The African Union (AU) or the United Nations (UN) should take over the peace process of South Sudan at Once

BY: Brian Adrian, SOUTH SUDAN, DEC/01/2014, SSN;

IGAD started a commendable job that South Sudanese have been hoping for since the leadership struggle started. This is by trying to bring the two warring parties to a negotiating table and settle their differences peacefully. IGAD being the regional body, it is in a better position to easily understand the on going situation in South Sudan and is well place as South Sudan is a member IGAD.

However, as much as this is a blessing, it is more of a curse since members nations have developed different interests in the Sudanese conflict and now South Sudan.

IGAD’s credibility and fairness in finding a lasting, peaceful political solution to the problem that emerged on December 15, 2013, is tinted by some member countries of the Body that have openly taken sides on the conflict and participating in the on going war in South Sudan.

Ugandan Government stated clearly that they are tired of Riek Machar and that “they have tolerated and been patient with him.” (Henry Okello Oryem, Uganda’s minister of State International Affairs:

Uganda President who has been acting as the devil’s representative in eastern Africa has done it again. Museveni is notoriously known to love meddling in other sovereign nations affairs for his own gain.

One good example he has been accused of is the death of Former Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President, Laurent-Désiré Kabila who lost his dear life on January 18, 2001.

He is also accused by some people of being responsible for the death of South Sudanese icon John Garang, July 30), 2005, who led the struggle from 1983 till his unfortunate, untimely death.

The reasons for these two assassinations is said to be Museveni’s desire to have weak inexperienced leaders who will look upon him as their God Father or Big Brother.

He wanted to be a kind of Uncle Sam for East Africa and the Great Lakes Region. While this seems to have worked in DRC, with President Joseph Kabila, putting his national interest and love for his people, it has worked perfectly in South Sudan.

Realizing that his scam did not work in DRC, Museveni resulted into creating and supporting Rebels against Kabila’s Government, a fact, proven beyond doubts by the United Nation.

Kenya on the other hand, has been contributing positively in finding a lasting peace for Sudan in general. However, the statements made recently by Kenyan leadership seems to be suggesting otherwise.

It may be common sense that the two leaders seem to be protecting the Lamu project. However, what they are forgetting is that the Oil in South Sudan, is found in Unity State, Upper Nile, and Jonglei, where if civil war became a reality, they will be under rebel control and hence the Lamu project will hit a dead end considering the populations there.

It is widely believed by the South Sudanese that he is being controlled by Uganda President, Yoweri Museveni. Museveni is said to be the one bringing him to power, through the assassination of John Garang. This can be seen by his several trips to Uganda whenever there are concerns in South Sudan.

The two became very close that President Kiir is seen as a puppet of Museveni.

It is also a common belief that, at one of the visits, Museveni took Salva to a graveyard where some of the Freedom fighters he killed were buried. He is said to be the one who advised Kiir to build his own army, which Kiir did.

Kiir went to his home County and recruited young men that were trained in a place called Luri. This force was to be used as mercenaries against any political rival and his people. They were just trained to fight to defend what Kiir told them was their leadership which was under threat.

These men can’t speak any language except their mother tongue hence a perfect force for the elimination anyone who dares want to take their leadership and wipe out his people.

The former Vice President and his colleagues knew this but were so occupied by the democratic methods that they didn’t question Kiir’s moves or try to counter it. They wanted an SPLM leadership meeting to solve the differences and hence party elections to elect new leadership.

Presidents Museveni and Kiir were ready to carry out their wicked plan. Kiir became very arrogant in South Sudan that he started to threaten political opponents. He dissolved the entire Cabinet leaving a leadership vacuum within the Young Nation.

This was done with the consultation of President Museveni. They were expecting the Nuer to reject the removal of Riek Machar and declare war on the President. Museveni was ready for this and started deploying his forces into South Sudan few days before the announcement.

To their disappointment, the Nuer were aware of the Constitutional right of the President and remained calm. In was suggested that Riek Machar be removed and replaced with a Nuer to divide the community. However, the Presidential advisers on this case decided to play with his mind.

