The Bari Community Is At A Crossroad: Time For Self-defense!

BY: Dr. LAKO Jada KWAJOK, MAR/26/2016, SSN;

Gwu’duge is a village near Juba on the eastern bank of the Nile (Supiri). It’s the centre of the current unrest around Juba in the aftermath of the land grabbing attempts by some SPLA officers and individuals from the Bor and Padang Dinka communities. The events were a game changer in a situation that has effectively gotten out of control. It prompted Lt. General Thomas Cirillo, a son of the area, to intervene in support of his folks.

It must be stated that the general feeling within the Bari community is one of mistrust towards the government soon after its inception in 2005. There are valid reasons for the community to take that stand which culminated in its demand for the relocation of the capital away from Juba.

The Bari people are among the most peace-loving tribes in South Sudan. This applies to the rest of the Karo group of tribes (the historical name for the Bari speakers) and the Equatorians in general. They have embraced and accommodated all the communities of South Sudan on their land.

Even foreigners and refugees were wholeheartedly welcomed, treated cordially and in a dignified manner. I have never heard in my life so far that they harassed, intimidated or attacked members of other tribes, foreigners or refugees. They always act defensively to fend off aggression.

The Congolese refugees were in Juba in their thousands in the late sixties and early seventies. Did anything go wrong in the relation between them and the Bari community? The answer is a big no. They were well received and allowed to cultivate crops, fish and produce charcoal.

There have been positive social interactions between the community and the refugees and few inter-marriages did occur. Around that time the Congolese music gained popularity and our women who refused to wear the Sudanese (Thop) started wearing the Congolese (Kitenge) and even adopted the Congolese way in hair plaiting and hair styles.

Conversely, the Congolese indeed went back home influenced by some of our positive cultures. Had they stayed longer, they would have quickly merged with the locals given the fact that their presence was never a threat in any way to lives or properties.

Well, times have changed considerably. Over the past decade, the Bari community and Equatorians, in general, endured the brunt of the misrule that has engulfed South Sudan. Even at the peak of the Anyanya war which was spearheaded by the Equatorians, the attacks on the Bari villages were never as intense as it is nowadays.

It affected their way of life with enormous negative impact on their socio-economic status. All this time they remained patient and gave the government the benefit of the doubt with the hope that good governance would prevail at the end of the day. Alas! Things got far worse than before in any way imaginable.

It’s clear that the Bari community’s approach to the challenges facing it is not working so well. It’s time for the community to decide for either putting up with the status quo or be assertive and take full control of the course of events on its land.

All human beings, indeed all living creatures are born with the natural right of self-defence which is auxiliary to the natural and legally defensible right to live.

It is customary all over the world that protecting individuals and communities is the duty of the government. However, in some countries the law allows individuals to possess arms for self-defence. In England before the formation of regular army and police force, it has been the duty of able men to keep watch and ward at night and to confront and capture suspicious intruders.

The Minutemen (who would be ready to fight at a minute’s notice) were the American equivalent of the English vigilantes. The English Bill of Rights of 1689, regarded the right to bear arms as an auxiliary to the natural right of self-defence. In the USA, the Second Amendment to the US constitution that was adopted on 15/12/1791, protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

No reasonable person would ever dispute the fact that law and order have crumbled under the current regime. The events around Gwu’duge showed high-ranking SPLA officers from the Jieng communities leading the land grabbing activities. The Minister of Defence and his cohorts have already seized the area they illegally called Juba 2.

Only a naive person would think that the ruling clique is unaware of what has been taking place in Bari land. It’s a systematic plot orchestrated by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) and aimed at driving the Bari people out of their ancestral land using the government machinery.

There is a weird notion within some communities in South Sudan that you would never find anywhere in the world – where law-abiding citizens are branded as cowards while thieves and killers are tolerated or even celebrated as brave men.

The Bari community needs to recall its history and highlight to the younger generation how it weathered the onslaught of well-organised and much stronger adversaries in the past and prevailed.

As the government has apparently failed by incompetence, design or both in providing security to the Bari people – it’s then incumbent on the community to take up the task of protecting all its members like in the olden days but using different means. It should be regarded as a call for a collective effort to defend the community and is not directed against the government or anyone living peacefully in Bari land.

At this critical juncture, it’s imperative for all the sons and daughters of the community to come together and contribute ideas to help navigate our people through these difficult times.

In the first place, You (the Bari people) and the Equatorians in general, should look in contempt to whoever claims to have liberated you from the Arabs. It’s a laughable claim made maliciously to justify hegemony, looting and land grabbing. All the communities without exception have contributed to the independence of South Sudan. The SPLA never won the war in the battlefield and never captured Juba or the major towns.

The demand to relocate the capital away from Juba, indeed from greater Equatoria, should be reiterated and maintained. Let President Kiir and the JCE move the capital temporarily to Kuacjok, Rumbek, Bor or wherever until such time when Ramciel is built and ready to accommodate the capital.

You should not recognise any land grabbed or owned illegally by individuals or other communities. When the time is ripe the illegal owners should be evicted by whatever means deemed suitable.

Armed pastoralists should never be allowed to roam Bari land. They have plenty of grazing areas on their ancestral lands hence should be made to go back home.

You should liaise with your brethren, the Karo, and the rest of the Equatorians who have been reeling from similar issues. Coordinating self-defence at village level is necessary.

Most important is to acquire the necessary means for self-defence. The disarmament process was never adhered to in the Jieng areas. It was a plot by the JCE to disarm the Equatorians and others while allowing the Jieng to possess stockpiles of a variety of arms. The result is evident to everyone – a plethora of Jieng militias, armed youth groups and armed pastoralists.

Therefore, you should arm yourselves as individuals and as village communities. Vigilante groups or well organised militias are the answer to the insecurity brought upon our communities.

If the Jieng could be allowed by the government to have several militias, why not the Bari, the Pojulu and the rest of the Equatorians? There could have been different stories to the attacks that took place in Mundri, Yambio, Wonduruba and Lo’bonok, had the locals been well armed for self-defence.

The Anglo-Irish statesman and writer Edmund Burke once said, I quote – “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” End of the quote.

I believe the worst thing ever that could happen to a man is not to be able to defend himself. And remember, there is no power on earth that could deny you the right to self-defence because it’s given to you by no one but God.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Joana Adams says:

    Dr. Lako,

    It seems there is no happy Easter for our suffering people.

    What has happened to our people in Equatoria is a case of misplaced trust. We had naively entrusted our lives, future, and land to a government run by savages since 2005. Even when things started to go wrong, very wrong, 4 or 5 years ago, we kept on hoping and trusting in the better side of humanity from a people who know no humanity. Misplaced trust is worst than ignorance.

    In 2013, the Nuers were confident that if it gets to military confrontation, they were the majority in the army. What’s more their kinsman James Hoth Mai was the Chief of staff. How could they possibly be defeated? Thy were wrong and James Hoth Mai made the Nuers to have a false sense of security with devastating consequences.

    Why am I saying this?
    Since 2005, there have been Equatorians backing up a facist government in Jubà. State government colluded and sold Bari land to nomads from north of South Sudan to resettle and relocate their kins whole sale. Prior to 2013, Lucifer Kiir, moved his tribesmen and ocupied Luri with hardly any resistance from our people in government. From 2013, the second man in government Wani Igga, has theoretically been a son of the land : a Bari man. Yet the occupiers saw nothing wrong in humiliating their second man in power by occupying his own village in Lobonok, some months ago. For me that was the ultimate. It was an assertion that they were supreme and Equatorians Vice President or not will have to submit to their will.

    Now that the destruction in Upper Nile has been accomplished, the war of occupation has been moved to Wonduruba, Mundri, Yambio, Nimule, and finally Bari land. Any surprises? No.

    If those in position of power from our midst are only there to protect themselves and their entrenched self interests, then the masses are left with no option as you have correctly said but to find means of protecting themselves and their long suffering families. Hard as it may be, being peaceful has led to our lands being occupied by barbarians. This is not only a Bari problem, as Equatorians, we run the risk of leaving nothing to or future generation but the legacy of slavery. So we need to make the hard choice between being peaceful and protecting our dignity and honor.

    Perhaps it is time for Equatorians to try the ANC model of necklacing the enemy from within, in the short term while seriously considering the pros and cons of living with a ‘brother’ who wants your neck or to enslave you and your offsprings for eternity.

    So sad things have to come to this.

    Joana Adams

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Dear Joana Adams,

      I concur with you, it’s not only a Bari or Equatorian problem but indeed involves all the non-Jieng in South Sudan. It’s sad that some smaller tribes are being crushed without much publicity.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Joana Adams,

      This injustice is not for Bari people alone. If it is done to one; it is done to all of us. One section of South Sudanese shouldn’t be suffering while the rest find it okay. People of high understanding of humanity should know that. As in the holy book, God only helps those who want to help themselves. We must want to help ourselves first for God to come to our rescue. If others South Sudanese think this is equatorian issue as it was seen as Nuer problem in the beginning, they must put their thinking caps now.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      Yes, the war has come to our beloved region of “Civilized” due to rhetoric most writers who enjoy life in far away places have been preaching. This war is not going to be like the one we had in Upper Nile region for the following reasons: One, the so-called “wars between Nuer and Jieng” has never been fought on hatred line but on leadership ambitions and angry reaction of certain tribe but this one is going to be. Second, the so-called Equatorian tribe will be cleared up as there is no such tribe in South Sudan; as such, those who are singing this song will be identified and dealt with singly and regionally. With these two reasons, the precision of war will be exact and whoever loses, will lose for real.

