The Beginning of the end of their kingdom of terror!

BY: Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok, NOV/03/2015, SSN;

The long-awaited AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan (AUCOISS) report has finally been published. It took nearly a year for the report to be released following numerous postponements. Without doubt political pressure and being wary not to influence the peace negotiations, played a role in delaying the release of the report.

It’s an opportunity for the AU to lead and contribute to establishing peace and stability in the war torn South Sudan. As many of you know, the AUCOISS is composed of well known respectable African personalities chaired by the former Nigerian president General Olusegun Obasanjo.

It’s worth mentioning that the AUCOISS report was commended by the major world players, the UN and the human rights organisations. The facts about what actually took place from the findings of the independent investigators are now in the public domain.

It’s a massive step in the right direction in the quest for justice for the victims and their families. The report drew conclusions that could be summarised as follows:

*There was no evidence of a coup attempt.

*Widespread and systematic killings took place in Juba in December 2013 and were carried out pursuant to a state policy and were coordinated and also possibly planned.

*Juba was subdivided into operation sectors which are, Amarat neighbourhood commanded by General Salva Mathok, Gudele and Mia Saba neighbourhoods which was commanded by General Bol Akot, Mangaten which was commanded by General Garang Mabir and Khor Woliang ( with two dots atop letter o ) which was commanded by General Marial Chanuang.

*Roadblocks and checkpoints were set up around Juba and were manned by policemen and soldiers. The officers were checking identities and arresting suspected Nuer men.

*Eye witnesses accounts of torture, rapes and killings committed by SPLA soldiers were reported.

*Kuol Manyang , the minister of defence was quoted that ” a militia loyal to Kiir killed most of the people here ( in Juba ) from 15 – 18/12/203 “.

*Testimonies from an ex-combatant of the Kiir’s militia states that the fight in Giyada was the signal for the militia to start the rampage.

The release of the report at this point in time appears to conform with a diligent and methodical approach to the problem. In my opinion, it was a difficult undertaking by the AU to investigate the events of December 2013.

The difficulty stemmed from the fact that many of the presumed perpetrators are powerful figures in the government and the SPLA and have exclusive command over large forces . In essence it was a case of investigating atrocities committed by warlords and people know how dangerous this could be.

The next step I would expect would be the announcement of the formation of the Hybrid Court of South Sudan ( HCSS ) as stipulated in the compromise peace agreement. According to the rules of the HCSS,” a person who planned, instigated, ordered, committed, aided and abetted, conspired or participated in joint criminal enterprise in planning, preparation or execution of crime, shall be individually responsible for the crime “.

Also it states that, ” No one shall be exempted from criminal responsibility on account of their official capacity as a government official, an elected official or claiming the defence of superior orders.

Furthermore it states ” The HCSS shall not be impeded or constrained by any statutes of limitations or the granting of pardons, immunities or amnesties “.

The above account means that, the militia, soldiers, commanders and top government officials shall bear responsibility individually in line with their role in the crimes committed.

The report has cleared a big obstacle to serving justice by dismantling the anonymity of the culprits and exposing them to the world. By doing so the presumed perpetrators are now individuals with definite names, positions and could be traced and found.

This has huge implications in terms of starting the process of indictment, prosecution and trial of the perpetrators. Clearly it would have been meaningless to bring up cases against anonymous individuals in a court of law.

Because of the valuable information made available by the report, a family that has lost a member or members in the Amarat neighbourhood now knows the commander of the perpetrators and could file homicide charges against General Salva Mathok in the HCSS.

Similarly those families who have lost their loved ones in Khor Woliang neighbourhood can take General Chanuang to court for similar charges. The same applies to the other operational sectors and the commanders will not escape prosecution and trial.

In a democratic government it would be the duty of the the Attorney General in the would be formed Transitional Government of National Unity ( TGoNU ) to file homicide charges against the perpetrators on behalf of the state and the victim families.

Obviously this is not feasible as some of the perpetrators would be members of the TGoNU and a case of conflict of interest would arise. Therefore it will all be down to the HCSS to ensure that justice is served.

In reality this matter will not end with the trial of the foot soldiers only. It will certainly reach the top man in the hierarchy and the top officials. the statement that the massacre was an execution of a state policy with premeditated coordination and planning should worry those on top of the regime.

Additionally the quotation from the minister of defence and the testimony of the ex-combatant of the militia leaves little cover for the president.