They decided to hide the truth of the matter by telling him that the Nuer he (the President) suggested to take over from Riek refused. This made the President kind of mad and started acting like a mad man.

The entire South Sudan was quiet waiting for what will be the result of his uncalculated actions.

Only four men were making the decision for the Nation. President Kiir (Dinka), Kuol Manyang Juk (Dinka), Daniel Awet (Dinka) and James Wani Igga (a Bari seen as a puppet of the three). It was common on street to hear people talking of Dinka making unpopular decision for the Nation. But the entire nation remained silent eagerly waiting to witness what they were planning for the country. Others were worried.

Cabinet was formed without the Vice President. This was a test to see the reaction of the Nation. But South Sudanese knew the President had the power to appoint anyone to work with him. James Wani then was appointed but the nation remains silent as usual. This was a big disappointment for the two angels of the Devil who were so thirty for blood.

The Current Crisis in South Sudan

Having done the above without anyone saying a word, the President then started acting like a drunken monkey with a gun. He then went to the party where his leadership was being challenged. He decided to run the party like the nation he has been playing around with. This caused uproar since the party belongs to the people and not one person.

The dictator, President Museveni and his grooming puppet Dictator realized at once that this is the opportunity they have been waiting for. Salva Kiir was himself confused on how to go on with this.

NB: The Secretary General Pagan Amum wrote to the Party Chairman (the President) several times to call for a party convention for the Party to elect new leadership or confirmed the leaders. The President failed to do so.

Not knowing how to go on with the issue, he decided to dissolve the party structures giving a lame reason that the party did not hold a convention on time and hence structures should cease to exist except his office as chairman.

This is a very primitive reasoning because he was the one who failed to call the meeting.

Secondly, his office is one of the Structures that should cease to exist because it was created by the same convention like the other structures. This create a big confusion with both party Vice Chairpersons (Former and Current Vice President) stating that the structures are there while others including the Government spokes-person saying they were dissolved.

The party’s senior members opposed to the way the President was running the party decided to hold a press conference that was to be followed by a public rally the following Saturday. Not knowing what he was doing, confused and scared of the public rally, the Chairman then decided to call for a meeting of the National Liberation Council, which he dissolved earlier.

The meeting was held but it lack reconciliatory gestures from the President. He started attacking some members while threatening others and attempting to unilaterally sacked the party Secretary General. This forced some members to boycott the following days session.

The war

That Sunday night, the President’s tribes men, the Dinka, started to distribute ammunitions among themselves and disarming the Nuer officers among them. The Nuer became suspicious and resisted. The Dinka then fired at the Nuer officers and fighting broke out.

The President quickly put on military uniform and before knowing what went wrong, started to blame the former Vice President of a coup d’état. Any reasonable person will question this. How did the President come to this conclusion within few minutes? Fighting continued throughout the night and the following morning.

The President’s tribes men had an upper hand since they were well prepared for this and controlled the heavy weapons and managed to take control of the barracks.

After the fighting ceased, they then came out killing anyone Nuer they come across. I am aware of a lady who gave birth 3 days before the incident, who was shot twice into the chest and died leaving the infant. The infant is now in the UNMISS near Juba Airport with his grandmother.

One reverend from the Presbyterian Church was killed while in Church Uniform. Many people were killed in the area of Munuki, Gudele, 107, Khor William, Manga II and Jebel. What the Dinka did was to kill the people and throw the bodies on the street. Vehicles collect the bodies later and dumb them in mass grave made by excavators. The images were discovered by UNMISS in Juba. They reported 3 but did nothing.

The ceasefire

The ceasefire was declared in bad faith, as only one faction of the warring parties was involved. This was a calculated move to sideline the other faction so that Museveni, Kiir and those they managed to convince can have a reason to attack them and support the current genocide against the Nuer.

What they did was to ask Kiir what he wanted them to do. Kiir knew he started something he cannot handle. He thought his man-staged coup will kill his opponent. God was bigger than Kiir and Museveni. This will not work.

