have been living in the realm of dreams and assumptions that the Greater Equatoria would support Dr. Riek Machar’s bet for the presidency in 2015. This is indeed a great setback and disappointment for my Nuer Cousins who were hoping and counting for your votes in 2015. It is also a great disappointment for me and those Dinkas such as Mr. Dau-Network who has been relentlessly campaigning for the greater Equatoria.s leadership for 2015.

    As Mr. Elhag Paul put it or say it clearly and plainly that truth hurts but it is also liberating. In fact, your truth telling and the revealing of your political colours, plans and beliefs would indeed hurt the Naath people(Nuer) who were hoping to ally themselves with you politically in order to defeat or harm Jieng in 2015. As a matter of fact, the mighty Jieng had already known your true colours and ill-feelings towards Jieng since the Kokora era. Therefore the Jieng was not expecting anything good to come out from you (Equatorian Politicians) anyway. Your truth telling and the revealing of your true colours is indeed liberating to Jieng and it would surely hurt the Nuer people which would have been your big ally in your political war against Jieng. This truth would indeed backfire on you and hurts you badly and dearly in 2015 and beyond.

    The truth of the matter is that my Nuer Cousins are very simple to attract, distract and use against Jieng more effectively than any tribe in South Sudan. If you promise them to vote for their political prophet Riek Machar, they would fight Jieng, flee to Gambella and call you their allies. So Cowards, Why are you not taking advantage of those thugs politically as the Arabs did in 1991? Why don’t you use them now against Jieng and dump them later on when you achieve your political goals?

    Anyhow, the mighty Jieng is not afraid nor threatened by your tribal and political unity or marriage with the other small tribes in South Sudan. Nuer and Jieng are Blood Cousins and can do it alone. They can fight and unite themselves whenever they want. Believe it or not, If Nuer and Jieng unite against you and your allies, you will be walking in the bush with those Stateless LRA leave alone winning the presidency of South Sudan in 2015. Tough Luck with your tribal and political unity against Jieng and Nuer in South Sudan. Keep digging your own demise and you will be buried alive military and politically.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Lukudu
      Your above suggestions are delusions of grandeur. Without factoring in the other 60 or so tribes, say this nonsense to Murle and see what his response will be, and then think of the bigger picture involving all the others. I hope this liberates you.

      • Dear Elhag Paul:

        Please don’t be misled by David Yau Yau’s current hit and run war in Jonglei State. Believe it or not, Murle tribe has no much to Lou Nuer, leave alone David Yau Yau’s militias. What happened when the Lou Nuer’s White Army went and attacked Pibor in December 2011? All the Murle tribe including David Yau Yau’s militias fled from the Murle area. Some Murle people went and sought protection and shelter at the UN compounds in Pibor. Why did they ran away from Lou Nuer’s Youth if they were really strong and brave?

        It was the SPLA soldiers who stopped and fought with the Lou Nuer youth when they refused to leave the Murle area. In fact, It is only your tribe that can not stand up for Murle and not Jieng and Nuer. Elhag, If it was not because of the UN’s presence in Pibor, Murle and David Yau Yau would have been wiped out long time ago either by Luo Nuer Youth, Dinka Bor youth or SPLA.

        Mr. Elhag Paul, I do sincerely respect your intellectuality and talent, however I’m afraid that your talent and wisdom would work against you and you would end up just like Dr. Hassan Al Turabie. You are typically Dr. Hassan Al Turabie of South Sudan. For your information, I have just learned from a credible source that you are one of the SSN Editors. I hope this truth would hurt you much more than anything else. Your hatred against Dinka and Nuer would consume you like a Cancer.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,

          I am glad you have come back to your senses. I once mentioned that Luo Nuer white army were the ones who overran Dinka Bor in 1991, that incident is now labelled and known as Bor massacre with intention to tarnish Dr. Machar’s flawless name. It was Luo Nuer who drove away Dinka Bor to Equatoria and to numerous refugee camps, with Kakuma holding the majority.