There is still a lot more to come and I believe when the heat of prosecution takes its toll on the perpetrators, we shall witness cracks in the wall of silence built by the regime around the massacre.

Certainly a point will be reached when every man will be for himself for survival. And only then the whole truth will be out.

I doubt that anyone could read the report without feeling the pain and utter disgust of the abhorrent acts that were carried out in Juba in December 2013. It is quite shocking that a citizen could be forced to eat the burned flesh of a relative or another citizen by the security forces that were entrusted with the duty of protecting citizens and maintenance of law and order.

It’s again mind-boggling that someone would come up with the satanic idea of compelling a fellow countryman obviously at gunpoint to drink human blood. These crimes are probably unheard of in the history of the world.

It even dwarfs the type of crimes committed by ISIS and probably ranks with Hitler’s gas chambers in terms of the effect on the psyche.

Since I read the report, I have been trying to understand why the perpetrators acted in such savagery against their fellow citizens.

A lot of questions came into my mind, who are these people ?! Have they had normal upbringing like the majority of us ?! Have they thrown their traditional and cultural values out of the window ?! All these heinous crimes just for the sake of clinging to power ?!

Many South Sudanese, me included, feel deeply ashamed of sharing citizenship with such kind of people. They have brought shame and disdain on the whole country.

The good news is that the report signifies the beginning of the end in two different ways. From the victim families perspective, it’s the beginning of the end of their horrible ordeal as the criminals will soon face justice and receive the punishments they deserve.

This would help them reach conclusion of their bereavement and allow them to move on with their lives. As for the culprits, it’s the beginning of the end of their kingdom of terror and impunity. Also those who thought they would remain above the law are in for the shock of their lives.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Lako,

    These Dinka warlords, Killer Kiir, Malong Awan, Marial Chinuong, Salva Mathok, Garang Mabir, Bol Akot, Mabek Lang Bilkuey, are our heroes who happened to be evil-spirits possessed. So, it is our national and patriotic duty to perform the following surgical operations on them;

    (1) trephination(cutting/drilling holes in their brains)
    (2) castration
    (3) cremation
    The treatment can be applied to the Bul-Nuer warlords, Bapiny Minytuil, Nguen Minytuil, and Puljang.
    These treacherous individuals needs immediate cure or else the evil-spirits which possessed them will and shall eminently possess their associates.

  2. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Lako Jada,
    you are a barking dog in bari land for nothing and whatever you copy and posted in your mail has no tools to convince us here.
    this report was dissenting report and it will not affects any single Dinka as you wish in your heart. let me tell that is the end of your world forever.
    if Juba was the only place were killing take place I think international community will keep quite but it was Bor, malakal and Bentiu. now you did not mentioned in your writing and tell us nonsense.

    • Dear Alier-kon,

      What you think does not count as it will be up to the HCSS to rule on the guilt of those individuals when they get indicted and prosecuted. If indeed found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, then they would be sent to rot in jail for the rest of their miserable lives or face the gallows.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Dr. Lako,
        You wish but that’s not over to celebrate and mark my words. You will get old complaining and not a thing to change. I know you are a doctor and still you are a follower who can never change thing alone and so is your leader Machar.

  3. This type of writing is what i refers to as partial and useles make ups and the funny thing of this article is that, the author is dumb and blind that he did not saw, read or heard the massacre of hundreds of innocent civilians in Churches, Mosque and Hospitials in Greater Upper Nile Region as their dear bodies ‘ve been flying all over the Media Links even before the publication of the so called AUCOISS report.
    A self-proclaimed Doctor has forgotten about what we called impartiality, fair and neutrality and instead he resorts in taking side to tell his nonsense on behave of the Rebel.
    What can i say, these are our South Sudanese Doctors or PhDs without reasoning capacities as usual.

  4. wapanyikang says:

    This government is implementing the Satan system in south Sudan, so the group of killer who been mention in the report are the angels of evil in our country, plus those who call themselves jieng council of evil (Dinka), these guys are hiding behind Dinka name but they are doing the Satan job in our country in the name of Dinka.

  5. Torumonya says:

    Its only those with naive thinking and not victimise who will oppose the report.For those who were got up alive in Juba have no say but just waiting for the judgement day.
    Alier,Chin,let you be informed that,the report is not enough compared to what had happened in Juba leave about the revenge of Bor,Malakal,Bentiu.
    During that time,there were two things you have to posse,either you were to have ugly face or know Dinka Language.what a heal!
    Its more worth to accept our errors than denying so that we shall forgive our selves.But without accepting the truth,it will continue hurting others.
    Thank God not every good Dinka is the dead one.