      The recent issue involving General Thomas Cirillo did not take place as many hatred preachers have been preaching it. The issue took place in the village and villagers reported it to General Thomas, who, in turn, reported it to General Marial, who, as a commander of Tiger Battalion, whose soldiers were alleged to have been involved due to relocation of the Army, took the responsibility of going directly to the alleged village to settle the problem without some bad feelings between General Thomas and the SPLA leaders. For those who do not know Gen. Thomas, Gen. Thomas Cirillo is one of South Sudanese brilliant military leaders, and so painting him in this picture is nothing but incitement of war which will not materialize the way those doom thinkers want it to happen.

      • Sam says:

        This comment is just sad and most appalling. Deng read your first paragraph again and think on your words.

      • Poni says:

        The arrogant is always proud, but the brighter dawn will be shining soon, and all the devastating works of the wicked will end. The blood of the innocents is watching over your swelling stomachs that is being filled with bread of unrighteousness. The time is coming, and everything will be brought into light because a ruler does not always live forever!
        Fighting over the internet with you empty words,staying in great places while the innocent are displaced from their little poor places with nothing to eat or drink!

    • Lual Garang De Lual says:

      Dear Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok

      Mr. Lako thank you for writing such an article without an informed decision on what you are writing about.
      First and foremost, I thank the Bari Community for accommodating the Internally Displaced People and Government employees temporary on their lands.

      As for Lako, your hatred for a section of the community in the country is evident by calling on the Bari to arm themselves. These kind of words are encouraging militias as witnessed three days back when five school children (from Promise Land Secondary School) were rounded up by Bari militias who heard this calls from Mr. Lako as an elder. They took them and three escaped while two whereabouts is not known till now. This is a strange thing for an elder to propagate violent. The two children blood rest on your shoulder Mr. Lako Jada Kwajok because the children are not land grabbers as you would think but big people.

      If that is the case, and the father of the kids plan a revenge what would be the fade of this nation knowing that Bari are responsible for the lives that will be lost. Your article are fanning the flames of war which is not what South Sudanese are looking for.

      As well, Mr. Lako please, advise your chiefs, on one side they sell the land and on the other side they tell you different thing. So, I would prefer the state government to be the one allocating land titles rather than community chief.

      God bless the thinkers not haters

  2. PeaceLover says:

    Really don’t know if these warmongers ever know what violence mean.

  3. alex says:

    Dear all it a wast of time people has no political agenda to confuse people. There is no reason to confuse legal civilian issues with political issues. The civil court id there to deal with issues of land. There is no need for civilian to keep a gun. All those who were in S. Sudan were aware of the disarmament programme. 20,000 guns were collected and when the government wanted to disarm the Nuer, the Nuer king and some youth ran to Ethiopia. There was no disarmament im equatoria still.
    This is of acquisition of land grabbing is being fermented by people who have their hidden agenda. This are groups of people who failed to get appointed by Riack Machar and now they are not happy. If you read all the past articles of Dr Laku he has been a strong supporter of splm in opp. This group after not being appointed by Riack they now turn to the leader of the arrow boy Charles Kisenga. Read kisenga tour of United Kingdom. They encouraged Kisanga to distant his group grom Spla in opp. If you follow the writings of this individuals and analysis it, you come to conclusions that these people want power and positions. So their strategy is to in plan hate among our people so that they will be able to get recruits to pursue their objectives. These are groups of people with no experience of governance. They are not even able to unite our people in diaspora. So I advise our people never allow your selves to be used as a ladder. These are failed individuals who have no political experience and expertise and that id why they are ignorant about the dangers of tribal or regional politics. We should not allow our country to continue in wars. We should instead wage war on development and education. These people their children are studying free in the Western world while they want to deny our children to have the opportunity to study. These groups have lost hope with Riack, Kenyi and sule and are now looking to Kisanga . So leave them alone because they did not have a vision.

    • Toria says:

      While you always bumble about experience, no agenda, positions, this or that, you need to look at yourselves and ask if you have any governing experience why then has the country fallen in pieces? You tried to demonized Equatorian opposition leaders everyday but you failed miserably. From the beginning of your commentaries on this site you never ever said anything against the failed government policies, that means you are either a member of JCE or a benefactor of the government presumably one of 75 embezzlers who looted the country dry. So, why should anyone listen to you when all you do is praising the dictatorial regime while always jumping on anyone who opposes the government. If you are not aware of how government works around the world, let me remind you that every government in the world has oppositions, even North Korea, Cuba, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc, all have oppositions. So Salva Kirr’s government can’t be an exception. There are so many things wrong in the government that you blindly support, among some are; the issues of land grabbings, the monopoly of government by Jenge savages, the stealing of national account by your government hidden in foreign banks, Ugandans are complaining about their lands sold to Jenges by NRM of M7, killings and torture of civilians, rapes, etc……the list goes on.
      You mentioned about development, how do people develope when SPLA soldiers keep looting civilian belongings under gun points everyday? Are you so stupid to understand or you just closed your eyes as long as a Jenge is in the leadership position everything is fine and everybody must bow down? Well, sorry to inform you that you are very wrong.
      You are enabler of Juba regime and even SPLA IO will not be able to stop the corruption, because they are all bunch.
      I agree will Dr. Laku, in fact I will take it one step further, I call for Balkanization and more revolutions and we must arm ourselves in anyway possible. Remove your pastoralist cattle herders from Equatoria or else there is no stability, your worst nightmare is just starting. Finally, without Equatoria in peace South Sudan will never progress, or unless you move the government to upper Nile or Bahr ghazal. The best option is just get out of Equatoria.
      Equa Toria

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:


      One of two things, either you are suffering from amnesia or you have run out of a coherent argument. Months ago I did state clearly in this forum in response to a comment by you that I don’t need a job because I got one. You keep saying the same accusations time and again. Not anyone who criticises the regime is a job seeker. There may be some who are seeking employment but what you do not have the capacity to comprehend is the following – these nationalists may be wanting a regime change because they do not want to work in a government led by corrupt officials, thieves, looters and criminals? As for myself, the bottom line is never to serve under a kleptocratic regime. I suspect there are opportunistic motives behind your blind and exuberant support of the regime – It’s certainly a matter of earning your bread and butter.

      • alex says:

        Laku you are a job seeker and you do not need to hide your greed and desire.
        What is your motive of instigating another war if you do not have hidden. To make things worse you have turned your self to a cheap lair who just defend on collection of rumours and fake acquisitions. What do you achieve by instigating a tribal or regional war. How will help our people? You hid your self in UK and you ask other innocent people to fight. Why don’t you come your self to start the war? I think you are the one sufferings from mental problem not me because I know the dangers of arming civilian. I know the dangers of forming regional army. It leads to formation of war Lords. Some estimate suggest that, this present war has costed us 50.000 lives has it brought anything? At last the peace came through talks, would it not have been better if we solve our difference through talks.
        Laku is better than many countries in the world. It is your lies that you try smear the country. Laku if you do not want to S.Sudan it is not a problem. You can go to Khartoum and be a slave there or you can remain in UK. You are a lost soul who has no idea about government. Any body whether my own brother who want to destroy our unity will never be tolerated. S. Sudanese people are one and nobody should be allowed to in plan hate among our people. Your friend is on the way coming home so before you risk to mislead your own community. Ask what made him to rush to sign peace through peace talks. Did the arm struggle theory failed to work?
        To conclude if you are able to raise 50.000 people in the Bari tribe then start the war. The liberators are ready for action. We are ready to depend the unity of our people and the country. So think twice and seek advice.

  4. Aguer says:

    The same writers who were ones that pushes Nuer and shiluuk tribes to suicidal tribal wars in upper Nile region are doing it again in Equatoria, goodluck as the says ‘a end of something is better then the beginning.