          However, you denied this claim countless times to only come back to realize how strong Luo Nuer can be. You once downplayed the seriousness and validity of Luo Nuer quest to capture Bor Town, now you know why I was disagreeing with you. Not all Nuer participated in the killing of Bor in 1991 and it was basically a normal fight between Bor and Luo Nuer as usual. It is more like what is now taking place in Pibor. Murles are nowhere to be found. Most of them are now in Kakuma refugee camp begging for Food from UN.

          The same thing was what happened in 1991. Are you still denying that Luo Nuer white Army were the ones who chased away Bor Dinka in 1991? I await your response.

          God bless you cousin.

          • Yaak Dau says:

            Stop your naked lies and attempts to mislead the readers. Everyone including Riek Machar allies in Khartoum (NIF/SAF/PDF) and his Western backers at the time knows that he is solely responsible for what took place in the Dinka villages of current Duk, Twic and Bor counties in 1991. Had you ever heard or read anything about the Lou and Gaweer Nuers ever dislodging the Dinka dwellers of these counties into Equatoria let alone other countries pre-1991?

            Until the mid 1900s, Lou and Gaweer Nuers were in constant conflict with their immediate neighbors of Hol, Nyarweng and Twic sections, and to a far less extent with Bor. But none of those conflicts ever displaced Dinka from their homes as they had their young men defending their territories. So, I suggest that you make research about why the outcome was different in late 1991. And an honestly done research will let you know that forces that devastated Dinka villages from Chuei-thon to Chuei-keer were Nasir-SPLA composed entirely of Nuer plus Shilluk side of Lam Akol as well few Equatorians, AnyaAnya II consisted of entirely Nuer and finally the heavily armed Jesh Meboor of Lou and Gaweer Nuers. Who was the overall commander of these forces? Riek Machar Teny off-course even by his own admission.

            I have learnt that people across South Sudan labels our Greater Jieng Bor as cowards because of 1991 success of the Nuer violent expedition against largely unarmed civilian population of mostly elderly men, children… I myself included and women. Surely no unarmed civilian population anywhere in this World could have stood even a remote chance of any success against the forces I described above. The only logical conclusion to such a contest could only be devastation to the civilian population which was the weaker opponent. I saw my unarmed dad and middle aged uncles trying to do whatever acts of manhood they could to ensure the safety of their families but most of them got killed.

            You wanted us to believe that Jesh Meboor was the culprit, Gatchawerbol? Why was Nasir SPLA commanding officers like Kuach Kaang Both Atiim, and many others killed in action in Panyagoor by Koriom dominated SPLA forces? Stop twisting the events known to the real victims as it only add salt to the wound. The real coward is that who catches its unsuspecting opponent off-guard. That is what your people did in 1991. It stopped in 1992 when Koriom II responded and never ever had the Nuer burnt entire villages from Chuei-thon in Duk to Chuei-keer in far southern tip of Bor county. And it is not going to ever repeat itself. As for your idol Riek Machar, be assured that he got no hope in this region as our people are constantly gloating about horrors that took place under his orders. Go and promote to other regions as flawless but not us.

          • Ater Jieng says:


            I thought I should share what I know about Bor Massacre in 1991 while you are waiting for the official reply from your Cousin, Lukudu GatKuoth Garang. Please be informed that Dr. Riek Machar had ordered the massacre of the innocent Civilians in Bor and the forces which attacked Bor were not Lou Nuer’s White Army alone. It was the combination of Lou Nuer and Riek Machar’s forces. Dr. Riek Machar himself had publicly admitted his guilt of the Bor’s Massacre and tearfully apologized to Bor Community in Juba last year.
            Why are you denying it?

  16. KikisikKikisik says:

    I think in a democratic country, people are entitled to the freedom of expression. So Alhaq is free to express his opinion. I don”t know whether people understand how it takes to write an article. So people like Alhaq and others need to be appreciated. It is because of what they have written people are debating which is not a bad thing. Let us give freedom of expression a chance. Let us respect each other, there is no need of calling people names, threatening people will not help after all we are in the same boat suffering whether you are Dinka, Nuer, shulluk, Bari, Zande, Faratit, etc. Let us instead focus on what we can do to rescue our country from these corrupt looters.
    After all Our country is now the fourth in the range of failed states after Somalia, Sudan and DRC.