It is the choice between being killed or being a second-class citizen, and we chose to die in search for freedom, justice and equality. We can’t liberate ourselves from colonization of North Sudan just to be recolonized by Uganda. Museveni should be ready to kill all of us or his days are numbered.


The AU and the UN should take over the peace process in South Sudan since some IGAD members have shown interest to the conflict and chosen sides. Museveni have showed it clearly that he is with President Kiir, his fellow dictator, and will do anything to keep him on power. His plane has been bombing South Sudanese and his troops are on the ground in large numbers.

We cannot have a mediator who is part of the conflict. The world should take charge to stop this pending massive civil war. Museveni should learn that South Sudanese are people who will choose to die than being enslaved. He is now threatening to invade the people of South Sudan and decide their fate.

The other South Sudanese are now seeing what is happening and are not wondering what the real reason is for the fighting. This is fight to liberate South Sudan from Uganda tyranny and colonization. We need our freedom.

In summary, I would like to highlight the President created all these mess as heightened by another concerned South Sudanese on

1. Unconstitutionally relieving the VP along with the entire cabinet in August 2013.
2. Unconstitutionally suspending the Secretary General of the SPLM Pagan Amum

3. Blocked every avenue for dialogue within the SPLM by refusing to convene the SPLM Political Buro meeting to internally discuss SPLM and to set agenda for the Liberation Council meeting.

4. Issued an order to dissolve SPLM structures namely the Politburo and the National Liberation Council forcing the press conference on the 6th Dec by those opposed to him and also affected by this monumental dissolution.
5. And finally convening a surprise meeting of the NLC to divert attention from and obstruct a public rally to be staged by the opposition forces within his party.
Riek and company suspended the public rally in response to calls from religious leaders, attempted to attend the NLC meeting but were further humiliated by an ignorant and arrogant president Kiir which resulted in their walk-out.

6. A day later it now transpired that Kiir ordered for the presidential guards to be disarmed and then only the Dinka presidential guards to be rearmed which directly led to the military confrontation between Nuer and the Dinka members of the presidential guards.

7. He further gave a criminal instruction to his militia to indiscriminately attack and kill Nuer soldiers, civil servants or citizens in Juba.

The South Sudanese’s current government should therefore cease to exit and the United Nations take over the management of the Country and prepare election within one year. Otherwise the song that, “WE DON’T WANT TO SEE ANOTHER RWANDA” will be meaningless.

This is not about Riek Machar any more but South Sudanese fighting for their independence from the Tyranny of Uganda and the looming Kenyan involvement.

Long Live South Sudan

Concerned Citizen


  1. Bentiu today says:

    your are the really concern Citizen, we love your article so much and this will educated those who still confuse about what happen in Juba on 15 Dec there is no dote that all you narrated was all true fact in our country,
    however am the member of the white army” Uganda troops are useless for white armies we defeated them in Bor the day before yesterday and we capture 130 alive and now in our custody, we shall take them for justice accordingly.
    we have more than 68000 capable white army composed of Murele, Nuer and some Bor youths

    • Kenyi Alfred says:

      Bentiu Today,

      I am happy that the news confusing us in Equatoria is set right. P/se we equatorian Youth are fed up with this system that do not respect our collective responsibility/aspirations for independence. P/se my massage to New movement commander is that we are ready to join you our brothers who are counted like a goat for slaughter.
      Revolution Oyeeeee I am with you in spirit now and will join physically soon.
      Riek Machar Oyeee
      Know that not all Dinkas want Kiir due to his dictatorship So we welcome Dinkas who are nationalists as well.

  2. Choromke Jas says:

    Museveni might have realized by now that his student, Kiir, is a hopeless case. After having had a lesson on how to create and maintain dictatorship from him, Kiir remains pedestrian without any creativity. If Kiir was creative and aware of history, he would have realized that trying to disarm a section of South Sudanese soldiers can lead to a mutiny. This happened in Torit in 1955, when the Arabs attempted to disarm soldiers of the Equatoria Corp. As we now know, the mutiny eventually led to the secession of South Sudan some 50 years later.