  5. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    HI Equarorians,
    You are advise by your son Lako Jada who is living in diaspora to raise up all and fight for yr right in the internets. This is what you can do better if Lako means to raise and fight using the really gun you can not managed it bse it can cost u a lot in term of humans lost and almost 100% of yr population will be become refugees in Ajumeni Uganda. Please I better advise u not to listen to yr son who is in western world to mislead u mean while he is not on the ground. Secondly, u Bari are lucky to have your son Wani Igga to be in third command in leadership if you do not stop making noise you will definitely lost the position and it will be either taken by son from eastern equatoria or Upper nile.Be advise to let yr temper cool down otherwise.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Comrade Yien Mathew,

      You did comment on my previous article and I replied but due to a technical glitch involving the site, the whole postings couldn’t be retrieved. I have come across some of your comments that showed clearly a person with deficient reasoning capability. You made me laugh when you asserted that those of Alfred Lado Gore and Martin Kenyi were seeking jobs by joining SPLA-IO and that you are in the process of weeding them out. Where in the world would a hungry man offer a job to someone else?!!! Did you ever think of what would have happened to those brave sons of Equatoria if they were rounded up by the regime? You also said that the Equatorians did not join SPLA-IO in big numbers. As you well know, Lul Ruai Koang, the former personal secretary of Dr. Riek Machar and some politicians defected to the government side. It was followed by defection and return of some generals to Khartoum. What message do you think these defections would send to the likely Equatorian recruitees? When you add to that the Nuer Wews who have been massacring their own people in Unity state, then you would learn one thing or two. Before weeding out those individuals that you shamelessly called as job seekers, you ought to weed out your fanatic food lovers. It’s amazing that you have the audacity of ” advising ” the Equatorians about what to do. It’s an odd situation where a blind man tries to show the way to people who are fully sighted. The Bari community does not give a damn to any irrelevant leader.

      • deng hanbol says:

        Dr. Lako, Please don’t waste your time to comment on this fake Bor Dinka call Yien Mathew. Believe it or not Yien Mathew is a Dinka from Bor, and his intention is to confuse the nations allies(Naath/ Equatoria, Chollo, and Fertits) against Jaang. I could merely to say that the real Yien Mathew is in forntline in northern upper Nile.
        Thank you for your understanding.

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

          Deng Hanbol,

          Mayom County is made up of gluttonous and disgraceful section of Nuer tribe. I am force to conclude that Yien Mathew is from Bul Nuer of Mayom County. I beseech all Nuer sections to contribute money even if it mean selling our cows so we can transplant really Nuer hearts in all that are born in Bul Nuer section. Something ought to be done so we don’t witness this in the future.

  6. Aguer says:

    I wonder where these self-proclaimed internet warriors were during liberation war with

    • Joana Adams says:


      Who ever told you there should be one liberation? Did you now read that there was liberation, of the Nile Valley, then liberation of Sudan, and liberation of S. Sudan? Don’t waste your energy envying the doctor. Just wait for the real liberation to start.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Dr. Laka Jada Kwajok,

      Please be advised that, the individual with pen named, Yien Mathew, is not the real Yien(Nuer), but a pure traitorous Jenges who maliciously uses the said person’s name on this forum.

      Don’t uncontrollably-unjustifiably be trembled by his comments–just simply ignored them–kindly leave him to me–Gatdarwich–the pure Nuer, to cremates-grills him.

      Gatdarwich got him–pseudo Yien mathew!

      Please, Dr, heartily focused your gun-pen on your lanes of fire period

      Peace, and Ngundeng bless,

      Patriot, Gatdarwich

  7. The liberation of south Sudan did start with SPLA/M. In fact the leadership of SPLA were trained by prior liberation movements started by Equatorians during the Torit mutiny. Even before that,the historical struggles against the British colonial oppressive rules were constantly resisted by the Equatorians, when actually some of you were naked cattle rustler in the swamps of the Nile river valeys. So my friend, higjacking accomplishments started long ago, cannot justify the stupid asertion that you liberated south Sudan. Calm down my dear. When comes to land rights, you have crossed the red line. Man’s dignity is invested in land ownership. You will not push us to the brink which you have even failed against the Murle , Cholo, Fertit of western Bahr el ghazal or even the people of western Equatoria for that matter, Aguer and the rest of the loosers. As a matter of fact, you have even failed to protect your own civilian population, as they die the thousands in the hands of their own on clan, family disputes which we Equatorians don’t do against our own people of Equatorians.

  8. Aguer says:

    When the British established thier administration in what is now known as the Capitol of S Sudan none of the tribes in Juba areas go to war with the British ,same thing with Arabs armies ,infect they even give them their daughters as a gives.But now when your own government try to expand into your areas it’s time now start a war as if there is a foreigner invasion.Go ahead you may end up in exile for life Mr lako.

    • Southdan says:

      You are right if they people of Bariya try to resist the the so called Dinka government it Jeing elders mistake since 1983 Jeing elders earnestly tired to create a false history which elevate only Dinka in South Sudan. Therefore my uncle you have to rethink before is two late, there is no Dinka without Nuer nor Nuer without dinka if you think Dinka are borns to reules and be doctor, economise, judges, and engineers. then let assumes Nuer are borns to be the majority in the armys ( الجيش ) thus, who will contest the natural selection

  9. Toria says:

    Are you Philip Aguer who was the government propagandist since 2005 who instigated the massacre and started December 2013 war in Juba? You are a killer and one of the murderers of thousands of our people and your hands are full of blood. As a new governor your job is to create security and keep peace in Jongole state so you can transport all your IDP Bor wanderers back to their homeland. You have no business talking about Equatoria, leave Equatorians alone, because there is no peace until Equatorians get their rights back. What liberation are you talking about? Everybody participated not just Dinkas, You better watch out your own backyard before you are fired by another presidential decrees.

    • Force_1 says:

      When someone called himself “Wani” on this site to comment; would he be automatically branded as vice president James Wani Igga? Why are you such a pinhead? I thought you would be smart enough to know better!

  10. Poor mic says:

    The government of the South Sudan should indeed do something possible. Otherwise most equatorians are not happy the way the cattle are and it’s to know why are they not going back to their States? You created the 28 States, go for yours any States has it own rules that must be followed Otherwise do not blame any one on what may happen to you or yoo cattle.

  11. Gatdarwich says:

    Jenges are currently in some deep shit holes. So, the Bari needs to decisively siege the opportunity–forcefully evicts the traitorous Jenges from the Bariland period

    • Force_1 says:

      It’s funny that when the woman ran away from her husband’s home to the undisclosed location; then turn around, fold her skirt between her legs and started cheering up other men to evict her husband at home by saying “Hey Bari; you needs to decisively siege the opportunity to forcefully evicts the traitorous Jenges from the Bariland period”! I just can’t stop laughing! I though you have tried that and that’s why you ends in hiding to this day!

  12. Deng says:

    To my Equatorian brothers & sisters, the so called-land grab by Dinka or Nuer for that matter will only stop once you as a community rein in on those criminals within your own community that sell the land to the alleged land grabbers in the first place. I hope you would agree with me on this observation because some of those individuals from your community that have been implicated in this dirty business including people with either traditional powers such as local chiefs, government officials and even ordinary citizens that need money to support their families. It is disappointing that the very people (Equatorians) that are heavily involved in this kind of business later on boomerang and claim the land was grabbed from them! As a community you need to take some internal actions to try to address this issue otherwise, the empty threats of war against others that won’t benefit anyone is a miss use of your valuable time.

    • Joana Adams says:


      There we go. You have all been well trained to turn communities against each other. Don’t tell Equatorians what to do when for over 10 years you failed to curb tribal or clan revenge killings and call it cattle rustling. Has anyone told you to remove the filth from your eyes before you can remove that of your neighbour?

      The tactics of scaremongering will not work either. Why would you suddenly worry about the lives of those you seek to exterminate? Oh I get it! It is all about the instinct of community preservation. You are concerned that you will equally stand to loose should the natives decide to go loose on you. Well those who live in glass houses should not throw the first stones.

      • alex says:

        But Joana are you a thieve what Deng said id true. Do not support your people when they did bad.
        even us we will not support Dinka , Nuer, schilliuk or anyone who want to take someone’s land by force.
        We have to call a spade . a spade.

  13. BILL KUCH says:

    Dr. Kwajok,
    You go on and commit yourself for the really fighting and then we will see how well your people could deal with it. Is really going to be interesting. And thank you Yien Matthews for trustful advice to those who never experienced what is like to live in the war torn areas!!!

    • deng hanbol says:

      Bill Kuch aka Lukudo Gatkuath Garang, landgrabber, where were you all this time? I know that you are from Parange of Unity State while Yien Mathews is a fake Bor Dinka of Jangulie . For your information, as of now, the Americans, British, Canadian, Australian, etc. have begun to realize that 63 tribes in South Sudan are peaceable communities. But nonetheless, their neighbor Dinka is a savage tribe and vice versa. Therefore, because of your barbaric behavior, South Sudan is at stake.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Chére Madame Adams,
    Wishing u a very happy Eastern,I would have hoped to write u this dispatch under different circumstances.
    But the gravity of the situation being as it is in RSS,it isn’t any least important to say that Dr Kwajok has relegated the great Edmond Burke,a leading master minder of the french revolution and the americans struggle for it’s independance from England and then proceeded to wrongly impersonate him in his desperate struggle to incite tribal ill feelings upon the masses in RSS.
    If u are well informed,this internet evil behaviour is no longer confined to the internet.Some time last week,it was reported that 5 school childen from Shirikaat neighbourhood were kidnapped by unknown gunmen.Two of them returned and gave a testimony that the gunmen shot at them on the eastern bank of the Nile.The the other three are unaccounted for and could be presumed dead.That area is on the stretches of Gwu’duge that is featured in Dr Kwajok’s article.
    That incident is discribed in the media to be related to the events connected to land grabbing.If acts of violence as such are encouraged as Dr Kwajok’s does with the elites like u approving them,one couldn’t imagine anything less than the nasty events of the greater Upper Nile instituting themselves in equatoria.But I leave it to u to consider if that would be the best thing to hope for to see happening to the ordinary masses.

