Telar Deng reappointment shows the country’s failing

BY: Mulana Deng, SEPT/18/2013, SSN;

This reappointment of Telar Ring Deng on September 16 shows how Slava Kiir Mayardit is similar to the former Liberian President, Samuel K. Doe, who was known of leading his country into failure. The evidence has shown Kiir has failed us in many ways even when his decisions might seem too beneficial to us as he always wrongly insist. These evidences are the 16 mile border with Sudan, Oil fee agreement with Sudan, the oil shutdown and the ongoing insecurity in South Sudan, just to name a few.

When south Sudanese lost their beloved son and mighty Leader, Dr. John Garang De Mabior, many people thought that President Salva Kiir Mayardit would flawlessly lead them to the promised land for freedom and prosperity.

Many believed that even if they have lost their leader the second man will lead them but, however, it didn’t turned out that way. It has turn out to what can be compared with what happened in Liberia. When Samuel Kanyon Doe came to power he totally lead the country to failure.

Doe’s taking over was initially welcome and generally seen as a shift favouring the majority of the population that had largely been excluded from participation in government.

This was comparable to Kiir’s situation in 2005 when he was chosen to lead after the death of Dr John Garang De Mabior, because many of Southern Sudanese who were with Khartoum government, were in disagreement with Garang’s vision and leadership.

Without wasting much time, these people congregated themselves in the Government South Sudan within a short period of time. Many of these were appointed or nominated to ministerial positions.

The only part that cannot be compared is that Kiir inherited the seat form John Garang de Mabior but Samuel K. Doe came into power through military Coup.

Undoubtedly, both Salva Kiir and Samuel Doe of Liberia are much comparable because they both failed to deliver the political goods and services to their citizens.

Their leadership was unfortunately fuelled with unbelievable corruption, nepotism and lack of vision and leadership ability.

Both Salva Kiir and late Doe never had any quality education to lead their respective countries, but nevertheless, they both had been awarded honorary doctorate degrees from well known universities, Doe’s during his state visit to South Korea and Dr. Doe was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Seoul. Kiir had his honorary degree from Kisumu, Kenya. These honorary degrees sadly didn’t deliver the best-needed leadership.

Inevitably, their two governments are or were encumbered by corruption and much tyrannical rule. Samuel Doe’s government was more repressive when it came to freedom of speech. Newspapers were often shut down and political activities completely banned.

Same as Kiir government, he often threatens to shut down or arrest the news reporters like Ngor Aguot Garang, a journalist that was taken into custody and tortured by South Sudan’s security for the publication an opinion piece that criticized him.

Not only threatening of Journalists, Kiir’s government is infamously accused of ordering the killing of journalists and opinion writers like the late Isaiah Abraham.

Same thing unimaginably is happening in South Sudan, in the issue of 4 billion dollars of which president Kiir seemingly knows who are those 75 culprits as evidenced by those letters he sent to them individually and personally sent them pleading with them to return the money.

Reportedly, Samuel Doe did the same to Liberia’s money in 1990s.

Kiir is equally suppressive like Doe when it comes to freedom of speech, mistreatment of minorities ethnic groups, analogous to what is going on in Jonglie state today with Murle and many other minorities in South Sudan.

Politically, Kiir is not any different from Samuel Doe. Doe used to portray himself as an enlightened leader whose actions were intended to bring “relief to many.” Currently, President Kiir is trying to do the same in order to maintain his legitimacy.

Resembling Samuel Doe further, the suspension of his Vice president and the entire ministerial cabinet were ways to show and warn the people and to enlighten and to regain his legitimacy back.

Kiir is enjoying political support from Western countries as Doe enjoyed during the cold war. “The United States valued Liberia as an important ally during the Cold War, as it helped to contain the spread of Soviet influence in Africa”.

Kiir is not any different. He is enjoying the support of the United States and many other countries because South Sudan is blessed the much needed commodity, oil. As former U.S. Ambassador to the South Sudan Susan Page said, “the United State is interested in the South Sudan’s oil sector.”

There are indisputable evidences that show that President Kiir’s leadership has failed. Yet, he’s political interest in being in power isn’t changed.

Just like Samuel Doe who drafted a constitution, got elected to the presidency, changed official birth date from 1951 to 1950 and ordered the arrest of 91 officials of William R. Tolbert who was the president before him.

