The Awaited Devils in Details of IGAD’s Mediated Proposed Truce

By James Okuk, PhD, Lecturer, JUN/13/2015, SSN,

“Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe in absurdities” – Voltaire;

Since the start of peace mediation by IGAD for the second time in the history of South Sudan, a lot of political absurdities have been floated as a solution to the SPLM’s triggered crisis in the country since the close of year 2013. The most absurd of these proposals is the power sharing formulae that rewards all the SPLM’s factions for having thrown South Sudan into the current unforgivable abyss of spree of insecurity, economic turmoil, ethnic head-knockings, hunger, diseases, displacements and death.

The latest of these funny floats for truce is that, comes July 2015 at the level of the executive positions in National Government, the current government in Juba shall get 53%, the SPLM-IO in Pagak 33%, and the leftover 14% is to be thrown to the remaining stakeholders (i.e., SPLM-FDs and Other Political Parties).

On top of that the current GRSS will run away with top VIP positions of the President and Vice President of the Republic. The SPLM-IO will get the lucky award of 1st Vice President with strong powers of consent, similar to that of the 2005 CPA’s model.

The Other Political Parties and SPLM-FDs will get nothing at tops. The presidency is not designed for their bad luck in the coming proposed 33 months of the transitional period of Addis Ababa II, because they failed to take up arms to fight for the positions.

At the level of National Legislature, the current SPLM’s overwhelmed parliament shall be expanded from 332 to 400 with 50 representatives nominated by SPLM-IO, 17 by Other Political Parties and 1 by SPLM-FDs. All the SPLM’s MPs who were dismissed shall be reinstated within the total 400 transitional period legislators. Indeed, a very crowded Big Ten parliament of rent-seeking accommodation for buying peace!

At the level of states, the current government status quo shall continue in the so-called ‘Greater Bahr El Ghazal’ and ‘Greater Equatoria’ except for the three ruined states – Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity – of the so-called ‘Greater Upper Nile.’ There the changes shall be made so that the government gets 33%, the SPLM-IO gets 53%, the SPLM-FDs get 7% and the left over 7% of the executive and legislative posts is thrown to Other Political Parties.

That means, the non-violence opposition SPLM-DC shall lose almost all the 17% of its MPs currently serving in Upper Nile State Legislative Assembly. The Independent MPs in the all the targeted states shall also be zero losers in this IGAD-Plus peace game.

Nothing has been said specific about governors of the ruined ‘Greater Upper Nile’ states.

What is new then? The same faces in the same parliaments and Council of Ministers of SPLM Oyee’s clappers! It seems the other political parties are unwanted for a meaningful existence within a multi-party political context in South Sudan. What an insensible IGAD-Plus proposed truce that is perched to eliminate the Non-SPLM MPs from the political scene! Is this the real start of the making of one-party state for the IGAD’s rescued Republic of South Sudan?

Surely, the IGAD has been over trapped into the fallacious thinking that South Sudan is the SPLM and the SPLM is South Sudan. Thus, comes the undermining of the inclusively value for the IGAD-Plus and resort to upholding the SPLM Reunification Agreement with all its inherent weaknesses of implementation. The Scientist Einstein must be turning with heat in his grave as the same experiments are repeated with insanity of expecting new results at the end of the futile attempts.

Given its proven history of down-lettings, the SPLM shall remain too deformed to be reformed for the necessary if not the sufficient needed reforms in the country vis-a-vis the”Key Provisions for the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan”: -1) Transitional Governance Arrangements;
-2) Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangement;
-3) Humanitarian Assistance;
-4) Reconstruction;
-5) Resource, Economic and Financial Management;
-6) Transitional Justice and Accountability;
-7) Reconciliation and Healing, and
-8) Parameters of the Permanent Constitution Making Process.

The reinvigorated IGAD-Plus and its funding partners seem determined to re-impose a SPLM’s dominated country where promotion of crises management style of leadership rather than good governance continue to prevail permanently to no avail.

But will the ever failing SPLM’s leadership be capable this time to implement the devils in details of the IGAD-Plus proposed truce?