    I have always appreciated exchanging with u.I remember a phrase in your article dated some time one year ago in which u had predicted,”one who would get the first opportunity to eliminate the other”,in reference to Dr Riak and Kiir power struggle.If u still hold the conviction to that phrase,then we may not be too far away from that eventuality.
    Dr Riak is planned to go to Juba very soon.That alone to me is a cause of great worry.Why couldn’t we stay calm and observe in the hope that all will go well?
    The issue of land grabbing is a product of a bad governance and is affecting every corner of RSS.Even equatorian elites are part of the actors responsible for the evil.It will never be settled by a mere internet incitement of citizens to go against each other.There could be skirmishes with lives lost but end up without any decisive solution.That’s just my opinion.Thank u.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      False Millionaire,

      What is wrong with self-defense?

      • alex says:

        Laku it is people with low thinking capacity that always believe that, they can use violence to achieve what they want.
        we are asking you to come to S. Sudan to defend yourself. How will the war move if all people are defending themselves in the Internet.

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


          You’re a very fat liar. If you had any an iota of truth in you, South Sudan could have been saved from this mess. None of the Dinka come out to condemn the inhuman crime committed against Nuer by your son, Salva Kiir. What would make anyone in his right frame of mind take you seriously? Live in your cocoon.

  15. Joana Adams says:

    Dear False,

    You are right in quoting me. Incidentally I still stand by my prediction until proven wrong. That it has taken 7 months and Dr. Riek is still not in Jubà and most importantly president Kiir has made no attempt whatsoever, to take the first step as he should have, to meet with Riek Machar in a place of his choosing outside RSS, is a clear testimony that president Kiir is in no mood to shake the hands of his adversary, never mind sharing and breathing the same air of Jubà with him. If Kiir cannot bear to see the face of Riek, how would they govern the country together?

    What disturbs me more about president Kiir is that he pretends to be a Catholic and yet the Christian religion commands us to forgive those who wrong us, if we ourselves are to be forgiven for our sins. It is for this reason alone that I think the president must be professing some tribal gods and not the Christian faith we know, and should therefore be excommunicated by Rome the sooner the better.

    Now coming to your claim of supporting Dr. Lako, who is in your view, inciting tribal hatred in the Republîc, I beg to disagree. First of all Dr. Lako is inciting nobody. The people you are referring to are those who are being brutalised and murdered daily by the facist tribal regime in Jubà. This regime and all those who support it, including you my friend, lied to the people of South Sudan minus the Jieng nation.

    The vision John Garang had was the vision for the Jieng nation. The former detainees and even Dr. Riek Machar refers to it as lack of vision, I disagree, I think John Garang/ SPLM had a vision for the Jieng nation but this vision technically excluded the rest of the 63 nations of South Sudan, hence the immediate marginalization of the rest from 2005 to the present complete Dinkanisation of the system in the new republic.

    The problem with both power and money is that the more you have the more you want. Hence the Jieng have been emboldened not just to take overpower in Jubà, but institute a reign of terror to subjugate the non- Jiengs. As if silencing people, killing them and raping their wives, daughters even mothers is not enough, the only God given property of land must also be taken away from them. And you my friend False and other see nothing wrong with this. You even go further and assign provocative names such as ‘promised land’ this or that and can’t get it when the natives demand to know who has promised you this land.

    False Millionaire, you and I know about the liberation movements in particular the liberation of Frican states from western colonial imperialism. Did Other African liberators – Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, kenneth Kaunda, Nelson Mandela, and the list goes on, appropriate the lands of other ethnic groups to their tribesmen and women in the name of liberating the country? Here we are not talking about the right of government employees to work in cities like Accra, Abuja, Nairobi, or to acquire properties, but the whole sale movement of the ruling tribes in question and their animals to forcefully occupy the lands of others, exterminate or displace the indegenous population?

    You and all those who are supporting the occupation of Equatoria, or the the lands of thevFertits, or the Collo Kingdom, know what you are deliberately doing, and know that it is wrong. I wish you could use your influence to persuade your aggressive government and aggressive people to desist from their atrocious actions instead of blaming the victims. That too was the title of my article in the wake of the Komeru atrocity in 2012. You probably won’t remember.

    Have a good day.

    Joana Adams

  16. Aguer says:

    For you people who always refers name Aguer to Philip. Aguer I m not him ,you people know notHong about Dinkas that why you kept generalizing the whole nation for the mistakes of few.I believe some of are not even S Sudanese ,maybe agents of Arabs .As for you Toria I can say anything abuot you, your comments are full hatred for Dinka .

  17. Alier Gai says:

    Adam and Lako,
    please rest your negative ads for the sake of peace in our country. What is happening in South Sudan is beyond any lip services the hiding faces with boiling hatred is providing. You have no ideas how to bring it to an end…the death, the displacement and the starvation we have, all are too big in our hands. And the need for change on the internet is not through dividing people, it is better for you to pull people together for their mutual co-existence than doing these unsigned duties of no gains in the end. We have seen many gross mistakes in the past and now from our leaders, and we are not supposed to be their copycats in that pattern of their wrongdoings. Let Kiir and Riak clean up their political mess before they both leave our leadership for good. Their lead is a moral lost, lives lost, a political lost and the economic lost. These in and out events are all disgraceful to us and our nation. The suffering of our people is very prodigious and it shouldn’t be entertained and overlooked because of one own staggering interest which over shadows the obvious truth. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time for us to hold ourselves liable for anything we say wrong. And to this end, it is of importance to note that we have already brought our loving country down into broken smithereens. How further can we go by destroying the broken pieces? Give peace a chance than to instigate the war you don’t know how to handle when it started. My message is that clear and simple to you: peace is needed now.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Alier Gai,

      Your plea is totally misplaced. Are you afraid of mentioning the names of the real perpetrators who brought this country to its knees? Kiir and Riek and all the tribal militias and all those who believe in the deplorable number games in politics. I had never said this before during all my 4 years campaign against the corrupt SPLM regime. If you had seen the list of generals created and promoted by our supposed reformer Dr. Riek Machar, you’ll agree with people like Charkes Kisanga that the so called transitional government will be a Jieng and Nuer affairs.

      Do you therefore blame the other 62 tribes for rejecting such a system. A system that is promoting occupation and displacement of the natives from their indegenous lands? Yes you need peace because this peace will benefit you and your lot but I and a lot of our people from Tambura to Kapoeta and from Tali to Kajokeji don’t need this fake peace. We don’t even need such a rotten country. Please take your capital to Rumbek or Nasir so that you can live happily there after.

      Joana Adams

      • Deng Monymor says:

        Joana Adams,

        Your thinking with regard to the political situation in our country is a political suicide. One time you seem to be singing the song of SPLM-IO and the other time you mathematically add it up with SPLM mainstream, what a confused thinking! The war that you and your myopic writers have been preaching is a shit in the mud. The Unity of two SPLMs is real and whoever tries to fight the two would not be a South Sudanese but an asylum seeker somewhere in the Western world…….be prepared for that.

        As I said before, Jieng and Nuer have never fought war because they hate each other but they did because of leadership ambitions and that’s why making peace between them is not a big deal. However, the type of politics that you and your cohorts have embarked on is a very interesting one for us who had engaged in the previous wars. On this note, if I were to give you advice, I would have advised you to heed what Comrade Yien Mathew has been saying because war is not like breaking up plates in the Kitchen;it involves nasty stuff which I think you will not be able to handle, let alone liberating yourself from your assumed “Oppressor.” …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

        • Joana Adams says:

          Deng Monymor,

          Lets get one thing right. The SPLM of Salva Kiir and the JCE has committed genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and has done what even ISIS in all their horrors, have not done- forced humans to eat the flesh of their brutally murdered relatives, and have the audacity to speak! SPLM- IO by the mouth of its own leader, spelt out a 6 points declaration as to why it desired reform including, tribalism, nepotism, corruption. It also pronounced it was in support of federalism which Equats have been calling for since 2011. If Dr. Riek Machar can violate his own political principles, call it vision, it is not confusion or inconsistency to point it out. In democracy, you do not pick and choose what to profess or drop. Pointing out what has been done wrong by any political leader is a right of electorates, regardless of the fact that the SPLM is an intrinsically anti- Democrtic murderous organisation. Only fools who cannot think for themselves or are blindfolded by the curse of tribalism, can defend an organisation that has single handedly brought ruin upon the country.

          “Nuer and Jieng have never fought a war before because they hate each other…….” Really. What about the liquidation of Anya-Nya 2 by John Garang? What about 1991 which your kibsmen Salva Kiir has vowed never to let go? What about ancient tribal wars that continues to fuel modern tribal animosity? I happen to have not only read history but also lived some of our recent political history. So you cannot intimidate me, lie to me or feed me with your distorted sense of historical realities.