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gadarwich,
    That’s a wonderful jungle idea.
    Go get them.But be very careful.They will do to u what u wish to do to them!!!

  7. alex says:

    are those still backing their names are not among the 500 individuals
    going to Juba. Now days Joana and Choromas Jas are quite I think they were given the meat to eat. They are not quite for nothing. So I am sure doctor has not yet secured a place
    He wants their leader to remember that they are left behind . May be for seek of peace let someone remaind Riack of this individual.

    • Alex,

      There are few people on this forum, you included, whom I tend to ignore their comments as they are very tribalistic and some are quite below the expected intellectual standard. For your information, I am fully employed and very comfortable. I don’t seek employment in the government of South Sudan. In fact, it is not easy for me to get leave.

      • alex says:

        Mr Kwajok
        Do you know how England was built or you just look for a ready build country
        and you say without shame that it is even difficult to get out . You just look for a ready build country what a useless person you are. You are not a snake that looks for a ready made hole to stay in.

  8. alex says:

    Then if you are not seeking employment why always preach hatred
    you lower your self to the level of primitive backward politicians
    Your live in England but you are no better than s bushmen in your intellectual reasoning. Do you enjoy fighting. Riack said your leader said you should embrace the comprehensive agreement yet for you , you are encouraging hatred and war. If you’re comfortable in England why want your fellow country men to continue war. You have bad heart and mind you England is not your home. One day you may be thinking of coming home brother. Bring something good to us not your hatred. If it is in your family background then try to grow up and learn to preach peace not hatred. Know that the other people need good life like you. After role you wasted out tax money for educating you and you are not even treating your people of their sickness. Is it not even a shame about your self

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Alex and others,
      For a millionth time, I have tried to imbibe to those of you who always treat and take other people’s comments as ‘hate speeches’ when all that these excellent brains of South Sudan are just expressing their freedom of opinion.
      Dr. Kwajok, as a highly learned man is simply trying to positively contribute to the debate and people like you should attempt to understand intellectuals like him before ‘jumping for your gun and shooting him down.’
      Let us try to accept, tolerate and understand whatever the other people are talking about in their writings and then if you want to reply to it, then please, use your better grey matter (brain) to jot down a sensible and fitting comment.
      When I set up this website in 2003, you should have seen how we praised and encouraged all heroes in the liberation war, from Dr. John Garang to this now-turned-biggest-thief-and-killer Salva Kiir and all, urging them to demand total independence for the South Sudan. We didn’t care what tribes our then heroes came from. Unfortunately, these heroes have turned into criminals and killers and they rightfully deserve our severest criticisms regardless of what tribes they originate from. If all are Dinka or Azande, we should and must condemn them all.
      So now, let’s criticize and praise all the leaders regardless of what tribes they come from. If most of those being fairly criticized are all Dinka, Nuer, Makaraka or Jie, too bad, it just happens that perhaps there are simply too many bad apples from those particular tribes.
      Once again, let’s be open and tolerant.

      • Dear Editor,

        I really don’t give a damn to tribalists like Alex, Alier-kon, J. Chin Jacob, Guet Athina Guet and to the end of the list.
        Dr Lako Jada Kwajok is the same person who was writing articles in Arabic language praising and defending Salva Kiir and all the SPLM/SPLA leaders against the scathing attacks from the likes of El Tayyib Mustafa( president Bashir’s maternal uncle ) in the INTIBAHA newspaper. I even wrote a whole article in support of Salva Kiir when the Mundukurus were saying he was not up to the job. But Salva Kiir and the SPLM party, failed the country. He also adopted a tribalistic and non-inclussive policies for running the country. Those who can read arabic language could find my articles in the archives of and in the period between 2006 and 2011 under the name Dr James Lako Kwajok. Also I did write few articles in the Arabic Newspaper Asharq Al Awsat in support of the SPLM/SPLA and its leader Dr John Garang. The above tribalists are the beneficiaries of the regime therefore there criticism would not stop me uncovering the truth.