At least the 1972 Addis Ababa Peace Agreement will be better (though dishonored) than the proposed IGAD’s Addis Ababa II Truce. The Anya-nya veterans didn’t negotiate themselves into shameless power formulae. They negotiated peace and development.

The move by IGAD-Plus to renegotiate all the SPLM factions back to power by way of Addis Ababa II is not only dangerous but also detrimental to any successful germination of democratic multiparty governance system in South Sudan.

But before the IGAD-Plus could finalize its strange and alienating truce, it needs to clarify honestly the following critical queries:

1) If the SPLM is still the SPLM, then why should its factions (SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO and SPLM-FDs) share different formulae of power rewards for igniting the current senseless war in the country?

2) Does the Government of the Republic of South Sudan comprise other non-opposition parties it is now sharing the portfolios with?

3) Does the SPLM/A (In Opposition) represents a political party or a guerrilla rebel movement comprising disgruntled and discontented different parties and entities united by nothing much apart from the common enemy in power?

The IGAD-Plus should not lose the track of the hard fact that all the SPLM’s factions admitted in Arusha their collective responsibility of failure to govern South Sudan. They went as far as promising a public apology to the people of South Sudan. Where then are the IGAD-Plus and its friends and partners getting the audacity to propose an overwhelming power reward to the SPLM’s factions? Is this a conspiracy to keep South Sudan a perpetually failing state or what is it exactly?

The SPLM, hitherto, doesn’t deserve any future credit of legitimacy and dignity. This outdated dinosaur party and its military wing must be laid to rest of historical archives. The good future of South Sudan should transcend beyond the evils of the SPLM/A. It is by then, and only from then, will the Republic of South Sudan see in reality the 800 years Magna Carta values called peace, harmony, liberty, justice, prosperity and happiness.

The Addis Ababa peace talks should not come back with the SPLM’s lost glory because South Sudan shall for a longer time be held hostage for no apparent noble reason apart from power greed and malice of unwanted continuity. Instead, the peace talks should bring home the dignity of the people of South Sudan where they will choose the leaders who have no blood of innocent people tainted in their hands.

“Know thyself”is the Socrates’ philosophic command that the people of South Sudan need to notice keenly from the current crisis and after it is over. The SPLM has already been known and tested for over ten years of misgoverning South Sudan since 2005.

After all, since the independence era from 2011, the SPLM has been a malignant entity that doesn’t deserve to continue in mismatch with the new reality of the Republic of South Sudan. If the IGAD-Plus is still so much in love with the SPLM, let it take this stranger dangerous dinosaur to the Sudan where it was born.

The best way forward for the reinvigorated IGAD-Plus mediation is to invite all the stakeholders, and not only the favorite few self-proclaimed shareholders of South Sudan, to negotiate the fate of the Republic and determine jointly a consensual outcome of the “Key Provisions for the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan”.

Otherwise, any undermining exclusive IGAD-Plus imposed peace agreement that favors the SPLM’s factions only will never be owned by the people of South Sudan in their different beautiful diversities. We want a situation where we shall be proudly saying together “there is a country” rather than regret of “there was a country.

If it has been said ‘Economic, Stupid’, let it be acclaimed ‘Politics, Clever!’ The IGAD-Plus should beat a retreat immediately!

Dr. James Okuk is a concerned South Sudanese analyst and a lecturer in the area of politics. He is reachable at


  1. lojuron says:

    I want to applaud you for your deeper knowledge about splm. IGAD plus peace solution for the current crisis encourage more more rebellion to occur in south sudan. SPLM is a Dinka party and it must be dismantled for good.