          I can see your gender bias burning. Remember no pupil is like his or her teacher. If you have anything to say to Margaret Akulia, be man enough to confront her directly. I’m sure she can adventurers like you. And as for advice, I don’t take advice from people who have collectively failed first to win a war, violated the sovereignity of a new country and called in support of a neighboring country to quell a rebellion of its own making. And secondly I wouldn’t seek advice from a tribal junta that has spectacularly failed to rule a country.

          December 2013 was a predictable political suicide which even a novice politician starting from the “scratch” would have forseen. Did it stop your lot from releasing your tribal militia commissioned by Kiir, trained by Malong to hunt your perceived enemies, from house to house? So what’s so new about making another political suicide? If you are so sure of yourselves, why are you fretting over what I’m saying.

          Joana Adams

          • Deng Monymor says:

            Joana Adams,

            You failed to understand what I was driving through your political confusion, and as usual turn to gender argument. History is a very strange animal. if we looks at it very carefully, one could appreciate the fact that sacrifices are badly made somewhere sometime before people can see tangible achievements. At the moment, confusion ranks high in South Sudan as to who is wrong and who is right. And to make it worse, you and your cohorts come along with hatred burning deep inside your heart against certain tribe. You all failed to distinguish between criticizing the government from the tribe. This is where your political suicide started.

            I am not intimidating you in any standard, I was just trying to bring to your attention the consequences of war so that we can both approach it without turning around later to the so-called human rights organizations to come and help us. I know people like you don’t like to see nasty things when what they profess materialized. There is no lying here as there is also no distortion of history, our region of “Civilized” is heading to the second stage of history. The first stage was made in which I was part of, so I am not distorting anything here,just stating facts.

            December 2013 political situation will be understood by people like you after more than 20 years from now. Sadly, I will not blame you for this political naivety because Africa has such mentality in abundant. However, your hateful gospel preaching is definitely going to produce another December 2013 very soon in your backyard, so be ready for its consequences, that’s what I can. Good luck.

          • For Deng Monymor says:

            Hear Hear Sister Joana!! Knock sense into this moron even though I doubt that he has the capacity to comprehend the depth of your analysis as real men would. Go Go Go.
            M. Akulia

  18. Southdan says:

    Dr.Jada or I should say (جاد الله)
    Your article is an(owl egg’s). My friend I tell you let us brind peace in our country peace had come already via international community. Your crying for peace drailing is a hoax because to me there is no such as land grabbing by Dinka, I have read you article but I could not find any thing logical to support your argument for land grabbing all you have in mind is an illusion you thought you have expanded knowledgs which no body could excess. Why do you dragging a peaceful people of (Bariya) into war destruction? Jada, i wish you would never achieve this intrigue planning against Bariya people. Please ask Nuer, Dinka and chullok who had sufferers 21 year war, if you whisper in their ears to start a second war against peaceful government lead by Kiir and Reik you will not get any body will allows you to take peaceful people as Bariya to the war. In your article. How could you ask president Kiir to commit a second Kokora while you had failed to do by yourself. Do you know if there was no Gafer Nomeire the first kokora would never been acheived by (Karo)so why would you dragging President Kiir to fulfilled your dreams for giving Juba to( Karo Bariya alon). So, I think the relocate of Capital to a diffrent location to Bor, Rumbek or kujok until Ramciel ready build would not servers interests of our country. Dr. Please let US not us bad words( such peaceful, Justices, civilized, pastoraelists, savages, wild, and uncivilized) if we insist using these words it could mean we ourselves don’t speak nice language to each. for this reason, don’t agree with some Dinka who propagandas reaches to the the levels saying All Equatorians came from Uganda, Congo and Nuer form Ethiopia but today I want Dinka to know we all Nuer, Dinka and Bariya come from Ethiopia. Https//www com youtube. Com/watch?v=

  19. Toria says:

    False M, Force_1, Aguer, Deng, Alex and all you Jenge fanatics;

    Listen here all you morons;
    The issue of land grabbing is the cause of perpetual enmity, today you Jenges may think that you win, but you are deceiving yourselves. Let me remind you that Dinkas have never existed in Equatoria and nothing will ever change that, again; NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT JENGES DON’T BELONG IN EQUATORIA. If you lunatics don’t learn from history then prepare yourselves for everlasting insecurity in South Sudan.

    A lesson from history.
    When white Europeans moved to Zimbabwe about a century ago, they thought they were going to remain as powerful as they came in or forever on top, unfortunately what used to be the most powerful nation on earth, the “British Empire” today is reduced to an Island filled with revengeful former subjects ready to devour the remaining Britons. Today most of the occupied lands in formerly aka Rhodesia is been recovered by the natives daily and many whites are losing both their lives and lands because of lies that Britain was going to protect them.

    South African is the next waiting to explode if ANC don’t act swiftly. Julius Malema is now instigating a new generation of warriors in South Africa who are ready to act forcefully.
    *In Australia the Aboriginals are rising and retaking their stolen lands from former criminal convicts of the English kingdom.
    *In Canada the First Nation People are winning in federal courts and their lands are being returned, they even have their own semi-autonomous Territorial region call Nunavut, something no one ever thought was possible 50 years ago. *In United States; why do you think Donald Trump is popular with KKK and white supremacists groups? Because they sense native Mexicans are not only encroaching but they are taking back the lands stolen from them by the British and French former colonialists. Let alone their fear of the rising former slaves, the Blacks have now embark on a mission of no return.
    *The Caribbean nations are uniting and last year they made their first attempt for retribution of their stolen identities, although Prime Minister David Cameron tried his best to reject I don’t think the issue of retribution will go away anytime soon.
    From the above past examples, you Jenges need to recognize that Equatorians never give up as easily as you could imagine. Even in 20 to a hundred years your demise is being prophesised here today. This is not meant as an immediate threat but if I were you I wouldn’t bet the future of my children in a land where I am hated and abhorred. I would start thinking of going back to Upper Nile or Bahr Ghazal before too late.
    So just to sum up; there will come a time in future Jenges will pay very dearly for their unplanned and short-sighted dis-illusion of following visionless illiterate warlords like, Salva Kirr, Malong Awan and the cohorts.

    For the moment we all agree you have the upper hand, just because almost every Jenge in Equatoria happen to own a gun, make no mistake the day will come, all it takes is a blink of an eye. I personally vow to arm as many Equatorians as possible, because for sure I know this isn’t the end. No, no, no; what is happening today deserve everlasting enmity. As long as we are alive we will keep instigating and repeating and driving the massage into the heads of every Equatorian so the next generations will know that Dinkas don’t belong in Equatoria and must go where they come from or move somewhere else.

    False M;
    I am going to repeat my previous message that you pretend to ignore, here below;

    “Nonsense, unless you land grabbers provide legal documents that sellers of lands are indeed the true owners and that he or she (so-called sellers) were not forced to sell and are well informed of the principles of real estate transactions procedures, all your land purchases will be nullified for insufficient evidence to own a piece of land in Equatoria including you False.
    The question to ask is; Why aren’t you the Jenges muraheleen not building houses in Upper Nile or Bahr Ghazal? How about when the relocation of the capital to Ramciel goes ahead which Drs Garang and Riek have already proposed for the last 20 years, would you people still claim that Ramciel is not as good as Equatoria is, and that your areas are not yet safe to go to? So then, why are Jenge generals training 10,000 + militias and are still not able to keep security where it’s most needed instead of sending them to Equatoria? Isn’t that shameful? The areas that need armed forces the most are Upper Nile, Bahr Ghazal, Lakes States, Gogrial, Tonj, Aweil, Bentiu etc. I guess in future everybody should be able to buy a land in Bor or Gogrial or Malakal and then let’s see if the pretext that all South Sudanese can live anywhere they choose isn’t really a biased argument? But I doubted most people would even like being neighbors to Jenges because of your disharmonized unorganized lifestyles. Even dogs can be groomed lest Jenges.

    The truth is Dinkas are running southward from Arabs, from Khartoum now to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania etc., alas, soon there will be Dinka-Kigali, Dinka-Dar el Salam, Dinka-Bujumbura? The farther you run the more Arabs will take over all Dinka lands. As we see now in Abyei and parts of northern and western Bahr Ghazal is getting bombed by SAF slowly you cowards are slipping away everyday.”

    “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past”

    Equa Toria

    • Force_1 says:

      Enough with the noise; come to South Sudan and do it! You see; it’s easier said than done; otherwise you wouldn’t be hiding in foreign countries in the last quarter century of South Sudan liberation! Yapping aimlessly on the internet is not enough.

      • Toria says:

        Every successful revolution starts with words. Sticks and stones break bones but words can overthrow kingdoms. That’s the power of press.