  17. Awomdit says:

    El Hag
    How sad that people who appear to be learned like you carry such shallow reasoning capacity. I thought men like you should take time to rally youths of South Sudan together irrespective of tribes to say no to poor governance. In my view, the war should be between the old and the young. Old brooms vs New ones. Not Nuer, Dinka, Azande, Kakwa or what a view but unfortunately every South Sudanese seems affected with/by tribal or regional politics.

    I belong to a Dinka State that does not give a damn about Kiir or Riak but a need for change. You will find youth talking about a desire to see some party challenge the monopoly of undelivered SPLM nor Kiir, or Riak or Wani. The cards you are playing cannot help, brother.. Lets learn from the past.

    • Mr. AWomdit

      You surely made a great point. However would Mr. Elhag Paul, Dr. Ramba and their Kith and Kin comprehend it? Those people have already made up their minds to test the mighty Jieng and Nuer militarily in South Sudan. So please, let so be it. They had tested Dinka before and they want to do it again as they are overjoyed about their delusional support from the so called 58 tribes. Let them start the war and I’m sure we will finish it for them once and for all.

  18. nani brown says:

    El hag, i’m sure you’ve not evaluated properly the lives those in Equatoria are living. in fact they’re the lucky people in south Sudan, they’re part of history and no one can deny that. if anyone says that they did not fight during the war of liberation that person would be lying because the first war was fought in big number by them while the other regions were a minority. even though they later were minority in the second war it does not give anybody ground to say that people of Equatoria did not fight it’s because they were tired. you will believe me to say that if another war comes no one in upper nile or Baher El Ghazal would be willing to fight because war is bad and everyone in the regions have tasted it.
    Now i want you to get the difference between these, which is power is it education or wealth? education or gun? the answer is simply education and Equatoria is rich with education. leave the person holding that gun wasting his time and go on with your life. do you know that equatorians are living a better life than people in those other two regions? they’ve taken work with all the NGOS and doing great business. let’s us not promote regional politics. what i would advice you to fight for is, full federalism and your states will be well off than any other states in the south. Do you know that other states would celebrate if they were given the education equatorian has?

    Give us that education in Upper nile and we won’t care about what is happening in Juba. i believe there are instances the soldiers may have misbehaved but a soldier is not always your brother. people are complaining in the two regions of B and U about the same soldiers but people from equatoria think they are the only ones mistreated. all tribes are important and no politician can ascend to power without the support of other tribes.

    why would i go for war if riek or wani or kiir fails in elections? it makes no difference for me particularly whether any of them is in power. i’m a Dinka but the presence of Kiir in that post has not changed my life and i won’t miss anything if he leaves power. i just want a right candidate regardless, to bring proper reforms to the distorted nation but not from the top leaders current and he earns my vote. if not i don’t vote. all in all no one of us will like if we grow apart. regionalism is never good and will never bear any fruit. others have tried before but they failed and no tribe is worth to be singled out because if one dares to do that tribe will drum up against you.

  19. AW Joseph says:

    We in Equatoria including Elhag Paul are not Tribalist as perceived by the Dinka. No one in Equatoria talks ill of Nuer, Shilluk, Anyuak, Balanda, Jur or any other tribes. That is why our people accepted the deployment of majority Nuer dominated SPLA battalion during the crisis in Yei when Dinka officers shot death Dr Batali in cold blood. The question is WHY Dinka? The problem with the Dinka is social etiquette. There seems to be problem with the way they are brought up given the way they behave and act. Dinka have no respect for boundaries, they don’t have shame and no feelings for others.
    In Central Equatoria the Bari speakers are not single Tribe but are collection of the Bari, Mundari, Nyangbara, Pojulu, Kakwa, Kuku and Loluba peopkles. We don’t like each other but one thing we have in common is respect and the spirit of hospitality.
    South Sudanese People took up arms against the Arab dominated government because of lack of social justice, marginalization, equality and freedom. Like Elhag, the way I see, the SPLM/A leaders have forgotten their founding principles and are now destined to go down to a bottomless pit with the whole country. The SPLM/A used brute force and fake elections to divide up our great nation in the name of self determination.
    The South Sudanese citizens are now beginning to rise up and boldly question the SPLM/A legitimacy of dividing up Sudan. The SPLM/A don’t care whether people are suffering under their watch. The typical desperate act by the SPLM/A government living under the illusion of fraudently acquired popular mandate of about 98% is simply preposterous, to say the least.

