The Assassination of Isaiah Abraham was politically-motivated


It is a sad day all over the country and the world at large as a great writer and thinker, Isaiah Abraham, was murdered in cold blood by his assassins in his residence at Gudele residential area, Juba, yesterday due his numerous political commentaries/opinions he made against South Sudan Government. However, this is interpreted negatively by the inner circle in the Government as outright enemy of president Kiir’s Administration, thus, the National Security eliminated him for good.

The SPLA/M took up arms against various Khartoum-based regimes in 1983 owing to the following marginalization, bad governance, corruption, dictatorship, lack of democracy, imposition of Islamism and Arabism, among others.

We waged the protracted war so as to be free citizens in our own country.

However, Mr. President, there are those who wanted to reverse all these gains by allowing the security forces to kill or terrorize innocent citizens just because they criticize your maladministration in the new nation, for your information sir.

We sacrificed a lot for this land to be liberated from oppressors, hence, we will not entertain your misrule of this nation any further. As a public figure you are subjected to all kinds of criticisms, it could either be negative or positive from ordinary citizens/oppositions.

But, no matter what, at no time would you allow the security forces to take away the lives of innocent Citizens, something even the ICC-indicted President Bashir has never done that.

Our brother, Isaiah Abraham, has been critical of your government and that does not make him as your an enemy or of the state. If there is anyone that has a greater affection for this nascent nation than my great friend, Isaiah Abraham, then I don’t know.

Those who killed him have done a great damage to this country as the unity of people of South Sudan is now in question.

Most of us during the liberation struggle knew you as a wise, charismatic, humble, caring and loving leader. However, the intruders has made you to be out of reach of the common people of this great nation, Mr. President.

My humble appeal to you is to find the assassins of our great late brother, Isaiah Abraham, to be brought to book if you want the unity of people of South Sudan to continue, otherwise the people of Twic East will never trust your government again.

Madit Barach Dau.


  1. Anyangaliec says:

    Our fight goes on…….! We must not let up. Obituary for Isaiah Abraham, he has done his part. And it’s now up to us to advance it or not!! Rest in peace Isaiah.

  2. Omut Ojulu says:

    Very sad news to all of us brothers. Mr. Abraham was a wonderful man, there is a lot of things to be tell about this man. Whoever has killed this man make sure you have done a great damage to yourself and the Country you think you love, this man is innocent even though you killed him, with unknown reason.
    Make sure he was hero and fought for this country, whoever killed this man will testify one day for the wrong thing he/she had done and apology to the family of this and whole of our country of South Sudan. 2nd to that you brothers of this website you sometimes deletes messages or responds of others people, this alone dishonesty to yourself and the country, this time or era it’s a time century of expressions of ideas and thoughts please don’t practices this dishonesty, and why you establish this web? sorry for you guys

  3. Dengdit chol says:

    That was the same thing happened to Malok Rieng. We are watching!!

  4. Patriot says:

    Indeed Barach, The ICC-Indicted President have never ordered his Security Apparatus to kill Political opponents. It’s the Kiir Administration that have allowed this organ to kill our beloved friend, Abraham.. South Sudan had now landed in the darkest part of the world and the world will not forget that the New Nation is assassinating its thinkers..God Save South Sudan.

  5. umoja says:

    Killing is normal under Kir’s rule, I am sure no one will be apprehended, remember killing of police officers in Yambio, killing of a medical doctor in Yei and many more.
    Nothing will happen as long as Kir is in power. Experience is a good teacher!!

  6. I am really very sorry for the death of this great man.

  7. MARTIN says:

    His death was deliberately planned although we have seen people shedding crocodile tears. When will death stop in Juba?

  8. Peter Madual says:

    I wish to offer my sincere condolences to the family of Abraham. I am still in mourning for his death any way. The people of south Sudan have lost a great man.

  9. carlo says:

    My sad and deep condolences to the family and friends as well as the readers and writers. We have indeed lost one who in one way would have made our path clear of thorns. All in all God’s ways differ from man’s ways. That is his destiny, we have to think ahead and complete the journey, our brother Isaiah will be with in spirit. Amen.

  10. Gai says:

    South Sudan independence is an impersonation of North Sudan’s regimes where dumb and incompetence killings country’s futures and icons. Sorry leadership and his co-looters ought to go for good! I’m still in very very deep pain for the lost of great writer and critic by the hand of fellow dumb leader we ever had. I teared up after the news. South Sudan and the whole world will greatly missed Isaiah Abraham. Shame on Kiir!

  11. Deng Ngor says:

    The killing of our brother Isaiah Abraham is a very big gap to the young generations who would have gained something from him, as well as his own families. My deep condolences to his families and words of encouragement in the Bible. According to old Testament, book of Deuteronomy 27:25 says; “cursed is the man who accept a bribe to kill an innocent person.” Then all the people shall say,” Amen.”

  12. henry says:

    Death of Isaiah Abraham is a sign of wrong government in South Sudan.

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