  2. james mulbah says:

    This is not the best solution for South Sudan, but it will pave the way for a democratic solution that South Sudan needs. In Liberia, for instance where we fought for fourteen years to kill the idea of a president ruling for life, the first peace agreement had a neutral agreed president by all parties ruling for some time followed by another neutral person serving as president working along with armed factions who were referred to as council of states.
    Positions were equally distributed among the three warring factions, and the armed Forces of Liberia. The Economy Community of West Africa monitoring Group called ( ECOMOG) along with the UN did the disarmament, and demobilization thus paving the way for peaceful elections.
    Unlike Uganda where the president will rule for life, Liberia now have a presidential term limits of two terms if he or she wins a free and fair elections.
    Liberia is the first country in Africa to elect a female president. She won elections twice and is expected to leave in 2017 honoring the constitution of Liberia which calls for two presidential terms limit in a free and fair elections.
    And soon, South Sudan will be democratic like Liberia, Nigeria, and other democratic countries where leaders come and go based on what they can deliver, and not fighting to die in office.
    Don’t be like Uganda.Please set a good example. Zimbabwe is a disgrace on the continent, and please don’t be like Zimbabwe. Democracy oyee!
    Soon Kir, Marchar and many South Sudanese will have streets named in their honor for bringing democracy to South Sudan.

  3. Okuc says:

    Dr Okuk,
    You have said it all. The draft resolution of the current conflict in South Sudan by both negotiators Nhial Deng and Taban Deng at Addis Ababa is the recipe for disintergration of South Sudan.
    The IGAD, shouldn’t impoased SPLA/M on the people of South Sudan because they have failed miserably over 10 years they have been ruling the country.

  4. Okuc says:

    Dr Okuk,
    You have said it all. The draft resolution of the current conflict in South Sudan by both negotiators Nhial Deng and Taban Deng in Addis Ababa is the recipe for disintergration of South Sudan.
    The IGAD, shouldn’t impoased SPLA/M on the people of South Sudan because they have failed miserably over 10 years they have been ruling the country.

  5. james mulbah says:

    Since Kir presidential mandate is expected to end soon, a neutral person who is not part of the warring parties should be given the opportunity to lead South Sudan in order to usher in democracy. And the mandate of the would be leader will be to set up an interim government that will supervise the electoral process with the help of IGAD-PLUS, AU, and the UN.
    However, in a country like South Sudan where Mussevini of Uganda is planning to rule for life and Al Bashar of Sudan does not want to relinquish power and are playing major roles in the peace process,it is impossible for someone neutral to lead South Sudan to democracy. These two presidents will want to undermine the neutral person process and will want to see someone rule South Sudan for life or disturb the peace in order to legitimize their long stay in power.
    IGAD-PLUS, give South Sudan democracy based on two presidential term limits with free and fair elections or give it war!

  6. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dr. James Okuk,

    Peace is very important than power sharing and I think the SPLM/A- In Opposition who fight for leadership should have to sign the peace at this time without hesitation because they got what they want. As independence thinker, in fact I think the roadmap this IGAD created is the way to bring the peace to people of South Sudan.Thousands of people have been killed because of this meaningless power struggle and I prepared for peace to come in order to rescue the lives of those innocents’ children who are suffering under the trees in South Sudan and other neighbor’s countries.

    As I read your article, I truly understand your disagreement on the power sharing, but I would like you to consider that the Addis Ababa peace talk proposals are truly mechanism way of bring peace to people of South Sudan. The IGAD, African Union and International Communities have been trying to find the significant way to bring the peace to South Sudan, but I think today if this is the most important methodology way of achieving peace in South Sudan it would be better for South Sudanese Politicians parties to give them an opportunity to try.

    After this peace agreement it would be better for South Sudanese politicians and non-politicians to choose which party is the non-violence party among SPLM Parties, SPLM Government in Juba, SPLM -In Opposition and SPLM-DC. South Sudanese need to study and explore their true party otherwise the blood-shed would never stop. People should have to stop supporting the party that never benefiting the soul of the country. This is a time for South Sudanese to learn from this useless war and I hope this war is a converted experience for many of you to think logically over the last few years of suffering.
    I strongly agree with you when you said “the Addis Ababa peace talks should not come back with the SPLM’s lost glory————- Instead, the peace talks should bring home the dignity of the people of South Sudan where they will choose the leaders who have no blood of innocent people tainted in their hands.” Yes, the people of South Sudan should have to be open-minded at this time to support and elect the leader who love them and serve them with dignity. They do not need to support the tribalism leaders otherwise being intellectuals or countryman and woman would be meaningless. Give IGAD an opportunity to continue with peace talk and I believe God will bring peace to people of South Sudan at this time. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in Africa says:

      Francis Mangok Angeir:

      Peace isn’t important commodity if it is deem to last for only a shortwhile. The peace being forced on us through IGAD is useless and it will even kill more people in the future if it is sign. I said it before and I will reiterate it again. Accountability must take first place if we want permanent peace. Kiir and all politicians of our time are up to no good about this country. Their sole purpose is to get rich at our innocent expense. We must denounce them beginning from the top to the bottom. If lasting peace is to be realized, the killing of Nuer people because of their ethnic background needs to be addressed first. Kiir is responsible for this and he must face the law to the maximum. This will be the right path to the permanent peace. I see this, if done, to deter future evils to embark on the same track Kiir has taken us.

  7. Bol says:

    Dr. James,
    SPLM/A has become a heavy burden in RSS after Independence. Change won’t come unless someone can change political landscape of RSS, until then let’s hope for peace at all cost.

  8. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear South Sudanese,

    IGAD proposals would give you an opportunity to choose the better man to dance with otherwise those who are in shadow should have to open their eyes to see what is behind the IGAD proposals. Peace is belonging to you and you have right to endorse these proposals or reject it because this is a time to rescue the country from being divided into many countries otherwise I do not understand what IGAD mean by “three ruined states – Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity – of the so-called ‘Greater Upper Nile.’ There the changes shall be made so that the government gets 33%, the SPLM-IO gets 53%, the SPLM-FDs get 7% and the left over 7% of the executive and legislative posts is thrown to Other Political Parties.” In this situation, the IGAD should has to be clear here otherwise this will cause other war if the rebel decide to change the active governors, the Governor of Unity State, the Governor of Jonglei and Upper Nile. Check it out thanks.

  9. jok lual says:

    that poweer charing between Kiir and Riek include Lam Akol military wing Olony
    that question to Riek machar supports

    • James Okuk,

      I agree with you that IGAD proposal will never bring anything in South Sudan and You James Okuk, you are also like those of IGAD. Your proposal and writing will never bring peace in to South Sudan either. You are a man who is known for twisting facts. To answer your questions, I would say yes, SPLM is the South Sudan and South Sudan is the SPLM as you put it.

      Why I said yes? when the SPLM in government killed over 20,000 civilians in one week in Juba, other parties including faith groups did not condemn the killing, instead other parties denied the killing of civilians in search of Jobs in Kiir Government. Example of those people are yourself and Daniel A. Ayoung. If you want your SPLM-DC party to take up arms in order to get more sites, then you are more than welcome to do so at your own expenses.

  10. gabriel says:

    I hope the entire south Sudanese could understand that the south Sudan is divided to the regions according to the strategic studies institution in US, the institution who proposed the one government and two systems in CPA, now a Greater Upper Nile is to be govern it shelf under the SPLM, IO and the others under SPLM, Juba. So ?????????????

    Gore, Japan

  11. alex says:

    Dr OKUC we want peace if you think SPLM deserve not to lead the country, form your own party so that we see after the three years who will lead this country. You are the people who just sit behind critising while doing nothing. You were waiting for the international community to hand you power without sweating for it. That can not happen. It is like a thief who waits the farmer who has worked so hard during the rainy sesson and after hervesting his crop, you wait for him to go away and you sneak into the house to steal everything. You are the confusers of of the people. You either join any party or form your own party and you come and show us your popularity during the elections. If SPLM have failed the country fine that will be your slogan during the election and you may carry all the votes but I do not think any South Sudanese will reward a lazy thief like you to steal the history from them. The SPLM is a people’s party and the current problem was brought by people who have their hidden agenda since 1983. This is the time they have to show their popularity because they have been singing and claiming they are popular we want to see if the group of 1983 will steal the victory from the people. My advice to you is that we need peace in South Sudan and anybody who thinks he is the best person to lead the country shoul be brought in by the people power. I am really sad with those who are calling for the dismentalling of our libertors. Will history forgive you or will the blood of our heros and heroens forgive you to sneak their scrifices to write the history of S. Sudan in your name. We are not preventing anyone from coming to rule our nation. You will come to power if you convince the people but not trying to collobrate with outsiders to rob our people. We know it is always one man or few people who dig but when the food is on the table, it will be eaten with all the people including those who did not want to work during the summer. How will you feel to take away the house someone have build and throw him to the street. I think it is reasnobally to say lets share the house together than throwing the builder out of his house. Okuc when the country was one where were you in writing such critical letters to Omer El Bashir. If we are to talk of democracy you are now enjoying it because you are now talking freely and nobody will threaten you. Freedom of speech SPLM have brought to you. So not to waste time give peace a chance and you can wait to compite with us during the elections and if you win do not throw us out of the house because we have build the house for all of us all. We need to stay as brothers and sisters because we are one people one nation. The SPLA is our national army if you win in the election, they will be the one protecting you and the teritorial intergerity of our nation and to call to dismental them you are exposing yourself to foregein enemies. United we are strong but when divided we fall.

    SPLM OYE, OYE, OYE, OYE, OYE long live the unity of our people long live the liberation and long live peace , democracy and the power of the people.

  12. AGUMUT says:

    IGAD treat South Sudan like a baby because of Dr.Riek Machar,but they are correct because Riek himself is like a child plus Mabior’s MUM.John Garang himself was a baby,SPLM was for big people and they never grow up. Pls grow up mr.cronies elites SPLM.

  13. Chul Mi Bor says:

    There are only two poles of good & evil in South Sudan:

    1. Dictator Kiir, who stands for tyranny, corruption, tribalism, fear & war, and
    2. Dr. Riek Machar, who represents future, hope, prosperity, security & peace.

  14. deng Hanbol says:

    Dr. James OKUK,
    I understand that you’re dismaying since your ill-thought did not come TRUE. In fact, you thought that Kiir and M7 Forces will have to wipe out the entire population of Naath tribe out of south Sudan map. However, things are now opposite. Despite the fact Naath army are fighting Ugandian, Rawandian, Darfuran, Nubian and the people of Blue Nile. Yet Machar’s forces are gaining momentum in greater Upper Nile. Just for your information, Machar’s forces have declined to attach Polish because he has been (Riek) advised by Banki Moon and some western power countries not to do so. Now the whole world realized that Naath people is the real king maker in south Sudan. The new peace proposal is an attempt by M7 via IGAD to safe Dinka regime from collapsing. Any way, Dr. Machar is going to sign this new deal with Kiir and M7 and then we will see who will try to defy Naath in Greater Upper Nile which is a sphere of their influence. Dr. Machar will give Upper Nile state to gen. Johnson Olny’s nominee. And I guest he may give to it rev. Tyjok or former commissioner of Pachodo. With regard to our brothers and allies in greater Equatiora, they will have to decide their future wither they will accept to remind under Dinka domination or opt to military confrontation against Jaang kingdom. The SPLM- IO cannot force them(Equatoria) to fight for their natural rights. With regard to our allies namely gen. Dau Atorgnge, gen. Khamis as well as our allies in Western Bar Ghazl, the people movement will make sure that their demand have been guaranteed in the forthcoming peace deal. Certainly,Machar will never sign any pack peace if their lion chair both in central government and at the states level are denied.
    Mr. little red please shut up.

  15. lojuron says:

    Francis Manger, It seems splm opposition let this war happened only secured Reik Machar place in the party. If this is the case what about innocent nuer who were killed on December 15, 2015 by kiir Melissa Mathiank anyuar. IGAD plus peace solution for South Sudan is only a bunch of shits that serves interest of Splm party. In this scenario where is the people of South Sudan in this equation. IGAD as a regional bloc has failed to find root cause of the conflict and hence offer sustainable peace dealt. IGAD head of states are nothing but solicitors to South Sudan. It is now a time for greater Equatoria and greater Bahr el Gazelle to denounce IGAD plus peace solution and form independent movement to fight Oyee government. I believe they gain momentum against cohort SPLM/A. Those who still dreaming Juba will remain capital will find themselves in abyss.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      I like your question of “What about innocent Nuer who were killed in December 15”. To me and others Nuer, the killing of our people is the root cause of this civil war. There is nothing else to cause this untold suffering of our people. But we are very proud of it because we are fighting for the right of our innocent people killed in December. Position is not what we are after. If Dr. Machar is after position, he can simply go join Kiir for that matter. The rest of the Nuer will continue with the struggle for justice. Thank you!