  20. AW Joseph says:

    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, Awomdit, Manyok R, Bentiu Ramaran, Majongdit, Diu J.Kuek, Dan and

    Firstly, Lukudu is Bari name, Gatkuoth is Nuer and Garang is Dinka. Why are you not proud to identify yourself with your Dinka tribe if you have nothing hide?

    Secondly, to the above named People:
    Is SALVA the kind of President South Sudan People need? Mr Kiir is not patriotic at all. He’s corrupt, undemocratic, tribalistic, despotic, disrespectful and so incompetent that he thinks South Sudan is the property of his family and all the oil money that the country produces should go to the Dinka. He only gave key positions to the Nuer in his Government out fear of Nuer. Can we achieve national unity and be patriotic when you have such a brainless president? Are you going to give him your vote again simply because he is Dinka and appointed Nuer to Key positions in 2015? Not me. I will not. Be wise too, don’t give him your vote. South Sudan is for us all, not for one tribe or two but all South Sudanese including the Arabs who call South Sudan home and are citizens.

  21. Tyson says:

    Thank you Elhag for attracting this huge debate. It shows how realistic your articles are touching the nerves of all in South Sudan. Some people get irritated because that is the way they nurture their reasoning, while others are dying to assassinate you for telling the truth. Don’t get discouraged, instead give us more dossier. Thanks to technology because more people around the globe will know the truth of the mafia and criminals in South Sudan.

    First and foremost, the Jineg and Naath are currently panicking and rushing organizing national reconciliation. We should not fool ourselves, there is no salvation without repentance. The Jieng through the SPLA/M machinery has killed more innocent people. Unfortunately, they still continue to carry out outrageous human rights violation in broad daylight. The international community is watching and aware of it. Instead of working to redeem themselves by sincerely confessing their sins, they are busy insulting Elhag.

    Secondly, threats based on numerical strength is nothing but a mockery. Remember, the history in Rwanda should give you a sober reflection. There are also more examples around the globe.
    The SPLM under the Jieng has failed in everything called State Management or State Leadership. They are champions in stealing, killing, land grabbing, cattle rustling, etc. The rest of the minor tribes cannot unite with you in crimes. Change your attitude and then plead for unity. No sensible person will accept to unite with a criminal.
    My humble advice to you is to stop attacking Elhag because you will create more Elhags around the world.

    • Manyok R. says:

      They attract huge debate because his articles are always hateful. He engages in divisive opinions with juvenile’s reasoning. We Jieng here are only refuting his insistent hatreds against our people.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Why would Jieng and Naath panic when they are in control? Do you understand yourself? Jieng and Naath cannot panic because of you.

      Perhaps Jieng would be panicking because the Naath are trying to take-over the Presidential Palace. You may be correct if you stated something in that line. But claiming that Naath and Jieng are panicking is baseless. What are they panicking about?

  22. jubek says:

    The list of Dinka Arabs Traitors are:-
    Kerbino Kuanyin Bol, William Nyuon, Paulino Matip, Samuel Aru Bol, Aldo Ajou Deng, Arok Thon Arok, Zakaria Atem, Chiec Biech, Abdalla Deng Nhial, George Arop, Professor Moses Mak Dachar, Moses Machar Warrap for Governor, Tor Deng Mawien, Duop Bishok, Abel Alier, etc THE LIST OF DINKA-NUER TRAITORS IS VERY LONG

    • Jubek:

      Thank you for the Dinka and Nuer List of traitors. Please be reminded that those people were not advocating for the destruction or extermination of the SPLA, Jieng or any other tribe. Get your fact straight. Did you see any of those Nuer and Dinka traitors fighting for South Sudan to remain in the United Sudan? None of those Dinka and Nuer Politicians were against the referendum or independence of South Sudan just like your Uncle Wani Tombe and many other Equatorians.