        • CORRECTION: their criticism.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok,
          The truth will always prevail, no matter who is the dictator in power at this particular time.
          Like Garang and Numeri, Kiir will vacate his seat when the time arrives although the effects of his tribalistic reign will no doubt linger on for a while in the country. That’s what happened to the Kikuyu dynasty under Jomo Kenyatta or the Luo terror under Obote.
          Truly, the will of the people of South Sudan will persevere.
          Keep on Dr. Lako, as the struggle continues………………………………

      • alex says:

        Mr info
        To tell you the truth I am a supporter of freedom of speech and information
        but I am not a supporter of hate speech and telling lairs. Expression of opinion is a fundamental norm of humanity but we should avoid stereotyping of other tribes. The killing of Jewish in Germany was a result of media stereotyping of the Jewish by the government of Hitler about the ills of the problems facing the country. Instead of blaming the government poor economic policies, the Jewish became the Scapegoats. It is twisting of freedom of opinion which was used cleverly to exterminate other group of people for the problems of Germany. So I will not hold to shoot my attack or criticism of such people. I have been following the writings of Kwajok for long time. He has been preaching his hate against the Dinka in the pretext of expression of
        his opinion. For example words like the president taking other people’s land and giving to his tribe the Dinka. Is this a unifying writings. What was in the mind of the doctor when he was writing such article. How many Dinka are to day landless. This is just one simple example. So go and read all the articles of Kwajok so that you know why I have to attacks him.
        Our country is currently under a crucial juncture we did not to encourage hate. We should get good ways of communicating good ideas to our leaders. if he is opposed to the current government, he should ciritize the government politics but not the people where the leaders comes from
        Secondly we should release that this writing without seeing the facts is dangerous. Rumours mongering has become a disease with our present intellectuals.
        Doctor knows that in a democracy, the accused will always remain not guilty until proven by a court of a law. So his writing can be seen , he want to influence the verdict before judgement. Is this the democracy that we aspire for.
        This is time to unify our people.

        • alex says:

          You need to know being proud is the cause of our problems to our current suffering
          Those who have studied thought that the ordinary people are useless. When we see someone writing good English
          we thought this the man. I think if other people in other parts of the world think the way we S
          Sudanese intellectuals think and do their politics, I think people like Bill Gates, Isaah Newton, Armstrong who landed on the moon could be a major problem to their governments. S
          Sudanese when writing they love to put their titles so that they are not challenged even if they write bad things. For me I would rather respect our artists who
          have worked hard to unify southern Sudanese through their music, our army who have worked hard day and night for the unity of our country, our women who have stand firm in the face of the adervisty confronting them, our teachers and young talented fellows who are trying to invent some instruments than these so called intellectuals who are only interested in fermentation of hatred among our people. People who even want to give our precious hard won country to United Nation.

  9. Angui Deng says:

    Hi Jada it seem that you are not aware that you are preaching hatred and tribalism,but it is not a surprise comments from the psychopath with giant ego like you who believe in nothing, your expectations for the bad to happen will never come true Just ask your Uncles who tried every thing to achieve what you now hoping to happen in the future ,and you know what DR you better do your job and peed yourself ,but stop instigation or otherwise

    • Angui Deng,

      What do you mean by ” or otherwise ” ? If you think you can intimidate or scare people by using such language, you are dead wrong. I believe only two things a man could fear in this world,number one is God and number two is not to be able to defend himself because of lack of means. The atrocities being committed against unarmed civilians in Wonduruba, Mundri, Maridi, Yambio, Nimule and unity state are nothing but acts of cowardice.

  10. alex says:

    Mr info we need health civilised politics in S.Sudan.
    Anyone who wants to lead our country should always take the issue of unity in our country a priority.
    Our tribes are our cultural wealth but we will not allow greedy politicians to exploit our diversity for their selfish gain. Our politics should be for the good of our country. The culture of violence should be eradicated in our society. So I expect the media to be leading in spreading the seeds of love among our people. We want our media to be encourage our youths to be creative and responsible people. The media should inspire a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and responsibility among our youths to route out idolness. We need to know smear politics and tribal politics are the things which can retard our development. So Mr info this the kind of the media we need. Lairs can breed hatred so the media should write responsible if we need development and progress in our country. So for you to support Kwajok blindly or because you are supporters of the same party in not helpful to our people. What did we gain from fighting ? Only death and destruction. Since the signing of the peace we have started s new page. We are now one people with one common goal. Unity,reconciliation and development. The will be the massage I will be expecting from your media outlet. You need to separate your political affiliation with the massages you want to convey to the people.

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