      • bol akuol says:

        Are you fighting to bring back to life those Nuers who were killed in Juba?
        How about those innocent Dinkas who were massacred in Bor by Nuer in 1991? Fool, this fighting is not bringing any Nuer nor Dinka back to life rather rather you are losing more Nuers than you did in Juba. The gallant forces of Gelweng and Mathiang Anyor are currently finishing White Army in the greater Upper Nile region. Fool, you lost your people in Juba and we lost our people toovin Bor. So what the f…k do you want? Your lunatic, Riek Machar, will never be president of south sudan as long as we breathe in south sudan. So let the war continuous, fool.

  16. james mulbah says:

    This peace agreement may not be the best, but it is the beginning of an agreement that will make South Sudan a peaceful and a democratic society in the future. Make no mistake, the longer the fighting continuous, the more divided and disintegrated South Sudan becomes. And the best time to stop the fighting is now.
    Similarly, this fight is not a Marchar and Kir fight; it is a fight to democratize South Sudan for the full participation of all South Sudanese.
    Seize this opportunity and swallow all your pride in order to accept this last IGAD-PLUS peace agreement.And gradually move to a better and participatory agreement that will benefit all South Sudanese.
    What you need is a transitional democracy that will see a president come and go after a short period of time, not a Zimbabwe or a Uganda type of democracy where the president will rule for life.
    Democracy oyee!

  17. David Lokosang says:

    I absolutely agree with Dr James Akuk in regard to power distribution but fundamentally dis agree with his statement that SPLM is too deform to be reform and I will explain why.
    The current formula of power distribution if true then South Sudan is really at the mercy of the devils. IGAD should address the fundamental problem of South Sudan which include tribalism and nepotism, massive human rights violation by security personnel, rampant corruption, injustice and inequality, insecurity and absence of rule of law, absence of real democracy where by all political parties have equal fundamental rights to express their views or political programs in various forums without prejudice to those rights, absence of good governance, lack of social and economic policies, dependent on foreign aid and so forth.

    As to whether SPLM is too deform to be reform, absolutely not. SPLM is the only political party in South Sudan that has a vision with clear objectives and programs that is why when it was a revolutionary movement, it was able to win support from our people and the international community. What went wrong is the reason why there is SPLM in opposition. Not every body who went to the bush is a revolutionary minded. They went with different objectives and reasons but with the wisdom of our visionary leader Dr. John Garang, he was able to unite all under one command to fight a common enemy with clear objectives. When DR. John died in plane crash, the reactionary group within SPLM took over power from the revolutionary group and implement their own agenda similar to the old Sudan. They lack vision nor objectives they just want to maintain their social status and their relatives. Instate of engaging those who believe in the SPLM vision to set up policies and objectives how to implement the SPLM vision, they employee their relatives and friends who have nothing to do with SPLM vision. When the party call for fundamental reform it become problematic. Those reactionary group want to clink in power that is why they created an imaginary coup just to get rid of those who are committed for real change. Hence for you to make a correct judgement, don’t be subjective but be objectives in order to give you a clear picture.

    As to wether there are opposition parties or not, I thing every South Sudanese knows there is only one opposition party that is SPLM DC but the rest are cash parties. The role of opposition parties are suppose to make a check and balance on the government. They must have a clear objectives and programs as an alternative to the ruling party so that people can be able to make a choice which party to support. I believe it is just a matter of time for the elite in Juba to vanish and the real SPLM carders will emerge to rejuvenate the party. SPLM is like a nuclear, it stated with battalions 104 and 105 and evolve to full scale revolutionary movement that is why I am optimistic that with he demise of regime in Juba there would be a real change.