  23. Diktor Agarab says:

    Gatkouth Garang,
    You’re a despicable coward! Since when did Dinkas and Nuers became allies? Are things now hot for Dinkas in Equatoria that they’re now running to Nuers? Did you forget 1991? Were it not for Equatoria Nuers would’ve finished you people? What is this alliance now all about when your cowardly uncle in Juba that drunken liar, Salva Kiir, keeps poking Nuers’ eyes by removing Taban Gai and replacing him with another Nuer in the hope of creating divisions within their ranks and files. Nuers are smart and realize this game of politics. This time around no Equatoria will be around to save you like last time in 1991.

    You’re a pathetic liar. Just the other day you call all Nuers nygate and Ethiopians; today you’re turning around and trying to befriend Nuers. What is with you? Do you think that Nuers have a short attention span like you who is unable to think further than the flies buzzing around your mouth? Do you think that Nuers will forget their number one enemies in South Sudan?

    Nuers have no issues with Equatoria as they don’t share borders. Nuers are glad that now the Equatorians are coming to their senses having discovered the true nature of Dinkas. Equatorians should know that Dinkas are not trustworthy.

    Was it not a Dinka (Abel Alier) who betrayed Southerners into signing the Addis Ababa Agreement of 1972? If it were not for Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol in 1991, the independence that the Dinkas are now enjoying in Juba will not have been possible. Today Dinkas are not ashamed to claim that they’re the only one who fought for the independence of South Sudan when we all know they were fighting over relief food in Kakuma Refugee Camp because they’re nothing but LOST BOYS and GIRLS.

  24. Dear Compatriots:

    I wish you all a happy anniversary for the second independence of the Republic of Sudan.
    Have a safer celebrations and great wishes for the years to come. May the almighty God bless us all and bless our beloved Country,South Sudan and our SSN Parliament!

  25. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Countrymen,

    What an excellent debate! Please keep up with this great work. We are liberating ourselves by having these kinds of debates. As we keep segregating the facts from fictions, we will eventually emerge or converge to unity. This is what we are longing for. Peace come after war and we are in the war of words.

  26. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Yaak Dau and Ater Jieng,

    Thanks for your comments and responses. Because the 1991 incident took place while Dr. Machar was in Nasir could be the only logical reason for blaming Dr. Machar as the area was under his jurisdiction. But in all sincerity, Dr. Machar did not order the white army to exterminate Bor Dinka. The grudge against Dinka Bor was there and 1991 split was seen as an opportunity by the white army to strike.

    The official forces under Dr. Machar only got involved when Koryom was ordered by Kuol Manyang Juuk to drive back Luo Nuer white army. The fighting then became between SPLA and Nasir-faction forces. But the start was purely carried out by white army on their account. Dr. Machar had no hand in it.

    Because of your obscession hatred toward Dr. Machar, you have made it your business to shift the blame from white army to Dr. Machar. This is purely motivated by the fact that you do not want Dr. Machar to lead our country to better a state.

  27. Ater Jieng says:


    Defending a lie intentionally could make you a liar. The massacre of Bor was ordered and carried out by Dr. Riek Machar’s Nasir Faction in 1991. You said Riek Machar Forces got involved when Kuol Manyang ordered Koryom Battalian to drive out Lou Nuer from Bor. Why did Riek Machar get involved when Kuol Manyang Juuk was trying to save the civilians from Lou Nuer attack? Did he wish the Lou Nuer’s armed Militias to exterminate the unarmed Dinka Bor Civilians? The entire world knows that Dr. Riek Machar was the sole Culprit for the Civilian Massacre in Bor in 1991. Even Dr. Riek Machar himself knows he was responsible for the Massacre. Please don’t try to distort or rewrite the history of the struggle.

    Dinka and Nuer has been fighting since our forefathers who were brothers quarrelled over the cow, fought and split into two different tribes, Dinka and Nuer. The entire Nuer tribe ,leave alone Lou Nuer, can not and will never defeat and send Dinka in exile. You must do a good research in Dinka and Nuer’s past, historical conflicts and compare it with the recent Massacre of Bor in 1991. Why did Dr. Riek Machar and Lou Nuer flee to Khartoum and Gambella/Ethiopia if they were strong and brave?