  20. False Millionaire says:

    Chére madame Adams,
    I can never say that I don’t appreciate the dimension u have taken the debate to.But bad lack or fate has done so much injustice.If Garang’s SPLM/A vision of jieng’s,it would have been to a great satisfaction if he had lived long enough to conquer the helm of suprime power in Khartoum so far as his primary objective was a united Socialist democratic Sudan.
    But coming to our small Sudan without Garang,there isn’t any need to feel unlucky.U have mentioned the revolutionaries who have done so much to liberate african states without grabbing an inch of lands from ethenic groups that weren’t their’s,an evil case that has become a routine in RSS under a dinka president.I would be so satisfied to see any point of a debate that can link Garang to the present government which has failed jieng ordinary masses along with the rest of the citizens of none dinka ethnic groups to make of him a pro jieng visionary.

    I believe elites like u and me have spaces big enough to play with ideas.To the context,in the science of medicine,a good doctor is good to treat the part of a human body that is in bad health.Mandela’s struggle against aparathied was not against white ordinary masses but against whites’ discriminating regime called aparathied.In doing so,the struggle was transformed into a universal fight to achieve good against evil with the whites taking a backbone part.
    Have u ever had an idea of a leadership change in RSS?
    There can never be any country on earth in which it’s citizens live in peace,harmoney and prosperity without application of the law and order.That’s exactly the situation in RSS.But how could it be corrected when the priority now is setting the masses to liquidate each other?
    Just for your information.I am living in a cosmopoliatant climate.I hope that will readily dispel any idea of my support to illegal occupation of any kind whatsoever,who does it and wheresover.Thank u and have a good day.

  21. Deng says:

    Joana Adams, calling me Dinka/Jieng with little evidence simply because I am telling the truth will never help us in anyway. Please read the following statement from your first comment again and tell me if there is any difference with my comment re the so called land grab by Dinka:

    “Since 2005, there have been Equatorians backing up a facist government in Jubà. State government colluded and sold Bari land to nomads from north of South Sudan to resettle and relocate their kins whole sale. Perhaps it is time for Equatorians to try the ANC model of necklacing the enemy from within, in the short term while seriously considering the pros and cons of living with a ‘brother’ …”. By Joana Adams.

    Unquote: Let’s put our hands together and be the ambassadors of peace than the other way around!

  22. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Kwajok,
    Please don’t get me wrong.
    Kidnapping school childern and assassinating them:if done by u against me or if done by me against u is the same wrong act of evil.
    So that’s what u want to call,”self defense”,and u are here to cow me down for it,isn’t it?!!!

  23. False Millionaire says:

    correction:If Garang’s SPLM/A vision was jieng’s and not of jieng.
    Thank u!!!

  24. BILL KUCH says:

    Dr. Kwajok,
    You must also know that, someone could breathe one’s last through self defense. Yes, there is nothing wrong with it, but it is wrong when you encourage innocents to relinquish life for your self interest at the wrong time and place. Equatoria Defense Forces only aim at Dinka as it was during the liberation time. You know very well that, you never defended yourself from Northerners before and now you think it would be easy and cheaper to deal with Dinka than Arabs. Of course, Dinka dies and so can others. You might be a diligent person, but that would not be the case when it comes to war. I am curious about your backyard war. And as far as I know, there never will be an Equatorian realm without Dinka inhabitant.

  25. mading says:

    Dr.Lako who will do self defense when you are living in UK with your children? Bring your children or come to South Sudan to be part of self defense. So that you can see how it feel to fire a gun, not other peoples, children.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Mading stop your baseless jealousy. Were Kiir’s children in Jubà when he foolishly started the war in Dec 2013? Why are all the families of SPLM elites and commanders living in and studying in Nairobi, Kampala, or other world cities including in UK. How many have sent their children to the front line eh? Why is it okay for the Jieng to live in luxury everywhere and not the others. Before you blame Dr. Lako for living in UK where he is contributing to the UK national health service, pay attention to all the Jieng poor who are crossing into Sudan as refugees because even the Jieng president cannot feed them or offer them protection.

      Dr. Lako is a professional and any professional has the choice in the globalised world to live anywhere of their choice, and where their skills can be appreciated and valued and not locked up or even killed by a murderous blood thirsty regime. Why don’t you express the same resentment against Francis Mading Deng who has never lived in South Sudan lived most of his adult life in USA married a kawaja, yet has been shamelessly appointed as an Ambassador to represent a country he never supported nor voted for. Your tribalism and hypocrisy is truly astounding! Leave the doctor alone.


  26. Aguer says:

    For you diehards warmongers who kept bringing Equatoria this Equatoria that, its time to kept up with this peace agreement or shots up.Equatoria is history now comeback to your states and help devolve it.As for me I kept telling you guys. I’m not Philip Aguer.Aguer is a Dinka name you can find it in all Dinka clans. I know you people like to preach about violence While hiding Western countries you either come and fight yourself or shots up let the people enjoy peace, stay in exile where you belongs.

  27. Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

    False Millionaire,

    What happened to those kids is a crime that should be condemned by all and my heart goes out to the families of the victims. The culprits have not been apprehended thus the accusations against the Bari people as being responsible are nothing but speculations. The Bari people are not known to commit such crimes because they are contrary to their culture. It’s up to you to find out whether what happened to those kids is prevalent in your community or not. It’s the result of the failure of your tribalistic government in keeping law and order. I am sure you are aware of the common phrase in Juba ” killed by unknown gunmen”. The fact that you didn’t condemn the December 2013 Juba massacre of the Nuer civilians, the attacks against civilians in Mundri, Wonduruba and Lo’bonok makes you morally bankrupt. You tried to escape my simple question by attempting in vain to take the moral high ground. A certain Bari man lost his cattle that he inherited from his ancestors to armed Dinka pastoralists. He decided to forget about cattle raising and concentrate on farming. Again the armed pastoralists raided his home and destroyed his crops. Unfortunately he was shot dead while trying to prevent the cattle destroying his crops. His Elder son who managed to escape with the rest of the family decided to arm himself with AK 47 to defend himself and his family. This brings me to my question that still stands unanswered – what is wrong with self-defense?

    • Force_1 says:

      Dr. Lako Jada;
      Your right for self-defense and revenge is highly welcome and so do the right of those whose children were killed; they will have their unlimited right of revenge an self-defense. Today you’re joyful of what you did to Dinka children in the cattle camp and the Dinka victims are now mourning but tomorrow the role would be reverse and the question would be; who is going to say enough is enough? Well; it will depend on who get hit hard beyond the level of being unable to response! If this answer is not enough to you; well; then you’ll see its sufficiency in reality!

      • Joana Adams says:

        Dr. Lako,

        Don’t mind about these empty threats. We know empty barrels make most noise. Malong the supposed strongman of SPLA had vowed to destroy IO in 4 days. What happened? Didn’t he eat his own words. These so called strong tribe never won battles or conquered nations throughout the history of humanity. On the contrary, they are constantly on the move abandoning their ancestral lands. If the Bar were as barbaric as the Jieng, they would think twice before venturing into Bari land. May be we need to take some lessons from the Murle to keep these savages at bay. The exodus is startling even to the our northern neighbours.

        Today because they are being illegally armed by the state, they equate that to being strong. What they forget is that if any weak tribe is similarly armed by the state, the weak will become strong. See how just one article correctly calling for the indigenous people to protect themselves from marauding invaders has rattled the so called strong people.

        How can you be so strong yet at the same time fear for the vulnerability of your people. It seems this so called strong house has been built on sand. What a shame. And I don’t think anyone should actually apologise to people who have celebrated the genocide of innocent civilians, destruction of communities, gang raping of women and children. People who have smashed the heads of children against trees. What’s all these double standards about some lives being more valuable than others. Either all lives are precious and must be protected by people in authority or unprotected communities reserve their rights to self defence, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. After all the golden moral rule says: ” treat others as you would like to be treated”.

        I rest my case. Let me go and break a few glasses in my kitchen.


        • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

          Dear Joana Adams,

          You brought up a relevant and an eye-opening point by referring to the Murle case. As you know some of the Bor Dinkas are among the land grabbers led by Minister of Defence,Kuol Manyang Juuk. One would have thought they would be the last people to be involved in such practices as they have been for decades on the receiving end from the Murle. Some seem to have abandoned their villages for good to the Murle raiders. They stick around and cause problems in Maa’di land and now the Bari land, rather than going back to their villages in Jonglei state. Kuol Manyang Juuk failed utterly to address the insecurity in Jonglei state during his governorship. Some of the regime supporters in this forum are pitiable hypocrites. They have been calling for the government to arm the Bor Dinkas, even one pathetic guy suggested ” spraying ” the Murle with bullets using helicopter gunships. Now they are crying foul because I simply asked the Equatorians to opt for self-defense. What a pathetic and cowardly position!!

          • Force_1 says:

            Lako Jada;
            First of all; what you need to comprehend is that; Murle never occupied any land in Jonglei; as you rightly called them raiders; you should have known better that; they don’t come and occupy any land but they come and grabbed food for their hungry population back home and ran. So; what do you want us to do to them? Assemble the entire army; sent them to Murle land and killed them all! Didn’t you already said “It’s pathetic to spray the Murle population with hails of bullets from the helicopter gunship”? Now who is clearly an hypocrite?