    Museveni has had it so good interfering in other countries’ internal affairs. He has been doing this for three main reasons:

    1) To obtain resources from those countries he interferes with illegally (It was Museveni who said that ‘war is good for economy”);
    2) The vast majority of the foot soldiers in UPDF are northern Ugandans. These are groups whom Museveni views as primitive people. In order for him to whittle down the number of these soldiers, he sends them for foreign missions where they get killed and maimed. For example, the Ugandan soldiers now serving in Somalia are mainly from the north: the Langi, Acholi, Teso, Kakwa, Madi, etc. Museveni does not pay these soldiers regularly, yet he receives funds from the UN to pay them. As a consequence, these soldiers now sell guns and ammunition to Al Shabab to earn money for their families back in Uganda. Has the West ever wondered why the Somali war is slow to come to an end?; and
    3) Museveni has not yet paid significant price for his military adventures; whether this is in Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Kenya, Central African Republic, and now South Sudan. Because of his support in the West, Museveni has instead gained from these adventures. And those dying in his foreign campaigns are of course from the north of Uganda.

    Therefore, to stop Museveni, he must be made to pay for these adventures. I suggest the following approaches:

    The people in the north of Uganda, from east to west, are willing to have a go at Museveni. But they have been isolated because of his successful diplomacy. The invasion of South Sudan should be made the most expensive and the last of his military adventures. Riek and the people of South Sudan should arm these northern Ugandans as apart of ousting the incipient Kiir dictatorship in South Sudan. The armed northern Ugandans can then join the fight with two main objectives: a) to open a southern (rear) front for the war against Kiir ; and b) once the war in South Sudan is over, to turn back and join other groups from central Uganda to put an end to Museveni’s long and destabilizing dictatorship.

    The other group that should assist in this war strategy is the Equatorian top military brass now serving Kiir. The members of this group include Gen. Obuto Mamur, Gen. Thomas Cirilo, Gen. Jadalla and others who should by now know that the future of Equatoria lies with the Riek’s army and other South Sudanese ethnic groups. They should abandon Kiir now while his overthrow is still gathering pace. To join Riek at the end of successful overthrow would be rightly interpreted as opportunism on the part of these generals and, by extension, that of Equatoria as a people. I advise them to sign up a memorandum of understanding with the Riek et al and shorten the period of this war.

    By now it should be clear to everybody that the SPLA as an army has been discredited. If it were not so, why bring in foreign forces to South Sudan, in the words of the Museveni, “to prevent chaos”. In this regard, the Nuer, the Shilluk, the Dinka Bor, and the others who are still serving in the SPLA, should quit immediately. The Chief of Staff, a Nuer, should lead this great defection of the generals. Please save South Sudanese, they are your own people.

  3. Bentiu today says:

    we in the white armies believe in chest and head shooting tactic.
    we are coming to Juba soon.
    Kirr will not celebrated the 9 January for CPA that is to be done every year, as a president of south sudan.
    believe me.
    White Armies member.

  4. Esp says:

    Laugh out loud, foreigners must take over the piece, I mean Peace, Process AT ONCE? So much for liberation and sovereignty, my dears. The UN and AU march to the beat of the New World Order, the British Empire and the Rothschild Bankers who are all dying —or rather helping to fund wars to kill you off — to take over the control of your destiny. Poor author, playing right into the hands of the puppet masters. Poor, poor thing. Wake up, tool.

  5. Majongdit says:

    Bentiu Today,
    Who do you think has no youths? Do Dinka have no youths?
    The difference here is that there is one tribe that mobilizes tribal youth and while the other ignores such things as primitive. However, the day we accept to go by our tribe, it will be a different story. As for now, we believe this is one country and those that are being sent to come fight a tribal war are sons of this land.

  6. Bentiu today says:

    president Kirr is not national president he is just tribal chief he is one who star mobilized his tribal men to kill other tribes and when other do same way you did you star crying?
    what is wrong with other to mobilized theirs youths to defend theirs community as it clearly become tribal war as per president perception.

  7. kajokeji says:

    Lke the Roaman Empire, the Dinka Primitive Empire days are numbered!!!! Don’t just talk, collect all yourselves and go and face the white army- you pathetic devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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