  28. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Ater Jieng,

    Per all my writings on this website, I have always condemened the killing of Bor Civilians. I have also condemned any wrong done to anybody in our beloved country regardless of what tribe they hail from.

    The war between Luo Nuer and Dinka Bor is not new. It did not start when Nasir Faction was formed. The tension between these two communities goes way back. What took place in 1991 was a continuation of many subsequent wars. It was not Dr. Machar’s war. The apology he gave last year or so was out of frustration and for the sake of peace since this man has always been the champion of peace.

    For your information, Nuer population in Ethiopian has been high even before the formation of SPLM. Nuer did not go to Ethiopia because of Dinka. They went to Ethiopia in search of good education. Today, many of our Nuer intellectuals started their schooling in Ethiopia with exception of those Nuer who hail from Western UpperNile (Unity State).

    As for Dr. Machar, he did not go to Khartoum because of Dinka. The only reason why he went to Khartoum was because he signed Khartoum Peace Agreement which its documentation were very much used during the CPA by Dr. John Garang. While in Khartoum, he was acting on behalf of Southern Sudanese yourself included.

    When Dr. Machar realized the NCP was recanting on its promise of self – determination for Southerners, he immediately left Khartoum and came back to the bushes of South Sudan. Dinka are nothing to Nuer when it comes to fighting. In fact, our Dinka brothers are the last people in the entire world we, Nuer, can worry about. We can fight them with our eyes closed. This is how bad we look down on Dinka when it comes to fighting. They are the most cowardice creatures South Sudan ever produced. We never surrender our homeland to Dinka even if it is only Children and Elderly facing you.

  29. Ater Jieng says:


    Dr. John Garang and General Salva Kiir Mayardit negotiated and signed peace in Kenya in front of the world leaders/politicians before they went to Khartoum. Where did Dr.Riek Machar and Dr.Lam Akol negotiate and sign the peace accord with the Khartoum Government? and who was present to witness the peace accord among the world leaders/politicians.

    Cousin, that peace accord was negotiated in Omar El Bashir’s kitchen and Backyard and that was not a peace agreement. It was surrendering agreement and that was why Riek and Lam had to come to the real heroes and heroines. What can you guys do without Jieng South Sudan? Nuer alone can never be united, leave alone ruling South Sudan. Riek came to Kiir and Garang in 1985. Left in 1991 and returned in 2000. Now he is trying to leave again. What is he really looking for? Why do the brave people have to come to cowards? Why do you follow Jieng around if you are brave and smart?

    Wasn’t Nuer that allied their forces with Sudanese Arabs to fight Jieng from 1991 until recently? Why do the brave people have to ally themselves to fight Jieng? Cousin, lying or creating and defending a lie is sinful.Think smart and stay blessed!

  30. GatCharwearbol says:

    Ater Jieng,

    It is important for you to know that Nuer always have common people’s goal in heart. Tranquility and forgiveness are synonymous to Nuers characteristics. The pressure from International Community was what forced Dr. Machar to join Dr. Garang. If the two did not unite under one Government, there won’t have been CPA for you as we speak. That is one condition placed forward by international community. They told both Dr. Machar and Dr. Garang to either unite under one party or forget the peace we are willing to negotiate for you.

    Do not let the fact that Dr. Machar rejoined SPLM fool you. It is for the goodness of all Southern Sudanese. In fact, you should give thank to Dr. Machar for accepting to re-join SPLM because the International Community you are claiming to be summoned into witnessing into the signing of the CPA by Dr. Garang were not going to participate if the two did not unite. Thus, you need to give thank to Dr. Machar for being such reasonable man to accept uniting with Dr. Garang.
    Furthermore, the idea of peace pact was indeed for former President of America, George W. Bush. Your Uncle Dr. Garang did not come up with it. It is an international pressure that led to the birth of CPA and lastly to the birth of the Republic of South Sudan.

    Lastly, we the people of South Sudan own big time Thank-you to George W. Bush. If our politicians especially, Dr. Garang who was at the time the head of the negotiation, didn’t give thank to him, he must be such a fool and it would truly be Dinka attitude at best. Ungrateful bunch who do not appreciate anything good done to them.

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