            Second of all; when it comes to your claimed of Equatoria self-defense; you don’t need dozens or scores of gunmen to killed an elderly woman and a 17 year old girl traveling to Bor in a boat; but I could personally do that with my bare hands; if it’s a reasonable thing to do but it’s not in any way shape or form for any one to do so.

            You want real self-defense to take your land back? Well; storm the entire Juba city; fire everyone out with gunfire and take back your land. I will admit that as a true self-defense but not with an innocent elderly women with children going home because that doesn’t project or show an image of people who are reasonable!

          • Force_1 says:

            “Murle never occupied any Borland in Jonglei rather”.

  28. Southdan says:

    Alert for all
    I would like to inform all readers. please be aware, if you want you opinion be known or acknowledged by others please respond to the original article when ever it appeares you can also reponds 2-5 people as you wishes. This will indicate you are aware on what is really taking place in our country. I appreciate Dr Jada’s article no matter if he written some thing I agree or disagree, the man sounds to be an intellectual I acknowledge.

  29. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Kwajok,
    I was just exchanging with Madame Adams in a thread of a very fruitful debate which seems to have brought us to an understanding that the lack of a government to uphold law and order is the problem.That alone without anything more explicite to make implies that we hold the government in particular and the rest of the SPLM/A elites be it in Juba or in the opposition in general to be responsible for everything that went wrong in RSS including the events of 15th December 2013 and all that has followed to this very day.
    Dr Kawjok,I would have tolerated u if I could be born again to toy with my childish behaviours.U should know all too well sir that to me,judging from your most surprising behaviour,childishness is the most undue recourse that has become the very position that u have taken now.
    Why do u want to role things in the mud and then come up and hide behind the vacbulary,”self-defense”,when in reality,that which u are doing is an incitation of ill feelings and violence among ordinary citizens?
    U sitting infront of a computer screen in a safe heaven some where in a ghetto in europe,what do u know about a civil war?!!!

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      False Millionaire,

      It’s obvious that you and your cohorts want the Bari people and the Equatorians to remain defenseless so that they could be brutalized, killed and their land grabbed without retribution. It’s what the cowards do – They attack when they know you are unarmed. The Bari people are living on their ancestral land and never invaded or settled on other people’s land. One would have expected you to answer my simple question since you have accused me of inciting violence. You are displaying what I would call ” intellectual cowardice ” by avoiding to answer the question. In fact, self-defense would promote peace because a state of mutual deterrence would prevail.

  30. John Steven says:

    I was just wondering what these “jienges” were still doing in Bariland after they have been given 14 out of the 28 states in South Sudan? They cant be in their own states because they are either hungry, angry and kill themselves, chaotic and unable to run their affairs alone. So they come and hide in Equatoria which feeds them, gives them refuge and clothes them. Just a bunch of useless states and human waste. Take the capital City of South Sudan to Rumbek, Malakal, Aweil or wherever, but leave us alone in Juba. We are better off without these jienges

    • Force_1 says:

      John Steven;
      Tell your readers if there is a city in any country in the world; that’s only inhabited by its locals only because they don’t want the land to be occupied by their other citizens? It baffled me when you people claimed to be civilized while you actually think and act like primitives who don’t have any clue about what civilization is! Your land is occupied; big deal; so do the animals and birds in the country also claimed that their land is occupied by human; does that make them relevant to human? absolutely not!

      • Toria says:

        “Your land is occupied; big deal; so do the animals and birds in the country also claimed that their land is occupied by human;”
        And so does animals occupy human habitats, in this case you are the animals roaming like the migrating herds of wilder beasts looking for food.
        Here again you pinhead failed to understand what John Steven is referring to. If you have ever been to those “cities” that you claim are inhabited by everyone, you will not find people of one ethnicity migrating with their cattle, their entire villages, counties and regions and then worst, they start to contaminate others by ill habits: They rename and misbehave in the cities. So, your childish claim is bogus. Yes the capital city belongs to everybody but it should be only for those in government officials going to the cities to run the affairs of the state, not the illiterates and food seeking IDPs. Open your eyes you jenges will lose your lands to Arabs once again, at the end Equatorians will regain each and every stolen land and only those with legitimate land tittle certificates will stay regardless if they are Dinka or anyone. When I was growing up I happened to live in Juba, Wau, Yei, Torit, Yambio etc, but my father who was a government official never grabbed or claim he owns any of these places, he was a freedom fighter in the first ever movement of Anyanya 1, instead he built our family home in our ancestral land where he retired after national service duties. My late father (may God rest his soul) built hospitals and schools across South Sudan, today some are being used by Dinka communities. That is what I call nationalism is. Look at this shame you Jenges are bringing upon us:
        Finally, I would like to know if you have built any house in your swampy mosquito infested village.

    • Toria says:

      John Steven
      It brought some humor in me, a certain blogger wrote this in as I quoted in its entirety below:
      Referring to corruption in Jenge communities;
      By ‘Thokidine’
      “This is not a very surprising news as it not new. Dinka are corrupt humans even their dead ones are now corrupting termite unlike their others dead fellows from different tribes. Wherever they go, they corrupt everything that comes across their path. So keep watching and never allow any Dinka to come near anything valuable. He will end up grabbing it.”

  31. Dear Dr.Kwajok

    Stop misleading people! I need peace and love to our people! Living in odium among ourselves,it will not make South Sudan going forward at this point!

    For you,if Bari are peace people,then why teaching them inimical towards our people country folk in Dinka land in Bor for land grabbing problem? The common enemies of Sudanese people in Sudan, they are now owning the allotments in the South Sudan for free! But you have not talk yet about. I am Equatoria by birth. I grew and raised in Equatoria. Equatoria is geographical identity in the South Sudan in South in Eastern Bank Province in Torit in Otuho Land Speaking People! I to myself alone! I do not allow my own relatives to die in SENSELESS WAR IN THE SOUTH ANYMORE! Except with Sudanese people.The common enemies of people of Sudan.

    The South Sudanese people had voted for separation from the Sudan society alone! Why they fight for???If they need power,there is no problem at all! But they should vote in the polls for their own leaders of their own choosing of their freedom right! They should not forget about Dinka domination! Dinka colonialism! They Dinka themselves alone,they fight themselves sometime there are scenarios and circumstances!

    Dr.Kwajok.If you rule the pople the door is wide open for you to do so! I vote for you.If you do not blood on your hands! Thank you! I am entitling to my freedom speech amendment right! Back to you to the audience in the forum on the flood discussion board South Sudan Nation! Live in peace! Live in hatred is keeping DISINTRATION for your own self alone in life!


    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo,

      Your comment lacks substance, incoherent and even sounds naive and ridiculous. You can’t just throw words at people without the full understanding of their meaning. Where in my article did I mislead people? The events that took place in Gwu’duge and ealier in Lo’bonok were real. You have to blame yourself for ignorance if you don’t know these facts. You said you need peace and love, well – where are they in South Sudan under this regime? Are you happy with what took place and still going on in Maa’de land, Wonduruba, Mundri, Maridi and Yambio? I must say your comment needed some effort to make sense out of it. There are a lot of confusion and contradictions in your comment, for example you said ” They should not forget Dinka domination! Dinka colonialism! “. That sentence actually makes you in full agreement with some of the views expressed in the article. You seem to have failed to grasp the core of the article which is about self-defense for the Bari people and the Equatorians in general. I also stated clearly that it’s not directed against the government or people living peacefully in Bari land. Is there anything wrong with someone defending himself? Your community also suffered similar wrongdoings like the Bari community. This leaves the door wide open for speculations as to what could be the motive behind your dubious standing.

    • Southdan says:

      Chief Abiko
      Are you still alive? if so, i could understand your love for peacec to our South Sudan and it’s people is so higher may Almighty God bless upon you and bestowed you wisdom.

  32. BILL KUCH says:

    Yien Matthew,
    Why don’t you go ahead and tell Deng Hanbol, that you are not from Bor Dinka. And I strongly believe that you are not. Why you got to be from Bor, South Sudan and not somewhere else? I guess someone must be a meek person to be disqualified as not Bor Dinka. Well, thank you Nuer Another Israel in East Africa for clarification to this goon.

  33. Bill Kuch,

    As you know Dinka are natural liars. They do not learn lies when they are born but they are born with liars. When a Dinka’s baby start talking they liars before they speak clearly. For example, in this forum, Alex, False millionaire and Agumut used to say they were Equatorians. They used bad words against Nuer as equatorians, but now the above-mentioned individuals are pure heartless Dinka. Again, Dinka-Kiir lied to the whole world that there was coup attempted by Dr. Machar. The African Union report on South Sudan indicated Kuol Manyang, Pieng Deng, Marial Cienoung and Alew denied the coup attempted by Riek. Gen. Marial Cinuong told the interview that there was no coup but he was implemented what the president asked him to do. Yien Mathew is now following Alex, Agumut and False millionaire by lying to the participants that he is a Nuer. You see your liars placed the South Sudan where it is right now.