This is very much similar to what is going in South Sudan against the so-called Garang boys, many of whom are now accused of corruption now waiting for their charges.

President Kiir can be compared to Samuel Doe who is known to have failed Liberian people in many ways. Kiir has failed south Sudanese politically, educationally and militarily as Samuel Doe did.

The way he runs the government, being surrounded by people who are only loyal to him mainly those who will not criticize him is also the way Samuel Doe did. His failed leadership shown by the technique, and the way he reacts whenever he criticized.

Just like Doe, Kiir reacts violently with threats and suspensions without delay to whoever criticizes him. He usually does so because he doesn’t want any one to criticize his government or his failed leadership and doesn’t want to acknowledge his failure to deliver the essential political goods and services just like Late Samuel Doe.

So, what should South Sudanese wait for or do after the election? South Sudan should really decide something about this, especially those leaders who are within the parliament representing their constituencies.

The president cannot and should not be threatening elected leaders, in the appointment of Vice President Joseph Wani Igga and suspension of elected governors.

On the other hand, he can’t be writing of letters to those who have taken the 4 Billions dollars which proves he’s protecting them from justice for their misdeeds.

Like now, his reappointment of the man he once suspended because of his corruption. What is kiir doing; isn’t he ruling the country like his own house?

Kiir has failed and this failure is not what our people want. Our people want development that can only be delivered politically and democratically; whereby the government is run by the people, for the people, who know how and what do to, and be educated without threat from their leader.

From: Mulana Deng


  1. Congratulation, Mr Alcohol, for reappointment of Telar deng the Big thief in South Sudan, indeed we people of South Sudan we have bad image in the world because of kiir, Ma kiir your mark will be like the feet of Chickens in 2015.
    Dr. Lam Akol has the right not to work with you due to your messing up.

    • Neiti Naath ca Laar:

      Well, Dr.Lam Akol is a very smart man. He knows how to pick his political victim. He found out that President Kiir is too smart to be fooled and sold out politically as he (Lam) did to that Moron, Dr.Riek Machar in 1991. Now he is sitting in Khartoum hoping that Bashir will chase Kiir from the throne and make him a president of South Sudan. What a wishful thinking! Anyhow, Dr.Lam Akol is more smarter than Dr.Riek Machar. If he is the only person compete with Riek for the president of South Sudan, I will vote for him because he is smarter than Riek Machar. Got it!

      “The trust must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  2. Education wise matters, our president’s decisions are moving like a whirlwind in an open space. His decisions are always malicious to our country. Reappointing Telar into political box will step up serious rejection from ordinary South Sudanese because this man has done irreparable damage to this country.
    during his time when he was serving as a presidential adviser, he was giving ill advices to the president to elbow out other cabals around the presidency who had withheld their betrayal tendency for the sake of realizing the nation is above everyone and can accommodate all of us.
    he works very hard to make sure that those people are completely sidelined from the system, which he did.
    reinstating him to the system will be a big blow for the president to balance his shaky stand in the presidency. otherwise no change will prevail than maintenance of position without work plans for the future.
    my surprise is how is he going to advice when his previous advices were contrary to the public needs, as a vetting findings found out that he is not holding any legal papers to actually reflect the activities of his position.
    Random appointment without knowing the capacity of the person will drag our country into irreversible failure and lack of service delivery.

  3. Mankien town says:

    this is how things always start, including civil war normal start like this one of Telar and Kirr.
    Telar will drive this country to civil war even before reaching 2015, believe me, they did the following tactic they thing people of south sudan are foolish.
    1) they secretly sold Abyei in exchange for the oil flow through north Sudan b”se, they want oil not to be interrupted by the issue of Abyei since they need oil money for election to bribe some people.
    2) they’ve stolen 600$ millions USD to buy the piece of land for national security,
    3) they created tribalism hatred among our people which will damage the growth of this country to prosperity.

    Mankien Town.

  4. Peter Madual says:

    Good job Mulana Deng. Indeed, you make one thing absolutely clear. It’s a complete and utter failure. President Kiir will be best known for the brutal methods, he kills people in cool blood, steals $8 bullion to build his Warrap state at the expense of other states, and establish dictatorship. He has total control of the country, where people live, Any one who speaks out against him could be automatically killed. He went to Khartoum for the Abyei referendum. However, there was no diplomatic break through, just fake out.