    Hope for the best.

    Cde David Lokosang

  18. Joana Adams says:

    This framework agreement is the result of the manipulation of the IGAD countries, by the corrupt Jubà regime, and who Juba wants to deceive the world contrary to the facts on the ground in Equatoria and Bahar el Ghazal that the war is only confined in Upper Nile, and if the Nuer can be satisfied, in exchange for Upper Nike. Then the war will not spread to Equatoria to cut off their survival route and gate to safe haven in East Africa. Who knows at what expense was the framework arrived.
    To be fair, it is a huge recognition of the power of SPLM-IO, over the territory of greater Upper Nile region. I also like the transitional security arrangement because it will be madness to trust a genocidal regime with lives and safety of the opposition. but Federalism is the bottom line and must be included in the agreement and implemented during the transitional government. The Juba rouge regime cannot be trusted with this cardinal demand of our people. However, if SPLM-IO is happy about it, it is fine by me personally, although it would contradict its position for the reformed national agenda.
    The second thing I like about the framework agreement is that, it squarely makes Equatoia a colony of Bahar el Ghazal region which must be a specific request of Kiir and the evil council of elders. How wonderful! Could this be wake up call in disguise? Time will tell.

    Joana Adams.

  19. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear All,

    The damage has been done and it is irreversible. People died, properties lost, and many other damages. With that said, there is no need to cry over the spill milk. What sane people in our situation should look for is the corrective action to avoid future recurrence. This should be the starting point toward achieving a meaningful peace. Otherwise, we haven’t done anything or learning anything from this. I see instituting deterrent measures to avoid this from happening again. Punishing those who want to get away with murder is one measure, giving power back to our people is another measure, setting up term limit is another measure, separating army from politic is another measure, retiring all the old generals is another measure, and giving SPLM/A acronym to Bashir is another another measure, and few others unmentioned. Leaving power in the hands of Kiir is stupidity at its best.

    • GatChawearbol,

      I have never been good in twisting facts because I don’t find comfort in lies and propaganda. My academic and religious spirituality training have only qualified me to make sense of facts in a truthful manner, as much as possible humanly.

  20. alex says:

    Joana Adams
    Thanks you made me to laugh at EL HAAG, Chromas Jas and Eli because these individuals are typicfal supporters of spla in opp. It can now open their eyes that they do not have a place in splm in opp. It is a blow to Lodu Gore, Moses Mula and Rumbogo. I am happy you hit them properly in the head and it will be a lesson for them to follow the unkowns.

  21. Bol says:

    Teamwork doesn’t exist in their psyche ! This explain a lot of issues which they need to think about whether they want to separate from RSS or be actively involved in national matters.

    • bol akuol says:

      Are you kidding me, Bol? Which land do they have to separate from south sudan?
      Let them liberate themselves from Gambella. Where were they when the south sudanese fought to liberate themselves from the Arabs? Were they not the ones being called “Friendly Forces by the Arabs during the liberation of south sudan?

  22. Bol says:

    Bol Akuol,
    Nuer don’t harbour this idea of separate state, its the Equatorians who do entertain this ideas. Check out their comments here and its tells you where they heading. Secondly, you can’t put whole Nuer in one basket. Only few started this and more got drawn into it.

  23. GatCharwearbol says:


    This one calling himself Bol Akuol is out of touch with reality. Nuer has called for separate South Sudan, this has been achieved. Why would they separate from it? The problem that engulfed the entire nation is the result of killing of Nuer civilians in Juba on tribal line. Had Salva Kiir regime when after their looters group members and left Nuer civilians alone, we would not be fighting each other right now. Kiir would not experience this frequent nose bleedings and depression. In Nuer we say, whatever bother you, you are the causer. Running to Museveni for military help is his own making. If you can depend yourself, don’t start nothing. This is the rule of thump. Now the head of state has reduced himself to begging; how insignificance can one make himself.

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