    • Southdan says:

      In general Dinka are good people, but their leaders or( Banydiitkein) are the on poisoning them. I closely observe hate speech Dinka intellectuals poured into media agonist Nuer %100 of those speeches are lies that had nothing to do with the common. Therefore, in my opinion jieng elders including Dr John Garang, Maulana Able, presdident Kiir Mayardiid and Dinka Internet warriors such as paanluelwel are the ones poisoning ordendry Dinkas back to you guys.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,
      Yes, I might be a liar as you claimed it there, but there is no such a thing as a truth in you when you deliberately denied that there was no coup. And clearly,if there is honestly here, where in the world would an army national Headquarter be taken by force and such circumstances could not be termed as so? Well, you forgot to mention that leaders are born not made. So, President Kiir was born to rule South Sudan as it was designed by God. You could not believe this, but it is a simple fact. I know VP Riek Machar is a doctor as some of you always believe it as the only base of qualification for leadership. But if God did not design that for him, then his leadership struggle is totally a waste of time because our God is better than his gods of superstition.

    • deng hanbol says:

      Dear brother Gat Ramaran in Bentiu, thank you for knowing the truth. Dinka are not only born congenital liars but also a pack of thieves. Some Dinka like the so called Yien Mathew, Alex, thief millionaire and to mention a few, are working day and night so that to destroy Naath/Equatoria allegiance. But nonetheless, they will ever achieve their nasty game.

  34. Southdan says:

    You are right Mr Bill kuch same I would like to advice him to do so.

  35. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    If Yien Mathiew isn’t a nuer than a dinka liar,aren’t the SPLM-IO forces being deployed in Juba in preparation for Dr Riak’s return to implement the compromise peace agreement which Yien is saying?
    Please do yourself a favor,ask Yien to write his comments in nuer so that their meaning shouldn’t escape u.

    • Southdan says:

      False Millionaire
      We have lack of education for South Sudanese nationals languages, therefore You can’t expect Yien or any one borned in city to write fluently in Dinka or Nuer.False Millionaire, I doubt you yourselfe could fluently in Dinka our national languages lacks words such( cell vacule and cell wall)

  36. TO: Southdan

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am very much well alive in this God,s Kingdom! It is time for LIVING!!!! No time for dying!!! Thank you very much for your inculcation on me! Have a wonderful time at home! Get yourself well prepared for Sudan! Sudan is still causing headache! It needs just one PUNCH ON FACE! It needs to be KNOCKOUT FOR GOOD!

    Take care! Stay Tune! You may be getting a message one day! No causing confusion in minds! It is simple and very clear! to coup of! Time will tell!

  37. Southdan says:

    Well done Mr chief.may God bless each of every one in South Sudan

  38. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Hi Deng Hanbol,
    There is no one who can call himself to be more Nuer than me.Why do you refer me to coward Dinka Bor where Majak Agook come from? These are the p,ple who play game in 2013 that lead to the massacre of Nuers in jube.The reason i describe equatorians as people who just make noises with regards to land grabbing they would have joint in large numbers in the bush,so when we are talking peace they are now going back talking about war.What kind of humans are the type of Lako?
    Comrade Yien Mathew

  39. BILL KUCH says:

    Yien Matthew,
    I am glad you have responded to Deng Hanbol message, but for you calling Bor Dinka coward is understatement. Yes, maybe Dr. Riek was misled by some people as you mentioned Dr. Majok Agoot Atem, but it is totally Dr. Riek’s false because the wise man could never be munipulated by others. Secondly, the same mistake can not be repeated twice as we knew about the1991 rift. You must also bear in mind that, not all Greater Bor sections pledge to follow Dr. Riek Machar and neither all of them have chicken heart. Some of them can only fight for a cause and not trivial. And by the way, you should put the blame on Nuer generals who told Riek that 75% of the army were purely Nuers before you rebuke Dr. Majok for your faulty. Now, when and where did Nuer people fought the northerners war without Bor Dinka?

  40. kondokoro says:

    THomas Cirillo the Target
    BY Using the term Bari General

    First of all the enemies of Bari are trying to used Thomas to get entangle in all these if you all know the truth why not go to the rooth causes of these precious land being occupied while Thomas lived in the island oposit this occupied land ?
    I called it occuppied because is not grap but occupaied
    Let us go to the players which resulted in this land being lease out to the IDPS from Bor and IDPS from East Nile state
    In 2015 the then Central Equatoria goverment decided to settled temporary the IDPS and it was decided by the Executive Director Simon Peter of Rajaf East that the two communities will pay 50000 SSP as lease amount that means 100000 SSP in 2015 Bor IDPS paid 50000 SSP in this year Feb 2016 Padang community paid 50000 SSP to Executive Director Simon Peter who was in Calgary before relocating but when Clement wani was taken out as governor it become difficult what to do at the end they point out the empty land which is now Gwuduge by surpriced when the tenant came to clear the Land Thomas who live in the island oposit the Land imporm the president who send the Republican Commander accompanied by Thomas Cirilo but Thomas when as a Goverment Officer to resolved the issue but after it become known all those involved from our own who had pocketed the money start running including Simon peter the Executive Director ,IDPS said we went through the right chanel but land grabers from our own start going into hiding so is impossible to grab Gwuduge village but the enemies of Bari from equatoria and jienge are trying to bring down the General so that his hands become dirty if possible grag him to the bush but Thomas is a strong Soldier he will use goverment hands to dealt with this problem
    so Gwuduge will never and shall never be grab because it is the Gate to juba
    Therefore you supporters of Riak maschar and kiir supporters we are aware that you all are targeting Bari Land

  41. Bol says:

    Dear Military Take Over Denials,
    Please Take a deep breath and listen to one of December 14,2013 conspirators, Mr Yein Mathew….(These are the p,ple who play game in 2013 that lead to the massacre of Nuers in jube)…..What game is he referning to? is it the game of …..Big Numbers in the Army! ….or the game of ……Nuer higher ranking officers in Tiger Battalion killing their Dinka juniors officers with the sole intention of overrunning J1?….The game then turn ugly…very UGLY… and let to ……Un-intended consequences of NUER MASSCARE….. Is Dr Kwajok call for Bari Self-Defence going to take the same direction? Should our learnt Dr talk to Arrow Boys and wise Nuer tribesmen before advising his Bari to arm themselves ? God knows.

  42. False Millionaire says:

    deng handbol,
    Are u a microscophic animal from the sky to begin your name with small letters?
    Why don’t u come down to earth and go to Juba to be in direct contact with those whom u say to be party to,”Naath/Equatoria allegiance”?!!!

  43. deng hanbol says:

    False (Mafia) Millionaire,
    Simple questions, As of now, Which tribe among 63 tribes in south Sudan is an ally of Dinka (Jaang)?
    What’s The Difference Between The Arab Rulers In Former Sudan And Dinka (Jaang) Government In Juba

  44. False Millionaire says:

    deng handbol,
    Now u are down on earth but bear to listen please.
    On the events of the 1991 SPLM/A split,the first thing done was nothing to do with overthtrowal of John Garang from power than simple and pure evil intention to inflict harm on jieng masses.
    Accordingly from the first hour,jieng SPLM/A soldiers and officers in the coup plotters’ zone were murdered by the nuers before proceeding to destroy Bor,looted,raped and kilt every dinka citizen they got hands on.Be it women or childern,it didn’t make a difference.
    It’s natural to assume that u would do every thing to appear innocent to the events of 15th December 2013 when in reality u had a hand in them.But when u failed to take the presidency within two hours as the fight was programmed by the elites of your camp,u repeated the same mistakes of the 1991 by murdering every jiing citizen in nuer homelands and burned down the towns like Malakal,Bor and Bentiu.
    Where is your humain brain to fail to understand that u have pushed away the jieng masses from ever trusting u?
    There are thousands of nuer masses sheltering in jieng homelands today without suffering any harm.
    I assume you are in Canada.It will cost u nothing if u ever try to acquire the sense of civility.Canada that is the save heaven hosting u is made upon the foundation of civility.U will make many friends and allies the day u begin to make politics for the sake of politics.Harming innocent citizens as a way of achieving political objectives is the same as shooting in your own foot.
    Dr Riak is returning to Juba,but will he bring back the innocent lives whom have been lost in the communal upheavals that were his making as of 1991 and 2013?
    But it isn’t finished yet.Let him or his like start it over again and it will be a surprise if the results prove differently.

  45. Deng Hanbol says:

    Deng Hanbol
    False (Mafia) Millionaire,
    You didn’t answer my question. As of now, which tribe among 62 tribes apart from Jur Chol in Wau, South Sudan is an ally of Dinka (Jaang)?

  46. False Millionaire says:

    Deng Handbal,
    So u have grown up to be a big animal now to begin your name with capital letters?
    That’s very good.It’s a prove that u are a good student.Keep learning and certainly u will end up becoming a better human being.
    The answer to your question is,nuer is a dinka’s ally.Just ask ngundeng to tell God to bring the sky and the earth crashing against each other and that will never change the truth.The problem is,it’s the urbanne nuer and jieng political elites who set them against each other for pure political objectives that are neither territorial nor social.U sitting infront of a computer screen in a safe heaven in Canada are doing just that evil.
    But u will come to nothing one day leaving the jieng and nuer masses to exist togather as they have always done forever.

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