  5. Arkangelo Dou says:

    Kiir is slowly killing our beloved Country South Sudan in pursuance of his personal interests and power. It is true that he is a good fighter during our liberation wars. However, this is different from leading a country or institutions which is complex. I and many concerned fellow citizens whether in the opposition or supporters of the SPLM party, can see crystal clear that Kiir leadership has failed and if he is not replaced sooner or later, the SPLM historic legacy will follow. It is then in the interest of SPLM party to do something (secret activism) to change Kiir in order to save the SPLM and South Sudan.
    Kiir will not willingly give up power but he needs to be rescued as he is so drank with power that he thinks he is OK. As SPLM PARTY SUPPORTER, I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR KIIR OR ANY SPLM CANDIDATE, IF KIIR IS RUNNING IN 2015 OR 2017.
    AS PARTY SUPPORTER, LET’S REMOVE KIIR FOR THE SAKE OF OUR HISTORIC PARTY. Listening to Kiir unfounded threats and intimidations is killing our country. We must remember that, a lion, though is not eating it carcass, will never abandon it.

    • Albinodit says:

      …………………… I hardly doubt that you are an SPLM @ Arkangelo. why not make objective comparisons between the ups and downs of president instead of concentrating on his downs.

    • Arkangelo Dou.
      No Worries, Brother. President Kiir does not need your vote. He needs your bullet. Kiir’s enemy will not reach him because he is well protected by his security and army. Therefore he needs you to get a gun and protect yourself. Perhaps, his enemy will get you first and it doesn’t matter whether you like him or not. The choice is thoroughly yours.

      “The trust must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  6. Peter Madual says:

    point of correction, What I meant here is that there was no diplomatic break through, just fake out. In other words, Khartoum government made no concession to Mr. Kiir.

    • Peter Madual:

      The Abyie issue was not discussed in the recent presidential summit between Kiir and Omar Al Bashir in Khartoum. President Kiir never said that he reached an agreement with Bashir over Abyie. Where did you get this information?
      Please check your source of information.

      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang.

  7. Dreamliner says:

    Mr. Incompetent Kiir has no integrity from the start as a president, but S. Sudanese were risking themselves knowingly.

  8. Awut Deng says:

    It is not surprisingly from the President to address his home state over the weekend that the election will not be held on time basis on his less thoughtful on how the country is heading. The President does not have the capacity to read other occurrence events in the world. The newly nation is in imminent chaos, otherwise, the President should carefully revise his decisions ever taken. Look, the President does not even know the neighbour Kenya is being under attack by the al-shaabaab or Somalia terrorists. The former VP Riek Machar is well informed everyday about the occurrence of events in the world that is why he sent his condolences to the Kenyan citizens.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Ms. or Mr. Awut Deng;

      Sorry, I find it hards to differentiate Jieng’s male and female names. With my little knowledge of Jieng feminine names, Awut sounds like female name to me. Correct me if I am wrong. But then that is not important, I just want to address you correctly.

      I like your comment. You said a mouthful. President Kiir does not worry about what is taking place in the outside world; he is only worried about maintaining his Presidential Palace for very long time. I wonder, what will he do if Al-Shabaab strikes in his backyard (his Juba Palace)? I hope he knows how to deal with terrorists.

  9. Bhanyker says:

    Thanks. Now you have been adequately updated by what is really happening in South Sudan. Not like last time you were praised Wani Iga appointment as vice president, perhaps you were delighted by sacking of Dr. Reik Machar.

  10. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    I believe that the reappointment of Telar Riing in position of Legal Advisor to the President should be looked at as a blessing in disguise. If you want President Kiir out of Office sooner than later you can count on an advisor like Telar Riing to mislead him and bring South Sudan to hate the day they ever voted for this direction-less leadership.
    With or without Census, the 2015 General Election will take place whether Kiir and Telar are happy with it or not. But then see who will again vote for the duo?

  11. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dr. JAC Ramba,

    How will the 2015 General Election take place? Will our people force Kiir to accept election? Remember we are dealing with a dictator which is never easy. I seriously doubt there will be election in 2015 and beyond.

    All the reshuffling and dissolving of cabinets is part of process for Kiir to remain in power for God knows how long. I only see forcing Kiir out of office by coup or war. Removing him through election does not stand a chance.

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